Rebel Cheer Squad - A Get Even Series (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

Yes! Fifteen-love.
Doctor, Doctor, help me
My situation is ♪
Oh, Grace!
- Oscar, they work you too hard.
- Ah, this is my famous apple crumble.
I'd probably cook this for free.
Is Miles around?
No, sorry, he's at tennis.
Oh, that's a shame.
Do you mind if I wait for him?
Of course not. Come on.
They're gonna put me away ♪
Lock the door to shut me up ♪
'Cause I got too much to say ♪
I'm in. Searching now.
Copy that.
They've just started another game.
You've got loads of time.
Okay. So, I'm looking for anything
that ties Miles to X.
- Blue paint, recording device.
- Leila's water bottle.
Oh, good one.
Those people always keep trophies.
Maybe he didn't throw it away.
Guys, it's Miles we're talking
about here, all right? Not a psycho.
I need to focus.
You kiss me
My lips are chapped ♪
Too quick to rewind it back ♪
Too sick to know where I'm at ♪
Sorry, mate, I need to stop.
We can even the score next time.
Wait, what is going on?
Grace, you need to get out.
You've got to be kidding me.
What? What did you find?
Miles has a typewriter.
Oh no, oh no! ♪
Are you serious?
I'm going to type something,
see if it's the same as the notes
that we got from X.
Grace, you need to get out now.
I can't leave.
I need to know if it's him.
Put you on my checklist ♪
I'll eat you up for breakfast ♪
Not begging, I'm telling you ♪
Wrapped in plastic, chest is sweating
Glitter dripping in gold ♪
Grace, he's on the street.
You've got less than a minute.
I touch you back ♪
I'm too sick to know where I'm at ♪
Hey, Miles. Grace is upstairs.
You should've got a better bed ♪
Better for your head
Better heads need shut-eye ♪
People, all the people
With big bellies banging bigger drums ♪
They beat down on you
They beat the pulse into your shoes ♪
- What you doing here?
- Hi, um
I think I left my English notes here.
You couldn't text?
Well, I could, but we both know
things have been weird.
I thought you could handle
healthy competition.
I can,
but I can't find my notes, so
I guess we're done.
Oscar, um, I came by last Saturday
after the rugby match
and Miles wasn't home.
Do you know where he was?
He was probably with Maya.
A secret girlfriend, apparently.
It could be the same person.
It's hard to tell with two letters.
We need to get back to Miles's house
and type some more.
Yeah. Good luck with that.
I'll be here
banging my head against the wall.
Mm You could pretend
to be friends with him again.
Or we could just befriend Maya instead.
That's actually not a bad idea.
It's good, though,
if he left the rugby game to meet her
rather than putting paint in the showers.
We don't know when they met.
He could've done both.
Why didn't he tell me
he's seeing someone?
He was so mad at me for ending it.
This all sucks.
But I'm forgetting what will ♪
I need that girl alone ♪
That breaks your heart ♪
Never will be alone ♪
What are you doing?
Strengthening for my physio appointment.
You should be resting
for your physio appointment.
Leila, stop! Seriously.
I'm scared they're going to tell me
that I can't do cheer again, ever.
I fully screwed up, Clara.
- You didn't screw up.
- I did.
I found a note
before the performance warning me.
I didn't take it seriously,
but after all the weird stuff going on,
maybe I should have.
Please don't blame yourself.
Well, who else is there to blame?
I'm going to find out who to blame,
I'm going to find out who did this to you.
I promise.
You know,
you're not actually the worst sister.
More like second worst.
Right, class, today
we'll be working in teams of four.
We're going to be doing
an assignment on genetics.
So, team up now.
Okay, so I found Miles's girlfriend.
- Seriously?
- Mm-hmm. It wasn't easy.
Her profile is StarMA90.
Her real name is Maya Allen,
and she goes to Manor Park
most evenings with her dog.
Where's her face?
Not that I care, obviously.
Her face isn't there.
Dog picture, dog picture,
and another dog picture.
Nothing about Miles.
We need to go to Manor Park later
and speak to her.
And start talking to a stranger?
Yeah, true. We need a reason.
Phones away, Rumi.
Hey, Mouse, you want to come
be in our group?
Um, yeah, thanks.
Oh, cute dog.
- Is it yours?
- Yeah, that's Bonnie.
Oh, sorry!
You got a minute?
I'll just be a sec.
- How are you doing?
- I'm really sorry.
It's all good.
Don't sweat it.
'Cause, like, I've been
sweating so much about it, I
Well, don't. I overreacted.
I know you're not a liar.
So, are we okay?
We're okay.
- If you want to be.
- No, I want to be.
- Hey, guys, do you mind if we join?
- Yeah, sure.
Sorry, uh
Jess, these are my friends,
Clara and Grace. And, guys, this is Jess.
- Hi, Jess.
- Hey!
You're on Rumi's lock screen.
Yeah, that's us.
You must be excited
for the concert tomorrow.
Pretty nervous.
It's the orchestra's first livestream.
- You coming?
- Hmm?
Of course she is!
- Hey, girls.
- Hey, Coach Harris.
Rumi, I'm so sorry to hear
you didn't get into ballet school.
Look, their loss is our gain.
No, yeah, thank you.
Well, see you later, girls.
- Wait, what?
- You didn't get in?
Well why didn't you tell us?
I I only found out about it last night.
Hey, it's their loss.
You know that, right?
Got rehearsal. See you guys later.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I just, um,
forgot to ask Jess something.
I'll just
I like you, and I think you like me too.
Well, I think you did.
I do.
But why are you lying to your friends?
- Do you even want to do ballet?
- No. Yes
I don't know.
I don't know what I want.
How am I supposed to tell other people?
Why don't we press pause
on this for a bit?
Go clear your head.
Okay, hear me out.
Mouse has a dog. Maya has a dog.
We need a way to talk to Maya
while she's walking her dog.
Borrow Mouse's dog?
For real?
I mean, it's weird,
but, hey, I guess that's us now, right?
Shake your body
Don't stop ♪
Falling behind
Then you better catch up ♪
Study night? Tomorrow?
I need as much studying help as I can get.
Science isn't my thing.
They're all your thing!
Thanks for this, by the way.
I've really missed having a dog, you know?
Don't be silly.
You guys have been so nice to me,
and I'm sorry I can't make it.
- No, no. It's fine.
- Don't worry about it.
Back in a sec.
Fancy lock.
Don't stop
It's a standing culture ♪
Stand up if the weather permits you ♪
Dance til you drop
You know got to ♪
Give it up ♪
- Dad?
- In here.
- Look what we've just found!
- Cute as a button.
Hey, I need to talk to you guys.
- Give it to her now. I can't wait.
- Give me what now?
Central School of Ballet just confirmed
your audition, August the 5th.
Oh, um
I know it's not the Royal,
but Central's still pretty
I don't want to do ballet.
Excuse me?
Because you had one knock-back?
I didn't actually have a knock-back.
I I got in to the Royal.
I just told you I didn't.
I don't understand.
You lied to us. Why?
I don't know.
I just did.
How long have you not wanted to do ballet?
Um, since I was about 11.
- And you didn't think to tell us?
- I tried.
It's just
All of my friends are so focused.
And Jess is so focused,
and I have no focus.
I just feel
It's okay.
You don't need a focus right now.
We thought you loved ballet.
That's That's why we
You're still young.
Give yourself a break.
- Cute dog!
- Cheers.
- What's his name?
- Monty.
Yours? She's sweet.
Yeah, Bonnie.
She's a rascal.
Sorry, do I know you?
- Don't know, do you?
- I swear I've seen you somewhere.
Wait, are you friends
with Miles Wilson?
I think I've seen you two together.
We're his friends too.
Miles? Yeah, he's my student.
- So you're not together?
- Definitely not.
- Do you teach him on Saturdays?
- Yeah.
- Lot of questions.
- Sorry!
What time on a Saturday?
I should go.
Monty, come on!
He's seeing a private tutor now.
I seriously do not know this guy.
I did it.
I told my parents the truth.
The whole truth
and nothing but the truth.
Go you. How'd it go?
Surprisingly good.
- That's very cool.
- Mm.
So I was thinking
maybe we could go on a date.
- Like a real date.
- A real date?
- Mm-hmm.
- I'm down with that.
Tonight? After the show?
Sounds good.
And since we're doing
the whole honesty thing,
I have actually kissed someone before,
so you don't need to worry about that.
- Have you?
- Mm.
My old Labrador, Shoodle.
Very affectionate.
Always insisted on kissing me
directly on the lips.
I can't say it was
the most pleasurable experience for her,
but for a first kiss,
there was a lot of tongue.
Well, play your cards right
and maybe tonight you'll
get your second.
I'm in art block.
See you tonight, genius.
What's going on?
This was posted today
on Anonymous Truth.
Something about Bannerman?
No, this time it's something about you.
"You think you know someone,
but you don't."
"Take a look at your best friend,
Bannerman students."
"This is why you can't
get close to people."
"Take Rumi Joshi."
"She told her"
"She told her friends
that she didn't get into ballet school
when she did."
"What else has she lied about?"
"Are the people you love being
honest with you
or are they all just liars
and attention seekers like Rumi Joshi?"
You lied to us.
Yeah, I did get in.
- Why didn't you tell us?
- Well, it's hard to explain!
I've got to go.
Rumi, what is going on?
Talk to us.
I just I lied.
I'm sorry.
Why? This makes no sense.
I know.
I guess
saying it out loud
made it all feel so real.
Well, it's pretty real now.
Someone clearly found out.
Jess knew.
You told Jess?
Before us?
Can't you trust us?
No, yes, of course.
I love you guys.
- It's just
- So if Jess is the only one who knew,
could she have written this?
No, absolutely not.
It's from X, right?
This is Miles. Miles does stuff like this.
Miles does typewritten notes, not online,
and this feels personal.
No, but Jess wouldn't.
Me and her have a date tonight.
We're studying with Mouse tonight.
Oh, I forgot.
Rumes, I wouldn't go.
I have to.
At least wait til this is all figured out.
The last thing you need
is to feel even more messed up.
- Miles
- Why are you stalking me?
- I'm not.
- Okay, let's check the evidence.
You were in my house uninvited
and you tracked down my tutor in the park.
It seems pretty stalkery.
I just
I miss you.
I miss our friendship.
- I'm not stupid, Grace.
- I know you're not stupid.
That's why I don't understand
you having these extra sessions.
Just explain it to me.
Opening up is something
I might do with an actual girlfriend,
not just some random.
Oh, uh, because I don't want
to swap saliva with you, I'm nothing?
You're not nothing.
I don't have a choice about the tutor.
This school is just a breeding
ground for lawyers, doctors, MPs.
It's not me.
You know that.
My parents refuse to see it,
They expect me to push myself,
and so does Bannerman.
I hate this place.
Then why run for president?
Okay, Miles, it's all cleared.
You can start setting the cameras up.
It's just you had no interest
in becoming president before this.
So, what, are you doing it out of spite?
I have my reasons,
and you don't get to know them.
Like you don't get to know me anymore.
You made your choice.
Live with it.
Um, I'm good, thanks.
Fair, I lose my appetite
when I'm sad too.
I'm not sad. It's just complicated.
I haven't bitten into this one, though.
Right, well, if you ever need
top-class advice on failed relationships,
I'm your guy.
Please take your seats.
The livestream orchestral performance
will be starting shortly.
Rumi! Over here.
Jess says, "Fine."
With a full stop.
So, "Screw you. Never talk to me again."
Thank you, everyone, for coming today.
Um, Bannerman is thrilled
to be livestreaming
to schools and colleges around the world.
And to kick us off,
please welcome Jess Dowling.
Bannerman is a dangerous place.
If you feel safe here, don't.
- Can we make it stop?
- Bannerman should not exist.
Shut the school down
Someone bring up the lights.
- What is this?
- or the terror will continue.
Please turn the lights up, please.
Please, stay calm, everyone.
Make your way to the fire point.
Miles set up the video link.
Thanks, Oscar.
He's not at home.
We could try social media,
see if he's checked in somewhere
or posted anything.
Who's that?
- Mouse! Hey.
- Hey.
I didn't know what you guys like,
so I just got a variety.
Uh, vanilla syrup, caramel syrup, agave
Study night!
Um I completely forgot.
We're actually going
to the theater tonight.
Oh, okay. No worries.
We can reschedule. Uh, promise.
- Do you want these back?
- No
No, no. You keep them.
Mind if I use your toilet?
Yeah, of course.
- It's just down there, to the left.
- Thanks.
Grace! Miles has checked in.
He checked in at Alfonsi.
He never checks in anywhere.
Hiding in plain sight.
Whatever Miles is doing,
we need to get on it.
X literally said
he would shut down the school.
Sorry, I heard you guys in here.
Sorry, Mouse, I totally forgot.
Do you want me to see you out?
Were you talking about the concert?
Shutting the school down.
It was weird, wasn't it?
Did you say something about Miles?
I wasn't listening, but I
It's okay.
We think Yeah.
Is this why you borrowed my dog?
Kind of.
Um, we needed an excuse to talk
to a dog walker about him.
No, no, it's okay.
You guys are clearly made
for this secret agent stuff.
It's okay.
I think I get it.
You're DGM, right?
I won't tell anyone, I swear.
Besides, I think you've got
a really cool group going on here.
We just wanted to find out
who was intimidating people.
We thought it was Viola
after what she did to you,
but then she left, and
We found something that belonged
to Miles in the boiler room
where the paint was planted.
But we're not 100% sure that it's Miles.
He could just be a massive liar,
not some sort of school terrorist.
No, no, I I think you're on to something.
Miles is strange.
If you found his inhaler
in the boiler room,
that kind of brings everything together.
We didn't tell you we found his inhaler.
You should've got a better bed ♪
Better for your head ♪
Better heads need shut-eye ♪
You should've got out of the red ♪
In the red, you're better off dead ♪
Deader than the red Dead Sea ♪
Promise it to me ♪
Promise me the sea ♪
People, all the people ♪
With big bellies banging bigger drums ♪
They beat down on you ♪
They beat the pulse into your shoes ♪
You should've got a better bed
Better for your head ♪
Better heads need shut-eye ♪
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