Rebelde (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

Welcome All

[suspenseful music playing]
[alarm blaring through phone]
- [distorted voice] Good morning, princess.
- [woman screams]
[in English] Let me go!
- [in Spanish] What's happening?
- [distorted voice 2] Quiet!
[panicked, muffled voices]
[man] Stop! Stop it!
[distorted voice] Get up, bastard.
Grab this guy.
What's going on?
[suspenseful music continues]
[distorted voice 2] No talking.
[distorted voice 3]
Welcome to the ceremony, freshmen.
[beat playing on keyboard]
[upbeat music playing on keyboard]
[music continues on screen]
[music continues on headphones]
- Jana, sweetie.
- [Jana] Mom!
I need you to choose a photo
for the magazine profile.
This one, or this one?
They're identical.
That one.
I'm not doing any more press.
I'm leaving for
A serious school, to make serious music,
and be taken really, really seriously.
Cut it out, Mom.
I know you want to turn your back
on everything we've built.
- Don't be so dramatic.
- To enroll in Elite Way School.
No one calls it that.
There are so many schools,
but you choose that one.
It only sucked for you because
you were the principal's daughter.
- You can still change your mind.
- But I won't.
I understand that you want
to experience being normal.
All I'm saying is
I don't think you'll like it.
No one wants to be normal.
I'll see you downstairs, okay?
Clean up your room.
[Jana groans loudly]
[upbeat music playing]
I'm coming to you live from Mexico,
the country I once called home.
I don't know
when I'll go back to Argentina,
but for now, I'm in DF,
the capital of this
[man] Mexico City!
It's Mexico City, not DF.
[recording stops]
[Luka] Thanks, Father.
Any other insights before my first day?
I can think of a couple things
about your outfit.
Aren't you tired of acting surprised
every time you see me?
I mean, you only see me once a year.
If I'm lucky, you call on my birthday.
[sighs] I forgot just once.
Are you still hung up on that?
Do what you want, keep the
Thank you.
cheap stuffed animal.
None of this is cheap.
Luckily, I didn't inherit your taste
for animal cruelty.
[father] If you want to inherit my money,
we agreed you'd enroll
in the business program.
[Luka] Don't you get
I want to make music?
Besides, that's why I came here,
not for you.
You have a responsibility to your family.
Oh, really? Like you have with yours?
- Don't provoke me, Luka.
- No, don't you provoke me.
[somber music playing]
[keys jingle]
- Are we going?
- The driver will take you.
I have a meeting.
["Everybody Wants to be Famous"
by Superorganism playing]
Feelin' like a boss, and ♪
Starin' at the stars, it ♪
Doesn't matter the cost, 'cause ♪
Everybody wants to be famous ♪
I'm callin' the shots, so ♪
See you over at Mars, it ♪
Doesn't matter the cost
Seems like everybody wants to be ♪
[car door opens]
These snobs
wanted me to park on the street.
- [car door closes]
- [man scoffs]
Only because they don't know you.
They don't realize the caliber
of artist I have here. [chuckles]
Are you sure about this?
I know you got a scholarship
and that's great, but
Look at those hairstyles.
But if what you want
is to be a real musician,
we can still get you a spot
in the conservatory.
Son, you have the talent
of a young Mozart, not
- Not Jason Beeper.
- Justin Bieber.
Yeah, him.
- I don't want to be Justin Bieber, Dad.
- Ah, that's a relief.
I know what I'm doing.
This is the best place for me.
[warm music playing]
It's just that these people
they're not like us.
- I don't want
- Dad, trust me.
Mom, don't make a scene.
I don't want to make a scene.
[humorous music playing]
Why did we have to walk
all the way here, Guillermo?
Dixon. My name is Dixon, Mom.
Why did you make me
leave the car 18 blocks away?
I told you to stay in the car.
Didn't I, Mom?
Watch your tone, brat.
I can't leave my baby alone
on the first day of class.
- Mom, please.
- I'm going to miss you so much.
- Me too.
- Say it louder.
Me too. I'll miss you too, Mom.
I'll miss you too.
Come on, now.
Don't cry.
- Please.
- [mother sniffling]
[woman] Why don't you ever
hug me like that?
- Mom. No.
- Come on.
Seriously, no way. No.
- What's this?
- Why did you go through my stuff?
Is this how we reward
your daughter's fuck-ups?
Paying for this rich kid school?
I spoke to your principal.
Zero tolerance for your stunts.
- That doesn't matter
- Are you undermining me?
Why don't you just try to enjoy
the fact that I'll be gone, huh?
[tense music playing]
Let's go.
- Take care of yourself.
- I will.
[car engine turns over]
[theme music playing]
Welcome all to the new EWS,
formerly the Elite Way School.
"Welcome, folx."
What? We're in the third decade
of the 21st century.
[MJ] Yes, Mom.
Yes, Mom. [in English] Everything's gonna
be fine. [in Spanish] I'll be all right.
You'll face obstacles
that will test your faith.
- [in English] Sure.
- Just remember
[both, in Spanish] Jesus is at the heart
of everything.
[students laughing]
[in English] Love you, bye.
Hi. [in Spanish] I mean, hello. Sorry.
You're not from here, are you?
[in English] Not real Not
[in Spanish] Well, my parents are,
but I'm from California.
Yeah. I don't care.
Come here.
My advice to you is now that you're here,
forget your dream
of becoming Mia Colucci.
There's nothing more
cringe-worthy than a fan.
Blink twice if you understand.
You're welcome, princess.
Shall we?
[chill music playing]
[whispering] Look who it is.
There she is, look.
No way. Is it really her?
Holy crap, who let her in?
[sighs] Her grandfather was the principal,
and her father is Camilo Cohen.
He produced basically
everything we listen to.
[in normal voice] No one told him
his daughter has everything but talent.
You're harsh, Laura.
Parabéns. You're part of the most renowned
boarding school in Latin America.
Those in the science, robotics,
and business programs,
this is your territory.
The pencil pushers. No offense.
And the most important part, obviously,
the Musical Excellence Program.
[in English] Musical Excellence Program.
[in Spanish] Also known as MEP.
Why in English?
We like everything better in English here,
it sounds more sophisticated.
You break it, you buy it.
[cymbals clang softly]
Save your excitement.
Like every year,
half of you will go back home crying
in less than a month.
[crowd cheering distantly]
So tacky.
I mean, not just anyone
can accomplish what they did.
They sold out stadiums
and got tons of gold records.
Sorry, did you think I was talking to you?
My bad.
[guide] It's normal to arrive here
believing you're super talented
only to discover that
what really got you in was nepotism.
But we know that talent
isn't always what sells
and that Spotify bases royalties
on streams, not musical quality, so
Those of you who get into
the Musical Excellence Program
will play at the most important
event of the semester,
The Battle of the Bands.
The finalists will get to meet
the top names in the industry.
It's a fast pass to stardom.
Take a good look at that stage.
Here your dreams can come true,
or shatter in a split second.
Moving on.
[melodic music playing]
No. Don't stop.
I thought I was alone.
I can be your audience.
I know you're used to being watched
by thousands, Jana Cohen Gandía.
- You know who I am?
- Of course.
I'm from Puebla, not Mars.
- And who are you?
- I'm Esteban.
Okay, Esteban from Puebla, not Mars.
Shall we leave the private concert
for another day?
[students chattering indistinctly]
Here you'll find the main offices.
So, are you new?
Obviously, right? You're new,
I'm new, we're all new.
- [chuckles] Yes. I'm new.
- Cool.
[Jana] Sebas.
- Sebas
- What?
Don't be a drag [in English]love.
[in Spanish] Listen to me.
If the people want Jabas,
we'll give it to them.
- Jabas?
- #Jabas Jana and Sebas.
Someone said you were here,
my Insta is [in English] on fire.
- [in English] Really?
- Yeah, come here.
- [woman] Silence.
- [phone camera clicks]
- [student 2] No? Are you sure?
- [student 3] No.
- Okay, thanks.
- Silence.
Silence, now!
You two, this isn't a night club.
Cut it out.
It stinks of hormones
all the way to my office.
Good, now you can breathe.
The triple rooms have been assigned
in a personal, non-transferable manner.
Curfew is at 9:00 p.m. sharp.
In case any of you
don't know the meaning
- She talks fast.
- Too fast.
consider me the border, and believe me,
you don't want to cross me.
You can go now.
- I'll come to you.
- To my room?
- Yeah.
- But my roomies
I don't know. Tell them to do you a solid.
- Sebas, I want to be normal
- You are.
[woman] Sorry to interrupt.
If you're expecting
preferential treatment,
allow me to disappoint you.
Do you see pimples on my face?
A disfigured nose,
or my eyes full of promise
and unfulfilled dreams?
No, right?
That's because I'm not part
of your fan club, Miss Cohen.
Mr. Langarica, I don't care
that your mom is the mayor.
So please, don't test my patience.
Go to your rooms now!
What are you doing?
Can't you see I'm busy?
"I said now."
[chill music playing]
- Hello.
- Hey, what's up? I'm Andi.
- Hi, I'm
- Jana Cohen Gandía.
[in English] I'm your biggest fan,
like ever! I'm your biggest fan ever.
How are you? [in Spanish]
Why am I speaking in English? Sorry.
So you don't speak Spanish?
I do. I'm from California.
- María José. Well, MJ.
- Nice to meet you, MJ.
[chill music continues]
- Is that all you brought?
- Yeah. I like traveling light.
- We need smaller font for the posters
- Hey, guys.
- Here's your room. Say hi.
- [Luka laughs]
- Is this a joke?
- [woman] No. No joke.
This isn't a hotel, Mr. Colucci.
Go on, make friends.
You don't get it.
My father explicitly requested
a room for me alone.
And I explicitly repeat,
this is not a hotel,
and there are no exceptions
for anyone, okay?
- Don't get on my nerves.
- You can leave now.
What are you looking at?
- Guys, the uniforms!
- No. No way!
["Look At Me Now" by King Flexx playing]
Yeah, I was born to be the greatest, uh ♪
Yeah, I was born to be your favorite ♪
Look, Ma, I'm on a billboard
I made it ♪
That's what I dream every day
So I say it, yeah ♪
I used to be broke though ♪
Money was so-so, used to be loco ♪
But I was born to be the realist ♪
Yeah, I was born to be the illest ♪
'Cause anything is possible, uh
If you don't know it got to go, uh ♪
I'm about to 'bout to blow, uh ♪
I'm about to start the show ♪
You try to knock me down
But I got up somehow ♪
Look at me now
Yeah, look at me now ♪
Look at me now
Yeah, look at me now ♪
Hey! ♪
Ay, you cannot stop me
You cannot stop me ♪
No! ♪
You cannot stop me, you cannot stop me
Go! ♪
[song ends]
Welcome everyone.
Some of you already know me.
For those who don't,
I'm Celina Ferrer, your principal.
I'm so excited to see so many new faces.
[Anita] We're very excited.
Thanks, Anita.
I'm going to tell you all about
our Musical Excellence Program.
The MEP.
That's what the kids call it. "The MEP."
Thanks, Anita.
If you're 100% committed to trying out,
you have to sign up today
for the final selection process.
The list will be up on my office door.
Auditions start tomorrow.
This semester's co-captains,
Emilia and Sebas,
will be the judges.
Good luck to you all.
[students cheering and applauding]
[upbeat, exciting music playing]
[Luka sighs]
[blows raspberry]
- Do you need something?
- Yes, hurry up.
Do I know you?
[scoffs] Unbelievable.
It's Luka.
No way, Luka! I last saw you
At my aunt's wedding, unfortunately.
You've changed a lot.
Haven't we all?
- I hope you're still not mad
- No, of course not.
You just tried to out me
with your diversity speech
I didn't mean to hurt you.
I just wanted to help.
Are you auditioning?
I didn't know you liked music.
Yeah, but unless you hurry up,
it's going to be hard.
Your Highness, the queen of pop, welcome.
We're in the presence of a Colucci,
what an honor.
Please. The honor is all mine.
Excuse me, Ms. Favela.
[students laughing]
- Sorry, my bad.
- It's okay.
- Are you going that way?
- Yeah.
Are you going to use
one of your songs to audition?
People always make fun of me for that.
It was a different time in my life.
That's not me anymore.
I don't think they're so bad.
I don't think they understood
what you were trying to say, and do.
People expect me to be
who they want me to be,
or what they think I am.
It's weird, isn't it?
- If you want, we could rehearse.
- Sure.
- Music room at 9:15?
- After curfew?
[students laughing]
Okay. Sure.
- Okay. See you later.
- Yes.
[school bell ringing]
[pop music playing through phone]
Good morning. Put away your phones,
we're about to start.
Please, pay attention.
Would you look at that? He's Colombian!
Hey! Careful with your phones and wallets.
Don't even think about stealing here
or we'll get you deported.
Your stupidity
can't match my street smarts.
Just so you know,
most Colombians don't speak like that.
And, yeah, better keep an eye
on your phone and wallet.
Because there are worse things
that can go missing.
Now, if you like,
we can forget about all this.
I always give second chances.
- Or else what, tough guy?
- [teacher] Gentlemen, what's going on?
This skunk-haired kid
wants to steal my stuff.
[teacher] Really?
Don't be ridiculous.
Sit down, both of you.
We're going to start with cell division,
chromosomes, and
Miss? Psst.
- Agosti?
- Is that your last name?
Or is it a question?
- Both?
- [teacher] Mm.
- Are you on your phone?
- What? Of course not.
Okay. This is a good opportunity
to remind you all
that academic performance
is an essential requirement
in all excellence programs.
So if you fail my class, you're out.
So pay attention, because unfortunately,
I always go by first impressions.
[Andi, sarcastically] Mm.
[teacher, sarcastically] Mm.
[Andi] Oh no
[upbeat music playing]
[MJ, in English] Thank you.
[students chatting indistinctly]
[in Spanish] Hi.
Hi, there.
Do you want to sit?
[in English] Sure.
[chill music playing]
[in Spanish] I've never been to a school
with boys before
[in English] ever.
[in Spanish] I've never been to a school
with uniforms,
but they say you get used to everything.
[intriguing music playing]
Was I not clear, girls? Curfew! Curfew!
Back to your room.
Yo, listen to this part here.
You won't admit it but I know it ♪
You say trap is a "no" ♪
Metal-heads dance to my song ♪
Dudes on the street ♪
All the way in Chapinero ♪
In Suba, Los Rosales
All the ghettos ♪
So forget the taboo ♪
I know you're watching me on YouTube ♪
Di-Di-Dixon, baby! ♪
Cool! So you and this guy
are from the same area?
- The very same.
- Do you guys ever shut up?
Hey, bro, remember there's curfew.
Curfew? [laughs mockingly]
- [sighs] What the hell is his problem?
- Who knows?
Oof. I have to go too.
[Dixon] You don't care
about curfew either?
[chuckles] I thought you were harder
than that.
Back home, if you don't
respect curfew, you're dead.
We're in rich kid world. Don't worry.
I'll see you later, okay?
["Physical" by Dua Lipa playing]
You got me feeling diamond rich ♪
Nothing on this planet compares to it ♪
Don't you agree? ♪
Don't you agree? ♪
Who needs to go to sleep
When I got you next to me? ♪
All night, I'll riot with you ♪
I know you got my back
And you know I got you ♪
- So come on ♪
- Come on ♪
- Come on ♪
- Come on ♪
- Come on ♪
- Come on ♪
Let's get physical ♪
Lights out, follow the noise ♪
Baby, keep on dancing
Like you ain't got a choice ♪
- So come on ♪
- Come on ♪
- Come on ♪
- Come on ♪
Come on, let's get physical ♪
[knocking on door]
Hey. Is Jana here?
Uhh, no.
- Uh-uh.
- I'll look for her. Thanks.
[emotional music playing on piano]
[piano music stops]
Is this too weird? I'm sorry if it is.
I know it's your song.
I don't want you to think
Where have you been all this time?
I changed the key on the bridge.
I think it suits your voice better.
I also added this arpeggio to the chorus.
[piano music resumes]
- Wow.
- You like it?
I love it.
- Can I try? Piano's not my forte, but
- Sure. Sit.
If you want to be seen differently,
you have to do something different.
You're right.
- Go on.
- Let's see.
- Start here.
- Okay.
- [piano music playing]
- Then here.
[piano music continues faintly]
[unsettling music plays over piano music]
[Jana laughs]
Hang on.
That's it, perfect.
[in English] Oh, my God! Guys
[in Spanish] I had lunch
with the cutest guy in the whole school.
- Esteban.
- [in English] Yes!
[in Spanish] He has the nicest eyes, and
[in English] Oh, my God.
- [in Spanish] I think I love him.
- Yeah, you think.
I'm serious, Andi. I love him!
[camera beeps]
[foreboding music playing]
[music intensifies]
[alarm blaring through phone]
- [distorted voice] Good morning, princess.
- [MJ screams]
[in English] Let me go, let me go!
- What?
- [distorted voice] Quiet!
[students speaking indistinctly]
[suspenseful music playing]
[TV show playing indistinctly]
[suspenseful music continues]
[man] Stop! Stop it!
[masked student 1] Get up!
Grab this guy.
What's going on?
- Sorry.
- [Jana] What is this?
[masked student 1] No talking.
[masked leader]
Welcome to the ceremony, freshmen.
[masked student 1] So, you all
want to be big stars, huh?
I don't want to be a star. I am a star.
- I'm going to bed.
- [masked student 1] Great! A volunteer.
- [masked student 2] Let the show begin!
- Sure, let's do it.
[masked student 3]
What did you say? Shut up.
I said, "nice mask."
- But was the elephant costume taken?
- [masked student 2] Bring him here.
[Luka] I can walk on my own.
You don't know who I am, do you?
[masked leader]
We know exactly who you are.
That last name is a bit big for you.
Poor rich boy, alone and abandoned.
Do you really think you're talented?
We'll prove otherwise.
Enjoy your last day at school, freshmen.
- Who else thinks they're talented?
- Me!
- What are you doing?
- [in English] What?
[masked leader, in Spanish] Those two.
Damn it.
[masked leader] Anyone else?
After this,
you'll be running back home.
[inhales deeply, growls]
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.
These two.
[masked student 2] And you.
[masked student 3] You think you're
big shots, huh? Let's see.
[masked student 2] Think you can fill
the shoes of those who came before you?
[masked leader] For you.
Where the hell are we supposed
to get changed?
[masked leader laughs]
You want a dressing room?
[laughs sarcastically]
- [Jana] What is this?
- [masked student 2] You don't belong here.
Colucci, you're singing back-up.
And to round out your awful sound,
the queen of auto-tune,
Jana Cohen Gandía.
See? That was funny.
- We're not your entertainment.
- [masked student 2] Look, princess.
Hey, hey, hey! Don't touch her.
Or else what, scholarship boy?
Lay a finger on me,
I'll get you expelled.
Do you want that?
To risk everything
for a girl you just met?
I don't think you'll last long, anyway.
- What the hell are we singing?
- [masked leader] That's the best part.
[startles awake, panting]
I've always felt like more of a Roberta.
Selena Quintanilla,
this isn't cool, don't get confused.
[masked student 3] Nah, the guy
in the skirt is Roberta.
Let's see these pathetic freshmen.
What are you doing with that?
[masked student 3] Whatever I want.
Shut up and play!
Fuck it, I'm leaving!
[masked student 2] Seems like Agosti
wants us to tell her mom's boyfriend
how well-behaved she is.
We know who you all are.
We can do terrible things to you.
No one's leaving.
A little sip for courage?
[masked leader] Go on.
[masked student 3, in Spanish]
Come on! Sing!
Let's go!
Do you know the lyrics?
Of course. Everyone knows this song.
[masked student 3] Come on!
[masked leader]
What's taking you so long? Go!
All right, then. Let's do this.
[song playing glumly]
[singing lifelessly]
While my mind goes wherever you are ♪
My father yells at me again ♪
[masked leader] You don't belong.
[Dixon] That I'm wasting my future
And his peace ♪
Because of the way I am♪
[masked leader]
The lack of talent is staggering.
Come on, show them. You've got this.
[masked leader] The new Mia has no future.
[confidently] Though I hear him
I'm far from here ♪
There you go.
I close my eyes
And I think of you ♪
Son of a
Come on, come on, come on, guys!
[song plays enthusiastically]
And I'm rebellious
When I don't follow others ♪
And I'm rebellious ♪
[masked student 3] They're into it.
When I love with all my heart ♪
And I'm rebellious
Thinking differently from yesterday ♪
And I'm rebellious
When I choose to risk myself ♪
And I'm rebellious
When I don't follow others ♪
And I'm rebellious
When I love with all my heart ♪
[masked student 2] What're you doing?
When I think differently
From yesterday ♪
And I'm rebellious
When I choose to risk myself ♪
Yes, I'm rebellious ♪
[masked student 2] Strike 2.
- [masked student 4] Wasn't me.
- [masked student 3] Cut it out!
- Let go. Get away from me!
- Stop messing around!
[Jana] Look out!
["Bad Girl" by Bajo Fuego playing]
[Dixon] Go, run!
Let's get out of here!
[all clamoring]
[fire alarm blaring]
- [MJ coughing]
- [Dixon] MJ
["Bad Girl" by Bajo Fuego continues]
W-W-Work it ♪
Work it ♪
Work it ♪
Work it ♪
Work it ♪
Work it ♪
You a bad girl
Like the way I work it ♪
Yeah, you get down
You want to be in trouble, work it ♪
Yeah, you get down
You want to be in trouble, work it ♪
Yeah, you get down
You want to be in trouble, work it ♪
Yeah, you get down
You want to be in trouble, work it ♪
Yeah, you get down
You want to be in trouble, work it ♪
Yeah, you get down
You want to be in trouble, work it ♪
Yeah, you get down
You want to be in trouble, work it ♪
["Bad Girl" ends]
["Bye Then" by Alex Condliffe,
Noah Booth & Isla Wolfe playing]
Been together four long years
Now I'm tired of the tears ♪
So tick-tock, tick-tock
Time's up ♪
Nah, I don't wanna hear no words
They sound rehearsed ♪
Close up with a Ziploc ♪
You're not in control
I can make it on my own ♪
Even though you're finally gone
I will never stand alone ♪
You better roll out fast
And cough up the cash ♪
Get fast exposure ♪
Get what you deserve
Kick you to the curb ♪
That is all you're worth
And I hope you're gonna ♪
Get what you deserve
Kick you to the curb ♪
That is all you're worth ♪
Bye then
We're gonna see you later ♪
Subtitle translation by Zach Beacher
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