Rebelde (2022) s01e02 Episode Script


[suspenseful music playing]
- [in English] I can't breathe! [coughing]
- [in Spanish] Come on, MJ. We have to go!
- We have to go. Look at me!
- [fire alarm blaring]
Calm down. We need to go, MJ.
[MJ, in English] I can't breathe!
Oh, my God.
What have you done? Get out of here! Run!
Come on, come on, come on!
- [indistinct chattering]
- [sirens wailing]
[Lourdes] Is the fire under control?
My team is making sure
there's no one in the building.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
What are you doing here? Get moving.
Celina, I've identified the six people
who took the uniforms.
- Sir, what's your name?
- Juan.
Juan, please check again.
Smoke could ruin my vocal chords.
- I have an audition this week.
- You're perfectly fine.
Just check again.
- I'm sure she's one of them.
- Maybe.
But then again, it could be anyone.
[Sebas] Jana!
- Are you okay?
- Yes. Yes, yes.
Do you think we're in trouble?
[dramatic music playing]
Let's be honest.
[in English] Guys, it's over.
[in Spanish] We're getting expelled.
I'm sure of it.
Auditions are Thursday.
What do we do?
Calm down, Taco Bell.
They won't expel me.
Look, let's tell the truth, period.
Sure, someone dragged
us out of our rooms at 3:00 a.m.
and forced us to wear these uniforms.
When the prefect came,
it was just us and a fire.
- They won't believe us.
- It's what happened.
- Right? Devil stuff.
- God, you're so dramatic.
They won't expel a Colucci,
or baby Belinda here.
We don't have a choice.
We have to tell the truth.
Masked students?
You couldn't come up with space aliens,
or a more ridiculous excuse?
- You'd know about ridiculous.
- Careful, Mr. Colucci. Careful.
This is very serious.
You risked your lives
and everyone else's.
This calls for expulsion, Celina.
Even for you, Mr. Colucci.
[MJ] What about auditions?
- But you
- But nothing.
You can only stay and audition
if you tell me what really happened.
You could also believe
what we already told you,
and find those masked creeps
who kidnap students in their sleep.
Okay. Very well
Without concrete evidence,
I have no other choice.
I'll have to discuss this
at the board meeting on Thursday.
In the meantime, none of you can audition.
[gasps] What?
[Celina] That's right.
It was me.
Jana, don't
I wanted to do something fun
on the first night,
but I never meant
to set the school on fire.
I knew you'd be trouble, Ms. Cohen.
Nothing good comes with fame.
- [Celina] Jana, tell me the truth.
- It's the truth.
It was me.
No one else should pay for this.
Fine. Until the school board
determines disciplinary action,
you'll stay for detention
every day after class.
- With the rest of you.
- Why?
I said all of you.
That includes you, Mr. Colucci.
- [Celina] Yes?
- What about auditions?
You can all audition.
Except you.
[theme music playing]
[upbeat guitar music playing]
["Barre Con El Pelo"
by Tomasa del Real playing]
Okay, guys.
The sooner we start, the sooner we finish.
Nope, count me out.
I don't have the genes for this.
I can't waste time, I have to practice.
This isn't optional, Luka,
it's our punishment.
Sweetie, it's your punishment.
We're collateral damage.
- Jana saved our necks.
- She really did.
In fact, I'll take this.
You kick back and relax.
Have fun watching Luka sweep
for the first time in his life.
Please, let's give it up
for St. Jana of the Perpetual Sacrifice.
Come on, let's give her
a big round of applause.
You did it for the attention, right?
[in English] What?
[in Spanish] No, Jana, we super owe you.
[in English] Seriously.
[in Spanish] Speak for yourself,
Speedy Gonzalez.
I don't owe anyone anything. I'm out.
[chuckling] Hang on a sec,
"collateral damage."
How about you cut the bullshit
and help us clean?
I just don't feel like learning
the customs of your tribe.
None of us want to be here,
but you can't just leave.
Bro, I'm a Colucci.
I can do whatever I want.
Rat me out if you want.
The door's that way.
I don't care. Excuse me.
What a dick.
When did he become such a bully?
He can't get away with this.
Forget him.
Bullies are often bullied.
I learned that from my tribe.
[school bell ringing]
[metronome clicking tempo]
[upbeat music playing]
[Jana laughing] Stop!
- Stop it!
- [Sebas clears throat]
Dude, you're a natural.
You should do the whole school.
I'd love to, but Jana is the real natural.
If she joins me, I'm down.
[humorous music playing]
I can't believe they made you do this.
It's not too bad, actually.
- I brought food.
- For everyone?
No, just you.
Look, I've been thinking.
I'm going to tell my mom
you're being treated like this.
No way, Sebastián.
Everyone thinks I got in here
for the wrong reasons.
What will they think
if your mom rescues me?
Jana, I know your independence
is super important to you,
and I respect that. But
[scales playing on piano]
everyone needs help sometimes.
What would I do if you got expelled?
Easy, find another singer
for the competition.
Jana, I'm serious.
[warm music playing]
- I should get back.
- No.
- Yes.
- No
Yes, we have so much to do.
There are sandwiches for everyone.
[bright music playing]
[students chattering indistinctly]
[gasps] Excellent reflexes, Mr. Nicebutt.
Dude, I hate it when you call me that.
What? Oh, no
Did you have a fight with Jana-banana?
Are you sad she got expelled
and you've lost your last chance to win
the Battle of the Bands?
Emilia, she's not getting expelled.
Unlike you, she matters to EWS.
I don't know, Sebas.
Our story was much more
moving, more media-friendly.
The son of Mexico's
most important politician,
a selfless, upstanding young man
in love with a scholarship kid,
the poor
but hugely talented girl from Brazil.
[mimicking cheering, laughs]
She makes you nervous, huh?
Are you scared she's better than you?
[laughs mockingly] Ay, ay.
I'm going to love
watching you two crash and burn.
[drumsticks clattering]
Get over it.
Jealousy looks bad on you.
You're probably wondering
what life is like at EWS.
Everything is pretty great,
except for the students.
I mean, look at this guy.
- What the hell?
- Give me the phone.
Don't cry, you fucking extra
in a Lady Gaga video.
You think you're funny?
Let me tell you two things.
First, Lady Gaga is old news,
so update your references.
And second, you know what I was thinking?
Your homophobia
seems to be hiding something.
What's up?
Do you have a crush on me?
You calling me gay, asshole?
You didn't get
the Homo sapiens update, huh?
Give me my phone.
[phone clatters loudly]
Fucking fairy.
[tense music playing]
Yes, Mom, I'm playing Bach's
"St. Matthew Passion,"
like I promised Pastor Jones.
I was just practicing.
Auditions are in two days.
[mom] I'm so proud.
Always sharing the joy of God
with your music.
[Andi singing softly] Your kisses so wet
My back is arching ♪
- [mom] Who's singing?
- [MJ, in English] It's the radio.
Make love to me wildly ♪
- Who was that?
- Gotta go. [in English] Love you!
[in Spanish] Wow. How do you get your mom
to believe that bullshit, dude?
- Experience.
- Mm. It shows.
[rapping] I was born in a hood
Different than most ♪
I never got a chance to leave
You've probably been to Madrid ♪
I'm not afraid of adventure
Sanity's gone, I'm all conjecture ♪
Haters can't pierce my armor
I only eat bread ♪
[Luka] You're like the Arjona
of South American rap.
I can't believe it, bro!
[laughs sarcastically]
Look what the cat dragged in, huh?
- Who sent you back here?
- No one, I was walking by.
Ahh, so either you missed us,
or you have no friends.
Your misery inspires me.
I need that for my audition.
Luka, we all know you're a great singer.
- Your teacher was a good man.
- Woman, actually.
Does that bother you?
Leave him. He's just bitter.
Loneliness is bad for people, you know?
Jana, always to the rescue.
Why don't you adopt a puppy instead?
Ruff-ruff! Ruff!
You missed a spot.
Do you mind if I come later
to watch you practice?
I could use the distraction.
[drums playing rousingly]
[clapping hands]
Nossa, not bad.
Really? [chuckling awkwardly] No, I mean
I know it didn't suck, but really?
I mean, if you think that,
I guess, thank you.
Sorry, let me
- [Emilia laughs]
- [cymbals crash]
- Everything okay down there?
- Mm. Just peachy.
Good luck on your audition.
Not that you need it.
I'm such a dork.
[emotional music playing on keyboard]
[discordant notes]
- My hands are too small.
- It just takes practice.
What's the point of all this?
I mean, I probably won't get
a chance to audition.
Look, Jana. Even if they kick you out,
you're still an artist.
An artist?
Most people here will tell you
I have a half-decent voice,
and I became a one-hit wonder
thanks to my producer dad.
I don't think that makes me an "artist."
Is that why you took the blame?
Because you don't think
you're good enough?
Chill. You don't even know me.
Okay, sorry if that was too much.
Maybe you're right.
Or maybe Luka is right,
and I did it for attention.
Or maybe I did it because
I thought I had the least to lose.
- You don't care if they expel you?
- Of course I care.
But you're scared.
To be honest, we're all scared.
But that doesn't mean you should give up.
So let's practice for your audition.
Who are you, Esteban from Puebla?
[song playing on keyboard
while Esteban hums along]
[hip-hop music playing faintly
through headphones]
[Jana] Dixon.
I need your help.
You're the only one around here
who's worldly and unafraid.
You grew up in a rough place, right?
Well, yeah, sure.
I've seen all sorts of stuff.
You're going to help me find
who did this.
- I don't want to get
- I just need some evidence
to show Celina that we didn't do it.
The board meeting is in two days.
Dixon, I'm not leaving.
Will you help me?
[sighs heavily]
All right.
Let's see.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
What about the security footage?
They shut the cameras off.
What about the other freshmen
who were there?
They won't talk. They're afraid
of looking like accomplices.
I don't know.
There must be something.
Do we even have a suspect list?
One thing.
Before we left,
one of them hurt their ankle. I saw.
So, we have to find the guy
who hurt his ankle.
[Emilia laughing]
Just a little.
Or girl
[intriguing music playing]
Thanks. I'm feeling better already.
Where do I sign?
Here, please.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
- It was Emilia.
- Emilia?
How do you know?
Before they ran,
one of them hurt their ankle.
Emilia was at the nurse's
right after the fire.
How can you jump to conclusions
just like that?
Plus, Emilia talks funny.
We would've noticed.
Dude, they all sounded funny.
Yep. Good point.
she's my boyfriend's ex. This is personal.
How can you be so sure?
I just have to prove her ankle is injured.
- That's going to be easy.
- How?
She won't even notice.
You guys chill, I'll handle it.
[thrilling music playing]
[students chattering indistinctly]
[Jana] Emilia, I love your shoes!
Where did you get them?
- Thanks.
- Can I see them?
Let me take a look, I really like them.
- No.
- Emilia, let me see them!
What are you doing?
You're crazy, let go of me!
- [students chattering loudly]
- You're acting crazy! Let go of me!
[Sebas] Jana!
Leash your pet, please.
What happened?
I just asked to see her shoes
and she freaked.
- You didn't have to be violent.
- So dramatic.
[Luka vocalizing]
Nothing, I just
Oh, okay. [continues vocalizing]
- Try it without the vibrato.
- [vocalizing stops]
Is someone else here?
What? No.
I was wondering who asked you.
[vocalizing resumes]
It was just a suggestion, Luka.
[sighs] I have one for you.
Let's hear it.
Deodorant. [mimics aerosol spraying]
[snaps fingers]
[vocalizing resumes]
I think I'm losing my mind.
You were a little impulsive with Emilia.
Just take it easy, it's not a big deal.
The most important thing now
is that we stay patient.
I couldn't find anything
in the videos from last night.
- I'm running out of time.
- Let me see.
[intriguing music playing]
[students shouting indistinctly on phone]
Holy shit! The school is on fire!
Isn't that Sebas's dorm?
Yeah. So?
Why wasn't Sebas in his room?
What do you mean?
It's suspicious that he wasn't
where he was supposed to be.
No, I don't think so.
It couldn't have been him.
[Dixon] What's going on?
Are you changing schools?
Just dorms. Sorry to disappoint you.
We were just getting to know each other.
Why would I stay?
Maybe to make friends?
Lucky for me, I have enough friends.
If you change your mind,
you're always welcome.
I'm not used to sharing,
especially with smelly dudes.
[chuckles] Just kidding, man.
[Dixon] Why do you care so much about him?
That dude is crazy.
He treats people however he wants.
You should focus on your audition,
not him.
Plus, wouldn't it be better
to have the dorm to ourselves?
I guess.
[school bell ringing]
[Sebas] Jana, are you serious?
I thought you meant
a different physical activity.
There are more fun ways to burn calories.
I feel like we need to stretch,
maybe release some stress.
- Nope.
- Oh, come on.
- I said no.
- Lie back, I'll help you stretch.
Let's start with this leg, nice and easy.
- What are you doing?
- Helping you stretch.
You're acting weird. Why?
Tell me the truth.
About what?
Were you part of the hazing?
[somber music playing]
Are you serious?
Jana, don't you think I would've told you?
Or stopped it?
- It was just a question.
- It's not just a question.
You're doubting my principles.
I wouldn't do something like that.
Especially not to the person I love most.
How's your new dorm?
It's fine. What do I owe you?
Will you ever stop thinking
I'm against you, Luka?
On the contrary
[cash register ding sound]
I only want to help.
[phone chimes]
- Is it Christmas already?
- I'm feeling generous. Enjoy it.
That reminds me,
I have another gift for you.
[sending chime]
[receiving chime]
- What's this?
- Your new car.
Are you feeling guilty
after years of being an absent father?
The car is yours if you switch
to the business program.
- And stop playing Liberace.
- [scoffs] I'm not playing.
Your choice, Luka.
The car is just a taste of what's to come.
I'll be at the school this Thursday.
I have a board meeting.
I hope you'll have made
an intelligent decision by then.
[phone clatters]
[exhales heavily]
- [students chattering indistinctly]
- [intriguing music playing]
Ready for the audition tomorrow?
Yeah. Will you be there?
I wouldn't miss it for the world.
Great. I'll see you there.
If I get expelled tomorrow,
we might never see each other again.
I don't know, that would be up to you.
[Andi chuckles]
Are you okay?
[sighs] This could be
our last night together.
[Andi] Cheer up, Jani.
Maybe tomorrow someone will confess.
I feel like a soldier
waiting for the firing squad.
- [sighs] I'm going to need a miracle.
- Miracles do exist, you know?
I prayed for you.
You'll be okay.
[Andi] Yeah, don't worry.
It'll all work out, Jani.
[introspective music playing]
[restless breathing]
[sighs deeply]
[Darth Vader-breathing ringtone playing]
[phone silences, clatters on table]
[knocking on door]
[sighs] I know you're here
for the meeting,
so don't act like you care.
Luka, don't start.
[Luka] Are they kicking her out?
The girl who set the fire?
What do you think?
Will you switch to the business program?
My offer won't last forever.
- Come to my audition first.
- I'm not playing.
Me neither.
You know, now I realize.
I'm the problem.
I keep expecting you to behave
like someone you'll never be.
See you at my audition!
- Guillermo Álvarez!
- [Dixon] Dixon Álvarez.
[audience cheering]
[in English] Hey, okay, okay, okay!
This is D-D-Dixon, baby.
[in Spanish] Just arrived
from Colombia, brothers.
Hey, dumbass! Speak Spanish.
[boys snickering]
- Kuri, get out of here.
- No, no, no, it's fine. He can stay.
I'm an artist who loves a tough crowd.
[student] Yeah!
- Nice skirt.
- [boys snickering]
- Shout out to those up top! [laughs]
- [cheering]
And for the haters, all my love.
[Jana] He wears the skirt better than you.
I know, for sure. [chuckles]
This is dedicated to the girl
who taught me everything.
My teacher
the street.
- [Kuri snorts]
- [Andi cheers]
[Celina] Go ahead.
[student whoops]
[student 2] All right, all right.
[rap soundtrack plays]
[Esteban] Come on, Dixon!
[rapping] I was born in a hood
Different than most ♪
I never got a chance to leave
You've probably been to Madrid ♪
I'm not afraid of adventure
Sanity gone, I'm all conjecture ♪
Haters can't pierce my armor
All I eat is bread, I stay warmer ♪
I didn't choose to be a rebel
It's what I had to be ♪
All this war and hatred is too crazy ♪
But music saved me
From trouble that I see ♪
Now I sing my lyrics from the heart
Inside of me ♪
[in English] Master Class in street ♪
- [cheering]
- [Dixon] You know ♪
Dixon, baby ♪
No, no, no ♪
[students cheering]
[Jueza] María José Sevilla.
[anticipatory music playing]
[audience cheers, applauds]
["Für Elise" by Beethoven playing]
[beat starting]
How do I explain my fate
You're no longer there ♪
How do I get rid of this wild frenzy? ♪
This insanity I feel for you
The chemistry you create in me ♪
I can't do this, girl
I can't do this, girl ♪
Forgive me if I led you on
It was never my intent ♪
I know when love is real
It always comes back ♪
How do I forget your skin?
How do I forget you, girl? ♪
I can't do this, girl
I can't do this, girl ♪
Baby, no ♪
I refuse to give you a last kiss
So save it ♪
So that next time I can give it to you ♪
Doing it like this
Like this, like this ♪
Just the way you like it, baby ♪
[gentle piano notes]
[vocalizing emotionally]
[vocalizing continues]
[song ends gently]
[audience cheers and applauds]
[Esteban] Let's go, MJ!
[footsteps approaching]
[Emilia] You're up.
[gentle music playing]
Do you want these?
I need them to play, so yes.
If you give them back to me,
I can show you how good I am.
I know how good you are.
Break a leg.
[anticipatory music playing]
[drums playing upbeat rhythm]
[audience cheering]
[drumsticks clatter]
[Esteban cheers]
[emotional song playing on piano]
[stops playing]
[thoughtful music playing]
[music fades]
["Me Da Igual" by Pimp Flaco playing]
You're going to be okay, I'm sure.
Me, not so much.
[Luka] Wow.
This is so moving.
You have nothing better to do
than hang around us, do you?
You wish.
I'm going to be late, bye.
See you at your audition.
["Me Da Igual" continues]
Luka, wait.
I just wanted to say that despite
what happened in the past,
I'm really sorry about outing you.
It was really stupid of me.
- Okay.
- Wait.
But still, it was very nice
to hang out with you again.
Maybe we could try to be friends.
I don't think we can be friends.
But thanks. Apologizing is always a start.
[Jueza] Luka Colucci.
Well, well, well. Look who it is.
Thanks for coming, Dad.
Feels great to know
you do care about me occasionally.
This is a very Mexican song,
especially for you.
[softly, with emotion] From your hands
I learned how to drink water ♪
I was like a sparrow
Caught in your cage ♪
I clipped my own wings
And the crumbs you offered ♪
Were never enough
And yet I loved you ♪
When I sang for you
It was with my whole heart ♪
Without you I couldn't take to the sky ♪
But you left me all alone
Confused and forgotten ♪
And a different hand
Offered me nourishment ♪
What once was, will never be ♪
Don't look me up again ♪
I have nothing to give you ♪
I'm tired of your crumbs ♪
Fly away ♪
Mr. Colucci?
Can you tell me anything
about Rocío García?
I know she was your son's music teacher.
Perhaps you'll find another sparrow ♪
But make sure ♪
You keep it fed ♪
[audience applauding]
[emotional music playing]
[Kuri] Aww, are those fairy tears?
- What the hell?
- [Luka] Come on, jerk.
- [Kuri] Let go of me, asshole!
- [Luka] Did you get a good video?
[Kuri grunts]
Do you realize how dumb you are?
Get off, asshole.
[gentle music playing]
- [Dixon] Have you seen Jana?
- [Andi] No.
[students chattering indistinctly]
[Sebas, in English] Love
[in Spanish] I'm sorry.
[Jueza] Esteban Torres.
Good evening. I'm Esteban Torres.
Sebas, get up.
I couldn't sleep last night, sorry.
I was inconsiderate, I was insensitive.
But you accused me of something
I could never do, Jana.
This song is very special.
I wrote it when I was six
Save us the Behind the Music, just play.
- [Celina] Emilia!
- What?
[gentle piano music playing]
Please forgive me.
Let's talk later.
This is important.
You doubted me for a reason.
- I really have to go.
- I don't want you to doubt me.
Shouldn't you be judging the auditions?
I don't care about that, Jana.
I care about you.
You are my priority, our relationship.
Okay, but I really have to go.
It's that guy, isn't it?
I'm here to fix us,
but you'd rather go to his audition.
That's not all I care about,
but I promised I'd be there.
[gentle piano music continues]
What about your promise to me?
We're supposed to triumph together.
You're choosing people
you literally just met.
- That's not what "literally" means.
- I don't care.
Make up your mind.
I want to break up!
[student chatter silences]
Break up this conversation.
For now.
[audience applauding]
I'm sorry
I didn't make it to your audition.
I swear I tried.
It's okay.
I mean
No big deal.
["Hear Me Out" by KORDELYA & Jame playing]
What about your boyfriend?
[woman on PA] Jana Cohen Gandía,
to the principal's office.
You'll be okay.
["Hear Me Out" ends]
Where are you going in such a hurry?
Didn't you hear?
The school board decided to expel me.
Go ahead, laugh.
It doesn't matter now.
Spare me the drama.
- I'm here to save you.
- What? How?
All I know is, if you leave,
this place will be boring.
You're like a bad movie
I can't stop watching.
[Luka sighs]
Have a seat.
Mm! Mm.
You can't get these in Argentina.
They're good.
- Just tell me.
- Ah.
[Luke through phone] This isn't good,
Selena. Don't get it twisted.
- [Dixon] What are you doing with that?
- [Kuri] Whatever the hell we want.
I found this video
on Fat Kuri's cell phone.
[intriguing music playing]
It was ten masked freaks,
probably seniors.
They dragged us out of our dorms
to be hazed.
I'll talk to the board.
Can I still audition?
[Jueza] Jana Cohen Gandía.
[audience cheering]
[Dixon] Yeah, Jana!
[emotional song playing]
I looked for you ♪
From my depth one day ♪
And yet you couldn't understand ♪
My heart ♪
I gave you my heart ♪
And yet you couldn't see me clearly ♪
But I'm done ♪
I'm done waiting for you ♪
I'm sorry
But I'm done holding back ♪
This new feeling growing inside me ♪
Makes me stronger
Makes me resilient ♪
I'm no longer afraid
I'm staring ahead ♪
Freedom all around me
I can feel it ♪
I don't need anyone
I'm staring ahead ♪
I face the universe without fear
I know this is my moment ♪
Congrats! Rockstar
There's nothing that can stop me ♪
- You wanted to see me?
- I have a favor to ask.
- [audience clapping and cheering]
- Bravo, Jana!
There hasn't been a hazing
at EWS in 18 years.
[uneasy music playing]
- It could be
- The Lodge.
[MJ through tablet]
Honestly, I always felt
- [students chatter indistinctly on tablet]
- I hope I'm wrong.
[Dixon] What are you doing with that?
[Kuri] Whatever the hell I want.
[Andi] Come on
["Códigos" by D. Krugga & Mike Diaz
Subtitle translation by: Zach Beacher
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