Rebelde (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

He's Going Down

[Luka sighs]
I'm sick of being lumped in with you guys.
- [uneasy music playing]
- It's The Lodge.
- The what?
- Just what we needed.
[Esteban] But what is it?
A secret organization
that existed many years ago
to ruin the lives of kids
with scholarships here at EWS.
[in English] A secret society? No.
[in Spanish] This is too much. Right?
No, it's not too much. It's bullshit.
I know, but I don't make the rules.
But your mom did.
No, Luka.
[Dixon] What about your mom?
She was involved years ago,
but not anymore.
No, tell the whole story.
Jana's mom was a member.
That was a long time ago,
and she left, Luka.
The Lodge hasn't existed in years, so
Look, instead of fighting,
let's figure out a solution.
I don't know. Let's talk to Celina.
She'll tell our parents.
If my folks find out
that they burn down classrooms here,
they'll make me come home, okay?
[Esteban] All they have
are flashlights and masks.
They can't do anything.
So we should stand down?
I don't want any trouble.
None of us do.
But we have to put a stop to this.
Right, you're a pop star by day
and a vigilante by night.
[Andi chuckles]
They're just bullies
who want to scare us.
- Don't fall for it.
- [Luka sighs]
What if they want more?
[suspenseful music plays]
- [MJ] What was that?
- [Luka] The power's out.
[mimicking MJ] "What was that?"
[normal voice] What else would it be?
This is ridiculous. Take this.
[phone chimes]
[Jana] So? What do we do?
[Jana] Why don't we vote?
[Andi] Okay.
All in favor of not causing a mess
and having a nice first year?
Great. Four against one.
So it's settled.
If the majority says so.
[metallic clang]
[in English] Thank you, Jesus.
[humorous music playing]
[phone chimes]
[intriguing music playing]
No way.
[phone chimes]
[intriguing music continues]
- [upbeat music playing]
- [students chattering indistinctly]
How are rehearsals without me?
- Do you miss me?
- [Emilia] Shut up.
- [Sebas grunts]
- [Emilia] What? I didn't do anything!
[laughing] What?
[foreboding music playing]
Congratulations. You're now part
of the Musical Excellence Program.
That means you can participate
in the Battle of the Bands.
Emphasis on band.
So if you don't have friends, make some.
- [Jana] You were right.
- [Dixon] About what?
My future ex-boyfriend
is an egomaniac psycho
with an ankle injury.
[sighs] I knew it.
As I'm sure you know,
previous winners now have gold records,
they've gone on world tours
[Dixon] Why haven't you dumped him?
Keep your friends close,
and your enemies closer.
[Emilia] Winning the Battle of the Bands
guarantees a career
I'm going to play dumb.
That way we can find
the proof we need to unmask him.
We start with the quarterfinals,
then move to the semifinals
- Did you tell Esteban?
- No.
- [Emilia]will go to the finale.
- It's better if only you know.
On a more solemn note,
we've opened an official investigation
into the hazing incident.
This is your last chance
to come forward.
Once that door is closed,
there's no going back.
The culprits will be expelled immediately.
End of story.
He's going down.
[theme music playing]
- Okay, students. I won't say this again.
- [students chattering loudly]
Get in a line.
Don't stand around talking.
Let's go. Pipe down.
Thanks, babe.
[Lourdes] Single file.
[singing emotionally]
When the sun shines down ♪
Here on the beach ♪
I feel your body pulsing
Next to me ♪
[drumsticks clattering]
[singing spiritually]
In your eyes, I feel infinite ♪
Stars rain down ♪
Mama ♪
- [man] One, two three!
- [metal music]
Death ♪
Destruction ♪
Why can't I think of anything else? ♪
Death! Destruction! ♪
[Lourdes] For God's sake!
Hey! My pen.
She took my pen.
[Emilia gasps]
I kind of knew.
Then trust me.
Wanna form a band?
Uh, I already have one.
Well, you have two backup singers.
That's not a band.
You know, your voice would sound great
with the right instrumentals.
Not that it isn't great,
but it would stand out more if
Look, you're very cute.
And weird.
And this is very cute and weird.
So, don't take this personally,
but I'm here to win.
And this origami won't help me win.
Are you saying I'm not good enough to win?
You're good, but maybe not good enough.
Plus, no freshman has ever won.
This is my last year and my last chance.
I can't risk
- Ready? Let's go.
- Sure.
Mr. Vásquez.
I need you to be 100% honest.
Please, come in. Take a seat.
First, let's start
Did you get turned down?
Well, she said,
"No freshman has ever won."
Come on.
Well, I know I'm not
a beautiful Brazilian girl,
and you're not in love with me
or anything,
but what if we made a band?
Me and you?
A drummer and a pianist?
And a vocalist.
Room 206.
A pianist,
a drummer, and Jana Cohen Gandía.
Sounds good, right?
Yeah. [chuckles]
If Jana's in, so am I.
I think she's playing with her boyfriend.
Well, we have to try, right?
success is 50% vision, 50% effort.
[Andi chuckles] Is that right?
[MJ] Mm-hmm.
Who said that? Jesus Christ?
No. Bad Bunny.
- I've been thinking.
- About what?
We should play the song I dedicated to you
for the first round.
The one you sang on my birthday
riding your dad's horse?
[laughs] Yes.
Sebas, singing "Mátalas" would be cringey.
[Sabas] Well
it doesn't matter what we sing
if it's from the heart.
Trust me.
Trust in us.
[intriguing music playing]
What are you doing? Focus.
- [MJ] Hey.
- Hi.
ROOM 206
- And this?
- Our band.
The girls from room 206? All of you?
Well, that's the plan.
I thought Jana was singing
with her boyfriend.
Well, if that's the case,
it would be two thirds
of the girls from room 206?
Who are you playing with?
I think you should play
with someone you like, right?
You know, long rehearsals and
all that.
Yeah. Actually, I think you're right.
[rapping] Hey, hey, hey, G ♪
I'm in my territory ♪
Like Paul the apostle
I'm giving testimony ♪
With just a couple lines
I'll drive you crazy ♪
Listen up, give me cash money
The world could end, I ♪
What, bro?
We should play
in the Battle of the Bands together.
You're a goddamn genius, bro.
- Are you in?
- We'll kill it.
Hell yeah.
Actually, I was thinking
we could do something
- [teacher] Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
We could do what the girls did.
They teamed up as roomies.
We could do the same. You, me
and Luka.
And Luka? [laughs]
Really, Luka?
I mean, you must be joking, bro.
[guitar playing melodic chords]
You look at me differently ♪
You hug me
And I don't feel your warmth ♪
I say what I feel ♪
You interrupt me
And finish my sentence ♪
You're always right ♪
[Sebas and Jana, harmonizing] You ♪
The same old story
So predictable ♪
I already know it by heart ♪
So run, run, run away
My love ♪
You were always faster than me ♪
You and Pablito Escobar?
Why would I be interested?
I don't know if you know,
but you need a band to audition.
I'll never give you my tears ♪
So run away like you do
Don't look back ♪
You've done it before ♪
And honestly ♪
I don't care ♪
- Wait.
- [guitar stops]
What's wrong?
I need to go to the bathroom.
[footsteps receding]
[door opens, closes]
Jana! I have an offer for you.
Actually, it's more like a vision.
Let's form a band.
You, me, and Andi.
That's ridiculous.
Do I look like I'm on a scholarship?
Room 206!
[Jana] Girl, I'd love to.
- I already told Sebas I'd play with him.
- Oh.
But I'm sure you can find another singer,
one better than me.
[in English] Sure.
[in Spanish] Dixon and I
are better than most.
You are too.
So, if you want a real shot at beating
Sebas and Jana,
think about it.
[Jana] MJ
- We're good, right?
- Of course.
Dude, signing up without a singer
seems like a bad idea.
[in English] So?
[in Spanish] Should we not sign up then?
Not unless you want to lose.
[in English] So negative.
[in Spanish] I really wanted
to win this thing, but
I guess we can always try next year.
Okay. What if we had someone who sings,
who's brilliant, and super talented?
And gorgeous.
[in English] I mean, you never know.
[phone chimes]
Don't think of it as an assignment,
but as an opportunity.
We're here to learn
about the greatest thing ever: music.
- Excuse me, can I come in?
- Yes, come in.
The rules say that 10 minutes late
counts as an absence.
Yes, but we can make an exception
for this young man
with such a special talent.
- Being a country boy?
- [class snickers]
No, he's just not from a big city.
No, this gentleman has an incredible ear.
It's an exceptional talent.
[quietly] Since when do they let freshmen
take this class?
[quietly] If they look like that,
it's fine by me.
You're going to do an original composition
on your passion.
Forget about technique for now.
You dodged a bullet, Sebas.
[class laughing]
[sighs] Why the long face?
Tell me something, Selena.
Are you talking to me?
Yes, I'm talking to you.
Why are all the girls going crazy for him?
Who? Esteban?
Is that his name?
- Yeah, Esteban.
- Esteban.
Look, I'll be honest with you for once.
[kisses hand]
He's stupid not to notice you.
No need to explain.
I know Jana likes him.
Yeah, but Jana has a boyfriend, right?
So? She doesn't care.
When she wants something, she gets it.
Even if she doesn't deserve it.
Well, no. Jana is really nice.
She's talented, and
pretty, and
Okay. Look at me.
You're way prettier
and more talented than she is.
Way more.
- Why are you being nice to me?
- [Luka scoffs]
[in English] You want something,
don't you?
[in Spanish] No, I don't.
I can be nice, right?
I'm not being nice.
I'm just not being mean. It's different.
I don't know what it is about you.
I like you a little.
Maybe it's your potential.
Just lose the religious Selena vibes.
Please, just drop it.
But if you want the boy from Puebla,
you should go for it.
You just have to try.
[Esteban humming, playing piano gently]
[music faces to silence]
[clapping hands]
I wish I had that.
[Esteban] What?
Your talent, bro.
- [Esteban chuckles softly]
- I wish I had a little piano in my head,
or even a melody.
I'm more rhythmic.
I'm not as melodic as you.
If I had your gift, I don't know.
I could figure out people's PIN numbers
just by listening to the sound
of the key pad.
[laughing] That's impossible, dude.
I'm serious. Each key sounds like
a different note, right?
Could you be any more of a stereotype?
A Colombian thief? [laughs mockingly]
What's next?
Drug trafficking in school?
[mimicking machine gunfire]
Come on.
[sighs] Boy.
[intriguing music playing]
So you didn't leave your room that night?
No, Miss.
I was playing Fortnite.
Fortnite? What's that?
You were seen in the hallway
before the fire.
I was getting a pill for my cramps.
Do you have any proof?
This photo I sent my ex.
That's not necessary. Put it away.
So why didn't anyone see you leave
when the fire started?
- Where were you?
- [Esteban] Celina, I'm over 18.
I'm a responsible adult.
I had nothing to do with this.
I was leading the first-aid team.
I know the seniors are involved in this.
And I know that you know everything
that happens here.
Why would they tell the mayor's son
they're planning a crime?
Celina, this is serious.
I'm worried too.
Jana was there.
I'd die if anything happened to her.
[sighs] I'll say it again.
I don't want to join your band.
Thanks, but I have other options.
[Esteban] That's cool, but actually
do you have the literature study guide?
I lost my copy.
You have a computer?
Isn't that nice?
You're moving up.
I'll send it to you.
[computer keys clacking]
[Andi] Hey, MJ. How are you doing with
- Wow. Holy shit.
- [MJ, in English] No way.
[in Spanish] I feel ridiculous.
Yeah, ridiculously hot.
- [Andi chuckles]
- Are you hitting on me?
No, of course not.
I don't flirt with my friends.
Oh I see.
if you weren't my friend,
and I didn't know you fart in your sleep
[in English] What?
- [in Spanish] What are you talking about?
- I'd hit that.
- I don't do that, Andi.
- Okay.
Do you think Esteban will like it?
I mean, so he'll join our band.
But only so he'll join our band. Okay?
- That's it.
- That's it.
- Just a band.
- A band.
Why else would I be interested in Esteban?
Right. Why else?
- Like, why?
- Yeah.
I mean
[gentle melody playing on piano]
[discordant notes]
Sir, should I take him back
to the freshmen?
- [students snickering]
- [music teacher] No.
[clears throat]
Relax, breathe.
What inspires you?
Think about that.
I know you can do better.
Come on.
[gentle melody resumes on piano]
I heard you ♪
Leaving at the break of dawn ♪
I never thought ♪
I wouldn't see you again ♪
I've gotten used to not feeling ♪
Your breath ♪
I've gotten used to resisting ♪
And although you left out of the blue ♪
I know you miss me
You call for me in your mind ♪
Because I'm part of your story forever ♪
I know I'll be in your heart eternally ♪
I'll be there ♪
[vocalizing emotionally]
I'll wait for you ♪
Forever at the break of dawn ♪
Wanting you to come back ♪
[class applauding]
[warm music playing]
- [Alejandro] What?
- Nothing, dude.
- Are you crying?
- Shut up.
[students chattering indistinctly]
Let go of me.
What inspired you?
[scoffs] Your girlfriend.
[tense music playing]
Go back to where you came from.
You don't belong here.
You might fool Jana, but not me.
You know a lot about that, right?
I'm not going anywhere.
Besides, I can't wait for Jana to see
who you really are.
Don't you dare talk about her. Okay?
- [music teacher] What's going on?
- I'm telling Esteban how good he was.
Very good, Sebas.
It's good to see camaraderie.
[suspenseful music playing]
[recording of key clacking plays]
- [knocking on door]
- Coming!
[in English] Hi.
[in Spanish] You look different.
Yeah, well, I'm
experimenting a bit.
Not that you looked bad before,
but you look good.
[in English] Well, thank you.
Anyways, um
[in Spanish] Remember how I said
Andi and I were forming a band?
And Jana would be the singer?
But she's with Sebas.
Um, well, we wanted to see if
maybe you wanted
to sing with me.
With us. In our band?
- [in English] Maybe?
- [in Spanish] Sure. I'll just tell Dixon.
- But I think so.
- Right, Dixon.
think about it.
- We're in 206, [in English] by the way.
- Okay.
[in Spanish] To figure out our song list.
We're running out of time.
Umm Yep. 206.
- What?
- You're all sweaty.
Jana, I went to the gym.
Why don't you shower?
I'll be quick.
[thrilling music playing]
[dramatic musical swell]
[Sebas] Hey, love.
Do you want to spend the night?
[tense music playing]
What are you doing?
What the hell are you doing?
Jana, obviously that's not mine.
[laughs sarcastically] Whose is it then?
- Did your friends leave it here?
- Were you searching my stuff?
Are you cheating on me?
You're checking my phone.
- Why do you have?
- [yelling] Jana, leave my stuff alone!
Don't talk to me like that.
[yelling] Jana, get out of my room! Leave.
Get out, Jana!
You're crazy. You're beyond paranoid.
All you do is think about yourself!
[grunts angrily]
- Me?
- Yes, you!
- You're the liar!
- You know what?
If you knew me, you'd know that I put
integrity and honesty over everything.
That's it. We're done.
You need help.
[tense music continues]
[tense music intensifies, fades]
- [guitar playing melodically]
- [Dixon singing] Oh, no, no ♪
Dixon, baby ♪
Yeah ♪
[rapping] Improvising old style ♪
Hits like a black belt in Muay Thai
Nothing stops me, no ♪
From the front
I'm the president of rap ♪
Where are my people with heart? ♪
I come from the land
Of hills and steeples ♪
More than enough dignity ♪
I don't charge for favors, no ♪
[singing] Yeah, Dixon, baby ♪
No, no, no, no ♪
[Jana] Motherfucker!
How did I spend months with that idiot?
I can't believe it.
"Love, I love you!" Moron!
- Hey, hey, hey. What happened?
- I found a mask in his dresser.
The prick kicked me out
before I could grab it. It was him.
[sighs] So?
What do we do?
[dramatic music playing]
[dramatic music fades to silence]
It was me. I lit the candles,
and I stole the old RBD uniforms.
[Celina] I know it wasn't just you, Kuri.
If you tell me who else was with you,
I might let you finish your last year.
It's The Lodge, right?
They're pressuring you.
[Anita] Come on.
- Chocolate?
- No.
- There are different kinds.
- Ana.
It was just me. No one helped.
I did it because I wanted to.
I know you're protecting someone,
and I'm going to find them.
For now, you leave me no choice
but to expel you.
["AS Crust" by Amnesia Scanner playing]
["AS Crust" ends]
Change of plans.
[emotional song playing on piano]
[Sebas] I have a proposition.
Coming from you,
I'm sure it's indecent.
I think we should play together
in the Battle of the Bands.
[Emilia laughs incredulously]
You're joking.
No, I'm not.
I also think we should get back together.
[piano music stops]
I told you not to come crying to me
when your relationship failed.
- [piano music resumes]
- Told you so.
Emilia, this is your last chance to win.
Together, we're a force.
Let's give the school what they want.
Their king and queen together again.
- [piano stops]
- Look, gatinho.
I might have needed you in the past,
but it sounds more like you need me now.
[unsettling music playing]
Let's say it's mutually beneficial.
[students chattering indistinctly]
I can't believe they're back together.
It's as if my parents got back together
after getting divorced.
[Alejandro laughs]
[Alejandro] I don't understand them.
[Laura] So weird.
[upbeat, dramatic music playing]
The Battle of the Bands is over.
Don't worry. We still have next year.
Dude, we just lost without even trying.
[Jana] Not yet.
Still looking for a singer?
[in English] Yes!
Oh my God!
[in Spanish]
We're going to be the best band.
[in English] I'm so excited!
[giggling excitedly]
[intriguing music playing]
[drumsticks clicking tempo, playing beat]
[rapping] Andi's got flow
She's that girl ♪
When she hits the drums
It's like she's from a different world ♪
With her drumsticks
She hits hard, so sick ♪
What's that?
Guess who ♪
Musical superhero, a rhythm so true ♪
He goes hard on the piano
And he also has the voice ♪
Esteban, hit the keys
It's the only choice ♪
Look, I wasn't lying
The melody's tight ♪
Thank God, that's right ♪
Esteban on piano, Andi on drums
We're all right ♪
I can't believe what I just saw ♪
She's got me so dizzy, I'm about to fall
It's MJ with the ideas ♪
This band can't even be stopped
By the DEA ♪
Nobody can track us ♪
Because we're Without Name ♪
We're Without Name
Yeah ♪
Ladies and gentlemen, our lead singer.
- [Jana vocalizing enthusiastically]
- Jana Cohen Gandía. Yeah!
[Dixon singing] Esteban, Andi
[in English] Without Name ♪
MJ, Jana ♪
Without Name ♪
[in Spanish] I'm Dixon, baby ♪
[in English] Without Name ♪
[in Spanish] Together we are ♪
Without Name ♪
[song ends]
[Esteban, in English] Nice.
- [in Spanish] That was good.
- [chuckles] What do you want, Luka?
Good to see you too, Jani.
I wanted to know if
Today, please.
[MJ] I think he's trying to be nice.
If you're willing to accept
another band member?
Of course.
The more the merrier.
Thank you.
All right, I liked it.
I think it was really good.
[in English] Without Name ♪
[in Spanish] Right?
[students chattering indistinctly]
Give me a second.
First you were my biggest fan,
now it's like I don't exist.
[chuckles] You exist, trust me.
The whole world knows you.
Everyone saw you sign up
holding hands with the worst guy here.
I told you, I needed to win.
Sebas is an idiot,
but, unlike other people,
he has access to things
I could never get on my own, and
I'm lost without him.
So, you're back together.
[Emilia] It's not that simple.
Isn't it?
[Emilia] Just help me understand,
because I don't know when
I started explaining my decisions to you.
It's just that
you don't need that dude, Emilia.
You really don't get it.
Get what?
That you're crazy talented
and charismatic?
That you're amazing
at everything you do?
Come on, Emilia.
I swear you're the most beautiful woman
I've ever seen.
But that doesn't compare to your voice
[warm music playing]
[school bell ringing]
[snaps fingers]
Are you coming?
I'll catch up with you guys.
No worries.
[intriguing music playing]
His ego is unbelievable.
Esteban? Hey.
Um, I just wanted to say thanks
for all your support.
[in English] Really.
[in Spanish] For joining the band.
Our band.
It was really nice of you.
[in English] You're awesome.
Are you nervous?
I get nervous too, sometimes.
["Ded Beat" by Simon Diamond
& Margot Maxine playing]
You're a downbeat, deadbeat ♪
God, you're killing the vibe ♪
You're a downbeat, deadbeat ♪
No one ever lied ♪
You're a downbeat, deadbeat ♪
Dude, you're killing the vibe ♪
In a heartbeat, you'd be dead meat
If you were someone else's guy ♪
I can't take you anywhere ♪
I can't take you anyway ♪
You're a downbeat, deadbeat ♪
God, you're killing the vibe ♪
You're a downbeat, deadbeat ♪
No one ever lied ♪
In a heartbeat, you'd be dead meat
If you were someone else's guy ♪
I can't ♪
I can't ♪
I can't take you anywhere
I can't take you anywhere ♪
I can't take you anywhere ♪
There's something on my heart ♪
I can't take you anymore ♪
I can't take you anymore ♪
I can't take you anymore ♪
There's something on my heart ♪
You're a downbeat, deadbeat ♪
God, you're killing the vibe ♪
You're a downbeat, deadbeat ♪
No one ever lied ♪
In a heartbeat, you'd be dead meat ♪
If you were someone else's guy ♪
I can't ♪
I can't ♪
I can't ♪
I can't ♪
I can't take you anywhere ♪
I can't take you anywhere ♪
I can't take you anywhere ♪
There's something on my heart ♪
I can't take you anywhere ♪
I can't take you anywhere ♪
There's something on my heart ♪
I can't take it anymore ♪
I can't take it anymore ♪
I can't take it anymore ♪
There's something on my heart ♪
I can't take it anymore ♪
I can't take it anymore ♪
I can't take it anymore ♪
Subtitle translation by Zach Beacher
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