Rebelde (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

Earthquake Drill

I responded to your messages
'cause you promised me
I'd win the Battle of the Bands,
but suddenly I gotta make sacrifices.
[masked man] We promised you'd win.
We'll still make that happen.
We're simply asking
for something in return.
[Luka] Yeah, you want me to play with
a bunch of amateurs.
There's no way can I win with them.
Bunch of losers.
My reputation's important, okay?
[masked woman] We know you're
better than them. That's why we chose you,
to help expose them
as the frauds that they are.
Those people don't deserve to be at EWS,
you do.
Who are you guys?
[tense music plays]
- [masked woman] You'll find out soon.
- [chuckles softly]
- The Lodge is dead.
- [laughter]
- [Luka] Get out of my way.
- [masked woman] Definitely a Colucci.
Stubborn, ambitious, arrogant.
You think the world owes you.
Your father was right.
My father? What's he got to do with this?
[masked woman]
Maybe you're not as smart as we thought.
You're useless.
You don't have a future in music.
Or in the business program,
come to think of it. [chuckles]
My father's an asshole.
[masked woman] If you really
want to prove that you're talented,
you have to win the Battle of the Bands.
[masked man]
Help us get rid of Jana and her friends,
and we'll guarantee your spot
in the winning band.
Is that so?
[Luka] And what if I decide not to do it?
[tense music continues]
[masked woman] If you think Kuri
got expelled because of that video,
you're sorely mistaken.
They kicked him out
because we told them to.
The same thing could happen to you,
so choose wisely.
Are you with us, or are you against us?
[theme music playing]
[Luka sighs]
[intriguing music playing]
[Luka] Where are you going this early,
"Shakiro Shakiro"?
I'm meeting with MJ.
She asked me to go over some new riffs.
[Luka] I love this enthusiasm
for the Battle of the Bands,
but wasn't MJ gonna meet up
with the wonder boy instead?
Anyway, have a great rehearsal.
I know it's a big day for you.
Just hope you don't mind
being her backup plan.
Go ahead.
[atmospheric music plays]
[Laura] There's an emergency drill today.
It's mandatory, for everyone's safety.
Don't forget the drill today.
No running, no yelling,
- no pushing.
- Thanks.
[Laura] Don't forget the emergency drill.
No running, no yelling
For everyone's safety.
[Laura] Don't forget
the emergency drill today
- [students chattering indistinctly]
- [intriguing music playing]
You only think about yourself, Jana.
Give me a break.
["Crossfire" by Bamyasi playing]
[suspenseful music playing]
[playing gently]
[pensive music playing]
[message sends]
Come on.
Bro, MJ stood me up.
What's this? Isn't that Luka's laptop?
Yes, but I swear that's not what this is.
Please don't say anything.
I promise to explain everything to you.
[tense music plays]
What's up with you weirdos?
Nothing, my man. Just hanging out.
Just talking about some hotties.
Trying to be Mexican now, are we?
Suits you,
especially with that thing up there.
[MJ] Jana! Hey.
MJ, you scared me.
Sorry, um
Can I speak to you?
Of course.
Are you feeling worried about the show?
No, not really.
Oh no?
Can we please talk about
what happened with Esteban?
Oh, that.
I thought you were with Sebastián.
I mean, I thought you guys were together.
Which is why you don't need to apologize.
But I don't want things
to get weird between us.
You know, we're friends.
Right. We're totally all good.
Right now,
we just have to concentrate on the show.
And for the rest? We can talk about it
after Battle of the Bands. Hm?
Sebas and Emilia are a much better couple
than Sebas and Jana.
- Man, Team Emilia's the best.
- [student] Totally.
[indistinct chatter]
[phone chimes]
[Andi] What the hell?
[humorous music plays]
[Emilia] Do you like being alone?
I like being alone just fine.
But, uh, do you like it?
How are things with Sebas?
Because the school
can't get enough of you.
[sultry music plays]
You don't always
have to be alone, you know.
[Jana] I can't believe we didn't think
of making merch for our show.
Why do women always seem to fall
for the biggest losers?
I'm pretty sure we all
fall for the wrong person at least once.
Now I wonder what else he's lying about.
I'm sure it's not the first time
he's cheated.
The worst part is
everyone's convinced he's so perfect.
I'm gonna break into his room
during the drill.
That's a crime, Jana.
Not necessarily.
I'm gathering evidence.
We'll plan something at rehearsal, okay?
[sighs] Suddenly I'm not hungry.
Jana. Jana, don't.
[MJ sighs] Of all the days
for her to have an attitude with me.
Something wrong?
Well, I mean
Nothing's really wrong, but
if you're gonna miss rehearsal,
you should just let me know.
- No big deal.
- Oh, my God. I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry,
I just forgot about it completely.
I don't know what I was thinking.
This show is so important.
I've just been really busy, and Esteban
I'm sorry, okay?
Um I'll see you guys later.
You know you can stay, MJ.
I bet you'd like an explanation, right?
Brother, you seem like
you're obsessed with Luka.
Then you kissed MJ,
you're sneaking around all weird
and mysterious. What's up with you?
The thing with MJ was a misunderstanding.
What do you mean?
Oh, wait, do you like her?
Bro, there's nothing between MJ and me.
Nothing between us at all. I swear to you.
For real?
Trust me.
And Luka?
[sighs] Luka's a whole other story.
And I know that I've been weird about it,
but just trust me, okay?
I swear I'll tell you everything later.
Thank you, man.
Did you talk it over with her?
[MJ] Mm-mm.
She says she didn't want
to talk about it.
[Andi sighs]
So she's giving you the cold shoulder?
[Jana sighs]
She's being really polite.
How about Esteban?
Hey, man, do you mind switching seats?
I have to tell Jana something.
[Jana] Of course he does.
He chose that one. Besides, you can't just
switch seats whenever you want.
[Esteban] Sorry.
Jana, can I talk to you? Please.
[sighs] It's not fair.
She won't let you move on.
Obviously you want to apologize,
but she's clearly refusing you.
Trust me on this one,
Jana is an emotional terrorist.
- "Emotional terrorist"?
- [Luka] Mm-hmm.
Is that a thing?
Of course it is.
She's cruel and manipulative,
but she acts like
she's the virgin of Las Lomas.
[sighs] Did she make you apologize to her?
Apologize for what?
Esteban isn't her property.
And she was still with Sebastián.
I'm telling you, Jana always has to win.
[Luka sighs]
So, is everyone excited about
the Battle of the Bands?
- [scattered cheering]
- [Celina chuckles]
Tonight, 20 bands will take the stage,
but only eight will move on
to the next round.
I hope you've all been preparing.
Good luck. I'm with you all.
[applause and cheering]
Jana, we've got to talk. Please.
If this is about the band,
can you just send me a text?
Of course it's not about the band.
It's about us.
About us?
If there was something between us,
I think we should leave it in the past.
The band's more important.
No. I mean,
I know you care about the band,
- but I also know
- Jana.
What's up?
- Come, we need to talk.
- No, pass.
Bro, did you hear her say no? Ciao.
Jana, please call off your hillbilly.
I don't think he can understand English.
I know perfectly well who I'm talking to.
- Your ass is mine.
- Bring it on, dumbass.
Enough. Stop it, you two.
You're not understanding me,
so I'll make myself clear.
I don't want to talk to either of you.
And if you need to kick each other's asses
to compare whose dick is bigger, go ahead.
But leave me out of it.
[Sebas sighs]
Mine's bigger.
[scoffs] Fucking clown.
[Luka] Psst.
How's my favorite little
Colombian brother?
Hey, what's up?
What do you want from me, man? Huh?
Relax, take it easy.
I want to know how you are,
how you're feeling,
how things are going with the band
- Oh, man, are you high, or what?
- No, no, I'm not high.
I just saw you talking with MJ,
then with Jana, and then Esteban.
It must be really difficult
to keep track of their drama.
- Has Jana bossed you around yet?
- All right, my brother.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Look, Jana's gonna start
giving us instructions
on how to act and how to play the music.
As if we're her employees.
[imitates Jana] "Play like this, do this."
Yeah, but we aren't her employees.
I think you should remind her.
What is happening
with you and Esteban, bro?
[scoffs] I've got standards.
But why?
Forget it.
See you later, buddy.
[teacher] Very good.
[Andi chuckles]
Look at this.
Three is a new record.
Definitely not something
to be bragging about.
I'm going to have to inform your parents.
[Andi] Mm.
- I'll help you study whatever you like.
- [Andi] Mm.
[indistinct chatter]
[sighs] Well, biology class
is a real snore.
[chuckles softly]
What's up?
This is literally the first time
you've spoken to me.
Well, then,
there's a first for everything.
That's true. But now you've got me
wondering what this is about.
Nothing, no agenda.
I thought we could share some of our pain.
- I think we have a few things in common.
- Okay. [chuckles]
- You mean because we're both?
- Bad at biology.
- And a bunch of other things.
- [laughing] Oh.
I bet you're failing like me, right?
It's complicated, isn't it?
Jana and her rehearsals,
every single day
She's getting a little nuts
about this Battle of the Bands.
Some of us have actual problems.
Anyway, hopefully she'll relax a bit
after we play tonight.
For someone who hates this band,
you really are punctual.
I'm always punctual.
You know what I don't get?
I mean, I get that this persona
you've created, this mysterious, timid,
unknowable guy might work with the ladies.
But I don't get what you're doing here.
What? I'm setting up the equipment.
Yeah, I get it.
But that's not what I'm asking you.
As much as I hate to admit it,
you're talented.
So why is a guy like you
playing in this dumb little amateur band?
Is your home life okay?
With your father and your mother
Why do you ask?
Ah, it's your mother.
Must be why you're trying so hard
to please Jana,
doing whatever she asks you to do.
Always super eager.
- Where is everyone?
- [Luka] They'll be here.
It's still early.
Don't worry, relax.
[light, gentle music plays]
- [Anita] So? What do you think?
- [Celina] Mm.
[Celina] Sebastián Langarica has all the
criteria to be a fit for The Lodge.
Unless the entry requirements
have changed, right?
I've been here four years.
and I've never seen the board
make a decision that fast.
- Close the blinds, please.
- Sure.
I don't usually do this during
office hours, but do you want one?
No, no, no, thank you.
They spent longer deciding
whether to buy new blackboards
than they did investigating
if Sebastián is involved.
They want to avoid issues with the mayor.
I know.
The Lodge disappeared
when I was a student here.
Or that's what they wanted
everyone to think.
Those types of groups
don't just suddenly disappear.
The Lodge was just a bunch of kids
pretending to be a secret society.
They were never that powerful.
But you still look worried.
Of course I am.
I don't want this to get out of control.
[tense music playing]
Keep going until the end
Never looking back ♪
No excuses ♪
Keep going until the end ♪
Never looking back ♪
Hell yeah.
Hey, guys.
I know you're all tired and hungry, but
I just need five minutes
to discuss the rehearsal.
I thought we sounded fine.
[Jana] We did. It's just
[Luka] What now?
Say it.
I wanted to say that
tonight is very important,
it's our chance to shut everyone up.
Now you're telling us how to play.
[Jana] I was just thinking that,
for example, Dixon
I know you're used to performing alone.
but now there are six of us on stage,
so we have to be more aware of the space.
- I don't understand.
- [Luka] Let me translate, Dixon.
You're stealing her shine.
Luka, please stop stirring the pot.
Okay, can we hurry this up?
I have to go study.
Yes, of course.
Just one thing.
Please, please, please don't be late.
Come on, I was only late once.
On the drums.
I'm sorry, but if I don't say it,
no one else will.
- MJ.
- So now she wants to talk.
I know you've been experimenting
with your look, and that's okay, just
Now you're telling us how to dress?
No, but if we're a band,
we need a cohesive look.
Are we a band?
[Luka sighs]
It seems like it's your band.
MJ's right,
it seems like it's all about you.
I'm only trying to help us win!
Or beat your ex?
It feels like you're just using us
to get back at him.
You all think that?
Okay, screw this. The band is done.
Right. There's no band without you.
Play without me. I don't give a fuck.
[automated alarm] Sound test.
Emergency drill in progress.
[alarm tone playing]
Sound test.
Emergency drill in progress.
[Jana] Dixon.
So, can you help me?
After what just happened?
No way, Jana.
[automated alarm] Sound test
[Lourdes] All together. No running.
Remember, go to the meeting point.
[brigade student] Remember, don't run
[suspenseful music playing]
[suspenseful music continues]
- [brigade student] No running.
- Still mad that I stood you up earlier?
But if you think I'm only mad
because you stood me up,
then you don't get it.
[Celina] Drills are for everyone's safety.
Get what?
[Anita] Go to the meeting point, please.
So you pretend to be with Sebas
in front of the whole school,
but then you kiss me behind the dumpster?
No. I'm just in the middle
of a marketing strategy.
- Oh.
- [Anita] Andrea Agosti.
That's you.
You say I'm not your dirty little secret,
but I am, aren't I?
Just a little.
Only until we win the Battle of the Bands.
Unless you're not interested.
Yeah. I am.
Andrea Agosti!
[suspenseful music continues]
[drawer closes]
Young man?
[Lourdes] Mr. Langarica,
the drill is required for everyone.
[tense music playing]
[music fades]
[tense music resumes]
[both] What are you doing here?
We have to go now.
[Esteban] Jana.
You can't keep pushing us away.
I guess I've been feeling insecure.
Why did you kiss her?
I thought we had something real.
That's what I tried to tell MJ.
That I like you.
[delicate music playing]
I like you a lot.
I like you a lot, too.
So why did you get back with Sebas?
Because I'm sure he's behind The Lodge.
I had to get close to him to prove it.
You could've told me that.
- I was going to tell you when
- It doesn't matter now.
No, not anymore.
["Fuego" by Nicole Horts playing]
[Anita] Jana Cohen?
Esteban Torres?
["Fuego" continues playing]
Are you sure?
Your room is a mess.
[laughs] Shut up!
[Anita] Esteban Torres.
Ms. Jana Cohen's missing, too.
They're probably making out, Anita.
- [students whooping]
- [Anita] Shh!
["Fuego" continues playing]
[breathing heavily]
[breathing heavily]
[Jana moans]
Look, there they are.
[students whooping]
[Anita] Enough, enough.
- Yes?
- Sorry, we were just
It was my fault.
- [Esteban] I got lost, Jana helped me.
- [Lourdes] You poor thing.
You're so absent-minded
and Ms. Cohen is so altruistic.
- You'll have to pick up all the equipment.
- Okay.
You have work to do.
Yes, going.
[Anita] Esteban.
Your zipper.
[humorous music playing]
Can we talk?
More comments? Criticism?
No, I want to apologize.
I know I've been a dumbass.
I'm sorry for that.
I totally ignored your feelings.
[gentle music plays]
I know I haven't been
the best friend I could be,
but really, I haven't had much practice.
I don't know how to be in a band either,
but I'm trying.
So I wanted to see
if we could try being friends again.
We'll see.
[Dixon] So basically
this is the way I see it.
You're the closest thing I have
to a friend or a brother in this country.
You are too, bro.
Yeah, I know what you mean, man.
Look, I'm not the kind of person
who judges other people's lives.
And if you want to be with Jana, or MJ,
or Andi, or with all of them
at the same time, it's cool.
Just like it's fine if you like Luka.
Don't laugh, I'm serious.
I understand you're obsessed with him.
That's why you wanted him in the band,
and why I caught you
snooping in his computer.
There's nothing wrong with admiration.
But admiration and obsession
are different.
There's a fine line between
admiration and stalking. Super thin.
No, seriously.
Don't cross that line.
I'm telling you as your friend.
Look, Dixon.
I'm not bisexual, man.
Come on.
Dude, it's not a big deal.
We're in the 21st century,
even I swing that way a bit.
If I were,
I'd have no problem admitting it, but
the thing is
it's a bit more complicated.
Aren't I owed an explanation
as your friend?
You're not gonna let this go, are you?
You can't tell anyone, okay?
Not even Jana.
my lips are sealed.
[sighs] Okay.
I didn't come to this school
because of music.
I don't give a shit
about the Battle of the Bands.
I'm here to find my mom.
[bittersweet music plays]
When I was a kid,
my mom left us.
My dad told me she died soon after, but
I know she's still alive.
Look, that's her.
Her name is Rocío.
[Dixon] She's a musician, too.
- [Esteban] Yes.
- That's beautiful.
Where is she?
I have no idea.
I came here to find out.
She was a music teacher,
and her last student
was Luka.
Wait, so does Luka know where she is?
I don't think so. I don't know.
For real.
But I'm sure his father, Marcelo,
knows exactly where she is.
There's more.
Look at this.
It's a letter from Marcelo to my mom.
Asking her to stay away from his family
and promising money.
This is really fucked up.
How long have you been looking for her?
[sighs] A long time.
Too long.
But now I'm going to find her.
I have Luka within reach.
[sighs loudly]
There's something I still don't get.
Something's not adding up.
How the hell did you know Luka was here?
[scoffs] Dude
It's official. Say hello
to the next star of EWS.
Peace out.
[Dixon chuckles softly]
Please don't tell anyone.
Dude, I told you.
My lips are sealed.
Cool, man.
Whatever you're going to say, be quick.
[Jana] I want to apologize.
I overstepped.
This isn't just about me,
it's about all of us.
We're stronger together,
and together, we're going to win
the Battle of the Bands.
But I know my words might not mean much.
[puffs] Are you gonna sing now?
It's what I do best.
Isn't this a little High School Musical?
[ukulele playing]
[Luka] All right.
I know I can be a pain ♪
And a bit cruel ♪
I know I like control ♪
But I have issues of my own ♪
I know I need you ♪
Because you make me better ♪
And we're stronger ♪
When we're together ♪
Forgive me ♪
I won't do it again ♪
Will you forgive me?
[gentle music plays]
Come here.
- [Jana giggles]
- It's all right.
[Jana chuckles]
It's okay.
She won them back with a song,
what can I do?
[masked man]
You can still redeem yourself.
Bring Esteban
to the rehearsal room at 7:15.
What for?
[masked man] Does it matter?
[tense music playing]
Ready, man?
Dude, I was born ready. [laughs]
Come on.
Yeah, just a second.
- I'll catch up in a second.
- Sure.
["Pero No Contigo" by D. Krugga playing]
I just wanted to say thank you
for supporting me with my "stuff".
I didn't find any evidence,
but I'm pretty sure
Sebastián Langarica is behind this.
I know he is.
[Celina] Welcome to the first round
of the Battle of the Bands.
Here, we'll select the eight bands
that will move on to the next round.
Let's get started, shall we?
[all cheering]
[Celina] Put your hands together for XY!
[audience cheering]
[blows raspberry]
[tense music plays]
Oh baby, baby ♪
Mm-mm ♪
Oh baby, baby ♪
One, two, three ♪
Oh baby, baby ♪
How was I supposed to know ♪
That something wasn't right here ♪
Oh baby, baby ♪
I shouldn't have let you go ♪
And now you're out of sight, yeah ♪
Show me
How you want it to be ♪
Tell me, baby
'Cause I need to know now ♪
Oh, because ♪
My loneliness is killing me ♪
And I ♪
I must confess
I still believe ♪
Still believe ♪
When I'm not with you ♪
Are you okay?
- Have you seen Esteban?
- No.
- Hit me baby one more time ♪
- [cheering]
Oh baby, baby ♪
How was I supposed to know ♪
Luka, have you heard from Esteban?
Why? Lost your boyfriend already?
Oh pretty baby ♪
I shouldn't have let you ♪
Go ♪
I must confess ♪
They're so good.
My loneliness
Is killing me now ♪
Don't you know I still believe ♪
That you will be here ♪
And give me a sign ♪
Hit me baby
One more time ♪
[audience cheering]
[screaming excitedly]
[cheering continues]
Are you guys ready?
No, Esteban's missing.
Okay, well he'd better get here soon.
You're on in two minutes.
Nothing at all.
["Warning" by SKRXLLA plays]
I am not a gimmick
I'm a menace ♪
I tried to warn ya ♪
Warning ♪
I tried to warn ya ♪
Warning ♪
I am not a gimmick
I'm a savage ♪
Put you flat on ya back
Like a mattress ♪
Very important asterisk ♪
That mean I'm a star no Patrick ♪
Put you in your feelings
I'm passionate ♪
When I get the ball I ain't passin it ♪
Put ya seat belt on
Ya better fasten it ♪
Cos when I crash your party
It ain't an accident ♪
Cos I'm here to destroy ya ♪
You over ain't nobody gonna mourn ya ♪
Listen up and I'll give you a spoiler ♪
In the end I'm the winner
Tried to warn ya ♪
- Warning ♪
- Only gon tell you one time it's a ♪
- Only gon tell you one time it's a ♪
- Warning ♪
Only gon tell you one time it's a ♪
- Only gon tell you once ♪
- Warning ♪
I tried to warn ya ♪
Warning ♪
I tried to warn ya ♪
Warning ♪
I tried to warn ya ♪
I tried to warn ya ♪
I tried to warn ya ♪
I tried to warn ya ♪
Warning ♪
[intriguing music playing]
[atmospheric music playing]
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