Rebelde (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

The First Time

Seven to ten, alone again ♪
This routine drives me wild ♪
No more emotions ♪
Keep going until the end ♪
Don't look back ♪
[song ends]
[hands clapping]
[vacuum cleaner whirring]
Well, let's look on the bright side.
At least they let us play.
At least we made it
to the next round, right?
Yeah, but without an audience.
[Jana] The problem is the competition
depends on the popular vote.
And no one even knows who we are.
It shouldn't be based on that.
It should be based on talent.
Selena, those are the rules
of the Battle of the Bands
and of life itself.
Look, we just need people to see us once.
Just once and bang, bang!
[laughing] We'll blow their minds.
I'm serious. Right, man?
[high-pitched ringing]
- [Jana] Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine. It's okay, bro.
All good.
You really can't remember
what happened to you?
- Nothing?
- [Esteban] No.
I know.
Fucking amnesia.
Weird. I thought that only happened
in soap operas.
[Esteban] Guess not.
[theme music playing]
Not even a face? A voice?
[Esteban] Sorry.
I don't remember. I wish I did.
You don't have to apologize.
Of course he does.
What were you doing
in the rehearsal room so late?
Lourdes, please.
I forgot my bag there.
And you thought the best time to get it
was when you had to be on stage?
Okay, okay, okay. That's enough for today.
Esteban, we're just trying to help you.
Anything you might remember is important.
Anything. Don't hesitate to tell me.
Thank you.
Anita, please walk Esteban out.
Okay. Let's go.
- You played so well today.
- Oh, yeah. Thanks.
- Wait a second!
- [fingers snap]
We found this in the rehearsal room.
Is it yours?
Yeah, it's my my music.
Thank you.
[uneasy music plays softly]
Shit. Damn it.
[Jana] We have nothing on Sebas.
The condom and mask I saw disappeared.
What condom?
The first time I went into Sebas's room,
I saw a condom wrapper.
It wasn't for me.
He's been screwing someone else
for who knows how long.
Someone with horrible perfume,
by the way.
Sebas got rid of everything
we could've used against him.
[intriguing music playing]
So, now what?
Now what?
[Dixon] He thinks he's the king
of the world.
[mimicking Sebas] "I'm Sebas, dude."
"I'm the greatest, man."
[normal voice] Pathetic.
["Tik Tok (Remix)" by DJ Young MTY,
Uzielito Mix & Diego Velo playing]
Let's kill two birds with one stone.
- [school bell ringing]
- What's up?
[laughing] I have some gossip for you.
[cell phones chiming]
[Esteban] Like, what?
Party at your house?
So, you want to ruin our weekend?
We want people to know us
and see us play.
Won't your parents freak out?
My parents are in Valle.
So, we have the house to ourselves.
And if you spend the night,
I can heal your wounds.
- I'm in so much pain.
- [Luka sighs] Disgusting.
I'm guessing it'll be
your first party, right?
- Mm, no.
- No?
I always go to parties. [in English] Like
Whoo-hoo! [laughs awkwardly]
[Andi] I like that.
And what do you think about
popping your cherry?
- [laughs]
- So I'll see you guys after class?
[cell phones chime]
I have a theory that you guys
have a chat with Luka that I'm not in.
It's nothing personal.
So why didn't you invite him?
[Jana] Because I don't trust him 100%.
You'll see.
The party isn't just
so the school sees us play.
I have a more important reason.
I don't get it.
What's more important than that?
Screwing over Sebastián Langarica.
[Andi scoffs] Wait, what?
Well, he's the one behind all of this.
The fire, the threats,
the attack on Esteban.
We just need him to confess.
[Esteban scoffs]
How do we make that happen?
With a whole lot of tamarind vodka.
So your plan is:
Sebas goes to your party,
gets drunk,
and confesses everything.
On camera.
No offense, Jani,
but that doesn't make sense.
You're trusting that a lot of things
will fall into place
They will fall into place.
Dude, I know him.
It's too risky.
What if he doesn't want to drink?
What if he brings friends or bodyguards?
Desperate times
call for desperate measures.
Dixon's with me, right?
[sighs] Well, it's not like
we have a lot of options.
And I don't think
it's that bad of an idea.
Just one thing.
You can't get Sebas drunk.
I mean, the guy hates you.
[Jana] Well
that's why we need one more thing
that Sebastián Langarica loves.
And what's that?
MJ, no. No, no, no.
It's our last chance.
Believe me,
I know him.
He'll fall for it.
I'm in.
[upbeat music playing]
[students chattering indistinctly]
What did you want to tell me?
Jana, seriously.
Are you sure Sebas is going to show up?
The plan only works if he does.
How are you going to pull that off?
He's not exactly
dying to hang out with you.
Dixon, the whole school
will be at the party.
The king of EWS won't miss it.
[in English] Let's go!
[in Spanish] Let's go!
["Si La Calle Bota Fuego"
by Mediopicky & Adrianigual playing]
Luka, let's go.
Wow. [in English] You live here?
[Jana, in Spanish] Yes.
Let's go.
["Si La Calle Bota Fuego" continues]
[Andi] No way.
Dude, you could buy my house,
my whole family included,
just by selling the stuff
you have here. Incredible.
Wow. Is that a Franz Marc?
- [Jana] Yeah.
- How many Franz Marcs have you seen?
- Huh?
- [Luka] How many have you seen?
Residente is a fan.
That's how I know him,
but I'm more into street art and all that.
- Okay.
- Do you have any beer here?
The bar is stocked.
Take whatever you want.
Dixon, can I steal you for a minute?
Psst. He's trying to steal your girl.
Sorry, ever since someone hit me,
I can't hear very well.
[Luka] Who wants a drink?
cheers. To us!
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Cheers, everyone.
[Andi exhales]
Weren't we doing a shot?
- [MJ splutters]
- Hey, take it slow. A little at a time.
- It seems like beer's not your thing.
- Can you tell?
It's the young lady's first time. Right?
At a party.
Without parents, with alcohol.
This is my first beer.
And my second mezcal, my friend.
Cheers. [chuckles]
[cell phone snaps shut]
Did you lose something?
Yeah. My hearing, actually.
[Luka] Hmm.
Makes sense, all that public transit.
No, dude. It's because someone beat me up
in the music room.
I don't remember how I got there,
but I'm starting to remember.
Did the party move over here, or what?
A little lower.
Let me see.
All set.
What's next?
The easy part.
[MJ, in English] Oh, my god!
- [in Spanish] What?
- [MJ, in Spanish] I love this dress.
My friend's the designer.
It's one of a kind.
- You have designer friends?
- Yeah.
[in English] Girl.
- Try it on.
- Really?
[in Spanish] We can try something
less bold if you want.
No, it's perfect.
- Do you think it'll fit?
- Yes. It's going to look great on you.
- Yes!
- Try it on.
Hey, MJ.
If you feel uncomfortable at any point,
please, tell me.
- I don't want
- [in English] It's fine.
[in Spanish] I agreed to this, okay?
I want to help expose Sebas. [chuckles]
[in English] Gonna be fun!
[in Spanish] I guess.
Talk to Jana.
Tell her I should get Sebas drunk.
So MJ won't have to do anything
she doesn't want to.
[laughs] Dude, she's excited.
- No, she doesn't want to.
- Clearly, she does.
- Don't say she wants to, because
- [MJ, in English] Hello
[Andi chuckles] Wow.
How do I look?
Mm-hmm. [in Spanish] I'd hit that. Wow.
I need a beer.
New look?
We decided that MJ will sing tonight.
Didn't we tell you? Weird.
[Luka] Mm.
Yeah, and we haven't even picked a song.
I was thinking we could play something
like Metric vibe
[Esteban] Something by Santa Sabina?
No way, grandpa. [scoffs]
- Daddy Yankee.
- Taylor Swift?
No, please.
- [Andi] She's cool.
- [Esteban] No.
[all arguing indistinctly]
- Bomba Estéreo.
- Bomba Estéreo is good.
- [MJ] Guys!
- Miley Cyrus.
I'm the one singing, right?
I should choose.
Great, Selena. Pick a song.
Yes. MJ, you choose.
Esteban, help me with the equipment?
What equipment?
[Andi] Another beer?
No, no, no.
Come here.
Don't give MJ more to drink.
[Andi chuckles]
[mellow music playing]
- Can I say something?
- What?
Honestly, your room is exactly
how I imagined it.
[laughing] Shut up!
Wanna see something funny?
[Jana] Ready?
- No, no.
- [Jana laughs]
Be honest,
even though you're my boyfriend.
[music stops suddenly]
- Boyfriend?
- No, I didn't mean that.
It's not like we're a couple.
We are a couple.
[chuckles] It sounds so cringey
when you say it out loud.
But I like it.
["Plan Divino" by Alma Paz
Feat. AJ Davila playing]
[Dixon] MJ.
MJ, I was thinking. This is too risky.
I know guys like Sebas. They just
go for it. He'll cut right to the chase.
- Do you have another plan?
- No.
So you'd rather let Sebas
keep torturing us.
Of course not.
You don't think I can make him confess?
You don't think he'll like me?
[sighs] Look, if he doesn't like you,
he's an idiot.
[warm music playing]
I just want to protect you.
That's my dad's job.
[in English] Seriously.
[exhales heavily]
[doorbell rings]
["Primera Vez" by Raphael Lake
& Aaron Levy playing]
- In your mouth or on your clothes?
- What?
- Do you want the shot on your coat
- No, no, don't.
Hey! [laughing]
[Alejandro] Come in!
This way.
[upbeat party music playing]
- [slow, emotional song playing]
- [singing] Baby, I can't take it ♪
Baby, I can't take it ♪
- [rapping] D-Dixon, yeah ♪
- [guests cheering]
[singing] Dixon, baby ♪
- MJ ♪
- [Dixon] No, no ♪
Listen, ay ♪
[MJ and Dixon] Once again
I'm thinking of you ♪
Once again ♪
I hear your voice ♪
And I'm lost again ♪
Thinking of you ♪
Once again ♪
I hear your voice
And I'm lost again ♪
I'm dying over those lips ♪
That face makes my heart stop ♪
Since I know you want it
I'm staying ♪
- Know that I don't like to share ♪
- I can feel it ♪
I left behind all the girls online ♪
Because when I'm with you
I feel just fine ♪
- You came my way, you left me upside ♪
- I feel fine ♪
Now you're the only one
On my mind ♪
I left behind all the boys online ♪
Because when I'm with you
I feel just fine ♪
Baby, you came my way
And left me upside ♪
Now you're the only one
On my mind ♪
[Dixon] Once again ♪
[Dixon and MJ] Thinking of you ♪
Once again ♪
I hear your voice ♪
And I'm lost again ♪
[MJ] Tell me, tell me, tell me ♪
[Dixon] Tell me, MJ ♪
- Tell me, tell me, tell me ♪
- Yeah ♪
Tell me again ♪
[MJ humming]
- [Dixon] Oh yeah, baby ♪
- [MJ] MJ ♪
- Tell me again ♪
- MJ, yeah, yeah ♪
Yeah, Dixon ♪
[MJ laughing]
You should see this house. Hideous.
The decor is horrible, the art
[Esteban] What's up, Luka. Are you lost?
I just want to tell you,
I know everything.
I remember, you set me up to get jumped.
Not again with the soap opera plot.
It wasn't me.
You understand?
So you're going to keep playing dumb?
Are you calling your bosses
to tell them I know?
Are you threatening me?
If you want to call it that, yes.
It's a threat.
What, is your tribe going to attack me?
- [scoffs] No, moron.
- [mimicking fist whooshing]
But I can tell the band and the school
what you did.
You don't want that.
I don't know what this is.
But leave me alone, or you'll regret it.
[laughs] What's up, lovebirds?
Get a room already.
["All I Want Is U" playing]
[partygoers chatting indistinctly,
What if he doesn't come?
At this rate,
they'll all be too drunk to hear us play.
[in English] Cheers.
[in Spanish] Come on.
- [man] Hey, Sebas!
- [Sebas] What's up?
["Sana Sana" by Nathy Peluso playing]
[Jana] Good evening, everyone!
I hope you're having a good time.
Okay. Are we playing or what?
- [guests cheering]
- Come on!
[tense music playing]
[Jana] Is everything okay?
Yep, all good.
We are Without Name!
- Show us your tits!
- Show us your balls, idiot.
That's right.
Okay, come on, Without Name.
- Let's kill it.
- [Andi] Come on.
- [man] Let's go, let's go!
- [Esteban] Okay.
[up b eat song playing]
I ♪
I gave you all my love
And so much more ♪
And you ♪
Don't know what love means ♪
And I ♪
Laid myself at your feet ♪
And you just left me aside
But now ♪
If I ever said I loved you
Now I regret it ♪
If I ever said I loved you ♪
I must've been crazy ♪
If I ever said I loved you ♪
And I'd give my life for you ♪
If I ever said I loved you ♪
I won't do it again ♪
That mistake is in the past ♪
[Dixon, rapping]
Yo, that mistake is in the past ♪
You know, I tried until the end ♪
I fought, for what? ♪
You're out of my life ♪
I'm tired ♪
[MJ, singing] And I ♪
I know you'll be back one day ♪
And you ♪
You'll regret everything ♪
I ♪
I laid myself at your feet ♪
And you just left me aside
But now ♪
[all singing]
If I ever said I loved you ♪
And I'd give my life for you ♪
If I ever said I loved you ♪
I won't do it again ♪
That mistake ♪
Is in the past ♪
[guests cheering loudly and whistling]
[guests chanting] MJ! MJ!
- Where are you going?
- Not your concern.
[chanting continues] MJ! MJ!
[in English] Shots!
["Pikete" by Rosa Pistola
Feat. La Tiguerita playing]
[piano keys playing chaotically]
[slow music playing on speakers]
Pizza's here.
What's up with you and Luka?
Well, nothing. Why do you ask?
When we were about to play,
you looked ready to kill each other.
I guess I was glaring at him.
I probably made a face.
[Sebas] How are you?
- Are you okay?
- Um
[in English] I'm good. I'm amazing.
- [Sebas, in Spanish] You sure?
- [MJ, in English] I'm cold.
Look at this.
Jana has it all.
She doesn't have it all.
[beer can opens, lid clatters]
- [squeals] Thanks.
- [both giggle]
My dad taught me.
He taught me how to play the drums too.
Like his idol,
Stephen Perkins from Jane's Addiction.
He was that good.
Wherever he is,
I'm sure he's proud of you.
My dad, on the other hand,
I don't think he ever taught me anything.
Well, he taught me not to be like him.
Nobody's going to treat me like shit.
[Andi] Just Sebas.
[chuckles] Sorry.
Andi, what I do,
or don't do, is my business.
If it bothers you so much,
why are you here?
It won't end any time soon.
That's what pisses me off.
That someone like you
accepts that treatment.
Someone like me?
What am I like?
Aren't you going to answer?
[Andi] Let's go. [laughs]
[in English] But how do I know?
How do I know it's gonna look good?
- You know?
- [Sebas] Mm-hmm.
[in Spanish] MJ! You were great.
- [MJ] Thank you so much.
- Cheers.
[in English] Thank you.
- [in Spanish] I loved it.
- [in English] Good.
[in Spanish] They're right, it was cool.
The band sucked, but you were great.
Ah I noticed you were watching me.
Is the whole bottle for you?
Because I'm thirsty.
Why don't we go somewhere more private?
[Sebas] Okay.
What do you have in mind?
[MJ] Mmm
[Esteban] They're going.
[intriguing music playing]
[Jana] Come on, come on.
Dixon! Dixon!
They went to the hot tub.
Are you coming?
Uh, yeah, I'll catch up.
Ow, ow, ow, ow!
[Andi laughing] Sorry.
Did I hurt you?
It's all right. It's fine.
You're beautiful.
Are you okay?
It's just It's my first time.
[chuckles] No way, Emilia.
I don't care if you've screwed
a million girls.
It's fine. It's not my first time either.
It's my first time with a girl.
That's all right.
We don't have to do anything.
We can get more beer,
talk to some friends, dance a bit.
["Soy Lo Que Soy" by Monogem playing]
- [Andi] Or not.
- [both chuckle]
[groaning] Again? What is it?
Why are you so obsessed? What do you want?
Listen, asshole.
You have a photo of this woman
on your computer.
Her name's Rocío, she's my mom.
Why were you on my computer?
I have reason to believe that your father
knows where she is.
Do you want to sit here?
[Sebas] Mm.
I have a better idea.
[intense music playing]
- You're crazy.
- [Esteban] Listen, dude.
Why the fuck is her photo
on your computer?
I don't have a swimsuit, though.
So what?
Right, your Christian thing.
What do you know?
What did your dad do, you bastard?
Okay, wait, wait, wait.
This isn't a soap opera.
My dad didn't do anything,
and you have nothing on me.
Do you hear me? Nothing.
[Luka sighs]
You're weird.
- You're boring.
- [MJ] The dress
[in English] What?
[in Spanish] That's you, you're boring.
I'm not boring, okay?
[uneasy music playing]
There they are.
[in English] All right.
[in Spanish] Hi.
- "Hi."
- [chuckling] I don't talk like that.
- That's how you said it.
- No.
- Here.
- Okay.
[in English] Cheers.
[party music playing faintly]
[in Spanish] Truth or dare?
[in English] What?
- [in Spanish] The game. Truth or dare.
- I know what it is, but
If you don't want to play,
we don't have to.
Are you a virgin?
[MJ, through computer]
Why do you want to know that? [laughs]
[Sebas] You can't answer a question
with a question.
- First you have to ask "truth or dare."
- Okay, okay.
Truth or dare?
- Uh
- [MJ giggling]
[Sebas] Truth.
[MJ] What would you do
if Esteban Torres were here?
[Sebas] What kind of question is that?
[MJ] I mean, he stole your girlfriend.
[Sebas] I'll give you some advice.
Ignore people like that.
They don't matter.
Truth or dare?
Uh, kiss me or take another shot.
[intriguing music playing]
[MJ] Mm.
- [Sebas laughing]
- [MJ coughing]
- Dixon, what's wrong?
- Jana, I don't like this.
And you think I do?
- But we're in this.
- [MJ] Truth or dare?
[Sebas] Truth.
[MJ] Okay, Mr. Langarica
[in English] Oh, shit.
[in Spanish] Tell me, Sebastián Langarica.
Are you part of a secret society?
- [laughing] What's with these questions?
- A society
Is it you?
You want me to tell you
I'm part of The Lodge.
The Lodge?
What is that? Are you a member?
Wow. Is that a yes?
Are you? Is that what you do at night?
- Well
- The Lodge!
[MJ] Did you start the fire?
So, yes?
Do I have to take a test
to get in?
I know what you're doing.
[in English] What?
[in Spanish] What do you mean?
["Guerrilla Blow Out"
by Mad Circuit playing]
Dixon, slow down!
[Sebas] Jana
What do you want? What?
Why did you send your friend
to try and trick me?
I know it was all you.
The fire, the attack on Esteban.
The mask was in your room, fucking psycho.
["Guerrilla Blow Out" continues]
[Sebas] You're a psycho.
You used your friend,
like she's expendable.
Let go of me.
[song ends abruptly, silence]
It was me, Jana.
- [dramatic music playing]
- There.
It was me.
I did it.
All of it.
And you couldn't record it.
No one will believe you, Jana.
Accept it.
[Dixon] MJ, MJ!
[MJ gags]
- Are you okay?
- There.
It's over.
It's okay.
[MJ gagging]
[Marcelo] What now, Luka?
What did you do to Rocío?
What did you do to Rocío?
My music teacher.
The one you fired without notice.
That Rocío.
[dramatic music continues]
- [unsettling music playing]
- [Sebas sniffles]
I put Jana in her place.
Let's go to your house.
["I'm Bad" by Gullie Lamont playing]
Flexing ♪
J's laced, dookie chain
Can't go high ♪
Can't go high ♪
You can call me L
Bad ♪
- Bad ♪
- Yeah, you can call me L ♪
Bad, bad ♪
- I'm flexing from the hood of my car ♪
- Flexing ♪
J's laced, dookie chain
Can't go high ♪
Can't go high ♪
- You can call me L, bad ♪
- 'Cause I'm bad ♪
Yeah, you can call me L
Bad ♪
Bad ♪
- I'm flexing from the hood of my car ♪
- Flexing ♪
- LL Cool J, I'm bad ♪
- I'm bad ♪
- You can call me L, this ain't swag ♪
- Hey swag ♪
I'm drip, drip, drippin'
Out the juice box ♪
Has your shorty straight
Twerkin' in them tube socks ♪
Yeah, lit off my mood rocks ♪
I'm comin' up, comin' up
I got two spots ♪
Two spots ♪
- I don't shoot ♪
Each my they got two ♪
Hey ♪
Hope you understand
I had to lift the level up ♪
Lift the level up ♪
- Tellin' everybody to ram the level up ♪
- Go a level up ♪
See, I bought the chain
And I picked the bezel up ♪
Bezel up, bezel up ♪
You dig me now like a pick shovel up ♪
- I'm flexing from the hood of my car ♪
- Flexing ♪
J's laced, dookie chain
Can't go high ♪
Can't go high ♪
You can call me L
I'm bad ♪
- Bad ♪
- Yeah, you can call me L, I'm bad ♪
Bad ♪
- I'm flexing from the hood of my car ♪
- Flexing ♪
J's laced, dookie chain
Can't go high ♪
Can't go high ♪
- You can call me L, I'm bad ♪
- I'm bad ♪
Yeah, you can call me L
I'm bad ♪
- Bad ♪
- Ain't nobody surfing on my wave ♪
Splash ♪
It's like I changed the page
And had to do it with the face ♪
- Yeah ♪
- Broke down the race ♪
Yo, it's time to compensate ♪
For the cash, I'm waking up early ♪
- Hey, no time to wait, just watch ♪
- Turn back ♪
Ahead of my time
And I know what I'm doing now ♪
Get Glock ♪
Faster they come in
The quicker they movin' out ♪
I'm hot ♪
Man makin' money 'cause I'm the man ♪
Tell you what
Do it, I stick to the plan ♪
Standin' in my Cool J, stand ♪
- I'm flexing from the hood of my car ♪
- Flexing ♪
J's laced, dookie chain
Can't go high ♪
Can't go high ♪
You can call me L
Bad ♪
- Bad ♪
- Yeah, you can call me L ♪
Bad, bad ♪
Subtitle translation by Zach Beacher
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