Rebelde (2022) s01e06 Episode Script


[Luka] I did everything you asked me to.
And this is the thanks I get?
You know Jana could've ruined Sebastián.
[distorted voice]
You don't understand, Luka.
Well, explain it to me.
The Nonames think they've made
a safe platform for themselves,
but they're dangerously close to the edge.
- [Luka sighs]
- Now, they just need a little push.
That James Bond villain voice
sure gets to me.
The Nonames have to go down publicly.
In front of everyone.
[distorted] We're counting on you, Luka.
Send it now.
[phone chimes]
I bet he won't do it.
That asshole doesn't have the balls.
Give me a break, Sebastián,
and for once, listen to me.
- Please, I always do.
- Really?
Like when I said don't go to the party
and you told me to go fuck myself?
And then you just blow our cover
because you're drunk.
Do you wanna know what's worse
than being a sheep?
What's worse than being a sheep?
When you're a sheep
that thinks it's a wolf.
[birds chirping]
[knocking on door]
[Dixon] Hey, man, getting late.
We should go.
[Jana] What a fucking bastard.
I hate him so much.
Dude, if I didn't have the worst hangover
in the universe,
I'd beat the shit out of him.
The most important thing
is Sebastián confessed to it.
So why don't we just go to Celina
and tell her everything.
Except it's his word against ours.
The guy is untouchable.
He's gonna blame someone else.
So, you're saying it was all for nothing.
Seb doesn't want us competing
in the finals, so we only have one option.
And? Does that option involve
kicking his ass?
[Jana] Nope.
We win fair and square.
[Luka] That's a great plan.
Did you make it up yourselves
or see it in a movie?
Where were you, Luka?
[Luka chuckles] It's the weekend.
I was sleeping in.
This is such a bummer,
a school assembly on a Saturday.
No, Luka. I'm talking about last night.
One minute you were there,
and then you disappeared.
[Luka chuckles]
I'm sorry, Jana, what did you think?
That you guys are the only ones
I hang out with?
[scoffs] I got a life, you know?
Are you alive, Selena?
I have no idea how I got here.
And I might have lost my credit cards.
And your self-respect.
So, what's this fool-proof plan of yours?
[Dixon] That's easy, man.
All we've gotta do is smash the semifinals
and then do it again for the finals.
It's the only way.
[Jana] Esteban.
- Are you all right?
- [Esteban] Yeah.
It's just
This hangover's killing me.
- Come here, Granddad.
- [Esteban grunts]
- [Jana] MJ.
- See you in there, okay?
[Jana] Yeah.
I wanted to say I'm sorry for putting you
in that situation with Sebastián.
It's fine.
I agreed to be part of the plan.
It's okay.
True, but I probably would've
tried to convince you
even if you had said no.
Look, it's not like we all just do
what you tell us to do.
Yeah, I know you don't.
Look, I'm just really sorry,
and I'm glad nothing bad happened.
[Anita] Hungover, ladies?
Come on, we wouldn't want
The Nonames to miss anything.
You too. Let's go, everyone.
Good morning, everyone.
I hope you're getting excited.
[students remain silent]
Are you ready for the semi-finals?
I said, are you ready for the semi-finals?
- [half-hearted cheers]
- Sure.
[Celina] Okay.
We're getting close. And at this stage,
only two bands will advance to the finals.
You will have to shoot a music video,
but there's a catch.
The parameters are a little more specific.
You'll be shooting a music video
for an RBD classic.
- [MJ gasps]
- Fuck's sake.
- Oh my God.
- No.
Are you kidding? I know so many.
This can't be happening. They don't know
what this will do to my street cred.
Dude, your reputation died
the second you walked into this school.
The clock starts ticking
when you receive the text message
containing the rest of the rules
and the title of the song
you'll be covering. Are you ready?
[phones chiming]
[students murmuring indistinctly]
It's a great one, right?
- Please tell me it's not
- "Sálvame"!
Which one is that?
- What do you mean, Dixon? It's an anthem.
- Or a meme.
Memes are the only good thing
about that stupid song.
You don't have a heart.
Sure I do.
It's just that mine has good taste.
[opening theme music playing]
[intriguing music playing]
- [Esteban] Where's my mother, asshole?
- Why do you keep asking? I don't know.
Stop with all this bullshit
and tell me where my mother is.
Don't you get bored
asking the same questions?
Listen, I wanted to give you the chance
to tell me everything on your own,
but that's obviously not working.
So I'm gonna go to Celina
and tell her you brought me
to the music room
- so they could kick the shit out of me.
- Such a pain.
Your mother was my music teacher.
- You know where she is?
- No, you shit.
You'll find out where she is soon enough.
[Esteban sighs]
What the fuck does that mean?
[Luka] It means I don't know.
[Esteban] Stop dicking me around.
Mind if I interrupt this romantic moment?
Time's running out,
and we have a video to shoot.
Three of us are a band
that's coming from the right.
The rest of us are coming from the left.
We start coming closer. Come on, come on.
And then we fight it out.
We could use lighting.
I'm sure we could do
some cool stuff with the lights.
We can do a choreography.
And then after the fight,
something else happens.
Something like something like a huge
everyone's dancing in swimsuits,
to make things more egalitarian.
Obviously, we're gonna need sombreros,
I think.
Is there snow in Mexico?
Swimsuit idea? That's just a no, MJ
What? Black and white?
Have you seen The Warriors?
These are great ideas, but
It's fine, we can figure it out
What about something more emotional,
that sends a better message?
Then the climax, and pow!
And what are we being saved from?
Well, I think we can officially call this
our worst brainstorming session ever.
- What a waste of time, energy
- So, then, do you have a better idea?
Of course I've got ideas.
- But do what you want, guys.
- Well, shut your mouth, huh?
I was thinking that our videos
should be something more honest.
That way, we can show them
who we really are
without masks or filters,
and without fear.
I think we need to be true to ourselves.
That's our best shot at winning.
Out of all of us, the only person
who's ever shot a music video is Jana.
- So you can count me in.
- [MJ] He's right.
I'm with you.
Jana's right. You can count me in too.
Okay, I'll do whatever our director says.
[Dixon] Perfect. I guess it's time
to get to work then, guys.
[Esteban] Do you know what you might wear?
We're all set. When you're ready.
- Okay.
- [MJ] Hey, Jana.
I was, well, I wanted to ask you something
since you are supervising things
and you are the director.
I was thinking I could sing
the lead part on "Sálvame"?
- 'Cause, well, it's one of my favorites.
- I was thinking we both could.
[Luka] Ladies, please stop arguing.
We're wasting time.
Now Jana, put these on and let's go.
[MJ] Okay, I'm ready.
Missing you [laughs nervously]
It's okay.
Missing you is my need ♪
[Luka] Jana, Jana, Jana, Jana, hang on.
Where's the emotion?
You're not giving me anything.
Selena, can you please show her
how it's done?
Go ahead.
Missing you is my need ♪
Okay, great. That's good.
- Sure you got it?
- [Jana] Take three. Yeah.
Missing you is my need ♪
I live in despair ♪
Since you left for good ♪
I survive on pure anxiety ♪
With a knot in my throat ♪
I can't stop thinking of you ♪
Little by little, the heart ♪
Loses its faith ♪
Loses its voice ♪
A one-way ticket ♪
And a suitcase ♪
[Laura and Alejandro] Full of dreams ♪
A farewell to my parents ♪
- A lot of fear ♪
- [both] And will to live ♪
[man and woman] So, it is what it is ♪
There's nothing to do about it ♪
It is what it is ♪
That's how it happens ♪
This love ♪
[Emilia and Sebastián]
Just tell me it's not true ♪
Just stay quiet ♪
For five minutes ♪
Caress me for a moment ♪
Come closer to me ♪
I'll give you one last kiss ♪
The deepest of all ♪
I'll keep my feelings inside ♪
And go far away from you ♪
Save me from oblivion ♪
[Luka] Save me from the darkness ♪
Save me from boredom ♪
[Luka] Never let me fall ♪
[song continues playing]
[song ends]
[Esteban] Wow, this is already
sounding great.
Okay, let's take a break,
Still have a lot to figure out.
[sighs] Finally.
- I need to take a shower.
- Thanks.
- [Andi] Yeah, dude.
- [Jana] Can you help me with the set?
I'd love to,
but I still have to finish the mix.
- Can I meet you there a bit later?
- Yeah, sure.
All right, what have you got?
Hang on.
I want to tell you something first.
Don't get angry.
I'm really liking your paranoid persona.
The mysterious thing you were doing
wasn't really working.
Always gloomy, screw that.
Anyway, let's get back to business.
My father worked with your mother
before she was my teacher.
- I need to go talk to him.
- Wait.
I can get you more information
about your mother,
but I need a favor from you.
[phone chimes]
I just sent you something.
- What the fuck am I looking at, Luka?
- [dramatic music plays]
[Andi] MJ, have you seen
your Instagram feed? Holy shit.
- What?
- [crowd cheering on phone]
- You have, like, a shitload of fans.
- Oh my gosh.
Well, I thought everyone
did a really good job. The whole band did.
You were incredible, though.
[crowd chanting] MJ, MJ!
Listen. Everyone loves you.
- [chuckles] And you even have haters.
- What?
How can I have haters?
[Andi] That means
you're doing something right.
Who is this? Oh, water and fire emoji?
Oh, no, it's nothing.
But, know what?
I told Jana I'd help her with something.
See you in a bit.
[intriguing music playing]
So you like the song now?
Well, it's not the worst.
I'm getting used to it.
So, I'm gonna go help Jana.
I'll catch you later.
[clicks teeth]
- Odd. Hm.
- [phone chimes]
[high heels clacking]
[suspenseful music playing]
[knocking rhythmic pattern on door]
[knocking continues]
[MJ] What are you doing?
[Dixon] Nothing.
- Wow, you look beautiful.
- Okay.
- Oh, my gosh.
- [Dixon chuckles]
[MJ] Stop.
No, I'm being serious.
- [MJ chuckles]
- How are you so beautiful, huh?
How am I supposed to answer that question?
["Ayayai" by Daniela Andrade
playing on stereo]
Sebastián, are you trying
to get us caught, or what?
What if they catch us?
[scoffs, speaks mockingly]
"What if they catch us?"
Just chill. Everyone's asleep
or doing their videos.
We could have sex in the hallway
right now, and no one would notice.
Easy for you to say. Nobody can touch you.
No one's dumb enough to mess with the son
of future president of Mexico.
You can touch me if you want.
Oh, Sebastián, I'm being serious here.
I'm also being serious. You're with me,
you're part of The Lodge.
You're safe. [chuckles]
I just make phone calls all day.
No one takes me seriously.
And that includes you.
I don't have a voice
or a vote.
["Ayayai" by Daniela Andrade
continues on stereo]
I don't make the rules.
Come on, just relax. You're with me.
It's gonna be fine.
- I can't believe Sebastián and I almost
- Nothing happened.
What's important
is that absolutely nothing happened.
The truth is
that I wanted to take your place.
You wanted to get in the hot tub
with Sebastián?
- No, obviously not.
- [MJ chuckles]
I meant that I wanted to get him drunk
instead of putting you in danger.
- [MJ] Mm.
- Listen.
If anything ever happened to you,
- I wouldn't even I would lose it.
- Shh.
[Andy laughing in distance]
- What?
- Someone's there.
- [Andi] Are you serious? [laughs]
- [Emilia] Come on.
What? Do you have to get back already?
No, but Seb isn't answering my texts,
and we really need to finish
the stupid music video.
I better call him.
No, come on.
Just leave him.
- You could come and join my band.
- Hmm.
- Sure, we've got
- Yeah.
- a Colombian
- [Emilia] Mm.
an American,
and a superstar, a guy from Puebla.
- [both chuckle]
- We're just missing a Brazilian.
- It'll be like those old jokes.
- So you've been trying to destroy my band?
- No, no, no, I want mine to be better.
- [Emilia chuckles]
- Really.
- Mm-hmm.
- [Emilia giggles]
- [romantic music playing]
I knew it.
They sure know how
to use their time well, don't they?
[MJ chuckles] I guess.
[phone chimes]
[romantic music fades]
It's Jana.
Everyone's already on set.
They're waiting for us. We gotta go.
[playful music plays]
[Jana] Hey, how's it going?
Wow, I feel really excited
about everything.
I'm pretty sure we're going to win this.
It's gonna drive Seb nuts.
Something's wrong.
And please don't say it's the hangover.
We both know that's not true.
Is it 'cause we're official?
Because if you're uncomfortable with it
or something, just say so.
I'll be all right.
That's not it.
You're honestly the only good thing
in my life right now.
Are you sure you're okay?
[Luka] Okay, Little Miss Director.
The camera's ready.
[Jana squeals] Let's do this!
["Sálvame" playing]
Missing you is my need ♪
I live in despair ♪
Since you left for good ♪
I survive on pure anxiety ♪
With a knot in my throat ♪
I can't stop thinking of you ♪
[Jana] Little by little, the heart ♪
Loses faith ♪
Loses its voice ♪
[all] Save me from oblivion ♪
Save me from loneliness ♪
[all] Save me from boredom ♪
I am shaped to your will ♪
[all] Save me from oblivion ♪
Save me from darkness ♪
[all] Save me from boredom ♪
Never let me fall ♪
I tell myself to move on ♪
But love is a word ♪
I find hard to forget ♪
I survive on pure anxiety ♪
With a knot in my throat ♪
I can't stop thinking of you ♪
[MJ] Little by little, the heart ♪
Loses faith ♪
[all] Loses its voice ♪
Save me from oblivion ♪
[Jana] Save me from loneliness ♪
[all] Save me from boredom ♪
I am shaped to your will ♪
[all] Save me from oblivion ♪
Save me from darkness ♪
[all] Save me from boredom ♪
Never let me fall ♪
Save me from oblivion ♪
[Luka] Save me from darkness ♪
[all] Save me from boredom ♪
[Jana] I am shaped to your will ♪
[all] Save me from oblivion ♪
[Luka] Save me from darkness ♪
[all] Save me from boredom ♪
[Jana] Never let me fall ♪
[all] Save me from oblivion ♪
[recording stops]
- So that was
- Ooh.
- Wow.
- Holy shit, you guys.
[all exclaiming proudly]
Mind if I have a seat here? Thanks.
What do you think we should do?
Is it ready?
Should we upload it?
I've already started to do it.
You guys can go get some rest.
I'll handle it.
- [Jana] You sure?
- Yeah.
[Jana] Let's go.
[MJ] Thanks.
[Dixon] Brother. Good job.
[intriguing music playing]
Bye, guys.
We're gonna win this thing.
[Andi] That was really good, right?
[girls continue talking indistinctly]
- [Esteban] This will affect you too, Luka.
- And?
Go on, let's get this over with.
[Esteban] You can't do this, Luka.
I'm not doing this. You're doing it.
Dude, I know that you care
about the band. Okay?
Why can't you tell the people
making you do these things to go to hell?
I'll help you.
Look, one of the only things
I ever learned from my dad
is to never let emotions
interfere with what I want.
So, if you want anymore information
about your mom, do it.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Esteban] Tell me everything.
[phone vibrates]
[Marcelo sighs]
What is it, Luka?
What happened to Rocío?
What happened to Rocío, my music teacher?
I wanna know.
Luka, I don't have time
for your stupid, childish questions, okay?
You better answer me,
or I'm never gonna stop calling you.
Is she dead?
For God's sakes. What is this?
- So, tell me what happened to her.
- How should I know?
Well, you're the all-powerful
Marcelo Colucci.
You must know something about Rocío
- [whispering] García.
- García.
Your teacher was Rocío Esquivel.
But seriously, what is this obsession
with her all about?
I'm thinking about taking
some piano lessons.
This is absurd, Luka.
Yeah. Well, thanks for giving me
all this information, Dad.
- You're always so helpful.
- Luka!
Don't ever mention it again, okay?
[Luka sighs]
Holy shit, she's here.
She's been here this entire time.
[Chava] Hi, son. How are you?
What's going on?
Everything good?
I found her.
Who did you find?
I found Mom.
Where are you?
["Solo Quédate en Silencio" playing]
I find you still awake ♪
You say you're sorry ♪
While you shed a tear ♪
You hug me, I freeze up ♪
You ask me for a kiss ♪
And I lose my breath ♪
[both] Just wait a minute ♪
Just tell me it's not true ♪
Just stay silent ♪
For five minutes ♪
Caress me for a moment ♪
Come closer to me ♪
I'll give you one last kiss ♪
The deepest of all ♪
I feel like barfing,
and I'm not even hungover.
What the hell?
Holy shit, this is fucked up.
Where's Esteban?
I don't know.
I thought he'd be here.
Far away from you ♪
[students applauding, cheering]
[Celina] And that was XY.
Thank you, Emilia and Sebastián,
for your performance.
It was very, very intimate.
And now we have one last video
to watch before we pick the two bands
headed to the finals.
Directed by Jana Cohen,
here are The Nonames
with their version
of the classic "Sálvame."
Let's give them a round of applause.
[students cheering, applauding]
["Sálvame" playing on video]
[MJ] What the?
What's happening?
Fuck if I know. [chuckles softly]
Where's our video?
I don't believe it.
[Jana singing on video]
I live in despair ♪
[students whooping, laughing]
[wolf whistle]
[Celina] Please stop it.
Stop the video.
Dude, they just keep screwing us over.
All right, somebody please explain
what the hell is going on.
Come on.
[Jana] Celina.
Celina, please listen to me.
I swear that wasn't our video.
I don't know what's happening.
- Celina!
- Nice video, perv.
- Shut the hell up, asshole.
- Hey, that's enough.
- Hey, calm down.
- That wasn't our video.
We worked super hard on it.
We would never do anything like this.
It was you, wasn't it?
- Admit that you did it, asshole!
- I didn't do anything.
- Admit it, just admit it!
- You're crazy.
Where's Esteban?
It was you the whole time.
- You've been lying this whole time.
- Shh.
[Celina] Enough!
All members of The Nonames
are to wait in my office now, all right?
Do you understand?
[intense music playing]
This isn't what we talked about.
Have you lost your mind?
Well, now you know I'm a wolf.
[ominous music playing]
All right. Where's he going?
I was hoping
you could answer that question.
This video footage was taken
one hour after Esteban uploaded
the porn video from his account.
We had nothing to do with that video.
We didn't upload it.
Oh, so you're saying it was uploaded
by a ghost, with a little secret camera,
who also coincidentally
happened to have access
to the account
belonging to Esteban Torres,
who's officially part of your band?
[Celina] I'd like to give you
the benefit of the doubt.
But I've made more than enough exceptions
for you guys.
Don't you think?
I'm very sorry,
but I have to put my foot down.
I won't be making any more exceptions.
You're all disqualified.
["Corazón Partido" by Kablito playing]
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