Rebelde (2022) s02e01 Episode Script

Back to School

["Bump It" by NVEDES & REMMI playing]
Yeah, you know how to do it ♪
Cut through it ♪
Cut through it ♪
Cut through it
You know how to do it ♪
Bump it, bump it
Baby, bump it ♪
Baby, bump it, bump it ♪
If you're done with trap ♪
Make your butt cheeks clap ♪
Hit a boom boom slap ♪
Baby, bump it, bump it ♪
Bump it, baby ♪
Bump it, bump it, baby ♪
Bump it
You know how to do it, yo ♪
Banana bread ♪
Everything feels the same
This routine has me ready to explode ♪
Every morning when I wake up ♪
I just think I can't stop trying ♪
Don't try to escape ♪
You know I don't bite
So just let go ♪
Stay this way forever ♪
Bump it, bump it
Baby, bump it, bump it ♪
Baby, bump it, bump it ♪
Baby, bump it, bump it ♪
You know how to do it ♪
- How are you, man?
- I'm good.
Hey, hey, did you hear that
we're getting a new principal this year?
- That's a rumor, man. It isn't true.
- Well, that's what I heard.
- No.
- Apparently, Celina got fired.
- We have a new principal.
- You see?
Guys, that's impossible. Who told you?
- Hey. How is everyone?
- Apparently is true. Hey.
What's the deal with
the Internet connection at this school?
It's crazy slow.
- Is it the same in Venezuela?
- [chuckles]
Uh, you know, I really thought
we managed to get rid of you.
Come on, man, you know exactly
where I'm from. Stop acting dumb.
It's just a joke. Just a little joke.
So tell me, how are you guys?
Still a happy little couple?
[student] Hi. Think I can take
a picture with you guys?
- [Jana] Yeah. For sure.
- [Esteban] Of course.
[students chuckles]
[tense music plays]
[student] What the hell?
They didn't even win.
[Sebas] Let them enjoy this.
When they see our video,
they'll shit themselves.
[tense music continues]
What's up? Do you want to rejoin Rebelde?
That'll never happen.
[Lourdes] Good morning, Mr. Oscar.
You can remove your sunglasses.
Unless you think it's too bright in here.
Put them in the trash.
["Como Si Na'" by Melii playing]
[Andi] Dude, check 'em out.
Last year he got famous online
with a song about molly and puppies.
- Molly and Bobby?
- No, molly and puppies.
[chuckles] It's hilarious.
So what's he doing here?
Well, apparently he's a troublemaker,
he was sent here for a bit of a do-over.
[Oscar] Is this yours?
["Como Si Na'" continues playing]
[clears throat]
Banking issues?
Do you need me to lend you cash?
No. I don't need your money.
I know you stole it anyway.
So sensitive.
Now I know what a pussy you are.
Hello and welcome everyone
to a new semester here at EWS.
[scattered applause]
I'm sure some of you will be happy
to know we're going to be having
- a Back to School party this Friday.
- [student] Yeah!
- [all cheering]
- [boys] Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!
Yeah! That's sick.
- Whoo!
- [whistles]
[Celina] I'm also sure that
many of you heard rumors.
And yes, some are true.
There are going to be some
major changes for our MEP students.
Our Musical Excellence Program
will now have a new director.
I'd like you to give a warm welcome
to Gus Bauman.
[students cheering]
Gus who?
- The Bauman.
- [chuckles]
[cheering continues]
[Dixon] It's Gus!
Gus fucking Bauman, man!
At one point,
everybody wanted to work with him.
- "Wanted to"? Can't they work?
- No, the guy stopped producing.
- There must be for a reason.
- Of course.
- Now he organizes the Trend-Z Awards.
- [Gus] Thank you very much.
Good to meet you.
It's going to be an honor
to work with your talents.
I strongly believe
that hard work is what
truly makes all the difference.
My one and only goal,
is to take the MEP into the present.
And in order to do that, we have
to get out of our comfort zone.
I'm not gonna lie.
After this semester,
many of you will have been
eliminated from the program.
I can promise you that those who remain,
will have taken a huge leap
in their professional careers.
If I've learned anything
from this unrelenting business is this:
That success does not favor the weak.
You choose your strength.
Thank you very much.
[cheering and applauding]
[student] Amazing!
[theme music playing]
The man's produced for Caín Leal,
and Sneaky Teens, and ALV.
He practically invented Electro-Trap
Dixon, could you please stop talking
about your idol for like two seconds
Jana, Gus Bauman is gonna be
the best that has ever happened to EWS.
Aren't you guys totally stoked?
[Jana] I know you're excited about Gus,
and the Back to School party
is a drag, but if you
If by "drag" you mean that party
is going to suck eggs,
then I totally agree with you.
This is going to be our first show
after the holidays, you guys.
- And it would be great if
- [Ilse] Esteban Torres?
Celina wants to see you.
Will you please follow me?
And you are?
I'm Ilse, I'm the new office intern.
She's basically the new Anita.
[Dixon] Oh, you know each other?
I can't rehearse today.
I'll see you later.
So I guess I'll see you later too.
[pensive music playing]
Anybody else wants to go?
Please, we have to take this seriously.
Sure. Obviously.
The band's a priority.
Relax. Everyone loves us.
Getting fans is actually
much easier than keeping them.
Please, don't do this to me.
I can't stay at school
without the scholarship.
I did what I could.
It was just impossible to prevent it.
The administration decided
that due to the incidents
you were involved in last semester,
your scholarship should be
revoked as a penalty.
Marcelo Colucci is the one
who doesn't want me here.
[Celina] The board made the decision
and I have to abide by it.
Esteban, they wanted to expel you.
Well, it's as
if they already did, actually.
[Andi] No, she just talks and talks.
MJ talks in her sleep. [chuckles]
I don't know when she's going to wake up.
- [Emilia] I won't be loud, don't worry.
- [Andi] No. Sh. Stop.
- Don't.
- [giggles]
- We really can't do that right now.
- Okay.
Is that your guitar?
[Andi] Yeah. Do you like it?
Yeah, it's pretty sweet but,
are you getting tired of playing drums?
Because you know you're not
the greatest at guitar, right?
- [Emilia chuckles]
- No, it belongs to my pop.
He showed me some stuff over the holidays
and it brought us closer together.
Speaking of getting closer
Let's say we skip class
and you come here
and get another blankets?
- No. No, no, no.
- Yes. Yes, yes.
I really gotta keep my grades up.
Yes, I know.
Because my stepdad has already
warned me once, so I can't
- So, is it still a no?
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah, it's still a no.
[Emilia] Mm.
Well, I guess we can be
a bit late to class.
- Yeah, that works. [giggles]
- Yeah. [giggles]
["Grind" by Stallz playing]
Wake up, grind, sleep, repeat ♪
Wake up, grind, sleep, repeat ♪
Wake up, grind ♪
Grind, sleep, repeat ♪
Wake up, grind, sleep, repeat ♪
Wake up, grind, sleep, repeat ♪
Wake up, grind, sleep, repeat ♪
Okay, Tere, double-check your schedule
and if everything looks good, sign here.
So when are you gonna
stop pretending you're not an intern?
As soon as I can talk to my imbecile
father and get him to stop punishing me.
But why are you ashamed?
You know, I'm an intern.
I don't really mind.
I think it's pretty cool.
Maybe you don't know this, I'm a Colucci.
It's preposterous that I'm here.
Well, it looks like
you really do need money.
- Are you here to rob a bank?
- [chuckles]
I'm here 'cause I lost my schedule.
I was hoping you could print another one.
Hey. Go get me a coffee, will ya?
[Luka chuckles]
Yeah, sure. In a second.
[printer whirring]
Two sugars.
Coming right up, I said.
All done.
- Thanks a lot.
- Welcome.
Good luck.
[Sebas] Not my style,
but going for something more
elaborate, or even maybe
[sighs] You didn't get expelled.
Nothing a new sound studio
funded by Marcelo Colucci can't fix.
You should check it out.
They could even fix your singing there.
- Wow.
- No, this is
- This is
- Impressive, isn't it?
- Really big.
- Wow. [exhales]
You know, I had no idea
that this place even existed.
- [chuckles]
- I know.
[Emilia] Oh, he's such a brat.
[Sebas] I'm so excited about this class.
- You are?
- Yeah.
How is everyone?
[student] Good. Thanks, Mr. Bauman.
[Gus] Ready to get started?
[student] Go!
[Gus] Let's see Hang on, I'm sorry.
These lights are an assault.
Hmm. Not that one. This one?
- Better, right?
- [student] Yeah.
[Gus] Is that better? Yes or no?
I'm thrilled to be here
with such exceptional students.
In the MEP at EWS.
The very best music program
in all of Latin America.
Your legendary Battle of the Bands always
showcases incredibly talented students
who demonstrate the most
advanced musical prowess
out of everyone in the program.
And those legends, all those great bands
that once performed at the school,
they're done.
Past tense.
Who wants Timbiriche's comeback?
Anyone? No, thanks.
And who'd like the RBD to come back?
Who wants One Direction to reunite
now that we have Harry Styles?
Do you have a problem
with what I'm saying?
Yeah. I mean, no.
[Gus] Do you or not have a problem
with what I'm saying?
[Esteban] All I'm trying to say is,
there are some really amazing artists
that are in bands, you know?
Of course.
But here's a question for you.
Do you think that Michael Jackson
would've been Michael Jackson
if he hadn't left the Jackson 5?
Obviously not,
but that's just one example.
There are a lot of other examples,
like The Beatles, Queen, Pink Floyd
- You're the one they call "modern"?
- [students chuckle]
[all chuckling]
I've decided, that this semester
we won't have a Battle of the Bands.
[tense music playing]
[Gus] We're gonna do something better.
At the end of this program,
I'm going to select one of you
to produce an EP with you and then
I'm going to launch you into superstardom
with my new label:
GB Records.
The showcase
and the commercial launch
is going to take place on stage,
at the Trend-Z Awards at end of the year.
Choose wisely.
Do you want to be more
like Destiny's Child?
Or would you rather be Beyoncé?
For example.
Gus fucking Bauman.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
[Luka] Oh yeah?
What's the matter?
Are you sad 'cause you're not
the darling of the class, Jon Snow?
- Jon Snow?
- [Luka] The bastard from Game of
You're making me explain?
Jon Snow, the one that knows nothing?
Never mind.
Anyway, Jana, I've decided
that I can't stay with the band
if I want Gus to choose me. That's all.
So I have no choice
but to announce sadly, that I'm retiring.
You're leaving because
of what Gus told us?
This is the moment where
Harry Styles leaves One Direction.
[sighs] But, dude, this is crazy,
you can't just quit the group.
- We're Rebelde.
- [Luka] Ugh.
Stop repeating that phrase
'cause every time you say it,
something inside me just dies.
Ciao. I'm not into sad goodbyes.
[Jana] With or without Luka,
we're still a band.
And besides, this party
is the perfect opportunity
to show Gus that he can change his mind.
So let's play like there's no tomorrow.
Jana, I'm sorry, but you gotta work
on those motivational speeches, because
You can count me in.
Me too.
And you?
[Jana] Together?
[Dixon] Together.
How long is this torture gonna last?
When do these sanctions end?
Unblock my cards and my accounts.
You have savings, don't you?
It isn't like you're going to be starving.
- [inhales] I need to buy some instruments.
- [sighs]
Well, I'm sure someone with your talent
will be able to find some kind
of quick solution, don't you agree?
Will you at least
stop this internship thing?
It sucks.
Listen, Luka.
If you think working is humiliating,
that's your problem, and not mine.
That was the only condition
I had for you to stay at this school.
So you want to know
when this torture is going to end?
When you decide to become a Colucci.
[ominous music playing]
- Why can't you ask your dad for money?
- Because my dad is poor.
Marcelo Colucci, brother?
That man has all the money in the world.
He could give it to you or me or anyone
he wants. And he owes you, doesn't he?
- At least he could pay for your school.
- But I don't want to talk to him.
- Okay? Besides, Chava is my father.
- Man
You're like a brother.
For real.
I'm not gonna let you leave here.
I'm serious.
- Will you really leave me here with Luka?
- [chuckles]
You know what, Dixon?
We'll see what we can come up with.
Okay? I don't want to go back to Puebla.
Flow coming out my pores ♪
You got me on my toes ♪
Flow coming smooth ♪
If I'm firm with you, girl
I don't know why ♪
Yeah, I'll sing to you smooth ♪
Real chill,
Flow coming out my pores in a groove ♪
You're just ♪
If I'm firm with you, girl
I don't know why ♪
However you want
I won't lose my patience ♪
From last to first
I push it to the max ♪
However you want
I won't lose my patience ♪
From last to first ♪
[MJ] Is that a new song?
Is it new?
Yeah, well,
it's really just more like
some rough ideas.
Did you like it?
It's cool.
You know, you can tell me
if you didn't like it, it's more like
I was really just fooling around.
How about you?
[MJ giggles]
I bet you're really stoked
about the premiere of your new video.
More like, I'm really nervous.
Also terrified.
- Well, I heard it was awesome.
- Mm.
- You're gonna perform, right?
- Yeah.
I hope that you don't mind,
I know how dramatic
things have been with the band,
but I'm trying to stay open because
anything can happen at this point.
Well, if anyone can bring the party,
it's Rebelde for sure.
It's really great that
you decided to stay with them.
You should come play with us.
We'd absolutely kill it if you came back.
It'd be great.
Do you think Jana would like that?
That's what a band is.
There are no leaders.
I'm serious.
Well, okay, yes, it's true.
Jana is kind of the leader,
but look, let me talk to Jana.
I know I can talk her into it because
it's going to be good for the show.
Just imagine it.
Rebelde featuring MJ!
What do you say?
And they canceled your scholarship?
What? The new girl told me.
Luka, everyone already knows.
Revoking your scholarship was my idea.
You don't have to pretend
it didn't happen.
[sighs] It's not important.
What's the matter, man?
Are you mad that
you actually have to work?
Is that how you think I sound like?
I'll make the jokes around here.
Why don't you go talk to Marcelo
while he's here?
He's here? Did you see him?
Yeah, he's at a board meeting.
If you want to go see him
[makes kissing sounds]
give him a kiss, say "Hello, Papa!"
["Bye Then" by Alex Condliffe,
Noah Booth and Isla Wolfe playing]
[Gus] It's all very exciting]
Mr. Bauman, I just know
you're going to love our performance.
I'm sure you'll decide to choose us
for the Trend-Z Awards.
That's not happening.
No, I've got other plans.
Actually, I was going
to cancel your performance, but
it was too late.
Tell your buddies
that you'll go on after the video.
[tense music playing]
[Lourdes] Mr. Bedolla
It's homeopathic.
Homeopathic medicine from an oak barrel?
Maybe you should see a real doctor.
There you go.
Would you mind putting
a little sugar in this? Thanks.
Have you solved your money problem?
How is my life your concern?
You should relax, man.
You don't really think
you're that important, do you?
[scoffs] Why are you even here?
You're a celebrity.
Look around you.
- Or not?
- Yeah.
I don't really know what I'm doing here.
They sent me here
to straighten myself up, but
- it's pretty difficult, right?
- [Luka] Mm.
No "S."
That's a fucked up name.
Wow. Says the guy
named after a sushi roll.
- Get out of my face.
- [chuckles]
The lighting's not very good here, right?
I mean
as long as we look good in video,
that should be enough.
You're gonna love it.
[bittersweet music playing]
You guys, tonight we're going
to blow their minds.
Gus Bauman might think bands are dead,
but we're gonna prove
he's wrong about that.
You guys, before we go out,
I have a little surprise.
What if tonight we give them
a special kind of performance?
Tonight, for one night only,
we have Rebelde, featuring MJ.
- I'm sorry, what?
- [Dixon] Hmm?
- That isn't happening.
- What do you mean? The band
The band? MJ left this band ages ago.
As far as I'm concerned,
that traitor can go straight to hell.
[MJ] Traitor?
[Jana] You're here.
Good. What a coincidence.
I was just saying that
when you decided to leave the band
when we needed you the most
to side with that piece of shit Sebas,
uh, that's what I meant
when I said that you were a traitor.
But, you should be thanking me, Jana.
Now you can say you're the best singer
in Rebelde, now that I've left.
So, all I can say is, break a leg.
Or, what's the other expression?
Don't step in shit, hon.
Well, I hope you step in shit, sweetheart.
When they heard it they went wild.
They were on their feet. It was so cool.
I spoke to the producer and he said
that if it does very well as a single,
we'll do it unplugged with just guitars
- and vocals. I can put you on the list.
- [crowd cheering]
[pop ballad playing]
Empty texts, spring water ♪
Hypocrisy, postal codes ♪
Feelings ♪
I regret ♪
Anti-social technology ♪
Empty words, mediocrity ♪
Feelings ♪
I can't find ♪
Looking for ways to love you ♪
All these pretexts hang above you ♪
Does this editing
look a bit uneven to you?
I don't think it's uneven.
I mean, you don't star in it.
But MJ totally rules. [chuckles]
- You're so cool.
- Thanks.
I'm not impressed. There were
way better shots than that, in my opinion.
Anyway, you look good.
Thank you.
I don't think it's the final cut.
There were better shots. They'll fix it.
I feel different here ♪
I feel different here ♪
I'm indifferent to you ♪
Where's Esteban?
[music continues in the background]
I don't know but we're up next.
[music fades out]
Need something?
Well, can you tell me
if the board meeting's over yet?
Uh, no. Don't think so.
Celina hasn't left yet.
- Are you going to the party?
- Yes, I am.
I'm just waiting for somebody
that I need to talk to.
Mm. Okay.
[Esteban] Marcelo!
I'm sorry. Sorry.
They revoked my scholarship,
and you're on the board.
I need you to help me get it reinstated
And why would I want to do that for you?
'Cause I'm not planning on leaving
this school. Not anytime soon.
And if I'm asking you this,
it's because it's the bare minimum
you can do
after pretending
I don't exist all my life.
I'm a fighter.
I'll figure my way out of this.
I know how to earn a living
and I work hard at it.
I'll take care of my tuition
as soon as I can manage it.
[audience cheering and applauding]
Great video, right?
[applauding and cheering continues]
[student] This thing sucks. Let's go.
[Jana] Testing Hey. Hello
[mic feedback]
[mic feedback]
- Welcome, every
- [mic feedback]
[Jana] Dixon, the mic
Hey, I'll take care of it.
[Dixon] Don't worry.
[tense music playing]
[Jana] Hey guys.
Can you hear me better now?
[audience] Yeah!
[audience clapping and cheering]
[Jana] Good evening!
[suspenseful music playing]
[Dixon] Uh, Mr. Esteban Torres.
I repeat, Esteban Torres,
your presence is requested on stage.
- Mr. Torres to the stage. To the stage
- Dixon.
[pop music playing]
[audience cheering]
7:10, here again ♪
This routine's driving me crazy ♪
No more emotions ♪
Keep going until the end ♪
Don't look back ♪
- No excuses ♪
- [mic feedback]
[feedback blaring]
[audience booing]
You're not joining them up there?
It's all good. We still got this.
Let me take care of it.
[suspenseful music playing]
[student] Get off the stage!
[mic feedback distortion continues]
What the fuck?
[feedback distortion continues]
[muffled chattering and laughter]
[tense music playing]
[muffled chattering continues]
[distorted laughter]
[muffled yawning]
[tense music continues]
[phone dings]
Think we know who's gonna get
bullied the rest of the year.
Probably you.
You're the star of the video, man.
[cell phone chiming]
[Oscar] See you.
What you've got?
[Sebas] I didn't get anything.
[MJ] Okane's having after party, let's go.
- [Esteban] Sorry guys, I
- [Jana] I don't want to hear another word.
What's wrong with you? Where were you?
Well, I say we go to the after party
and drown our sorrows there.
- After party?
- Yeah, at Okane's place.
Fuck yeah, I'm in. I need a drink. Or ten.
But you guys are gonna change, right?
- Yes, you are. Oh my God. Come on.
- [chuckles]
[Emilia] Let's go. Hurry, Andi.
- Sorry, man.
- Dude, what happened?
You let us die up there.
I know. I was trying to take care
of the scholarship thing.
What are you saying?
You got your scholarship back?
I managed to get myself paid up.
Welcome to Marcelo's world.
So, after party?
I feel electricity ♪
Running through my body
I can't control ♪
Live inside me
Burning me alive ♪
Voices in the dark ♪
Always in my head
I'm breaking the chains ♪
Little by little
I stop breathing ♪
Because I'm born again ♪
I found another way ♪
I walk in the fire ♪
I came back
Without control ♪
I am the silence
Broken by my voice ♪
Between destinies ♪
A desert of pain ♪
I don't need anything else ♪
I stop here ♪
I live in the dark ♪
I've found myself here ♪
I don't need anything else ♪
Besides you here ♪
I live in the dark ♪
And I found you here ♪
I don't need anything else ♪
I don't need anything else ♪
[crowd cheering]
[crowd] Okane! Okane!
[club music playing]
[cheering continues]
I'm letting it loose ♪
[both chuckling]
I can't believe
I screwed up the concert so bad.
Oh well, the "concert"
might not be the best word for it
It was a total disaster.
But it doesn't really matter, Andi.
You remember what Gus said
about Rebelde? It's over.
Yes, yes, that all bands
are pretty much dead now.
But who the hell
wants to hear me play drum solos?
- You?
- You know I want that.
We better make a toast right now.
- Good idea, let's do it. Mm-hmm.
- Yes.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
[Luka shushes]
Coming to rub it in?
There's not much sense
in kicking a horse that's already dead.
What's going on with you?
I figured our failure would bring you
so much more pleasure.
Irony of ironies.
I've become an intern
and Esteban has become a Colucci.
What are you talking about?
Fame ♪
One more.
They say I'm infamous ♪
That I fall in love at night ♪
And forget by morning ♪
It's not my fault, I just ♪
[dramatic music overpowering singing]
[no audible singing]
I just have to say that was
an awful performance there, dude.
Oh, well
Thank you.
Every musician needs a friend like you.
Hey, that happens in every band.
Everybody has at least one bad show.
There's no band anymore.
What am I gonna rap about?
About how a rich kid from Bogotá
never had any real problems in his life?
From Colombia
I came here on a private plane ♪
Because I'm a little prince
So enjoy my reign ♪
- [Alejandro] I need to work on it.
- [chuckles]
Work on it.
Relax. Cheers.
Cheers, man.
What was lost ♪
If anyone's guilty
It's not me ♪
Your friend's pretty good, huh?
You're not gonna get up there?
Why would I do that?
I don't know.
If someone got up and dedicated
that song to me, I'd be pissed.
You're taking it well.
That's good. That's really classy.
It's really mature of you.
Jana, it's not like that, okay?
Don't listen to this asshole.
[Oscar] Oh, okay.
Now I get what happened.
You kicked MJ out of the band
because you were jealous, right?
Nice one.
I want him for myself ♪
When I found him
I couldn't ♪
Jana! Jana!
Look, no way ♪
I'm not letting him go ♪
[crowd cheering]
- [student] Keep singing! Don't stop!
- What's your problem?
I can be a blessing
I can be a curse ♪
It all depends how you treat me ♪
Hell resides on my lips ♪
Tell me if you want a taste ♪
If you want to play with fire
I can show you ♪
I'm badder ♪
[crowd cheering]
I'm badder ♪
I'm badder ♪
I'm badder ♪
Listen, babe ♪
All my moves ♪
Got you restless ♪
Seducing you is easy ♪
No, no, no ♪
It's no secret ♪
I shut her up ♪
Since you're flirting ♪
Get me a drink
I'm thirsty ♪
No one controls me ♪
My parents broke the mold
When they made me ♪
Dangerous like a gun ♪
Single but never alone ♪
I'm badder ♪
- Hey, blondie!
- I'm badder, I'm badder ♪
I'm badder ♪
I'm badder ♪
I'm badder ♪
I'm badder ♪
I'm badder ♪
I'm badder ♪
I'm badder ♪
I'm badder ♪
I'm badder ♪
I'm badder ♪
[crowd cheering]
Let me hear you give it up!
[crowd cheering]
[crowd chanting] MJ! MJ! MJ!
[crowd continues chanting MJ's name]
Let's keep this party going!
Watch it, you two.
- Good evening. Hello.
- [student 1] Good evening.
- Hi there. How are you?
- Hello.
- [student 2] Everything great.
- Everything good?
- Everything's good.
- [Celina] Right.
Lourdes. Lourdes.
Hey, guys. What's going on?
Where did everybody go?
by Uzielito Mix & Ugo Angelito playing]
Jana, please stop. It's not worth it.
You totally abandoned me at the show.
What the hell?
I lost my scholarship, okay? I had to
What the fuck do you want?
Go on. Go ahead.
No? [chuckles]
Good luck, country boy.
Man, I really hate that guy.
His music is not bad.
Why didn't you tell me
about the scholarship?
I don't know.
I just wanted to avoid more drama.
There's already been a bunch of dramas,
so come on, let's hear it. Talk to me.
You see?
This is exactly your problem, Esteban.
You stay quiet until everything explodes
and then you blame it on me.
But that won't work anymore.
What the hell do you want me to say, Jana?
That your opinion is the only one
that's right? 'Cause I won't.
Well, at least I'm trying.
I'd rather try and fail
than do nothing at all.
- Yeah.
- You're good at that.
Wow, okay.
So that's what you really think, huh?
I do try, Jana.
The big difference between us, is that
you do thing to please everyone. I don't.
Well, see.
I prefer to live that way, it's better
than sticking my head in the sand.
Which is why you'll always be the guy
who missed his chance, hmm?
["Perrako" continues playing]
Hey, man, I really loved you in the video.
I think I might've seen an arm,
or a leg.
Maybe not.
No, that's true. I didn't see it.
- Why don't you just shut up, intern?
- [chuckles]
So I'm an intern.
I don't see what the problem is.
["Mi Bombón" by Cornetto playing]
[crowd cheering]
Stop the music!
Stop it!
[music stops]
- Sh!
- [student 1] Get off the stage, intern!
- [laughs]
- [student 2] Down, you piece of shit.
[Luka sighs]
Nothing like silence, huh?
I have an announcement.
The intern is going to make
a very quick announcement.
I won't take too much of your time.
[student 3] Damn!
But my pop,
Marcelo Colucci,
an asshole [exhales]
he likes to leave children all over.
- Over there, over there, everywhere.
- [student 3] Sheesh!
what I didn't know is that
he left one right here.
[Luka sighs]
Seriously, he left a kid here.
There he is.
From Puebla.
Who is now a Colucci.
So I guess, long live the Coluccis then!
[crowd cheering]
[student 5] Esteban!
Hey, come up on the stage, Colucci!
[crowd cheering]
This is definitely news
worth celebrating, everyone!
For the Coluccis, am I right?
[all chanting] Colucci! Colucci! Colucci!
by CRYSTAL & Rhiannon Roze playing]
What are these drinks you've got?
That's enough!
[crowd continues cheering]
["Bassline" continues playing]
[indistinct shout]
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