Rebelde (2022) s02e02 Episode Script

Ser o Parecer

Some of us need to use the bathroom too!
Oh, my God, please stop. It's so early.
This is unbelievable.
Are you aware that
we all share this bathroom?
I didn't think you like to share.
Or does that only apply
to the band I created?
Oh, that you created?
Don't you mean abandoned?
It's Monday, for God's sake.
Shut up!
Jana, I don't have time
for your bad vibes, okay?
Is that because you're too busy
stabbing people in the back?
Enjoy that throne, drama queen.
Seriously, do you both hate me or what?
What I hate is being roommates
with freaking Mary Magdalene.
Oh, man, I still can't believe
they poured champagne all over Celina.
That was too much.
Yeah, dude.
What's gonna happen now?
Nothing. The entire school was there.
They won't be able to expel all of us.
Expel all of them!
- Please, calm down, Lourdes. Let's
- Calm down?
Now that I have proof.
I finally found it! Look.
You see? Look!
Look, right there. There!
Look, look, look. See? Look!
What do you mean "and"?
They intentionally drugged me, Celina.
And I bet they used horse anesthetic,
which they probably
scraped off the back of some toad!
- Young people do this
- Lourdes.
It was a hand.
That doesn't prove anything.
It proves that that someone,
with their bare hand,
stole my thermos so they could drug me.
And because of that,
you think I should expel them all?
I might be exaggerating a little bit.
But somebody here is to blame.
Which means that that person
is also responsible
for the incident
with the champagne, right?
You see?
I need your help
with one little thing.
Wow, nice shades.
- Pretty sweet.
- What is it?
Who are you?
I presume you've all
asked yourselves that question.
"Who am I?"
And I'm not talking
about the obvious things.
I'm talking about your essential nature.
I want you to tell me
about what truly defines you.
Let's start with you.
I'm a proud Colombian.
- Hmm.
- So my rapping honors that.
Ah. Mr. Álvarez, that's, um,
a bit reductive, two-dimensional?
I expect more from you.
- Rich kid with a poverty complex.
- What did you say?
No, no. This is good. I want this.
We have to go way beyond the superficial.
Real artists
know themselves, they know their truths,
they face their fears head-on.
They don't apologize for being themselves.
Who's next?
Well, there's the handsome country boy.
Or the goth queen
who doesn't want to be noticed.
Or little Miss Two-Face Nun.
Dang. Nailed it.
Having a good laugh, princess?
- Why don't we calm down?
- No need to play lawyer.
- Just trying to help.
- Thanks but no, thanks, Mommy Issues.
And Daddy issues. Being a Colucci sucks,
but being a Colucci bastard must be worse.
Somebody say something?
Was it that guy who wanted to show off
and got left on the editing room floor?
All I'm hearing right now
are bad excuses to make up
for your insecurity.
But the thing is, I simply
don't have patience for that.
I'm looking for real artists.
Artists that can express themselves
from a place of real intimacy and truth.
I don't see anyone like that here at all.
So what I want is for you to show me
why you deserve to be
in this excellent music program.
Because I think there are too many of you.
You want to be artists?
That means you're gonna
have to get rid of your trauma.
Clean out your drawers, look at
old objects from your childhood.
Unrequited love letters,
old correspondence.
Explore and use your demons.
You see this watch?
It's pretty cool, huh?
It belonged to my stepfather
and he treasured it.
And now he's just a ghost.
Meet me on the patio tomorrow night.
Bring your demons and ghosts.
We're gonna exorcise them
once and for all.
Did we come to school to learn music
or to get some
cheap psychological analysis?
Days ago, you were fascinated with him,
and now that he's criticized you, you're
Look, it's not important.
Honestly, I don't want to get kicked out.
Relax, bro, that's never gonna happen.
You know he's just trying to scare us.
What is up with this school, man?
Brother, it's obvious.
Thanks to Luka's big mouth,
everyone knows that you're single,
a "Colushi," and you're fantastic.
Colucci, brother.
- Hello.
- Hey.
This is from the principal's office.
Your tuition's been paid in full.
Oh, thank you.
You don't look very excited about it.
No, I am.
Uh obviously. Thanks a lot.
Bye, cutie.
I'm sorry, I didn't see you. Are you okay?
Oh, shit, you're bleeding.
- So, are you crying or what?
- No, it's just my allergies.
Sure, I bet it's about Mr. Mommy Issues.
I hoped you were
less predictable than your music.
You forgot to insult me in class, right?
Well, you don't know me.
You wanna bet?
I know you're more than you think,
Jana Cohen Gandía.
Where would you like me to begin?
All of your music uses exactly
the same structure, like,
verse, chorus,
pop rock, four quarters.
But fine. That works for you, right?
You do pretty damn great and suddenly,
you decided you wanted
to leave all that behind.
And, for what?
To come to a school
pretending to be normal?
I appreciate that you're a fan,
but you should take your obsession down.
It's a little creepy.
So tell me, Okane,
if I'm that predictable,
what will I do now?
You'll wash your hands, hopefully.
Hello, everyone.
Many of you have been asking me
why I'm not featured more in the video
posted to social media the other day.
Some of you have asked if it's because
of my enigmatic personality. So yes.
there are other things no one's discussing
that we're gonna shed some light on.
First of all,
Celina, the principal of this school,
has repeatedly shown favor
to a group of delinquent students
who spend most of their time
ruining this school's reputation.
They didn't win Battle of the Bands,
but still got on stage.
We deserved that award,
so what's up with that? So, anyway
- What is that?
- I call out Celina an opportunist.
She obviously chose a version of the video
in which I barely appear,
for her lack of vision.
Jesus Christ.
This shows a total lack of respect
for the real artists of this school.
It comes from a place of resentment,
and I will not tolerate it.
Secondly, the group of producers
who are in charge of the music industry
simply feel threatened by the younger
generation of talented artists,
who aren't going to just say yes
to their dumb ideas.
And so that's why a brilliant artist
like myself gets pushed to the background.
Are you crazy? You're attacking Celina,
the school, and the music industry.
And speaking of envy,
look who came to defend her video.
I'm not here to defend anything.
Think about stopping your temper tantrum.
I'm not having a tantrum.
You're a fucking traitor.
- Do you know why you're not on the video?
- Give me that.
Your performance was pathetic.
You can't even dance.
You didn't even learn the choreography,
you complained, and your voice was flat.
It's not just a production thing.
Everyone hates working with you.
They tolerate you
'cause you're a Langarica,
But the truth is, you're on your own.
Get out of here.
Get the hell out!
The man of the hour.
What the hell's so hilarious?
All hail the Lord of the Losers.
What's so goddamn funny?
You, Sebas. And you really deserve it.
Hi there. Are you busy?
I just wanted to see
how your damage control was going.
Have a seat.
Things are okay.
But we'll have to expel the new student.
Okane? Because of the party?
Wasn't that party Okane threw
outside school hours
and wasn't it off the premises?
Celina, I think
that's sort of a weak argument.
Uh, my argument, Mr. Bauman,
is that they drugged Prefect Lourdes
so they could leave school property.
That includes students who didn't get
permission from their parents to leave.
How awful.
And can you prove it?
Lourdes is convinced that it was him.
And I'm with her.
If that's how you want to handle things,
you can count on me.
Good to know.
wasn't Jana Cohen expelled last semester
because of an incorrect assumption?
Yes, that's true. But it was
a completely different situation.
And she blamed herself for it.
Sure, that's clear.
But I just I'm wondering
how the board is gonna feel
if they have to put another vote
to expel a student
based on nothing but conjecture.
Listen, Mr. Bauman,
I don't have a problem
imposing discipline at this school,
so thank you.
Celina, don't misunderstand.
I support you totally.
We can put and end to this
without having to bother the board.
That's all I'm suggesting.
Why don't you give me a couple of days?
I'll figure something out.
I'm gonna meet with the board in two days.
So I think that's all the time you've got.
It's so hot in here.
Are you okay?
I really like you.
And why do you say that
like it's something bad?
It's just that
I graduate this semester.
Well, we can still see each other
outside of school, right?
That won't be a problem, no?
No, Andi, it isn't just that, it's
My visa is expiring when I graduate.
And if I don't get a job before that,
then I'm gonna have to go back to Brazil.
Come on, Emilia, you're a total badass.
So many opportunities will come your way
as soon as you start looking. I'm serious.
Everyone here
is way more talented than I am.
Well, what if you talk to Gus?
That guy must have lots
of contacts in the industry, right?
He could probably get you
in some castings or auditions.
Sure. Of course.
there's no harm in trying. Come on.
What about your song?
I know. You should sing it for him.
Okay. Pretend I'm Gus.
I'll show you something new.
I looked for you
Over land and sea ♪
I tried to find you
But I got lost ♪
But I got lost ♪
Mm. It's sweet.
- That terrible?
- No, no. It's just that
I thought it would sound a little bit,
well, a little bit more like you.
Mm. More like me?
Wow. And What does that mean?
I don't know, Andi.
I was expecting it to be a bit,
I don't know, different.
This was just sad,
it was like Bambi or something.
I mean, I know
it still needs a bit of work, but
I really had no idea it was so bad.
No, Andi. Why are you being like this?
I said that it was sweet.
I don't give a fuck
if you think it was sweet.
I sang it to cheer you up.
Not to try to make you feel sorry for me.
No. Hey, Andi, come on.
Okay. I'm gonna go to my room
because I don't want your friends
to come in and hears us arguing.
Perfect. I sleep better
without you snoring.
I didn't know you buy used clothes
from Emmanuel and Mijares.
Would you please stop talking?
You're offending me.
I'm giving people
an exclusive chance to buy my stuff.
What do you mean?
Armani, Gucci, Fendi.
Just trying to help those who
don't happen to be born with good taste.
Ten thousand pesos, are you serious?
Yeah, 10,000 pesos.
I told you, Gucci, Armani, Fendi.
Okay. How much have you sold already?
A few interested.
Listen, Luka.
Here's some advice
from the top business student, okay?
If you want to sell your stuff,
first, your website needs
some sprucing up.
You need to have
colors that pop and, well,
a brand concept.
That way you can generate some traffic.
I can help you out.
Sounds fine.
And what do you want from me?
I just want a bit of your blood.
Is it all right
if I rehearse, too?
Of course. Close the door.
You wouldn't want to get
overrun by your fans.
I swear to you,
I have no idea what's going on.
I mean, you are already pretty cute,
and now you're single.
That's true.
And besides, I heard that you're talented
and that you have a great ear.
I'm sorry?
Just kidding.
Wanna tell me what you were playing
so we can practice together?
Why don't you tell me what we're playing?
I don't get Gus.
What's the point
of getting rid of this stuff?
There's a reason I brought them with me.
Everything here has sentimental value.
This isn't a big deal.
Why is it so difficult?
Just pick anything.
Just let something go.
I'm sorry.
All the stupid things
that Seb said really got to me.
Aw, come on.
It's okay.
But since we're here, what about this?
No, not that.
It was my granddad's.
It's the only thing I have of his.
It's all I've got left.
Dixon, this is absurd.
You get that, don't you?
Why can't you just let it go?
Because I have to stay true to myself
and my emotional core.
And to what I am.
And you think I'm not?
Fuck you.
I'm sorry about our fight.
I really admire you.
I hope you know I mean it.
I want to stay here with you,
so I'm heading to the offices
to speak with Gus right now.
Wish me luck.
Mr. Bauman?
Sorry to disturb you.
Um, so
So, there's this song
I'd like to sing for you.
Well, you should do it in class.
You know what the procedure is.
Yes, I know, but this is really amazing
and I've got a feeling you'll enjoy it.
Look, Miss Alo,
I don't play favorites with my students.
Just keep working on your song
and you might end up
making it to the Trend-Z.
Except I'm not gonna
make it to the Trend-Z
unless I get a permit
to be able to stay in Mexico.
Thank you.
Well, I was expecting
something a little more personal.
Certainly not a cover.
If that's all, you can go.
Please, I have another one.
"As soon as I discovered singing,
music became the most
important thing in my life."
"Ever since then, the only thing
I may like more is eating pizza."
Really, Jana? Pizza?
Well, that was an interview for Seventeen.
Should I have discussed
international affairs?
That's still no excuse for being so basic.
Pretty sure if I keep reading, you'll say
something about meditation or yoga.
Too slow.
"Just recently I discovered
the healing power of doing yoga."
"My favorite practice
is an hour in the morning."
Wow, your personality
is just an Instagram template, isn't it?
Oh, please, spare me.
You pretend to be all rude,
but we both now that deep down,
you're a scared little child.
- So don't come at me with this shit.
- So you always have to be the last
Too slow.
- Andi.
- How are you?
Did he like your song?
Oh, hey, thanks for your message.
For real.
- Thanks.
- Don't mention it.
- No, seriously.
- Miss Alo.
Don't forget this.
You're gonna want to frame it
when you become famous.
- Here, take it.
- Andi!
Andi, please listen to me.
You know what, dude? You listen.
Did you steal my song just so
you could impress Gus Bauman?
Yes or no?
No, I didn't steal it.
I was just borrowing it.
And yes, I did it to impress Gus.
And it worked, Andi.
Oh, fucking congrats.
It was only because
it's a really beautiful song.
And I didn't tell you because I envied it.
I love you.
I know it was terrible of me
not to tell you about it.
but this song of yours is probably
our only chance to stay together.
To be honest, this site makes me
want to buy my own clothes.
What you need is money,
not more clothing.
Well, I guess I gotta say it.
You're pretty good.
Too slow.
I bet you look pretty funny
wearing that shit.
Well, I designed that shit, so
- Well, that's special.
- Very special.
Why do you want to sell it?
I'm pretty sure it's not gonna give you
much more closet space.
Mr. Okane, come here.
For what it's worth,
I find you infinitely
more interesting now.
Don't forget. You owe me one, huh?
Celina knows about what you did.
What I did?
She's the one who ruined my champagne
moment with her cheap-ass clothes.
No, I'm not talking about the party.
I'm talking about drugging the prefect.
That huge woman?
Not a chance.
But I know who did.
So, if that woman wants to expel me,
just tell me when I'm allowed to go.
I know how much you want to get expelled,
but that's not gonna happen.
You're one of the best musicians
at this school.
I've no intention
of letting you leave here.
Students like you make others students
leave their comfort zones.
Which forces them to grow.
And I think that we can be allies.
Allies, huh?
What do I get?
Well, about 80% of my artists
have a Grammy.
So, genius, who was it?
It was embarrassing
Brilliant artist ♪
A brilliant artist like myself ♪
You know why you're not on the video? ♪
A brilliant artist like myself ♪
Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant
A brilliant artist like myself ♪
Stop it now.
Brilliant, brilliant
A brilliant artist like myself ♪
Make me.
A brilliant artist like myself ♪
- Come with me right now.
- Why?
Oh, so you're gonna pretend
to be surprised.
Everybody knows what you did
to my thermos the other night.
You got ratted out.
That's the problem with having enemies.
With their backs against the wall,
they always tell the truth. Come.
Go on.
Hey, face.
Hey, hair.
Ha ha ha.
Hey, will I see you later
at Bauman's thing?
Do you want to hang out afterwards?
I'd like that.
What are you doing here?
Well, Luka asked me to take care of you.
What for?
- No idea.
- Wait, wait.
I know you just had a breakup.
I'm not gonna take you away forever.
I just want to borrow you for a bit.
Are you really still in love with Jana?
No. No, no, it's not Jana.
So what then?
You've been single
for five minutes, Esteban.
The very worst thing
you could do right now
would be to sell all your shares
to one single investor.
I'm glad you all
brought your demons.
Because tonight they're going to burn.
Any volunteers?
I am not what you read
about me in magazines.
I'm also not your assumptions about me.
Truth is, I don't really know myself.
But I'm fine with that.
Truth is, I don't know myself either.
What I do know
is who I don't want to be.
I don't want to let the past
keep me down anymore.
This is
the first thing that I won
when I was playing in Brazil.
Two reais.
I'm leaving it behind because I just
can't picture myself going back right now.
I can't imagine my life
happening anywhere else.
Or with anyone else.
Together we'll take those two reais
and make them into millions.
All right, I guess
I'll keep this activity going.
I'm going to empty out my wallet.
And get rid of the cheapest things
I have, which are
these two credit cards.
Is it mandatory
to give a speech during it?
I've been really disappointed
with certain people at this school lately.
But I realized that I don't need anyone.
I'm done.
ROOM 206.
What's the point of this?
- What?
- Yeah, what is the point?
Isn't the past what makes us
into the people we become?
If I burn it then I deny who I am.
I don't care about all the things
that will change throughout my life.
I feel really proud of how far I've come
and I'm proud of who I am today.
I don't want to burn anything.
Congratulations, Mr. Álvarez.
I hope you're proud of yourself.
You've insulted
and disrespected all of your peers.
I can see that many of you
are putting in effort.
You have the potential, desire,
like your classmate here.
But I also see the other side, the shadow.
Fear, arrogance, reticence.
There are many of you like that.
At least, you should have
a modicum of respect
Please, sir, I do respect you.
And I respect my classmates
more than anything,
- but this seems more like witchcraft
- Right, that's enough.
I'm suspending you for a week.
- What?
- You want me to expel you?
- Sir, I'm not sure that
- What exactly do you have to say?
Thank you.
Listen very carefully,
because I don't want to repeat myself.
I will not tolerate you wasting my time.
When you leave this school,
you'll be in the real world.
Once you're there, it's cutthroat.
You have to watch your back.
- I'd like to be your ally, but
- Emilia plagiarized my song.
Speak up.
My demon is that
I've always lacked confidence in myself.
Worrying and thinking that
nothing I do is ever good enough.
But that's over now.
Emilia plagiarized my song.
And she accepted
your compliment in front of me.
Is this all true?
That is a serious accusation.
Not just scholastically,
but professionally.
Well, let me just say,
congratulations on your song.
And you are now expelled.
- No, Gus
- I told you not to waste my time.
There's no room for plagiarists here.
Emilia. Emilia, I'm sorry.
It's just I couldn't, I
- Did you really have to do it like this?
- Please.
I thought you were on my side, Andi.
What do I do now?
Miss Agosti.
I came here looking for genuine talent.
I will find it.
Even if only one of you is left standing.
Who's next?
I'll go.
Miss Vega.
What are you doing here?
What are you doing here?
The watch that Gus burnt
is still down there.
It's probably burnt, but,
- you could sell it on your website.
- Did you just come up here to bother me?
Hope you didn't think
I was going to miss out on a chance
to purchase an original Colucci.
Rich boy's got virgin lungs.
Rich but disinherited.
I know that living in a bubble must feel
kinda well, it must feel safe, but
not everyone is born set for life.
With fancy, custom-made bows.
The real life isn't always
totally fucked up either.
And this bubble is pretty sweet, isn't it?
Are you going to tell me
why you burned that rosary?
What makes you think I'm gonna tell you?
Come on.
This definitely looks a lot better on you
than it does on me.
Want to kiss me?
Not even if you paid me.
Kiss my neck ♪
Lemme drown ♪
Bop it up!
Oh no, no, no, no, no ♪
Bop it up!
Oh no, no, no, no, no ♪
Bop it up!
Oh no, no, no, no, no ♪
Bop it up!
Oh no, no, no, no, no ♪
When my body aches ♪
When it's time to go ♪
When I gotta be a picture
On a picture show ♪
Bop it up!
Oh no, no, no, no, no ♪
Bop it up!
Oh no, no, no, no, no ♪
Bop it up!
Oh no, no, no, no, no ♪
Bop it up!
Oh no, no, no, no, no ♪
You son of a bitch!
- This is how you like it, asshole?
- Stop, man!
How do you feel now, piece of shit?
I've got some good news and bad news.
The good news is
you won't see me at school anymore.
And the bad news
is that I'm not leaving here
without some revenge.
You fucker!
Oh, fuck.
Are you okay?
All right.
You can leave me alone.
I got what I deserved, right?
Really? I was so angry before.
Why do you have to be so stubborn?
Dude, you've got no idea
what my life is like.
You think I don't understand?
My friends aren't my friends anymore,
they all say I'm a traitor.
I'm just as lonely as you.
Do it.
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