Rebelde (2022) s02e03 Episode Script

Let's duet!

[atmospheric music playing]
[deep sighing]
You know that watching
someone sleep is super creepy, right?
[Esteban] Sorry,
I was lost in my thoughts.
I'm joking, Esteban.
I've been liking that we've been
together constantly for nearly a week
Dude, you're real cute
but I'm not looking for a boyfriend.
I mean, let's have
some fun together, okay? But
let's not get too serious.
[banging on door]
[girl] Ilse!
- Dude, I thought we had a deal!
- Fuck.
It's my bad.
Sorry, I was just grabbing my stuff.
So now I know why you haven't
answered my texts, hmm?
Yeah, about that.
Sorry I haven't gotten back to you.
I have been kinda busy studying.
Studying for the business classes
you take with Ilse or what?
- No, but since last week
- Hey, Esteban.
I grew up as the only girl
in a family with four older brothers.
I've heard every lie in the book.
If you can't come up
with an excuse that's more original,
then my advice, better say nothing.
[atmospheric music playing]
Let it go, dude.
Look, you did the right thing.
Emilia got what she deserved.
Hmm. I know, but I didn't think
they'd expel her from school for real.
Have you talked to her?
Not since the other day. Nothing.
She even deleted her Instagram.
- [loud pop]
- [gasps]
[both laughing]
Oh my God!
Dude, it's way weird
you and Seb are a thing. Seriously.
Actually, I don't know
if we're a couple or not.
Oh, no?
You'd better figure it out 'cause
rumor is they're calling you Lady Swagger.
You serious?
MJ, you know the kind of guy he is,
don't you? And what he did.
I know, I know.
He was a dick with Jana and with Emilia.
And almost let you drown in a hot tub.
He's changed, okay?
He's a different guy now.
Be careful.
[tense music playing]
[school bell rings]
[Esteban] Whoo!
- Hey, welcome back, dude.
- Thanks, my man.
I'm gonna give myself a chance
and see how far it goes.
I'm glad to hear that.
It's great.
- Yeah, can't wait to see it, dude.
- Hey.
- Hi there. What's up?
- Hey.
- [Gus] Have a seat and quiet down, folks.
- You okay?
- Fine?
- Yeah.
[Gus] As of today,
things are changing up around here.
So we may arrive at selecting the person
who'll be featured in the Trend-Z,
I'll grade your performance in my class
and post it on the school app,
which will show you how you rank
against your classmates.
Everyone starts with a fresh slate.
There are no scores yet.
I thought that was the fair thing to do.
Hurry up and sit down, Ms. Cohen.
I should mention that being late
and missing classes,
will definitely affect your ranking.
[Oscar] I'm loving that natural look.
[Gus] Hey, psst.
Pay attention, this matters.
As part of your evaluation,
you will be given a series of challenges.
For your first one,
you are to perform a song.
A duet.
This first assignment
is due at the end of the week.
Let's do it.
[Gus] No, sorry to dash your hopes,
but I'll assign your partners.
The idea is to keep you
out of your comfort zones.
Shake you up a bit.
Esteban Torres and Laura Vega.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Gus] Andrea Agosti
and Sebastián Langarica.
Oh, fuck me.
Miss Agosti, we already know
you're a great composer,
so surprise us.
Okane and Luka Colucci.
Jana Cohen and María José Sevilla.
- No, that's a bad idea
- Sir, we don't get a say in this?
- It'll be a disaster.
- [Gus] No complaints.
You wanna be professionals, then start
behaving like professionals right now,
or leave my class.
What is the point of this exercise?
[Gus] Mr. Álvarez,
we missed your unsolicited
cynical interjections.
Am I to understand
you won't do the assignment?
No, of course I'll do it, sir.
It's just that you said going solo
is the only way to make it work now.
The point is to find out
how solid you are as artists.
Who are you?
Your identity should shine through,
no matter who you work with.
Oh, but as luck has it
I don't have a partner for you,
so you can sing solo,
and satisfy the rebel in you.
Remember, this assignment is mandatory
and failure to comply will be punishable.
Note that we already have
two empty chairs in the room.
Do not force me
to make it three empty chairs.
[somber music playing]
[theme music playing]
Laura, it's awesome that
we're paired together, right?
I want to talk about this morning.
You don't have to explain a thing.
You don't owe me anything,
If you want to sleep with other people,
it's not a problem.
We're good, but don't ghost me
and don't lie to my face.
Okay, you're right. I'm sorry.
Want to meet later to rehearse?
- Yeah.
- Cool.
- MJ.
- Hey.
What did you think of my gift?
I mean, you didn't post
about it or anything.
I saw it
- Okay.
- I was pretty surprised. [chuckles]
- You didn't like it.
- It was crazy.
No, I mean, I liked it. It was just
- You didn't like it.
- I liked it a lot.
It was just I'm just gonna say it.
We're moving too fast for me.
Shouldn't we take things more slowly?
[sighs] Sure, if you want.
I'm not trying to be mean, it's just
I talked to Andi, and
Right. I saw you
talking to her this morning.
That's why you ignored me.
What did she say? You know she's nuts?
She didn't say anything.
And I know you don't like her,
but, I mean
But I have to do a duet with her.
She's my friend.
This is so awkward for everyone.
But you won't have it so bad.
I'd rather die than sing with Jana.
For real, dude,
I'd rather die than sing with MJ.
You know, I think Gus paired us
with our enemies to watch us fight.
Like, me and MJ, Sebas and Andi.
Yeah, obviously.
Divide and conquer.
But why did he keep me as a solo performer
when he hates my guts?
It's weird but it's because
you don't have a beef with anyone.
[scoffs] Other than him, I guess.
Um, we were supposed
to meet like 15 minutes ago.
[gasps] Oh, sorry,
I forgot Judas was so punctual.
[chuckles] If I'm Judas,
who are you? Jesus Christ?
Nice one.
Did you look at the songs I sent you?
Yeah, they're all for one voice
and all in your key.
You just want me to sing back up?
Well, we wouldn't have to rehearse.
It's a duet, dude.
I don't want to fail again because of you.
- Whatever, you'll blame me anyway
- Hey!
Stop it.
Once we nail the song down, we'll have
to think what to wear for the performance.
What to wear? Seriously?
We'll wear our uniforms, won't we?
I'm a Colucci.
[unzips bag]
I thought we should wear this.
But I don't know.
Find out, but I don't think
you can buy it with your student card.
You're hilarious.
[Luka sighs]
[pills rattling]
[tense music playing]
Want one? It's the breakfast of champions.
Self-medicating is so last decade.
They're amphetas, speed.
For energy. My doctor sends them to me.
- Just try one.
- No. I don't need that to make music.
I don't need it to make music either.
But with these things,
we'll have a song down in 10-15 minutes.
And we can spend the rest of the time
doing other things.
Luka, try them, man.
If you don't like them,
sell them and buy that jacket.
All right.
Let's do this.
- [Luka] Yup, let's do it.
- [strums guitar]
- [guitar feedback ringing]
- [music starts]
Have a look.
Mm. Alejandro Fernández?
- Wow
- Yeah. Set the tempo, please.
Dude, this is a rich kid song
from the last century,
Don't wanna do it.
[tuning drums]
There's not much
about me you like, is there?
You don't like the song
or that I'm with MJ.
- You got that right.
- Mm-hmm.
I know her better than you do.
Like, I know that she doesn't want
her locker filled with shit.
Yeah, I'm sure you'll treat her well, too.
Like Emilia, when you got her
kicked out of school.
- No, she stole my song. It was her fault.
- Uh-huh.
I mean, what is it to you anyway?
You're not BFF's
because you treated her like shit.
What do you know about
our relationship? She ditched me.
But you'll get her
kicked out of the country.
So this is the song.
We have three days.
You'd better learn it.
[playing aggressively]
[playing softly]
[Esteban] I think you're starting
a half tone low.
[Vega plays again]
- No, that's half a tone too high now.
- [Vega sighs]
- It's in the middle.
- [plays piano key]
[in tone] "Mi."
[Vega plays chord matching pitch]
Tell me how you like it ♪
Up or down? ♪
Are we talking about the song now?
I am ♪
Or would you rather talk ♪
About the girl you're screwing? ♪
That was brutal, Laura.
But it's okay ♪
I know I got carried away with Ilse ♪
I wasn't even thinking ♪
That's true ♪
But Ilse's pretty great ♪
I would've done the same ♪
Maybe ♪
I was horny, I know ♪
[Vega chuckles]
And I realize I fucked up with you ♪
Forgive me ♪
I think we have ourselves a winner.
[gentle music playing]
[playing pop music]
Fucking great, right?
Dude we got a fuckin' hit!
Those little pills work for you.
On Friday, lets pop one
before we go on stage.
We'll blow everyone away.
Why so insistent?
Don't know.
Guess I want to know
what's behind that cool facade of yours.
Am I interrupting?
[Luka] Last I heard,
a duet is for two, not three.
Sorry, but I cannot stand that diva, MJ.
- I can't work with her!
- It's not that hard.
When you get on stage,
you go right, she goes left.
That's it. Easy.
Luka's right.
No big deal.
Look, it's not like
you got to choose your partner.
It's an assignment for Gus, that's all.
My advice is that you should
relax and try to get along.
Me relax?
Easier said than done.
[Oscar] I might be able
to help you with that.
- [Jana] I'll keep that in mind.
- [Luka plays random chord]
[Luka plays chord stridently]
I can take a hint.
[mischievous music playing]
- Have you got a minute?
- Hi.
It's 'cause I want to know what you think
of the idea I have for my presentation.
I think it'll really blow you away.
No, Dixon. I can't right now.
Sorry, I have round two
with that asshole Sebas.
[Sebas] Whoa, dude. That's aggressive.
So bring it on.
Why's "Gibson" here, anyway?
Looking for a partner or what?
Don't mock me, dude.
Listen up,
'cause I only want to say it once.
I'd rather go solo than be Lord Swagger.
You should've been kicked out Dix-off.
There was no reason to.
But I feel like giving them one right now.
Okay, that's enough you two.
Will you give us a second?
Please, Dixon, one second.
"Please, Dixon, one second."
Okay, fine, what do you need?
Any questions about the song?
I think we should play the song I wrote.
Gus says he likes it.
And he wants us to sing new tunes,
he doesn't want to hear the stuff
our folks used to listen to.
- You wrote this for one voice, right?
- I can rework it.
Not bad, but the chorus looks like it was
written by a five-year-old.
And I can't fix it.
You don't have to worry about it
'cause it's my song,
so if there's any fixing to do,
I'll do it, not you.
[atmospheric music playing]
Have at it. If you fail, we sing mine.
I tried ♪
Over seas and ♪
Land ♪
[strumming forcefully]
Are you gonna work all night?
Honestly? Yeah.
I mean, this song has to be perfection
and with Gus and Sebas involved,
I'm going nuts.
He's still making your life difficult?
Living hell.
The asshole tried to get
into a dust up with Dixon, damn it.
You've turned him into a gorilla in heat.
[MJ] A gorilla?
I don't get it. Why a gorilla?
[chuckles softly]
It's all right, MJ.
Sorry, look, I promise I'll explain later,
but right now I gotta finish this.
[strumming guitar]
[Andi] Aah, piece of shit!
Hey Andi, you okay?
[MJ] Andi?
What's up? What do ya want?
- You all right?
- [MJ] Have you even slept?
What? I'm perfectly fine.
The song sucks and I have
total brain fog and I'm fucked.
I can't take it anymore!
[Andi sides door closed]
What the hell?
I think she's losing it
because of Gus's homework.
Yeah, I know.
I guess we've all been
losing our shit over it.
About the duet
I realized you were right.
It's true that we should choose a song
that works for the two of us.
Are we good?
We're good.
[Dixon beatboxing]
Hey, I don't want to ♪
Hey ♪
Hey, I don't want to chase fame
I'm good hanging with my friends ♪
Like ♪
That's it, that's it.
That's it.
[atmospheric music playing]
Gus Bauman!
Go fuck yourself!
[line calling]
[automated voice] The number
you have dialed is no longer in service.
Please, try again.
What's up?
What's going on?
Your face says something else.
[chuckles softly]
Well, Gus made me work with
the biggest asshole in history,
also known as Sebas.
And he expects my song to be a hit
and right now, I don't know how to do it.
We've got two days left
and I can't concentrate on the song
because the only thing I can
think about is Emilia and I'm worried
because she has apparently
disappeared off the face of the earth
and I don't know what will happen.
You might want to try this.
It's speed. It'll help you concentrate.
- Thanks.
- Sorry, it's not pro bono.
Not to worry. Nothing is.
Use it wisely, huh?
[atmospheric music playing]
What did you do that for?
You know Dixon's my friend.
Why won't you ever take my side, huh?
The guy called me Lord Swagger to my face!
I swear, I was this close
to beating the crap out of him.
Okay but you can't beat your way
out of every situation.
You told me that you'd changed,
but you're not showing it.
If you want to be cool with me,
then start being cool with my friends.
I don't like to hear
that you've being mean to Andi.
[Sebas] MJ.
Here's the new arrangement,
for two guitars.
Sebas, it's a duet.
We'll both sing.
What do you think?
[hopeful music playing]
[phone ringing]
[upbeat music playing]
Ready for your triumphant return?
Actually, no.
You all have partners
to bounce ideas off of,
and I couldn't get anyone
to listen for two minutes
and give me their honest impression.
Worst part is, I think Gus will hate it.
Cheer up, Dixon.
Doesn't matter what Gus thinks, does it?
If anyone knows how to make
great music on their own, it's you.
You don't need Rebelde or MEP.
You're the most talented musician
in the whole school.
You think?
Today's the big day!
Welcome everyone to the very first
duet competition we've ever had at MEP.
And before we start,
let's give it up for our dear principal
who has graciously agreed
to be with us today.
Thank you, Celina. Much appreciated.
[Gus] Thank you so much.
Hope you enjoy the show.
I want to remind our musicians that
although this is a duet category,
they will be evaluated
according to strict guidelines
and be given an individual grade
that will show their position in the rank.
We want some great stuff
to come out of here
for the Trend-Z Awards,
so give it your best shot.
I'd like a warm welcome for our first duet
of the day, Laura Vega and Esteban Torres.
[audience cheering and applauding]
[pop ballad playing]
Oh, love me little by little ♪
So I don't realize ♪
And no one knows ♪
Come and take care of me ♪
But make it look like
You're hurting me ♪
Tie me up ♪
Oh, pretend you don't like me ♪
Glare at me
And get distant ♪
Accidentally ♪
Seek me out and leave me ♪
Call me, but don't speak ♪
Kiss me and drown me ♪
Tie me up ♪
Come see this.
- What you got there?
- I'm gonna show you. Christmas came early.
- Heal me ♪
- Heal me ♪
Make me crazy, little by little ♪
Look into my eyes ♪
Tie me up ♪
[audience cheering]
They're perfect.
You're a Colucci, right?
[chuckles] Thanks.
[Gus] Next up is Andrea Agosti
and Sebastián Langarica.
[audience cheering and applauding]
This song is by Andi Agosti.
It's an honor for me to sing it with her.
[audience cheering]
[playing ballad]
I searched for you over land and sea ♪
I tried to find you but I got lost ♪
But I got lost ♪
I tried to hug you and end the war ♪
Get you back and run away from here ♪
And run away from here ♪
But it was too late ♪
And I didn't see it coming ♪
I know I couldn't give you ♪
What you gave me ♪
She wrote that? Awesome song.
She had a bit of help.
Just sayin'.
I know I lost you ♪
I know I lost you ♪
I lost you ♪
Lonely nights ♪
Lonely nights ♪
Kisses hurt eternally ♪
Eternally ♪
Lonely nights ♪
Lonely nights ♪
Kisses hurt eternally ♪
And it was too late ♪
And I didn't see it coming ♪
I know I couldn't give you
What you gave me ♪
Although I'm dying ♪
To have you here ♪
I know I lost you ♪
I know I lost you ♪
I lost you ♪
[audience cheering and applauding]
[Gus] All right!
Thank you.
- [MJ] That was incredible! Really!
- [Andi] Thanks.
- Gotta go pee. Sorry.
- Okay. Wow.
You really liked it? I just sang backup.
We're up soon.
[Gus] Very moving.
All right, let's keep going.
See you later?
[Gus] It's time for our next performers.
- Okay.
- Okane and Luka Colucci.
This is how I dress ♪
I'm not going to change ♪
If you don't like it ♪
You don't have to look ♪
This is how I dress
I'm not going to change ♪
I wear what I want ♪
You're not paying for it ♪
I don't care what you say ♪
- [audience cheering]
- [vocalizing]
I don't care ♪
I don't care ♪
What you say ♪
I don't care ♪
I threw out my Nikes
And signed with Adidas ♪
I don't think my flow
Comes in your size, no ♪
I do what I want
Motherfucker, it's my life ♪
This is how I dress
I'm not going to change ♪
If you don't like it ♪
You don't have to look ♪
This is how I dress ♪
I'm not going to change ♪
I wear what I want ♪
You're not paying for it ♪
I don't care what you say ♪
I don't care ♪
I don't care ♪
I don't care what you say ♪
[audience cheering]
[crowd] Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!
Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!
[Gus] Very good! Louder, please! Louder!
[pop music playing]
They say it's dangerous when I go out ♪
They say I fear no evil ♪
Sometimes I'm a fire ♪
Don't get confused
I'm no good girl ♪
You see evil in my eyes ♪
Not evil, not a saint ♪
Bring me alcohol
To quench my thirst ♪
A girl like me ♪
Is what you need ♪
Quiet, but sometimes
I can be bad ♪
I start and I don't want to stop ♪
Not evil, not a saint ♪
I make it boom
Like an earthquake ♪
A couple drinks
And I get erotic ♪
I say nothing
But I want the same thing ♪
And when I dance like this ♪
- Dude.
- Really?
[Gus] Stop! Stop!
What is this? This is awful.
- This is an insult to your audience.
- She's an insult to the music.
- I'm more talented than you.
- More talented?
You're obviously not professional enough
for this assignment.
You just failed. Now get off the stage.
[crowd whooping and whistling]
[Gus] Leave.
The lack of discipline here at EWS
is staggeringly evident.
Why is he such a bastard?
- [Jana] I knew I couldn't trust you!
- You don't make the world turn, okay?
- You're not the center of everything.
- So why are you so jealous?
Go to hell!
- Already here, bitch!
- [MJ] Ugh!
[Jana] I hate you!
[MJ] Fuck you!
[exhales, frustrated]
[Gus] It's already time
for our last performance,
which is a solo act this time.
So I hope it doesn't disappoint.
Give it up for Dixon Álvarez.
[audience cheering]
[crowd] Dixon! Dixon!
[hip-hop music playing]
I'mma speak!
Come on!
Stop, stop, stop, stop.
[music stops]
[rapping] I don't want to chase fame
I'm happy with my friends ♪
That's what people want ♪
More truth less fame ♪
Yeah ♪
Dark souls have come ♪
Noble hearts have changed ♪
I know where I stand ♪
They want me to change but I won't ♪
Brr! I'm grateful for my people
I don't want trouble ♪
But how? ♪
If they want to take away what's mine
I cross the line ♪
I'm me wherever I go ♪
I forgive those who do me wrong ♪
And it's fine ♪
Tell me when have you seen ♪
A guy with this much flow? ♪
I hit you with the rap
And with the tempo ♪
Rap to death is my goal
I don't know about the new director ♪
Killing the essence
Crazy dementia ♪
Authenticity is on the decline ♪
I'm vaccinated against influences ♪
Being different will be my inheritance ♪
[audience cheering]
You finished?
Yes or no?
If you hate being here so much,
you can leave the school.
You're expelled, Dixon.
Mr. Bauman!
This isn't how we do things at EWS.
You will allow this level of disrespect?
- Is it how you want things on your watch?
- That's none of your business.
I'm in charge here, not you.
If you don't like it, speak to the board
about drawing up your resignation.
Well, if you can tolerate such mediocrity,
Mr. Álvarez can stay in your school
but I won't keep him in the MEP.
I no longer want to be involved
in a place with no soul.
Why am I here?
I came here because I like to make music.
That's why.
I really don't need
the approval of an asshole
I thought was gonna be a great teacher,
but who let me down instead.
So my friends,
we will be musicians with or without MEP.
[mic feedback rings]
[Oscar] Your friend Dixon
is pretty cool, huh?
But I think our act was the best.
Definitely, no doubt about it.
And you know what?
We should celebrate.
What do you have in mind?
- I don't know.
- Mr. Okane.
I'll catch up later.
[Esteban] I don't know
what's up with Dixon.
Seriously, I mean,
he's sabotaging himself. But why?
That was a crazy stunt
but you know he's right, Esteban.
All you need to perform
is to want to do it.
So, speaking of doing it,
would you like to come to my room?
And work on our duet?
Actually, um, I thought
we should keep improvising a while.
If we're going to carry things out,
we'll have to keep things on the down-low.
We have to move faster. How's it going?
[Oscar] Fine.
Moving ahead.
But I'm gonna need more pills soon, Doc.
[tense music playing]
Dope show, right?
Maybe for some.
I should have taken you up
on your offer to help me relax.
Well, my offer still stands.
- It does?
- Mm-hmm.
[pop music playing]
[strikes piano keys]
[phone chimes]
Luka, been looking for you.
Andi, go to bed.
[hip-hop music continues playing]
[closing theme music playing]
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