Rebelde (2022) s02e04 Episode Script


Seriously? You're laughing?
No. Wait, wait. I'm sorry.
Please, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- It's just that
- Just that what?
I don't know, maybe you were
just faking it, you know.
What, so now, suddenly
you're an expert on female orgasms?
If that were the case, then I bet
you wouldn't have had to fake it, right?
No one else has ever
had a problem with this kinda thing.
Who's that?
Lord Swagger and the poor boy?
That's not a great track record
You're an asshole!
Jana, listen, you really don't have
to please everyone all the time.
Don't worry, at least
now I know pleasing you is impossible.
What is the difference
between an artist and a star?
A star
is someone who keeps their fans talking.
They create an aura of mystery,
through gossip and rumors.
All the secrets
that fans desperately want to know.
What they want to consume.
Fire ♪
For example, Miley,
with her famous "Wrecking Ball."
Bad Bunny with "Yo Perreo Sola."
Their music brought them fame,
but their stories
are what make them immortal.
Today's assignment is a little different.
I'll be evaluating
your personal "star quality,"
your ability to keep people
interested in you, to get them talking.
Likes, shares, views, all these elements
will determine your ranking this week.
- Is this a musical exercise?
- Maybe so, but don't limit yourself.
But we're here to make music, aren't we?
Obviously, not everything is about music.
Who are you right now?
Even he has no clue, poor baby.
All right, that's enough.
Sorry, but isn't this all a bit unfair?
I mean, because we don't all have
the same amount of followers
Hang on, Taco Bell.
How many followers do you think
that Justin Bieber had at the beginning?
- I don't know but I'd guess
- I'm not gonna indulge your excuses.
You know how I feel about
that kind of defeatist attitude.
If you've forgotten,
just ask Mister Álvarez.
Don't disappoint me.
I want you to be creative,
have fun, explore.
Anything and everything goes.
And when I say anything goes,
that's the truth.
I'm not concerned with
what you decide to do in your videos,
I just want to make sure they go viral.
Good morning, smiley.
I've got
a gift for you.
Take it away, I'm not interested.
Are you still mad at me
about the other day?
What can I do to make it up to you?
You don't need to apologize for anything.
Get out of here.
Fine, you don't want to forgive me,
but I still forgive you.
Mr. Colucci.
this is not a bar,
nor is it a bowling alley or a pool hall.
- No?
- No, this is not a place for socializing.
So save your gossiping
for your own free time, and keep working.
- And you stop laughing, back to your room.
- Sure, yes. I'm out.
- I really need some more.
- Get lost.
Please, I need more.
I'm good for it, I'll take ten
or whatever you have, come on.
Go away, you've been coming here
every single day this week.
Take a break, Andi.
I'll let you know
when I need a break, okay?
- I can't give you the pills
- Give whatever you can spare.
You trying to get me expelled like Emilia?
Seriously, I can't concentrate
when you bother me like this.
It's too difficult. Just let me focus.
Come on, time to go.
Miss Agosti.
Get a move on.
Your socializing? That's over from now on.
Believe that.
It's, um
Obviously, I mean,
I know that it's a little bit run down,
but just try to imagine
what I'm thinking of.
All right?
Imagine yourself standing right there,
singing beautifully, as usual,
shining like the star that you are.
That's the backstage over there.
And there's Andi and Esteban
getting ready to do the show.
Over here we have the bar,
that's where Luka's mixing his cocktails.
We've got it all.
Yes, you're right.
It could be amazing.
I know I can transform it
into something really incredible.
Away from Gus and his stupid bullshit.
Well, just be careful.
Celina's on your side, you know?
But Gus is still your teacher.
Sure, but how can I even learn
from someone like that?
His teachings go against
everything I want in my life.
And what are the things
you want in your life?
I wanna make music.
Without compromising.
Right, well, you've got the spot.
I've got the spot.
But I'm still missing
the most important part.
The people.
Then, how about we do an event, Dixon?
Like, like an opening night show.
I don't know.
I mean, I don't think people
would even be receptive to that idea.
If the pariah of the MEP suddenly
invites them to the forest to make music
You should do it.
Yeah, maybe.
That's easy for you to say though.
People love you.
They'd follow you anywhere.
Yeah, right.
No joke.
I would.
'Cause you're perfect.
Well, obviously I would love to help you,
but first I'm going to have
to figure out how to become
viral right now.
I think I know a way for us
to put two strings on one bow.
Again ♪
I hear your voice ♪
And I'm lost once again ♪
Thinking of you ♪
Again ♪
I hear your voice ♪
Hi there, sorry, I'm sorry I'm late.
- Oh!
- What's the "Under"?
It's a supercool place
that Dixon found, actually.
He's not part of the MEP,
what are you doing?
He's still my friend though, okay?
Don't judge him until you get to know him.
I told him I'd help him with his place,
and he's helping with my assignment.
How are you doing?
- I'd prefer not to talk about it.
- All hail, Lord Swagger!
It's impossible to get anything done
without someone calling me Lord Swagger.
- Clearly.
- Mm-hmm.
What if you turned it around?
Swagger Lord?
No, I mean, I think you should own it.
If they laugh at you,
just laugh with them.
But I don't think it's funny.
But it could be.
I have a plan, okay? I'll explain.
Hello, what's up, friends?
Today I want to play some piano
for you guys, I hope you enjoy it.
And if you do then please,
please share it, and like it
Hey, ladies, what's up?
Today I'm going to play
a bit of piano for you
So sorry, bro, wow
I had no idea that you were recording
an audition for Acapulco Shore.
Acapulco Shore.
A star has to know how to do it all.
Oh, then I apologize.
I had no idea I was talking to a star.
Well I am.
You would know that if you hadn't gotten
yourself kicked out of Gus's class.
I wanted to tell you
about that abandoned place
out in the forest, remember?
Don't tell me you're still hung up on it.
Of course I'm still hung up on it.
And apparently, you're still hung up
on playing teacher's pet with Gus.
All right, listen dude, Gus is one
of the most important producers in music.
So I'm doing whatever it takes
to boost my career.
you're in the forest, playing around.
Oh, is that what you're doing?
I don't think you'll boost anything
making videos like that.
Seriously, brother, if Gus's assignment
was for you to act like an embarrassment,
then you've nailed it
- Okay, thanks. Yeah, thanks.
- You look like a douchebag.
- Like a super-douchebag.
- Thanks for your input. Bye.
What a bastard.
What do you want? I'm busy.
Sure. It's just that,
I heard you playing and,
I thought you might need
a bit of a
Fucking Luka. What did he say to you?
It's okay, you don't have to worry
about Luka anymore.
All you've got to do is ask me.
I've got you covered.
No fucking way.
If you're looking for Ilse,
she's not here.
- No, I'm actually here to see you.
- Hmm!
Me? You gonna tell me
we're long-lost brothers?
That's so last semester.
No, I'm having trouble with the assignment
and I think I need you.
And why should I help you?
Because you're the best, dude.
Who else can even come close?
I'm sure that you've got at least
ten videos on your phone now
that would go viral in a minute.
Am I right?
Maybe so.
I guess you've got a point.
But who says I do charity?
I'm not asking you for charity.
If you help me,
I'll do your intern work for two weeks.
Right, so you can do
Ilse here on the desk?
No way.
Okay, how about your biology homework?
Okay, for a month, and math too.
Two weeks, just biology.
- Three weeks, and you do the midterm.
- Okay.
Don't expect to make a habit out of this,
asking for favors every week, huh?
- We're not some happy family, no way.
- Okay.
- You were in my room?
- I was just, uh, looking for you, but,
then I saw Andi.
Oh, so I guess you were talking about me,
and how I like to please everyone?
No, honestly you're right.
No clue why I do it,
always trying to please.
Me neither, 'cause people suck.
Yeah, but it's impossible
not to care about what they think of me.
It's exhausting.
Do you trust me?
Wow, please, okay, please stop it now.
You're uncoordinated,
and you have zero charisma.
You just stand there, and you don't smile.
This is hard.
Why don't you try
being yourself or something?
What am I supposed to do, asshole?
You said I have no charisma.
How am I supposed
to get this to go viral, man?
All right, princess, sit down.
Check this out.
Who's that?
Holy shit, is that you?
All right, come on, it's not that funny.
- Oh my God.
- I don't go showing that to everyone.
- What is it?
- It's the first thing I posted on YouTube.
Weird, huh?
Yeah, man.
That's pretty weird, all right.
People love it.
But why do they? Because I'm original,
because I show them my true self.
And that's the key.
You've gotta do something like that.
Show off your bionic ear.
- A lot of freaks love that kind of thing.
- Luka.
Gonna be much longer?
Someone's waiting for you at the office,
to talk about the business.
Tell them I went back to Argentina.
Okay, but it's Palafox.
He's got money.
- I'll be back.
- All right.
Not coming?
Uh, no.
I think I'll take a break.
You could be a bit less obvious.
Just a bit.
Hey. What's the business
you've got with Luka?
Not supposed to tell.
My lips are sealed.
- Oh, really?
- Mm-hmm.
This will never work.
Sebas, everything's perfect.
They'll call me Lord Asshole instead,
we should do something else.
Come on, this is a joke.
You're not listening to me!
It won't work! Okay?
Are you okay?
I've got to win
this contract with Gus, okay?
It's the only option.
Uh, what do you mean "only option"?
My mother is forcing me
to transfer to business school at ITAM.
She wants me to quit music, get serious.
But I'm sure you could talk to her,
I convinced my parents.
You could change her mind.
You don't know what it's like
talking to politicians.
They never listen.
But Sebas, ITAM or no ITAM,
someone like you
will never stop making music.
Someone like me?
You're so talented,
and passionate about everything.
You put on this tough guy persona
because you think
it's what people expect you to be.
And then you end up believing it,
because deep down,
you're afraid to seem weak, or vulnerable.
Or to be disappointed.
Or to disappoint someone else.
But the only thing that matters
is your happiness.
So make your music.
And don't compromise.
Sebas. Sebas, wait.
No, it's just I-I don't want to
Not here.
I want it to be special.
So then,
you have plans for tonight?
- The first half. The rest later.
- Luka!
Didn't I say wait in the auditorium?
You're dealing drugs,
you dumbass?
Ilse told me everything.
Did she spill the beans
while she had her tongue down your throat?
This isn't a joke, asshole.
What is this, your brotherly speech
about how I'm gonna ruin my life?
Fuck yours, what about someone else's?
Can't you see how serious this is?
Can you relax? It's not crack.
They're just pills.
You go on about being your authentic self,
except you're nothing but a dealer, man.
- Fucking hypocrite.
- You think I'm a hypocrite?
And what are you? Tell me.
You've been a Colucci for five minutes?
Now you think you're better than me.
- You don't know me, asshole.
- Of course I know you.
You're the guy
who lied for an entire semester.
You painted yourself as a country boy,
soft-spoken, timid,
but you're a fraud, and that's it.
You like being a Colucci, huh?
Because it seems to fit you like a glove.
- Who taught you to lie? Your mommy?
- Listen, asshole.
If doing what's necessary to get myself
where I want to be makes me a Colucci,
well then maybe I am one.
And you know what?
I'm pretty fucking good at it.
- Choco-shroom.
- What?
Choco-shroom, it's in the name.
Pretty clear, no?
No, I know what choco-shrooms are,
it's just that I've never tried them.
It's really not a big deal.
Half a bar is super-easy to manage.
What's it feel like?
It sort of feels like
taking a breath for the first time.
Like a weight has been lifted off your
shoulders and you can breathe again.
Jana Cohen Gandía.
See you on the other side.
It's going to be difficult
to win like that.
What are you doing?
How'd you get in here?
You don't want me here?
Maybe you want to get rid of me right now,
the same way you got me expelled?
That wasn't my fault.
I've got one question for you.
Was it worth it?
Because, from where I'm sitting,
it seems like all you've done,
is waste your huge opportunity here.
- And you wasted my huge opportunity.
- You aren't real.
You aren't real, you aren't real.
Oh, no?
So then,
does that mean I'm fake like you?
- You're not real
- You betrayed me for nothing.
And now you're all alone.
Hey everybody!
How are you all doing?
Shoutout to my little bro, Luka Colucci,
this dance is for him.
And I dare you all to try
the Luka challenge!
Son of a bitch,
you're not stealing my video.
I still can't believe
you went out with that guy.
Yeah, I know.
Swagger like me ♪
Swag ♪
You act like a spoiled brat ♪
Swag ♪
Swagger like me ♪
Oh, God.
Still though,
wish I could laugh at myself like that.
Yeah, I know.
It must get exhausting being so anal.
Calculating and uptight. Anal.
So you say ♪
It's just, I don't know, I feel like
there's always been pressure on me,
to be perfect, you know?
And sometimes I'd really love
to just tell everybody to fuck off.
What was that?
Fuck off.
Say it again?
Fuck off! Everyone fuck off!
I know what to do for Gus now.
Jana Cohen Gandía
saying the word "fuck."
No, I've got a better idea.
Let's go live.
I'm gonna tell
the whole school what I think.
I just came here for the drugs ♪
Oh my God.
- What?
- This is really nice.
Special people deserve special things.
I'll turn it off.
What's up everyone?
We're bringing this to you live right now,
so don't forget to like and share,
because we've got a message
an important message
from an important person,
I'm going to pass it over now
to the star of pop, Jana Cohen!
"The star."
That's who you all love, huh?
You also love
watching shooting stars fall.
I've spent my whole life
thinking about everyone else's opinions
and about what to wear, what to sing,
but you know something?
I'm not going
to make myself small anymore.
I'm not going to try
to make you like me.
This is who I am,
and if you've got a problem,
well then fuck off.
- Yeah!
- I don't give a fuck!
- Fuck yeah!
- Fuck yeah!
I knew Jana was desperate,
but I didn't know she was
desperate enough to make a sex tape.
I don't think she knows
she's being filmed.
I think we should tell her.
You wanna go find her in the forest?
Let's just phone her.
Wow, she never did that with me.
Hey, enough.
Sebas, what are you doing?
I'm trying to I'm calling Jana. Wait.
Come on.
If you want to have a great time ♪
Just go to the party at the Under ♪
Go, go ♪
Say you'll go ♪
Come on ♪
All right, what's so interesting?
What's everybody watching?
Oh, come on, she's okay.
She's obviously enjoying herself. Please.
Not cool.
Relax. It was a joke.
I hate her sometimes,
but I wouldn't wish this on anyone.
You didn't wish it on her,
she did this to herself. Forget about it.
Hang on
Sebas, this just doesn't feel right.
I was just joking.
The best chocolate of my life.
Of course.
What now?
Looks like everyone liked my speech.
You kept recording us?
No fucking way!
It wasn't on purpose.
You piece of shit!
Jana! I swear!
It was a mistake.
You think I did it on purpose?
Yeah. Everything about you
is a fucking mistake.
Jana, Jana!
Am I late?
I'd say you're early, I mean
Wouldn't you?
Well, it's their loss.
There's nothing for them to miss out on.
Dixon, this place is super cool.
But that's not enough to get people here.
you will.
Your amazing ideas.
Your passion for music.
I'm really sorry I let you down today.
I promise I'll help you make this work.
Excuse me miss,
it's time to close up now.
Uh, yes, but Celina wanted me
to get this ready for tomorrow morning.
Would you rather do it?
I'll give you half an hour.
She's gone.
Thanks for agreeing to help me.
We could really be having
a lot more fun, you know?
For sure.
What do you need?
I was hoping you could hack
Gus's ranking app. Can you?
Yeah, of course.
But why?
To change the algorithm
and make my grade higher
without anyone noticing.
The algorithm?
Do you even know what an algorithm is?
Well, yeah, more or less.
Just, don't use words
if you don't know what they mean.
Wait, wait.
Give me a minute. I need to concentrate.
And then we can do the fun stuff,
all right?
Well, consider me impressed.
The commitment some of you showed
for this assignment was extraordinary.
The results will be reflected
in this week's ranking in the app.
I received reports from everyone,
except for Miss Cohen.
Mr. Bauman, Jana definitely
did her homework. Right, Okane?
- Think you'll laugh when I kick your ass?
- Okane.
You benefitted the most from this scandal.
Seriously, even Bertolucci and Weinstein
can't hold a candle to your work. Great.
Get up, asshole.
Hey, hey, hey!
No, no, no. What's the matter?
So what do you think?
Was it worth it?
- That's right!
- Relax.
Oh, hang on, everybody.
Jana just started a livestream.
- What's happening?
- Oh my God, Jana.
What the hell are you talking about? ♪
Get my pretty name out of your mouth ♪
We are not the same, with or without ♪
Hey, isn't that your room, you predator?
I'm not your friend ♪
Or anything, damn ♪
You think that you're the man ♪
I think, therefore I am ♪
I'm not your friend ♪
Or anything, damn ♪
You think that you're the man ♪
I think, therefore I am ♪
I'm not your friend
Or anything, damn ♪
Oh, fuck.
I'm not your friend
Or anything, damn ♪
You think that you're the man ♪
I think, therefore I am ♪
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