Rebelde (2022) s02e05 Episode Script

The Show Must Go On

[Gus] From this day forward,
the EWS will change
drastically for the better.
I know this has been a difficult time.
The incident with your classmate
Andrea Agosti came as shock to all of us,
but she is doing well now,
resting and recuperating
at a rehab clinic.
Today, as your new principal,
I invite you to let go of the past,
as you step forward into a bright future.
I have tremendous plans
for this school, and for all of you.
Together we will make this place
a paragon of excellence.
Not only as an academic institution,
but as a hotbed for artists to be able
to transform the entire industry.
A place where the talented,
the passionately dedicated,
and the strong,
can reach their ultimate goals.
There will be an exciting
upcoming inaugural event,
the likes of which this stage
has never seen before.
Welcome, everyone, to the new EWS.
[theme music playing]
[scoffs] Rebelde: The Musical.
It could be really lame or really cool.
You seem distracted.
I thought you'd be more excited.
Yeah, it's just
I can't stop thinking about Andi.
it's just rehab, she's not dead.
Thanks for letting me know
how I should feel.
[Luka] Today we're gonna change it up.
- So, I'm going to answer ten questions
- Mr. Colucci.
If you're here because you want my dad
to give you Celina's job, I mean,
- you're too late.
- [laughs] That's so cute.
Look, I'm here to talk to you
about Miss Agosti.
[tense music playing]
Andi and Okane both came
to see you at administration
the day before her overdose.
What's their relationship?
Was it Okane who gave Andi the drugs?
Mr. Colucci, you should be
in class already, shouldn't you?
- You wouldn't want to be late today.
- Hmm.
I don't know what kind of arrangement
you had with Celina,
but this school is under
a new administration now.
Mr. Bauman.
Principal Bauman. One second.
The board decided to handle all matters
related to Andrea Agosti's incident.
Kindly limit yourself
to your responsibilities.
[ominous music playing]
Yes, Principal Bauman.
[student] She did what?
[hip-hop music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
[indistinct chatter continues]
Silence. It's time for us to start.
I want you to pay very close attention,
because this project
could change your life.
In your folder along with your script,
there is a document,
which you will need to sign
in order to participate.
This looks like an employment contract.
It's the new standard in the industry.
It's simply a way
to ensure your participation,
and to legitimize you as artists.
What about our other classes?
The rest of your teachers
have been informed
that for now you'll be working
solely on the musical.
Miss Vega,
this is all part of the process
of how I choose artists
for my record label.
This should be your top priority.
Sir, is this about the history of RBD
or the romance between Mia and Miguel?
Because most of the scenes
are with those two.
Well, those two are
the most popular characters.
The only part worth telling.
Two extraordinary artists who
outgrew their band and became immortal.
[Luka] Well, if there are
only two good parts,
then I'm guessing they're gonna go
to our new stars of the porn world.
We would be doing you a favor, man.
We're the only two real artists here.
Not a chance in hell I'm working with him.
And Okane shouldn't even be allowed
at school after leaking that video.
- Exactly.
- I never leaked any video, pretty boy.
Anyway, since when is everyone a saint?
This musical deserves better.
Well since you've got so many opinions,
why don't you tell me,
who here deserves to get the lead roles?
Who? Mister Torres, why do you
deserve it more than someone else?
Because this past semester
I think that I demonstrated my talent
and my drive for a successful career.
Besides, honestly, Gus,
what are your other options?
Everyone, please give a round
of applause to our brand new class clown.
- [all whooping, clapping]
- Thank you, I'm honored.
All right, all right, Mr. Colucci,
do you think you would be able
to embody the role of Miguel?
I know for a fact
that the only part I could play,
and which is the most important one,
is the role of Mia.
[Esteban] A sad cry for attention.
[Luka] I don't know why you're laughing.
Haven't you ever read
about the ancient Greek theater
where the men used to play
all the women's parts?
[Vega] So everything is supposed
to stay in the Colucci family?
And for your information, back then,
it was illegal for women to perform.
- Illegal?
- We talk about Rebelde,
not Sophocles, anyways.
Look, she knows how to make a joke.
Miss Sevilla, do you think that you're
capable enough to play the role of Mia?
Well, from the moment I saw her
I wanted to be like her.
Nobody's going
to work harder than I will.
The main role should be given to someone
who has experienced performing
somewhere other than a church.
Mr. Bauman, you should remind everyone
that they're gonna have to audition.
No, we just had the auditions right now.
I'll be assigning your parts
based on our discussion
as well as your ranking in the app.
Jana, wait up. Listen!
Jana! Jana! Hey.
What do you want?
It wasn't on purpose.
You used me. I'm a fucking
laughingstock at school now.
[Oscar] You used me.
You wanted to get back
at your ex, right?
And you wanted to destroy
your preppy girl image.
Jana, I never meant for this to happen.
The same way you never meant
for Andi to overdose?
[tense music playing]
I found the pills in your room.
- Yeah, those pills are
- You know what your problem is?
You don't give a shit
about anyone that you hurt.
She almost died.
Jana, that was never my intention.
You never meant to record us
having sex but here we are.
You can't be an asshole by accident.
Get out of my face.
[ethereal music playing]
[Gus] Okane.
I want to play Miguel.
And why do you think
I should give you the part?
Because if you don't hold up
your end of the deal,
then I'm going to have to tell everyone
what you're planning to do to this school.
[Gus] Is that a threat?
All right.
Since you're so eager
to tell everyone the truth,
I suppose you're also going to tell them
you're the one responsible
for Miss Agosti's unfortunate
overdose, right?
The truth can be a prison or set you free.
[tense music playing]
With me at the helm of this place,
imagine it. The EWS will become
an endless source of talent and money.
And if you want to be a part of that,
then you need me.
I've got your future in my hands.
[tense music continues]
[Dixon] Have you heard anything from Andi?
And the clinic won't let her
use her phone.
I guess that's why
she didn't text me back.
Dixon, we have to talk.
[sighs] That sentence never bodes well.
Look, what happened
was a mistake.
So kissing me was a mistake.
I care about you very much,
but I'm with Sebas.
It wasn't right.
I will never understand
why you want to be with him.
Yeah, I know he's not perfect.
But I want to give him
the opportunity to prove himself.
I think he deserves it.
I hope this doesn't mean
the end of the Under.
[chuckles softly]
Worst case scenario,
I'll be performing alone.
Not happening.
[cell phone dings]
[Dixon] What is it?
[MJ] The cast list for the musical.
[Luka] Predictable, isn't it?
First we have the princess
as our leading lady,
the orphan is the orphan,
and I'm the gay guy.
- Dude, Giovanni has a girlfriend, Luka.
- Aw, that's cute.
[students chuckle]
[Oscar] Guess that's clear then.
The stars didn't get the leading roles.
No, the stars didn't,
but the best ones did.
If by "best" you mean
the class favorites.
No, no, no, might I remind you
that my ranking system is totally fair.
And if you don't like it,
the door is that way.
Opportunity can strike anytime, anywhere.
It's foolish of you to think
that a supporting role
can't shine as brightly as a leading role.
If you're a real artist, those kinds
of things shouldn't be an issue.
I don't care if you're playing
a tree, or a rock
what I do care is whether
you commit yourself totally..
- But we didn't even get to audition
- Miss Sevilla, please.
- Or not
- Thanks.
It's favoritism.
I'm sick and tired of that stupid ranking.
Yeah, I know.
How it can be a proper ranking system
if it's unfair to begin with?
If my mother came to see me,
she would kill me.
I wouldn't blame her, with me
backing up Jana and the country boy.
I wish we could just make our own music.
["All I Want Is U"
by Hits Over Time playing]
Uh, hi? Hello?
[MJ] Hey!
I brought a few people.
I hope that won't be a problem.
Okay, hey everyone, and uh, welcome.
Damn, I mean I knew that
you Christians were good at recruiting,
but I didn't know how good.
Well, it was easy.
The MEP isn't the same as it was.
- Hey!
- You're here!
[MJ] Cute, no?
[Sebas] Dixon.
Sweet place.
Let's do what we came to do.
Let's play.
I know the past is the past ♪
But I'm lucky ♪
If it weren't for him
I would've never rapped ♪
I live in the present
Keeping in mind ♪
I'm always the same guy
Who tells it like it is ♪
I get flack for being different ♪
I'm sorry, my brother ♪
Fighting for humanity
Will never be in vain ♪
Never in vain ♪
I'm not losing my philosophy ♪
Not everyone gets my philanthropy ♪
A real look ♪
That's what I want ♪
What's up?
Hey, so I wanted
to thank you for you know.
That was really cool of you.
Yeah, well it wasn't cool though.
It's sort of like the stock market,
the faster it goes up,
the faster it can crash.
Well, we gotta go.
- Okay. Bye.
- See you.
Ma, ma, ma, ma, ma, ma, ma ♪
Ma, ma, ma, ma, ma, ma, ma ♪
Don't stop, keep going.
You finally decided to show up.
All right. [grunts]
Where are we in the script?
The song.
- You first, right?
- Yes, I was going to start.
- While ♪
- Go.
[chuckles] Sorry.
[Esteban chuckles]
While my mind travels
Where you are ♪
My father ♪
It's still me.
All of that?
Okay, I'm sorry.
My father yells at me again ♪
And now it's your turn.
He says I'm wasting my future
And his peace ♪
Because of how I am ♪
As I hear him, I'm far away ♪
I close my eyes and think of you ♪
What are you doing?
What? This is where we kiss.
Yeah, but we're just rehearsing.
Not sure if you know this,
but you don't
actually kiss during rehearsal.
Well, no, I didn't know that,
but if we can't work together,
then Gus is probably
going to recast our parts.
Well, what do you suggest?
I don't know, I think
if we put our differences aside,
I'm sure we can work well together.
I propose that we
we put aside all of our baggage,
at least until the musical is done.
- Yeah.
- Deal?
- Deal.
- All right, great.
Ready? Two, three, four.
While my mind travels
Where you are ♪
My father yells at me again ♪
He says I'm wasting my future
And his peace ♪
Because of how I am ♪
As I hear him ♪
I'm far away ♪
I close my eyes and think of you ♪
DAY 16
I am a Rebel ♪
When I don't follow others ♪
I am a Rebel ♪
When I love you like crazy ♪
I am a Rebel ♪
DAY 22
Thinking differently from yesterday ♪
I am a Rebel ♪
When I put myself on the line ♪
DAY 30
You need to work on your projection.
It's not there yet.
We need more of a balance.
You need to communicate.
Please, concentrate, everyone.
I'm not in the show,
put it back where it belongs.
Get some rest, eat some ginger.
Visualize it.
[ambient music playing]
I'm busy right now.
This is more important.
[tense music playing]
Maybe this will convince you
that I'm on your side.
[Gus] All right.
Let's see what we can do together.
Stick with me.
[dance music playing]
[crowd cheering]
[man] Long live the Under!
[chanting] Under! Under!
[Gus] Bravo!
[Gus applauds]
What a great song.
I'm amazed.
But at least now I understand
why you're so awful during rehearsals.
Instead of practicing,
you're all pretending to be punks.
Do you think I'm going to be like Celina?
No, I'm not.
None of you are allowed to be here.
Get yourselves back to the school grounds.
Go on.
Mr. Álvarez.
[Gus chuckles]
Get out. Now.
I completely forgot that you existed.
I'm telling you.
That's a mistake I won't be making again.
Why don't I stay with you for a bit?
We don't have to do anything,
I just don't want you to be alone.
Yeah, sorry, it's just
I'm just worried about Dixon.
- I think he might get expelled.
- [Sebas clicks teeth]
MJ, that guy's invincible,
he's not going to get expelled.
There's nothing in the rule book
about playing music outside of school.
I think I'd rather be alone right now.
Okay? See you in the morning, though.
It's all right.
- Rest well.
- Good night.
Good night.
[atmospheric music playing]
What happened?
No way!
I thought you'd be
on a plane to Colombia.
[Dixon exhales]
He's not going to expel me because
he'd rather torture me psychologically.
We'll find a new place for the Under.
Somewhere he won't find us.
Nah, that's all right.
Thanks so much for everything,
but the Under is over.
It's all over.
Gus told me he's gonna expel
all of us if he catches us again.
So either Gus goes or we do.
What are you talking about?
It might be time to surprise him
with a little something.
We just can't let him do this.
Long live the Under.
Long live the Under.
I don't know how you came to me ♪
That's just destiny ♪
I don't know how long
I've been waiting for you ♪
Just like I dreamed ♪
Now you're here ♪
And I'll never let you go ♪
Just stop, stop!
Awful! You were both so bad.
- Ms. Cohen.
- I didn't get enough sleep last night
Lack of sleep? That's no excuse,
I expect more from you.
- You have no energy at all.
- I've been doing it exactly the same way.
With zero energy?
[Esteban] I agree with him,
your energy is super low.
I mean, if he can notice it,
what do you think all the important pros
will see on opening night?
The rest of you, get out.
Leave in silence, please.
Now. You are going
to keep rehearsing until it's flawless.
For both of you.
Get back to your marks.
[Esteban clears throat]
Let's go.
I don't know how you came to me ♪
You didn't need to throw me
under the bus to score points.
What do you mean?
Did you have to take Gus's side?
It was for your own good,
so you don't screw up tomorrow.
You did it for me?
You did it because
you want to suck up to Gus.
Jana, I need this more than you do.
I can't just put out a porn video
and then become famous overnight.
[tense music playing]
You've been stewing on that one, huh?
[bittersweet music playing]
[Oscar] Don't jump, man.
Don't touch me.
Y'know, everybody seems
to love hating me at this place.
What you did to Jana was bullshit.
- Dude, it was just sex.
- [exhales]
I really thought we had something,
but I guess I was wrong, like always.
I don't know you.
Everyone at this place loves to walk
around showing their cards, don't they?
So, you wanna hear my sad story?
Great, you want to play the victim?
Go on then.
[atmospheric music playing]
Why don't I tell you
about how my parents abandoned me
and left me with nothing but that rosary?
Or how I spent my life jumping
from one foster home to the next and
that fucking trauma landed me
in a mental institution?
Or better yet,
that my drug problems
destroyed my music career,
or how my current foster parent
sent me to this place
because he doesn't want to deal with me.
Tell me, do you think you know me now?
["Cartas Que No Repartí"
by Gata Cattana playing]
Those are pretty good excuses
for being a jerk.
I'm sorry.
Everyone's always given up on me.
I dunno what it's like
to have anything real.
- Whoa.
- Brother!
How did you manage
to get these here so fast?
I know someone.
This will be the best musical ever.
[Dixon laughs] Amazing!
So, are you sure?
If Gus finds out you planned all this,
he's going to expel you.
No, I have someone
who's taking care of that too.
All right.
I'm going to hide these.
I'm not going to let you
get expelled, okay?
Don't let Esteban see them.
Rest up.
[MJ chuckles]
What was that for?
Well, I really like you.
["Somos de Piel" by Mariel Mariel playing]
[indistinct chatter]
[Gus] Thanks for coming.
Thank you. Thanks for coming.
I'm glad to have you're here.
[Esteban] Hey guys, you ready?
Aren't you guys stoked to perform
for the best producers in Latin America?
Sure, dude.
I'm not worried about it,
it's going to go well.
[Esteban] Guys, you ready?
It's almost time.
The sound is on.
- It's all good, everything's ready.
- Ready?
And you?
- Yeah.
- We're on.
Well, good luck.
[crowd clapping]
I don't know how you came to me ♪
That's just destiny ♪
I don't know how long
I've been waiting for you ♪
Just like I dreamed ♪
Now you're here ♪
And I'll never let you go ♪
In order to live ♪
[atmospheric music playing]
[crowd cheering]
Kiss me fearlessly ♪
With your whole heart ♪
What the hell is happening?
Marcelo, I don't know.
Kiss me fearlessly ♪
No explanations ♪
A kiss that fills me with your love ♪
Kiss me fearlessly ♪
Like it's our last ♪
[audience cheering and clapping]
[distorted voice] Attention, everyone.
This musical is being shut down.
We have an important announcement.
Gus Bauman wants you to think
he's fostering artistic creativity,
but he is systematically
turning EWS into a factory of clones.
He also doesn't care if a student
overdoses in class and almost dies.
[students chanting] Fire Gus!
Fire Gus! Fire
Why don't you stop them?
You told me you were the one in charge,
Principal Bauman.
[students chanting] Fire Gus! Fire Gus!
Fire Gus!
- Fire Gus!
- [Gus] Stop!
[chanting] Fire Gus!
Getting expelled will be the least
of your problems, Mr. Álvarez.
[students gasp]
Missed me, didn't you?
Take her away.
[Gus] Marcelo.
[ominous music playing]
Well done. [chuckles]
[Luka] That went perfectly.
Did you see Marcelo's face?
[Esteban] It was you, wasn't it?
- I don't know what you mean.
- Don't play dumb with me, Dixon.
You crossed the line tonight.
You ruined everything.
We didn't get to sing
the first number all the way through.
Why don't you relax? Take it easy.
Think your shit doesn't stink either?
If you care about the truth so much,
tell them you gave the pills to Andi.
I asked you to be discreet
about the overdose.
And I can assure you
that there will be consequences.
What will you do?
Expel every single student?
This is an embarrassment.
[Marcelo exhales]
You will not be staying on as principal.
Mr. Bauman.
Mr. Torres, not now, please.
Even if I can give you the name
of the person that sold the pills to Andi?
What makes you think I don't already know?
Well if you did, I don't think
you'd let Marcelo talk to you like that.
If you still want to be in business
with the Coluccis, then
I'm your guy.
["I'm a Black Sheep"
by NineOneOne playing]
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