Rebelde (2022) s02e06 Episode Script

A Trip Around the Sun

[tense music playing]
[line calling]
[phone ringing]
[phone continues ringing]
[phone ringing]
[sighs] You're persistent today.
What do you want?
[Marcelo] I'm here at the school, Luka.
Okay, I'm coming down.
I've mentally prepared myself
for the psychological torture
you're about to unleash.
Have you been selling drugs?
[tense music playing]
Start packing your things.
As soon as the semester's done,
you're going to Texas.
[scoffs softly]
Wonderful, I love a good cowboy look.
The boots are hot.
Don't you agree?
I'm sure those comments won't go over
too well when you're in military school.
I'm not going to military school.
You really think I'm asking you?
I've been cleaning up
your messes for 16 years.
Now I'm done.
You think telling me what to do,
like a dictator is helping me?
You're going to Texas. It's already done.
Maybe now you'll finally learn to respect
the name you were born with.
I don't give a shit about your last name.
[tense music continues]
Good thing you're not
the only Colucci that I've got.
[tense music continues]
[car door closes]
- You okay?
- You're a coward, you know that?
- What?
- Quit acting stupid with me, okay?
I'm sure I probably deserve that,
but maybe refresh my memory?
You're pretending you don't know?
You snitched on me to Gus.
What? You're the one who's been
selling pills to half of this school, man.
How are you so sure it was me?
Who else could it be?
[tense music playing]
- Thank you, Gus.
- You're welcome.
Someone else comes to mind.
[theme music playing]
Happy birthday to you ♪
Happy birthday to you ♪
Happy birthday, dear Esteban ♪
- Happy birthday.
- Happy birthday to you ♪
Hey, son,
what are you going to do today?
- Did your friends plan something for you?
- No, no,
I've just been focusing on the Trend-Z.
I don't have much time.
You know I'm really proud of you, right?
- Hmm?
- [scoffs]
Yes, Dad.
Well, having said that,
don't take things too seriously, my boy.
You should have some fun
with your friends, have a party.
Pop, this isn't Puebla, okay?
I just want to focus on school,
I can't afford to party.
I only meant it as a suggestion.
Maybe you should just trust that
I'm making the best decisions for myself.
It's all good, son.
I won't take up any more of your time.
Hey, say hi to Dixon for me.
Yeah, pop, sure.
- We'll talk later.
- Ciao.
Thinking differently from yesterday ♪
[Luka] Studying ancient history?
Times sure do change, huh?
What have you got there?
A porn star,
a patient in rehab,
a guerrilla fighter.
So many mental health issues, huh?
It's obvious that you miss them.
Oh, please. Of course I don't miss them.
I'm just trying to focus
on the Trend-Z Awards.
Yeah, the look on your face
says otherwise.
Listen, what d'you think could make all
of those people forget that they hate you?
What is it you want, Luka?
A party.
That way I can drink
until I forget we're related.
You can make up with your friends.
Your birthday's the perfect excuse, man.
Sure, but no one would go to Puebla
and my father wouldn't let me host it.
No, we wouldn't do it in Puebla.
No one would go.
It's gotta be here. Look.
Check this out.
Feast your eyes. This belongs to our dad.
[scoffs] This is his house?
[Luka] It's one of them.
Picture it.
There'll be whiskey,
dancing, music,
- chilling.
- I don't think so.
It looks amazing, but Marcelo would never
let me use his place to throw a party.
No, no, no. You don't have to ask him.
I throw parties there all the time.
They're just under the radar.
Think about it.
And besides, you're a Colucci.
This family's always been
a little bit extra.
Just think about the party.
The ladies
See? I'm dancing already. Think about it.
What are you looking at?
You seem
different somehow.
I really like you, you know.
Lately I don't recognize myself
in the mirror.
What do you mean?
Since we got together,
I feel like a different person.
[pensive music playing]
And is that good or bad?
It's good.
[pensive music continues]
I sort of feel like a new man.
pleasure to meet you.
[both chuckling]
Pleasure's mine.
[phone chiming]
Oh man, Esteban.
[school bell ringing]
[indistinct chatter]
[sighs] My dad sends his best wishes.
Chava or Marcelo?
Dixon, I know that
we haven't been getting along very well.
But it would mean a lot
if you could come to the party.
For old times' sake.
I've got plans, bro.
[atmospheric music playing]
So the two of you are besties again?
I'm pretty sure he wants
to get back at me for the musical.
Well, I guess we should try
to find out, right?
A party for a Colucci
in another Colucci's house?
I'm really not into that.
Aw, Dixon, please.
I need an ally.
When have you been
on my side this semester, Jana?
Not to mention that you've never ever
been to The Under. Not once.
Yeah, but you know I've been dealing
with a lot of shit lately, right?
[Dixon sighs]
I miss you.
Oh, sure you do.
Is it maybe because we don't hang out?
Well, we could start making up
for lost time now.
Alright. Why do you want to go
to this stupid party so badly?
[student] Jana, great in the musical
but I like you better as a porn star.
Shut your mouth you piece of shit!
I need a break.
[Oscar] No, no way.
I spend enough time dealing
with EWS dorks on a daily basis.
I think partying with them
is a bit too much for me.
[Luka] You like some
of those dorks, don't you?
Come on, don't you want to be there
for the destruction
of the Colucci mansion?
[Oscar] Hard pass, dude.
[sighs] Well, okay.
If you don't want to watch me get revenge
on Esteban, that's your choice.
I mean, I don't understand your plan.
How does he even factor into it?
You really don't get it, huh?
Who is paying for Esteban's tuition?
Without Marcelo,
there's no MEP.
No Gus.
Nothing at all.
["Marea" by Hermanos Díaz playing]
I'll never get used to this.
Come on, they're super nice.
Carlos, thank you.
Do I look okay? How's my hair?
You look gorgeous.
- I mean it.
- Thank you.
White wine for you, ladies?
Where's that smile, huh? [chuckles]
Do all these people even go to EWS?
I don't recognize anyone.
Aw, come on, relax, you only invited,
like, six people to this thing,
so I had to improvise a bit, okay?
A little gift from Marcelo Colucci.
No, no, no, I'm sure he's saving this
for a special occasion or something.
What? This is a special occasion,
and this is your party.
Look at all these people.
Thanks, Luka, that's nice.
No, no, there's no need to thank me.
Let's get a photo.
So that we remember
all the whiskey
we're about to inhale. [chuckles]
[music continues playing]
Here we go.
I think we should open this right now.
Just wait 'til you taste it. [exhales]
Drink it slowly, bro.
[Luka] What's wrong?
Ahh, that's super strong.
[Luka] Yeah, you can't chug it.
It's expensive whiskey. Drink slowly.
I think I finally understand
why Luka is such a douchebag.
Does he want us to go over there?
- He'll just have to keep waiting.
- [chuckles]
I won't drink tonight.
Last time I almost drowned,
I'm sorry.
- Seriously.
- Whatever.
- No, no, no, I'm sorry.
- I'm over it, really. It's okay.
It's in the past.
Whoa, you didn't have to do that you know.
It's done. [chuckles]
Listen, if you're not drinking,
then I won't drink, okay?
It's fine.
- It's the new me.
- Are you sure?
Yeah, of course.
[Jana] You okay?
I'm wonderful.
- So what are we toasting?
- [laughs]
To being boring and normal, dude.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Andi? No way!
- Hey!
Oh my God.
Andi, you're here. When did you get here?
[MJ] I prayed for you every night.
How are you?
Relax, it was just rehab.
A rite of passage for a troubled teenager
in the music industry, right?
Well then, troubled teenager,
let's help you forget all your woes.
- I'm not drinking.
- [Esteban] God, Andi!
I'm so glad you're here!
I can't believe you made it!
I really missed you! How are you doing?
[Andi] I'm good.
[Dixon] Hey, this is like
a Rebelde reunion, huh?
I'm definitely not drunk enough for this.
Dixon, wait up.
["Belicosa" by Baja Frecuencia
feat. Chocolate Remix]
[glass shatters]
Sorry, I'll replace it.
[Luka] Please, you don't have
to replace anything.
They're hideously ugly glasses,
you did me a favor.
[glass shatters]
- Oh!
- [all cheering]
It seems like your plan is working.
It seems like you're starting
to enjoy this thing.
I mainly wanted to see
the Colucci mansion.
Oh, then come with me,
I'll give you the tour.
["Y Dime" by Ms. Nina,
feat. Tomasa Del Real playing]
[Jana chuckles]
[Sebas chuckles]
Yeah, Dixon,
you've got that good flow, man.
Oh, we're sorry, are we interrupting you?
[Dixon] No, not at all.
Shots or what?
No, we're not drinking. Cheers.
Join me for a refill at the bar?
[Jana] Coming?
[Dixon laughing]
Hey, Laurita!
Poor Dixon.
Dating Jana really sucks.
But I thought they were just friends. Hmm?
[chuckles] MJ Right. Just friends.
And what if we went
somewhere more private?
Yeah. Just you and me.
Man, those shoes are really something.
They're cool.
I bet you think
I look like an asshole, right?
Mm, it's more Colucci than you.
Or even Langarica, I'm sorry to say.
No, no, no, I'd never be seen in public
in a pink blazer, man. [chuckles]
What can I tell you?
You've become what you swore
to destroy, my friend.
- The shoes are horrible.
- [Emilia] Hey.
[tense music playing]
I'm not imagining her, right?
Could we talk?
Thanks for inviting my ex, man, seriously.
I don't even know half these people, dude,
this is more Luka's party than mine.
[Esteban] You know what?
I need another drink.
["Imagínate" playing]
[MJ] Whoa.
[Sebas] Wow.
Look at this.
It's beautiful.
- Very.
- Wow.
Imagine waking up to this.
[Emilia] Why didn't you write me
to tell me what happened?
How are you doing?
What should I tell you?
"I'm doing terribly, ever since
you left me I can't figure out my life?"
Come on.
I want you to tell me the truth.
That's hilarious,
because when you stole my song,
the truth didn't seem
to be a priority for you.
How many times do you want me
to apologize for it?
Listen, I'm sorry I screwed up,
but I still love and care about you.
Well, you've got nothing to worry about,
because I'm doing awesome. [chuckles]
Obviously you're not.
I mean, you just had an overdose.
That's all behind me.
- Gus says that
- Gus?
Are you crazy?
I heard about your little musical stunt,
but I don't have a problem with him.
Gus almost killed you.
I will say that the ranking system
made me feel bad about myself,
So then,
taking the pills made me feel
like I might be able to win,
but none of that is on Gus.
- Wait, but
- You really want the truth from me?
You're the one that almost killed me.
[somber music playing]
Do you have condoms?
[sighs] Mm-mm.
I left them in my room.
[Sebas exhales] Well
Well, listen, if you want we can try
I don't think we should.
What if
I don't know.
You know?
I mean
I can control myself.
I'm serious.
[MJ exhales]
It's your call, but I'm sure I can do it.
Trust me.
I love you.
Are you sure?
Opa, opa, opa, opa!
Why do you looks so sad?
Well, parties aren't really my thing.
What are you talking about?
- We're celebrating you, have a shot.
- No, no, no, I've had enough to drink.
Why won't you have anymore?
Tomorrow I've gotta rehearse
for the Trend-Z awards
No, no, no excuses, it's your birthday.
Time to party, time to celebrate,
don't be a wuss.
Hey everyone! It's Esteban's birthday!
- Why don't we celebrate him with shots?
- [all cheering]
Open your mouth.
- Esteban! Esteban!
- [all chanting] Shots! Shots! Shots!
[chanting continues]
- Hey! Hey! Hey!
- [all cheering]
["Bruxos" by Pongo playing]
[all chanting] Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!
[Esteban] If you want another shot,
"say Ayo!"
[all] Ayo!
[Esteban] If you want another shot,
say, "Ayo, ayo!"
[all] Ayo, ayo!
[Esteban] I want a shot! You want a shot?
[all chanting] Shots, shot, shots!
[all cheering]
[Esteban] It's my birthday!
[all chanting] Shots, shot, shots!
[Esteban] Shots for everyone!
[Esteban] Scorpion! Scorpion! Yeah!
[all cheering] Shots! Shots! Shots!
[Esteban] It's my birthday!
[Luka] It's done.
Marcelo will be here in a while.
[Luka] Come on, I'll show you
the off-limits room.
[al cheering]
[Luka] Hey.
You wanna come see the house?
- [music continues playing]
- [cheering continues]
[all continue cheering]
[breathing heavily]
- Wait, wait, wait
- Sebas?
- [Sebas moans]
- What the fuck?
[Sebas] I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry!
- Oh, my God
I'm sorry.
[Sebas] Are you okay?
[party music continues]
[MJ] Where's your girlfriend?
What girlfriend?
Aren't you guys,
you know, like a thing now?
Where did you hear that?
I never thought she was your type.
And is Sebas your type?
Where is he, anyway?
You should be looking for him.
Instead of worrying about me.
- What's that supposed to mean?
- There's nothing between you and me, MJ.
You made yourself very clear.
So I don't understand why all of a sudden
you're so interested
in who I'm dating or not.
[MJ] Well, I just
don't want you to get hurt, Dixon.
[Dixon] The only person
who's hurt me, is you.
- You were the one who kissed me.
- And you're the one who kissed me back.
[somber music playing]
But but no it wasn't no no
it didn't mean anything.
[MJ] I'm sorry.
When I was a kid,
I wasn't allowed in this room.
- Wow.
- I hated it.
I wanted to know what was in here.
I wanted to open the door, and see.
I thought it would be like a Batcave, or
some other kind of fantasy world.
So one night, when everyone was asleep,
I snuck out of bed, and came in.
Turned out, it was just a normal room.
But I realized then
that Marcelo wasn't keeping me out
because this was a special place.
He just wanted to keep me out.
He always uses
the same password for everything.
It's pathetic.
I think, maybe,
he just didn't want you
to touch his treasures.
- Well, don't scratch that, okay?
- Okay.
Is it the most expensive thing
in the collection?
It's not the most expensive one, but,
it's the first thing he bought
with his hard-earned money.
It's his favorite.
What about you?
I'm his worst failure.
[atmospheric music continues]
I've always been
a disappointment to my father.
I mean, it explains
why he treats me the way he does.
An absent father
who only asks me if I need any money.
He's sending me to military school
at the end of the semester.
Why do you care
about being enough for him
when you're already enough for yourself?
["Tired of Being Myself"
by Tatiana Hazel playing]
I see your face
And I wonder what you're thinkin' ♪
You look my way
Can you tell that I've been drinkin'? ♪
I guess that, I'll just say
"It was really nice to meet ya" ♪
'Cause you don't see me
In the same way ♪
- [splash]
- [muffled music continues in background]
[song ends]
["Chanel Maconha" by Ca7riel playing]
- I almost died.
- No.
No, this part is super shallow
and you weren't under for very long.
No, Emilia.
I almost died.
I'm worried about you.
I wish you didn't want
to talk to Gus anymore.
You have no idea
what I've heard about him.
Gus is dangerous. Be careful.
You're so talented.
Try not to rush things, Andi.
I just needed to tell you that
before I leave
You're leaving?
I just want you to be happy.
For both of us to be ha.
'Cause clearly,
being together isn't very good for us.
I'm sorry for what I said.
It wasn't your fault.
I felt guilty for getting you expelled,
but that's my problem and not yours.
[bittersweet music playing]
Sebas, it was really just a kiss.
- Seriously, it didn't mean anything.
- [sighs] MJ.
No, it wasn't just a kiss.
You kissed Dixon.
But it really didn't mean anything.
Look me in the eye
and tell me there's nothing between you.
Yeah, it's over.
[Dixon] Let's sit down right here
and talk about the meaning of life.
No. I have a better idea.
- Let's play "Never have I ever." Wanna?
- [Dixon laughs]
All right.
So, never have I ever
um, spent the entire semester
investigating music academy crimes.
[both laughing]
That was nuts.
Do you remember?
Yeah, we almost opened an agency
for teenage private investigators.
- We are detectives.
- Cheers.
I miss the time when our biggest problem
as winning The Battle of the Bands.
Change is the only constant.
Now you organize revolutions
and I'm a porn star.
What happened doesn't define you.
[sighs] I've got another one.
Never have I ever gone chasing after MJ,
even though she's rejected me,
multiple times,
- and even though I'm having fun with Jana.
- [sighs]
You have to drink,
like ten times at least.
Go on!
[sighs deeply]
My Grandma used to say
"You've gotta forget what you feel
before you remember what you deserve."
[Jana] What are you doing?
This is a pool party, right?
[gasps] Yes, it's a pool party!
["Paso X Ti" by Refugee playing]
[Jana screams]
[Oscar] Isn't Marcelo on his way here?
Yes, he is, but,
give me a minute to check something.
What are you checking?
Gus Bauman.
[tense music playing]
Watch out for that guy.
Hey, what's up? How are things?
Suddenly you seem to care
about how I'm doing?
Dude, I'm not an idiot.
You basically used me and ghosted me.
[blows raspberry]
Please, you were also using me.
- It was the same for you.
- No way. You ghosted me.
I was upfront and clear
about what I wanted.
I mean, I was also super clear.
Whatever you say, but I'm done
helping you with your shit.
[Vega] You alright?
Sure, why wouldn't we be?
- Shall we?
- Mm-hmm.
Let's go.
[student] Cheers! [laughs]
[student 2] I can't believe
what an ass he made of himself.
Hey, have you seen MJ, dude?
Fine. Luka, Dixon, Jana?
Yeah, I think I saw them go into a room.
But I wouldn't follow them,
unless you really wanna see
your best friend banging your ex.
Dixon wouldn't do that, man
Yeah, no, of course he wouldn't.
He would never do that.
This was the closest thing
to a towel I could find.
[Dixon] Okay.
I think we're both too drunk for this.
["Vinos y Licores" by Dee playing]
Did you have sex with her?
No, Esteban.
We didn't have sex.
- But apparently you guys still hooked up.
- Are you serious?
That's where your head is at?
When your best friend fucks your ex
Man, you and me aren't friends anymore.
Come on, Dixon,
why would you say that dude?
Why not? Why not, huh?
As a friend you're nothing
but a fraud, okay?
You're nothing but a rich kid
pretending that he's poor.
[scoffs] Better than being a poor guy
pretending to be rich.
[Luka] Gus Bauman is Guilty?
Listen. "Do not hire Gus."
"He gave my son pills
and caused his suicide."
"He's a very dangerous person."
"Get him away from those kids."
[crowd cheering on]
Dixon! Dixon, stop, quit it!
What's going on?
You're really leaning
into acting like a porn star, aren't you?
[guys] Ooh!
No, Dixon, don't hit him!
[party music continues]
Watch this.
[all cheering and screaming]
[crowd chanting] Shots, shots, shots!
[music stops]
Vacate the premises.
Marcelo, have a shot.
[crowd cheering]
[crowd chanting] Shots, shots, shots!
[man] Everyone out now!
[crowd cheering]
- Jana.
- Don't you want a ride?
- Jana, you are not driving like this.
- Oh, Dixon, don't start with me.
- Look, you can't even walk straight.
- Dixon, that's enough.
- Give me the keys.
- Dixon.
- Dixon, stop.
- Give me the keys.
Stop! I'm serious!
[closes car door]
Jana, no. Open it!
- I'm not letting you in.
- Open the door!
Okay, you win.
Just relax.
- I get it. Relax.
- [honks]
You're not driving alone.
Open the door, please
[tense music playing]
- [honks]
- [Jana] Hey.
Slow down or let me drive.
Dixon, come on dude, you're being
a drama queen about this, huh?
What happened to the Dixon who jumps
into pools and gets into fights?
Jana, will you please watch
where you're going, please?
It's raining, you've gotta focus,
you can't see anything.
I'm just saying, if you relaxed a little,
things would go better with Gus.
Or with MJ.
What do you mean?
What do I mean? I mean,
you're always so intense with her.
Why do you think she chose Sebas over you?
So should I be more like you?
What the fuck is that supposed to mean?
You didn't even ask me
about what happened with Esteban.
Because you're selfish, Jana.
You don't care about anyone else,
which is why everyone hates you.
So why'd you make out with me
if you hate me?
- [horn honking]
- Jana!
[tires screeching]
["El Vals de la Piedra"
by Meth Math playing]
[atmospheric music playing]
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