Rebelde (2022) s02e07 Episode Script


Dixon! No!
Dixon! Dixon!
But look at us both ♪
Beating that winter sun ♪
See it unfold ♪
Being changed again ♪
The last words take hold ♪
I'm here, Jana, I'm here.
Sweetheart, try to relax.
Dixon is conscious and he's doing okay.
His injuries aren't serious.
They've put a cast on him,
and he'll be discharged very soon.
Just focus on your recovery, honey.
All that matters is that he's okay.
Right? Big kisses, darling.
- It was wild.
- Crazy, the guy had too much.
Oh, who was that? Which guy?
He was the guy in the back
Dixon just got here.
Dixon, do you need help?
I've got it. I've got it.
I'm gonna be like this for a while.
I'd better get used to it.
I'm sorry. I swear that
That it wasn't on purpose?
- Sure, you never mean to hurt anyone
- MJ, hey. Hey.
You two fighting won't help anything.
And I also don't want anybody here
to think that they can butt into my life.
This is what happens, kids,
when you're not studying in the library.
Go on.
Dude, what you did was fucked up.
Are you ever reacting badly
to your first scolding.
- I might lose my scholarship now, Luka
- Stop whining.
I'm about to get sent away,
to the most homophobic school there is.
What did you think would happen
when you sold me out to Gus?
There you go. We're even now.
What's the matter with her?
I don't know,
she's been weird since the party.
Her and everyone else.
I looked into Freddy's band, Supernova,
and the stuff we found in Marcelo's inbox.
A musician dying from an overdose?
It's a cliché for a reason.
Freddy killed himself,
but Gus was his producer.
Luka, if this is true
then Gus is really dangerous.
It's cute that you're so worried.
So, you're just going to keep
playing his game?
What should I be doing? I'm not going
to sit around waiting for the plane.
We should just get the fuck out of here.
Seriously, think about it.
I've burned all my bridges in Mexico, but
that doesn't mean that I can't
make it somewhere else, right?
What about New York?
Come on,
we could get a place
and jam all day long in the Village.
Or we could watch Broadway shows
whenever we feel like it.
You mean like real hipsters?
Mr. Colucci, our class won't be having
the pleasure of your company today.
You can't come in.
And why not, huh?
You should go to your seat.
It's okay.
Your time here at EWS is over.
If you have any issues then maybe
you should speak to your father.
I guess I should be thankful
for being spared the same fate
as some of your other artists.
And what fate is that?
I'd ask Freddy to explain it,
but I don't have a Ouija board here.
The incident
that took place on opening night
was certainly unexpected.
All this time, I've been trying to do
what I think is right for you.
But it's clear that many of you
don't feel the same way.
Who here thinks
my methods
have been positive?
No one else?
I thought that you wanted to be heard,
so now I'm giving you a chance.
Fine, I'll start.
The ranking app
will no longer determine our winner.
Your sex tape was pointless, Jana.
No, make no mistake.
The ranking app was very useful,
but it became useless after some of you
decided to sabotage the musical.
And because you corrupted
our democratic system,
I will now be the one
who chooses our winner.
You will now have the opportunity
to perform again, only as solo artists.
A bright new future
is waiting for one of you.
All you have to do is take it.
Why are you doing this?
Don't play innocent now, Luka.
These are the consequences
of your actions.
You did this to yourself.
You said I could finish the semester here.
What are you talking about?
I gave you a world of opportunities
and you wasted every single one of them.
You leave in two days.
I need you to tell me the truth.
Did Gus have something to do
with my overdose?
I told you he didn't.
Okane, please, I'm not naive.
I had an overdose.
And now he's principal instead of Celina,
and pretending to be nice to everyone.
Mr. Okane, come with me.
Look at this.
What's that?
Your future.
No matter what happens,
you will be the first breakout star
on my new label.
I believe in you, Okane.
You'll have total artistic freedom,
and a big budget,
so you can jumpstart your career.
Why should I believe you?
We're in this together,
whether you like it or not.
Don't forget that.
What's that?
It's heartburn medicine.
Secretly taking pills
is sort of my thing, remember?
If you start doing it,
it'll be like déjà vu.
Come on, what is that?
Like I said, it's for heartburn. Okay?
- Hmm.
- Stuff.
A morning-after pill, huh?
The old MJ would be doing
a hundred Hail Mary's right now.
What happened?
I know.
It's just
Well, at the party, Sebas and I
Yeah, yeah, you don't need to explain,
I know what the morning-after pill is.
My question is
why haven't you taken it, dude?
If you don't, you're looking
at heartburn for 9 months.
This isn't a joke, Andi.
It goes against my religion. I mean
Technically it's an abortion.
No, no, it's not an abortion.
All it does is delays your ovulation,
so your body can't get pregnant.
MJ, think about your future.
Besides, any kid that Sebas has,
qualifies as the Antichrist anyway
Why is everything a joke to you. Andi?
You don't know
what I'm going through right now.
If you're just gonna make fun of me,
we don't need to talk.
All right,
all jokes aside.
You've gotta think
about what's best for you,
and you don't have much time
to make your decision.
Are you okay, dude?
Dixon, are you all right?
Don't be such a hypocrite.
The last time we saw each other
you wanted to beat me up.
Or did you forget about that?
No, dude, I haven't forgotten.
I also haven't forgotten
the beating you gave me.
Why don't we move past all this?
Don't bother trying to fix things.
Fucking stubborn jerk.
Hi, Clarissa.
A sandwich and fruit bowl, please.
Why haven't you apologized to me?
It's a real piece of shit move to steal
your friend's girlfriend you know?
- Answer me, you goddamn piece of shit
- Sebas.
Have you seen my texts?
We need to talk.
I know.
Sebas, I need to know
what we're going to do now.
Sebas, I'm starting to get worried.
I'm sorry.
I know, but I can't, MJ.
You said you'd be there for me
if something happened.
I'm not ready to be pregnant, Sebas.
you betrayed my trust.
And I want to trust you but I can't.
You can do whatever you want.
But we're not going
to be together anymore.
I'm sorry.
Please don't text me again.
Good morning.
Dixon, hold on.
Don't worry, Ilse, don't worry.
It's all right. It's fine, let him in.
Mr. Álvarez, how's the arm, how are you?
I'm fine, thanks.
Okay, and so, what can I help you with?
I want to perform in the final.
What makes you think
I'd give you permission?
You've already shown me
your deep contempt for discipline.
As well as for rules.
Please, Mr. Bauman,
I'm sick and tired of everyone
thinking that I live for them.
I'm not anybody's toy.
I'm the best musician at EWS
and I want everybody here to find out.
Very well, Dixon.
I'd like to ask you a question.
what do you want out of life?
What are your ambitions?
Your desires?
Huh? You want to show off your talent?
Your strength?
Let me perform tomorrow.
And if I lose,
I'll find another school
and transfer out of EWS.
Are you all right?
Do you need anything?
Nothing from you.
You're not the only one
who's upset about Dixon.
I didn't listen to him
and he hates me now.
But I don't want to lose him.
Well I'm not surprised.
But I'm not the one
who needs to hear all this, Jana.
Yeah, I know.
But I also owe you an apology
for trying to interfere
with you and Sebas.
The truth is,
I was hurt when you left us for him.
Well I understand
why you warned me against him.
He's an asshole.
What did he do?
You don't have to tell me
if you don't want to.
I might be pregnant.
And he doesn't want
to know anything from me.
Are you late?
Not yet.
And I might still be able
to take the morning-after pill.
Any decision that you make
is the right one.
And whatever happens,
I'm gonna be right here with you.
I promise.
Thank you.
You're here again?
I thought I told you to leave me alone.
What do you want me to tell you?
Okane, I'm not an idiot.
Gus only approached me
after you and I spoke.
I know he had something to do
with my overdose.
You must be really messed up if you're
trying to blame Gus for your overdose.
Go ahead, report him.
Tell them your teacher
was too hard on you.
Or tell them
an evil teacher came to your school
and made another student sell you pills
that would kill you, specifically.
Sure, I gave you those pills,
but you swallowed them down
like they were candy.
You gave her those pills?
Luka! Luka!
You lied to me.
You told me Andi was a drug addict,
but you gave her those pills,
and then made me sell them to her,
so that nobody would see
it was Gus all along!
Gus wanted me to sell the pills around
school so he could get Celina fired, okay?
So you used me!
You don't see that you used me?
For what?
Because you wanted to help that asshole?
Don't you get that it was the only way to
salvage my career, what else could I do?
What about New York?
You're a deeply selfish person.
You're just in it for yourself.
and fuck everyone else.
- We can talk later
- There isn't going to be a "later."
I'm leaving, remember?
I think I understand why orphans like you
always look for a father figure.
I have this room booked for eight o'clock
and that was exactly
three minutes and 40 seconds ago.
Why do you need the space? I actually
need it to prepare for the final.
Don't you know that Gus is only interested
in having the best people perform?
He's got to let me play.
You're such a hypocrite, man.
You've spent the semester bitching about
Gus but now you want a contract with him?
No, no, no, dude. You've got it all wrong.
I don't give a shit
about Gus and his contract.
What I really want is to beat you.
And Sebas. And everyone else.
I want everyone to know
that I'm the best at this school.
Hmm. Well, in that case,
you've got your work
cut out for you, buddy.
- Go ahead. It's all yours.
- Thanks.
Are you really letting Dixon
perform in the final?
Do you have
some kind of problem with that?
Yeah, I've got a problem with it.
It's totally unfair, I mean,
I've worked my ass off this whole semester
while Dixon was playing at The Under.
That's even better.
It'll be easy for you to beat him then.
Don't you want to win?
Then own that stage.
Take it over.
Don't let me down.
Oh, my God!
What's wrong with her? Keep her warm!
Should we call someone? What happened?
What's happening to her?
Andi, stay with me.
What's wrong?
Are you okay?
This whole time
I was trying to blame this
on somebody else.
But, what if they're
not the ones responsible?
What if the only person
screwing up my life is me?
You're not alone.
We'll both be here for you,
you can count on that, okay?
I know.
Good luck tonight.
To you as well.
We're here for Luka.
Well he isn't here.
Well, where is he?
No idea, sorry.
- Hi, how are you?
- Hello.
Hey, will you two stop playing around?
Sit over there.
I know you probably hate me,
and I'm sure that won't change
anytime soon.
I just wanted to say that,
that I'm truly very sorry.
And I wish that things could be different.
I don't hate you.
I also wish that things were different.
And I'm sorry for what I said
before the crash.
I didn't mean it.
- I love you so much.
- Me too.
Hey, it's okay.
What a relief, huh?
I'm glad it wasn't any worse.
I'm seriously so happy
that you get to perform.
It just wouldn't be the same without you.
I miss you too ♪
I stay up all night ♪
Looking at our photos and videos ♪
I think about you every time ♪
- Hey, have you seen Luka anywhere?
- No.
Why is everyone looking for him?
What happened?
Marcelo's sending him to Texas tonight.
I'm afraid he might do something dumb.
Would you call me if you see him?
Do you miss the sweet ones
Or the ones laced with poison? ♪
The innocent ones
Or the ones without control? ♪
I'm sure you think of me
At night ♪
And you bite your lips ♪
The kisses I gave you, my love ♪
You bite your lips ♪
Congratulations, Mr. Langarica,
Trying to get a sympathy win
is pathetic, Dixon.
I've got nothing but pure talent.
All right,
now it's time to introduce
Dixon Álvarez.
Dixon, baby!
I learned to forge a heart of steel ♪
Everyone has their roof
When the downpour comes ♪
So I called the blacksmith
And he told me ♪
Kid, welcome to the world
Where ego comes first ♪
I ask for your forgiveness
If I've ever lied ♪
I suffered but I learned ♪
Sailing through the ordinary seas ♪
What a sick society ♪
Buying your soul
For popularity ♪
Likes on social media
Are the new currency ♪
If Beethoven were alive
What would he say? ♪
He'd post a million stories
But I promise ♪
He'd never finish the Ninth Symphony ♪
If you attack me
I'll laugh and block you ♪
Don't send hate my way
I'll hit it right back ♪
Home run ♪
Welcome, it's Dixon ♪
The missing piece
Of your generation ♪
The memories ♪
The movement ♪
Are wasted ♪
Getting lost in time ♪
The screen has been our addiction ♪
And I want to leave this game ♪
And say "no more" ♪
If looks could kill
The war would never end ♪
Being white or rich
I wish it didn't matter ♪
I don't worry about fame
That has the world as its slaves ♪
I see your smile
You can't sleep in peace ♪
I just ask you to be grateful ♪
To anyone who's ever
Given you a hand ♪
Brotherhood isn't
Just about last names ♪
It's your friends
And your chosen family ♪
I see a lot of selfies
Not much understanding ♪
I follow you, you follow me
That's the story ♪
It doesn't matter what I am
But what I seem to be ♪
Throw the first stone
If you think I'm lying ♪
Dixon! Dixon! Dixon!
We're now halfway
through the performances.
Today I decide who will get
to perform at the Trend-Z Awards.
- I'm up. I better go.
- The competition
is proving to be quite fierce.
- So let's continue.
- Good luck.
Let's give a warm welcome
to Andrea Agosti,
who will be playing
a song she composed herself.
I wish her the best of luck.
Andi, I'm here.
- Andi.
- Andi.
Let her breathe, move back.
She's still tripping.
- Call someone.
- It's okay.
- What's happening?
- I don't know.
- Why isn't she singing?
- I don't know.
I don't know. Should we help her?
We can't just let her stand there.
Even if we're disqualified?
Better make it count then.
So there's been
a small change of plans.
Remember the "Rebel" song?
- Yeah?
- Okay.
I'm a rebel
Because the world made me this way ♪
And no one has shown me love ♪
Because no one has listened to me ♪
I'm a rebel
Because without reason ♪
I was denied everything I wanted ♪
And I was only met
With a lack of understanding ♪
And I wanted to be ♪
Like that boy over there ♪
Like that man over there
Who's happy ♪
Who's happy ♪
I wish I could give ♪
All that's inside of me ♪
All for a friend ♪
And dream ♪
And live ♪
And let go of this grudge ♪
And sing ♪
- And laugh ♪
- And laugh ♪
To feel nothing but love ♪
I hope that your little sister-act
was worth it, ladies,
You all know the rules.
This was meant to be a solo presentation,
so you're all disqualified.
- What?
- Come on!
Let's move on, shall we?
I need to apologize.
For what?
I know that
I haven't always listened to you,
even though you've been there for me.
I even pulled away.
I shouldn't have.
The best thing about losing the path
is finding your way back to it.
Congratulations, Miss.
- Thanks.
- You were great.
And now, please give a warm welcome
to Esteban Torres.
Hello and good evening, everyone.
I feel the universe
As it falls on my shoulders ♪
The weight of the past over me ♪
I search my memories
That shatter me to pieces ♪
The reasons I feel this way now ♪
I always wanted to be
The best version of myself ♪
But sometimes along the way
We made mistakes ♪
I don't know what brought me here ♪
I know you're well aware ♪
You're on next. I'll be back.
And although the wind
Pushes against us ♪
The past makes us strong ♪
Every dawn ♪
Mr. Colucci.
So this is where you've been hiding out.
Well it's looking like military college
is pretty unavoidable.
But I've come up
with an interesting alternative.
Hmm. Great. What do you want?
Why did you call me up here?
Was it just to talk about
your hopes and dreams?
I bet you came up here because
my text messages must have bothered you.
I'm sure you don't want the world to know
that you tried to set up Andi
the way you did Freddy.
I now understand ♪
Shadows disappear ♪
If we face what's coming ♪
Without backing down ♪
What happened to Freddy
was a terrible tragedy,
yes, but
it wasn't my fault, no.
He was a genius and I wanted him
to live up to his fullest potential.
He could have been a star.
The pressure you put on him was too much.
And the pills he was taking were too.
What about those three other artists
you were working with?
When they all burnt out at once
from mental exhaustion?
I bet that wasn't your fault either.
Isn't that why you took
a break from producing?
What is it you want?
The same thing you offered Okane.
A one-way ticket out of here
to get me away from Marcelo.
What makes you think I would be
stupid enough to piss off your father?
No, I'm not going
to make Marcelo my enemy.
Then I'm just going to have
to show the world who you are.
As soon as I hit Send,
the whole school will know.
It's your call.
Who am I, according to you?
I think you're a piece of shit murderer.
I guess it's your word against mine,
no matter what.
there's one thing
that you haven't really
factored in yet, Mr. Colucci.
And what is that?
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