Receiver (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

Great Expectations: Part 1

[Peyton] They say there's not a more
difficult position in sports
than NFL quarterback.
But the truth is
throwing a pass is only half the story.
[man] Hut!
[Peyton] With all due respect
to offensive linemen,
a quarterback's best friend is this guy.
The receiver.
The lightning quick wideout
screaming down the field.
The sure-handed tight end
posted up over the middle.
The fleet-footed technician
toe-tapping along
Peyton. Peyton. Peyton.
This show is about receivers, right?
I love you and all, but why don't you
pass this season off to me?
I promise you, it's in good hands.
[commentator] Meyers to Moss.
Moss is up
- Caught! Touchdown!
- [commentator 1] What a catch! Yes!
[commentator] What a great catch
by Randy Moss.
Y'all gonna put that shit in y'all's book.
I told you and I told you.
[Randy] It's always funny when people say
a receiver has one job.
Catch the ball.
Oh! Catch the ball!
[Randy] When catching the ball
is mostly out of our hands.
Let's do this.
[Randy] The play call
- Twelve dwell.
- [Randy] the protection,
the quarterback looking our way,
so many things we have no control over
have to go right
I caught it.
just for the chance to do our job.
I don't even know how I did that.
Why can't we just make it easy?
[Randy] No matter how much you train,
study, and practice,
when the ball is snapped,
you can leave the defender in the dust
run the perfect route.
And have absolutely nothing to show for.
Catch the ball?
Congrats, you're now a moving target.
Drop the ball?
Sorry, you'll never hear the end of it.
[commentator 2] Dropped again by Tony!
[Randy] They call us divas
despite our decoy routes.
They call us distractions
despite all the damn blocking we do.
But no one seems to recognize
the one thing we actually are
Always open.
[commentator 3] What a catch!
Sometimes you just
gotta be confident and go with it.
[Randy] So this year we switched it up.
Those are my shoes.
[Randy] Instead of giving quarterbacks
even more love,
we follow five of the leagues
best pass catchers
throughout the 2023 season.
[Davante] You hear what I'm talking about.
I'm here.
[Randy] Davante Adams.
They gave me a lot of money
to come here and score touchdowns.
[Randy] Amon-Ra St. Brown.
- Who you got going to Super Bowl?
- You guys.
My dog.
[Randy] Justin Jefferson.
[commentator 4] And they can't stop JJ.
[commentator 5] He calls that dance
"The Griddy."
They're gonna get every single bit of 18.
[Randy] And a pair of 49ers.
Ooh, look what they got.
[Randy] Deebo Samuel
Hey, Deebo, we already won, man.
I'm in his head.
[Randy] and George Kittle.
High five? Thank you.
[Randy] We're going all in
with the top receivers in the league,
as they balance their daily grind
And it look good.
[Randy] with their pursuit
of greatness.
[commentator 6] Ten, five, touchdown!
[Mahogany] They really cannot touch you.
They're like, "You so big."
[commentator 7] Achilles. He's done.
To get a new quarterback in the middle
of the season,
it's a little difficult.
My benchmark is not wins and losses,
it's greatness.
[Claire] Let's go!
Don't you just love football?
God! What a fun sport.
[Randy] You know the drill. Every hit
- [players grunt]
- every hurt
[George] Oh, it was right in my dick.
[Randy] every high
I fuckin' found you!
But hey, all they gotta do
is catch the ball, right?
[crowd cheering]
[man] Is this the most amount
of writing you do in a year?
This or like I take notes on
Yeah. I take notes in football
but this is definitely my
majority of my writing is this.
I'm George. I know you think
the show's about just receivers and all.
But being a tight end,
I get to do everything.
I do catch passes.
I like it.
I do score touchdowns.
[crowd cheers]
I gotta block people.
Pass protect people.
[whistle blows]
What's up, baby?
Bring 'em both.
When you watch my tape,
I want you to say,
"Wow, this guy gives it his all
on every single play."
But I thoroughly like
to show that I'm having
such a great time out there
because football,
if you're not having fun,
it gets stressful.
I don't want any of my teammates
to be a stress ball of anxiety.
Oh, hey there.
Hey, am I too close?
How close can I get?
♪night I had
Something so good ♪
These days get so long
And I got nothing to do ♪
National fucking tight end day, baby.
It's a holiday.
- [commentator 1] George Kittle.
- You ready?
- Always the character.
- [commentator 2] Yeah. One of a kind.
You can see his personality on the field
which isn't always the case
with football players.
But when you watch him on the field,
he's also trying to get after people.
He wants to be as physical as anybody
and that's what makes him unique.
How much fun is this guy having?
Look at the reaction on the block.
I been hangin' around
This town on the corner ♪
- [music stops abruptly]
- Don't cut. That's a great song.
Everybody sees George,
you know, obviously,
as the fun, energetic teammate
which he is.
Let's go, kid.
I'm just kidding.
You're not a kid.
You're a grown-ass man.
[Purdy] But within our offense,
I mean, he can do everything.
[Kyle] He's the best all-around
tight end in the league.
He blocks, he does everything right.
[man] I done tripped over somebody's foot.
[George] No, you didn't.
That was all me.
I have games
where I've had 210 yards, 180 yards.
If I don't have the opportunity
to do that every week,
it doesn't matter,
you're gonna see my best effort.
[commentator 1] That may be
the best catch he's ever made.
[George] You see that catch?
I have games with one catch
for one yard.
At the end of the day for me,
as long as I'm winning,
I don't really care.
Yeah! You get a win!
You get a win!
I love football.
I play the most fun position.
There's no other position
like it besides maybe Deebo.
- [man] Good. You got championship power.
- [effort grunts]
Keep that championship power.
Good. Good.
Reach in. There you go. Good.
[Deebo] My real name is
Tyshun Raequan Samuel.
My dad gave me my nickname Deebo,
when I was, like, five, six years old.
My dad used to say
I used to like to fight
and take stuff from kids
so he related it
from the movie Friday,
the character Deebo.
Oh, shit.
Here come Deebo,
gimme your stuff.
Oh, shit.
Known for jacking a
That's all he do.
[tense music playing]
What's up, Smoke?
[commentator 1] I give you Deebo.
[commentator 2] Caught by Deebo Samuel.
[commentator 3] Deebo.
[commentator 4] Look at Deebo go.
[commentator 5] Deebo Samuel
is so hard to bring down.
[commentator 6]
Runs right through that arm tackle.
[commentator 7] He's so tough.
[commentator 6] Have fun trying
to tackle him when he's got
a head of steam going.
[Mahogany] Where's your head?
- [baby coos]
- Good job.
Where's your nose?
Good job.
Where's your ears?
Good job.
[Deebo] My girl Mahogany, we met
my sophomore year of college.
We have a wonderful son now
that's about to be two years old
at the end of this year.
Having a son changed Deebo a lot.
Like, before he, like, really
strictly just football.
Where's Tyshun?
I think our son brings the soft side.
He gets at me, like,
"Don't treat him like a baby."
But then he be like,
"Come here."
I be like, "Boy, like
what are you doing?"
Two Deebos,
big Deebo, little Deebo.
Get the ball.
Get the ball.
My teammates was like,
when I had my kid,
they seen I started playing way better
and they call it dad strength.
Hey, let's go, baby.
[Juszczyk] Hey, have a good day.
Let's go, lock in.
When I go back and watch it,
it is kind of crazy.
It did start happening.
Say, "Hey, George."
So now, like, rather
than playing for me,
I'm like playing for
my family and him. So
[commentator 1] Deebo Samuel is the most
unique chess piece in the league.
- [commentator 2] He's a Swiss Army knife.
- [commentator 1] He does it all.
We just do so much
with Deebo within our offense.
He can run the ball,
throw him the ball.
Go deep, short. You name it.
- Time to get going. Come on.
- We got this.
[Kyle] When he has the ball in his hands,
he's pretty much different
than everybody else.
The speed he can hit like a receiver,
the cuts he make like a running back,
but kinda the density in his body,
that's a lot closer
to a linebacker, a fullback.
[commentator] Deebo 25, 20,
breaks another tackle.
[Kyle] So, anytime you can get
the ball in Deebo's hands,
it's a problem for the defense.
[commentator 2] Touchdown!
[mimics jet engine]
Come on.
As a kid, you know, you just
dream about the Super Bowl.
To this day, I still didn't won one.
We've been knocking at the door
for the last four or five years.
My rookie year, we ended up
making a run in the playoffs.
[commentator 1] And here we go.
Super Bowl 54.
Let's go!
Everybody watch the Super Bowl.
Talk about the Super Bowl.
Just to be in it was just crazy.
[commentator 1]
What an incredibly difficult scene
this is for the 49ers to endure.
They were so close
to winning the Super Bowl.
When you have very lofty goals
and you don't achieve them,
it's not very fun.
I'm big into speaking things
into existence.
Otherwise, it might not ever happen.
I will be back here.
I will be back here
and I will be back
with motherfucking vengeance.
You will not get the best of me. No, sir.
[commentator 1] For the 49ers, this game
feels a lot like Super Bowl 54
and the loss to the Chiefs.
[sighs] Yeah Ugh
Man, we just got this
crazy taste in our mouth.
What is it gonna take to get
over this hump to win one?
[commentator 1] The 49ers are gonna lose
this NFC championship game.
And this one does hurt.
[George] I do remember that feeling.
It's kind of a disbelief thing.
Like you can't believe that,
that actually just happened.
But no one's gonna
really feel sorry for me.
And I have another opportunity
to play football this year.
And I will be back.
With a motherfucking vengeance.
[commentator 8] The 49ers are
not only a talented team
knocking on the door,
they're a talented team
that believe they should have
kicked in the door last year.
[both yelling]
Let's go.
[players grunting]
[commentator 8] When we look at teams
being highly motivated,
I don't think anybody has them beat
in that department.
[commentator 1] So the 49ers will win
this game, thirty to seven.
Hey, slap hands.?
Oh, thank you.
[commentator 8] So the road is clear
for this Niners team,
because this team is supposed to be great.
If they can keep healthy,
they should win it all.
[George] We have to win.
We don't really have a choice.
[commentator 2] I do think this is a year
that they perceive as an important one
to cash in on this roster
that they've built.
[commentator 8] Deebo Samuel
in the last four seasons
has only been healthy
for a full year once.
[commentator 1] Deebo breaks a tackle.
[commentator 8] With this core of players,
it's this year and that's it.
[George] We are inevitable.
We are inevitable.
[laughing maniacally]
[Amon sighs] Come on.
[man] Watch.
Two. Single.
- [Amon grunts]
- Yeah.
[metal clanking]
I started playing sports
around four or five years old.
Me and my two brothers.
My dad was super strict on us.
Super tough on us,
um, athletically.
[Brown] This big Amon-Ra right there.
Proud of you, big boy.
You said "Papa, is this the"
What'd you say?
- Beginning of the program.
- It goes to show
we got a good program now.
It's the first step to victory
on our way to NFL.
[Amon] My dad was a two-time Mr. Universe,
three-time Mr. World bodybuilder.
I know I'm a father,
but I'm freaking
Mr. Universe two times.
I know what I'm talking about
when it comes to this stuff.
He was a beast.
Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
[Amon] He kind of, you know,
instilled that discipline into me.
[Brown] Just breathe. Think about it.
Get your mind right.
I told him,
"Look, the plan is to go to the NFL."
I knew that if they could
reach the pinnacle,
there's a good reward at the end.
[whistle blows]
[Amon] Growing up, playing football
one of the kids
that we were playing against
had really good hands.
- [boy yells]
- [Brown] Amon.
- Shitty game.
- [Brown] Hey, hey.
I know, but we gotta
get better, right?
- Yeah.
- That's right.
My dad goes up to his dad,
being the guy he is and asks,
"What do you guys do?
Your son's hands are really good."
And he goes, "We have a JUGS Machine
and we catch 200 balls a day."
And so he got the JUGS Machine
and he is like,
"If he's gonna catch 200,
we gotta catch 202.
We gotta be better than him."
So after practice I catch 202 balls
on the JUGS Machine every day.
[commentator 2] Amon-Ra St. Brown.
He's a guy who was taught
a work ethic by his dad.
He has more receptions
in his first three years
than any Detroit Lion.
And nobody saw that coming on draft night.
Draft weekend was
it was a shitty experience for me.
99% of people think
it's one of the best times of your life,
which it is if you go, you know, top ten.
For me, it was a lot of time
before I got drafted.
I can name the 16 guys,
you know, drafted before me.
Ja'Marr Chase, LSU.
Jaylen Waddle, Alabama.
DeVonta Smith, Alabama.
Kadarius Toney, Florida.
Rashod Bateman, Minnesota.
Elijah Moore, Ole Miss.
Rondale Moore, Purdue.
D'Wayne Eskridge,
Western Michigan.
Terrace Marshall, LSU.
Tutu Atwell, Louisville.
Amari Rodgers, Clemson.
Nico Collins, Michigan.
Anthony Schwartz, Auburn.
Josh Palmer, Tennessee.
Dyami Brown, UNC.
Dez Fitzpatrick, Louisville.
You know, I have a list of the receivers
in my notebook written out.
I read it every day before practice,
before a game.
Just to remind myself
that there was a point
before getting into this league
that people thought,
"I don't know if he can do it."
My goals are written on that page.
1500 yards and ten touchdowns.
It's not something I share,
but it's a reminder for myself.
Once I read that notebook,
it just reminds me like,
"Oh, yeah, it's on, let's go."
I'm ready to go every time.
The only thing good about draft day
was the Lions drafted me.
The Lions haven't won
a division title in 30 years
and definitely tough times.
I mean, me being a kid growing up,
they didn't even get
many national TV games.
I don't even remember
watching Lions games as a kid
because they just weren't shown.
We feel like as a team
that we just gotta start
better than we did last year.
Try to win this division this year.
We feel like we have a good shot.
[commentator 2] The Lions are looking
to be more than just being competitive.
They're looking at
a deep run in the playoffs.
We want to make the playoffs.
That's our goal.
[commentator 3] The Lions are trying
to win a playoff game.
They haven't done that
in 31 years.
They've never been
to the Super Bowl.
But in Michigan, the anticipation
is through the roof.
A lot of you know
Where we've been as a core
really lines up perfectly
with St. Brown.
Where he's gone. We've gone.
And it's why he's part of
the foundation here.
[commentator 2] One thing
about Amon-Ra St. Brown
is he's a guy that is gonna be
in the middle of the football field.
There is zero fear when it comes
to receiving from Amon-Ra St. Brown.
He's one of my favorite young players.
You look at us last year,
you know we started, what,
one in six, end up nine and eight.
Going into this season,
we wanna start on a high note,
be able to win
some games early on.
We have high expectations.
Let's go!
We wanna make it to the playoffs.
[commentator 9] The season opener
will feature
the Super Bowl champion, Chiefs, hosting
the up-and-coming Detroit Lions.
[commentator 10] You're playing against
the defending champs.
Take this opportunity to show the world
what type of team that you have.
[commentator 11]
Detroit needs to win this game, right?
Okay. If you are a grownup,
Detroit Lions, win the game.
Beat the Chiefs.
[Amon] They're technically the best team
in football right now.
Coming off the Super Bowl win.
Kind of tests
where we stand as a team.
[Patrick] We've been waiting
for this moment.
From the beginning to the end,
we dominate.
- "Chiefs" on three. One, two, three.
- [all] Chiefs!
[commentator 2]
You know who you're playing
on the other side,
you're playing the MVP.
[Patrick] Hop back around right.
So do a left dirty
[Amon] I was excited.
I've never played
at Arrowhead so
Being able to show everyone
the work that we've put in
throughout spring, throughout camp,
and just to put it on display
That was the best part.
[man] Eighty! Set, hut!
[commentator 2] There's the snap.
Jared back. Looking, looking.
Throwing, middle.
Touchdown, Detroit Lions!
[commentator 3] Whoa, baby.
Amon-Ra St. Brown.
[Amon] The play worked out perfectly
how we thought it would.
And I'm big on celebrations.
Once you get in the end zone,
you better have a plan.
I don't do anything weak.
If I dance, I need it to go viral.
I was looking around for
the camera, I found him,
I pointed at him, I waited
for him to get close
and then I hit my celebration.
It was basically some pumps,
whatever you wanna call it.
["Get Ready" by Luke McMaster plays]
I'm bringing you a love that's true
So get ready ♪
So get ready ♪
I'm gonna try to make you
Love me too ♪
So get ready ♪
[Dan] The head official
had come up to me
and he said, "Hey, listen,
that was a little excessive.
Had he gone one more
hip thrust there,
I was gonna throw the flag."
And so luckily, he was
right below the line there.
[Amon] It's life imitating art.
[Key and Peele announcer 1] Into the end
zone and McCringleberry pulls it down.
He's got it.
[Amon] I have seen the Key & Peele skit
with the pumps.
I think it's a funny skit
with the ref.
[Key and Peele announcer 1]
I'll tell you, man, he's
[Key and Peele announcer 2] Oh, see,
now there's two pumps.
[Key and Peele announcer 1]
He's really testing the boundaries
and he's gotten
the ref's attention here.
[Key and Peele announcer 2] A third
pump will draw a flag no matter what.
He just did it again.
I don't think my celebration was a pump.
I think it was more like
more hand movement
than hip thrusting.
But you can be the judge of that.
["Get Ready" by Luke McMaster continues]
Hope I get to you before they do ♪
The way I planned it
Be outta sight ♪
We got too much steal.
Let's go.
[commentator 2] You've gotta
be happy for this team.
[commentator 3] Throwing to the end zone.
Touchdown, Detroit Lions!
[commentator 2] This is a milestone moment
for them to come in here and get this win.
[Amon] To beat the defending
Super Bowl champs at their place,
it didn't feel like we made it yet,
just 'cause it was one game,
but we felt like we were
trending in the right direction.
To be able to go out to their place
and get that W, it was special.
[commentator 2]
I know it's only one game, guys,
but two years ago
where this team was,
to now coming in,
knocking off the defending
Super Bowl champions
it's a new era, boys.
[vehicle beeping]
[George] Claire, you have all the
- [Claire] Passes? Yeah.
- Okay.
[Claire] I go to every game.
Will you close that door, Ray?
- Yeah.
- Okay, come on.
We take a bus to all
the home and away games.
Because we have, like, nine
immediate family members.
All of our friends
and family who come in week to week.
We always get a party bus.
We love a party bus moment.
It's a very high-energy bus.
Cheers, cheers.
- Cheers.
- Love ya.
You're too far away.
["George Kittle 85"
by Travis King playing]
George Kittle, hit me down the middle ♪
Hit the weight room if you too little ♪
George Kittle, hit me down the middle ♪
Hit the weight room if you too little ♪
8-5, 8-5, 8-5, 8-5 about to
Take them stateside, go crazy ♪
All right, we're here, guys.
[commentator 2] Thursday Night Football,
San Francisco and New York,
here in week number three.
[Claire] George loves to
like look out on the sideline
and see his mom, dad, and I.
It's definitely become
a pregame ritual.
Here we go.
- Hey.
- Yeah, buddy.
- How are you?
- Good, how are you? I got it.
- Thanks, baby.
- How are you?
- I'm wonderful.
- You look good.
- I feel pretty cute today.
- Kick some ass.
- I will.
- Kick some ass. Let's go.
No, really though, how the fuck
You finna' guard me? ♪
'Cause I rep 4-9 an All Star team ♪
[commentator 2] Pass caught by Kittle,
stiff arm.
Stays in bounds.
- [grunts]
- [whistle blows]
[George] What's up?
Yeah! [hollers] Good job, G!
Good job, George!
Let's go, baby! [hollers]
8-5, 8-5, 8-5
About to take them stateside, go crazy ♪
8-5, 8-5, 8-5, 8-5
About to take them stateside, go crazy ♪
You just ran his ass, slap, over.
If you approach me like this,
it's like "Come on, man.
What are you doing?"
That's fun to find green grass.
I don't know if there's
any more fun in football
- than just being grass. It's like
- Man.
- [Purdy] Yo, Deebo?
- Yo?
[Deebo] From the start of the season,
the vibes was through the roof.
Everybody had all the confidence
in the world with what we had.
[commentator 1] Deebo lines up as a wide
receiver outside the numbers right.
Purdy back, time,
goes over the middle.
Caught by Deebo Samuel,
makes a man miss.
A second man.
A third man.
He runs out of his tackle.
A fourth man.
Deebo can't be tackled.
You better not!
Let's go!
[Ronnie] You a dog, boy. You a dog.
[George] He's crazy.
I just try to not get in his way.
[Deebo] We've been
waiting on that shit all game.
- Bing-bong. [laughs]
- [Purdy] Yeah. Dude, that was sick.
Seriously though,
what goes through your mind?
How'd you do that?
Bro, I swear it just it just happen.
I don't like to get tackled.
Like, this isn't even high school.
These are grown men.
Makes no sense.
He's not easy to tackle.
He's got a strong lower half
and his legs are always moving.
And as long as we can get
the ball in Deebo's hands,
we always got a shot.
[commentator 1] Here's Purdy,
gonna throw deep for Deebo.
[Claire hollers]
Good catch, Deebo!
[commentator 2]
He runs a little stutter and go.
Throws it to the back shoulder
and Deebo Samuel
just snatches it right outta the air.
[commentator 1] Wow. Deebo Samuel.
Six catches through 1:29,
and the touchdown.
[George] Hey, everybody!
[commentator 1] And then George Kittle
had seven tonight in 90 yards.
Who wants it?
Anybody? Anybody?
[yells and laughs] Yes.
We just gotta keep doing what we doing.
I think we're averaging
30 points a game
and we just gotta keep doing that
and I think we'll be pretty good.
[commentator 1] 49ers, 3-0 start.
[commentator 2] Big win here
for the Niners to get a win
and then have some time off.
[George] Thank you, guys.
You guys get home safe.
I used to not really like
Thursday night games,
and now I absolutely love
Thursday night football.
You play the game, but then
you get Friday, Saturday,
Sunday off.
And if you take advantage of
that time off for your body,
you can really treat it
as like a mini bye-week.
And so Claire has
this awesome idea.
We're gonna go up
to Half Moon Bay.
I absolutely love the ocean
and being able to spend time
alone with my wife,
my dog, it's like a big recharge.
You know, my wife's like my battery
and she recharges me.
Hey, Claire?
- [George] You want s'mores?
- [chuckles]
How can I have
some more of something?
I haven't had anything yet.
[George blows] I know you're
just pushing my buttons.
[laughs] You know what
that's from, right?
- Sandlot. I know.
- Icon
Just going along with it.
"How can I have
- some more of something"
- Iconic movie.
I feel like this is all we did
when we were kids in Iowa.
- It's on fire.
- Yep. Blow it out.
Dang it.
Okay. Well, the other side
is not quite there.
I'm just gonna stay up here.
[George] My wife, Claire
Oh, dear.
we have been together since 2013.
[George chuckles]
[Claire] I met George our freshman year
at the University of Iowa.
[crowd cheers]
I played basketball there.
I had a moped
and I was getting on it
to go to basketball practice,
putting my helmet on
and he walks up
and he goes, "Nice helmet."
I was like, "Thanks.
We wear them for basketball."
Just put my helmet on and drove away.
[crowd cheers]
[commentator 12] Touchdown,
George Kittle.
[Claire] From then on,
it was just like we were
really good friends.
And it just kind of
naturally progressed into
more than a friendship.
[George] We got engaged in 2018.
Married in 2019.
Her support for me
in the last ten years
and specifically
in my NFL career
is instrumental to where I am today.
[Claire] He is always smiling,
he is always positive
and just like a big teddy bear.
He's a rare breed.
[George] You tell me. How's that look?
[Claire] That looks like
creme brulée. Oh, careful.
It's sliding.
- Oh, my gosh. That's incredible.
- [Claire] That's perfect.
[George] Thank you.
I'm somewhat of a professional.
Every single day
when I get outta bed,
she looks to me and she goes,
"Hey, go kick some ass today."
That's tasty.
She's been at every single game,
every road trip.
When you know you have someone
like that that has your back,
no matter what happens,
it's a special feeling.
And I owe so much to her
for everything that she does for me.
- It's not that good.
- You wouldn't like it.
- You wouldn't like it.
- You wouldn't like it at all.
[in German] German breakfast
is another one, you know?
Bread, rolls, sausage
But a typical German meal is what?
Everything with pork.
[in English] I actually can read, write,
and speak German fluently, everything.
I text my mom in German.
My mother, she's born
and raised in Germany.
My dad competed in Germany a lot.
Ended up meeting my mom there.
Going back to when I was a kid,
she would make us do
ten vocab words a day, every day.
If we wanted to go out with our friends,
we had to make sure we get
those ten vocab words.
On our way to school,
we'd read ten minutes
of a German book
that she picked.
I hated that. But now looking
back on it,
I'm so glad that we did do that.
[in German] I forgot my glasses.
Can you just read it for me?
Take a look at yourself.
No, I forgot them.
They're on your head.
Ah, right!
- [Brown, in English] What did you ask me?
- [Brooklyn] Touchdown celebration.
[Brown] Brooklyn, you always involved
with that, right?
I didn't like that.
[Brooklyn] You thought that that was me.
That was not me.
- It was you.
- It was not me. No.
You said you guys
you had been working on it.
You have my dad calling
me being like,
"Oh, my God, John's so mad at you
because of the hip thrust."
You told me you guys were
working on celebrations.
I did not agree to that.
I agreed to the Baltimore strut
that I thought he was gonna do.
- I'm thinking
- That's the one we practiced.
- I did not agree with the hip
- I'm like, "Oh my God.
Don't do that. Stop."
He called me so mad.
Gave me an entire lecture
on how inappropriate that is
and how could I ever
teach his son that.
- [Amon] People loved it.
- No.
- No.
- I was like, "Are you kidding me?"
You can't do that.
When I saw it, I thought,
"Oh, Lord have mercy."
That was not me.
That was him.
[Brown] What's your goal for tomorrow?
The goal is two touchdowns,
at least, every game.
[Brown] I believe you can
do that easy
if the opportunity is given. Right?
It's hard to do.
[crowd cheering]
[commentator 2] Look at Amon-Ra St. Brown,
one of the best receivers in the NFL.
[commentator 2]
He's their number one guy by far.
[whistle blows]
Throw me the fucking ball.
I do this shit.
[commentator 2] He's one tough guy,
no doubt about it.
[Amon] Receivers, you never
know what happens.
We get hit
right when we catch it,
right when we touch the ground,
whatever it is.
We definitely get exposed
to a bunch of different hits
that we can take
during a game.
- When I move my arms, my torso
- Got it.
[commentator 3] Jared's got it,
back to throw, looking
throwing, middle, caught.
Amon-Ra inside the 15
and he goes down
to the 12-yard line.
He's hit. You okay?
[whistle blows]
[commentator 3] Amon-Ra St. Brown,
slow to get up.
- [Jared] Ankle?
- My toe.
Take a sec here. Take a sec.
[Amon] I got hurt.
As I was going down,
the defender like kind of
rolled down on me
and my toe got stuck
in the ground and overbent.
And I was like,
"This doesn't feel right."
So I got up,
limped off to the sideline.
[groans in pain]
Straight to the bench. I got you.
[Amon] But my toe was still killing me.
I was like,
"Everything's not going right for me."
He's gonna tape you
and we're gonna put
a steel shank in both your feet.
You cool with that?
That'll help protect it the most.
If after one drive
that steel shank's too much,
- we'll take it out.
- Can I just do one shank?
You wanna match 'em up.
You don't wanna be off.
[Amon] The week after the Seahawks,
against Atlanta,
I was able to play.
First ball I catch,
I turn up and I get hit,
like, right on my side.
I've had a hip pointer before
so I thought it was a hip pointer.
I'm like, "Maybe it's just a bruise."
Hold on. Pull it down
all the way. Keep pulling it.
Yep. All over there.
The oblique. Yep.
Everywhere and lower on my hip.
More in the front.
Right here. Right there.
[Amon] And I'm like, "Damn."
My toe's still hurting at this point.
[Amon] Now I have this oblique injury.
- [Terrell Jr.] Good game, bro.
- Good shit, bro.
- Keep going.
- Yes, sir.
[Amon] But we have a Thursday game
after Atlanta so I can
I can barely I mean, I'm running
but the pain is like
Outta ten is like at a eight or nine.
And it's too late for me not to play,
the game plan's in.
Painkillers is something that I really
don't like to take unless
unless it's the Packers.
[commentator 13]
Lambeau Field in Green Bay,
week four
in the National Football League.
For many years, this has been
a house of horrors for the Lions.
[commentator 2] Of course, the Lions,
anything but a laughingstock anymore.
This team looks
legitimate and for real.
- Brand-new Lions.
- Brand-new Lions, baby.
[commentator 3] Dan Campbell has a team
that all of a sudden doesn't hope to win,
they expect to win
football games.
That's new for Detroit.
Let's see if they're ready for this day,
Lambeau, divisional rival.
This is a real opportunity
for them to take that next step.
[Amon] Going to that Green Bay game,
I had a steel plate in my cleat,
which kind of prevents your toes
from bending as much.
- [Amon] Hey.
- [man] Take the other one out too.
No, no, no. I got just got
my steel plate in.
- How you doing?
- How are you?
- Does your plate look like this?
- Yeah.
- Which foot is it in?
- Right.
- Right?
- Yep.
Feeling better?
Wearing it tonight?
- Yeah.
- Go kill 'em.
Thank you.
Set, hut!
[commentator 2] Goff
Deep again, wide open.
Making the grab
and taking it in is St. Brown.
Amon-Ra St. Brown
Lambeau leap right
into the arms of some Lions fans.
That one was fun, baby.
[commentator 2] So it is the Lions, seven,
and the Packers, three.
I've always wanted to Lambeau Leap.
I've never done it.
Now I'm a Lambeau Leap.
So I'm looking around
for a Lions fan
and I see two jerseys to my left.
I go over there,
jump in the stands
and as I'm celebrating with them,
I feel something in my jersey,
but I'm not sure what it is.
- Let's fucking go!
- Great fucking job.
[Amon] After the game,
I look at my phone
and one of my friends texted me the video
of a girl pouring beer on me.
I'm like, "I didn't even
know that happened."
You reek of beer.
What's your BAC right now?
[Amon] I came to the locker room after
and my girlfriend sent me video
of them pouring beer on me.
I did feel something wet.
I'm like, "I wonder what it is."
[Brooklyn] So I go on Twitter and I see
this lady pouring beer all over him.
I'm mad. I'm over here like,
"Lady, seriously?"
I was a little tipsy as I got
as I came down.
In a weird way,
is it like a badge of honor?
I have no idea. I mean,
I lost my Lambeau Leap virginity.
[Amon] After that Green Bay game,
I go home and it just
it's like on the side by
where your oblique is,
it's just killing me.
I was like,
"Fuck, this doesn't feel right."
Get an MRI and they tell me,
"You tore your oblique
completely off the bone."
And I'm like, "Damn, really?"
At this point, I'm like,
"Okay, I don't know what to expect
'cause you know something torn off
the bone doesn't sound right to me."
[commentator 2]
No Amon-Ra St. Brown today.
[Dan] He may be able to play
and he may be able to function,
but if this thing tears
even just a little bit more,
you're talking about six weeks,
you're talking eight weeks.
There's that kind of risk/reward.
Is it worth it for this week
versus the long term?
[commentator 2]
And that will be the end of this game.
They beat Carolina
and remain atop the NFC North.
- [George] What a day to have.
- [man] Everyday!
[George] Bring it up! I got you.
All right, boys,
Dallas week, have some fun.
We've got Sunday Night Football,
only show on television.
Enjoy yourself.
Get better at one thing today.
Niners on three!
One, two, three!
- [all] Niners!
- [George] Be great today.
The Cowboys,
they're a really good team.
They got a really good defense
and we knew them coming in,
all the hype around the Niners
and the Cowboys rivalry
been going on for a while.
It was gonna be
a little different.
[George] Last full practice of the week.
Do something with it.
[commentator 2] When you're of a certain
age, you see 49ers-Cowboys,
you think about all those
great games in the '90s,
the NFC Championship matchups.
These are two of the most storied
franchises in history.
- [man] How 'bout them Cowboys?
- [everyone cheers]
[George] There's anger, feuds.
[Purdy] The two organizations
go back with their history.
So everybody was pretty
juiced up for that game
and ready to roll.
Dallas game, the week of,
I kept getting tagged in
these photos of Gary Plummer
and I screenshot that and set
that as my phone background,
just because I like to
establish a mindset
going in every single week.
I was like, "Let's reignite
this rivalry just a little bit."
[commentator 14] Let's put it as simply
as we can,
the 49ers through a quarter of the season,
have shown themselves
to be the best team in the NFL.
[man] Set!
Cowboys are gonna
go in there and try
and prove they belong
right next to them.
The Niners, who have
the Cowboys this weekend,
have a chance to really cement,
"We are the daddies of the NFC."
[Deebo] Running that.
There you go.
[commentator 14] And I'm excited to watch
that whole thing take over.
[commentator 2] It shapes up as the
biggest game of the NFL season so far.
[Brian] It's a bigger game
for them than it is for us.
Just keep this even-keeled focus.
And we'll go in and handle our business
just like we always do.
[exclaims and laughs]
- Look at you.
- Hi, wifey.
[Mahogany] You look so good.
It's George's birthday tomorrow.
I'm gonna send y'all a bottle
just for his birthday.
Sweet angel.
We flew all his friends in as a surprise.
That's so sweet.
You gotta record it.
- I know.
- I'll see you around.
We'll see you
on the field in two seconds.
- Okay.
- See you, honey.
Boys, I'm gonna take your photo.
So his birthday's in October
and that means football.
So I was like, "We need to
It's your 30th birthday,
we gotta do something
awesome, something fun."
And that means having
a party at the house
and just bringing
all of his best friends in
to support and celebrate him,
and go to the game.
Okay, we're good.
We gotta go.
He does have an obsession
with sneakers for sure.
That's all he ever wants.
- It's the birthday boy.
- Hey, baby.
How are you?
Go get 'em, dawg.
[Claire] We are decorating the house
with all of his favorite things
for this really amazing
surprise 30th birthday party.
[commentator 1] We welcome you
to Levi's Stadium
for week five of
Sunday Night Football.
A couple of long-time rivals
with Super Bowl aspirations
- meeting up tonight.
- Let's go, let's go.
This is not a game
This is real life ♪
Ready or not
There's a war comin' ♪
We ain't gonna stop
We gonna hit the floor runnin' ♪
They can't understand
What this feels like ♪
This is not a game
This is real life ♪
[commentator 2] To date, it's the best
matchup of the 2023 NFL season.
[Deebo] Hey, man, they looking at
this like the Super Bowl, man.
This is just another game
on the schedule, man.
Let's go punch them,
show them what we do.
- "Niners" on two. One, two.
- [commentator 3] I can't remember a game
this early in the season
with this kind of hype.
[both yelling]
- Let's go, boy!
- Have a day.
- All right, boys.
- Okay. [sighs]
[Claire] Before the game,
I actually just say a little prayer.
Just wish for his safety and his health
and that he can lead
the team and be a positive leader
and also pray for a win.
Good job. You missed it.
[commentator 1] First and ten,
49ers in the opening quarter.
[George] Great play.
I'm going to 33.
[commentator 1] Three receivers left.
Kittle, Jennings, Deebo from in to out.
Aiyuk is right.
Purdy, back time.
Steps around from the markers
low and throws for the end zone
Caught! George Kittle!
- Touchdown!
- Yes, G!
Yeah! Let's go!
[commentator 2] What a start.
First try for this offense.
[commentator 3] First touchdown catch
of the season
for the 49ers All-Pro tight end.
[cheers] One time for the birthday boy!
Yeah, G!
[Deebo] George. Hey man, let's go, man.
Let's tighten this up.
[commentator 2] And good field position
for the 49ers
at the Cowboys 38-yard line.
[George] Hey, just score on this one.
I'll see you in the end zone.
[commentator 1] There's George Kittle
going in motion right.
- Triple. White.
- [commentator 2] Purdy waits,
gets the snap, turns,
hands it off to McCaffrey
flips it to Samuel,
back to Purdy.
Looking deep down
the right side, throws.
Kittle wide open!
To the ten, to the five
Touchdown, 49ers!
Second of the game for George Kittle.
[cheering continues]
[commentator 3] This place is going nuts.
Good shit, boy!
Let's go! Let's go!
- What's up, baby?
- [Deebo] Yeah!
[commentator 2] Fourteen-nothing,
San Francisco lead.
[George] Second touchdown
against Dallas was
"You gotta be kidding me."
Two catches, two touchdowns.
I'll take that stat line.
Let's fucking go!
Hey, Brock! Hey, Brock!
[Deebo] Have a day, boy.
You thought I was throwin' it?
[Aiyuk] I thought you had it.
I thought you was throwin' it.
I get the reverse
and then toss it back to Brock.
That's always fun.
Let's go three?
Why not? Why the fuck not, baby?
Told my old man that
you were gonna score today.
- I said two and now I want three.
- Yeah.
You went to this
with us in Vegas, didn't you?
Say what?
We went to Bruno Mars together, didn't we?
- Yeah, with Kirk Cousins.
- And him.
- Christian McCaffrey.
- Bruno Mars?
One of the best concerts
I've ever been to.
No phones and just a bunch of dudes
hanging out.
Dancing. That sounded suspect,
but it was a great time.
Look, let's watch Dada.
Let's watch Dada.
Let's watch Dada.
Let's watch Dada.
Come on, Deebo.
[commentator 2] First in goal
with Purdy in the gun.
Deebo Samuel is in the backfield.
He slides out to his right.
[commentator 1] Deebo jumps right,
Purdy gonna throw, throws for Deebo,
caught it on the goal line,
breaks a tackle
and fights down to
the two-yard line.
Come on! Come on!
[commentator 1] Deebo got blasted.
[commentator 2] Phenomenal job
by Deebo Samuel not reaching out
after that initial contact was made,
the Cowboy defender was
second to make the tackle.
Was waiting for him
to put that ball out.
Just knock it out.
Wise move by the veteran
Deebo Samuel
to get down with possession.
Hey, way to not dive.
Great job, you monster.
I can't believe I ain't score.
That's not Deebo-ish.
- It's very not Deebo.
- [Deebo] I owe you one.
- [Kyle] For what?
- [Deebo] That.
I was scared
you were gonna reach.
Nah, I wasn't gonna reach.
I seen the dude.
I seen the dude
coming from the left.
Good shit, dude.
[commentator 2] Third and 14.
Shotgun, snap, Purdy back to pass.
Looking, has time, goes deep
down the middle.
Samuel makes the catch at the 40.
Forty-two yards.
Brock Purdy to Deebo Samuel.
[both] Damn! [laughs]
[commentator 2] Beautiful route
from Deebo Samuel.
[commentator 1] 49ers looking to blow
the game open now, up 21-10.
Play action.
Purdy gonna roll left,
throw for the end zone
Caught by George Kittle!
[commentator 3] Kittle's first
three-touchdown game of his NFL career.
["In Da Club" by 50 Cent playing]
Go, shawty
It's your birthday ♪
We gon' party
Like it's your birthday ♪
We gon' sip Bacardi
Like it's your birthday ♪
For the ball to land in my hands,
it felt like it took 20 seconds.
I was like,
"There's no way I'm this open.
There's no way
he threw me the ball.
There's no way I'm about to
score three touchdowns."
Caught. And I was like,
"Oh, that was just so cool."
You can find me in the club
Bottle full of bub ♪
Mama, I got what you need
If you need to feel a buzz ♪
- [cheering]
- Go, baby!
Oh, my goodness, what a day!
Happy birthday, Kittle.
Happy birthday to me.
Three? Three?
Are you kidding me?
Let's go, bro.
Kittle, Kittle, Kittle.
Kittle, Kittle, Kittle.
He's having a out-of-body experience.
Out-of-body experience.
I think I have three catches
for three touchdowns.
That's a fucking stat line, boys.
Don't get tackled, just score.
- [man] Happy birthday, George.
- [cheering]
Thank you, guys.
- Dude, three?
- [Purdy] Three. Yeah. [laughs]
I had a shirt made. I had
a bunch of shirts made, actually.
I gave 'em to the tight ends.
I was the only one that wore it.
This one?
Wore it under the pads.
Showed it off.
- [George] Fuck Dallas.
- [man] That's fuckin' awesome.
- Fucking sick.
- Hell yeah.
Hey, Deebo. I pulled it out.
[Deebo] I seen.
George's Kittle's rude.
[George] How much
of a fine is that? Fifteen?
[Deebo] I ain't got nothing to
do with that.
Will you pay half?
I'm gonna get fined
so much money.
You think so? How much?
Anywhere from five to thirty-five.
It was $15,000.
And I don't regret it one bit.
Not one bit.
And I might do it again
if given the opportunity.
We are going
to the Super Bowl for sure.
Like we're going
to the Super Bowl and winning.
[Deebo] Hey!
I was telling Deebo
We never had a team like this.
It's a little different.
I ain't trying to toot the horn
too much, we pretty good.
[commentator 2] The San Francisco 49ers
with a dominating performance
on Sunday night.
San Francisco goes to 5-0.
Where's my family at?
[commentator 2]
Big game for George Kittle tonight.
He had three touchdown receptions,
had not had one all year
but he caught three passes,
all of them for touchdowns.
Just a phenomenal game.
[commentator 1] We've been working
together now in our fifth year
and we've seen this team
go to the NFC title game
three of four years.
The Super Bowl, the first year.
This is the best team
- [commentator 2] No question.
- we've seen.
[commentator 1] This is the best team
the Niners have had for a long time.
- [Deebo] Niners on three! One, two, three!
- [all] Niners!
Come here, baby.
[laughs] Let's fucking go. That's fun.
Three for 30, man.
That's a fucking day.
[all] Happy birthday to you ♪
- [George] I gotta get Eric.
- Get Eric.
Happy birthday, dear
[George] Claire surprised me by inviting
a bunch of my friends into town
and they all kind of showed up
on different days.
Hey, boys.
She tells me that I'm really hard
to buy presents for because you know,
I buy stuff for myself.
[Claire] That was another good surprise.
Good job, Eric.
So she likes to surprise me with things
that doesn't have a price on it.
Hey, three for 30.
[Claire] Fuck yeah!
[George] Hey, let's get on
the bus and go home.
[all chanting] George! George! George!
[George] After the game,
we had this huge party bus.
You guys like my bus?
[Claire] All aboard!
The George Kittle bus.
[George] This is gonna be rowdy, boys.
Being able to be on that bus
and ride home with everybody
drink a couple brewskis.
[everyone hollering]
[Claire] Yes! Let's go!
So that was awesome.
Just to have
my friends show up for me.
Just an all-around
incredible experience.
Four! Four!
And I'm just very blessed to have that.
You're amazing.
[Claire giggles]
Eric's been singing you
"Happy Birthday."
I know!
[both laughing]
[Claire] Yeah!
[everyone cheering]
What? Hi, Deenie.
And then my wife,
she surprised me too by having
some of my teammates come over.
That was pretty incredible.
What the heck?
You beat us.
- Am I the biggest surprise?
- Yeah. What's up, dude?
Bosa even showed up, which is
It's hard to get Bosa outta the house.
Happy birthday, dear George ♪
[everyone cheering]
Let's go.
You hung my sneakers?
Those are my shoes!
- I love you.
- This is amazing.
- Have fun.
- All right.
When you start the season off 5-0,
it's fantastic because
it puts you out ahead.
To celebrate that while celebrating
my birthday was awesome.
Thanks for coming, man.
You're incredible.
[Claire] Okay, ready?
[George] You feel good
'cause you have momentum.
But at the same time, you're also
just ready to keep going
and ready to keep playing.
Happy birthday to you ♪
[everyone cheering]
[George] Thank you!
Come guard me!
Come guard me!
[Justin] You know I have the alter ego.
I have Jets and I have Justin.
[commentator 4] Him and Davante Adams
are the best route runners.
What is that?
[commentator 5]
Garoppolo throws the slant.
- Oh, you mother
- [grunts]
I gotta get outta here
before I lose my fucking life.
[closing theme music playing]
[man] Omaha.
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