Receiver (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

Great Expectations: Part 2

[Justin] I don't really spend money
on a lot of other things,
so whatever I do spend my money on,
it's something that I really want
or something that really interests me.
You know, I'm a big jewelry guy.
I'm a big ice-style guy, so
we gotta have the bling-bling.
I'm a fan of the Cuban,
we call it a Cuban link,
for the ones that don't know.
Kinda stands out.
[jewelry jingles]
So, you know, we gotta
layer it up a little bit.
Gotta have the double and then
this the masterpiece right here.
This make it all go.
Got the jet piece,
got the stars.
Beautiful, isn't it?
You know, I have the alter ego.
I have Jets and I have Justin.
Justin is now.
Justin is the cool,
calm and collected.
I'm chill, I play video games
and be to myself
majority of the time.
But when I start putting these chains on,
start putting
the teeth in and all of the jewelry
and all of that, I mean,
then it starts to become Jets.
[fans calling out]
[Justin] Jets is the most confident.
It's That's my swagger.
Not cocky, but he has
the confidence in himself
to go out there and perform
at the highest ability.
I like looking good
while I go play, so [laughs]
[Nate] You are one
of the coldest wide receivers
and I'm not talking about
the ice around your neck.
You like it?
Everybody that
knew me from a young age
know who I really am
and know I'm the shy kid.
I like being to myself.
I don't really like being
the center of attention.
So when Jets come out on that field,
it's like the total opposite.
["Gold Chain" by Coucheron,
Gods of Luxury, and Pasha playing]
[Justin yelling]
Yay! Whoo!
Come on. Come guard me.
Come guard me.
That's what I like.
Come guard me.
Yeah, I thought so.
[music continues]
[Justin] Jets, he likes the attention.
He likes showboating,
he likes dancing,
he likes giving the fans what they want.
[commentator 1] And so far
the best receiver in NFL history
after three seasons
is Justin Jefferson.
[commentator 2] Led the league
in yardage, targets, catches.
Ain't he look good?
- [laughing]
- [producer] I'm seeing "Jets."
This is Jets when I put on
the glasses, for sure.
When the glasses come on,
that's the full thing right there.
That's That's Jets. Now I'm Jets.
Now I'm ready to go.
I'm ready to ball now.
Here we go, Jets.
Go get 'em, baby. Have fun.
- Let's compete and fight.
- Let's go.
[music continues]
[music fades]
[indistinct chatter]
[Daija] Dad, the dinosaur.
[Davante] The dinosaur, yeah. Let me see.
Oh, look!
Bo. Bo, come right here.
Let me take a picture of you.
[Daija roars]
- Daija. Daija.
- [woman] Ready? One, two, three. Cheese!
Look Look up. Say cheese.
[woman] So cute. Pull her hat back
a little bit, Dev.
- Yep.
- [Davante] My wife's name is Devanne.
My two daughters,
oldest daughter is Daija,
my youngest is Dezi.
We met at Fresno State
and we ended up getting put
in the same math class together.
Davante used to do my homework.
- Did you know that? My math homework.
- Really?
No. That's how we started hanging out.
He was doing my homework
and taking my tests.
Yeah, I mean, she's
mathematically-challenged, so
you know, I'm
I'm good enough with the basic stuff,
so obviously 1-5
had to step in at the time
to make sure she
was taken care of.
[guest] Did you just get her
just passing?
- Yeah, I mean
- No, the kicker is,
- the kicker is I didn't pass.
- [laughter and awws]
I had to take it in summer school.
I came in late.
I helped you get to a D.
- That's better than an F.
- And now D for Devanne,
D for Davante,
D for Daija, Dezi, everyone.
So it was meant to be.
[Devanne] I'm thinking I want my
baby to have a good birthday.
I want her to have as normal
of a childhood as possible.
So I'm like, "She just started school.
I'm gonna invite the whole class."
[upbeat hip-hop music plays]
- [Davante] How we doing?
- [man] Good.
- Davante. Great to meet you.
- Chris. Nice to meet you.
- Davante.
- She's in Brookes' class.
- Okay. Yeah.
- Thanks for the invite.
I didn't think the parents knew
what he did for a living.
[commentator] Touchdown Davante Adams
to win here in Denver. Holy cow.
Half of them knew,
half of them didn't.
The legendary Davante Adams
scores big for the Raiders.
[woman] Say hi!
Hi, Hayes.
And I think it was more weird
for the people that didn't know.
So if I said who is
the best receiver right now?
I'm going Davante Adams.
- [man] So what's your top five?
- Top five. We got Davante.
Davante Adams.
I mean, Davante Adams is
always my number one receiver.
No one can ever touch him
on his releases.
[commentator 1] One of the game's
best wide receivers.
This is his tenth season
out of Fresno State.
Last year he led
the National Football League
in touchdown receptions.
[commentator 2] Oh, my goodness.
Lila and Ricky,
nice to meet you guys.
[commentator 2] Davante Adams
is the best receiver
in the National Football League
for a reason.
Daija goes to school
with you guys, right?
- Yeah.
- Yeah. Nice.
You know, some of them
go to school with my daughter.
I don't know any of 'em 'cause
my wife drops her off every day.
- Are you Daija's dad? You're Daddy!
- What's that? I am.
- Hi. Megan. Nice to meet you.
- How you doing?
Some of 'em don't even know.
They just know
that Daija is Daija
and then when my wife
invites them to the party,
they show up and they're like,
"What is going on?"
- This is amazing!
- [Devanne] Thank you.
Holy shit.
It's gorgeous. I love it.
Thank you so much.
Like, the attention to detail
is so beautiful.
Daija wanted
a dinosaur birthday,
so she's getting
a dinosaur birthday.
[Davante] That's the fun part about
being a dad is that
Both of you, you know what?
Both of you get in,
you get out and you get out.
I can go be a superhero
out there on the field
and then come home
and be a superhero
and put on a big party for my baby.
What is that?
I get home, reset,
see my babies.
- Can I have a bite?
- No.
So when I go back in the building,
I'm giving it all I have there.
[whistle blows]
[Davante] Come get me. I feel powerful.
Eight Man Blue! Eight Man Blue! Set!
There it is!
[horn blows]
How wifey doing?
You got a boy or girl coming?
[Isaac] Girl. December.
How many kids you got?
Two. Two girls.
Ain't Bruh. I wanted a boy.
All I wanted was a boy.
Like, I just wanted that so bad. Really
all I care about is a healthy baby.
If I could choose it, would've been a boy.
I still want my boy now
- 'cause I got two girls.
- You want one.
If I If the only way I can
have a boy
was to have my boy
and five more girls,
- I would do it.
- I'm excited.
I swear. It's the greatest thing
in the world.
I feel like I'd put
a lot of pressure on a boy.
Oh, yeah.
We tender up with a kid
but like I feel like a girl,
- it's just like
- It's better for us
at what we do to start off,
get softened up
with a girl a little bit 'cause that way
we don't just drop it
- straight on your son like that.
- We're too competitive.
- I appreciate you ask.
- Of course.
[Justin] I'm still young.
I'm still a youngin'
at heart so
You gotta have a snack.
Candy is me. Bruh, that's me.
I eat candy in the morning.
I eat candy at nighttime.
To be honest,
it's really not my fault.
It's not my fault.
It's my mom's fault.
I'm blaming my mom. I'm sorry, Mom,
I'm really blaming you.
[Elaine] Oh, my God.
He's a candy lover. [laughs]
I did get the candy
for his house,
but it's for his friends,
not for him.
So So, listen,
don't judge me yet.
we gotta have the Sour Patch.
I feel like it's a must.
Got the chocolate.
Cinnamon pretzels
definitely be hitting crazy.
We got a lot in the back,
but we ain't gotta show that.
While I can, I'm gonna
continue to eat candy,
eat the junk food
while my body's still young.
There is gonna come a time
where that's gonna have
to stop for me.
This past off-season
I put more of a plan towards
how my eating habits, my diet.
I was like, "Man, I want to
have a chef to help me out
just with putting better food
into my body."
[indistinct commentary on TV]
- Is it almost ready, dawg?
- [Jorge] Almost ready, Just.
I feel like I'm doing a good job
of putting better food
into my system
so I can have a little room
for the junk food at the end.
The more I smell it,
the hungrier I get.
- [man on TV] Will you protect this house?
- [people shout] Always!
Aw, yeah. First time I seen it on TV.
There's nothing like
seeing yourself on television
in a commercial.
[hip-hop music playing]
[commentator] The Minnesota Vikings
select Justin Jefferson.
[commentator 2] He was a no-star recruit
coming out of high school who
developed into a star receiver
and first-round pick.
I definitely was a late bloomer.
Talking to my family, they kept
telling me it's gonna come.
Before he signed with LSU,
I think he had two offers
and from that point on,
he never looked back.
[commentator 3] Ultimate route runner.
Him and Davante Adams
like the best route runners.
Being in this position
is definitely being blessed.
Yes, sir!
I always dreamt of being
on this type of level.
[commentator 4] Justin Jefferson, he now
has the most receiving yards of anybody
in the history of the NFL
through his first three years,
passing Randy Moss.
If you were
to list all the traits
that elite wide receivers need
to have or you hope they have,
Justin's pretty much
checking every box.
Whether it's the down the field speed,
the ability to transition
in and out of route cuts,
the ability to catch
the difficult ball.
[announcer] Climbs the ladder.
Oh, my goodness!
[Kirk] He has all those skills
and it's natural for him to play
the position and
that was something we noticed
pretty quickly his rookie year.
And JJ scores!
Yes, he does!
Come on!
[commentator 1] Well, now Justin
will be dancing his way
into the hearts of
all the Vikings fans.
[commentator 2] He calls
that dance "The "Griddy."
[Justin] Back in college,
my mom was like,
"You should do something for
your touchdown celebration."
[Elaine] It was boring.
I'm like, "Dude, y'all
have to do something
to make it exciting.
So I'm like, "Okay,
got this new dance
called 'The Griddy.'"
This is from New Orleans,
not some normal dance people do.
I'm like, "Okay,
I'mma try to do that.
See if that works."
I went to LSU
and the Texas game
is what started everything.
I started hitting The Griddy
and the ref didn't
say anything to me.
So I'm like, "Okay, cool."
I can get away with this.
And then every single game
from there on,
every time I scored,
I hit The Griddy.
When I got into the league,
like my third game,
and when I scored
my first touchdown
going into the end zone,
I was like,
"Oh, yeah, this is it.
I gotta do something
to make it crazy."
So I started hitting the Griddy
going into the end zone.
I was hitting it for a long time.
I was hitting it
for a long time.
All of my teammates came up
and that was the start of it,
how it became worldwide.
Griddy, Griddy
Griddy, Griddy ♪
[commentator 1] Justin Jefferson
made the end zone dance,
the Griddy, famous.
- [commentator 2] The Griddy.
- [commentator 3] The Griddy.
["Griddy" song continues]
[reporter] The kids call it the "Griddy."
Dang, bro.
He's the one that Griddies?
[commentator] Football fans are used
to seeing renditions of it
as a touchdown celebration,
there you go.
Mike Gesicki with the worst
attempt at a Griddy in history.
I had the worst Griddy in the league.
Yeah, I had to.
[Justin] Seeing Randy Moss do it,
crazy to see.
[reporter] Because of Justin Jefferson,
suburban dads doing The Griddy.
- [kids cheering]
- [song continues]
For you to be the number one
or the best, you got to
have the full package.
And as a receiver, a part of that package
is being an entertainer.
And it's amazing to sit back
and see how many people
are actually doing it.
- Say it again?
- That kid wants to Griddy.
[Justin laughing]
[Elaine] I think it's awesome just to see
little kids doing something
that Justin brought to the game
and just to know that
that goes back to him,
as a mom,
it's a wonderful feeling.
[commentator 1] The Vikings,
a 13-win team last season,
now they are the reigning
NFC North champions.
What are we walking into
this season with the Vikings?
[commentator 2] They lost
a home playoff game
to the New York Giants, a team
they were better than.
[Justin] Let's have a day, guys,
let's do it.
Minnesota wants to
see wins in January.
[commentator 3] Why shouldn't the Vikings
be in the NFC title game
or the Super Bowl this year?
You have the best wide receiver
in the world.
It is there for the taking.
I think this is the pivotal,
pivotal year. I do.
[horn blows]
[commentator] Thursday Night Football
is in the air.
Let's get it. Let's get it. Let's get it.
[commentator 1] The Eagles one and 0,
the Vikings at 0 and one.
[commentator 2] They were favored at home
against Tampa Bay.
Turnovers just killed them.
Three big ones.
Lord, I just ask that you
give me the strength.
Give our team the strength
and let us go out there
and play fast, physical.
And have that confidence,
that swagger out on that field.
Lead us into victory.
In your name we pray.
[spectators cheering]
[commentator 2] The Philadelphia Eagles
lead the Vikings 10-7.
Kirk Cousins Caught, JJ.
And he's stopped at
the 28-yard line.
[Justin] My chain just falls off
and I kind of see it
when it falls off,
as I'm spinning around.
I hate when that
stuff happens to me,
when my jewelry falls off.
But I wasn't too worried
about getting the chain back.
I was more focused
on beating the Eagles
and help the team win.
[commentator 2] You know, thank goodness
we're only down by a score.
We just gotta get some more
consistency offensively.
Hey, I got you, you want it right now?
- No, I'm good.
- Listen, boy. Come on, believe!
Let's go.
[dramatic music]
[commentator 2] Cousins facing a big rush
throws right, caught Jefferson on the run.
Throws Caught!
Jefferson, they can't stop him.
[commentator 3] That's stealing for
Kirk Cousins throwing to his guy.
[commentator 1] Wow. What a job by JJ.
[commentator 2] That's eight catches
tonight for Jefferson, 115 yards.
I'm gonna give you a go ball.
You just might have
to hit the gas and roll.
[commentator 2] Jefferson
in motion to the left.
T-slot left.
Second and ten from
the Eagles 31. Cousins shotgun.
Pass left. Jefferson.
He dropped it.
[commentator 3] If he fumbled it out of
bounds in the end zone,
it's a touchback
and it's Philadelphia football.
Oh, my goodness. Come on.
[Justin] Damn, that really like,
fell out my shit.
Fuckin' Eagles.
Don't fucking drop
that ball, boy.
[commentator 3] He clearly loses control
- before the goal line.
- [commentator 2] Right.
[commentator 3] And it does indeed go over
the pylon for a touchback.
[commentator 2] Eagles take over
their own 20-yard line.
That's all on me, fellas.
Won't happen again.
Won't happen again.
Won't happen again.
That one on me. That one on me,
that's on me. That's on me.
I ain't gonna lie.
It was a tough feeling.
It was a terrible feeling.
There's no one else
that I can blame
on that play rather than myself.
[Kevin] I know what the fans
at home are thinking.
If he reaches that ball out,
gets the ball in the end zone
and that's a touchdown.
The most difficult thing
is just watching
how hard Justin took that.
That's on me, dawg.
That's on me. That's on me.
You just gotta trust I'mma give
you a fade on the next play.
Yes, sir.
Come on, Jets.
Come on, Jets.
It's not you, dawg.
Come on, hold on to the balls.
It definitely didn't feel good,
especially losing by
less than seven points.
[commentator 2]
Bad news from Philadelphia,
the Eagles defeated
the Vikings 34-28.
Minnesota is 0-2.
It's the four turnovers th a t won.
Being minus-six in the first
two games of the season,
I mean, that's not
winning football.
[Justin] Fumbles, dawg.
Fucking fumbled the ball.
Fuck! [sighs]
[Kevin] We're 0 and two.
We've lost by a combined nine points
and we've lost the turnover
battle seven to one.
When we talk about
"it's all about the ball,"
it's gotta fucking
mean something to you.
Everything inside you.
That's just holding
the organization in your hands
and not caring enough.
We've got the leadership
in this room to fix it.
We're gonna get this shit right and we're
gonna start rolling like a freight train.
- You guys with me?
- [Justin] Yes, sir.
[Kirk] No one felt worse than he did
about that one play.
I remember watching him
agonize over it post-game
and I thought as I headed to the bus,
"If this bothers him
as much as it's bothering him,
it's gonna help him
as a player in the long run."
[Justin] During those situations
where things aren't going well,
it's very frustrating
and it's difficult.
Losing games like this
because of mistakes
that you had on yourself is
the tough times to think about.
[commentator 1] Raiders wide receiver
Davante Adams was named
First Team All-Pro last season
despite the team's
difficult six and eleven year.
[commentator 2] For them to make a plus,
for them to do anything,
Davante Adams has to
continue to be a beast.
[Davante] Hey, Jimmy, if we get that Navy
Uncle Drew in the game,
just to be, like,
possible read it.
- Just remind me on that.
- Got you. Say less.
[commentator 1]
They brought in Jimmy Garoppolo,
Josh McDaniels going
into his second year,
you wanna see them
take a step
in the opposite direction
than what they were
moving in last season.
Cross the ball, I think
y'all are the most like us.
As far as the movements
and like the objective,
getting by a guy.
[Maxx] Davante, that's my twin.
We're just on the same wavelength.
We understand each other since day one.
The first conversation we had,
it was like I knew him for years.
[Davante] Every principle that I have
is the same as y'all basically.
You using hands off the line
and you're swiping.
What y'all are doing with your hands
is release work for me.
Maxx Crosby is my twin at this point.
We have to be, I don't care
if skin color's different,
I don't care, because for
the Steelers game, show up,
and I had this fit ready to go,
I thought I was going to be
the freshest one in the room
and I was tied.
I was tied for first unfortunately
'cause Maxx Crosby
decided to show up
wearing the exact same
Louis set that I wore to the game.
I'm like, "This is not real."
[Maxx] We're wearing the same
exact outfit on game day.
Happened more than once, which is insane.
The Louis Vuitton outfit,
you and Maxx had the same on.
- I know. We did.
- Did you plan it?
No, we did not.
And we did it last year with
the Alexander McQueen outfit.
We both didn't plan
that one either.
You guys just are on
the same wavelength?
Same wavelength,
baby, you got it.
One of our last games last year,
same thing happened.
I'm seeing on the Raiders Instagram
as I'm listening to music,
"Who wore it better?"
[Maxx] We just have similar
style and taste
and things that we like.
So he's one of the most good dudes
I've met since I've been in the league
and yeah, got a ton of love for him.
That wasn't my happiest moment,
but I think I took
the cake on both fits so
[commentator 1] A historic AFC rivalry
takes center stage tonight.
The Raiders and Steelers have
played many memorable games.
Here in present day,
both teams come in one and one,
and are still trying
to find their stride.
- How you doing, sir?
- I'm good. How are you?
[commentator 2] So it'll be
fourth down and maybe a link.
[commentator 1] Maybe a link.
[commentator 2] With 7:10
to go in the opening quarter.
- Obviously, you're going for it.
- You gotta go for it.
Can we get a TD?
Can we get something?
See what they
do here fourth and one.
Will he sneak it or hand it?
[referee] Ready? Set, hut!
Garoppolo clean pocket.
Lobs downfield for Adams.
Touchdown, Raiders!
Yes, baby!
[commentator] He was facing
the line as he caught it,
fell on his keister,
and landed in the end zone.
[crowd cheering]
Gutsy call and it pays off.
[indistinct yelling]
[Davante] Let's go! Let's go!
Let's go! Let's go!
I'm a different type of person
'cause ever since I was young
That was good.
[Davante] Anytime I know
people are watching me,
I have a certain type of feeling
that I get, a confidence feeling.
I ain't hard to find, baby.
And it brings out
the best in me.
Hard to catch
but not hard to find.
[upbeat music playing]
Sometimes I'll be in the game
and I'll even just tell myself,
"I bet everybody in here
is looking at me right now."
Just to get that feeling.
[referee] Hut!
[commentator] Davante's got six grabs.
Having a Hall of Fame half
against Pittsburgh.
[Davante] Boom!
You know, the releases
and the routes
and all these things that
they've been waiting to see,
I feel like it's my responsibility
to give them exactly
what they came to see.
- I'm gonna do you dirty.
- I'm trying to play football.
No, you not.
I got you.
[Jimmy] Ready, hut!
[commentator 1] Davante Adams
is so skilled at coming out
of those breaks
with a lot of speed.
Ten catches
for 153 yards for Davante.
Hey, you a tough mother, boy.
Appreciate that, bro.
[commentator 1] Now it's third down
and goal from about the one-and-a-half.
For Garoppolo.
5:45 to go.
They're down 16.
Can you say, "Go, Daddy"?
Go, Daddy.
[commentator 1]
Garoppolo throwing to Adams.
On a slant. Catches it
at the goal line, leans in.
Touchdown, Raiders.
[fans whooping]
Yay, Daddy.
Yay, Daddy.
[commentator 1] Davante Adams cut out left
and then back inside
and Jimmy G hit him
on a strike to make this game
23-13 with 5:41 to go.
[commentator 2] Thirteen catches,
172 yards, two touchdowns
for Davante Adams.
Yes, that's two.
- Say, "Good job, Daddy."
- [Pam] That's two.
- Good job, Daddy.
- [Pam] That's two, baby.
[Davante] That was a pretty
successful game for me.
- [player] We got one more in us.
- Oh, yeah. At least.
We got one more in us, c'mon now.
But that's not what it's about.
If I have 20 catches and 230 yards
and two touchdowns,
but we lose, then we're not
really progressing, you know,
to the level that
I ultimately want to get to.
[commentator 2] Davante Adams
having a whale of a ball game,
but Garoppolo does
have two interceptions.
There are only 12 seconds
left in this game.
Raiders trailing 23-18.
Snapped to Jimmy G,
Steelers bring forward.
He's off his back foot.
Fires far sideline
and it's picked off by Levi Wallace.
[Mike] Much respect, man.
You're a hell of a dude.
[commentator 2] Jimmy Garoppolo's
third interception of the night.
Steelers come into
Allegiant Stadium,
where Davante Adams was
a star bright as anybody.
And the road team beats
the Raiders 23-18.
[Davante] You know, it's tough because
this is a really good team.
We have a lot of potential.
You look at all these analytics
and all these things teams
have won with,
the turnover battle and things
and it don't mean shit until you
go out there and you play ball.
We having a tough time
doing that right now.
I don't wanna act
like it's all crazy.
It's week three,
but I don't got time to wait around.
[reporter 1] The Raiders
are one and two.
Davante is already
losing patience.
[reporter 2] Davante Adams,
it seems like he's starting
to get frustrated.
The message I was trying to get across
after that game was basically that
I got a lot less on the backend
than I do on the front.
So with time, meaning like
I'm running outta time
to do it right and be
able to hoist that trophy.
So, God willing, I can
play another five, you know,
or however long
the good Lord blesses me,
but that's not
completely up to me.
So in my mind, I don't
have that much time.
Did you tell Daddy you were
cheering for him?
- Were you cheering?
- You were saying "Go, Daddy."
She was, Dezi was too.
She was clapping.
- You like Daddy's jacket?
- You like?
Guess what happened today
with this outfit.
Take a wild guess.
Don't even say it.
There's absolutely no way.
Zero way, zero way.
- Maxx.
- Zero way.
The whole thing?
- There's no way.
- I swear to God.
[Devanne] I think you're gonna have
to start texting each other.
[Elaine] Hey, you got a special
Griddy for tomorrow, Jus?
I know y'all been working
on the new Griddy dance.
Well, you gotta at least get
in the end zone two times.
You gotta at least get
in the end zone two times at least.
The least, the least.
[Justin] My family's crazy,
very competitive.
We always are around sports.
We always enjoy playing sports
and just competing
with one another.
[John] He hate to lose.
I used to play him
in one-on-one,
but I always beat him.
He used to come inside crying.
You know,
"Daddy didn't let me win."
And of course my wife,
Elaine, "Yeah, let him win.
Just let him win one time."
But until he was able to win
is when he finally beat me.
When he did beat me,
he runs inside, all excited.
[Justin] My dad was a basketball player,
played all the way
until college.
He always tell us the stories
about his 40-something
inch vertical,
all this and that.
My brothers, I feel like, you know,
that's kind of where
we get it from.
We kind of all have
that, you know,
competitive aspect
to everything.
My oldest brother Jordan,
he played quarterback at LSU.
The first one out the whole
family to go to a SEC school.
My middle brother,
Ricky, he played safety,
and then me going to LSU.
It was so fun.
It was so, so fun. [laughs]
Both my brothers didn't pan out
to be big-time NFL stars.
So, you know, I wanted to have
a better outcome on my career.
So, you know,
I'm playing for them.
Me being able to be in this position,
pretty much being a superstar,
I feel like they can be a superstar
as well by living through me.
[commentator 1] Make or break week
for the Vikings.
And if the record
drops to 0 and 4,
the odds to make the postseason drop
to near impossible.
It definitely was
a difficult time, you know,
just with being 0 and 3 and then
now going into Carolina.
Let's do it, come on.
Come on, let's do it.
But we did not hang our head down.
We thought about
what we can do next
and trying to get
our first W of the season.
[commentator 2] Jefferson,
458 receiving yards coming in.
That is tied
for the most through three games
of a season since 1970.
[commentator 1] Cousins fires to
the end zone to Jefferson.
- Touchdown!
- [crowd cheering]
I'm gone. I'm gone.
As soon as the ball goes "hut," I'm gone.
[commentator] Third and one.
Cousins play action.
Facing a four-man rush,
rolls out to the right,
fires, caught.
Justin Jefferson.
Come on now.
Come on now.
Come on now.
Come on now.
As soon as I caught it, I looked
and they was there.
My parents was right there.
I spun the ball, Griddy'd to them.
[commentator 1] Here's JJ!
And I dropped the ball.
Hugged my mom.
That was definitely a memory
that's gonna last forever.
[John] It was a very exciting moment,
but nobody saw us
doing the Griddy.
So it was a good moment.
I don't think they wanted
to see us doing the Griddy.
We're still in the practicing stage.
[commentator 2]
And the Minnesota Vikings have
won their first game
of the season.
Thanks in part to two Justin Jefferson
receiving touchdowns.
[Elaine] I love you.
We gonna go back to the hotel,
chill for a minute,
- get a bite to eat.
- I love you too.
- I fly out tonight.
- Finally got a win.
You could've had three on
the day, four of 'em.
[commentator 3] Next Sunday,
got a big one at US Bank Stadium
against the Kansas City Chiefs
and the Vikings head into it
with some positivity.
[Justin] Ooh, nice catch.
Nice catch.
- [Kevin] Is this new?
- Mmm?
[Kevin] Is this new?
[Justin] I don't know, man.
I wonder what I would buy
if I had the new contract.
[reporter] Jefferson now
finished his third year.
He's eligible for a new contract.
[Justin] The second contract
is definitely important,
just because
that's what's going
to pretty much set you up
for a long time.
[reporter] Well, Jefferson's
4,825 receiving yards
are the most by any player
in their first three seasons
in league history.
So it's likely a new deal
will surpass Tyreek Hill's
current record
for a receiver of
$30 million a year.
[Justin] It's only my fourth year,
so I'm early
to talk about
the contract than normal.
Normally a first-rounder starts
talking about the contract
after the fourth year.
By doing the things
that I've done,
you know, something
that no one else
in the history
of the game has done,
you kind of get a chance
to talk about it a little earlier
than expected.
[reporter 1] JJ, he's got 543 yards.
First in the NFL.
[reporter 2]
He's the number one receiver by far.
[screams] Let's go!
[reporter 2] Aren't you worried about
getting injured before the deal?
If I'm him, I'm like,
"I know if I get hurt,
that contract looks different."
[Justin] I mean, just let the play
do all of the talking.
Lay down the foundation of
where you would like to be,
what number you
would like to be at,
and I can't rush it.
[Kevin] As an organization, doing a deal
after the third year
was something we very much wanted
to get done.
[reporter] Both sides
tried to get a deal done
before the season started,
but it didn't get done.
He now plans
to play out this season
before resuming talks for a new deal.
They were
talking about a deal
that could have made him
the highest paid wide receiver
in football, but he's betting on himself.
It's a tough conversation,
but you know, it is what it is.
[commentator 1] Here we go, Sunday,
October 1st, at SoFi Stadium.
The Las Vegas Raiders
at the L.A. Chargers.
Big day for the silver and black.
Davante, he's the beast.
Get Davante going early on.
[commentator 2] 7-0. Chargers
here with the early lead.
And there is Davante Adams
and looking for Adams
and well out of bounds.
Oh, my God.
[commentator 2] There's the flag
for illegal contact.
Hey, hey.
No, hey, don't try that.
No, no, no, no, no.
That was a touchdown.
No, no, that was a touchdown.
That's a touchdown.
That's a touchdown.
That's smart though.
That was smart.
Good play, 4-3.
[commentator 3] I like the fact that
they took a shot to the end zone.
At some point in time,
you gotta test the defense.
That time trying to get
it into the end zone
or near the end zone with Adams.
[commentator 2] Play action.
He's gonna throw.
Fires over the middle.
Behind Adams, it's incomplete.
It was thrown behind Davante
who is down on the turf.
Hey, they're coming in for you, okay?
Running that route,
coming across the middle.
As soon as I put
hands on the ball,
I got this guy tackling me
as I'm turning, so I'm spinning
and trying to land the right way
and he stopped my rotation
and as soon as I hit the ground,
I felt it just instantly.
[Davante groans in pain]
Everything from my bicep,
all up to my trap was just numb.
Hey, they're coming in for you, okay?
Chris and Scott
are coming in right now.
- [Davante] Fucking shoulder.
- [coach] Is it out?
- [coach 1] Which one?
- [Davante] Nah, my right one.
It's numb as fuck, though.
- [coach 1] Stinger?
- [Davante] Yeah.
- [coach 1] Any pain there?
- Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
- [coach 2] Just at the AC joint?
- Yeah, that point,
it feels like
it's poking through my pad.
[commentator] Davante Adams now
back to his feet
and walking off to the far sideline
with a shoulder injury.
[tense music playing]
[Davante grunts softly]
You are coming for this
Yep. I got it.
[staff 1] So you have
an AC injury, okay.
Nothing's broken,
but you do have a ligament injury.
[Davante] You know, I dealt
with a AC spraying before,
but this one was definitely
by far the worst that I dealt with.
[staff 1] So, the spot that hurts
is right there in the top?
- In here is okay?
- [Davante] Mm-hmm.
I'm talking to them about some
of the different things we can do to try
to get me back on the field.
They told me that there
was a lidocaine shot
that they could do
to potentially allow me
to come back in the game.
They let me know
this one is on you to decide.
And I said, "There's no question."
Is it going to numb it
to the point where I can
[staff 1] That's the question.
It might, it might not.
[staff 2] It's going to bring
your pain down significantly,
and then we just have to see
where your function lies after that.
So we go in and do the injection.
He tells me I'll know pretty quickly
and I mean, probably in
like 45 seconds to a minute,
I'm like "Hold on."
I started raising
my arms up a little bit
and I told him,
"Toss me a ball."
I just started catching
the ball and I'm like, "Okay.
Let's tape this up
and I'm going back out there."
What's the score right now?
[staff 2] 17-7.
- [Davante] Okay.
- The last I checked.
[staff 1] Your wife reached out.
What do you want us to tell her?
[Davante] Tell her I'm all right,
just hurt my shoulder,
and tell her that we're
working on trying to get back in.
But there's no guarantee.
- [staff 1] Okay, cool.
- [Davante] Appreciate it.
- Thank you
- [staff 1] All right, man. Yep.
[Davante] Coming back in that game,
you know, I feel like it was big
just for the team's morale,
you know, not saying
everybody rallied.
I didn't leave in a wheelchair.
It wasn't a big deal,
but kind of saw it in
a couple of my guys' eyes.
Josh Jacobs.
- I seen that shit.
- Grade three.
[Josh] Oh, damn, that's almost off again.
You coming back?
You real for that.
That makes me feel some type of way too.
I love that my teammates think
that way of me
and acknowledge it and understand
just how much it means for me
to be out there helping them.
[Greg] You ain't gonna be to able to
sleep the whole week, dawg.
[Davante] I know.
[Greg] You have to sleep on the couch
with a pillow right here.
You have to learn
how to fall now.
[Davante] Hit my shit, like
I just wanna see what it feel like.
I ain't
- [Greg] Be careful.
- [Davante] Yeah.
I'm just trying to think of like
how that shit gonna feel.
[Greg] Like roll that bitch
over to your back.
I did an AC in 2018.
Still fucking bothers me.
[Davante] Very comforting. Thank you.
Thank you.
[commentator 2] Davante Adams back
on the field. Love to see that.
Looked like a serious injury.
[commentator 1]
I almost wonder how healthy
that shoulder is, if he's
out there more as a decoy.
[commentator 2] Adams.
[commentator 1] No, he's not a decoy.
[commentator 2] I wasn't sure
if he'd be able to lift that shoulder,
lift that arm up.
[Davante] Yeah, yeah, let's go.
Whatever the A is in the clavicle,
it was completely separated.
[commentator 2]
Quick throw to Adams at the ten.
He gets a stiff arm at the five.
Basically raised,
you can see it a little bit
through the hoodie now,
but I don't think I had
a catch in the first half
and had eight
or nine catches
in the second half, so
- That's a catch.
- Yeah.
[Davante] Being able to overcome that
and go down
and have opportunity
to still win the game was big.
[commentator 2] Finds Adams, he's got
the catch, the Chargers' 40.
[Davante] Hey, keep going, boy.
Let's go.
[commentator 2] Raiders trailing
the Chargers 24-17.
This game is not over yet.
Fires for the corner.
Adams makes the catch at the three!
I mean, I just really
love this game so much
that I knew I was gonna
be able to get this done.
[commentator] First and goal at the three.
Raiders down seven.
[commentator 1] Rolling out to his right.
Throws that way
and it's picked off at the two!
Oh, no.
[commentator 2] The Raiders falling here
to one and three on the season.
[Davante] Fuck no.
Fuck no, man.
What are you feeling now?
A little discomfort,
but it's football.
It definitely does
not feel good right now,
but it is what it is.
You gotta go do what you
gotta do for your team.
[Jim] What do you guys have to do
to win this game?
[Justin] Stop turning
the ball over. Period.
I feel like the first four games,
the turnovers have been killing us.
Especially in the red zone.
We just hurting ourselves
in the worst possible ways.
[Tony] I don't know how,
but you keep getting better.
Is there any way
for me to describe like
like knowing the
game better each year?
- I don't know.
- Yeah.
- How do I describe it?
- That's a good question.
I always just try
to find different ways,
even if it's the smallest
to try to improve my game.
You know, if it's
watching Davante Adams
on his releases,
Keenan Allen on his releases.
Just watching all of the different guys
throughout the league,
seeing their moves,
trying to implement it into mine.
[Jim] If you score, normally
we're used to seeing The Griddy.
But supposedly there's
gonna be something else?
We got different versions
of the Griddy now.
So you know, it could be any Griddy.
This is the Jet Griddy.
I wave my hands
in the air like a jet.
Good job, boy.
[Justin] This is the Monopoly Griddy.
It's like you roll a dice,
you do The Griddy.
This is the LeBron Griddy with the powder.
- The powder.
- Okay.
You don't have a name
for the hamstring Griddy, huh?
[commentator] Jefferson, did he
just hurt himself in the celebration?
[Justin] That one is called
the Stan Da Man.
Like he's a funny guy. He does
comedy videos on Instagram.
He's like running
boom, boom, boom,
and then he fakes like he having
an injury and he say, "Psych!"
And he started doing
a little bit.
- [laughter]
- So that's where we got it from.
I remember going like
this like, "Oh no!"
Probably had
people scared for a moment.
Yeah, for sure.
For sure.
Well, I don't wanna
give our fans a heart attack
in the stadium.
You're playing awesome, buddy.
Thank you.
Appreciate you.
Appreciate you.
[commentator 1]
Welcome to US Bank Stadium.
Week five in the
National Football League
and here in Minneapolis.
It features the one-and-three
Minnesota Vikings taking
on the three-and-one
Kansas City Chiefs.
- [Patrick] This is an attitude game.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
[Patrick] You have to step on this field
with attitude.
From the beginning
to the fucking end.
I need everything.
Play for the guy beside you
and find a way to win
a football game.
"Chiefs" on three.
- One, two, three.
- [all] Chiefs.
[reporter] Kansas City on a three-game
win streak,
but you got Minnesota
losing the first three,
bounce back last week
to win against Carolina.
Where do you feel
they are right now?
I'm excited about
their opportunity.
Not only today,
but the rest of the year.
If you're a Vikings fan,
I'd be excited.
[reporter 1] This is a good football team.
[Justin] You know what it is.
- Let's go.
- [Justin] Yes, sir.
- Love you.
- Love you too, Mama.
[Elaine] Do your thing.
All right?
Let's be blessed out there.
- Yes, ma'am.
- [Elaine] You know I'm praying.
All right.
You know what time it is.
Let's get it.
You know what time it is, dawg.
I came straight to see
the greatest show in America.
You know what time it is.
- Let's go, Kirko.
- [Kirk] Turbo, set!
[commentator] Cousins back to pass.
Throws a slant right side.
Caught. JJ at the 15.
Yes! Oh, that was sweet.
That was sweet.
Yeah, baby.
[commentator] You almost cannot come up
with enough superlatives
to talk about the threat
that Justin Jefferson is.
[commentator 1] Oh, he is so special.
I mean, this guy is
un-guardable man to man.
Let's go, Jets!
There we go.
My hamstring. Fuck!
[tense music]
- [commentator] And JJ's checking out.
- Hey!
Oh, my Lord.
Oh, my Lord.
[commentator] Everybody collectively
holding their breath in Vikings country.
Please, Lord.
Please, Lord.
[Justin] My hamstring.
Your hamstring grab on you?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, bad?
Right in the middle.
Hamstring or cramps?
[commentator] Here's the injury.
Watch the slippage at
about the ten-yard line
where the injury occurred.
[commentator 1] You see him grab that
hamstring just a little bit right there.
[commentator] Yeah, that's
not the fake hamstring injury
on the Stan Griddy,
as he calls it.
This one has people concerned.
Oh, my God, something's wrong.
That is a huge,
huge scary feeling.
[Justin groans in pain]
[Justin] In that fourth quarter,
I had like a double move.
I planted the left
and when I went to plant
the right, my foot slid
and I felt like a pop.
[Vikings staff] Did it pop
or did it just tighten?
[Justin] I felt like it popped
a little bit.
Take him to the tent?
Lars, let's go to the tent.
Let's be quick.
Come on.
[Justin] Fuck!
My hamstring.
There's always tests
that they always make you try.
[staff] Point to where
you feel it the most.
[Justin] Right here.
[staff] Is that where you feel it?
[Justin] Yeah, right here.
[staff] This isn't acting
like a cramp, or anything.
This is more of like
a pulled hamstring, okay?
I know it's not what you want to hear,
but I think this is gonna
keep bugging you right now.
That's the time where it's like, "Okay,
I'm really injured." You know, I'm hurt.
It's not something
that you want to hear.
[staff] Keep your head up.
All I want to do is make sure
that this doesn't turn
into a long-term thing.
Because we need you, buddy, okay?
[Justin] So I'm like,
you know, just gimme a second.
I want to have time
to really think of it.
Just kind of calm down a little bit.
[commentator] We hear from Tracy
that Jefferson is questionable
with a hamstring.
[commentator 1]
Hope he's all right going forward.
It's a big, big time loss.
[commentator 2] Justin Jefferson,
it seems like it's potentially bad.
I mean, that's just the absolute
worst person to lose.
Well, the Minnesota Vikings
drop to one and four.
- Good shit out there, boy. Same here.
- Great seeing you.
- Keep doing your thing, boy.
- Yes, sir.
Is this, uh
something you've had before?
[Justin] No. Never been injured before.
[reporter] Breaking news for you,
the Vikings plan
to place their superstar
wide receiver Justin Jefferson
on injured reserve.
So brutal news for the Vikings here
at a time
that their season hangs in the balance.
[reporter 1] Remember there was talk
he's gonna get this monster contract
for the season.
This is not good timing, obviously.
[pensive music]
[dramatic music playing]
[fan] Omaha!
[crowd cheering]
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