Receiver (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

Moving Target

[George] Oh!
You don't feel shit.
You don't feel shit.
You're great,
you're healthy, you're strong.
I am.
I am healthy. I am strong.
As a tight end,
you put yourself out there
when you're running routes and stuff.
You run across the middle,
you're not sure what's there
every single time.
[George] You are susceptible
to massive hits.
Not gonna lie to you. I got
fucked up on that first play.
- You're on.
- [Amon] We're vulnerable out there.
When our eyes are back at the quarterback
or tracking a football,
that's what we're focused on.
Trying to make a play on the ball.
We're not seeing anything else around us.
That ball is the most
important thing.
You can't overly think about it.
You can't think that, uh
about the bad things.
This is a collision sport.
That's the type of stuff
you gotta watch out for.
Playing receiver is up there
as far as injury rate.
I mean, it's basically 100%.
Whoo! I got up quick as fuck,
but then I couldn't breathe.
I had to go back down.
At the end of the day, like,
injuries come with this game,
so you just got to deal with 'em,
and whenever your time comes,
you just go out there and just do
whatever it is to help your team win.
He hit me so hard!
It's football. It's fun.
Whoo! Nice hit.
I promise. But I don't know
if you would like it as much as I do.
Come here.
It's a fucking first down, baby.
Oh, I love it!
[reporter] Well, the Vikings not only
lost the game yesterday,
they lost their most valuable
offensive weapon in Justin Jefferson.
[reporter 1] Justin Jefferson goes to IR.
This is Heartbreak City,
especially with where
the Vikings are right now.
[reporter 2] Now the question becomes,
"How long before he can return?"
[reporter] There are some issues
in Minnesota,
'cause if they fall
further out of contention,
what is gonna be the incentive
for someone like Jefferson,
who's still looking
for a new long-term contract,
to get back on that field?
[reporter] Now that he's got
this hamstring injury,
why would you come back?
Why would you risk
further injury?
I'm not gonna be surprised
if we don't see him again this year.
No one, no one, no one
in this game could ever tell me
to not play
or to tank the season,
or to do any of that other stuff,
because I'm not that type
of person, you know?
I wanna play.
I love the game of football,
and I want to I want to be the best.
So, in order for that to happen,
I gotta be out there on that field.
So there's there's no
there's no prolonging the injury.
There's no, "Oh, he's sitting out
because of contract."
There's none of that at all.
There's only one other time
that I actually got hurt.
My sophomore year of high school.
I had broken my elbow.
Ever since then,
this is my first injury
that I really had to
to make me miss a game
or miss time.
So it's a little tough.
It's a little tough,
'cause it's not what
I planned for this year.
Sometimes, life hits you with
some different stuff
that you gotta deal with.
[Tyler] The typical timeframe
for a high-grade hamstring,
the one like he had,
is anywhere from eight to ten weeks.
Right away,
we're trying to just get
that injury to calm down.
So, at the beginning
stages of an acute injury,
we wanna see the guys as long
and as often as we can.
And then, the tissue will
start to remodel and repair.
As of now, I'm just trying
to get it back strong,
um, get the tissues back strong,
so we ain't gotta worry about this
later on in the season.
[man] Let's go!
And hold. Good. Relaxed.
[Justin] Really just exercises to help
strengthen the hamstring,
strengthen the glutes,
a lot of hip exercises.
So many things that I don't
even know the name of.
You know, it's a process.
And go!
[Justin] You know, it's not gonna
feel better tomorrow,
so you kind of have to be
a little bit patient about it.
Kind of gotta be positive.
Stay in that positive
mind space.
You can't overly think about it.
You kind of have to think about it
as maybe this happens for a reason.
[Tyler] You are gonna go through
a disappointment stage.
You're gonna go through a grief stage.
You're gonna go through a "why me?" stage.
But it's important just to say,
"Be upset for a couple days,
but once you're upset,
and you have that right,
we're gonna wash that, and we're
gonna start going this way."
And it's important to have
your athletes do that.
Come on, let's go!
Being around the team helps a lot.
But also, you know,
it sucks being on the sideline,
you know,
watching my team perform.
You're like a lion in the cage.
[laughs] For sure.
I hate it. [laughs]
We hate it more, man.
[commentator] And the Vikings hang on
and win it here in Chicago, 19 to 13.
I can't really do much about it,
besides making myself better,
making me more healthier,
getting me stronger.
Going into Tampa week,
I was just coming back
from my oblique injury.
I was feeling good,
but I didn't know the extent of it.
If you get hit again,
if it's going to tear more,
whatever the case may be.
You don't be nervous?
Not right now.
When we get out there.
You got the first play?
Let's go.
Lions from their own 43-yard line.
Goff up under center,
turns, fakes the give,
sets the pocket, looks, looks,
throws deep middle,
it is caught, 35-yard line,
sliding down is
Amon-Ra St. Brown inside the 33.
How we doing?
- What?
- We get 20-yard catch and we go down?
I'm not taking no hits.
- What, you thinkin' 'bout the hip?
- Longevity.
I'm tired of something happening
in every game.
I got the first down, right?
I'm back.
- Nothing's hurting. There's two.
- I'm just saying. I'm just saying.
There's three dudes,
I'm like, "I'm good, bro."
They can make fun of me.
I'm available. I slid.
I'm not trying to like
Ah, get out of here!
[Williams groans]
They all Look, they
all three looked at me.
- Go one more.
- But you got it.
- You already got the ball.
- It's done. I know. Keep going.
I'm not breaking these tackles.
These dudes are waiting for me.
They're looking at me,
facing me up.
I don't need to take
unnecessary hits.
Your availability
is your best ability at this point.
So, taking unnecessary hits
is just not smart to me.
I'm tired of something happening
to me every fucking game.
Like, I'm good.
I got down on the cut.
Don't worry, I still took
plenty of hits that day.
[Goff] Turbo, set!
I'm ready for it
Yeah, yeah ♪
I'm ready for it
Yeah, yeah ♪
I'm ready for it
Yeah, yeah ♪
[commentator] A nice return
for St. Brown from injury.
Yeah, boy! Yeah, boy! Yeah, boy!
No fuckin' chance.
Mueller, action alpha, turbo.
3-3 game.
Third and 13.
One-eighty! Hut! Set.
Goff's got it, back, looking,
throws middle, complete.
Amon-Ra at the 20,
cutting across,
looking for a block,
a big block to the end zone.
Touchdown, Detroit Lions!
What the fuck! I do this shit!
- I can do this!
- [Brock] Aw, baby!
Fuck they talking about?
I'm ready for it
Yeah, yeah ♪
[Amon] I made one guy miss,
a linebacker. Wasn't worried about him.
But then on my perif,
I saw one of my teammates.
Craig comes outta nowhere,
lights him up.
[commentator] Craig Reynolds
with a big block to help spring him.
[Amon] He's the reason why I scored.
Thanks to Craig.
Yeah, been ready for it ♪
Coming back now
I'm ready for it, yeah ♪
Career-high 12 catches
on the day for Amon-Ra.
124 yards.
Come on, boy!
- I love it!
- I love you.
I love it!
Bro, Craig's block was crazy.
[broadcaster] Lions picked up
another road victory,
that is their fourth
straight win.
They are 5-1 on the season.
They have won their first
three road games this year.
Luck of the leprechaun.
[player] Wait, what is this?
- How does this work, Coach?
- How do you put this on?
It's gonna fit.
Over the head. Yep.
Put that on,
that go around back.
[Okwara] Notre Dame versus USC week.
It's always a big week for us.
I went to USC, Julian went to
Notre Dame, we're huge rivals.
Okwara, he's like,
"You wanna make an agreement?"
I said, "Sure."
The fans are ready for you,
old boy.
- This stinky-ass.
- It's brand-new.
[Amon] Notre Dame ends up winning.
Sure enough, I come in after practice,
I do my whole routine, whatever,
and the whole leprechaun is
laid out in front of my locker.
I'm like, "Damn."
[Julian] Damn, boy, you look good.
I like that color on you.
All right, guys.
Come on. Hurry up, hurry up.
So how did this come up?
You thought you were
you told us last week
[Amon] Yeah, so we made an agreement.
So I called J.O., FaceTimed him,
and he said, you know, "If SC wins,
he has to be Tommy Trojan,"
I said, "Okay." Then he said,
if Notre Dame wins,
I gotta be
whatever this green thing is.
How do you feel like you
look in it?
Uh, I mean, I don't know, like,
this material is trash.
Like, everything about this is trash,
but it is what it is.
Boy, you look good.
- [reporter] Oh, my God. All right.
- [male reporter] Thank you.
- Thank you.
- You're a good sport.
You were, like, looking in the other
Like the whole time I was trying to
Rip this shit. [groans]
Come on.
Come on.
[gasps] Oh, my
[all roaring]
What dinosaurs say?
- [Tyshun Jr.] Rawr.
- [Deebo] Rawr.
What the cows say?
I think he'll like the cow train.
- [roars] Yeah.
- Okay.
Oh! Daddy might be
a little too big for them.
The things Daddy
do for you, boy.
- Say, "Whoo!"
- That hurt.
I know. I know them knees, boy.
[Deebo] I'm crunching every ligament
I own for you, boy.
Daddy can't wait
to get outta here.
- The cow train hurt.
- This is so cute, though.
You wanna go in the corn maze?
- This is a little creepy.
- Nah. Don't be scared now.
I ain't never had him
hold my hand this tight.
[Mahogany] You just walking like we know
how to get back now.
[Deebo] I'm gonna show you
how to get out.
This is my first time
ever at a pumpkin patch.
It's different than
I thought.
I thought it was gonna be
pumpkins everywhere,
but it was a little different.
We all followin' Deebo, so pray.
[Deebo] Now I see how the people
in the movies be getting lost.
Daddy lost!
Head, shoulders, knees, and toes
Knees and toes ♪
Eyes and ears
and mouth and nose ♪
Head, shoulders, knees, and toes
Knees and toes ♪
[Mahogany] A lot of stuff
don't really get his attention,
but football and him
I feel like I get the cut, like, after.
No, it's his son,
football, then me.
Even when he have a off day,
he's busy.
So, when we do do things, I be like,
"Oh, my God, I had so much fun."
[Deebo] When I'm not around football,
I don't want to be bothered by it.
I know it's like part of who I am,
but I feel like when I'm with my family,
I think it's just family time and don't
wanna be bothered by nothing else.
Record right now, 5-0.
The start that we wanted to start off at.
The last time we was 5-0,
we went to the Super Bowl,
um, and didn't win.
But hopefully,
it'll be a little different.
But, um, we actually off
to a good start right now.
I'm averaging what,
30, 35 points a game?
Um, not turning the ball over.
We're playing good team ball right now.
Hopefully, we can continue
to keep it going.
I caught a ball towards
the end zone against the Cowboys.
I thought I was about to score,
and dude ended up hitting me in my back,
and, like, that was the pain
that I felt in my ribs.
I was like Even though, like,
you feel the adrenaline,
you still know, like, the pain there,
but you're like,
"All right, just gotta shake it off
and just keep going."
Bruh, he hit me so hard.
He hit me so hard in the back.
[Deebo] Right now,
I'd say probably about 90%.
I give it a week or so,
I'll probably be back to 100.
But you never know,
um, all these hits
and stuff I'm taking,
that's just what comes with the sport.
That's why they pay you
the big bucks.
We got Cleveland Browns, another test
for us with the defense they have.
We're going to have to just get ready
to get on the road
and hopefully come out
with another dub.
[broadcaster] 49ers are outside
of the state of California
for the first time
since the opener.
And of course, they won 'em all.
They're 5-0, bro.
[sighs deeply]
Breathe in confidence,
exhale fear.
Breathe in belief, exhale doubt.
I'm huge into speaking things
into existence.
Specifically, you know, you have to tell
your your mind has to tell your body,
you know, what it's feeling,
because your body is going
to be telling you,
"You got hit in the knee
this past week,
and that nerve going down
your foot feels really bad."
It's your mind's job
to be like, "That feels fine.
I'm gonna be great today.
I am healthy, I am strong, I am fast."
Find your place and be great in it.
[inhales sharply]
[exhales] Flip that fuckin' [indistinct]
It is a conversation you have
to have with yourself constantly,
but it, um, it definitely helps
to be able to, you know,
"Hey, I am healthy,
don't worry about that.
Don't worry about a toe,
don't worry about anything.
Just focus on what you can
focus on, and just go to work."
[commentator] A little bad blood
pre-game in the warmup line.
It's up, it's up, it's up,
it's up, it's up, it's up,
it's up, it's up!
It was weird, 'cause we was
just all vibing and whatnot,
and then, you know,
my guy Brandon,
he up and ready
for all the games and whatever.
You know, we just talking junk,
this, that, and the third,
and I just see a guy just walk up on him
and like, get in his face.
At the end of the day,
I'm gonna do whatever it is
to, like, protect my team.
I didn't throw a punch,
'cause you get fined or ejected.
So I just threw a little headbutt.
It's up, it's up, it's up, it's up,
it's up, boy, it's up, boy.
[whistle blowing]
They running up on us.
He came at me.
But you know, you're the captain,
and I need you to be you.
- Do you know what I mean?
- Yes, sir.
Okay? I'm talking to him
right now, Walt.
I'm talking to him right now.
Okay. I know you
gotta protect yourself.
- 100%.
- But you headbutted him.
He had his hand in my face.
I understand. So that's
why I'm giving you a break.
- Yes, sir.
- I expect a lot from you,
- 'cause you have such a good reputation.
- I didn't use my hands.
You did good, okay? All right?
So I just want to tell you
that there was a lot
of excitement going on.
I wanted to come over and tell you,
"Hey, be the captain for me, okay?"
- Yes, sir.
- All right.
I love all that shit, all right?
Keep that shit controlled.
Don't let them get us
out our game, bro. Aight?
- 100%.
- We here now. We here now.
[George] What do you say, boys?
What do you say?
How fun is this?
Let's go.
The 49ers will be on offense
at about the 16-yard line.
Hut, 18! Hut, set!
Deebo Samuel on the sweep,
gets a block,
Samuel with a good, strong run.
That's a good start.
I need to go get
my shoulder looked at, bro.
Yes. All right.
Nah, I don't like, when I lift it,
that shit hurt right there.
- How about this?
- Yeah, it's right there. Like
On this this thing?
- No.
- No?
It's like all my muscles around it
- Yeah.
- it's like, that shit hurt.
- More in the front here?
- Like, I can't lift it.
- It's shutting down?
- Yeah.
I got a jet sweep
run around the right corner,
and a guy hit me,
like, in my bicep.
I get hit pretty good,
like, every now and then,
and I didn't think nothing of it.
And it's Juan Thornhill,
who got into a pushing
altercation with Deebo pre-game,
who gets down
to make the tackle.
So I'm thinking like,
my arm is going to come back,
and it's, like it's, like, numb,
and it's, like, really, really hurting.
We'll see what's up with Deebo Samuel
as he went into the blue tent.
You just got hit right there?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
[Deebo] It's kind of like
right here.
- [man] Hold it right here.
- [Deebo groaning]
- That shit fucking hurt.
- [man] That's your bicep.
I can't let you go back
until you get your strength.
Fuck, man.
[man] Just feels like it
shut down right now?
Feel like that shit just dead.
7-0, 49ers. Concern here,
Deebo Samuel now going
to get checked out.
[Deebo] And it get, like
it gets sharp.
- [man] It gets sharp?
- [Deebo] Yeah.
- [man] When you try to move it?
- [Deebo] Mm-hmm.
Got no strength in my fucking
in my arm.
[broadcaster] Deebo Samuel is out
of this game with a shoulder injury.
[Deebo] I don't know how
I'm gonna get these pads off.
[man] We gonna find a way.
Deebo's gone, though. Shoulder.
Hey, Deebo. Sorry, man.
It hit a nerve. My
It just went numb. It's dead.
- Still dead?
- Kind of.
- You get, like, a stinger?
- I never had one.
Neither have I. I don't know
what that feels like, knock on wood.
[commentator] So the challenge
the remaining of this game
for Kyle Shanahan is
he's gotta figure out
what plays on that call sheet
can weather losing Deebo Samuel.
[George] When you remove
a piece like that,
especially when you've been
rolling for five weeks,
it's like, "Okay, well,
half of our game plan right now,
that was a big Deebo game,"
and now we have to bring in a guy
who got zero the reps
and still run this offense.
[commentator] Four-man rush, Purdy
slings it, intercepted!
And the first
big mistake from Purdy,
and the Browns in business.
We're good.
So, no Deebo Samuel here,
they've missed his production
and his versatility.
You know, on the sideline,
it's not too much you can do,
it's not too much you can say,
it's just like, I'm in my head like,
"Bro, like, I wish
I could just go out here
and just put it all on the line
for my guys."
[commentator 1]
19-17, Browns lead.
[commentator 2] Purdy to Aiyuk
who works his way open.
Aiyuk cuts back.
Good move, Brandon Aiyuk.
Still going into Browns' territory.
[commentator 1]
They're gonna send out the kicking unit,
see if they can win this game.
[commentator 2] Yep. And so it'll be
on the rookie, Jake Moody.
Forty-one yards the distance.
[commentator 1] Here we go. If he makes
the kick, the 49ers win, they're 6-0.
If he misses the kick,
the 49ers lose.
Snap, hold, Jake has it away.
He has the distance,
and it is no good.
Jake Moody missed the kick,
and the 49ers lose.
That sucks.
Hey, Jake. Hey, next one, okay?
It's okay.
Here we go!
[commentator 1]
Major upset here in Cleveland.
That sucks.
[commentator 1] Heartbreak tonight,
Browns beat the Niners
to drop the Niners to 5-1 on the year.
[George] Oh, that's tough.
That's a super tough one.
[commentator 1]
49ers not only lose this game,
they also lost Deebo Samuel
for almost the entire game
in the first half
with a shoulder injury.
Now, can he play when the 49ers
play on Monday Night Football
against the Minnesota Vikings?
[player chatter]
[Davante] Let's get it.
[broadcaster] Davante Adams,
last week,
he fought through it
at the end of the game
with that shoulder injury,
said he, you know,
should have left the game,
but he stayed in there.
When I catch the ball,
like, above my head,
I gotta, like,
lock my shoulder in place, like,
like, almost, like,
fight the ball when it comes,
'cause any time I feel
any of that, like, if I try
to catch some shit here
and he threw, like, a fast-ass ball,
that action right there, boy
I gotta, like
I gotta catch it, like
Yeah, attacking that.
You know what the best rehab thing
that I've been doing?
The cornhole.
By the end of that, like,
when I'm playing cornhole,
my shit feels loose.
[man] I was gonna ask.
Like, my first throw, I was like
and after that, it's normal.
- Yeah, it just loosens it up.
- Yeah.
What about in here?
Have you been having tension
in your head at all? Like in
Are you feeling
anything in here or not really?
[Davante] No, my head's been fine.
Is the pressure okay?
'Cause you haven't
It's fine.
I can deal with way more pressure
than what I could two days ago.
Can you, like,
move your arm a little bit?
- Is that okay?
- Mm-hmm.
My neck is still sensitive,
still getting that out.
But I was feeling a lot on Sunday.
The last time I did my AC joint
was 2018, the first game.
It was, like, near the end
of the game.
[commentator] On second down and ten
that pass is caught.
And getting away is Davante Adams.
[Davante] Fell on it, but it was
a completely different feeling,
'cause I got up, like, celebrating,
and I knew I did it,
but I was still, like, able to
- It wasn't killing you?
- Yeah, it wasn't that bad.
When I fell on it this time,
I fell, soon as I hit the ground,
I didn't know it was AC,
I thought it was like
I just, like, blew my shoulder out,
'cause it was a different type
of numbing from, like, my trap all the way
to, like, midway through my arm.
Yeah, that one wasn't fun.
I told you
about the MRI situation.
I'm claustrophobic.
You know, I have a couple clients
that won't even do one
because of that same reason.
I mean, I almost left. I thought about
When I went to the bathroom,
I thought about just, like, escaping.
Did you get it done, though?
I did it. I got through it,
but that last five minutes
felt like 35 minutes,
panicking the whole time.
Obviously, this is a big game
for a lot of different reasons,
but for you personally playing against
the Green Bay Packers,
where you grew up
as a man and as a football player,
it's gotta have a little bit
of special significance for you?
Yeah, I mean, it's obviously,
that's the part leading up to it,
but then, once the game starts,
it's just like every other game.
I mean, it's not gonna be
a whole lot of emotion
and all that other stuff
tied up in it
once, you know,
the clock is ticking, so
It wasn't some big crazy breakup
that people thought it was.
So I was drafted 2014.
[James Lofton] With the 53rd pick
of the 2014 NFL draft,
the 13-time NFL Champion
Green Bay Packers select
Davante Adams,
wide receiver, Fresno State.
[all exclaiming]
[Davante] Kid from
East Palo Alto, California,
ended up in Wisconsin. Was definitely
a little bit of a culture shock.
But it was it was
a great experience for me.
Learned a lot.
Was blessed to join the team at a time
where you had Aaron Rodgers.
- Love you, brother.
- Love you, bro.
- You're the best.
- I got you.
[Davante] You know, Aaron and I
come together to form a dynamic duo.
Rodgers over the top.
Lofts the right side.
Adams over th shoulder
To the pylon!
Leaping grab by Davante Adams.
Touchdown, Green Bay!
Now these two
are on a page together
that you just don't see
very often around the league.
[Davante] We had a lot of success
and won some games,
but never really truly got
everything I needed
out of Green Bay.
[commentator] A gut-wrenching,
heartbreaking defeat
for the Green Bay Packers.
And the last dance
comes to an end.
I got plenty that I wanted,
but, um, you know,
I'm still in search
of a championship.
[broadcaster] A blockbuster trade
for the Las Vegas Raiders.
They are trading
for star receiver Davante Adams.
What led to me making
a decision to ultimately come to Vegas
was obviously having, you know,
my college quarterback here.
[commentator] Carr. Sideline.
Adams makes the catch.
Davante Adams, it's another
Fresno State touchdown.
- Look at him. He working on that tan.
- Good to see you.
- Oh!
- That's my guy.
You know, I can't say that
I would've made this change
if it wasn't for him being here
and us kind of low-key
plotting on this since,
you know,
we left school together.
I feel like we really gelled well
coming out the gate,
coming in here to the Raiders.
[commentator] The relationship
that those two had from college
and now playing together in the NFL.
They're just on the same page.
[Davante] My first year here in Vegas
was Josh McDaniels' first year.
In hindsight,
it didn't work out the way that,
you know, the storybook ending
we were hoping it would.
[commentator 1]
The 2022 Raiders season
Josh McDaniels' first year,
they finished six and eleven
on the season.
[commentator 2] They've got
a big off-season ahead of them.
They have to get it right.
[Davante] You know, it was worth a try.
I'm glad we got to do it.
'Cause we would've
beat ourselves up forever,
not at least trying to see
what would've happened.
[reporter] Yesterday, news broke,
the Raiders released Derek Carr.
So now there's a "what's next"
When they moved on from Derek,
it was time to figure out
who's gonna fill that void,
and ultimately,
ended up getting Jimmy.
[Jimmy] Raider Nation.
What's going on, guys?
Glad to be here. Just made it official.
Can't wait to get to work, man.
He came in with a foot injury
and needed to get surgery
after we acquired him.
So not having those reps in OTAs
definitely made it a little tougher.
[groans] Work together.
We gotta get on the same page.
I don't know if he saw the way I ran it,
or if he saw
Just being able to go back here,
versus getting here to do that.
You know what I mean?
You know, him not being as familiar
with certain coverages
that I would get, um,
you know, throughout games.
That muddies the picture.
It doesn't make it easy
to give me the ball.
[commentator 1]
Pass here. Garoppolo's got time.
Throws it up for grabs,
and it's intercepted.
[commentator 2] Check out
how open Davante Adams is here.
Nice move to the top of it.
Had all the space in the world.
Not good.
Davante was wide open.
Like, literally wide open.
[Davante] Part of it is, like,
you know, the clock is ticking,
and it's not waiting for anybody.
Keep choppin'. You're killing 'em.
It's gonna be tough to build up
that true confidence with each other
that, you know, we're gonna be
all right out there.
[commentator] We welcome you to Las Vegas
for week five of Monday Night Football.
It's the Green Bay Packers
and the Las Vegas Raiders.
That's kind of an interesting
matchup with Adams,
the long-time, eight-year Packer
now wearing the black and silver
against Green Bay tonight.
- Love you, dude.
- My guy.
- Good to see you, brother.
- Hey.
My kids, they wanted me
the first thing they said to me is,
"Make sure you tell
Davante we said hello."
Are they here?
- No. No.
- They didn't come?
- Good to see you, brother.
- Hate going against you.
- I know. Won't be too many.
- Much love, much respect.
- I love you, man. Yes, sir.
- Thank you, brother. Love you, too.
One of the top receivers in the NFL,
- shoulder issue.
- I got you. I got you.
[commentator] But will not come out
in this game. He's gonna play.
[Davante] The good thing
was that based off of
me going back into the game,
in the L.A. game,
I knew going into Packers week,
I'm gonna be able to play in this game.
But dealing with a shoulder
is a different ball game.
The idea is to lose him
off the line every time,
but that ain't how
a football game go, you know.
[player] Set, hut!
[Davante] Every play
you're gonna get contacted.
I catch a ball to the flat
and Quay Walker comes up
and pushes me out of bounds.
[staff member] Attaboy, 1-7.
[Davante] It was just, like, agony.
It felt like I re-injured my shoulder.
And I mean, he barely even did anything.
It hurt more now than it did
last week.
Don't spread the word.
I didn't even communicate
any of this to the staff,
'cause I didn't want that
to be on their minds.
I just wanted them to focus
on giving me the ball.
I'll deal with
the pain and discomfort.
But, you know, I haven't had the ball
in two quarters or whatever the case is.
[commentator] Davante Adams
against his former team.
He has been held
to one catch for 12 yards.
I'm saying, "Jimmy, our best player
is Davante Adams.
Can we throw him the ball?"
Okay, right now, I'm seeing one target.
- One target
- One target?
[Peyton] He's playing
against his former team.
Can we throw him a bone?
I'm on Davante's side, okay?
I'm on his side.
If I have one target
and we lose the game on top of that,
I can't even tell you
how I'm gonna be after this shit.
Against my old team?
- Hey, you all right?
- Yo.
You hit the shoulder
or something?
No, don't worry about it,
I'll be all right.
If I'm out here, I'm good.
[Davante] That was a lot of pain
I had to deal with.
Over the middle, there he is.
I would've put them pads down
a little bit better.
I'm just I gotta protect
that bitch right now.
Let me make sure they hit
this left shoulder, at the worst.
Adams. First and goal.
- Appreciate it.
- [McDaniels] Thank you for being patient.
That's what we needed right there,
some jolt from you.
- All right? Love you.
- Yep. Love you.
- We go as you go, my guy.
- No doubt.
- No doubt.
- Great job. I know you're battling.
- Yeah, we good.
- I know that you're good.
[Maxx] I know
he was battling some things.
At the end of the day, if Te can run
and has two legs that operate,
he is gonna find a way
to go out on the field.
[commentator] Jacobs, forward.
Touchdown, Raiders!
And the Raiders
seal the victory here in Vegas.
Ooh. Let's go, baby.
Way to fight today, dog.
- Yes, sir. Appreciate it.
- I know you [indistinct].
How's the shoulder feeling?
Not great, but it's good enough
to get through it.
It's better than a week ago.
You think it'll be
a week-to-week monitor thing
- or time will heal it?
- As far as what?
- How you deal with it?
- I'm gonna be playing.
- Yeah.
- But I mean, it's not going to
Gotta take time to heal,
but I'll be out there.
[broadcaster] The San Francisco 49ers
learned yesterday
that Deebo Samuel,
their star receiver,
who had a shoulder injury,
they thought it was just a sprain,
he actually
has a hairline fracture.
He is out the next two games.
We're not used to really losing,
so it's like, that was our first loss
in the regular season in, like, a while.
And especially, like,
Brock Purdy's first loss.
So it was just a little different.
I've been hit a million times
harder than that before, um
But supposedly, like,
he hit the right spot
and just caused my shoulder
just to go numb.
Doctor said, "Give it, like, 72 hours,
and it should start feeling better."
So I gave it, like, two, three days,
and it was feeling like it was
just getting worse and worse.
Like, "Yo, I think we need to go
get another CT scan or MRI
'cause it's not
it's not feeling real."
So went there, came back.
Um I have a hairline fracture
in my, uh, scapula.
I was definitely working
on getting motion back
and all that to get ready
to play on Monday, but
once I got the news,
it was just like, "Nah."
It was like, "You're out for, like,
two two to four weeks."
I played through a lot of injuries,
but I ain't playing through no,
like, broken bones.
So I'm doing a treatment
that's called the Winback.
And it's a TECAR therapy.
And what it does
is that it actually promotes
it works on a cellular level,
where it promotes healthy cells
to speed up the healing process.
- Holy
- On a pain scale level one to ten,
ten being I just chopped off your arm,
what level of pain is it?
It's a ten?
Okay, breathe.
All right.
Just breathe.
This is really good for you,
though, right now.
- Is it?
- Yes. Everything's locked up.
We gotta get those muscles to relax,
so that everything will kind of let go.
Man, this shit hurt.
- Do you feel this?
- Do I?
- I gotta go into your
- No, you don't.
So if he was to rush this,
he could actually do a full fracture.
He could actually break the scapula.
- Please don't move.
- Bae.
- [groans]
- Right there.
- [chuckles]
- [groaning]
Breathe. Because this is
connected to your scapula.
Everything connected
to the damn scapula.
- That's you tellin'
- Yes. Exactly.
Damn toe's connected.
San Francisco 49ers.
They got the Monday night game
against the Vikings.
Deebo Samuel,
their star receiver,
a hairline fracture.
He is out the next two games.
Monday night. Monday night.
Monday night.
Only game on in the world.
Monday night.
Hey, I can't talk, dog.
I wish I could be out there.
[Justin] Monday night is definitely
the game that you want to play in.
The whole world is watching.
To miss out on those
type of games,
you feel like a little kid,
when your parents tell you
you can't go outside and play.
You know, you just get
that anger inside.
You get that, you know,
that emotion that, like, something
or someone is holding me back
from what I enjoy doing.
- You straight?
- Yeah, bro.
- Blessed, bro, you good?
- Yeah, straight.
Hit me right here
and fractured a bone back here.
First play of the game.
That's because
you don't do biceps.
Boy, you know these arms
You know cock diesel, now.
Where's Deebo?
I gotta yell at him.
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
Let's have a day.
Our offense is very unique.
A guy like Deebo, he's out
on the outside running routes,
he's on the inside running routes,
he's in the backfield,
he's in motion,
little nuances to our offense
that force teams to prepare for.
And so, when you remove, like,
a piece of that puzzle
it just makes it difficult.
Let's go, boy.
[commentator 1] 49ers on the Viking 44,
down seven to nothing.
Purdy, gun.
Purdy looks middle,
throws too high.
He had George Kittle wide open.
In the dick, Harrison.
Aw, that was mean.
[commentator 2] Bad hit to
a sensitive area by Harrison Smith.
[commentator 1]
Ooh, right in the
You know what I'm saying.
Oh, it's right in my dick.
Oh, that sucked.
Oh, fuck you, dude.
[commentator 2]
And Kittle is hobbling back to the huddle.
Ah, my dick.
Oh, yeah. Thanks for reminding me.
That one sucked.
[laughs] Holy shit.
Is that will that make the show?
"Hey, Harrison,
you hit me in the dick."
Fucking dick.
Can you just hug me
and not hit me in the dick, at least?
My wife's mad at you.
She already told me.
Was it a big target or a small target?
Oh, it's I think
my right testicle's bruised.
- Sorry.
- [laughs] Damn.
Bro. That that fucking sucked.
You ever taken a helmet
full speed to the dick
- when you're four feet in the air?
- No, I haven't.
We can do it,
we'll do it tomorrow.
Maybe during the bye week.
Yeah, okay, I got you.
My dick hurts.
Don't you just love football?
God, what a fun sport.
Just trust them. Right here.
These will get you through
every single release,
every single, all of that shit.
You gotta trust 'em.
Don't just try to speed
yourself up.
Think about patience.
That's the key.
Patience, quickness.
[Kirk] When Justin got hurt,
he was a great support
to everybody during games.
We needed Jordan Addison
to really step up, because he was the one
who was gonna have to wear
a bigger role.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on. Come on.
[commentator] Sixteen seconds
to go in the first half.
Cousins on third and six.
Cousins fires over the middle!
And it is
Caught by Addison.
Twenty, ten. Touchdown!
We needed to lean on Justin,
helping Jordan
become that kind of a player.
That's how you make
a fucking play.
Y'all need
y'all don't need me right now.
Y'all eatin' without me.
Let's go, fellas.
One of y'all, brother.
One y'all gotta make a play for us.
[commentator] And the 49ers,
no timeouts, down by five.
[George] Brock!
Fourth quarter,
clock at 34 seconds.
Purdy out of the shotgun.
Purdy steps up,
gets to his right. Throws middle.
It is intercepted by Bynum.
The 49ers lose again.
- Hey, Purdy.
- No.
Better days ahead, brother.
You played well.
[commentator] 49ers have lost
both games on this road trip.
Can't wait to be back.
First win for the Vikings at home.
They've won three of four,
and they're back in it.
During Kirk's interview,
- can you give this chain to him?
- Of course.
[reporter] What felt more like
the 2022 close-game winning Vikings?
What felt more like 2022,
when you won
- all the close games?
- Yeah!
Gotta work on getting
some of these, though.
- I gotta get that.
- Hey, first chain.
- First chain.
- I'll take it.
SportsCenter. I like it.
I told you we had plenty,
more than enough to get it done.
If you just trusted in your brother,
trusted in what we do around here.
And then what was it?
Shoot your shot every single play.
You are prepared and ready
to play your best game.
And you guys just did it.
Give it up for yourselves right there.
[all cheering]
[broadcaster] Minnesota has a path
to the wild card. And maybe more.
They do have a chance
at winning the whole division,
depending on what happens
with the Lions.
And I can't even imagine
what the offense
will look like when Justin Jefferson
actually does return.
And switch.
[Justin] We still have the opportunity
to fight to get into the playoffs.
Of course, we're in the hunt.
I'm trying my best to get out there
on that field.
Switch. Good. Relax.
Big knees. Marching,
marching, marching.
Strong glutes.
Starting to get tired?
- These bad boys right here.
- [man] Pants on fire?
[broadcaster] Plan all along has been
to bring Jefferson along gradually.
They don't want to run
any risk of a setback.
Coach Kevin O'Connell
said Jefferson has handled
everything they've thrown
at him well so far.
They give him a little bit more
as they move along here.
How great will that return be?
And even if people forget
that he's the best receiver in football,
by the time he comes back,
there will be no doubt in anybody's mind.
[commentator 1]
49ers are back at home.
Went on a two-game road trip to Cleveland
and Minnesota, lost both games.
[commentator 2] The great Deebo Samuel
out with a shoulder injury.
Missing his second game
in a row.
- [Staley] How's your body feeling?
- [Deebo] Good.
- Good.
- I really was good to go,
but they was like,
"Take another week."
I wanted to tell you, too
I've been, uh, been following the team
now since I retired,
but, um, what you
said this offseason,
like, you taking ownership, man,
that was awesome to see.
It's the next phase of your career.
- The maturation.
- Yes, sir.
- Appreciate you.
- Keep on the same path you're on.
- Yes, sir.
- I saw big things
- out of you as a rookie.
- Man.
- You're doing amazing.
- Miss you out here.
- Yeah, I know. I do too, man.
- [laughs]
[broadcaster] When he's not there,
you have to rethink what you do, right?
- Kittle might get more.
- Here you go, baby.
I wanna go through.
Rhino, right, set, hut!
[commentator 1] Kittle, who's one of
the greatest tight ends of all time.
[commentator 2] We're talking,
he's in that Gronk/Kelce category
of this last decade
of the dominant dominant tight ends.
Some of the best
who've ever played.
[commentator 1]
Kittle with a huge take.
[commentator 2]
Nine catches for 149 yards.
[commentator 1]
It's so nice to have a guy like that
who has the ability to block
at a high level and run routes.
- I thought I was about to get outta that.
- You got hit by four people
- and stood right up.
- I thought I was
- about to get out that.
- That's some shit you do.
[commentator 2] Burrow lookingto pump
and throw to the end zone.
Ja'Marr Chase touchdown.
And the Bengals have
a two touchdown lead.
[George] When you play
at a very high level
and you have a bunch of catches
and yards, but you lose
You know, it's not it's not really
it's not really that much fun.
I would much rather win.
[commentator 2]
49ers lose it 31-17
to fall to five
and three on the year.
They've lost three in a row.
[George] When you do that on the tail end
of a three-game skid,
it's not fun at all.
Bro, this is crazy.
- [broadcaster 1] That Niners team Hey.
- [broadcaster 2] Uh-oh!
[broadcaster 1]
They need Deebo back bad.
[broadcaster 2]
Yes, bad.
Let's put the Deebo Samuel
graphic up there.
Just how important has
Samuel been to Brock Purdy?
Well, take a look.
When Deebo Samuel is
on the field versus off the field,
the numbers drop
potentially enormously.
[Brock] We just do so much with Deebo
within our offense.
When he's out for that, you know,
three game stretch,
it was tough for all of us
because he is an explosive guy.
He brings so much juice to our team,
and energy,
and when you don't have that,
it was definitely tough on us.
[Davante] Um, I'm always,
as long as I'm here,
I'm gonna have confidence
and do what I gotta do,
do my part to make sure
I'm helping, you know, the guys around me.
And, um, we gonna work together
to try and figure it out.
Davante is like,
"I know every coverage
that we're playing against.
We could make this thing
work every single time.
I'm not getting the opportunity
to do that thus far."
And I think every time
he speaks about it publicly,
he's not just speaking
to the fans.
Davante Adams trying to get traded?
I don't know if anything's told us
that offense is gonna get flowing
He trying to get out of there?
He talking shit, too.
He don't give a fuck.
They gotta offer
the whole team for his ass.
[commentator 1] Ready to rock
here inside Allegiant Stadium.
It is the Raiders
and the Patriots.
There you go. Wanna get a pic?
[commentator 1] On a game that feels
that the Raiders have to win.
Garoppolo, shotgun.
Patriots bring a blitz.
Throws the slant.
Adams has it.
And drilled, it's up in the air.
- Picked off.
- Oh, you motherfucker.
[commentator 1] Oh, my goodness.
Did he get absolutely walloped.
[commentator 2]
Yep. Garoppolo throws behind.
When something like that happens,
my dad, my mom, my grandmother,
those are really the main people
that are reaching out.
They usually will send me a text.
They try not to all call me.
Mimi, my grandma, just texted me.
"He has to get out of there.
Gonna get hurt bad."
Grandma just texted me that.
I gotta get the fuck outta here
before I lose my fucking life.
I ain't never been hit
this many fucking times in my career.
Every game, I get fucked up.
This year was a tough one,
as far as, you know,
some brutal hits that I had.
You know, a new offense
and new quarterback
and a different system
and all those things.
You know, it can make it tough.
And it's not finger-pointing.
That's just how the game
goes sometimes.
You know, I've definitely got hit
a few times with Aaron, as well,
but, um, certainly, a lot less.
But you live and learn,
and that's part of the growing pains
of playing football.
He looks fine right now, Dev. Look, he's
got his helmet on and everything.
Yeah, I know, but he's
gonna play through whatever.
That doesn't mean
he's, like, good, you know?
[commentator 1] First and ten
on the Patriots' 33 left hash.
Working the end zone to our left.
Shotgun to Garoppolo.
Three-step drop.
Taking a deep shot
near sideline for Adams.
And it's over his head at the five.
[commentator 2] Ooh. And Jimmy
took a little hit right there.
[commentator 1]
Yeah, he's hobbling.
[broadcaster] It is a back injury.
He is doubtful to return.
So you can expect
to see Brian Hoyer
out here for the start
of this third quarter.
[man] Wow.
Right hash. Right hash.
[commentator 1]
Third and goal.
Looking for Adams.
[commentator 2]
Outta reach.
[groans] So frustrating.
[commentator 2]
You have Adams one-on-one.
What do you not do?
[commentator 1]
Put it out of reach for him.
[commentator 2]
Exactly right.
This guy has made a living
catching difficult balls,
and you cannot make it
where it's un-catchable.
I'm just trying not to throw a pick.
- Don't worry about it.
- I want to get you the ball.
- It's not your fault. It's not your fault.
- We haven't worked it at all.
And I was just thinking, either you get it
or we gotta kick a field goal.
- Oh, seriously.
- I know.
- It has nothing to do with you.
- I know.
Don't even worry about it.
I'm just saying, we haven't worked
at that. I wasn't gonna risk it.
- I know he likes to look back.
- You good. You good.
When it's single, I'm gonna
keep throwing at you.
Good. Got you.
You know, he's pissed
when he has that towel on his head.
That's embarrassing.
I'm fifth all-time in red zone touchdowns,
and I got three on the year.
That's not That's not
the ideal situation you wanna be in.
But the thing that
frustrates me most about
the lack of success we've had as
an offense, is having the
type of roster and players
that we do on this team,
it just doesn't make sense
that we go out there
and be the only team
that hasn't scored 20.
We scored 20 as a team,
but we had to get a safety to do that.
[commentator 1]
It is the defense that puts the Raiders
over 20 points in a game
for the first time this year.
Wow. Wow. Amazing.
[commentator 2]
Davante Adams held to two catches.
I think these quarterbacks
will learn as well,
just give him a chance.
He needs more opportunity.
- What up, boy? Good to see you, brother.
- You, too.
- I'm trying to stay alive at this point.
- Absolutely.
[Davante] I'm sure people
thinking, like, you know,
"They won the game,
they won the Packers game.
You know, why is there an issue?"
I mean, you see why it's an issue.
Y'all should know who I am.
Know what I'm about at this point.
So it's not about, you know,
when you're a player
like me, mentally, it's
My benchmark is not wins
and losses, it's greatness.
So when I go out there,
I expect to be able to have
that ability to put that on tape
and have an influence on the game.
It is what it is. It's not about me,
but, you know, I'm one of
the bigger pieces, you know,
as to why this offense is going to go.
And if I'm not getting it, then that's
obviously not, um, according to plan.
So we wanna obviously keep working
like we are to get that right.
[broadcaster 1]
There was a lot that he said there,
but the most important
and interesting part of it
to me was, "I don't judge this
thing by wins and losses.
I judge it by my own greatness."
And that feels like something
that you could easily say,
"Well, that's a pretty selfish statement."
Are we okay with a player saying,
"Hey, look, yeah, we won.
But that's not the way I judge this stuff.
I judge this stuff by how great I am."
[broadcaster 2]
When you hear how frustrated he is,
that's a veteran
who's on a team that realizes, like,
"We're not really going anywhere."
[broadcaster 3] It's a complete
malfunction from the top down.
I think at some point,
that seeps up to the ownership level,
and they're like,
"We can't go on like this."
[closing theme music playing]
[man] Omaha.
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