Receiver (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

Give Me the Damn Ball

[crowd noises]
[indistinct announcement over PA]
What're you guys doin'?
- Huh?
- What are you guys working on?
Just his route tree.
Making sure his head and eyes are good.
How do they look?
- Huh?
- How do they look?
Like they always do, great.
The route tree is a pretty simple thing.
I mean, you learn it dating back
to elementary school.
You got your odd numbers
and you got your even numbers.
One is one way and then
two is the opposite.
Nine is obviously the goal route.
I like to think my route tree
is pretty polished.
[commentator] It's virtually impossible
for any corner to stop Adams.
He's at such a different level.
Route running is all about little things.
Your eyes, your release, your quickness,
intricacies that allow
you to be far more open
than the next man.
[commentator] Don't feel bad.
That's happened to a lot of DBs.
Hardest part about being a receiver
is how detailed you gotta be.
When it's 12 yards, don't go 13.
[Justin] The timing of everything is
the most important thing.
We want to make everything perfection.
You see how I ran my pylon yesterday?
I kind of rolled that bit and came flat.
[commentator] Well, watch this
route running, just a technician.
My God, we can't let 18 get loose.
They're gonna have people
scheming up against you.
[George] It is a grind
to try to get open.
I can't control if the quarterback's gonna
throw me the ball on every single play.
It's more difficult
than what you see on TV.
[Amon] Being a receiver, we wanna
make plays and help the team win.
We can only do so much
because there's so many other factors.
Fuck that shit. I'm out.
Throw me the shit, I don't give a fuck.
The fuck? I ain't never had
two catches since I was a rookie.
When you sign up to play receiver,
if you can't grasp the concept
of things aren't gonna go my way
or I may not get the ball all the time
if you can't come to grips with that,
it's gonna be a tough sport for you.
21-6, Raiders trailing the Bears.
[Davante] I try to win every route
because that's the prerequisite
to getting the ball, is being open.
And it's intercepted!
I can't decide whether the quarterback
is gonna throw a good ball.
[commentator 1]
And this one is all done here in Chicago.
The Raiders fall to the Bears,
in disappointing fashion, 30-12.
[commentator 2] It's been hard for them
to get any offensive production.
[commentator 1] Davante Adams talked
about wanting the football more.
If this team is gonna be great,
he needs to be great.
[broadcaster 1] You know, missing
those deep balls to Davante,
it doesn't look right.
[broadcaster 2] You got a player who is
incredibly special in Davante Adams,
who clearly is not happy.
[broadcaster 3]
It's really hard to put your finger on
how this offense can't do more
given the personnel.
[broadcaster 4] You got Davante Adams,
Jakobi Meyers, you got Josh Jacobs.
That is an embarrassment of riches.
And the Raiders have that,
and they can't score.
[broadcaster 1] In that building,
it is Josh McDaniels' program.
[reporter] It's frustrating to not get it
going all the way.
[broadcaster 1] And I think it's on him
now to make sure
that there's a long-term vision here.
And I showed the quarterback this morning.
If the safety to your side is high
[broadcaster 1] Josh McDaniels gotta win
or he's gonna get fired.
- [air horn blowing]
- [Josh] All right.
[whistle blows]
All right, here we go.
Here we go.
[razor buzzing]
I'm pretty sure it's much
different for you too now
as far as just your role here
because you, the OG,
- and so, you know [laughing]
- I've been the OG.
I'm the ultimate competitor.
My benchmark is not wins
and losses, it's greatness.
I didn't lead differently
because we won more in Green Bay.
- That had nothing to do with it.
- Mm.
When I go out there, that's why
games like this last one,
y'all know I'm not happy after that.
That ain't the way it's supposed to look.
But it ain't even about me.
It's about how it's supposed to look.
If it don't look right
and I'm not getting opportunities,
- then now we got a problem.
- [both] Right.
That's what I'm here for.
They gave me a lot of money to come here
and score touchdowns and get first downs,
and if I'm not given
the proper amount of opportunities
and it looks like dog shit on offense
I mean it's time to
do something about it.
[Donald] That was cold.
- That was cold.
- We need to record that.
- That's it.
- That's it.
- My gosh.
- Absolutely, bro.
[Amon] So right now I'm on my way
to pick up my girlfriend.
She tries to come to
as many games as she can.
She lives in Orange County.
This is the only time,
on a Friday, that she can come
'cause she has class.
She's in nursing school.
So she has class
throughout the whole week.
We've been together since
sophomore year of high school.
We had the same English class together.
We had like a project.
We started talking then.
Like, end of my sophomore year,
we started dating,
and we've been together ever since.
[Brooklyn] I knew that nursing school
was what I wanted to do,
and I didn't really know
what Amon-Ra was gonna do.
So, I got into nursing school,
and then, not too long after,
draft happened,
and so I'm obviously
in Orange County, he's in Detroit,
and it's like, "Okay, great.
How are we gonna make this work?"
She's right there. I'm picking her up.
- [woman] What?
- She's right there.
- [woman] Okay, is she?
- Yes.
- She's coming with me.
- [woman] Come on out.
- Oh, my God, are you Amon-Ra St. Brown?
- [Amon] Yeah.
- [woman] For real?
- [Amon] Yeah.
You told me to keep going, though.
[woman] Hey, I'm not supposed
to let her walk in this lane.
[Amon] See? You hear? "Amon-Ra."
That's how you say it.
- "What is she calling him?"
- Who said that?
They're gonna be thinking that.
"What is she calling him?
Huh? Almond."
Almond, Almond Rod.
The origin of my name comes
from the Egyptian sun god.
My dad believes in the power of names.
My brother Equanimeous,
he got that name from one
of his professors and he went to Egypt.
And so, he learned about the history
of the Egyptian sun gods,
or the Egyptian gods, I should say.
And he really loved
the name Amon-Ra.
I feel like everybody calls you different.
I feel like your brothers
say it differently,
or like more similar to your mom.
Your dad says it differently,
and everyone else says it differently.
- And the commentators, definitely.
- They say it right.
No, they don't.
- Amon-Ra St. Brown.
- Who says that?
I feel like everybody
that, like, messes it up.
- Voila.
- [Brooklyn] Home sweet home.
I love being here.
[Amon] I put the dishes away.
I love having Brooklyn in town,
but unfortunately, I was not much fun
to be around that weekend.
It was tough.
Friday, after our practice,
my throat started
to hurt a little and I look at my face,
and I have like a little scar
on my face.
Saturday, and my throat's
hurting even more.
I'm like, "Damn, this doesn't feel right."
Sunday morning,
I got bumps all on my face.
It's nasty. Like crusty bumps,
like not acne.
We have no idea what it is.
And he's in so
I wanna cry, I felt so bad.
He was in so much pain.
It ended up being hand,
foot and mouth disease,
which is a childhood virus.
It's almost similar
to something like chickenpox.
At this point, I'm playing,
I'm not letting nothing stop me
from playing Monday night.
Had a mask on my face
so no one can see
what my face was looking like
'cause it looked bad.
- I'm ready.
- [broadcaster 1] Raiders and the Lions.
This is an important mid-season game here
for both these teams.
[broadcaster 2] The Lions now, of course,
they're leading their division,
but Minnesota has moved to 4-4,
so you wanna stay
a couple games ahead of them.
- [woman] Is it here, here, stomach?
- It's everywhere.
He's like, "I can't feel my hands."
And I'm like,
"What the fuck does that mean?"
I'm so nervous.
I wanna, like, throw up.
[Miriam speaking German]
[Amon, in English] Where's Brooklyn?
She's right there.
[speaking German]
[in English] My hands are fuckin' hurting.
Like they're sensitive.
- Like what?
- Like blisters.
- Just on your thumb only?
- No, all of them.
Hey, look at me.
You got it, you're good today, okay? Okay.
[broadcaster 1] For the Raiders, it's just
Davante Adams, he is the main guy.
He wants the ball more.
You almost have to believe
that Josh McDaniels
is gonna try to feed him tonight.
[broadcaster 2] There's a lot
that's at stake for Josh McDaniels
because regardless of why
the Raiders are struggling,
he is going to be the one
that's held accountable.
[Davante] I was using that game
as like a "Let's see,"
this is the last shot
and let's see what happens.
If we pull this together,
we might make something work.
[TJ] Good to see you.
- You living good?
- I'm living great.
- How's the family doing?
- They're good, yeah, yeah.
Just trying to figure this shit out now.
No, I know, you guys are fucking good.
Just a matter of time
before shit starts clicking.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Wasting too much time now, though.
- Yeah.
- Hopefully, we figure it out today.
I'd like to see Davante Adams.
I seen him at Green Bay,
but never with the Raiders.
Very dynamic player.
[Davante] Let's not make it
more complicated today.
We just need to simplify this shit
and just go, play fast.
I'm gonna be there for you.
[commentator 1]
Garoppolo takes the snap back
and looking, looking, pumping,
throwing downfield.
Picked off by the Lions!
[commentator 2]
You want to go to your star receiver.
He's double-covered for a reason.
Jimmy Garoppolo had no business
throwing this football.
[commentator 3]
Blown opportunity by the Raiders.
It'll come back around.
Just keep playing loose.
Like, don't worry about fucking anything.
Literally, nothing matters
but having a good time,
playing for each other, bro.
I used to worry about what people say
and how they feel
about what I do out there.
None of that matters.
How does that matter in the world?
It doesn't.
Once you realize that,
it makes you go play free
and you don't give a fuck, you know?
We gonna be good.
Oh, my God, I'm stressed.
I don't know why I'm stressed,
but I'm stressed.
See what they do here.
Lions take over,
first and ten from their own 22.
Wants to throw, sets in the pocket.
Throws deep middle, caught Amon-Ra.
Forty-yard, cuts to the sideline.
45, 50, into Raider territory.
- [Amon] Let's go!
- Yes! Yes!
[commentator 1] Amon-Ra, he's just eatin'
the middle of that zone defense up.
[commentator 2] Jared's got it. Wants
to throw, looking, Jared rolling right,
he's got a complete.
Amon-Ra, first down,
14 starting to get loose.
Goff takes the snap back and looking.
Wants to throw, does, caught,
LaPorta to the end zone!
Touchdown, Detroit Lions!
Let's go!
So the Lions, with 27 seconds
to go in the first half.
They lead this one by a score of 16-7.
You all right?
- My feet hurt so bad.
- For real?
Why your feet hurt?
I got like hand, foot and mouth.
You know what that is?
From being sick?
It feels like I'm stepping on needles.
And my hands.
My feet are hurting more.
My hands are starting to hurt too,
I'm running on needles,
catching the ball, hurt.
Everything was just hurting at that point.
When he was playing,
he was sweating so much
that the spots on his hands
and his feet turned
into open sores and blisters.
So, he played that entire game
with blisters popping.
- How you doing?
- Good. But
Are you able to snack
on anything or hydrate?
- Yeah, I had applesauce.
- Okay, cool.
I wanna make sure
you're getting something in you.
I wanted to make sure I was
hydrated 'cause I couldn't
really drink or eat during that whole time
'cause my throat was killing me.
- I told my son to drink Coca-Cola.
- [man] Oh, yeah?
Oh, yeah. 'Cause Coca-Cola would
keep him his energy level.
- [man] Oh, keep the energy level.
- Yeah.
Coca-Cola is the thing.
As he gets older,
sometimes he doesn't listen
to what I'm saying.
When he was young, he would do it.
I said, "Trust me, Coke is the thing.
Not Gatorade, Coke."
If you get this message, don't forget.
Halftime, drink Coca-Cola.
Water's not gonna give you no energy.
Drink that Coke, you get a little energy.
A lot of people gonna look at this
and go, "Oh, he's crazy.
What is he talking about?" Try it.
Next time you're tired
or you're not feeling right,
drink a Coke and see what happens.
- [crew member] Do we know if he did it?
- No, he's not listening to me sometimes.
He's listening to Brooklyn now.
He's all messed up.
Let's go, it's back on us.
- Keep playing.
- That's the way we gotta play.
[Davante] Everybody thinking too much.
Fuck it, man, let's go.
Shit ain't that hard.
We need ten yards, bro, every time.
We got three downs for that shit.
Ten, bro, let's go!
Davante Adams split out left.
He has one catch tonight for 11 yards.
Throws down the seam and it's incomplete
for Michael Mayer at the 35-yard line.
I think everybody was walking around
with certain body parts clenched too much,
and you can't play football that way.
Where's Jimmy at?
Next time we run Indigo or anything,
I'm gonna fucking throw my hand up.
I'm running.
I'm running by 'em regardless.
If it comes in, I'm running by 'em.
After this year, if I'm 17, I gotta go.
Unless he get a new quarterback,
I gotta go.
He's frustrated as fuck.
[Amon] What is he doing out there?
They're just not getting him the ball.
Come on, G, we gotta get a stop here.
They going deep with Davante.
[commentator 1]
Garoppolo, into the deep territory!
Looking for Adams and he missed him!
He was all alone.
That was as open as Davante
has been all season.
[commentator 2] That will be as open
as Davante is gonna be in his life.
Bro, I know that he is hot.
He was wide open.
Oh, God.
This is fucking pathetic, bro.
Just throw the fucking ball, man!
Tired of this fucking bullshit.
Yeah, we went out there
to Detroit with hopes
that things were gonna look different,
and lo and behold, it looked probably
as about as bad as it ever has.
[Austin] Keep doing your thing.
Keep leading us, brother.
I believe in you.
[Davante] Trying, man.
Trying to do everything I can.
[Austin] Yes, you are.
[broadcaster 1] The Raiders fall today,
26-14, with just 157 yards of offense.
[broadcaster 2] The offense is not pulling
its weight, but it's not a surprise.
Offense has struggled all season.
[commentator 1] You've got Davante Adams,
one of the best receivers.
What are the answers?
The Raiders made some decisions overnight.
What were they?
1:00 a.m. Eastern Time,
the Las Vegas Raiders announced
that they fired
head coach Josh McDaniels
and general manager Dave Ziegler,
an earth-shaking move
for the Las Vegas Raiders.
Stunning, really.
A little bit makes sense.
You listen to Davante Adams,
some of the respected leaders.
It was not right in Las Vegas.
[Davante] At the end of the day,
it's necessary changes.
It's a performance-based league
and, you know, whether
we're not getting it done
or the coaches aren't getting it done
or whoever it is
up on the third floor, you know,
that's just the way that the league goes.
McDaniels out in Las Vegas.
It look nice as hell in here.
[man] Welcome back.
Nah, that's turned up. Yeah.
Right now we on a bye week
in South Carolina.
I can just come here and squat like 700.
South Carolina mean everything to me.
It's where I was born and raised.
Damn sure right there.
First team All-American.
It taught me everything.
It kind of groomed me
to the person I am today.
Touchdown, South Carolina!
Bentley lets it go,
and it's caught by Deebo Samuel.
Deebo Samuel will win every foot race.
Pressure and all alone, Deebo got it!
[Deebo] South Carolina
versus Jacksonville State,
went and watched my young bull, Xavier.
All you can hear now is
I wouldn't say necessarily a mentor
'cause whenever we call, we just
laughing, giggling and joking.
But I call him before every game
to make sure he locked in.
Gonna play a little faster now.
You play a little faster now.
Let him know like he the main thing, bro.
And just keep going
and things just gonna happen.
It's gonna fall right in your lap.
Come on, Xav, bro.
Just throw it to 17.
Rattler looking, going downfield.
Legette. Got it!
Legette moves, touchdown!
South Carolina.
Yeah, boy!
Deebo Samuel's dapping him up.
That boy hit 'em with the
[grunting and yelping]
[commentator 1]
There's Deebo Samuel talking with Legette.
[commentator 2] Yeah. Said, "I guess
I'll see you in the league next year."
[commentator 1] Yeah, right.
[Deebo] Excited to get back home tomorrow.
You know, practice start on Monday.
Ready to get back to work.
First week back in three weeks.
Time to get ready
for Jacksonville this Sunday.
[commentator 2]
49er fans are like, "Get healthy."
- [commentator 1] Yeah.
- "Get back to the Bay Area."
He missed last game, and 49ers
have lost three in a row.
They need him back in that lineup.
Definitely been a rough three weeks.
I don't recall losing three games straight
since COVID year 2020.
The shoulder to me is 100% fine
and come Jacksonville, be ready to go.
[interviewer] Backstage
with George Kittle and listen,
it's no secret that you
are a longtime WWE fan.
You think there's similarities
between football fans and WWE fans?
Passionate people who love the grind,
they love the grittiness
Wrestling has been like
a big part of my life.
George Kittle's a big wrestling fan,
and before the game,
he got a chance to shake hands
with the Mexican luchador Pentagón Jr.
[George] I wore Pentagón's mask
in the Mexico City game in 2022.
My first down celebration,
zero miedo, means "no fear."
He throws up the three finger, "no fear."
[George] I got that from him,
that's his celebration.
Penta El Zero Miedo.
Kittle first down.
I've gone to the last
four or five WrestleManias.
I got to participate
in one this past year.
That's George Kittle.
Kittle just took out Miz!
[George] I get very starstruck
when I see all the WWE wrestlers.
What's up, my man? How are you, sir?
- You doing okay?
- Phenomenal.
- My wife.
- Hi, how are you?
- Very nice to meet you.
- Yes.
I'm more of a 13-year-old
than I'm a 30-year-old,
and so, like, when I see
these, the WWE superstars,
I'm blown away every single time.
It's really cool. I feel like
a kid in a candy store.
- You feeling good?
- Phenomenal.
- Body's good? Not hurt?
- Yeah. No.
- Phenomenal, actually.
- Good.
You guys look good.
I like that you guys play
with a lot of aggression.
You don't just kind of run and fall.
- No.
- You fight for an inch.
- [rock music playing]
- [cheering]
[commentator 1] Tonight, on Monday Night
Raw, members of the San Francisco 49ers,
including All-Pro George Kittle,
who was part of WrestleMania last year.
[commentator 2] Nice to see a tight end
who doesn't need to date Taylor Swift
to put himself on the map.
Every time I go
to a WWE match, I'm always like,
"I'd love to get in the ring today."
I'm always open to opportunities.
There's a limit to what I can do
because there's a lot of stuff
in my contract about
not doing stupid stuff.
Then in my other head, another thought,
"I should buy a full-sized ring
and put it in my house
in Nashville so I can go practice."
And then another voice
saying like, "Don't do that yet
'cause you'll start doing it.
You don't need to do that yet."
That's a constant back-and-forth battle.
Luckily, Claire's there
to keep my head on straight.
[Claire] We've actually had
a wrestling ring in the backyard.
Before, he had to do a marketing shoot,
and I don't think it will be our last.
I'm sure at some point
there's gonna be one
in the barn, hopefully when he's retired.
Who knows? We'll see what happens.
[commentator] This is a heavyweight bout
here today, guys.
[broadcaster 1] Good matchup today,
maybe the best on the NFL schedule.
Niners are 5-3,
first place in the NFC West.
The Jaguars are 6-2,
first place in the AFC South.
[broadcaster 2]
It's the San Francisco team
that about a month ago,
everybody's sayin',
"Who's gonna beat these guys?"
They've lost three straight.
How do they get back on track?
[broadcaster 1] A big reason
in the three-game losing streak,
Deebo Samuel played exactly eight snaps
after suffering a hairline fracture
in his left shoulder. He is back.
- Welcome back, baby.
- Yes, sir.
Show 'em what they've been missing.
Go find that space.
Go find that dark place.
- Let's go, brother.
- You excited to be back?
Yes, sir.
I know how hard he was trying
to come back.
Especially when we're losing
when he's gone.
But when he comes back
and he's feeling healthy
and our team's back is against the wall,
that's a great time for Deebo
to be coming back.
- Are you ready to go, man?
- I'm ready to go.
[commentator] And so they get
Deebo Samuel back today
and we're talking about the impact of
what he brings
from an Xs and Os standpoint.
But the other part is the swagger
and the fun that he plays with.
[Deebo] It felt great, you know.
I haven't played a game in three weeks,
just kind of gotta, kind of like
get myself back going a bit.
Get back to what we was doing.
Boy, all the toys are back now
and you got Deebo Samuel
running a end around.
I'm on it.
- Feel good to be back.
- Huh?
- Feel good to be back.
- I'm glad you're back.
Fuckin' A.
[Kyle] Deebo's always a big part
of the game plan.
You gotta do something defensively
to take him out of that,
and usually when you do,
we got a lot of other guys we feel
are gonna have some
very good looks after that.
Aiyuk, it's my turn to score,
then Deebo and you can have
the rest of the game, okay?
Bunch left is zoo?
Second down and one.
Kittle goes in motion, right.
Purdy under center, a five-step drop.
Now gonna pump
and throw down the sideline.
Kittle! He's got it and he's gone!
Fuckin' go!
Turn it up, baby!
Fuckin' go!
66-yarder to George Kittle, what a play.
- Come on now.
- Come on now.
Where'd that ball go?
Where'd that ball go?
Where's the ball?
Can I have it? Come on.
I'll give you another one. Thank you.
I'll get you another one.
Yeah, get her one.
You can't put a linebacker on me.
I don't give a fuck who it is.
You can't put it on me.
That's disrespectful.
[commentator 2] You've got George Kittle
one-on-one with a linebacker outside
with a ton of area.
[commentator 2] Easy catch,
and then just toe-dragging,
high-stepping all the way to the end zone.
[commentator 3]
Literally walking in the last yard.
I saw him fall. That's why I walked.
[coach] I love you, but please
don't ever walk in again.
It was sick, though.
Was it cool?
- Did you like my walk in?
- Huh?
You like the walk in for a touchdown?
When you did the little sign?
That was hard.
But I'm like, "Please
don't drop that ball."
George, what the fuck did you do?
[George] What do you mean?
Why was you waiting on the ball?
- [George] What?
- How'd the ball get
- in the stands?
- I spiked the fuck out of it.
- I got really excited.
- You keep all of them?
Yeah, touchdowns are hard to get.
I didn't used to keep 'em,
but now I'm just like, "Fuck, why not?"
Yeah, I mean It's a good keepsake.
There's certain games
I kept certain footballs
and a year or two ago, I was like,
"I should keep all of them."
It's a fun thing to be able to gift
or just hold on to them.
I keep all my jerseys too.
I started that two years ago.
- Every game?
- Yeah.
- So smart.
- Love you.
Hi, George.
- Hey, it's your turn.
- Just waiting on my moment.
1:35 to play, third quarter.
There's a flip and around to Deebo
coming right to left,
big hole. Deebo ten,
Deebo five, Deebo touchdown!
Well, this 49er football team
came into this game having lost
three in a row.
I told you.
[commentator] And many people
were questioning
if they
should be considered amongst the NFC elite
and they're making a statement here today.
- Back to scoring 30.
- 34 is great.
Hi, honey. I can't feel my arms right now.
I love you.
- Good job. That was awesome.
- That was fun.
Before the Jaguars game,
a veteran ended up
giving Claire his uniform signed,
like a jersey swap.
And I was just taken aback in that moment
and then I saw his writing
on the back of it.
And I really did get teared up
and choked up a bit.
Oh, my God, George, unreal.
He hands this to me, and he goes,
- "I wore this in Afghanistan."
- Outrageous.
- Can I see it?
- They flew this in Afghanistan.
I know, I saw.
Someone tagged me on Twitter.
Yeah. Oh, my God. I started crying.
So, I'm like, "Oh, you wanna
give him this for real?"
This is pretty cool.
You have to frame that one.
Isn't that cool?
That's probably the coolest thing
I've ever gotten.
The coolest thing you've ever gotten.
"To George Kittle,
as the 49ers' Salute to Service nominee,
on behalf of all military veterans,
I want to thank you for all you have done
to help my fellow brothers
and sisters in arms.
Respectfully, Sergeant Chris,
Airborne 173rd and 82nd."
The following week, we were able to fly
him and his wife out to a game
and they had an absolute blast of a time.
So I got to meet him
for the first time.
What's up, man? Thank you so much.
- Absolutely, man. Absolutely.
- Thanks for coming.
- Your wife? Hello.
- My wife, Christina.
- Hi. Thanks for making the trip.
- Thank you so much.
- This your first time at Levi's?
- It's actually my second time.
But this you wearing
the hat this morning.
[George] You don't get an opportunity
to thank veterans all the time
because, you know, you don't
always see 'em or know
and specifically, ones that
have served a majority
of their life
for the United States of America.
And so they're kind of heroes to me.
[shouting and grunting]
- Get the fuck out of here.
- [cheering]
Fuckin' rush me. Fuckin' bring it.
[hard rock music playing]
[commentator] On second down,
Purdy's throw finds George Kittle.
Chemistry between those two
has been evident from the start.
Let's fucking go!
[commentator 1]
And it continues here with a gain of 23.
Second and goal, Purdy out of the shotgun.
He'll look to throw it.
Back of the end zone, Kittle's wide open.
Touchdown, 49ers.
[commentator 2] Kittle has been absolutely
on fire in five of the last six games.
- Let's go, baby!
- We're back.
We're back.
Yeah, boys. Let's fucking go!
[commentator] And nobody covers Kittle
on the corner route.
- That's fun.
- Great job, brother.
- They didn't cover me.
- Great job.
I love being open. I love it.
That's good for business.
Final score, 49ers, 27, Tampa Bay, 14.
They get back-to-back wins
and they're gonna get to 7-3.
- [George] I got one for you.
- [Chris] You got me coins?
No, I got you a game jersey.
- Awesome.
- The actual game jersey.
That's awesome.
- The Niners' red.
- That's bad.
- I know, right?
- Bet.
Goodness gracious.
I'm gonna have to go buy
some shoulder pads.
[George laughs]
One, two, three.
- [Chris] Appreciate you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you guys so much.
- Yeah.
[Dan] Everybody stand up
for one second, please.
All right, turn around and look
at the very back of the room.
All right,
and just what does it say there?
Alex, what does the top one say?
[Alex] It says "1992, last playoff win."
Okay. Deck, what does the next one say?
[Deck] "1993, last division championship."
Got it. Charles, what about the next one?
"1957, last league championship."
Good, sit down, please.
Men, we build our legacy now.
We build our legacy now.
We are in a unique position
with this team,
but everything is
about setting ourselves up.
That's what I'm thinking.
That's why division championship,
we get a fucking home game.
They gotta come through us. So be it.
If we gotta go somewhere else, fine.
But that's what this is about, man.
The end in mind, the vision.
And our legacy starts now.
[reporter] How do you feel about your team
coming out of the bye week
and starting the final nine games?
Yeah, we feel good.
You know, there's a lot
still a lot of work left to be done.
You look at the playoff picture now,
they have us
number one in our division.
But things can change really quick.
[broadcaster] 6-2, great start,
but you gotta get better.
And you better be ascending
in terms of your play
for the rest of the year,
because that's what the best teams do.
Week ten in the National Football League.
Lions on the road to take on the Chargers.
What part of Cali are you from?
Orange County.
- Where is that located?
- Like, from L.A.?
Fifty minutes south.
You got a lot of people
coming to the game, huh?
[Amon] Los Angeles
is a special place to me.
You know, I went to school
at USC in Los Angeles.
When I was a young kid,
I'd go out to Compton
where my dad's from and work out there
almost every weekend.
So, you know, Southern California,
Los Angeles is home.
I feel like, you know,
the air is just different in L.A.
I love L.A. ♪
[waves crashing]
Winning in Los Angeles
is super important to me
just because in my rookie year
when I played there,
I was super excited to go back.
It was my birthday.
I had a bunch of family.
And they didn't throw him one ball,
so he was upset about that,
he wanted to play in front of his friends.
[Amon] This time around I was like,
"I want to perform
for the people that show up to see me."
- [translation] I love you.
- Yeah.
[Amon] Friends and family,
everyone that's there.
All right, I'm out.
I gotta have a big game,
because it's a homecoming for me.
- I'll see you later. I love you.
- Bye.
I love L.A ♪
[commentator] There's the shotgun snap,
back and looking.
Amon-Ra St. Brown inside the 15.
St. Brown has another catch.
He's a local kid here
in the Los Angeles area.
Yeah, I love L.A. ♪
Amon-Ra St. Brown
over a hundred for the sixth time
in the last seven games.
Turn this shit out. I do this shit.
Six for 124. That went for 33.
They come back to him,
they got a blocker out ahead,
and he's able to walk in.
Amon-Ra St. Brown.
This is extra sweet for him.
- Four-three fucking route.
- Let's go. Good shit.
[commentator] He comes back home
with a whole flood of friends and family,
and he gives them
a touchdown play right here.
- Pull the fucking rug.
- [commentator 1] Lions 7-2.
Big victory coming out west
and beating the Chargers.
[commentator] And what a homecoming
for Amon-Ra St. Brown.
[Dan] Game ball.
This guy's a rock, man.
He does everything for us.
Run game, pass game, third down.
What do you need? He does it.
He runs the ball, Mr. St. Brown.
[loud cheering]
- [whistling]
- [player] Speech!
[players] Speech! Speech!
Hey, this is my fucking crib.
Fuck they talking about?
[laughter and applause]
[Amon] What's up, guys?
St. Brown Brothers.
We're back with another episode.
Week 11, Lions-Bears.
I've been waiting for this.
I don't know,
have you been waiting for this?
It's been marked on my calendar.
- Really?
- Yep.
Lions favored by ten. What does that mean?
That means you guys are favored.
We are the underdogs,
and you guys are favored.
- That's what that means.
- But, like, can you elaborate?
- On what?
- Us being favored by ten.
Playing the Bears
is always a fun game for me,
just because my brother's
on the other side.
What's my record against you?
- I don't know.
- Three-to-one.
[Brooklyn] It's a lot of shit-talking.
It's a lot of FaceTiming.
They get friends involved,
they get family involved.
They wanna win. Both of them
wanna win, and so
they try
and rile each other up.
As much as you're talking,
you better not lose.
I never talk about winning or losing.
I'm just saying, you better not lose.
- I wasn't saying anything.
- You better not lose,
- because come the next podcast
- You're a good team.
- Oh, my God, I hope
- You guys have a really good team.
[broadcaster] Week 11 from the Motor City.
Thinking about the St. Brown boys who
have these wonderfully unique names
and this awesome relationship.
They're facing off for the fifth time
between these two in the NFL.
Watch this.
[Amon] It's always super fun.
Family is always at the game,
so they get to witness everything.
[man] I like that jersey,
how y'all did the back.
- A friend did that for me.
- That's cool.
See if I can get 'em to come over here.
[Equanimeous] Does he always
hear the whistle when he do that?
Oh, yeah, yeah. Ever since we were kids.
[Miriam] Hello. Mwah!
[man] That picture would look better
with he in the blue.
That's what I'm saying.
You'd look better in blue.
It's always fun to see both of them.
Basically, I only want them both to be
to leave the game healthy.
And to have a good game.
That's all I want.
[whispering] I hate to say it,
but they're Lions fans.
In his third season from USC
There's Miriam, the Germany native,
who taught all of her sons
to speak German.
There's John Brown,
the former three-time Mr. World
and two-time Mr. Universe in the '80s.
Whole family's in the building today.
[Amon] Be great, baby. Let's go, baby.
- Be great.
- [Jameson] Let's go.
Oh, my God.
They saw us in Germany on TV.
- Us? [in German] Really? On camera?
- Yeah.
Stefanie just texted me.
It is third and goal from the Bears seven.
Goff is gonna work empty out of the gun.
Takes the snap, back,
looking, throwing, end zone
Caught! Touchdown, Detroit Lions,
Amon-Ra St. Brown.
- [cheering]
- [shouting]
[John] Goff fired that ball.
Goff was like, "You better
catch it, I'm throwing it."
[Miriam] We kind of knew the Bears
don't make the playoffs.
So basically, yeah, we were rooting
a little more for the Lions. [chuckles]
[commentator] Goff works out of the gun,
Goff back, looking, looking,
throwing middle.
Intercepted by the Bears.
What was he throwing to?
Amon was wide open.
Why didn't he throw to him?
Amon was open. Why he didn't throw it?
He's gotta look at his moneymaker.
Out of the gun, Fields starts left,
comes back right,
being chased by Hutchinson, throws.
It is caught, Equanimeous St. Brown.
Nice job, EB.
The brother of Amon-Ra makes the grab
for 13 yards and a Chicago first down.
Fields, back and looking, stepping up,
looking, throws deep downfield.
It is a hot touchdown, DJ Moore.
Oh Oh, my God.
Coming closer to the end, seeing them
kind of behind and losing
It was a little sad, you know. I was sad.
Oh, my God. I'm gonna fucking throw up.
It's now the Bears 26 and the Lions 14.
I get so stressed out just 'cause
I have so much faith in the Lions,
and I know what they are capable of.
[John] This game's over. It's over.
People leaving.
Look, people leaving.
[inaudible] It's over.
- [Amon] When we were down 26-14
- They like, "Let's get outta here."
I was thinking literally in my head,
like, "There's no way
we're losing to the Bears."
I've been giving my brother shit all year,
that, you know, the Bears
aren't a good team.
I told him on my podcast like,
"We're gonna win."
So as we're down 26-14, I'm like,
I'm not looking forward to that podcast
'cause I know he's gonna get on my ass.
Gotta score. Someone gotta score, come on.
Let's go, Lions. Come on, guys.
[commentator] 3:54 to go.
Gibbs to the left of Goff,
who works out of the gun.
Jared back, looking right,
throwing out there.
It is caught. First down,
Amon-Ra St. Brown with it.
Lions gotta go.
[John] They better score quick.
[commentator] With 3:15 to go,
Lions at the 32 of Chicago.
Looking, looking, stepping forward,
throwing deep,
got a man, Jameson Williams.
- Wide open. Touchdown, Detroit Lions!
- [cheering]
And the Lions are right back in this game.
Get loud. Come on, we need it. Get up.
Huge play. Third down and nine,
Chicago from their own 26-yard line.
Lions need a stop,
need that football back.
Fields throwing deep downfield.
It is up for grabs and incomplete.
- Yes!
- [cheering]
- No flags, no flags. Let's go.
- Let's go up in that shit!
Chicago forced to punt with 2:44 to go.
[in German] Please no interception,
please no interception
please, please,
please, please, please
[in English]
I'm gonna sit down. I'm sorry.
Here come the Lions.
Amon, game-winning TD. I see it.
Goff takes the snap, back and looking.
Throwing, Amon-Ra with a catch.
Oh, yeah.
St. Brown in front of his parents
with his brother on the opposite sideline,
coming up with a big play.
- [Osiris] Come on.
- I'm shaking.
- [Osiris] Jesus, this is a crazy-ass game.
- [commentator] Clock at 26 seconds.
I'm shaking.
[Amon] Let's go.
Right fucking now. Come on.
Frank, one play. Let's fucking go.
First and goal from inside the one
for the Lions, they trail by five.
Jared leans in, takes the snap,
hands to Montgomery.
Touchdown, Detroit Lions!
They've got the lead back.
- [cheering]
- [shouting]
And the Lions are gonna win
this football game.
Oh, let's fucking go!
[John] Brooklyn, that's all in your hair!
- Oh. [laughing]
- Oh
[Miriam] It was a perfect
ending again, you know?
You think you lose, and then you win.
This is the excitement about football.
Can you believe that?
We got lucky on them.
What a game, holy
- [John] Where's Amon?
- [Miriam] Where's Amon?
- He's right behind you.
- [Brooklyn] There he is.
[Miriam] There he is. There he is.
- [speaking German]
- It's a party. It's a party.
- What did I tell you before?
- [indistinct chatter]
[Amon] Did you guys think
we were gonna win, or no?
I thought it would be a tough game
from the beginning,
but my opinion is,
you still lost that game.
That was a loss to me.
I wouldn't count that as a win.
Gotta make adjustments, all right?
A lot of adjustments
has to be made. A lot of them.
Easy dub.
- Nah, not easy.
- I was about to say that,
that was not easy.
[in German]
I didn't think you'd come back again
I had already given up.
[Amon speaking German]
The J-Mo The J-Mo touchdown?
Then that was the beginning, then okay.
But you were still behind so much.
[Amon] Six points?
Yes. Still a full touchdown
and the time was already pretty far down.
[Amon] And the defense made a stop.
That was that. And then I got hope!
[Brooklyn, in English]
You, like, you danced.
[Amon] Y'all just watched?
[Brooklyn] Everyone just comes
behind you and like they're like,
"We can't get involved."
[Amon] Let me do my shit,
don't touch me like
Brooklyn, let me tell you something.
Okay. No, I don't need to see it.
I've seen all of them.
[John] Don't say you've seen everything.
- Okay.
- It's in the DNA.
It all came from me.
But she's a good dancer too.
She went down
the Soul Train line.
- Soul Train
- She went down the Soul Train line.
Okay, let me show you something here.
That's of me rollerskating.
You know how hard that is?
[Brooklyn] I bet.
[John] Oh
- Oh, yeah.
- [Brooklyn] Look at his tongue out.
- I can't
- [John laughs]
Of course you got that from me.
Everything from me. Everything.
- Okay.
- Everything.
I mean, athletically.
[both laughing]
A new start for the Las Vegas Raiders.
Antonio Pierce, he now is the leader
in the locker room,
the interim coach.
This is a new day, it's a new chapter,
it's a new era, it's a new mindset.
What is that mindset?
Is that of the Raider pride,
the commitment to excellence
and making sure our alumni, our fan base
and Raider Nation are proud
of what they see on the field.
Well, the last five days
have been pretty, pretty hectic.
I will say it's been
pretty hectic in there.
A lot of movement, lot of changes.
Based off of the feel
we had in the building,
I just wasn't really feeling like myself.
So it wasn't allowing me
to give all of me to the team.
Once we had a change made,
the team felt rejuvenated.
What'd that feel like?
Good to get a little bit in, right?
Hell, yeah. Feels good.
I needed some time
I feel like when you feel good,
it allows you to be good.
Today gonna have to be, like,
a look quick and then drop-type day.
I gotta be at the facility at 6:30.
- [man 1] There it is.
- [man 2] There it is.
That sounded pretty good.
How the vibe at the place?
Way better. Way fuckin' better.
Bro, I had three coaches get fired, dog.
We just needed something new, bro.
The dudes didn't not like Josh
or nothing like that.
It was just like I told you,
we had a good-ass relationship.
It was just so much of the same,
like, it started to get
just so repetitive when we'd lose.
We'd come in there
and they just kind of took
the air out of it.
[man] Knock it in, 'Te.
- Yeah! Good putt, boy.
- [Dexter] Yeah, good putt, dog.
[Davante] There's plenty of teams
that it's happened to in the past,
and they've found a way to fight through
adversity and make something of the year.
That's all we focused on at this point
is trying to gut out the rest of this
and get behind Antonio at this point.
Major changes in Las Vegas.
Josh McDaniels relieved of
his duties as head coach.
Antonio Pierce, the interim head coach.
Davante said the whole stadium,
it was kind of like a breath of fresh air.
Like everyone was just
excited for something new.
[broadcaster] The first order
of business on Wednesday
was to bench Jimmy Garoppolo
for the rookie Aidan O'Connell.
What was your opinion on that?
My opinion on that was
that I signed off on that,
and that's just the reality of it.
You know, I love Jimmy
and he's a great guy,
but you know, something had
to happen in order for us
to have a chance down the stretch
and for me to remain
a Raider, in all honesty.
Let's get it, baby.
As long as we play well enough,
we gonna beat the shit outta these boys.
[commentator] And that will bring
Aiden O'Connell onto the field.
This Raiders offense has struggled,
to say the least, this year,
trying to find any sort of
a rhythm in this game.
- All right, baby.
- Let's get it.
Gimme some juice. Gimme some juice.
[commentator] First down and ten,
Jacobs gets to the outside,
a block from Davante Adams
and a first down.
[whistle blowing]
- No, sir
- I just
No, sir, no, sir.
- Hut, hut!
- It's a handoff to the receiver.
Meyers around the left side,
block from Adams,
cuts inside, touchdown, Raiders!
It's Adams' block that really springs
this thing to the edge.
Well done by Davante Adams,
contributing even though
he's not getting the football.
Let's go. Let's go, boy.
Let's fucking go.
Keep playing, they're doubling you.
Just keep playing.
- We're gonna have the opportunity.
- Do not worry about that.
This shit weird as fuck for me,
but I gotta just do what I gotta do.
Like, never in my life
have I dealt with this before in my life.
But I'm bought in. It is what it is.
We gotta do what we gotta do.
We gonna win.
It's all about how it looks.
So that's not realistic every game,
for us to look good
as an offense and me have one catch
because I'm the number one receiver,
so, typically, I need to perform better
than having one catch.
But if for whatever reason
we can make that work
15 times outta 17,
you won't hear too much complaining.
It might a little weird, but you
won't hear too much complaining.
And Davante Adams with his first catch.
Davante, four grabs, just 34 yards.
He has only averaged 35 yards receiving
over the last four games.
Jacobs plowing forward to the goal line.
Look at him reach the football
over for the touchdown.
If you're a Raiders fan today,
you're feeling pretty good
about how this team played
with all the changes this week.
- Mission accomplished.
- Mission accomplished.
Hell, yeah.
- Congrats, big dog.
- Appreciate it.
Hell yeah, you already know.
Yes, Coach.
[commentator] And Antonio Pierce wins
his debut as Raiders head coach.
You knew I was going to
look for you again, right?
I was wondering if the safety was going
to mind his business at all.
- No.
- No.
It's all good. Appreciate you, big dog.
Thank you, boss.
I've said it before, I said
one of the top two,
and you're not number two.
- Means a lot. Thank you.
- Good luck.
[Antonio] I'm happy for you guys.
That shit was rough
the last two weeks. Fuck it.
[all] Rai-ders!
One more. One more. One more.
All right, been a lot of a lot going on.
A lot of attention,
a lot of different positions,
but we all know the toughest position
to play in this game is quarterback, man.
I think we need to show some
acknowledgement to AOC.
Every game is hard to win.
So, winning 30-6,
that meant a lot to our team
because the week before
was the worst we'd ever looked.
They finally looked happy.
I don't even recognize this Raiders team
from the week before.
[Davante] It changed the entire world's
mind about where this team's headed.
- [cheering]
- [upbeat music playing]
There's Dad.
You see Dad?
Did you have fun at the game?
We won. We won.
We scored over
We scored over 20 points.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I truly just wanted to win today.
Like I say and I truly mean it.
If it looked the way it's supposed to
and I'm not able to really do it,
then it is what it is.
You know, like I would rather
because I want to turn 30 to 50.
That's the reason why I want to touch it.
But if we go out there
and we can dominate a game like that
[upbeat music continues]
[closing theme music playing]
[man] Omaha.
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