Receiver (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

Long Road Back

[train horn blows]
Well, let's take three breaths.
Just kind of feel this.
We're inhaling.
Deep breath in,
just bringing in what you need,
exhaling what you don't.
So, with our breath, let us
just move from our heads
to our hearts and our bodies.
For it shall be the
body working today.
Let us feel the heart beating,
the lungs filling with air,
the blood pumping,
the muscles holding the bones.
And let us now take a short trip
to Lincoln Financial Field.
[indistinct chatter]
[Bruce] On the 50-yard line
on the Eagles' logo,
we stand and feel the wet grass,
the breeze blowing.
This stadium, which will be
so full and chaotic soon,
slowly coming to life.
[indistinct chatter]
Boys, we have nothing to fear today
'cause we have an opportunity.
We have to go out there
and show what this team's about.
I'm expecting
an all-timer today, man.
I'm feeling it, I really am.
[Bruce] And Claire and Jan and myself
and the rest of your tribe
and spirit animals and
totems, like roots rising from
the earth in that field
wrap around you like vines.
[audience cheering]
[Bruce] Strengthening,
protecting and holding.
And in that strength,
in that calm, you can exist
with a clear mind
and a gentle spirit.
I am prepared,
I'm ready to fucking go.
Have a day,
have a fucking day, GK.
[Bruce] So let us be calm
and live in that plane
between clarity and chaos.
May you run swiftly.
May you have all the power
that you need today.
The courage, the leadership,
and the tenacity
to finish what must be done.
Time is now, man.
Time is now,
y'all know what we fighting for,
we fighting for
that number one bye.
Here to play our ball,
do what the fuck we do, man.
Swift of foot, clarity of mind
and just a complete
ass-kicking here in
Lincoln Financial Field.
In the name of all that
is holy, we pray. Amen.
[Jan] Amen.
[Deebo] George Kittle!
[broadcaster 1]
This is Eagles-Niners week.
[broadcaster 2]
This is a massive game in the NFC.
George Kittle!
- [George] Hi, Deebo Samuel.
- [Deebo] Hi.
[broadcaster 2] The two-seeded
49ers are headed to Philadelphia.
[Pat McAfee] What a gift
the football gods are giving us.
We have the NFC Championship
rematch coming up.
This game has been circled
by the Niners to get back.
They've been talking smack.
These guys like to talk smack.
And that reaches all the way back
to the off-season when
Deebo Samuel referred
to the cornerback, James
Bradberry, the Eagles, as "trash."
- What about Bradberry?
- Trash.
Bradbury's trash?
He called him trash.
See, if you know me, like,
I didn't mean like no harm
about, like, what I say and how
I say, like, if you know me,
like, that's just how I talk.
That's how I joke around.
Just leading up to that game,
just the football world,
the football industry,
our fans, they fans, I knew
everybody was ready for this game.
[reporter] You termed
James Bradberry "trash."
- Do you regret that? I mean
- I don't regret nothing I said.
Okay. You stand by it?
When you see a guy answering
a question in front
of his locker wearing all black,
folding his arms,
he don't care what's going on.
He ready to go play some football.
You know, once it was there,
it was there.
There's nothing we can do
but strap it up and play.
- [George] How was your travel?
- [Claire] Mine was great.
I was on a direct flight from
San Francisco right here.
[George] That's easy.
The flight attendant
played the Eagles' song
when we landed and
everybody started booing.
So it was a good all-around
good travel day for me.
The hotel before the game,
it's the calm before the storm.
So being able to just kind
of hang out in a hotel room
with my wife who, lucky me,
she goes to every single game.
Usually, by this time,
I've watched all the cutups
that my coaches have sent me.
So at this point, I'm strictly
just watching the tight ends
and how they go against the
edges or guys covering them.
Just what they're seeing.
Just the effort, strain,
how much guys are gonna go try
to go past the whistle,
through the whistle.
Over the course of my career,
I've realized that
if I am a hundred percent
confident in our playbook
and my knowledge of it
and I don't feel like I have to think,
I'm confident in my abilities to
play at a high level.
I feel like I always
talk about recovery.
You see the toe spacers,
just spreading those feet out
from whether there was like walkthrough,
just wearing shoes around all day.
And then these little
Firefly guys just send
a little electric shock
right on the nerve.
Keeps your feet,
your calves pumping,
increases blood flow,
it's good for recovery.
I'm big on just trying to
have my feet up, relaxing,
body as healthy as possible.
Just trying to use
every second before the game
to be as recovered as possible.
[Claire] We've been here a
couple times and, you know,
have had good memories
and bad memories.
[commentator] We never had a chance
to get in the ring in South Philly.
[Claire] You wanna beat
the best people.
I understand that as an athlete,
former athlete, too.
So it's just exciting when you
get to see 'em go out there
and play the best people in
the NFL at that current time.
Try to stay calm,
some deep breaths
and don't listen to
what people have to say.
[announcer] Now entering the field,
the San Francisco 49ers.
- [audience jeering]
- [cheering]
I just want 'em to
I want it to be a blowout.
Like, I don't even
want it to be close.
[commentator 1] You know,
certain games in the NFL
just feel bigger than others.
This has that vibe.
[George] All right, boys, let's score.
[commentator 2] The
rematch of the NFC championship
from last year about to get
underway here in Philadelphia.
[Deebo] Let's go, Brock.
Go ahead.
Ready, set, hut!
[George] First quarter,
we had six plays.
Two, three and outs, didn't move the ball,
didn't get the first down.
[Deebo] Knew it was gonna
be a physical game
and that's what they
came and brought.
It's just like we are not clicking
the way that we supposed to be clicking.
Deebo going up against the guy
he called "trash" last year
on a crossing route,
but it was incomplete.
No first down yet?
No first down yet,
we gotta get back on track
Keep the minds right.
The 49ers down six to nothing,
they are being dominated.
Keep grindin', man.
Come on, man.
[Deebo] Put that heart on our hand,
let's win, let's go. What the fuck?
[Leonard] That's right.
[commentator] Minus six yards
for San Francisco in the first quarter.
It's the fewest in any quarter under
Kyle Shanahan in his seven years.
We just need to like, chill for a sec
and have one pass completed.
It's six nothing, Eagles.
[Deebo] Like, that place
is crazy to play in.
Come on!
But I just knew like, it was coming,
whether it was then,
whether it was second quarter,
second half.
Once we get all these guys going,
it's kind of hard to stop.
[Mahogany] Yes, come on, Deebo.
Go, Deebo. Deebo.
Let's go, boys, let's go!
Now finally, this 49ers offense
can get into a little bit
of rhythm here.
That third drive, we came out,
we gotta take it
one step at a time,
we gotta breathe here,
and get a completion, first down,
and just get it rolling.
[commentator] He's got time. Gets it out
to Kittle, there's nobody there.
Inside the 20 and Kittle
barrels down to the 10.
[Brock] From that point on,
we didn't look back.
[commentator 1] Fake to Samuel,
Purdy, throw and Aiyuk holds on!
[commentator 2] Big-time answer there,
getting going by
this San Francisco offense.
Yo, we need Deebo to score.
[referee] Ready, set, hut!
It's Samuel on the end-around.
Go. Deebo!
Samuel sprinting towards
the end zone and he's in.
Touchdown, San Francisco!
- [George] Are you fucking kidding me?
- Let's go!
[commentator] 49ers offense
clicking on all cylinders.
[audience cheering]
It gotta be blocked up well
for me to even get in the end zone.
So I came around the edge
and you see George
making an amazing block and taking two
and bringing me a way for the end zone.
Are you fucking kidding me?
That was one of my favorite
plays of the night.
Anytime you can block two guys
for a touchdown, fantastic.
Deebo Samuel in open space
and then George Kittle
absolutely clears it out for him,
blocking two guys from
about the six-yard line.
[Deebo] Shut the fuck up!
[commentator] The 49ers have scored now
on three straight possessions.
Let's go, man!
Two, one, two, two.
It's what we call
a fucking twofer, Fleury.
I told you, we got you.
We got you.
[Brock] Deebo definitely went into that
game with something to show everybody.
It was fun to be a part of it
as a quarterback and see
his intensity within that game,
and what it meant to him.
[commentator 1]
49er lead down to 21-13.
The third quarter is going
to be an alley fight.
Purdy, looks left, now middle.
Throws, caught.
Broken tackle by Deebo Samuel.
30, 20, 50, 10, 5, touchdown!
[squealing, cheering]
[commentator 2] What an absolute beast,
Deebo Samuel.
[commentator 3] Deebo Samuel
doing what he does best,
yards after the catch,
running through contact.
[commentator 2]
You know he is gonna turn on
the afterburners, especially
when he's got George Kittle
taking out two guys
from the five-yard line.
Oh, my God, he's going crazy.
Girl, I'm about to snatch my wig off.
That's why this
probably his best game.
[George] Deebo!
- Let's go, baby.
- I got you downfield, baby.
You got so close you can yell
at me one of these times.
What a play by Deebo Samuel.
I don't think I've ever
seen him run faster.
Hey, I was haulin' ass,
I ain't lyin'.
Tired as fuck, boy.
[commentator] A touchdown on four
straight possessions.
[commentator] Second and eight for
the 49ers, they're at the Eagles' 46th.
[whistle blows]
[George] Let's go.
[Deebo] Hey, meet me in the zone.
Ready, set!
That's Deebo Samuel.
Uh-oh, Deebo Samuel, one man to beat,
he's gonna beat him.
Touchdown, 49ers.
What the fuck I tell you?
What the fuck I tell you?
Yeah, boy!
The Deebo Dash.
[George] That's another one.
[commentator 1]
What an absolute beast.
Deebo cuts against the grain
and then just hits the afterburner.
No chance at catching him.
[commentator 2] And he waves goodbye
to the fans in Philly.
[Deebo] The nail in the coffin,
the screen, man.
I mean, as soon as I caught it,
I seen nothing but white jerseys.
So I'm just like,
"Yo, let's just run off every single block
that's out here."
And it's blocked up perfect.
I ain't had to do nothing
but run and get in the end zone.
[upbeat music playing]
[commentator 1] The Niners scoring a
touchdown on six consecutive possessions.
[commentator 2]
You call that a juggernaut.
[commentator 1] And Deebo Samuel
with the hat trick today, wow!
[Deebo] BA. BA.
- Meet me in the zone, man.
- [Brandon] You ain't lyin'.
[Deebo] Come on, man.
- [John] Tell him what I told you pre-game.
- He said it was gonna be a big one.
- It was a big one.
- I'm feeling it.
You could see it from the
first time you carried the ball.
I said, "That's Deebo."
- Could you see it on our first two drives?
- No.
We had six plays,
zero points in the first quarter
and then just shitted.
And then we just said,
"All right, let's go."
We said "Let's give the ball
to Christian and Deebo."
Hat trick.
[commentator] Deebo Samuel,
two receiving touchdowns.
He's got a rushing touchdown
and after all the rematch talk,
he and the 49ers
have backed it up.
This is what it was
supposed to be like.
- [Deebo] My brother.
- [A.J.] Love you, boy.
- [Deebo] Love you too.
- You showed your ass.
All right, we got this dub.
Let's just keep going and
keep pushing to continue
to stack games, stack days
and hopefully we end up being
the number one seed to get the bye
'cause that's what we playing for.
- All right, man, y'all bust they up.
- Hey, where Bradberry at?
I was gonna chop it up,
I was, you know, trolling.
I know. I told him,
I said you be trolling.
Nah, for real.
[commentator] What this result does,
makes the next month really fun.
Oh, I love football. Oh!
What's up, dude?
[Kyle] Hey, guys, we waited
a long time for that.
Not only all week, you know how long
we waited from last year.
I appreciate everyone in here, man.
That was a hell of a team win.
We got a hell of a team.
[player] Let's go, baby.
Let's keep working, man.
Niners on three. One, two, three.
[all] Niners!
Uh, where the family section at?
Hey, get back a motherfucker.
You played so good.
I didn't think it was
gonna be like that.
- First quarter
- I was scared.
I said, "We need
to get it together."
And we scored six
drives in a row.
You went crazy.
- Three tuddies in Philly? Okay.
- [Mahogany] Right.
- [Deebo] I hate 'em, I hate 'em.
- [Jan] Yeah.
[George] Hi, sweetie.
Yeah, you fucking beat the Eagles.
Let's go.
Hell, yeah, dude.
- That was good.
- That was fun.
Three tuddies. What you call that?
- Hat trick!
- All right!
Thanks for coming, guys.
Thank you.
- [Mahogany] Where'd Tyshun go?
- [Deebo] Where's Tyshun?
- Where's Tyshun?
- [Mahogany] Tyshun? Where are you?
[laughs] Tyshun
You gotta move your hands.
There you go.
[Mahogany laughing]
No, you should have seen us in the suite
when you was scoring.
- [Deebo] Going buck wild.
- No, literally,
I was about to snatch my wig off.
Let me show you.
I didn't get the
[Mahogany] Look, it's Dada!
They really cannot touch you.
Like, you Like, you so big.
They need like, a few people
on you to tackle you.
- Shut up.
- Say, "Yeah." Say, "Yeah."
[Mahogany] You was just so locked in.
But y'all gotta keep winning, right?
Yeah, we gonna keep winning.
[Mahogany] Go, Dada!
Let's practice.
Go, Dada!
You don't remember?
Okay, I'll be quiet.
Welcome to chilly Lambeau Field,
the Minnesota Vikings and
Green Bay Packers set to meet
for the first time this season.
[broadcaster] The Vikings right now,
we're two and 0 without Justin Jefferson,
absolutely the biggest
weapon in the NFL.
Green Bay Week, you know,
again another game
that I'm missing and
being on the sideline.
[Kirk] Going into Week 8,
we were an ascending team.
[commentator] Minnesota, led
by quarterback, Kirk Cousins,
after a slow start, they've
won three of their last four.
The back half of the season,
get Justin healthy
and make a run to win our
division and make a playoff run.
We felt we had all the
horses we needed to do that.
[broadcaster] If he keeps playing at
this high level with those wide receivers
and without Justin Jefferson,
they're gonna have a great game.
All along it was a
narrative of every week,
every moment,
everything mattered.
But when Justin went down, then it became
we're not only gonna right the ship here,
we're gonna overcome
even more adversity.
What else can be thrown at us?
Set, hut. Ready! Ready, set, hut!
And then that happens with Kirk.
[commentator] Kirk looks like
he messed up his right ankle.
- You all right?
- [Kirk] Yeah, my ankle's shot.
Here, use me. Use me, use me.
[Kirk] I don't wanna use you,
I wanna hop.
I felt like the grass just
disappeared beneath my foot.
Like, I couldn't press
into the ground.
It took our foot and ankle
surgeon about one second
to put his fingers on my
Achilles, it wasn't there.
And said, "You tore your
Achilles, you're out for the year."
[medic] It's definitely
your Achilles, unfortunately.
[indistinct chatter]
Go get this win,
go get this win.
And so, for me, there was a lot to
process of: my season is over.
I'd seen so many other players go through
this and I guess now it was my turn.
Ooh, that was
devastating right there.
To have your starting quarterback go down
and to now having to rely on the backups
and trying to find out
who will be our starters
is something that no one
wants to really go through.
[Kevin] When you talk about
Justin's first four years
in this league,
you're talking about Kirk Cousins
throwing him basically every football,
every touchdown pass,
every fourth and 18.
[commentator 1] On fourth and 18,
he's given time.
He wants Jefferson.
He caught it.
No way! What a grab!
[commentator 2] The catch of his life.
You already know we had to
support Kirko Chainz.
We know we always
gonna support my dawg.
You know we gonna always
support each other, yeah.
[Kirk] That whole week, just the
outpouring from people
of support meant so much to me.
Justin was a big part of that
and he was still coming
back from his hamstring.
And so, when I went into the
training room to start my rehab
after surgery, Justin was there every day
and I was watching him work.
And the baton got
passed to him a little bit
when he was able to get
cleared and get back to work,
and I still knew
my season was over.
It's better.
It's getting there.
This bad boy gotta get moving.
- Yeah, no don't hit it.
- Bad boy gotta get moving.
- Don't hit it.
- Gotta crank them up.
You know what you're never
allowed to do ever again?
The The Griddy where you go
You're not Never allowed to
do it ever again.
Hey, first game back,
I score,
I might have to pull it out,
scare everybody.
It is back, it's back.
It's tight. Hey.
[Pat McAfee]
Let's go to the NBA.
Davante Adams had a nice
interaction with a ref.
Listen to him chitchat about
the future of the Raiders.
All signs seem to be
going up for Raider Nation.
Davante says it's
gonna be different now.
I like the vibes that are
coming outta Las Vegas.
Hey, hey, hey, hold on.
Hey, don't let the
don't let our energy
and our fucking, like,
juice be contingent on
the success of the plays that we doing.
[Antonio] I asked these guys
to cross over.
It ain't offense, defense,
special teams, it's a team.
So what I saw with Davante
is him really buying into that
and getting guys like,
"Hey, come on,
let's go cheer on the defense."
And the belief.
I think there was a sense of
belief that we can do this.
Do what? Win a lot more games
than we just won the last eight.
Like, we started the
Giants game, come out like that
with that energy,
fire people up.
I feel like the more engaged
we are,
that's when we just bring that
confidence to it.
I feel like when you feel good,
it allows you to be good.
Go out there and give
everything you can to, you know,
your team and and your
teammates and everything.
And from there it went back to
the way that I had been before.
That's all I ask.
We gotta be more turned up
and keep that shit going. Don't let it be
something we did for one game.
Antonio Pierce led the Raiders
to their best game of
the season last week
as the interim head coach and he's hoping
to do the same on Sunday night.
Davante Adams really hasn't gotten going,
but according to his IG stories,
he spent time with his old buddy
Aaron Rodgers last night,
who's in the building
with the Jets.
It was good to see him.
We went to dinner at Barry's
and sat in the back room
and just chopped it up
for like four hours.
So it was good to get that time.
- That was fun last night.
- I needed that.
- I did too.
- I swear.
I think about that shit all day,
- into next year.
- I know.
I'll see you out there.
It has only been two weeks,
but Antonio Pierce has already
changed the energy
around this team.
In pre-game warmups, he made
a point to shake the hand
of nearly every
player on the team.
Davante Adams told us
Pierce talked to the team
in a way they
hadn't been talked to before.
He said something was unlocked by Pierce
and that the season has been reignited.
Like I said about AP and his style, I knew
it was gonna be easy to get behind him
and be able to, you know, get out there
and play my heart out.
[upbeat music playing]
[commentator] Forty-two yards
for Davante on that grab,
his longest catch of the season.
[music continues to play]
[commentator 1]
Wow, wow, triple wow. It's so good.
He shines on Sunday nights.
Everything you fucking got, man.
[commentator] They wanted
to give Davante Adams
the football early in this
game and get him going.
Hey, keep going, keep going.
Let's go, let's go.
Let's go, we gonna finish
this fucking next drive.
[commentator] Start of the fourth quarter
for Antonio Pierce, tied at nine.
[Davante] This the one,
this the one right here, come on.
Everything you've got, man.
[commentator] O'Connell snap,
fakes to Jacobs, looks to the left.
Has to get out of the backfield,
lobs it to the back corner, jump ball.
Touchdown, Raiders!
Yo, yo, yo, get up.
Get up! Get up!
And the Raiders win at home 16-12
to get to five and five on the season.
- Love you, bro.
- Love you, baby.
- So good to see you.
- I swear, man.
This is what I needed, I swear.
I feel like just having you
around this past couple days,
that shit did a lot for me.
- Miss you, brother, love you.
- Miss you so much, bro.
See you soon.
Finally, we're winning
games the right way.
That's what the fuck
I'm talking about. Let's go.
Hell, yeah. Come on.
It's a kids' game.
Let your personalities
come out, fellas.
I need to see it.
'Te, you got them dreads?
Shake them damn things.
Shake 'em.
Antonio Pierce has them like having fun,
playing, locker room.
Davante Adams is having a blast.
[mouthing lyrics]
[upbeat hip-hop music playing]
But you know what?
You know what
I'm about to say next.
Saint wizzay!
[cheering and applauding]
Let's get used to this now,
you know what I'm saying?
Hey, let's get
used to this shit.
Get used to this shit.
This shit fun, we doing
it right now, come on.
And it wasn't perfect.
It wasn't perfect,
but we fucking did it, though.
We did it.
[Davante] Middle of the bye week we got to
shoot out to the Taco Bell headquarters.
Everybody's dollar-menu deal
was McDonald's growing up
and I wasn't a big McDonald's guy,
Taco Bell was mine.
Order number one is ready.
There's been so many people that don't
watch football that when they see me,
asking "Do you really have
a Taco Bell in your house?"
I won't be needing a
a spit bucket today.
[woman] Oh, no, not at all. Not at all.
All right, you ready?
- Ready to taste some new food?
- Yes.
Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory
is definitely a way to describe it.
[woman] The crunch in that product,
for me, that's my favorite.
I think I like this the most.
Right? The mustard.
That one's good, though.
They got basically like, some
scientists in there figuring out
the best way to do
different things.
So this is a Vanilla Churro Chiller.
- [man] Wow! That's special.
- Yeah, this is um
- [woman] It's good?
- It's beautiful.
- [woman] Brain freeze.
- Thank you.
This is Baja Blast pie.
[Davante] This is annoying
that it actually tastes exactly like it.
- Well, that's what we do.
- Like, how do you do that?
I loved it. That might be my
favorite parts of the season.
The eight and two Lions have not won
on Thanksgiving Day since 2016.
That one will be the Lion's 84th game
on Thanksgiving, the most of any team.
[Amon] Honestly, Thanksgiving,
it's a great holiday,
but I'm usually busy
playing football.
Here in Detroit, that's tradition,
to play during Thanksgiving.
So, nationally televised,
everyone's watching.
As a kid, I remember
watching those games.
What was Thanksgiving
like in your household?
Did the guys get holidays off?
No. We get no days off.
I don't care what holiday,
we're working out.
[upbeat music]
[John] Thanksgiving morning.
Put those reps in.
Thanksgiving day we gotta
put the work in.
Care nothing about
Thanksgiving come and go.
[Kristina] You wanted your boys
to stand out from day one.
Tell me about signing that
birth certificate and making sure of that.
I said "Honey, look, we gotta
think about this last name."
It's 'cause Brown don't
look good on a jersey,
too many of those guys.
It should be Von Brown 'cause
you're German, or St. Brown,
which one you like? You pick."
So I picked St. Brown's because I know
it's gonna stand out now.
Even I asked myself, I go, "How do you
know it's gonna be on a jersey?"
I just knew, I knew it
was the right thing to do.
[Kristina] You have two sons
in the NFL, spill the secrets.
What is the secret sauce?
Oh, there's no such thing as lazy kids,
it's only lazy parents.
Amon, you got that shitty.
Do it again. Go.
Five years old, you start
working out with me,
you start lifting weights with me
in the garage.
We eating a lot of red
meat, but we had fun.
Don't get me wrong, you can't
just all work and no play.
If it's 75 degrees or 80 degrees,
beautiful day.
They're in school,
I would drive to the school,
I would blow a whistle,
stand in the middle of the quad.
And they'll look at their teacher,
"That's my papa, I have to leave."
They would meet me, I'd say,
"Let's go to the beach.
This is a beautiful day,
what you doing in school?"
The smarts, I'm guessing,
came from Miriam.
It came from her.
I speak three languages.
From the beginning, I said,
"I'm only gonna talk
German to you"
because I knew if you don't practice
speaking a language, you don't learn it.
And then I thought "Okay, you
have to learn another language."
[speaking in French] I love eating pizza
in a butterfly sanctuary.
Bro, I went to a French school
my whole life, bruh.
- [Jameson] French school?
- Yes, like only French.
We only speak French.
- [Jameson] You cappin', man.
- [Amon] I swear.
Since it is Thanksgiving,
what are you most thankful for?
I'm most thankful for my family.
The people that have been
by my side for so long.
I just wanna say to my dad, thank you
so much for everything you've done for me.
Without you, I wouldn't be
where I am today.
And then
[Kristina] It's okay.
[in German] Mom, I love you.
You have done so much for me.
Always, when I was younger.
You are always there for me now
and mean so much to me.
Thank you.
[in English] Sometimes they don't really
know how much they mean to me,
but I couldn't imagine
life without 'em.
[sentimental musing playing]
They know. They know.
[John] You know what it is.
- Love you.
- Love you.
[music continues to play]
[broadcaster] It doesn't get any better
than family, friends, food, and football.
And we've got it all today here in Motown
where these are not the same old Lions.
Best receiver in the NFL.
- [Miriam] Thank you, appreciate it.
- [Amon] Thank you.
[broadcaster] Their eight and two record
is the best through ten games
since the Kennedy administration.
They have restored the roar.
Hey, the towels are hard,
the towels.
[commentator 1] They're in first place.
Now that the Packers are at four and six.
[commentator 2] Right now,
Green Bay is banged up.
They have to play extremely well
to beat this Detroit team.
[Jared] Ready, set!
[Amon] The Packers, they had a few guys
down on defense
so we felt like we could get
after them quite a bit.
Let's go, let's go, let's go!
And I think, honestly, we might have
taken 'em too lightly as an offense.
[commentator] Blitz coming, steps up
in the pocket, hit as he throws
and it's on the turf,
a one-hopper.
Picked up, they're running it back
and all the way into the end zone,
the Packers have a touchdown.
No way.
We beating our fucking self, bro.
[Amon] We had a few turnovers.
That ball came out again.
[Jared] Good?
- Let's go to work, baby. Let's go.
- [Amon] Let's go.
They played really hard as a team
and I don't think we expected that.
[commentator] The Lions,
they got some work to do
coming off this loss
to the Green Bay Packers.
- [Matt] You're a fucking dog.
- Appreciate it, thank you.
Keep going, Coach.
[commentator] This Lions team now knows
that everybody that's coming in
is coming after you
and they're coming hard.
[broadcaster 1]
The surprise of the Turkey Day
was the Lions falling to
the Packers in Detroit.
Do you feel like this was just a bad game
or is this a bad sign?
[broadcaster 2] That's a bad sign,
for still is a good football team.
You ever think back like
you went to a Super Bowl?
Like, it's rare to even
go to a Super Bowl.
No, I know.
Did you take it for granted at the time?
I'm thinking like, right,
if we made a Super Bowl
It's crazy.
This organization would be
forever changed.
I was looking at the Bengals' record
when they went, it was 10 and 7.
- Was it?
- Two years ago?
- They got hot.
- Doesn't matter what your record is,
if we're tripping
off our record like
- Just get in.
- If we just get in like.
You wanna just play good
ball at the end of the year.
- That's all that matters.
- That's right.
[Dan] And this is why I love
this kid and I respect him.
This guy is all about proving others wrong
and really proving himself right.
[Dan] Watch this.
Because I can relate to this.
This is where my soul is at.
This is where my
fucking soul is at.
These are the last
three plays of the game.
This, to me, embodies everything
that St. Brown is about,
because we're getting our teeth kicked in
at the end of the game.
He don't wanna come out
and he wants to run the ball
so he can block, even though there's
no way we're gonna win at that point.
Watch this fucker, all right?
Watch this fucker.
We're gonna run it three times,
end of the game.
That means something.
Here's the next one.
If you're on Baltimore's side,
you're having a good time.
You know what?
You're not gonna have a good time.
He's out for fucking blood.
'Cause the rest of those guys,
you can enjoy this, have fun.
But somebody's gonna fucking get it.
Come on. I'm here.
All right, here we go,
last play, watch this.
Fuck you. Fuck you again.
Good, that's fucking
hope right there.
My God, that's what we're built off of,
I love that kid.
And when you have that type
of will, that type of spirit,
people don't break,
you don't break.
[player] We gonna keep
downing it up now.
- Let's go.
- We gonna keep downing it up.
Going into that week,
I mean, the basic game plan
was a bunch of like deeper routes
and I was heavily involved in it.
I'm deadass today.
I'm not going down.
- Fuck that.
- I see you.
[Amon] I love a game plan.
There was a bunch of shots in it,
a bunch of "let's go win" routes,
me versus you.
[commentator] It's just
so uncanny, just so uncanny,
this relationship between Jared Goff
and Amon-Ra St. Brown.
[Amon] Let's go!
Hey, let's go score.
Let's go score.
Ready, set!
[commentator] Looks, throws middle,
caught, Amon-Ra.
Leaps and flips into the end zone.
Are you kidding me?
That's my boy!
- That was cool.
- Thank you.
Oh, Amon-Ra, that is beautiful!
[Jameson] That shit was hard.
You jumped hella slow though.
[Amon] I tried to land it.
I wasn't planning on flipping
until he actually hit me.
I jump and he clips my feet
and he kind of propels me to do a flip.
It was a sick touchdown.
[commentator] Man, did your
Detroit Lions do the job tonight.
They said we fell off, I don't know.
We feel good right now.
Home dub, we got
a big one next week.
Let's go, baby.
- [man] Thank you.
- Yeah.
[Kevin] Okay, guys, good afternoon.
We will be activating Justin Jefferson
to the roster later today.
Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson
was a full participant in practice
for the first time since he injured
his hamstring back in Week 5.
Yet another good sign as Jefferson
prepares to make his return
this Sunday against the Raiders.
[TV host]
Justin Jefferson will be back.
Let's see if the Vikings
can fight off the Raiders,
who are playing for some hope right now
and playing for the head coach.
No one's ever caught more touchdowns
against the Vikings than Davante Adams.
I do a lot of things
to get better as a receiver,
but I'd say the most thing for me
is to really learn from the
people that you look up to.
In my case, I felt like
Davante Adams, as a receiver
and coming up, that's definitely a player
that I wanted to learn from.
[Davante] My style of watching film
is something that's adjusted over time.
It's every day
throughout the week.
My wife hates
when I'm watching film
and she's trying to watch 'cause
she wants to see the whole play
and see it all develop,
and I'm there hitting rewind,
watching everything,
like, I can barely get past
the ball being snapped,
just trying to see the motion,
see how the defense is set up,
pre-snap and stuff like that.
Everything you do, make sure
you're taking something from it.
Like, we are not just
turning it on just to watch.
[Justin] Davante is considered
one of the best,
just from his ability to get open.
[Davante] Watch a specific thing,
look at the way that
they drop in their zones,
do they carry?
Do they go with you
in the cover two on the outside?
You know, are they
gonna trap you?
That lets you know so you can be prepared
when it's time to run the route.
[Justin] When he's coming off the ball,
he's coming off slow.
You know, as soon as he realize where
he want to go with the route, he's quick.
He turns slow to fast
very, very quick.
So that's what separates him.
I feel like the best receivers
are the ones that don't,
it's not predetermined.
You don't get up there
and decide at the line,
I'm gonna do this.
If your plan is messed up
and you don't have a plan B,
then you know that's when you
don't end up with the ball.
[Justin] This one is crazy,
he's being tripled.
Tripled by the corner,
the safety, and the back
the backside
True receiver.
[Davante] I don't think people really talk
about Justin's game as a whole enough.
It's no secret,
I watch his tape all the time.
People don't talk
about his hands enough.
The type of catches,
contested and drops.
I mean, I truly don't know if I've seen
him just drop a football before.
I'm a football nerd, so it's easy
for me to talk about that stuff.
I definitely love to watch
them during the games,
'cause on film, it looks different.
In game time, seeing their
game time decisions,
their reactions to different things.
You know, I get to learn just by being
on the sideline and watching him.
He's definitely one of
my favorite receivers.
[Justin] The Raiders game was
definitely more meaningful
that I came back just because
my middle brother was there.
I was able to have
my whole family there.
[Rickey] Say, "What's up, Uncle Jets?"
Say "Do the Griddy."
- Hey.
- He gonna do the Griddy.
Do the Griddy.
Do the Griddy.
Show him the Griddy.
Show him the Griddy.
Look, Jets, do it.
Do the Griddy, go.
[John] He was able to see his
niece for the first time.
She was kind of scared
of him at first,
but it wind up being
a exciting time for him,
and Rickey as well.
- Hey, Mama.
- Daddy.
Why you cryin' as soon as I get you?
I'm sorry.
[Elaine] How's your leg?
How is everything feeling?
Feels great. It's a different
vibe when I'm on that field.
Yeah, it's a whole different
- You good?
- Oh, yeah, everything good.
We just gotta have confidence
out there, you know?
Gotta trust me to put it up there
and let me go get it.
- Right, right.
- You know, not kind of be
- Hesitant, yeah, just let it go.
- Yeah.
[commentator] Out of the bye
and into action, happy Sunday.
This is Minnesota Vikings football
marking the return
of Justin Jefferson.
- Here they come, look at it.
- There he go.
[audience cheering]
[John] He just was so energized
and ready to get back out
and hopefully,
try to make the playoffs.
[commentator 1] This is a pivotal game
for both football teams.
I've been howling at him.
[commentator 2] These next two games
make or break the season
for the silver and black.
[Davante] Everything that we signed
up for coming in this year
is still out in front of us
and we still have the opportunity
to go and be great
and do something special.
Let's go, baby boy.
[Elaine] I think it was more
butterflies for me
to say "Okay, he's back,
but I'm hoping that he's okay
and just pick up
where he left off at."
Love you.
- Love you too.
- Love you too, babe.
Hey, let's go to work.
Go to work. Look at that.
- Squat, squat, squat, squat, squat.
- Let's go, boy.
Squat, do your thing. Go hit it.
I ain't gonna lie, it feel weird
being in these pads again.
For so long been
[commentator] And here
come the Las Vegas Raiders
from their own 20-yard line.
Watch the dagger!
[commentator] Fires. Davante makes
the grab at the 23.
[Justin] 'Te Adams, backside!
[commentator] Has time, throws to the far
sideline. Davante's open at the 45.
'Te Adams with the slant.
[commentator 1] Fires the slant, he's
got it. Davante at midfield the tackle.
Go, defense.
[commentator 2] Davante Adams,
four catches but neither one has 30 yards.
[commentator 3] They're going to be
incredibly aggressive with Davante.
You watch yourself today.
[Mekhi] I ain't worried about that.
Watch yourself today.
All right, all right.
[commentator 1] We've seen Davante Adams.
Who gets more targets early,
Davante Adams or Justin Jefferson?
[commentator 2]
Oh, that's gonna be fun to watch.
[Justin] That's it, baby.
[commentator] Joshua Dobbs back out
as the starting quarterback.
Let's go, baby, you got this.
[commentator] Justin Jefferson
in motion to the left.
First and 10 from his
own 21 goes Dobbs.
The Raiders threaten
blitz and here they come.
- [John] Real quick. Get it!
- Dobbs, he's gonna throw it left side
and it is caught right in
front of the Vikings' bench
for a 12-yard gain.
It's Justin Jefferson's first
catch in nearly two months.
That first catch felt great, honestly.
And to hear the fans reacting
to my first catch being back,
you know, it was pretty cool.
[Davante] Hell of a catch.
One thing they don't give 18 enough
credit for is catching that field, bro.
He don't catch like how Odell,
it don't look like super,
like, just hella pretty,
but he don't be dropping the ball.
I don't know if I've ever seen
somebody come in the league
so ready to play at a high level.
And like, he came in the league
with the confidence that I had,
like when I got
paid my first time.
Definitely a big fan of him.
[commentator] It is third and four
for the Vikings from their own 39,
and we have no
score in the game.
[Justin] Hey, hey!
[commentator] Dobbs out of the shotgun,
play clock running down quickly.
And he was smacked.
[Elaine] Oh, get up, please.
Yes, whoo!
Yeah, baby!
[commentator] That was a huge hit.
What a catch by Justin Jefferson.
Talk about going up for it
and then takes a shoulder right
in the middle of the back.
- [Justin coughing]
- Go, go, go.
[commentator] JJ comes out and
I'm sure they're just gonna let him.
Check him out and make
sure that he's okay.
Great job, great job.
Hey, big guy.
[trainer] Wind.
So I went to the sideline,
but like, I had to cough, like,
for so like, it's just
I don't know,
I had to cough for some reason.
So as I'm like coughing,
I'm spitting out blood as I'm coughing.
Where's that coming from?
Did you bite your tongue or your lip?
- Did you bite your tongue?
- No.
Did you bite your lip? Nothing?
- He hit me in my back.
- Straight in your back.
Trainers gather around me
and they said they had
to take me to the tent
to make some
further evaluations.
Let's go. Lung contusion.
We gotta look at you.
if you don't tell me where
that blood's coming from.
I'm like, "Dog, are you serious?"
I'm like, "Not again,
you can't tell me
that on this first game back
and I get hurt again."
That boy Jefferson hurt already, huh?
They said "chest." I didn't think
he hurt his chest on that.
It looked like his back.
So that was like a tough moment,
just, uh, just from eight long
weeks of watching,
uh, rehabbing, everything.
Move that back. Move that back.
Move that back.
[Justin] Tough situation to
be into the game
for a short period of time.
And now you're back hurt again,
not being able to go
back into the game.
[trainer] How's your breathing?
[medic 1] Just push it in here.
Do you get a lot of pain
when I push it here?
Anything when I'm pushing here?
[medic 2] Could be a pulmonary contusion.
[Justin] It's like, right
[medic 1] So the problem is,
when you get hit like that,
what you can get is some bruising
and bleeding in your lung, actually.
So if you keep on spitting out blood and
there's no bleeding spot from your mouth,
you've gotta be down, 'cause it can
get worse and get bad really fast.
[Justin hocks and spits]
[medic 1] Yeah, it's a
pulmonary contusion.
[trainer] Nothing at all
in your mouth, correct?
[Justin] Fuck!
[medic] Yeah
Do you want to just walk in?
- [Justin] Fuck.
- [medic] I know. I'm sorry.
Yeah. Let's walk it in, yeah.
Let's go get a picture
of your lung quick.
[Justin] Of course, thinking about
my family being there,
waiting for this moment to
come for weeks and weeks.
Thinking about the fans,
the coaches, my teammates.
If it calms down and
the chest X-ray's okay,
we're all right but we just
gotta do the right thing.
But with that bleeding
They say he's spitting blood.
Oh, Lord!
As parents, we was devastated.
Justin has a thing, which all my boys
knew that if something's wrong,
you know, you gotta let me
know because I'm a wreck.
That's why he passed by and he's
gonna give me the thumbs up
to let me know that he's okay.
But seeing his face
and you know, that mom feeling,
I knew something wasn't right.
But, you know, it is what
it is at that point.
It's not nothing that I can control.
First time in Raiders' history,
scoreless at a game to the fourth.
It has not been pretty,
but they are in position to win
but something's gotta change.
Bo, I think next time we down there,
I feel like we've been throwing more looks
in the red zone,
so they tighter there.
- Yeah.
- So if we do that, a look fucking go.
Just right outside of that shit.
Just something to think about.
I'm just trying to figure
something out.
I mean, I know
I'm over here a lot.
Bro, you're good.
We're feeling the same thing.
That game was super frustrating
because we had shown
that we knew what we were doing
a lot better than what
was being shown that game.
I got like six eyes on me
every fucking time I run a route.
I just couldn't figure out what to do.
A big part of that was the way
I was getting played.
They doubled me basically
every play of the game.
[commentator 1] Vikings playing
bracket coverage
on their star receiver
for the Raiders.
[commentator 2] We're gonna see
Davante Adams come inside
and work this little choice route.
But you're also gonna
see multiple defenders.
This is the most frustrating
game I've ever been a part of.
[commentator] With 1:57
to go in the ball game,
it is Minnesota three
and the Raiders nothing.
[audience cheering]
Down the four throws over the middle
and it's intercepted at the 34!
Ivan Pace, the rookie, hopped
in front of Davante Adams
and the interception
might have just sealed the Vikings' win
and the Raiders' playoff hopes as well.
[Davante] Oh, my God, bro.
[indistinct chatter]
[Davante] Fucking damn!
[Austin] Keep your head up.
Keep believing.
Ain't nothing you can do
about that shit.
You know how great you are
and we know how great you are.
I appreciate you, man.
Keep being the leader
we know you are.
[commentator 1] And the Raiders
fall for the third straight game
and to five and eight on the season.
[commentator 2] Unfortunate for
the Raiders, missed an opportunity.
But you know what?
They're playing hard.
[commentator 4] The news
on Justin Jefferson
just does not get any better.
He was ruled out with
that chest injury
and now the Minnesota
Vikings medical staff
has transported him to a local hospital
for further evaluation.
[closing theme playing]
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