Receiver (2024) s01e08 Episode Script

Leaving Las Vegas

[Purdy] Hut eighteen! Hut, set, hut!
Purdy over the middle. There's Samuel.
Makes the catch.
And absorbs the hit, keeps on going.
But he's going to get stacked up
out around the 44-yard line.
Now Deebo Samuel not getting up.
- [Deebo] I just got hit in that shoulder.
- [man] That shoulder?
Alright, Bo.
Now that is a big problem.
Obviously an integral
part of this offense.
And so the 49ers may have
to do it without him.
What's up with the shoulder?
Don't show nothing on the X-ray.
So, I'm-a go get a CT and shit.
- Can you raise it?
- Huh?
Can you raise it?
I can move it. Whenever like
I'm swinging it, that shit get real tight.
- You gonna be okay?
- [Deebo] I'll be all right.
- You gonna be able to play next week?
- Hopefully.
The Deebo Samuel injury is massive.
With Deebo Samuel
in the lineup and healthy
under Kyle Shanahan,
the Niners are 53 and 23.
That's an amazing record.
Without Deebo,
they are eight and nine.
[interviewer] What's your initial
impression on the severity of Deebo's
Um, I don't know yet
He tried to come back. Couldn't do it.
I know he did something
similar versus Cleveland.
So, we'll see tomorrow.
[Deebo exclaims]
- [Deebo] This the worst part.
- [woman] I don't get it.
[woman] You get to cause so much pain
out on the field,
and this little,
itty-bitty, tiny catheter
[Deebo] Like, I hate this part.
All week, I've got
probably every treatment
that you can possibly think of
to help a shoulder injury.
And once they say
I didn't re-break it,
I was like, now I can just
wrap my head around everything,
how we gonna get this shoulder
to be in a good spot
to go out here on Sunday.
[reporter] The forecast for Deebo Samuel,
we still do not know.
And that is
a huge question here,
hanging over
the NFC Championship game.
Ooh, shit.
[reporter] The San Francisco 49ers
are not beating the Detroit Lions
without Deebo Samuel.
[man] Nine, ten.
- [man] Fuck.
- Shit!
[Deebo] Bro. Hold on.
This is crazy.
[man] Going up and over.
[Brooklyn] I had so many
49ers fans on my flight.
- [man] On yours?
- Yeah.
The guy behind was so obnoxious.
- I was like, "Shut up."
- Like, "Gross."
[Brown] They showed me old pictures
from when we were training.
[man] That's for Dad.
Protect your eyes.
- [Brown] Behold.
- Protect my eyes.
- [woman] This was 40 years ago.
- [Brown] Behold.
Oh, my God!
[Brown] You ain't seen nothing like that.
Look at the pecs.
Just leaning on the thing.
Not even flexing, just chilling.
Cold, relaxing, maxing.
Your hair, in the back.
That's a perm.
You think his hair is that curly?
Mm-mm. Heck no.
[Amon] That's curled to the max.
Two batches of relaxer.
He would do this,
and shit would just stay there.
It wasn't no grease.
- It was mousse.
- [Amon] Shit wasn't moving.
Big-ass hair. Shit stiff.
Brooklyn, 6'2",
250 lbs, 23-inch arms.
- Yo!
- You couldn't even walk around.
Everyone, the whole house,
would stop and watch it, right?
They just stop
and look at it like this here.
Oh, my And one lady says,
"Excuse me, son,
but my God,
what a specimen of a man."
I said, "Ma'am, thank you."
- I said, "Ma'am, thank you."
- [laughter]
[Brown] If we walked in right now,
the whole place would stop.
- You hear that noise?
- I gotta tell you a story.
You wouldn't hear
that noise no more.
Before we get started,
we're gonna do a little toast.
Most toasts I know ain't
appropriate, so I can't tell 'em.
Hope I don't screw this up, I haven't
done a toast like this in a long time.
- [Brooklyn] Unlike him.
- Hold on, sweetheart.
- [laughter]
- [man] Trippin' on that.
Here's to friendships
and wood ships,
but the best ships
are championships.
Here's to championships.
- [man] I like that one.
- [all] Cheers.
- [Brooklyn] Cheers. Cheers.
- [Amon] Hold my water. No lemonade.
[Amon] Cheers with my lemonade.
[man] Salud.
[man] How you doing?
Do you feel that, guys? [giggles]
Like that shirt, Kim?
- [Kim] Love it.
- Thank you.
- My wife got it for me.
- Hello.
- Let's do this. [grunts]
- I know. I'm so excited.
Hey, you
Your tag is still
on your jacket right here.
Oh, good.
[indistinct chatter]
[epic music playing]
[reporter] The biggest
injury news this week.
Deebo Samuel will play.
He's dealing with his shoulder injury.
[Deebo] I've been part of
four NFC championships.
I know what's at stake.
[huffs] That game was different.
[Amon] Just to think of where we started.
When I first got here as a rookie
to now be in the NFC Championship,
it was crazy
to even think about.
Hey. You know what to do.
It's time.
- [George sighs]
- [Claire] Make some history, okay?
- [George] You're with me.
- You're the best.
- I love you.
- [George] She gives me a pep talk.
See ya.
And she just kind of shoves me.
There it is.
She's giving me her violence for the day.
Just focus on this
moment right here
and go be your best self.
[commentator 1] A chance
to make a Super Bowl.
That is everything in
the National Football League.
Right here, right now,
the Lions and 49ers
both have the opportunity.
Everything we worked for,
you've dreamt of since you were a kid
- is still possible.
- [Deebo] Yay!
[George] Inhale confidence.
Exhale fear.
Inhale belief.
Exhale doubt.
Let's go. Be great.
Let's go. Be great.
Let's go
- You look good. You look good.
- I always look good.
[commentator 2] This game
has so many storylines.
Talk about these offenses.
They're top five
in a million categories.
And we get
a shootout here today.
[Goff] Turbo, set!
[commentator 2] First down. Another fake.
Cover Jameson Williams.
The speedster. Has a block.
Williams cuts up.
25, 20. Still on his feet.
Jameson Williams scores!
[yells] Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!
Fuck, yes!
[commentator 1]
The Lions strike like a lightning bolt
to open the scoring in this game.
I'm like, "I have to block Fred?"
Big guy. He's gonna be a tough block,
but I set out to do it.
[commentator 1] How about
that for an opening drive
by your Detroit Lions?
Seven-nothing. They lead it.
I got Fred's ass. I got his ass.
Pinned his ass way down there.
- That was easy.
- That was so fast.
[commentator 2] Now third and nine,
what'd they do here?
Third down, you know what to do.
Block. Block!
[commentator 2] St. Brown, diving forward.
He's got a first down.
[commentator 2] Montgomery
on second and goal.
Surging his way forward.
He's in!
Touchdown, Detroit.
We here! We fucking here!
[commentator 2] Wow!
What a start for these Lions.
We got that energy.
We got the juice.
- Not a great start.
- Literally couldn't have been worse.
[Deebo] It was frustrating. Down 14-0
at home, NFC championship.
This is the game before the Super Bowl.
And be like, "This is not who we are."
It's about time to play ping-pong
between me and you with this ball.
- Say, "Go. Go Dada!"
- Dada. Dada!
- [Tyshun Jr.] Go, Dada!
- [Mahogany] Go, Dada!
[Purdy yelling]
[Mahogany] Go, boy!
[George] Our offense didn't start out
the way we wanted to.
[Mahogany] Go, boy!
While that's frustrating, it's early.
Plenty of football left.
So, all you wanna do
is attack each play.
Third and short.
Was able to get under his pads.
Able to get some good leverage.
Got it, baby. Let's go! Come on!
[commentator 1] You wanna watch a guy
who plays the game the right way,
watch George Kittle
against Aiden Hutchinson.
Nothing like a good pancake block
in the NFC championship game
to get the blood going.
[Claire] That's all he wanted
today so bad, you guys.
He goes, "I haven't pancaked
somebody in so long.
I need to do this."
[George] Whoo! You see that shit?
I just got under Hutchinson
and fucking planted him.
Helmets, like,
they clipped a little bit.
And I had the good leverage.
I was on the inside.
You get locked up.
It screwed me.
It fucked me up.
My proprioception.
My proprioception. [laughs]
Your proprioception.
It's a big word.
That's a Michigan word.
I'm an Iowa guy.
You can't say stuff like that.
Great time, whenever Iowa
whup up on Michigan.
[commentator 2] Third and 10.
Four-man rush.
Purdy in some trouble.
Lets it go over
the middle and is picked off!
Rodriguez has it.
[commentator 1] First interception
of the postseason for Purdy.
Sets the Lions up.
[commentator 2]
Now can the Lions take advantage?
[commentator 1] Goff throws, complete.
Amon-Ra fights
and gets the first down.
Lions now up 14-7
knocking on the door.
Gibbs trying to get the edge. Does.
Turns it up. Gibbs to the 10.
Gibbs to the five.
To the end zone!
Touchdown, Detroit Lions!
And the Lions extend their lead.
Hey, hey, hey.
[commentator 3]
Amon-Ra St. Brown is able to get
Deommo Lenoir blocked
and Jahmyr Gibbs
puts his foot
in the ground, and he's gone.
[commentator 1] The 49ers
have a monumental problem.
Down 21 to 7.
[Amon] Keep balling, boys.
Keep going crazy.
[commentator 1] Third and 18.
Back and looking. Goff stepping up.
Looking, throwing, middle, caught.
Amon-Ra, first down.
Inside the 20 and down
to the 19-yard line.
Amon-Ra picked up 23 yards.
It's a 21-yard field goal.
Spot, kick away.
It is up and it is good.
[Mahogany cheers]
- Here we go!
- Oh, my God.
Like, that's Super Bowl-bound type shit.
[commentator 1] So, it's 24 to 7.
A 17-point lead for the Lions.
24-7. Like bro, like how
is this even happening?
I can't wait after the game,
I'm gonna say,
"Well, they had us
in the first half, not gonna lie."
I can't wait till after
the game and I get to say,
"They had us in the first half."
Keep singing it. Have fun.
Encourage the guys.
Right? You're the guy.
Get us going, baby.
- It's a done deal.
- Don't change a thing.
[Purdy] Obviously, I love George's
mindset, just trying to keep me calm.
He's always been a guy who's told me,
"We got your back.
I got your back. I believe in you."
Let's go, Brocky.
[Purdy] I was like, "I can't wait till we
get the ball in the second half."
I'm like, "Let's just go."
- They cannot mess with us.
- They can't stop us.
[commentator 1]
They're 30 minutes away from
going to the Super Bowl
for the first time ever.
[Amon] Up 24-7 going into half. Vibes in
the locker room were great.
[Dan] You finish this game
like you started it.
They will not go away.
You gotta make them go away.
If you want it,
let's go get it, man. Finish.
[players chattering]
[Kyle] That's not gonna be
how we finish this season.
That was not enough for a half
of football. We got half left.
We put ourselves in a hole.
We gotta play different.
- We gotta make some plays.
- [player] Yes, we do.
[Kyle] You guys ready
to take care of this?
[player] Yes, sir.
[George] The team's attitude
coming out halftime,
"Go play Niner football.
Go be violent, be physical."
Do your job the way you're supposed to.
And we'll figure it out from there.
Best throw blockers in the world.
Let's go do it.
[Amon] I remember just walking
out of the tunnel being,
you know, "I'm ready to
go to the Super Bowl."
Keep doing the little things right,
everything will take care of itself.
24-7 is steep
in a playoff football game.
Literally everything
has to go right.
I was shaking and I was like,
"Kyle, just let me get
involved a little bit."
[Mahogany] Let's go.
You see Dada?
Come on now.
[commentator 1] Lions are 30 minutes away
and Kyle Shanahan has
to figure out some answers.
'Bout time to flip
the script, babe.
- We about to turn this around.
- You know it, man.
About to turn this around right now.
- I'm telling you.
- We got to.
Aye, let's go. Let's fucking go!
Yeah, let me get it.
Let me get it.
[Mahogany] Let's go, Deebo!
[commentator 3] Play action and McCaffrey
gets his head around, steps up, throws.
Caught! Deebo all
the way to the 41-yard line.
- Let's go! Let's go!
- Come on! Come on!
[commentator 4] Deebo is jacked up!
That a boy!
Good shit, Deebo! Let's go!
[commentator 3] Throw out left. Caught
by Deebo. Breaks one tackle.
[Claire] Go, Deebo!
Go, Deebo!
[Deebo] Yeah. Yeah.
[Mahogany] He said it's his time.
Oh, he 'bout to do a field goal.
[commentator 3] They are gonna bring in
Jake Moody to kick the field goal.
He has to make it.
[commentator 3] Moody trying
to tack on three more.
Miss. Miss. Miss.
[commentator 3] It is up and it is good.
[commentator 3] So, it is now
the Lions 24 and the Niners 10.
[Kyle] When you watch Deebo and George
breaking some tackles and going
Let's fucking go, baby.
none of our other players
are looking for a place to fall.
They're looking for a spot to do
the same thing their leaders are doing,
that the guys that have had
success are doing.
- 'Cause the war's not done yet.
- Just be you!
And nobody wants this to end.
Hey, go do it.
Right? Go do it.
- Keep blocking, baby.
- Let's finish this.
I'll open up the run.
I'll open it up, bro.
Let's go, baby.
We gonna win this.
[commentator 3]
Decision time, Dan Campbell.
It's fourth and two.
Be about a 46-yard
field goal from here.
I would take a field goal here.
Kick this.
[commentator 3] Right now, the offense
is staying on the field.
[Amon] We did it all year.
Ever since I've gotten there,
we've gone for it on fourth down.
We love Coach Campbell.
You know, balls of steel.
Whatever you wanna call it.
That's just our MO.
That's the way we play.
That's the way
Coach Campbell coaches.
And for us as players, we're there for it,
we're ready to go.
[commentator 3] There's the snap.
Goff back. Goff looking.
Goff stepping up. Goff throws.
Intended for Josh Reynolds.
So, the roll of the dice by
Dan Campbell comes up empty.
Gotta take the point.
Gotta take those points.
Next play.
[commentator 3]
San Francisco's got it back.
[George] Give us life.
It happens.
Bounce back, all right?
Yeah. We're good.
Aye. I'm telling you.
I'm 'bout to take over, man.
We get the fourth down stop.
Yeah, I was just ready to go.
[commentator 3]
Quick throw out to Deebo Samuel.
Block from Jusz.
Here goes Deebo!
Deebo all the way
to the 47-yard line!
Look at Dada.
Look at Dada. Look at Dada.
Deebo was taking this game over
in the second half.
See how they give it to Deebo?
We gotta give it to Amon.
[commentator 3] Gonna take
a deep shot to Brandon Aiyuk!
[Claire] Come on, Brandon.
[commentator 3] Oh, he caught it!
Holy fuck! He caught that!
He caught that!
[George] He caught that?
He caught that?
[George] How the fuck did he catch that?
I suppose he been watching you, I guess.
Was that a one-handed?
["Comeback" by Tommee Profitt
and Manwell playing]
I am the future that's coming back
I see what's next, others just react ♪
The king on the throne
Keep it all intact ♪
This world is mine
I won't give it back ♪
And they need me to win ♪
They need me to show them that
Anything really is possible ♪
So where to begin? ♪
If you knew what I knew
Then me out the game is not optional ♪
When I say everything was going right,
it was going right.
Like bounce off the dude head
and he catches it.
It's just the way we drew it up.
Whoo, gone for a minute but I'm back
Where you at? ♪
[commentator 3] Purdy throws. Caught!
Brandon Aiyuk!
Give me the rock.
Let's fucking go!
[commentator 3] Here come the Niners.
Give me the rock.
Let's motherfucking go, man!
[commentator 3] 24-17.
- Come on, man.
- Go motherfuckin'!
- I gotta take my jacket off.
- That's all right.
I gotta take my shit off.
Things are getting
a little spicy.
Deebo gonna get a stop right here,
they ass in trouble.
[commentator 3] Goff hands off.
Awkward handoff to Gibbs.
- Fumble!
- [commentator 3] And he fumbled the ball!
Fumble! Fumble!
We got it! We got it!
[commentator 3] The 49ers have the ball!
Arik Armstead recovers the fumble!
[commentator 4]
Oh, how this game has turned!
Holy shit!
I almost fell out of my chair!
[commentator 4] Holy cow! Big Mo
is on the side of the 49ers right now.
[indistinct chatter]
You know what time.
Hey, make them feel you every rep.
Go harder than them.
Go longer. Be more physical.
Set your fucking will upon them.
[shouting and grunting]
[commentator 3]
Here's Purdy back. He'll run. Ten. Five.
Purdy spinning all the way
down to the four-yard line.
Looking to tie
the NFC Championship Game!
- Deebo's down on the one-yard line.
- [whistle blows]
Kyle's just being Kyle. Going in there,
dialing that shit up.
Like everything just start clicking.
- [commentator 3] Touchdown!
- [cheering]
San Francisco!
Oh, my lanta!
[commentator 1] In less than 12 minutes,
the 49ers have tied the game.
And we tied!
Yeah, we tied!
[Deebo] I told you.
I'm-a get this going.
What did I tell you?
- I never told you a lie.
- I know!
- I never told you a fucking lie.
- [commentator 1] Third and 10.
Big play in this game right here.
Jared throws middle. Dropped.
[commentator 1]
Josh Reynolds just flat dropped it.
You gotta catch
that ball at the 39.
The last thing you want to do is give it
right back to San Francisco.
[commentator 3] The 49ers will drive
for the lead now
with 2:01 to play, third quarter.
[commentator 3] Kittle wide open's got it.
Inside the Lions' 30-yard line.
Yes, George.
[commentator 3] Purdy back, throws middle.
Caught by Deebo Samuel.
Gets tripped up
around the 15-yard line.
33-yard field goal.
This to give the Niners the first lead
of the NFC Championship game.
[George] Come on, Jake.
I believe in you.
Believe in yourself.
[commentator 3] Jake Moody
right down the middle.
Good job, kid.
The 49ers have the lead.
[commentator 1] Lions need a play.
Five out of nine on third down today.
It is third and ten here.
That third down was
a choice route by me.
I ended up breaking out.
He threw the out route, I caught it.
[commentator 1] Goff loading. Throwing.
Caught by Amon-Ra.
- [Amon] I only got six yards.
- [referee blows whistle]
[commentator 3]
It's gonna bring up now
[Amon] Fuck!
a fourth down and three.
Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay.
Okay. Okay, D.
Okay, D.
[commentator 4] Close enough
for Dan Campbell to go for it here.
It's fourth down and three.
Will he kick a field goal
to tie the game at 27
or will he go forward
on fourth down?
- And you know the answer. He's going.
- [Dan] I believe in this team.
And when it comes time to finish
a game out, I trust our offense.
[commentator 1] It would be
a 48-yard field goal from here,
and that offense
is staying on the field.
[Amon] Like I said,
we're ready to go for it.
We didn't get the one prior,
but in our head, we're like,
"This is the one we're gonna get."
[commentator 2] Man, they need
to make sure they convert here
and not come out
without any points.
[commentator 4] Huge play.
Fourth and three.
Lions at the 30 of San Francisco.
One stop!
One fuckin' stop!
[commentator 1] Lions need a play
right here, gotta keep this drive alive.
Takes the snap, he's back.
Jared looks, Jared looks.
Jared rolls to his right,
throws downfield, incomplete.
And for the second time,
in the second half,
the Lions come up
empty on fourth down.
Maybe it's my own flaw that I have
so much faith and hope, but I do.
And I believe in those guys.
[commentator 1] He was looking
for Amon-Ra St. Brown.
[commentator 2]
He's trying to force a throw
back to the inside,
wasn't even close.
And unfortunately, we didn't get it.
[commentator 4] The Niners
with 20 unanswered points.
Their defense just held Detroit.
[commentator 3] Now the 49ers
need to run themselves
to Vegas and the Super Bowl.
- Go win.
- Get this shit, come on!
Let's go.
[commentator 2] Huge, huge
spot here in the game.
And if you're the 49ers, you almost
feel like it's four-down territory.
We're gonna punch this in,
and we're gonna finish this thing.
- [commentator 3] Three yards away.
- Eighteen, hut set!
[commentator 3] They give it to Mitchell
off the right side.
[George] That's another one!
That's a fucking another one!
[commentator 3] San Francisco!
We on our way.
We on the way, brother.
We on our fucking way.
[commentator 3] They have outscored the
Lions in the second half, 27 to nothing.
[commentator 4] Unbelievable
how this game has gone.
The swing of emotion
for everybody in this stadium.
Boy, I wanna cry right now,
but I can't even do it.
Boy, I wanna cry right now
but I can't do it.
[Amon] They're taking knees.
We're going
to fucking Vegas, George.
We're going to fucking Vegas.
You said you gonna be back!
I'm back. [laughs]
[commentator 3] The game is over,
the Niners will run the victory play.
[commentator 4] Just gotta snap it
and get down, and it'll be over.
Seventeen-point comeback complete.
[Purdy] Nineteen! Hut, set!
- [whistle blows]
- [commentator 4] And there it is!
The 49ers are going
to the Super Bowl!
Let's go.
Let's fucking go, baby.
[somber music playing]
[commentator 4] I know Detroit
is hurting right now,
especially when you're up 17.
It's hard to take away what
they have accomplished.
And then the flip side, this 49ers team,
they've been a juggernaut.
[commentator 3] One of the wildest games
we've ever seen, Tim.
[commentator 4] Crazy.
[commentator 3] At halftime, I wondered
how they would do it.
And it's red and gold on
red and gold in two weeks.
The 49ers are going to play
the Chiefs in the Super Bowl.
[Mahogany] Super Bowl!
Super Bowl!
[Deebo] I think about not only myself,
but what everybody else been
through for us to get here.
And it's just like, "We just came back
24-7 and, bro, we going to Super Bowl."
I'm looking around like,
"Is this even real?"
Where's the baby?
Bruh, this not real.
Daddy love you.
Give Daddy a hug.
He did it!
[reporter] Congratulations, young man.
How are you feeling?
Gotta feel good knowing you're
going back to another Super Bowl.
They had us in the first half,
not gonna lie.
Let's go, faithful. We're back, baby!
[reporter] All right, the 49ers are back.
[George] I just wanna hug my wife.
Where is she?
[Claire] Oh, my God, dude, take this in.
This is unreal.
There's nothing like it,
this is the best.
Can you see him?
He's still on the stage?
I don't know.
Oh, there she is!
- Hey, Joe, how you doing, man?
- Good.
That was fun.
I gotta find my wife.
Excuse me, excuse me.
[Claire] Can you see him?
[George] Can I sneak past you guys?
I gotta find my wife.
- I fucking found you!
- Yeah!
[George cackling]
[George] Oh
[Claire cries]
I'm so fucking proud of you.
[George] Whoo! Whoo!
- Oh! Are you fucking kidding me?
- That's fucking awesome, dude.
- Are you fucking kidding me?
- Yeah.
You're going
back to Super Bowl!
[George] Oh, that wasn't stressful.
[broth chuckling]
I'm so proud of you.
[somber music playing]
[Amon] You know that feeling that we all
had walking off that field?
It sucks.
Everyone's goal
at the start of the year
is to go to the Super Bowl,
and if you don't, you failed the season.
[reporter in German]
What's the motivation for next season?
[in German] This feeling that we have.
That was enough for us to do it.
I never want to feel how I do today.
One game short.
We wanted the win. But we're done.
[in English] I'm so sad.
[in German] They played better.
[in English] Good game, young man.
We had 'em.
We had 'em by the jugular.
[Miriam in German] I'm still proud of you.
We're all proud of you.
You had them. You had them. I don't
understand, how can this happen?
[phone ringing]
[woman in call]
Now you gotta get your bags packed!
Mama, this is crazy.
Who is that?
Is that recording me?
[Deebo] Yeah, talk to 'em.
Hey, who is that?
Ma, talk to the camera.
- We going to the Super Bowl!
- Yeah!
Boy, we about to flip they ass.
- I love you, Mom.
- Look y'all, it's Bo.
Look, look, look, look.
- What's up, boy?
- Good job, bro.
Appreciate it, brother.
[Deebo's mom] Look who came
to tell you congratulations.
[Deebo] Hey, stanky butt.
- Hi!
- Love you.
Where I need to be at now?
Ma, we about to leave in a week.
They not having a meeting
like they used to do?
Ma, I don't know,
let's enjoy the win first!
Okay, you're right.
All right, bye.
Love you.
Here you go, Nick.
Let's just enjoy it
for a second, right?
- [sighs] Let's just take a moment.
- Enjoy it for a fucking second.
Is there an oxygen tank in here?
Come on, bring it in, man.
All right. Hey, guys
The character of this
team these last two weeks,
guys, how we felt at halftime.
We needed the whole game,
and we got it done.
But as always, this is not the one.
It's not the one we set out to get.
He said it all right there.
One more to go, let's go.
Niners on three, one, two, three!
[all] Niners!
You fucking stallion.
Just so you know, I'm always open.
You guys really have a way
about turning it around.
Our two our two hardest games
in the playoffs.
That was fun.
It was sick.
[cheering continues]
[commentator 1] Here we go.
The Super Bowl matchup is set.
Chiefs and Niners, a rematch
from Super Bowl LIV.
Kansas City obviously
won that matchup.
[commentator 5] Happy to see
Patrick Mahomes play again.
I'm happy to see this group
of Niners play again.
[Purdy] Hut, set!
[commentator 6]
The 49ers were up 20 to 10
with six minutes
and change to go.
[man] Wide right!
[commentator 6] And the Chiefs got
three touchdowns in the last six minutes.
[commentator 3]
What an incredibly difficult scene
for the 49ers to endure.
They were so close.
I will be back here.
I will be back here,
and I will be back with
a motherfucking vengeance.
I do remember that feeling.
I love it.
It's a little clip that is in my head,
and I appreciate when people send it to me
because it's a reminder,
"Hey, you were this close
and you did say this,
so make sure everything you're doing
is still up to that standard."
[Deebo] It took four years to get back to
the Super Bowl, from 2019 to now.
This don't come around like people say.
When I was a rookie, I'm like,
"We went to the Super Bowl,
we going next year,
we going next year."
And as we're going it's like,
"Nah, this ain't how shit works."
- [George] Well, this is gonna be fun.
- [man] We'll be gentle.
[man] Make sure that pressure
doesn't bother anything.
- Nothing there, right?
- No.
- Is it more sore towards the bottom?
- Yeah, right there.
It's spicy, like a jalapeño.
- Just lemme know.
- You're good.
[George] Going to the Super Bowl
and I've been playing football since July.
Ooh. Yep, felt that one.
By that time in the season,
body's beat up a little bit.
There's things going on.
[woman] If any of these are uncomfortable,
let me know.
I'm not a huge fan of needles, though.
Not my favorite things.
And then you may feel
a little jump or twitch
as it goes right into the knot.
So fun.
I try not to ever
look at the needles
- because some of them are very long.
- [woman] Four inches long.
Most guys have one, two, three things
that they're dealing with
on an everyday basis.
Getting treatment on, focusing
their time and attention on.
And so, it's a way to get at the nerve
with a little bit of stim
and fire it up and kinda
- Without a needle.
- Without a needle,
and just reset
all the traps at once.
[George] I believe in my body,
no matter how it feels,
whether you know it's hard
to walk, run, whatever it is.
[woman] Keep breathing.
What am I gonna do?
Not play?
It's the Super Bowl and I love the game,
and I'm gonna put everything
on the line to go play it.
[commentator 5]
Having the teams here is really
the true sign that
Super Bowl week is here.
[rap music playing]
[commentator 6] For the team,
it's a business trip
that the rest of the world
uses as a focus for a party.
[female reporter] Super Bowl LVIII.
The 49ers arriving
at their team hotel in Las Vegas,
makes things feel
a little bit more official.
- You should wear these.
- Huh?
He should wear 'em.
I'll tell you if you look cool or not.
You got a little chrome.
What the fuck are those?
[female reporter]
The road to Super Bowl LVIII
twisted and turned and now
the final stretch tonight.
The Niners and Chiefs
make their first appearance
at Allegiant Stadium
to reintroduce themselves to the world.
Deebo! Deebo!
I never felt so swagged out
walking behind you two.
[Deebo] Opening night felt like I was
about to get ready for the game,
so I had to just take a breath in.
Just like, "I've been here before,
let's just keep it like this."
And when the game be here,
you can be up here.
- What's up, Pat?
- What's up, brother?
- You fucking legend.
- What's up, baby?
Great to see you, man.
Travis is a good friend of mine.
He's a fantastic football player.
[sighs] The king of Tight End U, man.
He's best tight end
in the league and deservingly so.
This year he's been
playing lights out,
playing the best
football of his career
and really catapulting that San Fran team
through the playoffs, man.
To be able to compete with them
and have their respect and be friends.
It's pretty cool stuff.
My dad said to say, "What's up?"
Tell the big guy I said hello.
Fuckin' love him, man.
Your whole family at that.
I know, man.
Are you guys doing a suite, or?
No, I can't.
Because they're
three million dollars?
No, like I have a good contract.
I didn't know if you guys were teaming up
with a couple of players or something.
No, we talked about it but, like,
Christian got a nice deal.
Besides that, it's just like,
"You guys are gonna be fine."
[airhorn blows]
[player] Exciting to wear shoulder pads
in February, let's make the most of it.
[George] Like you said, last Thursday.
"Make some fucking plays. Make the defense
look silly and have some fun doing it."
Tights on three!
One, two, three!
[female reporter] Niners trying
to get over that hump.
In three of the last four seasons,
they've gotten to
at least the NFC title game
but haven't been able
to win a Super Bowl.
Is the season a failure if the Niners
lose the Super Bowl?
[male reporter]
It is considered a failure.
In the case of the 49ers, it means,
especially with this year's roster,
Super Bowl or bust.
Chuck, you're betting on the 49ers.
How can they beat the Chiefs?
What's their game plan?
They gotta get the ball
to Kittle and Deebo.
Those two guys, they just throw it
to them for five or seven yards,
they make another 22 yards
by running over people.
I have bet against
Patrick Mahomes two games in a row.
But let me tell you something,
I am undaunted!
I'm going with
the San Francisco 49ers.
- [reporters laughing]
- [reporter] Keep firing.
Keep firing, Chuck.
Go, Dada!
Go, Dada!
Go, Dada.
You look so good!
Could you see me
from across the way
- 'cause I'm so bright?
- You're glowing!
You gotta do a spin! Ooh!
- How are you?
- I'm happy.
We're about to go in.
Hi, gorgeous girlie.
- Oh my gosh, y'all look so good.
- So do you!
Killing it, baby.
[upbeat music playing]
[commentator 4] Welcome
to Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas, Nevada.
The extraordinary
Kansas City Chiefs
against the NFC champion,
San Francisco 49ers.
[commentator 3] Deebo Samuel
had a terrific Super Bowl
against the Chiefs four years ago.
George Kittle, who vowed
to return to the Super Bowl
with a vengeance, is back.
They lost in the championship
game the last couple of years.
The Super Bowl four years ago.
It has been a long wait,
but the time is right.
[commentator 1] If the Chiefs win, people
will be saying this is the coronation of,
yes, a dynasty.
[Deebo] This the last one.
Make sure we holding that trophy
at the end of this shit.
Make this your best one!
Make this your
fucking best one!
[Patrick] Hey, this is our moment!
Every single snap, everything you got,
for the guy beside you!
And we're gonna find
a way to get a win!
Say "hey."
- Say "I love you." [chuckles]
- I love you.
This is gonna be fun.
This is gonna be really fucking fun.
[inhales and exhales]
[commentator 4] These guys are hungry.
The desire level is
through the roof.
- Yeah!
- [George yelling]
Fucking go, man!
Let's go. Get it.
Thank you, Deebo.
Big breath.
Okay, let's go, I love you.
You can do this.
Nobody's behind you, right?
I fucking love her.
[woman hollers]
[Claire] The Lombardi was my inspiration.
I was probably
the only one in there with a full
shiny silver outfit so
George could see me.
Found my family.
That was sick,
he saw me all the way here.
That was cool. Yeah.
I mean, you're shiny.
You good, Trav?
How's this compared to last year's field?
This is the best field I played on.
I agree, this is pretty good.
[Purdy] Here we go. Let's go!
[commentator 5]
Super Bowl LVIII is underway.
The San Francisco
offense against
the number two defense
in the NFL of Kansas City.
[commentator 3] First and ten Niners
at the 30-yard line stretch,
run to McCaffrey, stays play side,
fumbled the ball!
Karlaftis dove on the ball.
- I think Karlaftis has it.
- [referee blows whistle]
Anytime you turn
the ball over, it's tough.
In Super Bowl, it's a little harder.
So all I'm trying to do is get the
defensive end outside the numbers.
Got him outside the numbers,
ball bounces up behind me
and I'm facing
the other direction.
- And that's just
- [referee blows whistle]
Sometimes the ball
doesn't bounce your way.
That sucks.
It's all right. It's okay.
[George] I'm not good enough right now.
I have to be better.
I'm better than I am right now.
I have way more to give.
Give more.
[commentator 3] Deebo over the middle,
breaks the tackle, spins off another.
Still not going down.
[referee blows whistle]
[referee blows whistle]
[commentator 3] Caught by Deebo,
got hit hard. Comes off that hit.
- [George] Great job! Good job.
- [commentator 3] First down.
- [George] Not tired, breathe.
- [referee yells]
You're good, you're fine.
You're not hurt.
Breathe in health, exhale pain.
Exhale pain!
Let's go fucking score!
Light 'em up, 85!
[commentator 3] Second and ten, Niners up
3-0. Purdy to throw a double pass.
Back to Jauan Jennings.
He'll throw back across
the field to McCaffrey.
He's got it!
20! 10! 5!
San Francisco!
[George] Are you fucking kidding me?
[commentator 3] And the 49ers have
a 10-nothing lead in Super Bowl LVIII.
Sometimes you gotta
get tricky to win a Super Bowl.
[crowd cheering] Let's go, Niners!
Let's go, Niners!
Let's go, Niners!
Hey, let's get
in the groove again, right?
It's been a while, let's go!
Come on, baby, get open.
[commentator 3] That's a route.
A third down and 11.
Purdy back, they blitz-bolted.
Purdy throws down the left sideline.
- [Claire] Come on, G, come on!
- And Kittle could not locate the ball.
[commentator 4] Kittle,
he's been held without a catch.
[commentator 5] And we've got
a player down for San Francisco.
- [referee blowing whistle]
- [commentator 4] Is that Deebo?
That's Deebo.
[commentator 5] He's holding
onto his left hamstring.
Not good.
[commentator 4] Uh-oh.
[commentator 5] Oh, boy.
Instrumental part of their team.
[commentator 6] Deebo Samuel goes down
hard and is laying on the field now
over near the Kansas City sideline.
Deebo, what happened?
Hey, what happened?
[Deebo] I felt a little, like, right here
where my fingers at.
It's right here.
So I'm just like,
"If I can run, if I can move around,
I'm gonna go back."
They was like, "What do you feel?"
I said, "I done pulled
my hamstring before,
but this feel a little different.
Something don't feel right."
[commentator 5] So, he's getting up,
but he's done. He can't come back.
Deebo felt something behind his knee,
like low hamstring.
We're gonna do some work
and move around.
Yeah, all right. We expect him
out right now though, right?
- Right now, yeah.
- Yeah.
[commentator 4] Deebo going in. Of course,
he's been battling another injury,
a fractured shoulder.
And keep an eye on that.
[Deebo] Oh, my God, please
allow me to push through.
Come on, please.
Come on, God, allow me
to push through. Come on.
[Claire] Shake it off, Deebo!
Come on, bud.
[Riley] Come on, Deebo.
[Kittle family] Deebo!
Deebo! Deebo! Deebo!
Deebo! Deebo! Deebo! Deebo!
[Deebo groans]
[Deebo] No way this is
happening to me right now.
I come out the tent, I get to moving
around but this shit, like, hurt.
[Deebo groans]
- [Fred] You all right?
- Pulled a hamstring.
Still fighting this shit, dog.
- Pulled hammy?
- Yes.
- You wrap it up?
- No.
- That's what happened?
- Yeah.
- You wrapped it up?
- No. Thuggin'.
[Deebo groans]
All right, come on, man.
Whatever happens, happens.
Last game of the year,
not too many people
get this opportunity.
Let's make the best out of it,
and you know, went out there,
and gave it everything I had.
[man] Get it, dog. Let's go!
[commentator 4] Deebo Samuel
is coming back out there.
[commentator 5] Wow!
[commentator 4] I'm not sure
I expected that.
[commentator 5] I did not.
Come on, say, "Go, Dada!"
Go, Dada!
Can you say, "Go, Dada"?
[Tyshun Jr.] Go, Dad!
[Mahogany] Good job.
[commentator 5]
It's the Super Bowl.
I mean, while he is out there,
I would use him.
[Purdy yells]
[commentator 4] Deebo.
Bad hamstring and off
Fighting for every inch.
Great job, Deebo.
Keep doing that.
[commentator 5] Fourth and three,
and they're going for it.
[commentator 4] All right.
[Kyle] Hey, let's go!
Hey, let's go
Why Tony Spill.
[Purdy] The play is called "Why Tony,"
and basically George
can sit or break out,
and that's like one
of our day-one plays
from camp that we installed.
Let's go, "Why Tony Spill!"
[Kyle] They've put a number of hours
into that specific route,
and I felt as strong with George
getting open in that situation
versus those looks as any play
we could possibly have in our game plan,
and that's exactly why I called that.
[commentator 3]
Purdy in the gun, McCaffrey left,
Kittle will move in motion right.
[Purdy yells]
Clean hands, George.
[commentator 3]
Brock back, throws out right,
caught, Kittle, first down, 49ers!
[Purdy] He wasn't wide open or anything,
it was definitely a sideline throw
and get the first down by a yard.
That's what it comes down to,
in the biggest moment,
how can we do like
the most simple play to a tee?
[commentator 3] Great technique
there by George Kittle
to catch it, secure
and extend the ball and convert.
Let's go! First down!
[commentator 4] He laid out.
Absolutely laid out,
big-time, conversion.
[Purdy] Okay, breathe. Breathe.
[George] Yes, I got hurt.
I still felt like I was
capable of doing my job, so
I'm not gonna leave
the drive if I don't have to,
and was able to stay in
for the rest.
[commentator 3] Purdy back. Purdy throws.
It is caught by Jauan Jennings,
breaks a tackle.
- [commentator 3] Touchdown!
- Fucking murdered.
[commentator 5] The Niners
have recaptured the lead
in the fourth quarter
in Super Bowl LVIII!
[George] I love you.
Good shit, J.J.
Breathe in health. [inhales]
Exhale pain. [exhales]
You're under a waterfall.
[huffs] It's fucking crashing
over your shoulders,
it's wiping all that pain away.
It's wiping all that shit away,
it's rinsing off into the river.
I feel fucking great.
I am great.
I feel fucking great.
Ain't nothing.
[grunting] Yeah.
You feel great?
- [Deebo] Let's do it.
- Go win it.
[commentator 3] Super Bowl LVIII is tied.
5:46 to play.
My heart is beating so fast like
Right, right!
[commentator 5]
You dream of this as a kid,
you got a shot to win
a Super Bowl on a drive,
here it is, you've waited
for this moment your whole life.
[commentator 5] First and 10, the fake
handoff, and it's a pitch out to Samuel.
[Mahogany] Go, Deebo!
Go, Deebo!
[commentator 5] Going to the far sideline
and down to the Kansas City 42.
They have a second down
and five, the clock is now at 2:47.
- Caught by Kittle, 35, far sideline.
- [referee blows whistle]
[Claire] Good job.
Good catch, G. Good catch.
That was like five. Yeah. Four or five.
Yes, brother!
Get up.
You're all right, let's go!
Get up, dog!
You got this, G!
[Deebo] Come on, baby.
[Emma] You got it, G!
Come on, George!
[commentator 5]
And the clock continues to tick.
Two minutes.
[commentator 5] And we're down
to the two-minute warning.
[commentator 4] It's a third and five
for San Francisco.
A first down would mean they would
be able to run this down
to the very end
for a Moody kick to win it.
What do you wanna do?
I wanna win. [panting]
My shoulder, Doc. [laughs]
[man] You're doing it, though.
You got it.
[player] Come on, you got it.
Come on.
- We have five yards, man.
- [player] Come on.
[Deebo] It was rough 'cause I mean,
certain things that I knew
like, I was not able to do
so I was just like, "Yo,
I gotta take a play off here
and just let this guy do it," and man,
it was real frustrating.
[commentator 5] This is it right here.
Talk about a third down
for your life.
[Deebo] Come on, J.J.
[commentator 4] Play of the game,
a third and a long four,
and they blitzed and they
forced the incompletion.
[commentator 3] Jake Moody
to give the Niners the lead.
[Deebo] I knew he was gonna
go out there and get it done.
[commentator 3] It is long enough,
it is right down the middle!
[Deebo] And I'm just like,
please get 'em off the field,
and then they go down and get three.
I'm just like, "Oh, my goodness."
[commentator 3]
Butker, right down the middle.
We are going to overtime.
I appreciate you giving
everything you got.
I have nerve pain zinging up my
I can't move my fucking shoulder, man.
Trying to decide
if it's smart for me to fucking
What's going on?
- My shoulder's fucked.
- I mean, yeah,
just tell me, like,
what you can do so I know
I can't raise my hand
over my head.
So you can't run a route, really.
- Don't call something for you.
- I wouldn't.
If Brock puts it on my chest,
I can catch it.
I probably should
put Charlie in then.
- I would say yes right now.
- Yeah, Charlie
[commentator 3] Kittle's on the sideline.
Something's wrong with his shoulder.
Chuck, you're up.
Yeah, go.
[commentator 5]
And it's Charlie Woerner out there now.
[commentator 3] Brock Purdy and the 49ers
starting on their 25-yard line.
Why isn't George in?
He's getting a breather,
he should be in.
No, he's going somewhere.
Why is he going
to the locker room right now?
What the fuck?
[commentator 3] And by the way,
Kittle's been out,
and he's going in to the locker room.
[commentator 4]
Big weapon to lose at this point.
[George] Excuse me. Pardon me.
[commentator 4] My goodness!
[commentator 5] I mean, that changes
how I'd call it on defense.
[George panting] Goddamn it.
About as painful
as it can possibly get,
I was able to go get some
numbing stuff for it.
Kind of calmed it down a little bit.
Allowed me to move it a little bit more.
Come back outta there, 85.
Fucking WWE entrance.
Come on, brother!
I didn't feel it was anything
that would keep him from playing.
I knew he would come back.
[panting] Oh, my God, I can move it.
Oh my God,
I can move my arm again.
Oh, merry Christmas, George.
[commentator 4] Second and six. Purdy
in trouble, wings it to McCaffrey
and it gets past Edwards.
Stepped on and pushed out by Sneed.
[commentator 2] What a play!
Come on, yes! Yes! Claire.
- [commentator 4] Look who's back. Kittle.
- [Emma] Come on, George!
[Claire] We need a touchdown right now!
[Riley] Put him in!
Hey, I'm good, Kyle.
- Holy shit, that's amazing.
- Yeah?
- Whoa. I'm good.
- You're good?
Yeah, we're rolling, dog, I'm good.
I'm back.
- About fucking time.
- Thanks, man.
- [shouting]
- [grunting]
[commentator 3] Third down and four,
12th play of this drive.
[commentator 5] The rush up the middle,
the throw to the end zone,
nobody home at the pylon.
Fourth and four for San Francisco,
and I see the field goal unit
coming out there.
[commentator 3] A 27-yard field goal
from Moody, right hash mark.
Man, it's good,
it is a three-point game.
I was fine with us
kicking the field goal,
but I'm just like,
"Yo, we gotta stop 'em."
[commentator 4]
Now it's Kansas City's turn.
They get a chance to get the football,
kick a field goal, the game continues.
If they're stopped, the game is over.
They can win it with a touchdown.
All right, we stop 'em,
we're world champs.
- Yup.
- Let's go, baby.
Let's do it. Let's do it.
[commentator 3]
Here comes Patrick Mahomes.
This defense can slam the door on Mahomes
and win a Super Bowl.
[Deebo] I get it's Patrick Mahomes,
but we had some dogs on defense
that's got us to where we wanted to be.
So I was just like,
"Yo, we 'bout to get a stop."
[commentator 3] A gun run to Pacheco,
Niners spin him around
and throw him down,
he did not get it.
Fourth down?
[commentator 3] It is fourth down
coming up for the Chiefs.
Here's your play.
If the Niners get this stop
on fourth down,
they will win the Super Bowl!
Play action. They roll him along.
A block by Kelce.
Mahomes will run for a first down.
[Deebo] That's hard to defend.
It's fun watching good offense,
just not when it's happening against you.
[commentator 3] Mahomes throws,
caught by Rashee Rice!
Turns the corner and runs
for a Chiefs' first down.
They're now in field goal range, yeah?
[commentator 3] Gonna ride up
to the pocket.
He'll run for the first down and more!
Now they can take a shot to the end zone
to win the Super Bowl.
[Patrick] Let's finish it!
Trips right, bunch, F shuttle.
Tom and Jerry right, yellow
[man] Only one more goal to go!
[tense music]
Come on, boys.
[commentator 5]
First and goal at the three.
In the shotgun, Mahomes.
We're good, we're good!
[commentator 3]
Mahomes rolls to his right
Throws, touchdown!
We're the fuckin' champs!
We're the fuckin' champs!
[commentator 3] The Chiefs
have won the Super Bowl.
[commentator 6]
What an absolute heartbreaker
for everybody with the 49ers.
[Claire] Okay, I'm leaving,
I'm not watching this.
Alright, I gotta go, I'm not
sitting watching this shit.
I'm walkin'.
[announcer] The final score
of Super Bowl LVIII,
- the Kansas City Chiefs 25
- [confetti hissing]
San Francisco 49ers 22.
[somber music playing]
[Deebo] I mean, I'm 28 now and
been playing football
for about 24 of these years.
So, as a kid, you just like,
"Yo, like I dream of playing
in the Super Bowl."
I'm like, "Once you get there,
you like, 'All right I'm here.'"
Then you get there again, you like,
"All right, now I ain't losing twice."
And then you lose again
you're just like, "Bro, like,
what the hell is it going
to take for us to win one?"
[George] To lose the second one
- [metal clanks]
- [Charvarius] Damn.
[George] getting to that moment not
being able to get it done just sucks.
My dream is to win a Super Bowl.
And I'm gonna do everything I can
to once again climb back up the mountain
and take another shot at it.
[Amon] When you really get to sit back
and look back at the season,
I feel like I can always be better.
And that's kind of what
drives me at this point,
is I think I can still get better.
There's so much room for improvement,
and that's what I'm chasing every day.
Amon-Ra St. Brown of the Detroit Lions
has been paid like
a number one wide receiver.
Four years,
77 million guaranteed.
That's what's
guaranteed upon signing.
[reporter] Over 120 million
in the total contract.
[Dan] Just sign, would you?
What's up, brother?
I'm happy for you.
- Appreciate it.
- You are one of the pillars.
Nobody deserves this more than you.
This be the contract.
[Amon] This is everything
that I've ever wanted.
Obviously, the road
doesn't end now,
but this is a step forward,
and I'm super grateful.
[Brooklyn] Are you signing right now?
It's already done, pen to paper.
[Brooklyn] Amon-Ra!
- What is this?
- [Devanne] What is that?
[Davante] Everybody been teasing me for
the longest about being a girl dad, but
Is that a barn?
We got more
company on the way.
Early August, I'll be having my boy.
I will no longer be a girl dad,
I will just be a dad.
Dragon? Dragons don't eat owls.
Oh my gosh, she's ecstatic.
When we did the gender reveal,
it was here at the house
just with us and the kids,
and he came down the stairs
dressed all in baby blue.
So, he was ready.
I'm like, "You can't do that.
What if it's a girl?"
She's gonna look back on this gender
reveal and be like, "Oh dang."
So, thank God it was a boy. [laughs]
So, needless to say, he's very happy.
We're very happy.
[Deebo] I enjoy a lot of time
with my son, for sure.
Go, go, go, go!
Life revolves around him
at this point.
Be careful.
You know, start back training
and moving around.
Let's start over,
let's start from scratch.
Let's do this shit again,
and hopefully we going
to the Super Bowl again.
Work through it. Nice!
I was blessed enough to have
a youth football camp.
Hey, look at that Griddy. [laughs]
[boy] Are you gonna re-sign
after this year?
- Um [laughs]
- [crowd cheers]
Hopefully, we lock it in,
so at this point, I'm just waiting.
The Vikings have one happy wide receiver.
Justin Jefferson agrees
to a four-year,
$140 million dollar extension.
If it's true, then
you ain't get them back.
[reporter] Jefferson now the highest paid
- in NFL history.
- [Justin] This is a lesson.
To setting my family up
for generations
and finally reach a goal
that we are trying to reach.
[indistinct chatter]
- What?
- [Claire] Come here.
How do you cope with loss?
We adopt puppies.
You buy cute things
that make you happy.
[George laughs]
[George] So, we adopted two new puppies.
[Claire] Hey, Hobby, Mr. Calvin.
- [George] We got Calvin and Hobbes.
- [Claire laughs]
They are the definition of anarchy.
Absolutely love them to death.
And it's been really fun
to be a puppy dog dad.
They're a lot of energy,
but they're so cute.
[George] And Deenie is
kind of a fan, but not really.
We're working on it, though.
Oh, they smell treats.
[Claire] Okay, that's it.
I don't have any more.
[George] They are like,
"You are full of shit."
[closing music playing]
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