Receiver (2024) s01e07 Episode Script

Don't Have a Choice

[broadcaster 1] 8-9 in 2023
Certainly not where the Raiders
wanted to end up.
[broadcaster 2] I want to feel like
the Raiders are close to competing.
And now what?
And the now what of this is
I believe Davante's gonna
be here for a long time.
[Devanne] Hey, crazy hair. [chuckles]
[broadcaster 2] It just feels like
the Raiders' wide receiver room
continues to be a strength that they
can build on moving forward.
[Devanne] You ready for breakfast?
[Davante] Off-season 'Te, the kids
like that one a lot more for sure.
They get to see Dad, I get to
take Daija to school a lot more
and do all that stuff.
You ready for school today?
Back to daddy duties and a little bit
more family time for sure.
Trying to comb it?
I was just "pulling my hair down."
You trying to comb your hair?
Eat some sausage.
[Devanne] He just loves being a dad.
He really is the greatest dad.
He, like, is straight into dad mode,
hanging out with me and the girls.
- [Devanne] Banana.
- You want Daddy to cut it up?
[Devanne] During the off-season,
he is the ultimate family man.
Here you go, baby.
All the madness
that goes on with the job,
kids don't care about any of that.
They just wanna hang out with Dad.
[Dezi speaks gibberish]
Give me kissy.
Damn, I cannot believe we done.
- [Dezi coos]
- I know. It's crazy.
It feels like a long season, and
a really short season at the same time.
Mhm. I feel like it always
feels like that, though.
Like, I feel like it just started.
My hopes for this
off-season is that
we can find a way to make
this work here in Vegas,
to make this team
a championship team.
And, you know, as long as I'm here,
that's what I'll do.
[Justin] The exit meeting
is the last meeting
that you have with this team.
The team is not
gonna be the same.
You know, players are gonna be traded,
people are gonna be cut,
people are gonna
be moved around.
That's the trash part about it.
When you don't accomplish what you want,
but you gotta go.
- Hey.
- [knocks]
[Kevin] My job is to get the most outta
these players, like Justin.
I think it's important that I get
in front of each and every player
and allow them the platform
to communicate with me.
The two things that come from it
is closure and clarity.
You know, closure about what just took
place and clarity about the future.
This year's circumstances,
I'm hoping were an outlier and unique.
I know, you know,
I was trying to go back
and think about when's the last time
you missed a football game.
High school?
Yeah, so I know
how hard it was on you.
And then you have to deal with
you come back,
you play 12 plays
and you're in a hospital.
- Right.
- Getting internal scans.
And now what we've gotta get to is,
we've gotta get to,
like, a place where, you know,
- we're the same team every Sunday.
- Yeah.
I know you're the same guy every Sunday,
but you're gonna be a huge help for me
getting us to be
the same team every Sunday.
As long as I'm here, brother.
- Yeah, you're
- Anything that you need, brother.
[Justin] Hopefully the contract comes.
I never really played
this game of football
to be the richest
or to have the most money.
Uh, I played because
I just enjoyed the game.
- [Kevin] I love you, brother.
- Love you too, my man.
And I do like when you
come up and hang out, it's fun.
- Do you really?
- Yeah.
I'm gonna have to start taking
some of y'all candy.
- You probably need to.
- [laughs]
[jazz music playing]
[broadcaster 3] No doubt, Justin Jefferson
going to be the highest-paid receiver
when he gets a new deal.
They're gonna try again this off-season
to continue this thing
they have going in Minnesota.
We gotta go, Daija.
[broadcaster 3] Somewhat similar situation
for Davante Adams.
He is already rich. He has already
received that contract.
"He's a Raider," was the
quote from Tom Telesco,
the new general manager
for the Las Vegas Raiders.
[female broadcaster 1] The 2023
regular season has come to a close,
which means our
Super Wild Card Weekend
schedule is set.
[broadcaster 4] This is the playoffs.
This is win or go home.
[broadcaster 5] The one matchup
that really pops out to me
- is that Lions and Rams game
- Yeah.
'cause of the storylines
that are so personal.
[female broadcaster 1]
It's about the quarterbacks.
We all remember
the trade that went down
that put these two gentlemen
in these scenarios.
Matthew Stafford
from Detroit to LA
in exchange for
multiple draft picks,
including two first-rounders
and Jared Goff.
Objectively, if you don't
have a dog in this fight,
how do you not root like hell
for Jared Goff this weekend?
Jared Goff, who had gotten
this team to a Super Bowl
and was told,
"You're just not good enough"
and discarded
with a bunch of draft picks.
Thirty years since they've
had a home playoff game.
How do you not want
to see Jared Goff
just shove it in the Rams' face?
[Jared] You go right outside the numbers.
You wanna go red line.
I'm gonna go in between,
like, two yards outside the numbers.
Are you gonna still running a slant?
Yeah, still running a slant.
What up? Yo.
What'd you say
about the play earlier?
What'd you say about
the play earlier?
I like it.
That's it. I like it.
Is it the only one
you've liked the last few weeks?
You came to me and said,
"This one's the real deal."
I went a few swipes and, like Oh, yeah.
He's trying to score some points
this week, he's not fucking around.
I think Jared, he definitely
has a chip on his shoulder,
but most people don't get to see it
because he's not a guy that's gonna
go out in the media
and say, you know, things that maybe
are how he always really feels.
If someone trades me away to a different
team and now we're in the playoffs,
that's the game of my life.
I know he's excited for the Rams game.
- We have routes after?
- Yeah. I need two from you.
I need the switch release carney
and one more.
[Jared] Having guys like him
and a lot of the other guys
that want to win that game for me,
which, it's a play-off game.
We wanna win it for ourselves,
but for those, he has to say stuff.
That's pretty cool.
[Amon] If we can win this game,
we're gonna move on
and I know how much
it's gonna mean to Jared.
[Sarah] So I just had like one question.
- [Amon] Yep.
- [Sarah] Are we doing all of it blue
or do you wanna do, like,
the halo up top blue?
[Amon] The whole thing blue.
[Sarah] All blue? Okay.
We got this one.
All right.
[Amon] During camp, you know,
camp gets long,
so you just be in the locker room
talking with your teammates,
chopping it up,
bullshit about anything you want.
I was saying, "If we make the playoffs,
I'm gonna dye my hair blue."
The season starts,
we're out at practice
and it gets brought up again.
I'm like, "Yeah, I'm gonna do it."
We making the playoffs, so what color
you finna to dye your shit?
- Blue. Honolulu, Honolulu Blue.
- Honolulu Blue.
[Amon] I'm a man of my word. If I said
I'm gonna do something, I do it.
I'm bleaching him out right now.
This has to sit, we'll have to wait
for him to get basically blonde.
We'll rinse this out and then
we'll apply the blue after.
I do have like a shower cap
that I'm gonna put over it.
This is gonna
give you a good look.
- Can't what?
- [Sarah] So, we're good here.
Try to just dunk your head in
as far as you can.
Okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
That's good.
It's white.
Is it?
[Amon] What's the blue called
that I'm getting?
Is it actually called
Honolulu Blue?
[Sarah] No. I have to make it actually.
- [Amon] Really?
- I brought a couple different shades
and we gotta do a little experiment.
[Amon] Honolulu Blue is
the Detroit Lions team color.
It's not royal blue.
It's a little lighter.
It's not light blue, it's darker.
So it's just in between.
And so I want my hair to be the exact
right color for it to match our jerseys.
[Sarah] I feel like it's
pretty good, right?
[Amon] Yeah, I think so.
Not going back now.
How's it look?
[laughs] Looks good.
It looks good.
There we go.
You're Honolulu Blue, that's for sure.
Looks good.
- [grunts]
- [Sarah laughs]
[Amon] Moment of truth.
[Brooklyn] We're blue.
Oh, yeah.
Looks good.
Fresh cut, line-up.
I'll be ready to go.
[female broadcaster 2] As of yesterday,
Amon-Ra St. Brown will be entering
the playoffs with Honolulu Blue hair.
[Amon] Let alone just being
the first home game
and playoff game in 30 years
is crazy in itself,
but then you add, you know,
the Stafford whole story with Jared
and the Rams and everything,
it just ups it even more.
[Amon] I have media
on Thursdays usually.
scripted a better game for us.
I had to talk to the broadcasting crew
for the game.
"You got snubbed
from the Pro Bowl," this and that.
I said, "I've gotten asked this like ten
times now, but I'll answer it again."
Yeah, it pisses me off 100%. I'm hot.
They're done.
So now I'm ready to go.
Ellie, who helps me with my PR
with the Lions is like,
"You have one more interview."
Hey, Rob, I got St. for you.
[Rob] Amon-Ra. I know you got snubbed
from the Pro Bowl.
The greater honor is being
a First Team Associated Press All Pro
and you are gonna be on that team,
so congratulations.
Appreciate it. Thank you.
AP All-Pro.
I was like, "That's pretty cool."
[Rob] All Pro is limited, three wide
receivers across the whole league
are first team
and you're one of those guys.
Being an All-Pro is I mean,
that's the highest of them all,
so it's an honor,
but I gotta keep working.
[Rob] I love that attitude.
Appreciate you.
- Thank you.
- You got it, man.
Yes, sir.
- Fuck the Pro Bowl.
- Orlando ain't shit.
[broadcaster 6] Amon-Ra St. Brown,
I'm extremely happy he got that.
Disrespected by the Pro Bowl.
Guess what?
Hold your Pro Bowl.
Gimme First Team All-Pro.
[Brooklyn] I can never do the back part
and you know that.
- How do I do it?
- All the way down straight.
Make sure that the top is straight.
Don't make it crooked.
I did it perfect.
It's done. Perfect.
- But is it straight? Like
- It's straight.
This looks crooked though, huh?
This? Or is it fine?
I think it'll be fine.
- Perfect.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- [Brown] Okay.
- [Miriam] So what do you wanna wear?
Sweatshirt or I mean, I don't
know how cold it's gonna be.
Or go with a jersey today.
You know, like you always Yeah.
[Brown] The jacket is really nice.
It is, like, phenomenal.
[Brooklyn] I know. I can't
remember exactly where I got the jacket.
[chuckles] But it reminds me
of high school.
- Don't even start with me.
- It did.
"I didn't know you were dating my son
and you wore St. Brown."
When I saw you wearing that jacket, I go,
"Who's that girl wearing that jacket?
She ain't in the family."
[Brooklyn] Sixteen years old, I end up
getting introduced to John Brown
and this man, to my face, tells me,
"My son doesn't have a girlfriend,
and all girls are dream killers."
If you a girl
and you want to play sports,
you want to go to the top,
boys are dream killers.
If I had a daughter, I would line her up
and say, "What did I tell you about boys?"
"They're dream killers, Papa."
"Don't forget that."
I told my sons, "Look,
what'd I tell you about women?
They're dream killers.
Don't forget that."
So it goes both ways.
So when I saw her, of course,
you know, her hair,
like a little dream killer, right?
But then I found out she was
a really special girl actually.
- You traumatized me.
- You're my daughter.
You're my daughter now.
John and I have come a long way.
He has no filter
and he comes off a certain way
and so I teach him
to be nicer about things
and how to talk to people.
- But the jacket is really nice.
- Thank you.
When I saw it, I thought,
"Where did she get that at?
Man, I love that."
Okay. Good job, Brooklyn.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
[commentator 1] Hi, everybody,
and welcome to Detroit.
As the NFC North Champion
Detroit Lions host
the Los Angeles Rams.
The most anticipated game
of this playoff weekend.
[Brown] The new birth
of the new Lions.
Turned this whole city around.
These fans are gonna go crazy.
- They gonna go crazy.
- They gonna lose their minds.
They've been starving.
[commentator 2] The Lions in the playoffs,
one win in the last 65 years.
Nine straight playoff losses.
That's the longest streak in NFL history.
That's what they're trying
to end here tonight.
[commentator 1]
Former face of the franchise,
Matthew Stafford,
set to take the field here
for the first time since
that 2021 blockbuster trade.
[Matthew] Yeah, come on,
bring that shit. Yeah.
Started this fucking
three years ago.
Where we've been 2021, 2022,
There's no guy I would trust
more than St. Brown.
Three years in the making.
Let's go get it.
In a pressure situation,
you can will things to happen.
That's what he's got.
[commentator 2] It is one of
the most anticipated
sports nights in the history of this city.
[Amon] The energy for the Rams' game
was some energy
that I've never
experienced in my life.
- [cheering]
- ["Cinderella Man" by Eminem playing]
Let's go, boys!
[commentator 1] Eminem being
shown on the big board,
pumping that fist
and getting this crowd going.
Father, I thank you for St.
I thank you for the year he's had.
This new season that begins, Father,
let him show up like never before, God,
where he will continue to give you glory
and know that you are perfect in Him.
And bless him with the gifts
that he needs on this field.
I ask you this
in Jesus' name. Amen.
- Thank you.
- Go be great.
[Jared] Set.
[commentator 2] Three-step drop,
wants to throw,
pumps once, now throws.
Got a complete,
Amon-Ra 30, Amon-Ra darts left
and gets to the 35-yard line.
Quick throw, right side.
Got a complete.
That is Amon-Ra, picks up a block inside
the 20 and down to the 17-yard line.
That's another Lion first down.
[commentator 3]
LA on their heels right now.
[commentator 1]
Montgomery, the singleback
behind Goff again,
takes the snap, turns,
gives to Montgomery again, into the
end zone, touchdown, Detroit Lions!
[commentator 1] That's the way
you open a playoff game.
Seventy-five yards straight down
the field to the end zone.
When we came out on fire,
I mean, it wasn't easy though.
It wasn't like we had,
you know, four-play drives.
We had to string together a few plays.
[commentator 1] 14-10 Lions.
13:24 to go, first half.
The game plan wasn't nothing crazy.
It was our guys versus their guys.
Isolate me on 44.
We felt like we had advantage
going up against him.
[commentator 1] Goff back and looking.
Goff looking, looking, throws.
It is caught. Amon-Ra. First down,
Rams territory across the 50
and it runs out of bounds
at the 46-yard line.
And suddenly
Detroit in business.
Goff out of the gun, takes the shotgun
snap back.
Looking, throws to Amon-Ra,
makes the catch, slips a tackle,
inside the 30-yard line,
dives down to the 27-yard line.
First down, Lions!
I do this shit!
[commentator 2] That is the toughness
of Amon-Ra St. Brown,
a guy who's just gotten better
and better each of his three years
- in the league.
- That's All-Pro shit right there.
[commentator 1] Pivotal third down here.
Montgomery, lone setback.
Handoff, Montgomery, runs to the left
off-tackle in a sea of bodies.
It looks like he's short.
You can hear the clamoring
from the hometown crowd
here in Detroit.
Fuck that, let's go.
Ever since I've gotten there,
we've gone for it on fourth down.
That's the way we play. That's the way
Coach Campbell coaches.
[commentator 2] And Dan Campbell
just strolls down there, eyeballs it,
eyeballs it again.
- What is Dan Campbell doing?
- Huh?
What is Dan Campbell gonna do?
- He's going for it.
- We know what he's gonna do.
[commentator 2] Here we go.
[commentator 1] And here comes
Skipper reporting.
[commentator 2]
Here come the offensive lineman.
[commentator 1] You send the field goal
unit out? No, you do not.
They're sending the jumbo unit.
Shotgun snap, Goff back.
Goff looks,
throws, end zone, caught,
touchdown Detroit Lions!
Sam LaPorta!
[Amon] When LaPorta scored that touchdown,
we were all for it.
That's kind of what got us there.
We're ready to go for
those fourth downs.
[Brown] Is this the loudest stadium
you've been to?
I've been to Arrowhead once,
but this is pretty loud.
Which one was louder?
This is his loudest, by far.
Hey, let's go, one play at a time.
[commentator 2]
This crowd is unbelievable.
[commentator 1]
21-10 Lions lead it, first half.
Stafford's got it,
wants to throw,
and it is caught and he's
gonna walk in for a touchdown.
Tutu Atwell.
The quarterback hype was definitely
in full effect that game.
[commentator 1] It's now
the Lions 21, the Rams 17.
Neither offense
has blinked so far.
- Let me go make a play out wide.
- Got it.
Get him involved now, let's go.
[commentator 1] From their own 24.
Goff works out of the gun, back,
Jared lofts it
right side, caught by Amon-Ra,
40-yard line to the 45.
Stop and go at the 50.
[commentator 2]
St. Brown just used Witherspoon.
There was five yards
of separation.
Oh, my God. Lee?
You see me whoop him at the line?
[commentator 1] Good snap, good hold,
and the kick
Is it high enough?
[commentator 1] is good.
The Detroit Lions able
to salvage three points
and they build on their lead.
It was a tough game, back and forth.
They're good.
There was a reason
why they were in the playoffs.
Stafford, set,
shoot downfield.
And he's got Nacua in traffic.
Fuck, man. Come on.
We can't lose this.
[commentator 1] Field goal attempt,
kick away, line drive
kick is up and good.
The Lions 24 and the Rams 23.
[Amon] Goal of the offense
when we got the ball back,
we gotta finish with the ball.
We gotta win this game.
[commentator 3] This is it. This is what
the Lions fans have been dreaming about.
This is that moment.
They have a chance to go down
and win the game
with a drive right here.
I can't breathe.
I'm more nervous than them.
[commentator 1] So the Lions
with 4:07 to go will take over,
first and ten at their own 17.
Now Jared leans in,
working out of the gun.
Got it. Wants to throw.
Complete to Montgomery.
Slips a tackle. Montgomery's
got the first down.
Good work after the catch
that time by David Montgomery.
They're gonna run this down
to the two-minute warning now.
Two-minute warning hits.
If we get
a first down here, we win.
[commentator 1] The fans, boy,
they can start to taste it,
but they're not out
of the woods just yet.
We get this, we puttin' 'em away.
The goal is to get the first down
and finish the game out
and not give it back
to Matt Stafford, at all costs.
And let's trust our guys.
Let's trust Goff and let's find
a way to get St. this ball.
I'm gonna throw up.
I'm gonna throw up,
I'm gonna throw up.
I'm gonna throw up.
[commentator 1]
Two minutes left in this game,
the Rams will have
one timeout left.
The Lions are a first down away
from locking this up.
[commentator 2] Just spread 'em out,
create space,
let St. Brown go to work.
[Brown] They gotta throw
the ball to Amon.
Come on, release the Kraken.
Let's go.
Cook him, cook him, cook him.
[commentator 1] Amon-Ra St. Brown,
first down, that's gonna do it!
That's gonna do it!
That's gonna do it!
This game is over!
Let's fucking go!
It's a play I've ran since
I've gotten here as a rookie.
It's like our bread and butter.
I feel like I can't be stopped.
It doesn't matter what he's doing,
like, I'm about to get open.
[commentator 2] There are tears
to go with the cheers
in a city
where a team means a lot.
How good is this?
How good is this?
He said you're the best player
on the football field.
Get the ball to our best player!
Let's fucking go!
[commentator 2]
For the second time since 1957,
for the first time
since January 5th, 1992,
these Detroit Lions are
gonna win a playoff game.
Celebrate, boys. Celebrate coming
right back here next week.
I think they can win
next week, too. These guys.
They don't know
how good they are.
Congratulations. Go win it all.
- Appreciate you.
- Good job.
I was just happy
for Jared, really for him.
Obviously for the team,
but really happy for him.
How much it meant
for the city, the fans.
It was definitely
a special moment for us.
[commentator 2]
What a night. What a night.
[Dan] We got the winner of Tampa
and Philly back at Ford Field
because you guys earned it.
- Dude, how electric was it out there?
- [everyone hollers]
I'm telling you, it doesn't get better.
It's everything you dream of, and more.
Outstanding work.
I got game balls.
I'll just say it like this, all right?
Hey, you're good enough
for fucking Detroit, Jared.
[Jared] I love and appreciate you guys
more than you know, I promise you that.
I love you guys so much.
This is just the beginning, boys.
We got three more of these.
Next week at home, at our place,
against whoever the fuck
wants to come in here.
- "Win" on three, one, two, three!
- [all] Win!
[Bruce] GKK letters,
2023-2024 NFL Season.
Dear George.
Game 18, week 20, divisional
playoffs versus the Packers.
My passion for football
came from my dad.
He was a left tackle at Iowa.
He just lives and breathes football.
Loves this shit.
[George] He convinced me
that offensive line
was the greatest position on the field.
Practice hard.
You work hard, we get better.
So when I was
a freshman in college,
my dad was down in Oklahoma,
I was in Iowa.
When you go off to college,
the last thing you wanna do is
talk to your parents all the time.
And so my dad thought that
during the football season,
once a week he would
just write me a letter
and he'd use it
as both of a way to
kind of get me fired up for the game,
and also just as a way to,
you know, communicate with me
because I was not
a great communicator then.
["Forty Six & 2" by Tool playing]
And when I get to the NFL,
I tell him,
"We gotta keep these going 'cause
I enjoy these and they really help me."
And so every week is
just so important.
So letters are
a combination of pictures, quotes,
and then whatever my dad writes.
Just to read this letter
and hear my dad's voice.
[Bruce] Like a time portal,
you have traveled the universe.
You've had a multitude
of life experiences
[George and Bruce]
and now find yourself here.
"On this day, January 20th, 2024.
[George] A day created long ago,
especially for you.
You planned this, you created this,
you have made it so."
Believe in your infinite potential.
Your only limitations
are those you set upon yourself.
Just it's love, it's inspiring,
and it's just kind of fun to see
what my dad's feeling
on any given Sunday.
[Bruce] You realize that all of the work
that you've put in over these years,
all of the experiences you've had,
the games you've won,
and those that you've lost
"all of that has been
woven together through time
to get you right here with this moment
lying right before you
and that is fucking awesome."
[Bruce] Fucking awesome.
Step through the portal of greatness
and fly, you fools, fly.
Let this fucker out of the shoot
and go after it with all you have.
Have fun, be loose,
find your joy, and be explosive.
[George and Bruce]
Pound the Packers.
It's a huge part of my routine
to read this letter.
You know, I do the exact
same thing pre-game,
whether at home or on the road.
I try to be as consistent
as I possibly can.
The first thing I do, I just
kind of take in the stadium.
I just try to appreciate
the moment that I'm living in.
I like to center myself
take some deep breaths,
there's plenty of distractions.
It slows things down because you're just
taking in that specific moment.
Kind of hype yourself up,
definitely makes that transition easier.
There's just something about seeing
your family on the sideline.
It grounds me. It reminds me
why I'm playing the game.
- [man] Good luck.
- [George] Hey, be great, boys.
- Tights, one, two, three.
- [all] Tights.
Best in the world.
[George] I like to talk to myself.
Who do you wanna be?
What do you want to be?
Just some positive affirmations.
Breathe in health, exhale pain.
Breathe in strength, exhale weakness.
It's your night.
Let's go, boy.
Hey, guys, Caroline,
Ellen, Aunt Anna, Anna Pearl
Just having a conversation
with my family members,
some friends
that are no longer here
and asking them
to watch over me.
Watch over my team.
And you flip the switch
and you just go.
You're the best.
Kick some fucking ass.
I think you always have butterflies
when you get to the playoffs because
it could either continue or you're done.
And it's always such an abrupt ending
when that happens and you never want that.
So you try not to think about it.
[commentator 4] We saw the Packers
last week, the seven seed,
they dismantled the Cowboys and they are
taking on the 49ers, the number one seed.
They've been the best team all year long.
- You ready?
- Come on now.
That's what you're made for.
[commentator 4] And the 49ers are thinking
one thing Super Bowl.
[commentator 5]
Defending this San Francisco offense
is a little bit of a different animal.
- [shouting]
- [grunting]
[commentator 6] Here's Samuel.
Gets the ball in space.
First down and more.
Deebo Samuel races
out to the 40.
And a quick 15 yards to Samuel.
[commentator 4] And Deebo gets up
with a little bit of a limp,
so I hope he's all right.
[commentator 5] He lost his shoe,
that's why he was hobbling.
Everybody in Niner Nation
can take a deep breath.
His shoe fell off.
[commentator 6] So he'll
put that shoe back on,
he'll miss a play,
come on back after that.
His shoe fell off.
[player] Ready! Set, hut!
[commentator 4] Purdy over the middle.
There's Samuel.
Makes the catch and absorbs a hit.
Keeps on going,
and he's gonna get stacked up
out around the 44-yard line.
It'll bring up third down.
- [man] Purdy's pass complete to
- [commentator 4] Now Deebo Samuel
not getting up,
or his shoe came off.
This is different.
We certainly hope that he's okay.
[man] What happened?
- [Deebo] I just got hit in that shoulder.
- [man] In that shoulder?
[man] Which shoulder?
Right side or left?
- [Deebo] Same. Left.
- [man] Left?
- [man] Sore on the bone there at all?
- [Deebo] No.
[man] Let's sit you up and I'm going
to push on the bone off of here, okay?
[crowd] Deebo, Deebo, Deebo.
Deebo, Deebo, Deebo, Deebo.
I feel like I got hit
after the whistle,
but I don't know
what was happening at the time.
[commentator 5] See Jaire Alexander
coming in on that tackle,
made some contact there.
[Deebo] All I knew, I was getting
twirled around and hit
and people talking shit and I was just,
"Whatever, I'm about to get up,"
and just
here come the next play.
I'm like, "Yeah,
like, this shit hurt.
Like, I can't do it."
Resist me.
Resist me.
Still right here though, right?
What you need, bro? Anything else?
I just need God right now.
- No?
- I don't think Bro. Fuck!
Should we go inside, do some work,
and see if something works?
Yeah, come on.
[commentator] You see Deebo Samuel there,
he's getting walked to the locker room.
That's a tough sight
if you're a Niner fan.
[commentator 4] Oh, that is a big problem,
obviously an integral part
of this offense.
And so the 49ers may have to
do it without him.
Deebo might have
Same thing as Cleveland.
[commentator 5] The offense runs through
McCaffrey, Kittle and Deebo Samuel.
When you take one of
those guys out of the mix
after having two weeks of
preparation for this game,
doing that in real-time
is very difficult to handle
for everybody else.
When you do lose a guy like Deebo,
it's not, "Hey, let's just put
our back-up Deebo in."
You run the same plays for Deebo
that we see all around the league,
but it's not always about the play,
it's about the player in the play.
I gotta move.
Hey, let's roll.
[Bruce] Come on, G.
[commentator 6] So the 49ers now will
take over at their own 14, first and ten.
Purdy back on a play fake,
rolling right, throws short right.
Caught by Kittle at the 15,
turns it up across the 20,
and he's thrown out of bounds
close to a first down.
Good shit, babe. Good shit.
Good job, G!
[commentator 4] Third down.
Blitz is coming.
Purdy has a block.
Floating one downfield to Kittle.
He's got it!
Touchdown, San Francisco!
Let's go!
Let's go!
He was sitting inside leverage and then
went like this to me.
I was like, "Okay."
Like gimme a
he didn't touch me.
I gave him a quick jab, he set his feet
and I just ran right past him.
[commentator 5] It's Mann.
Purdy has all day.
The blitz doesn't get home,
he flushes to the right.
And it's over.
[George] Could not have been easier.
Isn't it nice when that happens?
[man] I thought you were
on my shoulders.
[Claire] I kind of was. I don't know
what happened, I blacked out.
- That was insane.
- I blacked out.
They'll have to replay it.
[commentator 6]
We see Deebo Samuel there,
he's not gonna re-enter the game.
Sorry, man.
Hey, Deebo, we need the energy.
Okay? We need it.
[commentator 4]
Third down for San Francisco now,
third and six from their own 29,
with 8:39 to go in the third quarter.
[commentator 5]
Crowd anxious in Santa Clara.
[Claire] Exhale.
Exhale it out.
[commentator 5] Purdy, pressure coming.
Stands and delivers,
it's Kittle.
He's got a first down.
George Kittle breaks the tackle,
into Packers territory,
shoulder down and across the 40.
Good shit, babe.
Good shit, babe.
Good fucking play, man. Come on!
[commentator 7] First and ten Niners
on the Green Bay 39,
trying to take the lead back.
They're down 13-7.
[commentator 4] They get it off.
McCaffrey, right side, big seam.
Cut. 30. McCaffrey.
Touchdown, San Francisco!
[George] Fortunately for us, Christian
McCaffrey's really good at football.
- Fuck yeah!
- Way to get us going, man.
[George] Gives the 49ers the lead.
But the NFL scriptwriters
would not have it be that way.
Jordan Love and the Packers
go down and answer right away.
[commentator 4] It's Love,
far side, throw's complete.
Caught for the touchdown!
Hell, yeah!
Deebo Samuel can only watch.
[Deebo] I was going, like,
101 different emotions,
but I'm just over
there like,
I'm like talking to myself like,
"No way this is happening right now."
And I was, "Deebo, you got snap out of it,
and try to give as much energy
to your team."
- This is where we lean on you right here.
- Let's go.
- Go make a fuckin' play.
- Hell yeah.
- Let's fuckin' go, man. Go be you.
- Yeah.
Hey, George.
- Do it again.
- Yeah.
We gotta score.
Don't really have a choice.
Come on, Brock.
Channel it, buddy. Yeah, let's go.
[commentator 7] 6:18 to play. The 49ers
with a touchdown can still win the game.
[George] On that first set of downs,
just get a couple positive plays.
You don't need to get a huge
explosive right off the rip.
Let's just get five yards,
get a couple yards,
let's just get into this drive.
Because once our offense is rolling,
we're pretty hard to stop.
[commentator 7] Under center,
Purdy, a five-step drop.
Steps up, chucks it down to McCaffrey.
Good job, Christian!
[commentator 7] 49ers are driving
to the NFC championship game.
And now it's third down and five.
Purdy in the gun.
Throw to Aiyuk!
He makes the catch!
They give him the catch there.
What a diving catch by Aiyuk.
[Deebo] I was just waiting on those
one or two plays to come.
BA made that play on third down,
I'm like, "Yeah, we rolling."
[commentator 7] We're approaching
three minutes to play.
First and ten.
Niners on the Packer 43.
Purdy under center, five-step drop,
steps up, throws out right,
caught by Chris Conley!
I've got No, you do
[commentator 7] Purdy outta the gun.
Purdy looking left, throws left.
Catch made by Kittle,
runs after the catch
for a first down.
Good job, G!
Way to come back, let's go!
[commentator 7] Field goal's not
in play now, you're down four points,
so you've gotta score a touchdown.
[George] Triple pick, boy.
[commentator 7]
This will decide their year.
[George] Triple two-six.
They like to do that to us.
They like to make it stressful
during those playoff games.
I was like, "Come on, guys."
[commentator 7] Purdy takes it, hands off
to McCaffrey off the left side.
Breaks the tackle!
[commentator 4] And the San Francisco
49ers, for a third consecutive year,
are headed to the NFC
championship game.
- Damn!
- Let's fucking go, dude.
[commentator 4] San Francisco is one
step away from the Super Bowl again.
Let's fucking go!
Let's fucking go!
[laughs] That's my family.
Holy shit.
- Way to stay with it.
- Fuck yeah, baby.
That game was 100% about character.
That's one of the hardest
I've been in,
in all three phases,
and you guys never wavered.
It wasn't fucking pretty,
but we did whatever it took to win.
Let's get right back to work,
'cause we know how good we are.
- [Kyle] Let's get right back.
- Let's go!
[Kyle] You guys feel me?
[George] Man.
Great fucking job, dude.
Great fucking job.
We match!
[commentator 7] San Francisco,
I guarantee,
is gonna look better next week.
[George laughs]
Wouldn't it have sucked if you lost?
Oh! It would've sucked so bad.
[commentator 7] We know
what they can look like at full strength,
but will they be
at full strength?
Deebo Samuel was out this game
with his shoulder.
What is gonna be
the availability of Deebo Samuel?
That's gonna be
a monster question.
[hip hop music playing]
Felt the energy from you today.
- Did you?
- Yeah.
That was the best shove I've given you.
[George] I like it when you push me hard.
[Deebo] Right now I'm feeling really good
'cause we actually won.
As tough as I am,
it's hard to take myself outta
a game like that and I'm just like,
"No way that I can actually help
this team right now."
Not too much concern
about my shoulder.
'Cause, you know,
it don't hurt as bad as it did
once I hurt it
when we played the Browns.
So hopefully it's not as bad and probably
get ready for next week.
It's my left shoulder.
I felt like I got hit by a truck.
Caught it one the route and was trying to
get out the back door
and it was a big guy on my back
and then was getting tossed and turned
and I felt the guy's face mask
hit the back of my scapula.
Your trap is right here.
And you go under your trap,
you feel that little bone
right under your trap.
It's right here.
Top of the scapula.
Yeah, I was definitely angry,
'cause I'm like "Bro, like, why now?"
They was like I forgot
what teammate said something.
He was like, "You all right?
You need help?"
I said, "Only person can
help me right now is God."
God put you in certain situations
that he's not gonna bring you out of.
It's just gonna take time.
I got a CT scan
at 9:15 in the morning
and an MRI right after that.
And then after that
we just see how it goes.
[broadcaster 8]
When you look good, you feel good.
And the Lions have
fans feeling great.
So great that they're
changing their hair color
to Amon-Ra St. Blue.
I didn't know it was gonna go that viral,
my hair. The city really loved it.
[female broadcaster 3]
Lions fan Jeff Benjamin
this is a heartwarming story.
He shared this photo
of his father.
His father, a lifelong
Lions fan who dyed his hair
Honolulu Blue, just like
Mr. Blue Hair himself,
Amon-Ra St. Brown.
Amon-Ra with a little blue heart
responding to the fans
and getting excited
for this game.
What's up, Larry?
- How you doing?
- How you doing?
I'm doing pretty good.
How about you?
I'm doing great.
I love the hair.
- I like yours, too.
- There you go.
I have to get mine re-touched up.
Mine's fading a little.
Oh, yeah, well, I
You're the one that
inspired me to do mine.
There you go, it looks great.
To see Larry Benjamin, someone who's
a lifelong Detroit Lions fan,
who was in hospice,
get behind that,
it was a moment
in my life that I'll never forget.
How long you been a fan?
I was a fan in the 1950s
when the Lions were
NFL champions.
- Okay.
- '52, '54, '57.
- There you go.
- And I've been following ever since.
The fans in Detroit,
for me, the best fans in the world.
You know, that's part of the reason
why I dyed my hair blue.
And I definitely really wanted to connect
with Larry Benjamin.
That connection that
we had is, in itself,
it made everything special.
The whole blue hair, everything.
I just wanna say
thank you so much, Larry.
You guys, man,
you guys are
the best out honestly.
So I just wanna say thank you.
You are more than welcome.
- [Benjamin] Thank you so much.
- [Amon] Yes, sir. Take care.
- [Benjamin] You too. Take care.
- [Amon] Bye-bye.
- [Benjamin] Bye.
- [woman] Go Lions.
[Amon] Yes, sir. Go Lions.
Love you, boy. Do your shit.
Do your thing.
[commentator 1]
Let's start with the Lions.
The 32-year wait for a playoff win
ended last week against the Rams.
People expect them to win.
Expect them to talk
Super Bowl around here.
[commentator 2] We have a fan base that
has been waiting a lifetime
for this moment.
I was 12 when we last won a championship.
I'm 78 now.
- Do you remember?
- Yes!
I love you. Good luck.
[Amon] What's up?
Your boy got tall already from
last time at the Pro Bowl.
- You good?
- Good.
What up? How you doing?
Good to see you.
- You too.
- Good to see you, man.
[man] One, two, and three. There it is.
- Great year, man.
- Appreciate it.
- Thank you.
- Love the way you compete.
- You at the Ravens game yesterday.
- Yeah.
- How was it? Good?
- Good.
Who you got going
to the Super Bowl?
You guys.
My dog. We'll see you.
Nice seeing you, man.
[commentator 3] Second quarter, 3-3 game.
Lions and Bucs.
[commentator 1] And Goff puts
it up top for St. Brown.
Couldn't bring it down,
as Jamel Dean was covering.
[commentator 2]
Nice coverage by Jamel Dean
in the end zone,
as Amon-Ra St. Brown,
the intended target.
His arms are long,
so it's like this,
and yes, it's like this,
and then you gotta cut the outside off.
'Cause the ball, he put it up and hung it
just long enough.
I thought you ran a pretty good route.
- I should've been patient at the line.
- Yeah.
Hey, he's so long like, he touched me
from way over here.
I'm like, "Damn."
We knew going into that game, they're one
of the better defenses in the league.
Got the corners,
Dean can run, long arms.
[commentator 1] Play action.
Goff throwing end zone.
- And it should have been an interception!
- [exclaims] Shit.
Let's go. I see that look in your eye.
Come on. Come on.
He's not the guy that,
"If I'm not getting the ball,
or I'm not a primary,
or, okay, the ball's going here,
I'm gonna let off the gas
and catch my breath."
That's not what he's about.
[commentator 2] Third and five
from the Tampa Bay 9.
12:52 to go, first half.
But because of the way he plays,
defenses have to pay
attention to him.
[commentator 2] Goff, back. Drifting
right, setting, throwing end zone.
Wide open, caught!
Touchdown, Detroit Lions!
Josh Reynolds.
[commentator 3]
Beautiful design from Ben Johnson.
And give Amon-Ra St. Brown
some credit too.
That's why Reynolds was
able to come wide open.
His unselfishness,
his ability to go block, man,
his toughness.
That's why Gibby
is able to break a run.
[commentator 1] Fourth quarter, 17-17.
[commentator 2] Second and two.
Gibbs quick move to the open field.
Gibbs accelerates,
Gibbs to the end zone!
He's in for the touchdown!
[commentator 3] Amon-Ra St. Brown.
Big-time blocking Jamel Dean
to allow Gibbs to get it in.
You see the blocking downfield?
Did you see the blocking downfield?
Fucking good job, man.
[commentator 1] Lions set up
at their own 11-yard line,
leading by seven.
12:12 to go.
Sam LaPorta out to
the 14-yard line.
[commentator 2] Three guys on him.
Gain of three.
[commentator 3] Injured player here
is Jamel Dean for the Buccaneers.
[commentator 2] That's a big deal.
[Amon] Dean went down,
his back was hurting,
ended up limping off the field.
[commentator 1] Zyon McCollum
will come on to take his spot.
[Amon] And look up. It's gonna be
in the air. I'll meet you in the end zone.
The guy that came in,
I knew he can run.
He was tall and long, but I didn't know
if he was as good as Dean, maybe he was.
But I knew Ben saw the same thing
and I knew he was gonna
try to attack him.
[commentator 1] So it's third and fifteen
for the Lions now from their own 44.
Trying to keep this drive alive.
Winner moves on
to the NFC championship game.
If you want it,
you gotta take it right now.
[commentator 2]
This is now time for Amon-Ra St. Brown.
[player] Ready! Set!
[commentator 1] Goff's got some time.
He's got a receiver.
Fighting for it!
For the first down!
Who else but St. Brown?
That's what he's done all year.
I know I'm aware
and I know St.'s aware,
and all of us are aware that
there is a backup.
Pre-snap, I had a pretty good idea
I was gonna get to him.
[commentator 2] Great job by the Lions
to go right after the replacement.
Amon-Ra St. Brown,
people have no idea
how strong that guy's legs are.
No surprise.
Got a few family traits.
There's strength in the family.
That guy is something special.
[Jared] Punch this thing in.
Our defense is playing some ball now.
Let's get this thing
in the end zone, okay?
[commentator 3] This is exactly
what a playoff game should be.
Nothing coming easy.
Great physicality.
This is why we love the playoffs.
[commentator 1]
First and goal from the Bucs' 9.
Lions by seven, looking for more.
Six-and-a-half to go.
[player] Ready! Set!
[commentator 2] Shotgun. Gets the snap.
Buccaneers rush five.
Goff floats it to the right side
of the end zone, fingertip grab!
Amon-Ra St. Brown!
And the NFC championship game
looking a little closer
than it has in decades to Detroit.
Are you kidding me?
[Amon] Jared calls the play.
And in my head, I'm like,
"This has to be a touchdown."
I run the route.
Jared throws a perfect ball,
right in the corner
of the end zone.
It was just how we drew it up.
[commentator 3]
He's dropping dimes, nickels, quarters.
Jared is dropping it
all out there today.
[triumphant music playing]
Hey, that was a perfect ball.
Oh, my God.
I wasn't even that open.
It was perfect.
The ball was going to him
no matter what.
He knew it, I knew it,
and everyone on the field knew it.
[commentator 1] Dean, I thought,
played a really good game,
but the minute he left,
that drive was just one throw
after another at the replacement.
Let's fucking go, baby.
Let's fucking go.
[commentator 1] The Lions are one win
from making the Super Bowl.
Can you imagine if they
go to the Super Bowl? Fuck.
Just to think of where we started
when I first got here as a rookie,
to now being
in the NFC Championship is just
it was crazy
to even think about.
It's a great day to be a Lion, baby!
[Derrick] Hey, you gotta believe
how far we can go, man.
- [player] Yes, sir.
- [Derrick] Believe it now.
[Derrick] Believe it now.
This comes once in a lifetime.
Time to prepare for San Fran.
Let's get back to detail.
Enjoy this.
And come ready
to work next week.
Here we go.
Fuck that, I'm going to say it.
"Super Bowl" on three. One, two, three!
[all] Super Bowl!
[Amon] I knew I was going back home
to California. West Coast.
The only song that
came to my mind was
I'm going, going
Back, back to Cali, Cali ♪
["Going Back to Cali"
by The Notorious B.I.G. playing]
I'm going, going
Back, back to Cali, Cali ♪
He played, "I'm going, going
back, back to Cali,"
for like three days straight.
[female broadcaster 4] Which team
needs this trip to the Super Bowl more?
[broadcaster 10] To me, it's the Lions.
And here's why.
You don't get to
this point often.
[broadcaster 11] When you talk about which
team needs the trip
to the Super Bowl more,
it is the San Francisco 49ers.
Y'all have been to a few NFC Conference
championship games, okay?
You been to a Super Bowl,
but can't seem to kick down the door.
You've got to win.
[music fades out]
[closing theme music playing]
[man] Omaha!
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