Reckoning (2019) s01e07 Episode Script


I would explain it if I could.
If you can't explain how your business card
wound up in my hand
after I was near strangled to death,
I sure as hell hope you're not expecting me to.
I have a history with this killer.
And I am just as frustrated as you
that he has not been caught.
I was attacked.
I remember I woke up on the wet ground.
Leo was there,
telling me everything was gonna be okay.
Can you tell me
what your last memory of Beth is?
Him trying to save her.
He was always trying to do that.
Leo, right?
What did you tell him?
Well, she came to our door asking for money.
I gave it to her. She left.
LEO: Is that what really happened, Dad?
ARLEN: What do you think happened?
You want me to start lying?
Use Gretchen's case as a kind of Trojan horse
to stay on the RRK.
We solve her murder.
If we're lucky, we finally catch this bastard.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Gretchen ran away for eight days
with that asshole.
You killed her.
Freeze, police!
ROOSTER: Go home and give that a good think!
-Give me my goddamn stuff!
My house
my shit.
SAMANTHA: Darling, why?
DARRIN: Who knows why?
Maybe because of the suit,
they think I'm some millionaire
I have something very important to tell you.
Samantha, this is important.
-Okay, what's so important?
-I'm gonna have a baby.
-You're what?
SAMANTHA: I'm gonna have a baby.
DARRIN: You're kidding.
SAMANTHA: I'm not!
Hey, you're awake.
I'll let the attending know right away.
Wait. What happened?
You came into the ER covered
in dozens of hornet stings.
You went into anaphylactic shock.
I know you must be in a lot of pain
but there's a bright side, Mr. Doyle.
You're alive.
In pursuit of a 187 suspect. Caucasian male.
Bearded, 6 foot 1, on foot.
Eyes are on suspect, last seen
entering the woods
south of Rocks Beach parking lot.
There. Stop!
Go! Go! Go! Go!
Suspect's headed in the direction of the beach.
Heading to the direction of the water.
I repeat: Weapon is visible.
Drop the gun!
Drop your weapon, Emilio. It's over!
Just do it.
Come on already.
Look, come in, we talk. You can tell me why.
Does it matter?
Drop the gun.
You won't understand. Nobody will understand.
You okay?
Dad, you look like a freak.
-Paxton, delete that.
-Pax, don't.
So, what happened?
I mean, did the nest fall on you?
I was trying to take it down.
-So you did this to yourself?
-Paxton, please.
-I told you to call an exterminator.
-I know. I'm sorry, I was being stupid.
You could've been killed.
-I I doubt that.
-That's what the doctor said.
Yeah, he said you got stung, like, 60 times.
Why didn't you run inside or something?
Good question, Pax. Wish I'd thought of that.
Hon, listen,
I don't want anybody to know about this.
I already called the school.
What was I supposed to say?
Stomach flu maybe?
The truth is always better.
Paxton's gonna be late for school.
I'll come back in a little while.
Honey, the doctor says I need to rest.
I'll call this afternoon.
Are you kidding me?
So he wandered off. What's the big deal?
It's more than that. He nearly drowned.
-Did you forget about your broken finger?
-Yeah, because I got over it.
Your brother, he needs special help.
Help that we, unfortunately,
we can't give to him.
Trust me, this was not an easy decision.
-But your dad and I, we decided--
-Ugh. More like you decided.
Sam, he's only an hour and a half away.
He'll be home every other weekend.
Uh, I have wrestling practice after school.
-Hey, check this out.
-Who's that?
It's my dumb dad.
Tried to take down a hornets' nest
and got stung so bad he ended up in the hospital.
-Is he okay?
-Yeah. He has to stay there overnight.
So I guess your wrestling practice is canceled.
No way he's coming to school
looking like a freak show.
What's the matter with you?
You seem all psycho killer depressed today.
They wanna send my little brother away
to a school for special needs kids.
-Is he retarded?
-You're not supposed to say that word anymore.
My mom said it isn't far
so we'll see him all the time.
My mom said the same thing.
Said it's only two hours by plane.
That's all bullshit. She doesn't call or text.
-Fine. Hardly ever.
The point is, adults lie all the time
to make themselves feel better.
The meds kicking in yet, Mr. Doyle?
-Leo. Got it.
I'm Valerie.
Now, how you feeling?
About as good as I look.
We'll fix you up.
Hydrocortisone can make you more comfortable.
Is that okay?
Yeah, I guess.
Bet you're wondering what kind of a bonehead
gets stung 57 times.
Oh, this is nothing.
You'd have to work pretty hard to beat the guy
who ate too many pumpkin seed shells
and plugged up his colon.
Don't worry, you'll feel like yourself again
in no time.
Yeah. Me again.
-So you from around here?
-Graduated Canaan High a long time ago.
I'm a guidance counselor now.
Oh, guidance counselor? Nice.
-You enjoy being a nurse?
-Most days.
And I get to see a lot of the country.
I'm what we call a traveling nurse.
-So you're not from around here, huh?
Originally from Alaska,
where the caribou outnumber the people.
Wow. That's a lot of caribou.
Yeah. And I'm a people person.
So I decided to travel down south,
see the lower 48.
God, I miss my family. My mom, my little sis.
But I guess I have wanderlust.
Tell me more about these caribou.
Are they?
Are they like moose? Or is it "mooses"?
Moose. Reindeer.
-Just think reindeer.
-Really? Reindeer?
-Does it?
-You're all right.
Santa Claus
Santa Claus has reindeer.
Look, I know you know, but I have to say it.
There'll be an investigation
into the incident by CHP.
All standard procedure.
-I know how it goes.
-Like I said, I have to say it.
We all know it was a clean shooting, Cyd.
Around here, we do things by the book.
I'll be right back.
"It's him again.
The Russian River Killer."
That's what you said, Mike.
And I believed you.
So I announced it to the press.
"The boogeyman is back.
But fear not, citizens of Canaan,
this time we're gonna catch him."
What did I say I was gonna do to you
if you did exactly
what you just did to this department?
What I did?
What my partner and I just did
was catch a killer.
And in my defense,
I had every reason to believe it was RRK.
There were inconsistencies from the beginning.
The river, the tattoo, a female vic,
just slightly younger.
Those things are consistent.
Whispers there was evidence
that might lead to a different conclusion,
a different suspect, like Emilio Hobbs.
What's the problem here?
We got the son of a bitch.
The problem is I think you used this investigation
to get back to your favorite obsession.
What about my business card
in that stripper's hand, huh?
-I didn't put it there.
-Serial killers kill.
Sheila Hartnell's alive.
-For all we know, she's an attention-seeker.
-The RRK attacked that woman.
She didn't damn near strangle herself to death.
He's taunting us.
Can you offer proof?
Prints? Surveillance footage?
He sent me a note.
A note?
What note?
"RRK is dead."
-And is this note in evidence?
It gave us nothing. No prints, no DNA.
But it tells us that he's out there
and that he's wide awake again.
I should fire your ass.
You can't. Not without a formal review.
And I'll just deny there was a note.
Okay, you listen closely to me.
Unless there's some new and compelling evidence,
the RRK case goes back on the shelf.
And this is the important part:
If at some point there is
new evidence or a new victim,
you don't get to go anywhere near the case.
Hey, you're up.
Your wife called when you were asleep.
Just checking up on you.
-So how's your lunch?
-I don't know.
-What, you don't like the food?
-Does anyone?
Word to the wise, always ask a nurse.
The fish, it's not so good.
Was I dreaming or were you and I
talking about reindeer?
Yeah, before you fell asleep,
we were discussing wildlife and Santa Claus.
-You're from Alaska.
-You remember.
Yeah, we don't get many people around here
from the final frontier.
-Have you ever been?
-I haven't.
Well, every American should go
to Alaska at least once.
-There's no place quite like it.
-I bet.
The pictures, it seems like paradise.
Yeah, for some people, it is.
Of course, don't forget the endless winters
and the two months of straight daylight
and the high cost of pizza.
Hey, um
is there any way you can get me
some strawberry ice cream?
I'm feeling hungry, after all.
That's the spirit.
I'll call in a favor to the kitchen. Be right back.
Oh, and the fish up in Alaska,
definitely better.
PAXTON: Hey, there's this old pervert
who's been messaging me.
-He won't leave me alone.
Because he thinks I'm a high school girl
named Madison.
Wait, are you catfishing somebody?
Yeah, but he's asking for it.
I mean, if he really thinks
that a hot girl would be into him,
then he deserves what he gets.
Anyway, you gotta do me a favor.
He wants to hear a girl's voice to, like, voice verify.
Just remember, you're 16 and you love hip-hop.
And you just made cheerleading.
-I didn't mean, "Okay." I meant it sarcastically.
-This is Ron.
Hi. It's so good to hear your voice.
-Yeah. What do you wanna talk about?
Actually, what I'd really love
is to meet in person.
Is there any way that's possible?
Say, tomorrow?
I could maybe get us a room.
What do you say--?
-Why did you hang up on him?
-That freaking pervert wanted to meet you.
Come on, you don't really
wanna do that, do you?
Everything all right?
-Is it your arm?
Good morning.
The nurses tell me you ate
all your dinner last night.
And wow! Look at you.
-Heh, heh.
-The swelling's gone down.
I almost didn't recognize you.
So good news.
Dr. Edwards says
you're almost ready to be discharged.
Yeah. Hey, Valerie, um
You know how you were talking
about being a traveling nurse?
It got me thinking.
You're gonna take my advice?
Go on vacation up there?
Longer. Something more permanent.
-As in moving?
I know, it's crazy, right? Moving to Alaska.
But, you know, I've thought
about making a move before.
Yeah, a fresh start in a new place.
Why not there?
I have some news.
I'm pregnant.
That's wonderful.
-Congratulations, Candace.
-Thank you.
I know you've been trying for a while.
So how do you feel about it finally happening?
I feel so many different things at once. Uh
-Shocked at first. And then happy, of course.
God finally answered my prayers.
And how does Leo feel about the news?
I haven't told him.
Why is that?
There just hasn't been a good time.
He's been on edge lately.
Do you know why?
I mean, there are things in his past
that he just doesn't wanna talk about.
Like about his mother.
This place, it's hard for me sometimes.
My mom disappeared when I was a kid.
God, I'm-- I'm so sorry.
Disappeared, as in something bad
happened to her?
You don't have to answer that.
That's none of my business.
It's okay.
I can't imagine.
Well, it changed me.
You know, I thought I could get over it
but I can't.
I know what you mean.
My, um
My dad passed away when I was in college.
Yeah. It's taken me years not to break down
every time I see a picture of him.
You thought about getting help?
Valerie, I've tried everything.
I've tried self-help meetings,
self-medication, meditation. You name it.
Sorry. I'm sorry because I don't I'm not
I don't usually overshare.
No, no, it's all right. It's all right.
I need the same thing at the end of a long day.
Except I unload on the bartender
at Marvin's down the street.
You know, everyone needs their escape.
That's why I feel like getting out of Canaan.
Too many ghosts.
Uh, it's great that
your family's so supportive.
Oh, no. My family isn't coming with me.
Yeah, my son's gonna be better off
with his mom in Arizona and my wife
Do you trust him?
Let's go back a moment
to the night that you and Leo first met.
You told me, "I trusted him
even though I had never
laid eyes on him before."
you trusted a total stranger
for whatever reason.
And I'm not judging that.
I think that's wonderful.
now you know him more,
considerably more,
and I'm sensing that you trust him less.
I don't understand why you're bringing up
the night we met again.
-It has nothing to do with his mother.
-Maybe not.
what I'm trying to say is
that if you trust this man,
sometimes trust requires us
not to have all the answers.
You know, I can't stay for the full hour today.
In fact, I should go.
Okay, do you wanna schedule
your next session?
I'll call you.
Candace, you have two choices.
One, you can ask him about his past
and risk pushing him away or
let it be for now until he's ready.
Shouldn't be long now. Let's get this I.V. out.
Hey, thanks.
-For everything.
Always nice to have a pleasant patient.
Okay. Enjoy Alaska.
Don't forget, take your vitamin D
and a warm jacket.
I won't.
Too late, too late to tell you ♪
I'm gonna build a world ♪
Get any sleep last night?
Slept like a baby.
Thank you.
Emilio was a piece of shit.
You know, the department,
they have people that-- People you can see.
What do you mean, "people I could see"?
A psychologist.
A therapist. A shrink.
Yeah, I know what a psychologist is.
But I'm Latina. We don't do shrinks.
Well, what do you do, then?
-We drink.
-I see.
We dance, some of us go to mass.
-When's the last time you went to church?
Ten years ago.
You know, a lot of deputies
find it hard taking a life,
no matter what they tell you.
And I think someone should throw me
a freaking parade.
We gave Tori closure.
Think about Beth Stanley's sister.
She's got nothing.
No body, no closure, nothing.
Too late, too late to tell you ♪
I'm gonna build a world around you ♪♪
Detective Serrato.
I called the high school. They told me the story.
-Oh, that's nasty.
-Gee. Hornets, huh?
-Yeah. Yeah, it was
It was bad luck.
Hey, nice to see you.
What brings you down here?
Uh, did you catch the news
about Gretchen's killer?
Yeah. Good work, detective.
-Uh, you know, Gretchen can rest in peace now.
Do you mind if I get a glass of water?
Not at all. Go.
So I've been thinking about your mother.
Her missing person's case.
MIKE: Mmm.
So I'd like to ask you a few questions.
Of course. Yeah.
I don't know, Pax.
What if this guy's, like,
a crazy whack-job or something?
Well, yeah, he is. That's why we're doing it.
We'll teach him a lesson.
It's four.
-Okay, you ready?
Okay, go. Go.
-Who are you?!
-I'm Madison, asshole.
-Get out before I call the cops!
-Oh, go ahead.
-Pax, let's go.
-No. I'm not leaving until you give me my money.
-What money?
-He promised me $3000 for a Stella Dimor bag
in exchange for sucking your dick.
What the hell is this?
It's a gift for a woman named Madison.
Oh, a woman. Is she a woman now?
-What do you want from me?
-I want you to die.
Okay, this goes live in three
-What? No! No, don't!
-Two, one!
Pax, let's go.
So did your father?
Did he mention that I spoke to him
about your mother?
-About her disappearance?
-Yeah, he did mention it.
But he probably didn't mention something
you should know.
He's been diagnosed with stage 4 Alzheimer's.
I'm sorry. I'm sure it's been very difficult.
All the more reason for me
to ask you some questions.
I'm interested in the last time
you saw your mother.
-What time of year was it?
July, I think.
And she just, what?
She just showed up on your doorstep?
Out of the blue, yeah.
How did your dad feel about that?
Was he happy about that?
Well, he wasn't thrilled.
What about you? You must've been happy.
Happy to see my mom? Yeah. I was.
What did you guys do?
You talk? Had lunch? Dinner?
You know, I don't remember,
to be honest, detective.
-Did she stay for long?
Did she and your dad happen
to argue that day?
Well, you've met my dad, haven't you?
He argues with everyone.
But that day.
He told me that she came to take you away.
Take me away?
Yeah, he gave me the impression
that she wanted custody of you.
I'm just curious to see whether
that might've triggered a fight.
Well, I never heard them talk custody.
My life was with my dad.
Well, maybe your mother wanted
to change that.
Mr. Doyle?
-Ready to be a free man?
-Yes. Uh
Sorry, detective,
my wife is double-parked downstairs.
That's okay. If you, uh
-If you think of anything else, give me a call.
-Okay. Yeah, of course.
-Hope you feel better than you look.
Anyway, get better. The wrestlers need you.
Thank you.
-All set?
-Yeah. Get me out of here.
Damn it, Leo. Where's the goddamn fire?
-You look like shit.
-Your wife said you were in the hospital.
-I'm not here to chat, Dad.
I'm here because I want answers about my mom.
You never told me why she really came back.
Not this horseshit again.
Why can't you get over it?
-Get over it?
-Accept it.
She abandoned you.
Stop the lies, Dad. She didn't abandon me.
She came back.
And not just to pay a visit. She came for me.
You told the detective.
You told him. She wanted me.
And that's why you did what you did.
Well, tell me, what did I do?
Threw her down and you strangled her.
You strangled the life out of her
while she fought back.
And when you left the room
I tried to save her, Dad, but it was too late.
You took out your scalpel.
And I kept your secret, Dad.
All these years, I kept your secret.
I did it for you.
No, you did it because she defied you.
You did it because she didn't love you, Dad!
It was our secret
but you wouldn't share it with me.
You left me alone with it.
Do you know what kind of pathetic life
you would've had?
You would have been dragged
up and down this state practically homeless.
A man will do anything to protect his child.
You're a father, you should know that.
If only she hadn't come back, she'd be still alive.
On the road somewhere, up to her usual tricks.
But, no, she had to come back for you!
Her bouncing baby boy!
You know the way I see it, son?
You killed her.
I made arrangements with both schools.
He's all set.
Well, Jake seems to be coping
better than all of us.
I mean, if I knew how you were coping
Your dinner is in the oven.
I'm gonna take a shower.
I need your opinion.
Your professional opinion.
Waller has, uh, shelved the RRK.
And even if she hadn't
she says I won't work it ever again.
-I believe her this time.
This came.
-Was this sent here?
-No. Work.
And you're sure it's from him?
MIKE: Yeah, it's him. I know it.
What I don't know is what he's trying to tell me.
He's certainly not dead.
Well, maybe
Well, maybe
he doesn't wanna kill again.
That part of him is dead.
And he wants you to stop investigating him.
He wants you to leave him alone.
Yeah, well, it's gonna be a cold day in hell
before that happens.
But you're off the case, Mike.
MIKE: Forget what Waller said.
I'm not gonna take the pressure off now, Paige.
He's awake.
PAIGE: But say you did.
MIKE: No fucking way.
He's a serial killer. It's in his DNA.
He's never gonna stop and neither am I.
So even if it means pushing him to kill again?
This note is a warning, Mike.
Wait, wait, are you?
Are you saying that I?
I want him to kill again?
Damn it, Paige.
I'm going for a run.
Did you cross paths
with my husband out there?
I ran to the end of the block and back,
so, uh, sadly, no.
-Join me?
Thank you.
Is everything okay?
Is there anything I can do?
-I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
-It's okay.
Wake up.
Breathe! Wake up.
Open your eyes!
Open your eyes!
It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay. Everything's okay!
It's okay, Valerie. It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay. You're alive.
You're alive. You're alive.
You're alive. It's okay.
Everything's gonna be okay.
You're alive.
It's okay. It's okay.
Hey, Valerie.
Are you okay?
I don't know.
We have people, professionals on staff
that can help you.
I don't think I can tell anybody else
about my mom.
And I just found out the truth that she's dead.
I'm so sorry, Leo.
God, no wonder you're so upset.
Look, let's go back inside.
I got a few minutes.
Okay, Leo?
We're having a baby.
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