Reckoning (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

Rolling Thunder

This pervert whose been messaging me.
Are you catfishing somebody?
If he really thinks that a hot girl would be into him,
then he deserves what he gets.
Is everything okay?
You won't understand. Nobody will understand.
What's the problem here?
We got that son of a bitch.
The problem is I think you used this investigation
to get back to your obsession.
If at some point there is new evidence
or a new victim,
you don't get to go anywhere near the case.
The meds kicking in, Mr. Doyle?
Got it. I'm Valerie.
-Hey, thanks for everything.
Always nice to have a pleasant patient.
You trusted a total stranger for whatever reason,
but now you know him more.
I'm sensing that you trust him less.
I'm not gonna take the pressure off now.
He's a serial killer. It's in his DNA.
He's never gonna stop and neither am I.
Even if it means pushing him to kill again?
We're having a baby.
What's wrong?
Go back to sleep.
I'll be in bed in a few.
Is that you?
Hey! Hold up.
Hold up!
Hey! Stop right there!
Paige? Kids?
Well, I have patients scheduled till 5.
Amanda, can you pick Sam up from practice?
I have study group.
I need to get my AP calculus grade up
or I'm screwed.
SAM: It's fine, Mom, I'll just ride home
with one of my teammates.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
You know, you could've told me
the truth when you called me.
-About what?
-Why you're here.
I don't know what you're talking about, Colin.
You think you know who he is, don't you?
The RRK.
Am I right?
I I know
I know he's in here.
But no offense, this
This was a waste of time.
I made it very clear
that hypnotherapy is a process.
-But it takes time.
-Which I don't have.
If you told me the truth,
I might've had the keys to help you.
I mean, no offense, but as a psychiatrist,
how can you even do this work?
Because, Mike, I believe in this work.
And I lost my license.
But you know that.
I'm sorry.
Have a good day.
What are you looking for?
Oh, nothing.
How's the morning sickness, babe?
-I read online that means it's a girl.
-I dreamed you had triplets last night.
That would be overwhelming.
Yeah. There was a boy, there was a girl
and the third was this chimera.
What's that?
It's a fire-breathing creature with a lion head,
a goat's body and a serpent's tail.
CANDACE: Oh, great.
You have me giving birth to a monster.
Yeah. But it was super cute.
Hey, Dad, let's go.
All right.
You all right there, Mike?
You don't look so good.
Yeah, I just I had something
that didn't agree with me a couple of days ago.
I'm fine. It's fine. Thank you.
-Hey, Marcy.
MARCY: Yeah?
Can you help me gather up
everything we got on Beth Stanley?
Mr. Doyle.
I'd like to ask you a few
questions about Valerie Harold.
Uh, I'm sorry, who?
Valerie Harold.
She's a nurse at Moreno Baptist. Uh
-She's missing.
Yeah. Hasn't been heard from
in several days.
I'm sure she'll turn up soon
one way or another.
So we're going through a list of patients
that she saw the week before she disappeared.
Do you remember her?
Yeah, uh
Uh, Nurse Valerie.
Did you happen to notice anyone
suspicious hanging around?
Or perhaps Ms. Harold herself exhibited
some kind of strange behavior?
No. No, not that I recall.
You're the one in charge
of Valerie's case, Officer?
Dinkins. And, no, that's Detective Long.
Though he's up in Portland
following up on our prime suspect,
the ex-boyfriend.
It's always the skeevy ex-boyfriend
who turns up with the body
in the trunk of his car, right?
So you think she's, uh? She's dead?
I really can't divulge that kind of information.
Right. Right.
Uh God, you know,
now that I think about it, she
She did mention something about
liking to hike along the river.
Searched along the river. Woods too.
Girl goes missing in this area,
it's always a good place to look first.
Right. Right. And you didn't?
You didn't find any, uh?
I'm sorry. Ahem. You were saying?
Ms. Stanley listed it as a previous address
in '87 to early '88.
Okay, so you didn't own it back then?
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Oh, okay. Well, thank you
so much for your help.
WOMAN [OVER RADIO]: 10-45, 900 block
of Stewart Street, just south of the park.
10289 confirming,
near location, no more than five minutes out.
We have a stalled vehicle
eastbound on Highway 23.
Available units?
10435 available.
WOMAN: 10-22, it's been contracted
out to Jackson Towing. They're en route.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'll turn it down.
You do know I'm not cleared for duty
for two more days.
-She's here.
-Who's here?
-Beth Stanley. Here in Canaan.
-You spoke to her?
I'm sorry. Am I interrupting?
Oh. No, it's fine.
Jess, Mike. Mike, Jess.
So, what do you got?
Beth left home
a week after high school graduation.
Spent some time in Los Angeles,
little bit in San Francisco.
But a year and a half later, she was married,
pregnant and living in Moreno County.
Any idea how she and Arlen met?
The sister thought maybe she was
looking for a meal ticket.
So she rebelled against her bougie parents
and chose a WASPy doctor?
The marriage didn't take.
She went back to using her maiden name,
but they remained married for some reason.
The kid was collateral damage.
You remember Leo Doyle?
Guidance counselor we interviewed
after Gretchen was murdered.
Yeah, that's him.
When I spoke to Leo, he said
that he hadn't seen his mom in four years
before that last visit before she went missing.
You spoke to Leo again?
You've been on leave, Ramos,
so just try and keep up.
So cut to '93, Beth moves in with her sister.
She's trying to turn her life around.
So she drives out to Canaan to see her boy
with the intention, according to Arlen,
of taking him away.
-Where to?
-No idea. They never got there.
But we know that Beth Stanley was in Canaan
on July 13th, 26 years ago.
After that night, she vanished.
No taxes paid, no employment history,
no vehicle registration, nada.
Any reason to think she'd go off the grid?
-If Arlen was violent?
-She would've turned up somewhere.
Beth Stanley simply ceased to exist
26 years ago
because she never left Canaan 26 years ago.
So that Stella Dimor bag that guy gave us,
my sister says it's a total fake.
Figures. The guy's a liar.
I thought we could sell it on eBay.
It's, like, two grand.
Yeah. That sucks, but whatever.
-I didn't do it for money.
-Why'd you do it, then?
And what was all that shit you were saying
about wanting him to die?
I don't know. I just-- Just messing with him.
-There's a lot of assholes we should do that to.
What, catfish married pedos?
No, I just mean we could be like
Asshole Avengers or something.
You're weird.
Come on, there's gotta be somebody
you wanna take all your frustrations out on.
-There so is. I knew it.
I knew it. Who is it?
This guy.
He almost destroyed my dad's career.
He sent him letters saying
he was the Russian River Killer when he wasn't.
My dad might've crossed the line,
but he was trying to save more girls
from being killed.
-Crossed the line how?
-He pushed him out a window.
-So he pushed him?
-Out of a window?
My dad was suspended for a while
and my parents almost got divorced.
So, yeah, I guess John Ainsworth
is my asshole.
-Sorry. John Ainsworth?
Ms. Lopez said she was impressed
by some of your creative writing.
Were you checking up on me?
No. No, she just mentioned it in passing.
Why would she do that?
Because she knows you're my son
and it's kind of my job
to keep up with students' academics.
This isn't the normal way home.
Yeah, Candace said there was
some heavy construction over on Fallon Road.
Whoa. Jesus. Whoa.
-Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.
-What the hell, Dad?
-So we fly into Philly, we rent a car,
AMANDA: Mm-hm.
we should be able to do
three school tours in four days.
Why do you wanna go to college
on the East Coast?
I mean, what's wrong with state schools?
Why? Because state tuition's cheaper?
UCs are good schools, you know,
and is being close to home so bad?
Hey, hey, it's all right.
I'm sorry, I just I
It's a lot, with Jake gone and, uh
you going off to college soon and
You need to start smoking weed, Mom.
I'm serious.
Asher's dad does and it totally chills him out.
I think I have too many responsibilities
to start smoking "marijuwana."
Did you say start or stop?
"Start" if she says "marijuwana."
"Marijuwana." Can you imagine?
Every boy here has had a first day, okay?
You'll make friends in no time.
How about that sports field, huh?
I don't like sports.
Well, what about the music room?
I'd love that if I was a kid.
If I wasn't tone deaf.
I know it might be a bit scary right now,
but we'll see you in five days.
My lamp, my constellation lamp.
The one with the stars. I forgot it at home.
PAIGE: You'll get it next time.
-I need it. I need my lamp!
Hey, hey, hey, buddy, you mean the lamp
with the planets and stars, right?
The one we got at Target, yeah?
I'll just go get one.
That way you'll have one here
and one at home.
Open your eyes.
Now, tell me what you're experiencing.
He's in my house.
911. What's your emergency?
I have information about that nurse that's missing.
-Okay. So I need you to get--
-Just listen, you dumb fucks.
You can find her in the woods
near mile marker 22 on Highway 116.
Head straight for the river,
she's in the trees just off the bank.
10334, confirm your location.
On Lane Road near Spring Lake.
MAN 2:
Nearby, waiting for backup.
WOMAN: Standing by.
MAN 1: 10579, available units
in the vicinity, available to assist if needed.
Copy that. Searching the area.
Can't see anything.
MAN 1: Also checking with K-9,
Officer Pope has been requested.
Hey, anything over there?
OFFICER 2: We searched up and down the river.
Didn't find anything.
Must've been a crank call.
We're heading back now.
WOMAN: Cancel backup.
MAN 2: Copy.
It's okay, Leo.
What are you doing here, John?
I told you, I'm a good neighbor.
Up all hours keeping an eye on things.
And, uh
-That night
That night you got out of the hospital,
and came back late.
I saw you, I noticed you
and I thought to myself:
"He's at it again."
I can help you.
And right now, Leo,
I'm afraid you need my help.
No. Not now.
Not like this.
You need to cool down first.
And me,
I need a little time to forgive you.
Thank you, sir.
Nice to have you back.
Welcome home.
How was your vacation
on the taxpayers' dime?
Looks like you could use a vacation.
Check a mirror lately?
I got this headache that just won't quit.
Here, a list of all the people
who lived on Arlen's street back in the day.
This lady here, next-door neighbor back then,
she's happy to talk.
We can stop by the drive-through
Starbucks on the way. You owe me.
-What for?
-Not letting Emilio shoot you.
So how long did you live on Pacific Drive?
We moved there when I was 7.
RAMOS: Were you and Leo?
MIKE: Allow me.
RAMOS: Boyfriend, girlfriend?
I had a crush on him, sure,
but he was at our house a lot.
His dad kept long hours at the hospital and
-Did you ever meet Leo's mom?
I might've seen her once.
Do you happen to remember
the summer of '93?
We think Beth, Leo's mom,
came back to Canaan that summer.
Um, should we?
What did you make of Leo's father?
Arlen, well, he was kind of a jerk.
The way he talked to Leo,
always running him down.
Did Leo ever mention
the relationship between his parents?
Not that I remember.
But, you know, we were kids
and Leo wasn't a big talker.
And after he went to summer camp,
he was even less so.
Actually, it might've been
that same summer, '93.
I just remember that he left very abruptly.
What do you mean?
I knocked on their door one day
and Arlen said Leo was at camp.
I said I thought it was weird
that Leo hadn't mentioned it.
He said, "Too bad,"
and slammed the door in my face.
My dad was furious. He told Arlen off.
He even called the cops on him
for having work done on his house
at all hours of the night.
-What sort of work?
-I could ask my dad.
-He might remember.
-Okay. Please. Thank you.
I never set foot in the house again after that.
When Leo got back from camp,
things were different.
-Hey. This is a pleasant surprise.
I brought lunch.
It's a power bowl.
Kale, avocado, chicken, quinoa.
The protein and superfoods
are good for the baby.
Honey, our baby's still only
the size of a peanut.
And it's our peanut.
I know you've been stressed out lately.
Is it about the baby?
A lot of dads-to-be worry about finances and
No, no, no, no, no, it's gonna be great.
So I heard some disturbing news today.
Yeah? What's that?
This nurse from the hospital is missing.
Did you hear about that?
Yeah. Actually, I think I did.
Was she one of your nurses?
You know, I'm pretty sure she was. It's awful.
-It is, isn't it?
Do you think something bad happened to her?
-I really don't know.
-We should pray for her.
Or I'll pray for her.
I don't mind praying for her, Can.
I want to.
I know I'm not as much of a believer as you,
but I do believe.
That'd be nice if you said a prayer.
If we both did. For Nurse?
I think her name was Valerie.
I was glad you hit me up to meet you.
I was starting to think
that you were avoiding me.
-What about edibles?
-That's a great idea.
Although you have to be careful with edibles.
They can really knock you on your ass.
My God, what kind of example
am I setting for my kids
if they find me completely buttered?
You mean baked?
You guys decided yet?
We're gonna take things slow.
So maybe a couple of lollipops.
WOMAN: Newbie, huh?
First-time customers get
a free joint with purchase.
-Oh. Thanks.
WOMAN: You're welcome.
I don't think this was
such a good idea, Brad.
You want me to stop?
MADDOX: Twenty-six years ago? Shit.
I forgot my wedding anniversary last week.
Well, I understand it has been
some time, Mr. Maddox,
but we got your name from Roger Case.
You did some work for him
down on Pacific Drive.
Apparently you also did a job
for one of his neighbors.
We're hoping you might remember
that neighbor.
Uh, name of Arlen Doyle.
Surgeon at Moreno Baptist.
Tall, prickly.
Dr. Doyle?
-Yeah, I remember him.
MIKE: You do?
I remember he was a real asshole.
-Pulled a Trump on me.
Claimed I did shoddy workmanship
and paid me, like, 75 percent of the bill.
Do you remember what the work was?
Retiling a bathroom, I think.
Actually, that's exactly what it was.
He insisted we lay new tile right over old.
New tile over old would increase
the height of the floor.
Tell me about it. Caused a huge problem.
You bury your wife in the floorboards,
the more layers, the less chance of discovery.
Well, let's see if we can
sell that theory to a judge.
You hear that?
-Hear what?
-Rolling thunder.
Sounds like a storm's brewing.
I, um
I feel relaxed. I don't feel high.
-Relaxed is good.
-Yeah. Relaxed is good.
Hey, wanna smoke us the newbie spliff?
Quality will be shit, but can't argue with free.
I wouldn't know bad from good weed.
-That word, that sounds funny, doesn't it?
If you say so.
I was avoiding you.
That night, the wine
What almost happened.
What almost happened again?
It can't happen again.
I like you.
But we're not going to be that cliché.
-Okay. It can't happen.
Can I just say that whatever you want
or need me to be to you,
I'm cool with that.
I don't wanna blow up my life either,
but I don't wanna lose you.
As a friend or whatever else we are.
So whatever, whenever
It's totally up to you.
That was really good. Did you rehearse that?
Ha, ha.
I did.
-A little.
John and your dad are friends?
I don't know about friends.
I mean, sometimes my dad acts
like he doesn't like him,
but then they'll go for a beer
or he'll feed his stupid fish.
So you've actually talked
to this dickwad too, then?
More like he talks to me.
And you're totally cool
with breaking into his house?
It was my idea, wasn't it?
Plus, he messed with your dad.
Okay, say we do break in. Then what?
Uh I don't know, we find shit
to steal or break or whatever.
He has this weird exotic fish he's obsessed with
that cost, like, $100,000.
-No, I'm not exaggerating.
My dad went in to feed it when John
was out of town, that's why he has a key.
-Your dad has a key?
-How do you think we'll get in?
You didn't tell me that part.
Well, John's gone on Sunday mornings.
I followed him last week on my bike
and he goes to some nursing home
up on Cedar Avenue.
I guess his mother probably lives there.
So we can wait for him to go,
break in and steal the fish.
No, I don't want to steal it.
If he loves that damn fish so much,
I'm flushing it down the toilet.
I've looked in on her a couple of times.
-Can I help you?
-Is Arlen Doyle home?
What's all this about?
Arlen Doyle, we're here
to search the premises.
Search? You're not searching
a goddamn thing without a warrant.
-This is bordering on harassment.
-Excuse us, please.
-Maria, you take upstairs.
ARLEN: Are you here about my wife?
All right, Tony, Adrian, downstairs.
I don't know what the hell you expect to find!
That woman walked out on me and my son.
She abandoned us.
What type of woman does that?
This is it. Damn, he did a good job,
you can hardly tell.
Mm-hm. Let's rip it up.
I'm calling my lawyer.
You do that.
I always knew you were him.
There was never an iota of doubt in my mind.
Even before Iris Swan.
I always knew you were
the Russian River Killer.
But then I followed you that night,
six years ago,
saw you dragged Iris into the woods
and only you came out.
And that's when I knew for certain.
-I always wondered.
-I know you did.
That's why you humored me with a beer
now and then or that hunting trip
or you agreeing to feed my fish
when I was out of town
even though I knew it was
the last thing you wanted to do.
Why didn't you say anything?
I mean, all these years.
I didn't know how you'd react.
You thought I'd?
But mostly I just hoped that
I could earn your trust enough
that you would tell me the truth.
Your secret's safe with me, Leo.
I admire you.
Most men can't cross that line.
They're scared of what lies on the other side.
But it's only when we push ourselves
past what we think we're capable of
that we learn who we truly are.
It's not about that, John.
Then tell me. I want to know.
I want to know everything.
I'll have you know I intend to file a complaint
to the mayor himself.
-Nothing in the floor, Mike.
-I told you!
You're wasting your time,
and making a mess of my home.
We're gonna need to dig this up.
When you stopped killing,
I was disappointed. I won't lie.
In my opinion, should've stayed drunk.
But I understood family and all that.
But it's happened again.
And you can't let careless mistakes
trip you up and ruin everything.
I don't make mistakes.
I'm a mistake, Leo.
Be careful, it's a black hole.
A black hole is the most powerful thing
in the whole universe.
It sucks everything in and destroys it
until there's nothing left.
At least that's what they think.
Is there anything on the other side?
No one knows.
Probably not.
Maybe there are all the answers
in the universe.
John, where's the body?
Where's Valerie?
Another beer?
Could you grab them?
Thank you.
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