Reckoning (2019) s01e09 Episode Script

Best Life

Open your eyes.
Now tell me what you're experiencing.
I think it's him.
You think you know who he is,
don't you? The RRK.
I know he's in here.
I dreamt you had triplets last night.
That would be overwhelming.
"I trusted him.
Even though I had never laid eyes on him before."
But I'm sensing that you trust him less.
I just hoped that I could earn your trust enough
that you would tell me the truth.
Your secret's safe with me, Leo.
MIKE: Beth Stanley simply ceased to exist
26 years ago.
All we gotta do is find the body.
SAM: And you're totally cool
with breaking into his house?
So we can wait for him to go and steal the fish.
Where's the body? John, where's Valerie?
Another beer?
Could you grab them?
What the fuck?
I thought she'd be safer here.
-I wanted to help you.
By messing up a crime scene?
John, she needs to be found.
As I said, you were careless.
You've been careless before, Leo,
and I've covered for you,
like with Iris Swan's tattoo.
You threw it in the river.
I just found it floating there.
Jesus Christ, John
I took Valerie's body for you.
You did it to get some vicarious thrill.
Okay, sure. But I was thinking--
I don't care what you were thinking, John.
For years I've put up with the insinuations
and the leading questions and the shitty beer.
You say you know who I am, who I really am,
then you know I'll do whatever
to protect my family from finding out the truth.
But, Leo, I keep telling you, I can help you.
You don't wanna be this person. I can tell.
Not anymore. Maybe you never did.
What? What are you saying?
You don't have to be
the Russian River Killer anymore.
I can be.
I turn myself in. A full confession.
With only things that the real killer would know.
I've got plenty of evidence from her. Iris too.
I'll go to prison for the rest of my life.
The history books will record it.
"John Ainsworth, the Russian River Killer,
murdered nine women in Moreno County."
Me. Not you.
He's He's where?
Turn right.
Hold the sign up higher.
Right hand, two fingers on the pad, sir.
-Thank you, sir.
-What's this for?
Everyone's in the database, sir.
Open your mouth.
Arlen James Doyle,
you are charged by way of a felony.
One count of murder in the second degree.
Court alleges, on or about July 13th, 1993,
you did willfully, unlawfully
and with malice aforethought
murder Elizabeth Stanley.
-How does your client plead, Mr. Farnham?
-Not guilty, Your Honor.
People on bail?
PROSECUTOR: The people are asking
for Mr. Doyle to be held without bail.
FARNHAM: Dr. Doyle is an upstanding
member of the community--
I'm a surgeon with a wall
full of degrees and awards.
I saved lives.
FARNHAM: We request that Dr. Doyle be released
on his own recognizance, Your Honor.
My client has been diagnosed
with stage 4 Alzheimer's
and needs specialized medical care.
The accused is a man of substantial means
and a potential flight risk.
I'm going to grant the people's request
for remand without bail.
I can't imagine what you must be
going through right now.
I'm here for you. You know that, right?
Whatever you need.
Father Moran called.
He asked if we'd thought about
having a service for her.
Maybe a funeral would be a good idea.
I think she deserves that.
You didn't wanna talk about her,
but I kept pushing.
I just wanted to know her.
Just wanted to know you better.
But if I had any idea
I am so sorry.
For what?
That I couldn't be the man
you deserve.
What are you talking about?
You saved me.
And now we have a baby on the way.
We can survive this. I know we can.
It's you and me against the world, remember?
Like you said when you asked me to marry you.
Yeah. Yeah.
Two killers in a month.
One behind bars, one dead.
-Not bad for Moreno County.
-Thanks, chief.
Who knows, maybe we'll get lucky
and get a match on Doyle as RRK.
We found inconsistencies
between Arlen's timeline and the victims'.
He was at medical conferences
when both Melissa Gallardo
and Lisa Taylor were killed.
-Yeah, but who knows, Randy, you might be right.
Well, we'll find out soon enough.
In the meantime,
try to enjoy a few days
of well-deserved family time.
-Will you do that for me?
Happy birthday, dear Amanda ♪
Happy birthday to you ♪♪
-Help me.
MIKE: Hip, hip, hooray!
What did you wish for?
A passing grade in calculus?
Ha, ha. No, Balenciagas.
I don't even know what that is.
Did we get you those?
We did not get her a thousand dollar pair of shoes.
-It's not too late.
-Maybe one foot? Left or right?
No, you got me my new phone,
Daddy, which I love.
-Thank you.
-How much was that?
-Don't ask.
MIKE: Uh-huh.
Good to have you home
for the weekend, buddy.
-I missed you.
-I missed you too, but
"I missed you but"?
You guys wanna do something special
on the weekend? I'm off.
-You're not working?
MIKE: Nope.
For the next four days, I'm a stay-at-home dad.
So, what do you say tomorrow we, uh
go riding go-karts or mini-golf or?
We could even guilt
the 18-year-old into tagging along.
-Well, don't all say yes at once.
-That sounds like a great idea.
I, unfortunately, I have work, but
Uh, yeah, sorry, Dad, I promised
I'd take Jake to the movies tomorrow.
Ah, movie sounds fun.
-You'd hate it.
-My favorite.
What about Sunday?
-I'm going back to school.
I know. Eighteen, baby.
Happy birthday.
I used to hold you in my hand.
I can't believe it.
Can't believe you're so old?
That too.
I can't believe you're going off to college soon.
Can't believe I have to let you do
whatever you want.
Been doing whatever I want for a while.
You just don't know it.
Well, that's what you think.
I just worry
about not being able to protect you
in the real world.
-I can take care of myself.
-I know you can.
I just hope I've given you the tools you need
to make the right choices.
Always stand up for myself,
know right from wrong,
-only trust people who earn it.
-People who earn it.
I'm proud of you, Amanda.
I sorry I haven't always been present.
You've been there for the important stuff.
When it matters.
Remember you used to come down
to the station when you were
I used to love hiding stuff in your desk.
Oh, that's right.
The whole department wondered
what that stench was for days.
Well, three-day-old bologna sandwich
can be pretty ripe.
Mm-hm. I miss that.
Not the rotten bologna.
But you
you being my little girl.
LEO: The lawyer says they can
get a positive ID on my mother
from her dental records,
so her DNA isn't needed.
-Okay. That's good news.
-It doesn't matter.
They took a sample from my father, okay?
His DNA will be entered into the system,
checked against old crimes.
They will get a hit on evidence
found on Birdie Loomis.
It's only a matter of time before it leads to me.
Bernadette was a prostitute.
She could have had multiple DNA.
No. No. It's over.
It's over. Maybe it's time.
Don't talk like that.
Maybe on some level I'm relieved.
Behind bars, I can never do this again.
But my family
their lives will be destroyed.
You're right.
And I am so sorry about that, Leo.
Which is why I think my plan, my confession,
can save you from all of that.
Not with my DNA linked to my father's.
It's done. This is how it ends.
My dad would call that "stinkin' thinkin'."
My dad would say false hope is for fools.
Go back to sleep.
It's a camera and it takes video too.
Yeah, my phone takes pictures.
-And videos.
-I know.
But sometimes it's nice to have something
that's just made for one thing.
Okay. Cool. Thanks.
Did I ever tell you I used to take photos
for the Canaan High newspaper?
Back in the olden days
when you had to buy rolls
of 35mm film and develop it.
I don't know.
I used to like looking at the world
through a lens.
It felt safer somehow.
Like you could see people as they really were.
The parts of themselves they didn't wanna show.
You know what I mean?
Yeah, maybe. Sort of.
thought it'd be a good early birthday present.
-My birthday isn't till April.
-Yeah, well, I know.
Just wanted to make the most
of whatever time we have together.
What does that mean?
No, I just
Are you shipping me back
to Mom and asshole Jerry?
No. Of course not.
Pax, you have a family here.
Even if something happens to me.
Is this about Grandpa?
-No, it's not about Grandpa.
-I'd understand if it were.
The guy killed your mother
and buried her in cement.
-Yeah, I know what he did.
-I'm just saying.
people do things that are hard to understand,
Pax, and family's complicated.
Yeah, no shit.
Don't you look beautiful.
-You're not coming to church?
-No, I've got stuff to do.
And I wanna check out my new camera.
All right, bud.
See you.
PAXTON: All right, see you, Dad.
So my dad and Candace just left.
And I saw John Ainsworth leave
about 20 minutes ago.
So when can you get here?
-Where's Sam?
-She wasn't feeling well.
-She seemed fine at breakfast.
-She probably didn't wanna go to church.
More shaved ice for us then, I guess.
FATHER MORAN: In the name of the Father
and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.
ALL: Amen.
FATHER MORAN: May the Lord be with you.
ALL: And with your spirit.
Let us now offer each other
a sign of God's peace.
MAN: Peace be with you.
AMANDA: Peace be with you.
Peace be with you.
Peace be with you.
Brethren, let us acknowledge our sins
and so prepare ourselves
for the sacred mysteries.
Please be seated.
They found her bones buried in the backyard.
They arrested him two days ago.
He killed her, I guess.
Stop it.
Let's just do what we came to do
and get the hell out of here.
Yeah, but isn't that, like, the most twisted thing
ever? But you wanna know the craziest part?
My mom still wants me to be nice to him
because he's loaded.
So which one is the stupid fish
this freak loves so much?
PAXTON: That one.
-That's not a fish.
Fish, eel, whatever.
It's not an eel. It's a stingray.
Fine. Stingray.
Just holler when the deed is done.
I'm gonna look around.
FATHER MORAN: Now go in peace
and glorify the Lord with your life.
ALL: Thanks be to God.
-I'll meet you at the truck.
Coach Doyle.
I wanted to offer my condolences.
I know it's a difficult time
for you and your family.
You dig up my mother's body, throw
my father in jail. Yeah, it's a difficult time.
Well, I won't pretend to know
what you're going through.
-You couldn't leave well enough alone, could you?
-With all respect
I wanna see justice served.
-Don't you think your mother deserves that?
-Don't you say a goddamn word about my mother.
Fair enough.
You don't know my father very well, do you?
You think he's just gonna roll over and take it?
You see, his lawyer is gonna tell a jury
all about how an obsessive, dangerous cop
harassed an old man with dementia.
I seem to recall a few years ago
you assaulted an innocent man.
You believe your father is innocent?
I know my father.
He'll do whatever it takes to clear his name.
No matter whose life he ruins.
How are you holding up?
Are you asking as my friend or my therapist?
I am asking as someone who cares.
We're managing.
I know you haven't made a follow-up appointment
since our last session.
If you need to talk,
especially now,
my door is always open.
Or I can refer you to someone else
if you don't feel comfortable talking with me,
which is completely understandable.
-Is he home?
-No. Check it out.
Is that blood?
If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck
What are you doing?
Just seeing what's inside.
Aren't you curious?
What the hell?
Let's just go already.
-Wait, did you flush Flipper down the toilet?
I couldn't do it. It's an innocent creature.
It shouldn't have to pay for John Ainsworth
being such a douchebag.
-Think of it as freeing it. Want me to do it for you?
-No, I just wanna go.
-Why is it locked?
Come on, he'll be back any minute.
But there's gotta be something good
behind there, don't you think?
We're gonna get caught.
Holy shit.
Can someone really be forgiven
for doing such dark, horrible things?
Through God's grace, all is forgiven.
Even taking the life of another human.
If they confess their sins and they repent.
Shouldn't repentance be enough?
God knows all.
Why should someone have to confess
what God already knows they've done?
Because he asks us to.
Listen, Candace, it's perfectly understandable
that you're questioning things.
Difficult times challenge us.
They have us asking questions, even of God.
And with your father-in-law being arrested
and Leo
Leo what?
Well, I've detected a real struggle there recently.
I'm concerned about him.
I'm concerned about you.
If there's anything I can do,
I hope you'll let me know.
-Good morning, Father Moran.
-Oh, good morning.
-I enjoyed your sermon.
-Thank you, Robert. Thank you.
-What the fuck?
-We have to get out of here now.
Didn't you say Ainsworth claimed
to be the Russian River Killer?
Yeah, he wrote letters
to my dad saying he was,
but he was just pretending.
The department cleared him.
Okay, well, what if they were wrong?
What if this weirdo really is this sicko?
Oh, my God.
-We need to tell my dad!
-No! Are you crazy?
We broke into this guy's house. That's illegal.
-But if John Ainsworth is the RRK--
-Even if he is,
if your dad busts in here
because we committed a crime,
whatever he finds, they won't allow it, it'll be
We can't say anything, all right?
-At least not until we know we're in the clear.
-No, we have to do something, Pax.
Something happened in Arizona
and if anybody finds out--
-What happened in Arizona?
-Please, just trust me.
We have to be smart.
You can't say anything, all right?
-Okay, fine.
-Just promise me.
Yes, okay, I promise.
-Can we please just go now?
What the hell is that?
-Shit, he's home.
Hey, I'm looking for Mike Serrato.
Very funny.
What you doing here?
I thought you were working.
I am. I was in the neighborhood.
Hey, Jake.
Come on in.
You're not curious?
A young nurse with a tattoo is missing.
MIKE: I thought they had a suspect, the ex.
-Guy's alibi panned out.
Well, Waller ordered me
to steer clear of anything RRK related.
Since when does the great Detective Serrato
give a rat's ass what Waller says or doesn't?
That's good.
I thought you didn't like kicking the ball around.
-I changed my mind.
-You did.
For 20 years I've been chasing this ghost.
-You'll catch him, Mike.
-Or die trying.
Look, maybe if I stand aside,
somebody else will get the job done.
Do you believe that?
I wanna enjoy my family, Ramos.
See my kids grow up before it's too late.
Maybe even save my marriage.
Heh. What was that?
Get him!
If we can convince the judge
that your father's dementia
is too severe for him to stand trial,
then we could have a proxy stand in his place.
And you're suggesting I be his proxy?
Well, you're a school counselor,
a coach, husband, a father.
You'd make an extremely
sympathetic stand-in for a jury.
Especially if you believe
your father is innocent.
Or rather, the jury believes you believe it.
It could mean the difference
between conviction and acquittal.
Here you go.
So, um, this, um
This DNA sample they took from my father,
how does that work?
It's entered into the national database
and checked against other unsolved crimes.
What happens if it comes back
with a hit on another crime?
You know something I don't, Leo?
No, I'm just I'm just curious, is all.
If there's any surprises in the results,
we'll deal with it.
Just because something looks
airtight to the police
doesn't mean a carefully selected jury of 12
will see it the same way.
You can poke holes in the handling of the DNA,
the evidence chain,
the bias of the investigating officers, etc.
But to be honest,
your father's situation is not good.
DNA is hard to beat.
-You all right?
-Yeah, I'm fine.
-Where are the girls?
-At school. It's after 10.
Did you just get up?
Made it all the way to the office
and realized I'd forgotten my papers.
Oh, I'm running late.
-Sure you're okay?
-Yeah, I'm fine.
You're back at work tomorrow, right?
And you're looking forward to that?
Oh, you know, Paige, I've
I've been trying, you know?
I know. The kids appreciate that.
I appreciate that.
Now you just want me to take a shower
and get out of your hair
and get back to work, huh?
A shower might be nice.
I'm running late.
-Keys, keys.
-Yeah, Randy, what's up?
-Did I wake you?
No, of course not.
So we got Arlen Doyle's DNA results.
We checked it against the partial RRK we got.
You got it, Sam. Last push. Go! Go!
You got it. Push! Push!
All right.
That's it for today, guys. Good practice.
Hit the showers. See you tomorrow.
See you tomorrow.
-Detective Serrato.
-Oh, don't mind me, coach.
-An unofficial visit?
-More or less, yeah.
I'm just a dad picking up
his daughter from practice.
Well, Sam will be out in a few minutes.
When we arrested your father,
we took a DNA sample.
Of course.
Standard operating procedure these days.
Your lawyer might've explained that to you.
-I don't have a lawyer.
-That's right. Correction. Your father's lawyer.
Well, we take that DNA
and we test it against unsolved crimes.
Okay, so is my father connected
to any other crimes?
No. He isn't.
Doesn't surprise me.
Me either, to be honest.
I just thought you'd like to know.
Hey, Dad.
-Hey. How was practice?
-It was good. It was hard.
Our coach is pretty tough.
-See you tomorrow, coach.
LEO: See you. See you tomorrow.
MIKE: Take care.
I look like Mom.
Don't I?
I suppose.
Why did she tell me more than once
that I didn't look like you?
That I'm nothing like you?
Your mother could be mean-spirited.
You're not my father, are you?
I'm the only father you've ever known.
But we don't share blood.
Do we?
She knew that.
You knew that.
People's ingratitude never ceases to amaze me.
I gave her every cent she ever asked for.
You paid her to stay away.
You didn't want people to know
I wasn't your biological son.
I was trying to protect you.
You were protecting yourself.
Always been about you.
Killing her, burying her in the backyard
so she couldn't leave you again.
She would've ruined us.
Did you ever really
care about me, Dad?
Did you ever love me?
Maybe I should've let her take you.
But if you knew the life she lived
the drugs, the booze,
a different man every night of the week
She wasn't the mother you thought she was.
And you, Arlen,
you're exactly the father
I always knew you were.
What's going on, Mike?
What do you know about hypnotherapy?
Uh, well, I'm not a big fan.
We studied Freudian psychology in college,
and, in my opinion,
I think hypno is for people looking for shortcuts.
Why do you ask?
I went to see someone.
I thought it might help.
With what?
And why in God's name would you give someone
that kind of control over your mind?
You of all people, Mike.
I thought it might help me
unlock a part of my brain that
might help me figure out who
Figure out who he is, the RRK?
Why am I not surprised?
But what if I already know who he is?
What if I just can't see it?
I thought if I could just
get out of my own way and
Did something happen, Mike?
Tell me what's going on.
Tell me. We'll figure this out.
I'm seeing things.
I'm hearing things.
Things that aren't there.
Maybe they are there
and they just seem unreal.
I can't explain it. It's nothing.
Maybe it's just that I'm getting closer
to discovering him, who he is.
You're having hallucinations, Mike.
They are not normal or healthy.
From hypnotherapy or from stress
or a number of factors.
But visions
that's not the answer that you're looking for.
You need to see a doctor. A real doctor.
We're making an appointment
with Dr. Weiss first thing tomorrow.
Yeah. Yeah.
Everything okay?
Didn't meant to startle you.
You left your shed unlocked.
Where have you been?
I'll tell you over dinner.
Do you still wanna go out?
I cooked. It's in the oven.
Guys, where are we actually going?
LUCY: Tell us something, please?
-Oh, we're almost there.
-It's not creepy, I swear.
-It looks creepy.
-Are you sure?
-It's very cool.
-Oh, my God.
LUCY: Oh, my God!
-What the hell?
-Guys, let's go!
-Noah, come on.
LUCY: Noah!
One moment.
Leo. What can I do you for?
-Did you do what I asked you to do?
-Yes, I did.
I put the body back
right where she was so she can be found.
Good. Good.
Now, about your plan
Taking credit for the RRK murders.
I think it might just work.
-You do?
-I do.
Except you can't turn yourself in, John.
For it to work, for it to really work
you're gonna have to die.
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