Red Eye (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

'Attention passengers
'of BA flight 232 to Washington,
departure gate has changed.
'The flight will now be leaving
from Gate 26 in Terminal 3.
'Thank you.'
May I see your
passport, please, sir?
Where are you returning
from? Beijing.
Your name is Matthew Nolan?
That's right. Is there a problem?
Come with us, please.
Erm What is all this?
Everything will be explained.
No, tell me now.
It's been a very long
flight. Don't cause a scene.
I'm not causing a scene.
Look, I'm a doctor.
I'm very tired from the plane. I
just want to go home. This way.
Don't touch me. I'm not going
anywhere with you until you tell
Come with us, sir.
You're hurting me. I've
got wound in my side.
Why were you in China?
I'm a vascular surgeon.
I was there for a conference
and to give a lecture.
World Pacific Medicine.
That's right.
What was your lecture on?
The complications and
benefits of endarterectomy
following failed stat in
regimens in stroke victims.
Not that it's relevant.
You travel to China often?
Twice a year. Where do you stay?
The Hilton. Do you want my
bloody room number, too?
Sorry, I'm tired.
Can you tell me why
you're holding me?
You came home a day early. Why
did you cut the trip short?
Did anybody give you
anything to bring back?
What? No, nobody gave
me anything. HE WINCES.
Will somebody please tell
me what this is about?
Wait. What are
Who's gonna pay for that?
I don't have any drugs on
me, if that's what you think.
Remove the dressing.
What? Get your bloody
hands off of me.
We need to check
everywhere, sir.
Looks fresh. I told you,
I was stabbed by a
bouncer in a Beijing club.
The club you were
at with the girl?
The girl? Why are you
bringing up Shen Zhao?
Cos she's dead.
She died in your car.
'China could
be set for a central role
'in Britain's nuclear industry,
after talks get underway
'for a new power
station at Berkeley.
'China Atomic Energy
proposes to take a 33% stake
'in the £18 billion project,
in return for leading
'the development in
Gloucestershire on the site
'of the old Magnox power plant.
'CAE plans to capitalise
on its 30 years' experience
'in nuclear construction
and operation.'
Thanks, Ayesha. No problem.
Morning, Phillip. Morning.
Thank you.
'Promises to generate around 25%
'of the country's electricity
from nuclear by 20'
'For the first time in
generations, the British'
Minister Tang.
Director General Delaney,
thank you for your time.
Of course. What can I
do for state security
that couldn't wait for a
face-to-face at the Home Office?
I'm sure you're aware
of Dr Matthew Nolan.
I've been briefed. I
believe he's responsible
for the death of a
woman in Beijing.
And fled back to England
to avoid prosecution.
An act that cannot be
allowed to set precedent.
I understand your position, but
we both know that criminal acts
are not under the
purview of Thames House.
A request has been made to your
Prime Minister and Foreign Office
for his immediate
return to face charges.
Minister Tang We
have further requested
that four other doctors
return to give testimony.
This man is a British citizen,
and regardless of his crime,
there are certain protocols
that need to be followed.
For your government to
drag this out for months
to get lawyers and
the press involved
will serve neither country,
nor our current negotiations.
threatened the nuclear deal?'
Men like Tang don't
threaten, Prime Minister.
He's less a man of his word
and more a man of his subtext.
'Tennant warned they'd do this
until the contracts are signed.'
Did he? And may I ask
what his advice is?
'He feels that having gone
public with a nuclear deal,
'we can't pull back
over this one man.'
So you're sending him back?
'That's the prudent option.'
And the other four?
'Free to choose for themselves.'
Have a seat.
Is your passport current? Why?
Pack a bag. You're catching
tonight's red eye to Beijing.
What? Well, the chief needed
someone on baby-sitting duty,
and I thought of you.
Look, Hana, he was very clear
that during the hand off,
the Foreign Office don't want
any cultural misunderstandings.
So, I mean, aside
from the small detail
that Beijing is in China
and I was born in Hong Kong,
I haven't lived there
since I was five years old.
I have never been back
and have no desire to.
Because of what
happened with your mum?
But it doesn't change the fact
you are the best man for the job.
And frankly, right
now, you need this.
You're really doing this?
Come on. Don't
make me order you.
Yes, boss.
I didn't kill anyone.
The charges against you
are very serious, Dr Nolan.
And the Home Office can't
help you unless you help us.
For the millionth time, I
didn't do what they are saying.
Let's go back to the beginning.
I won't go over this again.
Look, I have
cooperated with you.
I have told you
everything I remember.
And you have kept me here
without even a phone call.
Now, I know my rights.
You have no rights, Dr Nolan.
What are you talking about?
I am a British citizen
being held against my will
on British soil.
But you're not.
What, you think I
want to be here?
No, no, you're not
on British soil.
Not until you pass
through immigration.
Hi, Mama.
Hi, Rachel. Hi, sweetie.
Don't you look nice? Thank you.
I feel a bit under-dressed now.
Nonsense. Your dad will
be pleased you're here.
Grab a bowl.
Hi, Papa.
Happy birthday.
Your favourite egg tarts from
the bakery you like, in Soho.
Wow, do-ze.
Hi, everyone.
Hey, Hana.
This all looks
delicious. Thank you.
He's very excited.
Not as excited as his dad.
Where's Jess?
She had to work.
So, Hana, your dad
told us you're going to China.
I need to make a call.
We'll get to that.
No. Now.
Right now, I want you to write
down the names of everyone
you or the victim
interacted with that night.
We'd like both
British and Chinese.
Look, I don't know
why you want this.
I I don't understand why
any of this is happening to me,
but I need to make a call.
If you can't spell their
names, take a guess.
Please, you have a family.
Wouldn't they worry
if you just vanished?
British and Chinese.
Local time
here in London is 1:46pm.
On behalf of our crew,
I'd like to thank you
for choosing North China Air,
and hope you think of us for
your next trip to Beijing.
Ladies and gentlemen, if I could
have your attention, please.
Could passengers, Steven
Hurst, Amber Hurst,
Kate Ward, and Chris
Peele please remain seated
until all other passengers
have disembarked.
That's us. Yeah.
This way.
I'm Officer Miller,
Detective Li.
The detainee is
Dr Matthew Nolan.
Between you and me, I'll be
glad to see the back of him.
He's white, and British.
I don't understand, why
is he being sent to China?
Vehicular manslaughter.
Shen Zhao.
The victim.
He was drunk, crashed
his car, left her to die.
He's through here.
Let me grab his
transfer papers for you.
Take your hands off me!
He's not taking the news of
his extradition very well.
What's his story?
Innocent, of course.
Claims he was roofied in a club
and bailed because of what
can happen to tourists.
Had to fight his way out,
and a bouncer stabbed him.
So his defense is that
he was drinking, drugged,
and stabbed when he drove?
No, his defense is he
was alone in the car.
However, we have photos
from the Chinese police.
Did she die on impact?
He just left her.
Hopped on the first flight home.
Might have gotten
away with it, too
if she wasn't the
daughter of a general.
Ladies and gentlemen,
thank you for your patience.
I'm a representative
of the Foreign Office.
Just tell us what's going
on. Let the man talk, Chris.
A crime was committed in Beijing
by one of your conference party.
For clarity, none of you
are accused of anything.
But each of you are requested
by the Chinese government
to return to Beijing
to give testimony.
You can't be serious.
Testimony to what?
A Chinese woman was killed
shortly after leaving your party.
Killed? The culprit
is in custody.
But each of you spoke to
the victim that night.
The Chinese government
wants to fully understand
what was discussed at the party,
and why she chose to leave with
that particular individual.
You don't you think
he's talking about Matt?
I understand you had a long
flight and I do sympathise.
The North China Air lounge
has been made available to you
to shower and to
have a bite to eat.
When you say return,
you mean immediately?
I'm sorry, I can't go back.
We all just flew ten hours.
I have patients to see.
I'm sorry this woman
is dead, but I'm tired,
and I want to sleep
in my own bed.
I understand it's
an inconvenience,
but compensation will be made.
Your cooperation will
be hugely helpful
in maintaining a relationship
with the Chinese government.
Excuse me.
I'm DC Li, Dr Nolan. I'll be
escorting you on the flight.
Please, you have to
help me. I'm innocent.
You can't do this.
Transfer papers
and his documents.
Can you call Sir George Chapman
at World Pacific Medicine,
tell him that I need a lawyer?
We should go. I'll
walk you to the gate.
We'll hold passengers till
you're on board and situated.
For God's sake, why will
nobody to listen to me?
Don't make this harder
than it has to be.
Let's go.
'Passengers waiting at Gate 13
'for the flight to Beijing'
Wait here.
Excuse me.
Excuse me? Hi.
Hey. DC Hana Li.
Transfer of detainee, Matthew
Nolan, transfer papers.
Excuse me. Where is he?
Come on! Where did he go?
There! Follow him!
People need to
know I'm innocent!
There's nowhere for you
to go! Open the door!
Ring in for backup!
Fuck! Let's go that way!
Everyone, listen to me!
Get your phones out. Film me.
My name is Matthew Nolan.
I am being extradited to China
for a crime that
I did not commit.
And my government, the British
government, is not protecting me.
Don't move! Please!
I've had no access to a
lawyer or a phone call!
Please, put it on the internet!
I'm innocent! Put
your hands in the air!
I'm innocent!
Keep your hands up!
Keep your hands where
we can see them!
I've got him.
All right, relax.
Lots of cameras about.
Get up!
Your wound still
hurting? Yeah. Argh!
You pull shit like that on the plane
and I will personally rip it open.
Do we understand each
other? Yeah. Good. Let's go!
Go on.
'Please leave a message
after the tone.'
I was hoping you'd
pick up. This is Chris.
Did you know the Chinese
wanted some of us to go back?
Something about a dead woman.
It's not her, is it?
Call me back, yeah,
when you get this?
Oh, man.
They scratched my bloody door.
Of all the selfish
'Listen to me!
'Get your phones out! Film Me!
'My name is Matthew Nolan.
'I am being extradited to China
for a crime that I did not commit.
'My government, the
British government,
'is not protecting
me! Please! Please!
'I've had no access to a
lawyer, or a phone call!
'Please just put
it on the internet!
'I'm innocent!'
'Hands in the air!'
'I'm innocent! I'm innocent!'
I'm here!
Hi, Mum.
Sorry. I couldn't
get away earlier.
It's fine. Dad's
still setting up.
It's Hana still here?
Or is she avoiding me again?
Why are you still fighting
over that article?
Because it's a big deal, Mum.
Hey, Dad. You ready for
another butt-kickin'?
This is where I'll leave you.
Good luck, Officer Li.
Thank you.
It's this row. Thanks.
Steven, Amber, what are you
Kate, guys, you have to help me.
Yeah, all right, get in there.
Can you call Sir George,
tell him what's happening?
Sit down!
Steven, talk to me. What the hell
have you gotten us all into, Matt?
I didn't do anything.
Yeah, all right, that's
enough. Raise your arms.
Can I get you both
started with a beverage?
Double gin and tonic.
Coke, please.
Thanks. Here are your
drinks and here's a menu.
We have a choice
of steak or fish.
Dr Nolan, we have your
dietary requirements already.
Oh, yeah? What are those?
I'm vegan.
I'll have the steak.
That did it.
Good job.
Let's begin pre-flight.
Where's the other bloke gone?
We're going up?
Listen, before you do that,
can I please just make a call?
Ladies and gentlemen, thank
you for flying North China Air
on one of our
low-emissions aircrafts.
'I'm Captain Chen, and I'd like
to welcome you on board flight 357
'with service from
London to Beijing.
'Our flight time tonight
is approximately 11 hours,
'and our route will take us over
Finland, Russia and Mongolia,
'before we touch down in Beijing
at 1pm local time tomorrow.
'Weather reports show
clear skies all the way,
'so it promises to be a
relaxing an uneventful flight.'
Heathrow, North China
Air 357 requesting taxi.
'North China
Air 357 taxi runway 2-7 left.'
Taxiing 2-7 left
North China Air 357.
Heathrow, North China
Air ready for departure.
'North China Air 357
clear take-off 2-7 left.'
Clear take-off 2-7 left
North China Air 357.
The flight has departed, ma'am.
Here's the passenger
manifest. Oh, thank you, Ruth.
If you're done for
the day, you can go.
Should I order you a car?
Er, no. I won't be
going straight home.
Ayesha, it's me. How is he?
He's fine, Mrs Delaney.
He had a good lunch, and he's
watching the telly right now.
'Can you stay over tonight?'
I've got a work thing
that might go late.
'Of course, yeah. Take
your time.' Thank you.
Mike. Thought I could
smell Bud Light.
You know I only drink Coors.
Are you ready to go? Yeah.
How are things at the CIA?
Not as interesting as
the day you've had.
Ugh. I'll tell you all
about it over a drink.
The gluten-free meal? Thank you.
So, do you have a first name
or should I just call you DC?
DC's fine.
Well, you can call me Matt.
Did you always want to
be a police officer?
I'm not doing this
with you. Doing what?
Exchanging personal details.
Dr Nolan, your vegan meal.
Oh, thank you.
Excuse me. Is it too late
to request a vegan meal?
Unfortunately, we only
have the requested number
of specialty meals.
Excuse me, miss.
What are you doing? He can take
mine. I haven't touched it.
Are you sure? Yeah,
I'm not hungry.
Will take another double though.
You say you don't
want to know me.
But the truth is, you
think you already do.
I know what I need to know.
No, you only know
what they told you.
No, I know what I saw, OK?
So you can drop this charade
of being the injured party.
I'm being framed. Right.
It's true.
No, what's true is that
you left a girl to die.
And your money and
white privilege
made you think you
can get away with it.
Who kick butt now?
How was work? Temping sucks.
I didn't get a
master's in journalism
to spend my days
doing data entry.
Can't you get that editor
to give you another shot?
After what happened with Hana?
Mum, there's no way. Stop
waiting for permission.
Find your own story.
Show him you can write
something undeniable.
Yeah, exclusives don't
exactly fall from the sky.
What did Hana have to do
that was more important
than this anyway? She's
flying to Beijing.
Er, what are you talking about?
I told her I didn't want her
to go, but she says she had to.
She works for London Police.
Why would they
I, er, just need to
check something for work.
I won't be a minute.
Sorry. You OK?
Sorry. Sorry.
I wouldn't go in there
after him if I were you.
Girl's dead because of you.
How can you possibly make jokes?
Because I'm scared, OK?
Yeah, well, you did
that to yourself.
No, I didn't.
I don't even know why
this is fucking happening.
Jess, it's your turn.
One second, Mum.
No fuckin' way.
Excuse me.
Can I get you something?
No, but there is a
gentleman in the bathroom,
and he wasn't looking
very well earlier.
He's been in there
for quite a long time,
so maybe you want
to check in on him.
I'll have a look. Thank you.
Hello, sir. Are you
all right in there?
Sir, can
you open the door, please?
Sir, I'm opening the door.
Stay there.
OK. It's OK. Can you hear me?
OK, can you tell
me where it hurts?
He's choking.
Is there any doctor on
board? Yeah, I'm a doctor.
Can you guys help him?
We're not Research.
They're strictly research.
I'm the only one licenced to
practice medicine. Come on!
You're wasting time.
Help him. Let's
give him some room.
What's his name? FLIGH
ATTENDANT: Daniel Lomax.
Hello, Daniel. My
name's Dr Nolan.
Just breathe. Try to
His airway's clear.
He's not choking, he's
having a heart attack.
What are you doing? Daniel, do you
have any medication or GTN spray?
Let's get the
medical kit. Quickly.
That's it. Stay calm.
He needs glycerol trinitrate.
Yes? No, nothing here.
Does anybody on board
have any heart medication?
Yes. Yep, over here. Quickly.
All right. Just let me
spray this in your mouth.
OK. Big, deep breath. MAN GAGS.
Let the medicine do its work.
What's the problem? Heart
attack. Why is he out of cuffs?
Why's he out of cuffs? It's
pretty hard to do this one-handed.
He's going to be OK? Yeah,
he's young and strong.
He's going to be fine
in a few minutes.
What's happening? Is
he still breathing?
He's in cardiac arrest.
Do you know CPR? Yes.
OK, grab that mask.
Come on, mask.
Open his airway and when I
say squeeze, fill his lungs.
One, two, three, four, five.
Let's get the defib.
It's on its way.
It's coming.
Open it, check
that it's charged.
16, 17, 18, 19
OK, squeeze.
Again. Pads.
Wait, wait, wait.
OK, hands clear.
Shock him.
No, no, no, no, no.
Come on, Daniel. Work with me.
Nolan. Fight!
Nolan. He's gone. No!
Hey. Hey.
It's OK. You did all you could.
Time of death: 19:18.
All right, everyone.
Please return to your seats.
Let's get him into an empty row.
Was he with anyone? No,
he was flying alone.
Doesn't make any sense.
I gave him the
GTN spray in time.
Detective Li? Did you
see everything unfold?
Yes, I did. Er,
he was coughing
Did you know him?
Nolan, what are you doing? You
need to get back to your seat.
90% of people survive
their first heart attack
if there's a doctor present.
You don't know it was
his first. Come on.
No, I meant on his
person or in his jacket.
I guess he was
unlucky, then. Come on.
I hope so. For my sake.
He ate your meal.
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