Red Eye (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

The Chief needed someone
for babysitting duty,
and I thought of you.
You're catching tonight's
red eye to Beijing.
The detainee is
Dr Matthew Nolan.
Why is he being set to China?
Vehicular manslaughter.
He just left her?
I am a British citizen
being held against my will
on British soil.
You're not on British soil.
You have to help
me. I'm innocent.
Don't make this harder
than it has to be.
I'm sure you're aware
of Dr Matthew Nolan.
I've been briefed.
I believe he's responsible for
the death of a woman in Beijing.
I am being extradited to China
for a crime that I did not commit!
Show him you can write
something undeniable.
Exclusives don't exactly
fall from the sky.
No frickin' way.
Can you stay over tonight?
I've got a work thing
that might go late.
Each of you are requested
by the Chinese government
to return to Beijing
to give testimony.
I'm being framed.
You left a girl to die.
Are you ready to go? Yeah.
I guess he was unlucky.
I hope so. For my sake.
He ate your meal.
How's your stress now?
It's better.
Hey, have you been following
the Nolan incident?
Of course we have.
And I'm here to tell you that
sending him back is a bad idea.
Hey, I'm not sending him
anywhere. I advised against it.
So why do you think Beijing
wants this Nolan guy so badly?
I mean, I get she was a daughter
of a party member but
I don't think they do.
I think it's a test to
see if we'll play ball.
That could be the start
of a very slippery slope.
Mm. Tell me about it.
Uh, it's my husband's
nurse. Can you?
Yeah. I was gonna shower anyway.
After that let's
order room service.
I'm starving. PHONE VIBRATES.
Or if you're feeling bold,
we could go downstairs
for an early dinner.
Delaney. 'Ma'am, it's Ruth.'
Sorry to disturb you at home.
There's been a
death on flight 357.
What did he say?
We're going to Beijing.
Did you tell him about the food?
I told him your concerns, yes.
Wait, Nolan, what are
y Captain Chen?
Please, let me speak.
Sorry, captain.
You need to divert the plane so that
we can analyse his blood profile.
I'm not interrupting this fight
for what you yourself deemed
a heart attack, Dr Nolan.
No, no, no. I only said it
looked like a heart attack.
I gave him that GTN
spray in plenty of time.
Well, obviously not.
I am good at my job, Captain.
And the last time I checked,
I was the only licenced
medical practitioner on board.
But I do wonder if your reason
to land is entirely medical.
You think I'm lying?
I think you'd say anything
not to go to Beijing
and face charges.
Detective Li, please escort
your prisoner back to his seat.
Yes, Captain.
Come on, Nolan.
Let me do you a
favour. I am not lying.
But you are being paranoid.
Wait, what are you doing?
You just rushed the
captain of the plane.
That can't happen again.
I've been accused of manslaughter,
denied my legal rights,
rubber-gloved and renditioned
that's not paranoia.
All of that has happened.
So, excuse me for
being concerned
when a man dies after eating
a meal that was meant for me.
Give me one good reason
why you think someone on this
flight wants to kill you.
It's the same reason that
they're trying to frame me.
Which is?
Just because I don't have an answer,
doesn't mean that it isn't true.
Have another drink.
You're stressing everybody out.
'London Echo, Damien
Hill.' Mr Hill, hi.
It's Jess Li, I'm not
sure if you remember me.
'How could I forget?
'The intern who tried to sell
us an unsubstantiated story.
And I'm sorry about that.
But for what it's worth,
that story was legit.
'Yeah, what do you want?'
Did you see the video of
the doctor at Heathrow
claiming he was
being renditioned?
'Extradited, but yes.'
I want to write a
piece on him for you.
'Uh-huh. Do you now?
'Putting aside the fact that
you're not a reporter'
'..we didn't even know if
it was real or a stunt.'
It was real.
'And how do you know that?'
Cos the police officer
escorting him is my sister.
And trust me, she
doesn't do stunts.
'Will your sister talk
to you on the record?'
Of course. 'She
didn't last time.'
We're cool now. Trust me.
'Last chance, Miss
Li. Don't blow it.'
I won't.
And thank you so much
Detective Li?
Can you connect your phone
to the plane's Wi-Fi, please?
The cockpit was informed
you have a work call
trying to get through.
Yeah, er Yeah, I
You can use FaceTime
Audio or Whatsapp.
Hello? Is this DC Hana Li?
Speaking, who's
this? 'Ruth Banks.'
I'm assistant to Director
General Delaney at Thames House.
OK. 'I'm calling
about Daniel Lomax.'
If you could, I'd like you
to run me through the events
that led to his death.
Why is MI5 interested in a
passenger's heart failure?
It's protocol on an
international flight.
Well, it's not protocol for me,
and I've been tricked
by the press before.
So, can you prove you
are who you say you are?
'Certainly. Would you like
your national insurance number
'or your current bank balance?'
I want to stretch my legs.
Two long-haul flights in one
day is too much for my back.
Steven. Steven.
What's going on? Why
are you and Amber here?
I'm not supposed to talk to you.
Says who? The government
chap at Heathrow.
Said you might try to
influence our statement.
Statement about what?
Come on, Steve. You know me.
I didn't do anything. So
you didn't crash your car?
No. Well, yeah, I did.
I was alone.
That woman
Shen Zhao, she was not
in the car with me.
They told us that No, I know.
That's what they're telling
everybody, but it simply isn't true.
Bloody hell, mate.
I know. What are you gonna do?
Have they got you a lawyer? No,
they wouldn't even let me
Can I borrow your phone?
What? Please.
No, no, I'm begging
you. Just one call.
One call.
What's going on?
Nothing, Officer.
Sorry, where was I?
'Nolan had just
administered heart medication.'
Yes, but it was not effective.
'After the heart meds failed,
'were any other methods used
to try and save his life?'
Yes. A defibrillator.
'There were no other
contributing factors?'
Er, sorry.
What do you mean,
contributing factors?
'I mean, in your opinion, it
was a regular heart attack.'
Unless you know
something that I don't.
'So your opinion
is natural causes?
'Thank you, DC Li. I
have everything I need.'
I thought you'd be well on
your way to China by now.
'I am. I'm calling
from the plane.'
You can do that?
Over Wi-Fi. Yes.
Listen, I just got this
weird call from Thames House.
A British passenger on
board died of heart failure.
That's too bad, but why would
MI5 be interested in that?
'Well, that's exactly
what I thought.'
She said it was protocol,
but something feels off.
So if I give you the
deceased's name and details,
can you track down
his medical records?
You do remember that
I'm your boss now, yeah?
And a great one you are, too.
Right. What am I looking for?
I want to know if he had a
pre-existing heart condition or not.
Sorry to drag
you back in, ma'am.
Who is he? Daniel
Lomax, 35 years old.
Sports teacher at North
Cambridge Academy,
divorced, no dependents.
He was flying to
Beijing to participate
in the Great Wall Marathon.
He did it before in 2019.
Ran a good time.
Well, he won't this year.
God, I need a coffee.
What did the officer
escorting Nolan say?
That it was a heart attack.
Dr Nolan tried to save
him. The detainee?
Apparently, he's the
only MD on board.
There's a transcript
on your desk.
Thanks, Ruth.
It's not strictly in our
purview, but let's monitor
this situation in as far
as it impacts the CAE deal.
Yes, ma'am.
Oh, and Tennant from OSET is
number one on your call list.
Bump him.
What's that?
I got my boss to pull up Lomax's
medical records to shut you up.
His heart was fine, wasn't it?
He was poisoned to look
like a heart attack.
Ning Hua.
Ning Hua.
Ning Hua. Ning Hua.
Ning Hua.
Ning Hua, Ning Hua
Fasheng le shenme? FLIGH
ATTENDANT: Shi ta de go
Ning Hua! Madam, did your dog
eat any of that man's food?
Can you ask if her dog
ate any of the food?
It did.
When I collected his tray.
Ning Hua. Ning Hua!
Ning Hua! Ning Hua!
I need to speak to
the captain again.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the captain has turned on
the fasten seat belts sign.
'Please return to your seats.'
You too. Please.
Please sit down.
Please fasten your seat belt.
Have you seen Steven?
Haven't, no.
Jess. Hey.
It's been a minute. Thank you.
How have you been? Good.
I, er, I got an assignment
from the London Echo today.
Congratulations. You too.
Is it weird being
Hana's boss now?
It is a bit, yeah.
If it's Hana you're looking
for, she's not here.
I know. She's renditioning
a man to China.
So this is not a social call.
No. Sorry. My assignment
is to get the inside scoop
on Hana's prisoner. Well,
good luck with that.
She's still pissed off at you
for the last time you
used her for a story.
That was different. Was it?
This isn't about
her. It's about him.
And that's why I thought
before I call her,
why didn't I swing
by, talk to you?
Get a bit of background
on the situation.
I can't talk to press, Jess.
Well, then, talk to me. You
best mate's baby sister.
Off the record. I just
need the basic W's
Who, why, when.
Better not read
my name anywhere.
You won't.
Override failed.
You need to go down below
and check the circuits.
Ladies and gentlemen, I
apologise for the turbulence.
'I have turned on the
fasten seat belts sign'
There's been an accident.
Is it Steven?
- What's happened?
- No! Steven!
Somebody help him!
I'm just gonna check him, OK?
Was it a circuit?
Aileron control did
not short out, sir.
It was switched off.
Why would someone purposefully
destabilise the plane?
Captain, there's
been an accident.
One of the passengers fell down
the stairs in the turbulence.
I think he's dead.
All right, keep everyone in
their seats. I'll be right there.
You have control.
I have control.
Captain, what's happened?
Who's had an accident?
I'm sorry.
What happened?
Captain, he must have
fallen in the turbulence.
Yeah, turbulence.
What is it?
Did anyone see or hear him fall?
No, Captain. The seat belt
light had just come on.
Passengers were busy
taking their seats.
Please help Dr Hurst
back to her seat.
No. I want to stay here.
Please, Dr Hurst.
Let us take care of
his body for you.
Let's move his body into the
flight attendants' quarters.
Whoa, no, you cannot
move his body.
I'm certainly not leaving
him here, Detective Li.
With all due respect, Captain
- Stop!
What about the evidence?
Yunxi, help me.
Amber, what's happened?
Where's Steven?
Amber, talk to me.
It's your fault.
What's my fault?
He was only on this fucking
plane because of you.
Can't assume it was
an accident, Captain.
Somebody could have used
the turbulence as cover.
You're beginning to
sound like your prisoner.
The second death
in as many hours.
So I say it's time for you
to turn this plane around
or land at the nearest airport
so it can be investigated.
I'll radio Beijing and
take it under advisement.
This plane is a potential
crime scene, Captain,
and every hour we are in the air
degrades what little
evidence there is,
let alone jeopardizes
the life of my detainee
and every passenger on board.
Hysterics may work in London,
detective, but in China,
we have an order to things.
Now, we'll keep these
quarters locked
To preserve your "evidence".
Passengers are
going to sleep soon.
I think we have
this under control.
Let's make sure we get Dr
Hurst anything she needs.
That's all I can tell you.
Oh, please, just a
couple more questions.
Is that from Hana?
Jess, you need to leave.
What is it? You'll have
to get the rest from Hana
or from the Foreign Office.
Problem with an intake, sir.
She'll only talk to
a ranking officer.
Great. Jess, see yourself out.
Yeah, of course. Go.
Oh, shit.
Nolan and Hurst.
They know each other.
That's correct.
But, Captain, there
was no turbulence.
Stop talking. The starboard
Aileron control was switched off.
You listen to me, Wu.
You report anything mechanical
as his cause of death,
the airline will see to it
that you're not even licenced
to drive the school
buses in Mongolia.
Ma'am, there's been a
second death on board 357.
Stephen Hurst. He's on the list.
How do you know?
DC Li's on the phone and she's
demanding to talk to you.
Is she?
Send me her police file and
put her through and, erm
DC Li? 'Yes.'
I'm Director General
Madeline Delaney.
What the hell's
going on up there?
Why don't you tell
me? I beg your pardon?
What am I in the middle of?
This is meant to be a
simple passenger transfer.
Can you confirm there's been
a second death on board?
Yes. And can I speak frankly?
You weren't before?
Even if you forget the odds,
I don't think they
were accidental.
Explain why you think that.
The first death
wasn't a heart attack.
'Lomax unfortunately
got Nolan's vegan meal,
'and it was poisoned.' Poisoned?
How did you test for that?
The woman's dog in the
next seat did it for me.
And you think Nolan was
the intended target.
'It was his meal.' And Hurst?
Made to look like he broke his
neck falling down the stairs.
But you don't believe that?
To know more, I'd need
Nolan to examine him.
So what's stopping you?
According to the captain, I
have no authority up here.
DC Li, I've got your vetting
file open in front of me,
and you don't strike
me as the kind of woman
who asks permission.
You need to get
Nolan off this plane.
Can you force the
captain's hand to land?
I'm K Branch, I deal
in domestic threats.
Why am I wasting my
time talking to you?
Because it doesn't mean with
the right political pressure
brought to bear that
it can't be done.
But one step at a time,
Hana. Can I call you Hana?
Before you turn this into
a political hand grenade,
you need to be
ironclad on the facts.
I can't go into details.
Just know that Nolan's
extradition, whilst unconventional,
is important to some
corners of our government.
Who's doing this?
We don't know what
this is yet, Hana.
Look, I'm sending
you my direct number.
Trust me, and I will help you.
Why would you help me if
it's not your department?
Just keep me posted.
Dr Hurst? I'm DC Hana Li.
We haven't officially
been introduced.
Do you mind if I
sit for a moment?
Ask you some questions.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
Dr Nolan tells me you
were just in Beijing.
Can I ask why you and your
husband are on this flight?
Oh, we were asked to return.
And what were you
expected to do in China?
To give testimony.
You couldn't have
done that from London?
Yes, but it didn't
seem to be an option.
We were persuaded to help.
Anglo-Chinese relations
and cooperate.
It all happened so fast,
we didn't even take
our bags off the plane.
So you didn't even get
to leave the airport?
Well, one of us did but
the rest of us wanted
to do the right thing.
There must have been quite a
few doctors at your gathering.
Erm, 30 maybe.
I'm just curious why only four
of you were asked to return.
Erm, I think we were the
only ones she talked to.
You mean Shen Zhao?
Yes, um, nervous thing.
She didn't stay long.
I think she was gonna
have dinner with Chris,
but she changed her mind.
Because she left with Nolan?
Now you say it,
that's that's odd.
He left alone.
OK, everyone.
We now have confirmation of
two deaths on board flight 357.
So where are we?
There's no connection in
real world or social media
between the two victims.
Their lives only intersect
once on this flight.
That's because Lomax
wasn't the intended target.
Matthew Nolan was.
So with that information in
play, what does that give us?
We know that both of these men
were asked to return to Beijing
over the death of this
woman: Shen Zhao but why
if they're only going
to be killed in flight?
Which frankly is a bad plan
because if it is murder,
there's no escape.
So the killer is still on board.
Now, I want background checks
on everyone on that plane,
passengers and crew.
The police officer
on board, DC Hana Li,
is investigating these
deaths as a crime.
We, however, will continue
to look at every option.
No possibility is off the table.
I need your door code.
Where are we going? I want
you to examine his body.
Steven's? I'm not a pathologist.
Help me. Oh, so now
you want my help?
You want off this
plane? You know I do.
It's unlocked. What's wrong?
What are you doing?
Hands! Now!
Easy, Detective Li.
Who are you? Officer Zhang.
I'm the Air Marshal.
Prove it. Slowly!
You all right there, Nolan?
Fine, who do I sue?
Him or the airline?
Why didn't you reveal
yourself sooner?
You and the crew seemed
to have it under control,
even this accident.
Can I put my hands down now?
What are you doing down here?
The flight attendant
saw Dr Hurst arguing
with a female colleague
just before his accident.
Arguing about what?
It seemed like a breakup.
His eyes are bloodshot.
He took a hard blow to
the back of the skull.
From the fall.
Yeah, vertebrae 3C is
badly out of alignment.
It's obviously the
cause of death, but
But what?
When you found him at the foot
of the stairs, how was he lying?
On his back with his left
leg on the first step.
There's spinal fluid
in the ear canal.
Is that not also
explained by the fall?
No, it takes a pretty violent
twist to release spinal fluid.
Keep going.
Check his other wrist.
What is it?
Ligature marks.
Like his wrists were bound.
Let's not jump to
any conclusions.
We don't want to cause panic.
Those marks could have been
caused by any number of things.
I'm so sorry.
Are you sorry that he's dead
or that you were screwing him?
I That's right.
You didn't think I knew.
Dr Hurst and Dr
Ward are fighting.
Keep an eye on him.
Where am I gonna go?
Hey! Hey! Stop! Stop! Stop!
OK, take her back to
her seat. Sit down.
What is going on? That bitch
has been screwing my husband.
That's what's been going on.
Please see if you can take
care of her. Of course.
Please, Dr Hurst.
I just want to be with Steven.
Dr Ward, can I have a word?
Thank you. What happened?
I tried to apologise.
I meant with Steven.
Right now, Dr Ward, you are the
last person to see him alive,
and you were witnessed
having an argument.
Yeah, but he
Sorry, wait, erm
What are you asking me?
You left together and
you returned alone,
so I'm asking what happened.
Well, he said it was over.
I didn't want that,
but he was adamant.
That can't have been easy.
Well, we're not
children, Officer Li.
Then what happened?
Well, he thought it
would be suspicious,
us both returning
at the same time.
So I left first.
- Ask the flight attendant.
- Songyun?
You don't honestly
think I hurt him?
You struck his
wife. She struck me.
Yeah, OK, Dr Ward.
Go back to your seat.
Check her story
out with Songyun.
I need to get back
to Nolan. Come on.
Thanks for nothing,
Did you find something? No.
What's happening upstairs?
Seems like Dr Ward and your friend
here we're having an affair.
You guys sure we're
busy in Beijing.
Yeah, I know, but seriously,
that's not what this
Who are you sending
these pictures to?
Doesn't matter.
So you trust me enough
to have me help you,
but not enough to tell me
what the hell is going on?
Something like that.
You still don't think
that I'm innocent, do you?
Oh, look, Nolan,
whatever is happening
is clearly bigger than you, OK?
So just sit tight
and let me do my job.
Ma'am. Hana, what
am I looking at?
Ligature marks on
Stephen Hurst's wrists
would indicate that
he was restrained
before his neck was broken.
Oh, Christ, that
changes everything.
I'm gonna go back downstairs.
No, Doctor Hurst
No, no, I want to
see my husband.
I'm just gonna do it. I
just want to see my husband.
What are you people
keeping him from me?
I'm fine. Just try to calm
down. I don't want to calm down.
I want to see him.
Let her see him. It's
the kind thing to do.
OK. Come through.
You OK? Yeah, I'm fine.
It's sad. It's OK to be sad.
That's just something my
dad would never have said.
China's changed.
Hello? 'Sis, it's me.'
Jess? 'Don't hang up.'
What's wrong? Is it
dad? No, he's fine.
Then what do you want? I'm busy.
I know, my editor saw the video
of your prisoner in Heathrow
and I've been
assigned to the story.
Assigned? What did
you promise him?
Just that you'd
answer some questions.
I already spoke to Simon
and got the basics.
You spoke to Simon.
It's a big break for me.
Two deaths on a flight and my
sister at the centre of it.
I don't know how you'd know
that. No comment, Jess.
You owe me. I don't
know you anything.
You tried to kick-start your career
by throwing mine under the bus.
So? You denied the story and
threw mine under it instead.
I can't go over this
again. I'm working.
Hana. Hana. I'm sor
Tennant's here, ma'am.
Where? Walked in
five minutes ago.
He's setting up in
one of the offices.
What do you mean setting up?
'And now a recap of
today's top stories.
'Energy secretary John Pattinson
will sit down next week
'with a Chinese delegation
'to begin ironing
out a landmark deal
'that will allow China to build
nuclear power plants in the UK.
'It's a prospect
that many governments
'and opposition
MPs will raise'
' serious national
security issues.'
Madeline, there you are.
I hope you don't mind me
taking over an office.
What are you doing here?
Well what are you doing?
That's more the question.
Is it?
You're colouring way outside
your lines on this one, Madeline.
DC Li shouldn't
even know you exist,
let alone have your direct line.
She's scared and needs
someone to trust.
If she chooses me to be
that person, then so be it.
Relax. Nobody's
pissing in your pool.
The PM just wants
some oversight on this
due to its delicate
political implications.
She does, or you do?
And having already
done your job
You did it for
five minutes, John,
whilst I took a leave of absence
to tend to my sick husband.
13 months. That doesn't make
you qualified to oversee
my running of operations.
And yet the home office
promoted me to do exactly that.
I've obviously retained
my full strap clearance.
I expect to be included
in all meetings
and copied on all documents.
Is that clear?
Of course.
Let's do
that. - Yeah.
We've been talking.
Yeah, I noticed.
Whatever's going on
started before this flight
when you were in Beijing.
I'm not convinced,
but Hana Hana? Hm.
I thought your name was DC.
Somehow, it all relates
to this woman, Shen Zhao.
So we need you to tell us everything
you remember about that night.
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