Red Eye (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

Ma'am, it's Ruth. There's
been a death on Flight 357.
You need to drop out the plane.
You'd say anything not to go
to Beijing and face charges.
I want to know if he had a
pre-existing heart condition or not.
So, it was fine, wasn't it?
I was stabbed by a
bouncer in a Beijing club.
Club? Were you with a girl?
She was not in the car
with me. Bloody hell, mate.
Can I borrow your
phone? What's going on?
Madam, did your dog eat
any of that man's food?
Somebody help him!
There's been a second death
on-board 357. Steven Hurst.
He's only on this
plane because of you.
My editor saw the video of
your prisoner at Heathrow,
and I've been assigned to it.
I can't go over this
again. I'm working.
Easy, Detective Lee.
Who are you? Officer
Tom. I'm the air marshal.
So sorry. Sorry that he's dead,
or that you were screwing him?
What are you doing here?
You're colouring way outside
your lines on this one, Madeline.
Somehow, it relates to
this woman, Shen Zhao.
We need you to tell us everything
you remember about that night.
Another Jack Daniels, please,
and a glass of champagne.
Matt, get your head out of those
cards. Let me introduce someone.
Hi. Matthew Nolan. Shen Zhao.
Pleased to meet you.
So, are you mind or body?
Both, I hope. I
meant your specialty.
Shen isn't a doctor, she's
a friend of Sir George.
Ah, right, yes, should've
noticed, no name tag.
What are you reading
so studiously?
These? Oh, erm, I'm giving
a lecture in the norming
on the connection between
statins and surgery,
but I'm not really the most
confident public speaker.
Yet you agreed to fly halfway
around the world to do exactly that.
I guess the pros
outweigh the cons.
You like China?
I like the people.
Does anyone care what I like?
Not even your wife,
Well, we're going out to
eat, Matthew, join us.
A little place that
George recommended.
Authentic cuisine.
Do you know her?
Know who?
Am I talking to myself?
What do you say? Matthew?
I've invited Amber and Steven.
I'd love to, Chris,
but I can't tonight.
Steven, Amber,
have you met Shen?
I don't think so.
Nice to meet you.
Oh. Hello?
Actually, it's
goodbye, I'm afraid.
You're leaving?
You just got here.
I thought we were gonna
have a late dinner.
You can count us in.
I love a good meal.
How about you just
stay for a bit, Shen?
Are you all right?
I'm fine.
Did you remember the
gift, for Sir George?
It was lovely to meet
you all. You, as well.
She does know that that's
not the exit, doesn't she?
Got yourself a strange
one there, Chris.
Well, I hope she's OK.
Yeah, me too.
Ready for your
presentation, Matt?
On that note I
should probably retire.
Genius doesn't write itself.
Neither does mediocrity.
You should know. See you
all back at the hotel.
Hello. Sorry to intrude.
Are you going back to the city?
I am.
Do you need a ride?
That would be appreciated.
OK, then.
Is everything all right?
Of course.
Where to, then?
Where are you going?
Back to my hotel.
I need to work.
But it's so early.
Let me buy you a drink
for being so kind.
I really shouldn't.
I insist, Dr Nolan.
Well, in that case, you'd
better call me Matt.
So, where to?
Heilong. It's a club.
Interesting place.
Do you come here often?
Only when I want to disappear.
From what? Life.
My father is a man
of great influence.
He has ears everywhere.
You mean eyes.
Those too.
So, tell me. How well
do you know Sir George?
We've only really met a couple
of times over the years.
Has he ever given you a
gift to deliver for him?
The odd bottle of single malt.
Because that tells
me I can trust you.
Shouldn't you have decided that
before you hopped into my car?
You make a good point.
Oh, excuse me, we
didn't order this.
To new friends.
After this, I really need to
go, I've got a lecture in
You were saying?
What lecture?
I'm sorry.
For what?
This isn't drunk.
What did you give me?
Please know that
I had no choice.
Get off me, I need
to go, I'm leaving!
Money! Pay now!
Back off! Back off!
Sewing kit
And that's when I got my things
and took a car to the airport.
You stapled your wound?
To stop the bleeding, yeah.
That's, uh, impressive.
I re-stitched it properly
at the airport lounge.
So, you said Shen Zhao is
the one who drugged you?
Or someone at the club, I
I think she was
working with them.
Unfortunately, Beijing has many
of these mob-run nightclubs.
But you're sure you
left her at the club?
Mm-hm. You're not confused?
I was trying to get away from
her. Why would I take her with me?
And you think that's
why she drugged you?
So they could rob you?
Or I wake up in a bathtub
missing some vital organs.
Either way, I was not
gonna wait to find out.
So, you crashed the car
without Shen Zhao in it.
And when the police
arrive, there she is.
So they say.
I saw the photos. She was there.
What does any of this have to do
with what's happening up here?
I don't know. But
I'm sorry, Nolan,
so much of what you say
just doesn't add up.
I'm telling you,
it is the truth.
OK, fine, but why target you if
this Dr Peele already had
dinner plans with her?
And who is Sir George?
Sir George Chapman, he owns
World Pacific Medicine.
Why would she know that?
She did her research. OK, fine.
So, if she is a honey
trap for wealthy tourists,
why kill her?
I should talk to Kate Ward.
See what she remembers.
Where is she?
I'll find her.
Someone should
check on Amber, too.
She was hitting the booze
and pills pretty hard.
Yeah, I'll go.
There she is.
Dr Ward?
- Could I talk to you again?
- Yeah, sure.
DR WARD SIGHS Thank you.
I'm interested in what you
remember about Shen Zhao.
Is that the name of the girl
that Matt's supposed to? Yeah.
Nothing, really.
She wasn't part
of our conference,
or at least, I don't
remember seeing her before.
I saw her talking to
Chris and Matt at the bar.
Did you talk to her?
Only to say excuse me.
She bumped into me as
I left the bathroom.
Did she seem in a hurry?
More distracted, I'd say.
And what about later?
I don't remember seeing her after
that, but I wasn't paying attention.
I do remember there was a
bit of commotion, though,
among the waiters.
What do you mean? A
couple of them ran out.
Any idea what that was about?
Not a clue. And then Dr Ward.
What are you doing? I'm
placing you in custody
for the suspected murder of
Amber and Steven Hurst. What?!
Amber's dead? Ah!
This way, now.
Tell Dr Nolan I
need him right now.
Oh, damn.
Get your bloody hands off me!
I didn't do anything!
Don't make this
worse for yourself.
Oh, shit.
Oh, Jesus.
Can you tell how she died?
Does it matter?
She's been murdered,
just like the others.
And the first death
was supposed to be me.
I can't be here.
I've gotta get off the plane,
I need to talk to the captain.
He has to land. No,
he won't do that.
I'll bloody well make him!
Now get out of my
way! No, calm down!
I can't be here! Calm down!
I know! I know.
I believe you. OK?
OK? I believe you.
I'm gonna uncuff you.
Are you all right?
So, what happens now?
You can start by telling me who
the bloody hell you really are.
You know who I am. No.
You said I only know
what they told me.
So, now's your chance.
Who are you, and who
are these people?
We're just doctors.
People don't try to poison and
murder doctors for no reason.
I am a vascular surgeon.
I went to Oxford, I
I play golf on Sundays,
I do the Times crossword.
I swear I don't know why any of
this is happening to me, or to them.
There's something
you're not telling me.
But right now, I need your help.
Help me help you.
Examine her.
'The offices for World
Pacific Medicine are now closed.
'Thank you for your visit.'
She definitely asphyxiated.
Choked or was choked?
It's hard to tell. If
we were on the ground
Yeah, OK.
Were her wrists bound?
They wouldn't need to be, the
amount of alprazolam she took.
How about defensive wounds?
Multiple avulsion fractures.
Her metacarpal's broken.
Same here.
What about Steven?
Yeah, it's the same.
I don't understand.
Where's Dr Ward?
Handcuffed in the
rear galley. Why?
Because she's a suspect.
Nolan, step away from
the body, please.
You can't actually
believe she did this?
I'm a police officer,
and so are you.
It doesn't matter
what we believe.
She had motive, she
had opportunity.
We both saw her coming
up from down here.
There isn't a crime of
passion, Officer Zhang.
In fact, these deaths are staged
to look like
anything but murder.
I'll leave Beijing forensics
to tell me what they are.
Right now, she's one of
only two people on-board
who I can think of
could mean them harm.
And seeing as Nolan
hasn't left your sight,
she stays in custody.
Why would I wanna kill them?
To stop them
testifying against you.
Testifying to what?
They weren't at the club, they
weren't in the bloody car with me,
I don't understand why
any of them are here.
And And what about
Daniel Lomax and the dog?
Unless you think I poisoned
my own bloody food as well?
That's something to consider.
LAUGHS You can't be serious.
Take your prisoner back to
his seat and keep him there.
I don't want him wandering around
for the remainder of the flight.
You're making a mistake.
I'm doing my job. I
suggest you do the same.
Hana, what's happening?
Amber Hurst is dead.
Quiet, everyone, please.
How did she die?
'It was made to look like she
overdosed, grieving her husband.'
But her fingers were broken.
I'll call you back.
We missed it earlier,
ma'am, but
Steven Hurst's were, as well.
So he wasn't just restrained,
he was interrogated.
Amber, too.
'This isn't just about murder.'
The killer thought they knew
something. Yeah, but knew what?
I don't know yet.
Erm, where are we on that fourth
doctor that refused to return?
Christopher Peele. Yeah.
Alpha team's just
arrived at his house.
Hana. Ma'am, what's the status
on getting this plane to land?
'We're working on it.'
Listen, have you
questioned Kate Ward yet?
'Briefly.' Well,
talk to her again.
The air marshal's arrested her.
She was having an affair
with Steven Hurst,
and the idiot thinks that she
killed both husband and wife
in a fit of jealousy.
Listen to me.
We have no way of knowing if
Amber Hurst had what they wanted,
or if the killer's
still looking.
'You need to question
Kate Ward again.'
Explain that she's in
danger, get her to talk.
Ma'am, we have a problem.
Christ, what now?
Peele's wife says
he never came home.
Well, have we run
cell-site analysis?
His phone's dark.
What about his car?
Never left Heathrow.
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
where are you going?
I told you, I want your
detainee back in his seat.
I need to talk to
Kate, and right now.
Nolan is the only person
on-board she will trust.
I'm not letting him near her.
She could be in danger,
we need to talk to her.
She's perfectly safe. Move.
Detective Li, you have
no authority here.
Then arrest me.
Detective Li!
Where is she? Zhang,
where did she go?
Tell the Captain,
for his own safety,
he should remain in the
cockpit while we search.
Yes, sir. Start back here. There's
only so many places she can hide.
She's not hiding.
I'll start in business class.
You should go back to
your seat. And do what?
If Kate's in trouble,
I have to help.
What the hell?
Oh, crap. Hey!
Let's go. I want that phone.
We've been following
up on Dr Peele, ma'am.
This is CCTV of Peele at
the conference in Beijing.
Here he is with the Hursts,
Nolan, and Shen Zhao, the victim.
Shen Zhao seems intimate
with Peele here.
What's she looking at?
Hm, something spooked her.
Follow her. I want
to see what she does.
Pause it.
Did you see that?
Megan, bring up all Shen Zhao's
interactions with the group.
There, look.
Every time.
She didn't just talk to
each of those doctors
that was asked to return.
She physically touched
each one of them.
No, there's something
else going on here.
This isn't about what
one of them knows,
it's about what one
of them was given.
Right, I want everyone to
focus on this woman, Shen Zhao.
Up until now, we've been
looking at her as a victim,
taking what the Chinese
presented to us at face value.
Let's turn that on its head.
If Shen Zhao was there to
pass something off to someone
at that party, that
means she's an operative.
Now, I want to know for
whom and what she had.
Where could she be? This
doesn't make any sense.
Nothing about
tonight makes sense.
Anything? No.
Well, she's not Houdini,
we know she's here.
Yeah, we must be
missing somewhere.
about the luggage hold?
Could she access
that? Impossible.
She'd need to go through
a hatch in the cockpit.
She's not getting in there.
Let's just keep looking.
'Did you get the video I sent?'
I told you, I am
busy. Just watch it!
I don't care about your story.
Men with guns are
looking for me,
so can you just shut
up and watch it?
What men?
'I went to World Pacific
Medicine offices.'
World Pacific? Why?
Because that's what journalists do
when their sisters won't help them.
These guys showed up.
They looked government,
went up to the third floor,
and they started removing
computers and documents.
How do you know?
Did you go inside?
Of course not, I filmed
them from across the street.
You filmed them? That's
what's on the video!
Hang on.
Jesus, Jess.
'I know, right?'
This is some
Watergate-level shit.
OK, get off the
streets, go to Dad's.
I'm not dragging him into this!
'Then go to Simon.'
What's the name of the
woman that died in China?
'Jess, you need to drop this.'
OK? It's dangerous.
'I need this story.'
Three people are dead, and
I don't want you to be next
because you're sticking your nose
somewhere it doesn't It's three?
If I promise you I will
share everything with you
when this is over, will you
please just leave it and go home?!
That'll be too late.
Don't be so stubborn!
'I only have till morning,
so if you won't help me, '
I'll just keep going myself.
As always, thanks for nothing.
Hi. Richmond, please.
Minister Tang, excuse the hour.
'I don't think any of
us are going home tonight.'
You're aware there have now
been three deaths on-board 357.
'I am.' And are you also
aware that two of them
were on the shortlist of passengers
you asked to return to China?
Can you explain that?
'That sounds more like an accusation
than a question, Director General.'
And that sounds
like an avoidance.
'Our government is very
sorry for your loss.
'But the woman responsible
has now been apprehended.'
Dr Kate Ward? 'Correct.
'We will investigate fully once
the plane is safely in Beijing.'
As the victims are all British,
and, in your opinion,
so is the perpetrator,
my government would
like the flight to land
at the closest airport, so
that WE can investigate.
'It is not possible.'
Why? 'The plane is
in Russian airspace,
'and I'm sure neither
of our countries
'would like to add that
complication to the situation.'
Then can we request the
plane return to London?
'You can request.'
Minister Tang, can I
be straight with you?
You know that I was against your
bid to build power plants in Britain
just as I was against
returning Nolan.
Madeline, I'm handling this.
But John here did vote for your
bid, and he did trust you enough
to return those citizens to you
on the understanding that
no harm would come to them.
'This nuclear deal
benefits Britain
'far more than China,
Director General.'
We both know that
Britain's seal of approval
opens doors to other
Western countries,
and that's worth far
more than money to you.
'What is your point?'
My government has
played ball with you,
now you play ball with us
and return the damn plane.
'May I now speak plainly?
'How stupid do you think we are?
'Do you really think
we believed everything
'that was presented
to us in Beijing?
'Shen Zhao's forensic
report shows conclusively
'that she did not die
in that car crash.'
What are you talking about?
'She was tortured, murdered,
'and planted in the vehicle.'
You know Shen Zhao slipped
something to one of those doctors,
so that's why you wanted
them returned immediately.
Don't collect luggage, don't
pass through immigration.
'You say "slipped,"
I say "stolen". '
What was taken?
'Well, you tell us.'
If Shen Zhao was murdered, as
you're implying, Minister Tang,
it wasn't by us.
'And I trust you believe
that, Director General.
'Like you believe your government
couldn't possibly be responsible
'for the deaths on 357.
'Try not to get blindsided.'
What the hell was that?
Well, he's lying, Madeline.
He's trying to throw
shade and confusion
and cover whatever
they're doing.
But why would China kill
people on that flight
when they'll have
them soon enough?
For precisely that
reason - creating doubt.
In the air, they get
to act with impunity,
as long as they can point
the finger elsewhere.
But what could
warrant this risk?
There's something about this.
It seems desperate.
Oh, Jesus.
Explain this.
Where is this?
You don't recognise the World
Pacific Medicine office,
even though you've worked
with them for ten years?
Never been there.
What are they doing?
Why do you think they're
clearing out the office?
I don't know.
But doesn't this prove
exactly what I've been saying?
That someone is
trying to frame me.
Government offices don't
steal files and computers
unless something's
gone very wrong.
So if you're keeping
anything from me, Nolan,
now's the time.
I'm as in the dark as you are.
Songyun, what's going on?
Food service?
You have got to be kidding me.
Did it never
occur to you to tell me?
You can't be serious.
I suppose that is what you mean
by the "special relationship".
My personal life is none
of your damn business!
Am I interrupting?
No. It's nothing.
It didn't sound like nothing.
Sir, here's the
report on the incident
at World Pacific Medicine.
What incident? Thank you,
Doyle, I'll take that.
When was this?
About an hour ago.
There was a break-in.
Would you excuse us, Mike?
I'll wait in your office.
Nolan and the other
doctors' files were taken.
Why am I just hearing
about this? You were busy.
Who's this?
We don't know yet.
And who are you, Doyle?
He works for me.
At OSCT he might, but
not here. Send him home.
I'll decide what I do or
don't have time for, John.
I'll respect that.
But check your tone, Madeline.
I don't work under you any more.
What is going on?
My crew have searched
everywhere, Detective Li.
Multiple times.
If you wish to keep searching
with Officer Zhang, be my guest.
But I want all flight attendants
to return to their assignments.
We haven't searched everywhere.
She isn't in the luggage hold.
Let me check.
I can assure you, there's
no way she's in there.
We've searched everywhere else.
Unless you think
she just vanished?
It's a restricted area with
a lot of sensitive equipment.
Then imagine the damage a dangerous
woman could do down there.
I'll go.
So, erm, what were
you shouting about?
Oh. What about us?
He knows.
I see. He's trying to feel
out where my loyalties lie.
And where do they lie?
You gotta ask?
What are you doing here?
Do I need a reason?
You're CIA, you
always have a reason.
Here's everything we
have on Shen Zhao.
Beijing socialite, studied
at Oxford, never married.
Staunchly pro-China,
like her father.
I just wanted you to have
this and not Tennant.
Right, so what are the
chances that a woman like this
would turn and betray
her own country?
Honestly? Zero.
A woman like her would
rather die than do that.
Don't touch anything.
Officer Zhang!
Is she down there?
Officer Zhang?
Captain, please move,
I'm gonna go in.
Zhang, where are you?
Are you Sir George Chapman?
That's right.
I'm a friend of Dr Nolan,
he said to look you up.
Have you heard from Matthew?
I have.
Please, do come in.
Straight through to the end.
Last door on the left.
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