Red Eye (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Hi. Matthew Nolan. Shen Zhao.
I'm sorry. Oh
So you crashed the
car without Shen Zhao in it.
And then, when the police arrive,
there she is. So they say.
Did anybody give you
anything to bring back?
It was No, nobody
gave me anything.
Who is Sir George?
Sir George Chapman, he
owns World Pacific Medicine.
I went to World
Pacific Medicine offices. Hey!
Men with guns are
looking for me.
Hana, what's happening?
Amber Hurst is dead.
It was made to look
like she overdosed.
Dr Ward, I'm placing
you in custody
for the suspected murder
of Amber and Steven Hurst.
Minister Tang, you're aware
there have now been three deaths
on board 357. Can
you explain that?
Sounds more like
accusation than a question.
Try not to get blindsided.
Where is she?
Zhang, where did she go?
Are you Sir George Chapman?
I'm a friend of Dr Nolan.
He said to look you up. She
isn't in the luggage hold.
We've searched everywhere else,
unless you think she just vanished.
Captain, please move,
I'm going to go in.
Zhao, where are you?
You have a beautiful home.
It's a little much
for one person.
That's my late wife, Eleanor.
Ah, where are my manners?
Please, let me take your coat.
Now, keep both hands where I
can see them and turn around.
What are you doing? Well
has never been here.
Zhang, where are you?
Jesus! God!
What are you doing down here?
Looking for you!
I've been shouting.
No Dr Ward? No.
Let's go back upstairs.
Are you sure she's
not down here?
I thought I heard somebody.
No, probably just me. Come on!
Who do you work for? The
London Echo, I'm a reporter.
No, who do you really work for?
Please, I shouldn't have come, I'll
just leave. This was a big mistake.
The mistake was sending a child
to do a woman's job. I'm 26.
Empty your bag.
On that table.
Now, if you are a reporter
where are your
press credentials?
I don't have them yet.
I just wanted to
get some background,
a quote from you about the
deaths on flight 357. Mm-hmm.
There's a media blackout.
How do you know about
them? My sister.
She's a detective
escorting Matthew Nolan.
And she told you
about the murders?
So they were murdered?
Do you know the name
of the third victim.
Oh, you really are a
reporter, aren't you?
There you are. What
are you doing in here?
There's blood on your shirt.
Yeah, I had to
redress the wound.
Any luck? No.
We need to search nose
to tail all over again.
Where do you want me to start?
OK. And, Nolan
Thank you.
I want to find her
as much as you do.
Is there a problem here?
There's no problem.
Are you OK?
We're having some trouble
with the drinks elevator.
It's stuck between floors.
Was it working earlier? Yes.
May I?
I think something's jamming it.
Fetch DC Li. Have her
meet me downstairs.
Nolan. Did you find something?
Is that blood? Yeah.
Why won't it open?
It's jammed. Step back?
Oh, fuck!
Fuck! Fucking shit!
Nolan, breathe,
just breathe. OK.
She didn't deserve this.
None of them did.
Well, that's it.
She was the last.
Except for me.
If MI5's theory is correct, then
they now have what
they're looking for.
What do you mean, MI5?
Isn't that who you've
been talking to?
Yeah. They're convinced that Shen
Zhao gave one of you something
to smuggle out of China.
That's why they were tortured.
Still think she's your killer?
He thinks it's me.
All I need to
know is why you think
somebody might be targeting your
doctors and destroying their files.
Whoa, whoa, what are you
talking about, destroying files?
I was at your office, I filmed
them doing it. No, nonsense.
If that had happened, I
would have been inf
Show me.
Target has company.
Female, Asian.
Somebody's cleaning house.
What does that mean? It
means you need to leave.
Well, then. JESS: Who is it?
The dead man.
Hello. Sir George, it's Matthew.
Oh, Matthew, thank God. You OK?
No, I am not OK.
Why didn't you help
me at Heathrow?
Where the bloody hell were you?
I'm sorry, I wanted to,
but there was no way.
'I thought you had connections.'
You always said, if ever
there was any trouble,
that you'd take care of it.
I'll do whatever I can.
People are getting
killed up here.
Did you know that?
'Four deaths.'
And I'm probably
next. Four deaths?
You mean they got Kate?
We just found her.
Target is on the
phone with persons unknown.
'Wait until he's off.
Keep this contained.'
Where's Nolan?
I didn't leave Shen
Zhao to die in that car.
I'm being framed.
I believe you. And
now there's talk
of one of us trying to smuggle
something out of China.
Listen, I'm going
to need a lawyer,
and someone from
the British embassy
to meet me at the airport
in Beijing. I'll do my best.
No, sod your best, I
need you to promise me!
I promise. But now, look,
I need to ask something.
Do you still have
what she gave you?
Like I told everybody else,
she didn't give me anything.
'She did, Matthew!'
She has to have done.
Don't you think I would know?
It would have been found by now.
What do you mean, "is
this a secure line?"
Nolan. ZHANG: Who
are you talking to?
Matthew? Matthew, are
you OK? What's happening?
Come on, come on.
'You've reached the voicemail
'of Dr Steven Hurst'
Who was it?
Phone died before
they said anything.
Where'd you get the
mobile? It was Steven's.
Who'd you call?
Sir George. Why?
Because I'm desperate!
And he has contacts
in Beijing, he can
He can get me a lawyer, speak
to an ambassador. Don't lie.
Why would the head of a
non-profit need a secure line?
That's just what I
was going to ask.
Arms up.
What? No, no, I'm
not doing this.
Do it.
Are you playing me, Nolan?
Playing you? Cut the crap!
Don't you think it's weird Thames
House has been all over this
and agents are removing files
from World Pacific Medicine?
What are you asking me?
Are you a spy? Excuse me?
Is that what you're
not telling me? A spy.
Would he say if he was?
I'm not.
Then why did you say it
should have been found by now?
He knows who's doing this
and what they're looking for.
I don't, and I said "would have" not
"should have". What does that mean?
Sir George is convinced
that Shen Zhao did it
to give me something in
Beijing, but she didn't!
I don't believe him.
What about you?
Strip. I've been searched.
What are you doing?
His colleagues are all dead,
so I think he's responsible,
or has what they're looking
for. Put the gun away, Zhang.
I said, strip!
Officer Zhang.
Captain Chen asked me to
Nolan, go back to your seat.
Don't you ever point
a gun at me again.
You said you knew Shen Zhao
gave something to Dr Nolan.
Is that why people
have been killed?
You need to stop
asking questions.
What's that?
Get down!
Are you hit? No. But you are.
Who's shooting at us? I don't
know. Give me your phone.
There is somebody
shooting at my house.
Number 7, Old Peppermill
Lane, Richmond.
Please hurry.
No, leave it! You might as well
be carrying a tracking device.
How are you so calm?
Are you a spy or something?
Oh, my God, you are.
You stay low.
But when I say "go,"
you don't hesitate.
Putting his night vision on
will buy us a few seconds.
Are you ready? No!
I'm going to switch on the light
and you need to follow me. Go!
Now what do we do?
Stay calm.
Right. We're going to
need to take my car.
You're going to have to drive.
I know a safe house.
We'll call MI6 from there.
Stay close, Jess.
There may be more.
Is he there?
Breathe, Jess,
breathe. Don't freeze up.
Come on, come on.
Now's our chance.
Back! Back, back, back.
The car's just
across the courtyard.
He's inside.
Off the record,
do you know why any
of this is happening?
Only that it could jeopardise
the Anglo-China nuclear deal.
You go out the French
windows. I'll cover you.
What about you? Don't
worry about me, just run,
and keep running.
Now, go! GUNFIRE,
Hold on, the police are here.
Don't trust
them. Trust no-one.
And tell Matthew
he must have it.
Now, run.
I'm scared. Use it.
PHONE VIBRATING Hana's calling.
Put her on speaker.
Hana, what's the update?
'Kate Ward is dead.'
How? Sloppy, rushed.
No attempt to make it
look like an accident.
He stabbed her and shoved
her body into a dumb waiter.
Who found her?
'Nolan.' How is he?
Everyone he knows in his life's been
murdered - how do you think he is?
Look, things are getting pretty
bad for us up here, ma'am,
what are you doing to help us?
We're doing everything
we can, Hana.
'But the Chinese won't
turn the plane around.'
Send me a full
report on Kate Ward.
If it's as undeniable
as you say,
then maybe it'll
move the needle.
Hey. Hey.
What are those? Ibuprofen.
My wound's throbbing.
I need you back downstairs,
Nolan, and not out of my sight.
I'll save you the trouble.
Her fingers were broken
and she was murdered.
This is different.
Death is death, DC Li.
And from what I can
tell, she was stabbed.
I need to know if you
can figure out with what.
Because if I know
what I'm looking for,
then maybe I can find it,
and identify the killer
before he Before he kills me.
So are you going to
hide in a bottle,
or help me catch this
bastard? I'm not hiding.
Her fingers are fractured.
The ligaments are torn,
just like Steven and Amber.
The stab wounds. Um
They're not wide or flat
enough to be a knife stab.
More like punctures.
Something that Can
you get me some water?
It's shaped like a star.
What kind of weapon is that?
I'll tell you when I find it.
Hey. Hey, hey
What's going on?
Captain Chen wants to see us.
Passengers know
about the deaths.
They're scared.
Songyun, please stay
here with Dr Nolan
and anything else you
could tell me will help.
You have control?
I have control.
What the hell is going on!
Everyone, please,
return to your seats!
Roll seat belts.
Ladies and gentlemen
Tell me!
Where is the woman
who is missing?
Is she dead?
Sir, please, can
you just calm down?
You're upsetting the passengers.
Don't quiet me, woman.
Yes. Do you know who I am?
My father is a member
of the Politburo.
Well, Daddy's not
here, and you're drunk,
so go back to your seat.
OK, everyone,
back to your seats.
Please return to your seats.
We're losing them.
Yeah, they're scared.
Captain, I need to
search everyone on board.
Every passenger, every
piece of hand luggage.
Nolan described what he thinks is
the weapon that killed Kate Ward,
so if I can find it I see.
Captain, it's only
going to distress the passengers out
more than they already are.
'Her Majesty's Services,
which service do you require?'
Somebody's shooting at my house.
Number 7, Old Peppermill
Lane, Richmond.
Please hurry.
So that's Sir George.
The police are still trying
to ascertain what happened,
but first impressions are
it was a single shooter
from the field out back
hit Sir George through
the living room window,
then came inside
to finish the job.
Or the girl decided
to silence him
when her buddy missed
the mark. What girl?
This is from his doorbell.
You got that fast.
Something you're not telling me?
There isn't enough time in the day
for all the things I don't tell you.
This is the same Asian girl from
the World Pacific Medicine break-in.
"Asian" being the
operative word.
You think she's a Chinese asset?
We can't rule it out.
Ladies and gentlemen.
My name is DC Hana Li,
I am a Detective Constable
for the London Police.
I understand that many
of you have questions
about this flight
and are scared.
Whilst I can confirm that
there have been four
deaths on board,
I assure you that none
of you are in any danger.
Captain, this is reckless.
The reason I tell you this
is, in order to find the
person or persons responsible,
I need to conduct
a cabin search.
That means searching everybody
and their hand luggage.
Think about it.
The only person on this plane
with motive is Dr Nolan.
The rest of this is
smoke and mirrors.
I cannot disclose
what I'm looking for,
but I assure you,
with your cooperation,
I will find the
responsible party.
Please translate, Officer Zhang.
What are you wearing?
A distressed frown.
'Is that all?'
Anything I can do?
I sent you a couple of photos.
Could your boys at
Langley run an ID for me?
I've got my team working
on them, as well,
but I just want to be sure I
don't miss anything. 'Yeah, sure.'
You got a name?
Not yet, but I need to know
if she's a player
or a distraction.
I've had enough
surprises for one night.
'Say no more, give me 30.'
Thanks, Mike.
Who is she? Jess Li, 26.
Masters in journalism.
No criminal records, no
political affiliations.
Interned at The London
Echo for six months
before they let her go. Contact
there said she's working freelance
on a story about
Nolan. Any flags? Two.
Her father emigrated
from Hong Kong,
so she has potential ties there.
And the second? She's
Hana Li's sister.
And, according to
her phone records,
she's spoken to Hana multiple
times during the flight.
Do we have the recordings?
Pulling them now.
How was Hana selected?
She was born in Hong Kong.
No shoe-ins from the
Home Office or MI6?
No, ma'am.
In fact, she was almost
rejected for the task
due to excessive
but her superintendent
pushed for her.
Insubordination. I
knew I liked her.
There's something else, ma'am.
Er, can we talk privately?
What's going on?
I didn't want to talk with
Tennant listening. OK.
I was doing more digging
on World Pacific Medicine.
How it got started,
who funds it, and
I found this.
What is this?
It's an op that's been used
in World Pacific Medicine
as a cover for
covert activities.
What? Why have I
never heard of this?
It's an MI6 op.
We don't have
clearance for this.
There's a signature
you should see
on some of Sir George
Chapman's intel reports.
"Don't get blindsided."
It's something Minister
Tang said to me.
Operation Blindside.
Start talking.
How do you know that name?
You shouldn't have this.
Oh, but I do. What is it?
That's need to
know, need to hold.
The minute this started involving
British civilians on British soil,
I needed to know.
So cut the crap, John, or
I'll go full Snowden on this.
OK, calm down.
What do you want to
know? What, why, where.
It's a delivery service.
Delivering what?
Flowers, what do you think?
Things that are too
sensitive for the Royal Mail.
So you've known all along that
Nolan and those other doctors on 357
were MI6 couriers.
For want of a better term.
Well, what would you call them?
Unwitting accomplices
of democracy.
And what's that
supposed to mean?
It means they're the
best kind of courier
because they have no
idea they're doing it.
You've been using
unwitting civilians
for spy craft on foreign soil.
Do know how reckless
and dangerous that is?!
See, this is the problem
with baby boomers,
you can't think outside the box.
This works, Madeline,
it's been a huge success.
People are dying because
you kept this from me!
Hey! You weren't
ever supposed to be
involved with this
in the first place.
This isn't domestic.
You inserted yourself,
remember that.
Nolan's life is in danger.
Four people are dead.
Well, that was a mistake.
It wasn't meant to be him.
So who was it meant to be?
I'll just say that one of the
party is a hip pocket asset
of Sir George, it was
supposed to be him.
Chris Peale. He's the only
one that didn't go back.
But something spooked Shen Zhao.
She bailed.
Probably the Chinese secret
service were tailing her.
She improvised and
gave it to Nolan,
or so we thought.
But you didn't find it
on him at Heathrow. No.
And so we assumed Shen
Zhao failed to deliver
and the secret service had
recovered whatever it was from her
back in China. She was
a Chinese operative.
Why would she be passing secrets
about her own country to us?
All we know is it pertains to
this nuclear power plant deal,
and for a woman like her
to betray her own country,
it must be bad.
Does the PM know?
The people who need to know
know what they need to.
And you have no idea what
was supposed to be couriered?
If you could've just come
out and told us, Madeline,
we wouldn't exactly need
"Blindside," now, would we?
Thank you.
Madam, please.
Are these things
really necessary?
Captain's orders.
And listen, about taking
that phone off you
you have to understand
why we did it. I do.
But you have to understand
why I had to call Sir George.
Did he say he could help?
He said he would try.
Try Sir George again.
Just in case.
Ma'am, we found
the abandoned car
the assassin used
to kill Sir George.
Forensics are
processing it. Hmm.
There'll be no prints,
that was a pro hit.
What about Jess Li?
We're still scrubbing CCTV
footage, but nothing yet.
I'll be back in a minute,
can you get the door?
Mike, I guess you heard.
Did your people
grab the girl yet?
No, she's in the wind.
I did the checks you
asked for. She's clean.
So does Langley have any
ideas who has the balls
to gun down an MI6
officer in his own home?
It looks like that
could take a while,
but with everything else going
on tonight, I'd look east.
Yeah, that's the theory
Tennant's pushing.
You don't buy it?
'No, I don't.'
The Chinese are too
methodical. This feels
too desperate, too hasty.
Murders on a plane,
Sir George in his home.
What are you thinking?
I'm thinking that
this feels more like
a last-ditch attempt to fix
an op that's gone wrong.
Maybe it is.
'We both know field ops
don't always go smoothly.'
So, the question is,
whose op got screwed up.
Well, I'm going to have to.
Hello? 'Oh, hi, um'
I'm looking for Sir George,
I must have the wrong number.
No, no, no, you don't.
Can I speak to him?
Who is this?
His friend, Matt.
Matthew Nolan?
That's right. Who's this?
It's Jess, Hana's sister.
Can I speak to him?
He's dead. What?
'They killed him.' Who did?
A man, he shot him.
It's Jess, they shot Sir George.
Jess? It's me,
are you all right?
What's happened? 'Hana.'
Oh, God, Hana.
They killed him, he
was right next to me.
Are you hurt? 'No,
but I'm scared.'
What's going on?
Tell me exactly what happened.
'I went to see him to get
a comment for my article.
'And somebody shot up his house.
'He tried to get
me out of it, but
'they shot him.'
Right in front of me.
The blood
Um, Jess, you need to make
sure that you're not hit.
With adrenalin, it can take
a while for you to feel it.
I'm fine.
Hana, what do I do?
But, where are you?
I'm wandering the streets,
I'm not sure where I am.
'Right, go to Dad's.'
I'll call Simon, he'll
take care of you.
Sir George said something
to me before he died.
He told me that
Nolan has something.
He told me the same
thing, but I don't.
'He said he must have it.'
Did he say what it was? 'No.'
I've never seen
anyone die before.
Jess, it's going to
be all right, OK?
Just stay strong, can
you do that for me?
I'll try.
And I'm sorry about the fights.
'The things I've said.'
Jess, none of that matters,
all right? I love you.
Please just go to Dad's, and I'm
going to call Simon right away.
Chris Peale, ma'am.
Have the police inform his wife.
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