Red Eye (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

HANA: Kate Ward is dead,
she was stabbed.
Shaped like a star.
There was no turbulence.
The starboard aileron control
was switched off.
Jess, it's been a minute.
Is it weird being Hana's boss now?
It is a bit, yeah.
What the hell?
Here's the report on the incident
at World Pacific Medicine.
What incident?
There was a break-in.
Get down!
JESS: Do you know why any
of this is happening?
Only that it could jeopardize
the Anglo-China nuclear deal.
Does Langley have
any ideas who has the balls to gun down
an MI6 officer in his own home?
It okay to be sad.
That's something my dad never
would never had said.
JESS: Sir George said
something to me
before he died.
He told me that Nolan has something.
He told me the same thing, but I don't!
This isn't about what
one of them knows,
it's about what one of them was given.
Hana, what do I do?
It's going to be all right.
Please just go to dad's
and I will call Simon
right away.

I was so scared, mum.
Dad, check who it is before
you answer the door.
Hi, Mr. Li.
Simon O'Brien.
We met before?
Yes, of course.
Please, come in.
My daughter is inside.
Are you all right?
Of course I'm not bloody all right.
I know you've been through a lot,
but we need to go.
MUM: Go?
Well, she's safe here, isn't she?
Your daughter witnessed
a murder, Mrs. Li.
The safest place for her
is in protective custody.
She's not going anywhere
until you tell us
what's going on.
Who killed that man?
Why is Jess in danger?
Mr. Li, if I knew,
I would tell you.
Nobody is safe here.
The two of you need to find
somewhere else to stay.
Jess, you need to come with me.
Your sister's going to be okay.
I know.
Of course.
Things always have a way
of working out for Jess.
I sense a story there.
We just had a very different
upbringing, that's all.
Jess was born in England.
She's only half Chinese.
And I've always felt that
the other part of her
is what lets life be that bit kinder.
At least that part of her belongs.
She wrote an article about me
for her paper last year.
She didn't ask.
Just assumed it'd be okay.
It was her first job, her big break.
And I killed it.
She is going to be okay.
Tell me you have her.
SIMON [on phone]:
I do.
She's okay.
Your parents are going to stay
with friends, to be safe.
I'm going to take her to the station.
Thank you, I owe you.
Hey! What are you doing?
It's a matter of national security.
Stay out of this, superintendent.
This is Thames House business.
Who are you?
Get your hands off my daughter!
Where are you taking her?
Stand down.
What is going on here!?
MUM: Simon,
I don't understand.
Who are they?
Are you okay?
MI5 just took Jess from Simon.
Are you sure?
That's what Simon said,
but I'm checking.
I'm glad she's okay.
Listen, I'm sorry about Sir George.
I don't know if you guys were close.
Not really.
Selfishly, I think
I think I'm more upset
because felt like my last hope.
And you don't know why
he was so adamant
that you have whatever this thing is?
I can't have it.
I was strip searched at Heathrow,
they went through everything I have.
Maybe it's in your head.
Like something she said to you.
She drugged me.
That's hardly the best way
to get somebody to remember something.
What if she wasn't drugging me?
You said she was.
I mean
I'm sorry.
What if she was sedating me?
What's the difference?
Uncuff me.
Where are you going with this?
All this time,
I thought it was
a bouncer at the nightclub
that had stabbed me.
But what if it was her?
What if it's buried
inside me?
I need to get it out.
Find the scissors.
Wait, so she sedates you at the club,
stabs whatever it is into you,
you wake up with
a hangover with no idea
of why your side is hurting,
and you smuggle it back to the UK.
Look scissors.
Um can you release
the stitches?
Now you need to wash
and sterilize your hand.
Because I need you to
feel inside the wound
with your fingers.
Are you serious?
I can't reach.
Hana, it's gonna bleed,
so take this gauze,
and with your free hand,
open the wound.
I get it, I get it.
Are you ready?
I don't think I
feel anything.
Maybe there is something.
Oh, wait.
Found it.
I can't get to it.
Get out of the way.
Are you okay?
Should I stop?
Keep going.
Okay, okay, almost there.
Almost got it.
I got it!
What is it?
It's a Nano-SIM card.
Could you sit down, please?
So, you're Jess Li.
Sister of Hana Li,
the officer onboard flight 357.
That's right.
I'm Director Delaney.
I'll cut to the chase.
Did you work for Sir George, Jess?
I work for the London Echo.
You could be doing both.
Should I be asking for
a lawyer or something?
We're not the police,
you're not under arrest so,
no lawyers.
Your parents are from Hong Kong.
My father is, my mum's from Camden.
You and Hana have different mothers.
Yes, hers died in Hong Kong.
It says here that Hana's
mother was arrested
after the Chinese takeover
and died in custody.
Uh, that's right.
Do you have a Chinese passport, Jess?
I'm British, born here.
Does Hana?
No. What does this
have to do with anything?
I'm just trying to get a full picture
of a woman who breaks into
World Pacific Medicine,
and then survives while
a trained officer was assassinated.
Hey, I didn't break into anywhere.
And if anything is
missing you should ask
those government agents about it.
What government agents?
I filmed them.
Take a breath, Madeline.
Take a breath?
What the hell is this, John?
Why do you got OSCT officers
destroying files
at World Pacific Medicine?
National security,
maybe you've heard of it.
I couldn't chance China
making a connection
between Nolan and Blindside.
Covering your arse, you mean.
Covering everybody's arse
MI6, Downing Street, yours included.
Don't rope me into your mess.
You roped yourself in.
Sir George Chapman is dead because you
kept Blindside secret from me.
Oh, get off your high horse, Madeline.
George knew the risks,
just like the rest of us.
And what about those
victims on the flight?
The unwitting couriers for MI6?
Did they know the risks?
You've crossed lines, here, John.
I'm not shutting this down,
you've gone way too far!
I think you're forgetting
who's in charge here.
Explain to me!
Knowing everything that you know,
why would you let
Nolan or any of the others
be flown back to China?
Nolan didn't have
what we were looking for.
China was threatening the deal.
I saw no harm in
recommending we cooperate.
He was no longer of any use to you,
so you cut him loose
and threw him to the wolves.
Did it never occur to you
that if Nolan didn't have it,
one of the others might?
Hana's on the phone, ma'am.
She's found it.
Put her on speaker phone.
She's on.
Hana, it's me.
What have you found?
It's a Nano-SIM card.
Where was it?
Nolan had it the whole time.
It was buried in his wound.
He wasn't stabbed by a bouncer
in Beijing, ma'am.
Shen Zhao stuck it into him.
And had no idea about this?
She never told him
what she was going to do.
TENNANT: That's because
he wasn't the intended courier.
This was improvised.
Have you seen what's on it yet?
Find a laptop that'll read it.
She'll need a caddy for the Nano-SIM,
to make it full size.
You heard that?
I'll do my best.
Call me back when you're ready
and I'll give you a secure address.
And Hana
stay public.
Now you have it, you're in
more danger than ever.
I'd suggest once it's sent,
that she destroys the SIM.
Thank you, John,
I'll take that under advisement.
Ruth, set up end-to-end encryption
through our own satellites.
I don't want anyone else
reading this before we do.
I'll need to set up a password.
Quiet, everyone!
Hana, did you find a laptop?
Yes. I opened the SIM
and there are two files.
are the files labelled?
Uh, yes.
One is called "original,"
the other "C-A-E".
Hana, in the address bar,
type asterisk, backslash, three, tee
seven, backslash asterisk.
It'll ask for a password.
Type Zebra, Alpha, George,
Six, Hashtag One.
I'm in.
Drag the files into the box,
they'll automatically upload.
Now you're both on.
What's going on?
They're large files so it's
taking a moment to upload.
That's fine, Hana.
What's uploading?
What is that?
Almost done.
Uh, something's wrong,
it's stopped uploading.
Should I try again?
What's happened?
Where's the link?
What's the status?
Talk to me, where are the files?
They haven't come through.
Satellite data indicates 357
has stopped transmitting or receiving.
In English, please.
Their Wi-Fi's down.
Can we turn it back on remotely?
No, ma'am.
It's the Chinese.
They know we've found it.
We don't know that.
Oh, come on, Madeline.
The file is called "C-A-E"
China Atomic Energy
who else could this be?
Did it send?
I don't think so.
Yunxi, what's happening?
I don't know.
The Wi-fi's down.
It should reboot in just a few
It is imperative I send this.
There must be a problem below.
Did you fix it?
It cannot be fixed.
Why not?
Because somebody
has torn out the wires.
What do you mean, "somebody"?
Well, the internet
was working a moment ago,
so who went down there?
But you should know that earlier
Co-Pilot Wu!
Captain, this has gone too far!
There was no turbulence when
Dr. Hurst fell down the stairs.
Somebody turned off
the aileron control unit
to make it look like an accident.
Captain, you knew about
this the whole time
and you didn't tell us?
Shame on you!
The killer's been hiding
down there the whole flight,
finding some other way in and out.
What do you want to do?
If he really is down there,
what's to say he won't crash the plane?
He's right.
Open it.
HANA: Lead the way.
All clear!
I'll lead the way.
Stay behind me.
HANA: I told you, I thought
I saw something down here.
Okay, you go that way.
I'll go this way.
I have a quicker way.
Okay, come on out!
We know you're down here!
What are you doing?
Don't move!
You're under arrest!
No, you don't move.
Hands behind your head, on your knees.
What are you fucking doing?
My job.
Go get Nolan, he has the SIM.
Show him the photo if he resists.
You're going to pay
for what you've done.
I think you mean "get paid".
It shouldn't be taking so long.
Can I just go in there?
Maybe I can help.
Bloody hell.
Sorry about that slight
disturbance, folks.
It was just an air pocket,
no reason to be alarmed.
Shaped like a star.
Watch the laptop.
I need to go downstairs
to check something.
I'm sorry.
Hey, what's going on?
HANA: Nolan,
get out of here!
Where's the SIM card?
Nolan, don't give it to him.
Shut up.
I know you aren't stupid enough
to have left it upstairs.
Give it to me or I'll take it
from your corpse's pocket.
Don't do it!
Here it is.
Toss it to me.
I'm not letting him
shoot you for this, Hana.
I didn't choose to do this
and neither did you.
It's not our fight.
Give it to me now!
Excuse me, you can't be up here.
Business Class passengers only.
I'm talking to you.
MAN [growling]:
Where's Dr. Nolan?
He went downstairs.
Get the gun!
there are gunshots in the hold.
You think we can't hear them?
Try and keep the passengers calm.
Tell them it was another air pocket.
Ladies and gentlemen,
please do not be alarmed.
We are experiencing air pockets
which has caused baggage
to fall in the hold.
Do you even know how to use that?
Ask your friend.
Are you okay?
Not really.
HANA: Okay.
Hand over the SIM.
You broke my tooth.
Yeah, well, you're lucky
that's all I broke.
Handcuff yourself, you're under arrest.
You don't understand.
You just killed me.
What are you talking about?
Is that white powder?
He's foaming at the mouth.
What is on that SIM?
Tell me!
Can you smell the almonds?
Tell me or I will shoot you!
NOLAN: Cyanide.
I'd save the bullets
for yourself, Wing Yee.
You won't leave Beijing alive.
What's going on?
What's going on?
Is he dead?
NOLAN: Captain, why would
an air marshal
have cyanide in his tooth?
He wouldn't.
But Ministry of State Security could.
Why did he call you Wing Yee?
It's my given name.
Hana was just easier to get by.
You're Wing Yee Li?
I saw your name
on a luggage tag.
WU: Dr. Nolan.
It's okay.
WU: There was a man
in green hoodie.
Danger's over.
I've never seen this bag
before in my life.
That's Songyun's case.
Bring her here.
How you holding up?
Well, we've, uh
We've hit a speedbump,
but there's progress.
Are you alone?
What's going on?
Tennant told me that
your girl and Nolan
found something on 357.
Tennant called you?
He's playing all angles, Maddie.
So you need to, as well.
Did he tell you what was found?
Even he knows when not to overshare.
But I did sense
he's concerned he may have
backed the wrong horse
over this power plant deal.
Let me guess.
He's lining up the US as a buyer,
in case China is implicated
in the deaths on 357,
and the nuclear deal goes south.
He has no idea what information
Shen Zhao gave Nolan.
I'm just giving you a heads up, honey.
He's already laying track
that everything that went wrong
tonight is because of you
breaking protocol and taking
over comms lead with DC Li.
And if he's telling me,
you can be damned sure
he's telling the PM.
So, watch your six.
If you need anything
call me.
Thanks, Mike.
Captain, you wanted to see me.
Why is my name on your case?
I, uh
I am past the point of asking twice.
What's in it?
American Bearer Bonds.
What's the combination?
I don't know.
Oh, that is not Bearer Bonds.
All these passports have my photo
but different names.
HANA: Who paid you to
smuggle this onboard?
I never met them.
It was all electronic.
Do you know what you've done to me?
Do you have any idea?
Hana, don't.
Songyun, assist Yunxi upstairs.
I don't care about your excuses!
I'm being framed.
Join the club.
This makes me look like a British spy,
like I've got my passports and my money
to get out of China.
The death will be pinned on me.
I'll be arrested the moment
we land in Beijing.
This is what Zhang meant by
we're not getting out of China alive.
We need to turn this plane around.
I can't.
Captain, you can see
what's going on here.
You know we are innocent.
It's impossible for me to
give the orders to turn back.
Only Beijing can do that,
and they won't!
You need to convince them!
Bad things will happen
to my family if I try.
But you know what will happen
to us if you don't?
I'm sorry.
I wish I could help you,
but it's out of my hands.
Do you?
Do you wish you could help us?
Of course.
Then what if we took the
decision out of your hands?
My family would still suffer for me
opening the cockpit door to you.
So, don't.
I'm fine.
I guess I'm still a little shaken.
What happened?
It was Officer Zhang,
and an accomplice.
Where are they?
Both dead.
Beijing are going to have
a lot to say about this.
Except we're not going to Beijing.
Fly the plane.
How did you get in?
Wu, didn't you lock the hatch?
I did.
Well, clearly not!
Detective Li, put down the gun,
what are you doing?
What does it look like
I'm doing, Captain?
I'm taking over and you're
going to turn this plane
back to London.
That's not possible.
My orders
Are changed.
Okay, no one needs to get hurt.
I have to talk to air traffic
for a new flight plan.
Talk to whoever you want.
Just turn this plane around.
Hana just hijacked flight 357.
She's forced it to turn around.
It's headed back to London.
Beijing air traffic control
received this from 357, ma'am.
CAPTAIN [on recording]:
What are you doing?
HANA: What does it look like
I'm doing, Captain?
I'm taking over and you're going
to turn this plane back to London.
Okay. Okay.
No one needs to get hurt.
I have to talk to
Where are they now?
Still in Russian airspace.
They turned back 12 miles
from China-Mongolian border.
Have they got enough fuel to get home?
The plane holds 17 hours of fuel.
They're 8-1/2 hours out.
They should make it, just.
Get me through to the cockpit.
CAPTAIN: Understood, Tower,
patch them through.
The government wishes to speak
to you, Detective Li.
Of course they do.
HANA: Hello.
Hana, what the bloody hell's
going on up there?
We can't land in China, ma'am.
I've been framed now
as well as Nolan.
There was a bag with my name on it.
It was full of cash
and fake passports,
enough to convince
anyone that I'm a spy.
They were going to
frame me for the murders.
Who's "they"?
the air marshal,
was behind the killings.
Him and another officer
hiding in the hold.
Where are they now?
I shot one of them.
And the second took his own life.
He had cyanide in his tooth,
which implies he was really
Chinese State Security.
Hana, do you still have
what we discussed?
We do.
You're not safe until
you hand it to us.
Stay alert
and I'll meet you at the airport.
Have Dunsfold Airbase clear a runway.
I want our boys on the tarmac
to meet that plane.
RUTH: Ma'am.
Minister Tang is on the line for you.
Tell him I'm busy.
She just walked in, ma'am.
Prime Minister.
What the fuck is going on over there?
I've got Beijing and DC screaming at me
for an explanation, and my press office
is already getting calls.
If you'll let me explain, ma'am
I'm the one stuck explaining this mess.
MI5 is not set up to handle
international operations like this,
and you taking point has
just made matters worse.
I understand how you might
think that, Prime Minister,
but this all unraveled
because I was unaware
of an active MI6 op that these doctors
were unwittingly part of.
John's already
filled me in on Blindside,
and it strikes me that
his handling of it
is the only thing
that's gone right tonight.
Excuse me?
Thank you, ma'am.
I don't know whether
you came back too soon
after your husband's accident,
but at this juncture,
I'm asking John to take over
and you to step down.
You you can't
be serious.
Whatever you need, ma'am.
Now if you'll excuse us, Madeline,
I need to talk with John.
She's just leaving, ma'am.
Uh, Madeline, if you
could close the do
Can I trust you?
Of course.
The PM's put Tennant in charge.
He's so focused on covering
his arse on Blindside,
I don't trust him
to protect Hana or Nolan.
I need to get the sister out of here
before he orders me to be
escorted from the building.
What can I do?
Watch him like a hawk.
Jess, grab your things, we're leaving.
I know it's a big ask,
but can I have your
mobile phone and your car keys?
Company vehicles are too trackable.
Of course.
Thank you for everything that
you've done for me tonight.
I'm sorry I didn't believe you sooner.
Why would you?
After seeing how hard
you tried to save Lomax,
I should've realized then
that you wouldn't
have just left Shen Zhao to die.
Wouldn't I?
I honestly don't know.
I was really scared.
All I could think about
in that nightclub
was getting away.
Part of me thinks that
if she was in the car,
I might've run.
I think you're wrong.
I'd like to think so.
But I'll never really know for sure.
Where the bloody hell is my detainee?
She left with Director
General Delaney, sir.
Megan, where's her car right now?
Parked downstairs.
I guess at the end of the day,
we're all just trying to figure out
who we are versus who we pretend to be.
I think ultimately that's
why I joined the police.
Because I was lost.
Growing up I hated being Chinese.
Yeah, I was
I was so embarrassed
to embrace my culture,
but I didn't feel British, either.
So you put on a uniform
and everyone knows who you are.
What did your parents say?
My dad is still waiting
for me to become a doctor.
Or at least marry one.
What about your mum?
She died in Hong Kong,
when I was five.
I'm sorry.
What happened?
She was a university lecturer.
She was arrested for
inciting anti-communist dissent
among her students.
They took her away
and I never saw her again.
She died in custody
and they never told us how.
That's hard.
Dad emigrated us to England,
but I've never been back.
And the worst part is,
is that it, um
it broke him, in some way, you know?
Not knowing how she died.
So, he just doesn't
talk about her, at all.
Even to me.
She's just a photo in the hallway.
Where are we going?
To help Hana.
She's hijacked her flight.
She's what?
She's heading back to London,
but when she lands,
she's in real trouble.
Whoever is behind the deaths on 357
is still prepared to kill
for what she has.
I need you to trust me.
Well, what can I do?
Right now, if I was your sister,
I wouldn't know who
to believe about anything.
You're my assurance that
she knows I'm on her side.
Are you?
On her side?
I'll probably lose my career
for what we're about to do.
Mike, it's me.
What number is this?
I had to borrow a phone.
What's happening?
Tennant's done what you said.
He's taken over
Thames House operations.
I'm in a car with Jess Li,
Hana Li's sister.
Have you heard that Hana and Nolan
have hijacked their plane?
It's deafening.
The White House is on
with Downing Street
and Beijing as we speak.
Yeah, I'm sure.
Listen, I need your help.
I don't trust that
Tennant isn't involved
in whatever's going on anymore.
That's a big swing, Maddie.
Do you got a bat to back it up with?
All I know is he's had me
on the back foot all night
and he's lied about everything.
Does that information implicate
him directly, I don't know.
But the only way that I can be sure
is if I see what Nolan's
carrying before he does.
Will you help me do that?
Of course.
I'd do anything to help you.
You know that.
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