Red Eye (2024) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

What have you found?
It's a nano SIM card.
I'm sorry.
Nolan had it the whole time.
Why are you bringing up Shen Zhao?
Because she's dead.
She died in your car.
It stopped uploading.
In English, please.
The Wifi's down.
The file is called "C-A-E"
China Atomic Energy
who else could this be?
I am a British citizen
being held against
my will on British soil!
You're not on British soil.
DELANEY: What about those
victims on the flight?
The unwitting couriers for MI-6?
Did they know the risks?
HANA: She died
in Hong Kong in custody,
and they never told us how.
You won't leave Beijing alive.
HANA: There was a bag
with my name on it.
It was full of cash
and fake passports
enough to convince
anyone that I am a spy.
Put down the gun
what are you doing?
What does it look like
I'm doing, Captain?
I'm taking over and you're
going to turn this plane
back to London.
DELANEY: You're not safe
until you hand it to us.
Stay alert and
I'll meet you at the airport.
DELANEY: Tennant's done
what you said.
He's taken over
Thames House operations.
I'll do anything to help you.
You know that.
WOMAN [on radio]:
Jones, the boss is here.
Anything to report?
You know if the Brits get this
thing, we're screwed.
JONES [on radio]: Nolan's still
on the dance floor.
She hasn't passed him anything.
What's the status?
Jones is inside.
We have his bodycam feed.
What are they saying?
He's got a line of sight,
but we can't get
close enough for audio.
What's happening?
We can't see Nolan.
Can you get closer?
JONES: He's picked
a fight with a bouncer.
I can't see shit.
JONES: I keep losing visual,
but he looks hurt.
This is FUBAR
should I engage?
Let it play out.
We'll snatch him outside.
He's running.
MAXWELL: Did she
make the drop?
Did she give it to him?
I don't see how.
Where's Shen Zhao?
Sir, there she is.
Follow Nolan.
Shen Zhao!
All I want is what
the programmer gave you.
You're CIA.
Does it matter?
Give it to me.
She told me what you tried to do.
She won't be telling anybody else.
If you know what it is,
why haven't you turned it in,
to your own people?
Because if my government
finds out what you did,
it will be seen as an act of war.
Oh, it won't come to that.
You're a fool!
Why give it to MI6?
Because they need
to know that it was you,
and not us.
Does Sir George know
what he was sending?
Answer me!
You sound scared.
How much does he know?
Let's do it the hard way.
Search her.
Where's Nolan?
He crashed his car about
six blocks from the club.
He bailed.
I'm guessing on foot.
How bad is the car?
It looks totaled,
and there's blood, so
He's hurt.
Check nearby hospitals
and send me the address
of where he's staying.
She doesn't have it.
Then kill her.
Nolan must have it.
Yes, hi, I'm a guest
of Dr. Nolan in 326.
I've just woken up and he's not here.
Do you know, has he checked out,
or he still around?
I see
Did he say what time
the flight he was catching?
Thank you.
Nolan's gone.
Reception said he took
a car to the airport
to catch a six a.m.
to London, which
means he's already through security.
If he makes it on the flight,
I want him stopped at Heathrow.
He is not to pass Immigration
until we have it.
You want someone to detain him.
Did you put Shen Zhao in his car?
All done.
Cohen's paying off a cop as we speak.
So then I don't have to ask
where's detention.
If Nolan's accused
of killing the daughter
of a Party member,
the Chinese will ask for us.
Have Cohen prep the jet for London.
Jet for London.

WOMAN [on radio]:
North China Air 357,
this is Dunsfold Tower.
We have you on our screens.
You are cleared for approach
on runway zero one.
Roger that, Dunsfold Tower.
Commencing approach
for runway zero one.
We're here.
How long was I out?
A few hours.
Ladies and gentlemen
we are beginning our
descent to Dunsfold Airbase.
And we'll be landing
in about ten minutes.
On behalf of North China Air,
myself and our staff,
we apologize for the ordeal
you have all had to endure.
I can assure you, we are all
safe and it will be over soon.
Here it comes.
Reducing airspeed.
Flap one.
Speed check, flap one.
WOMAN [on radio]:
North China Air 357,
this is Dunsfold Tower.
Go ahead, tower.
There's been a change of runway.
Alter course to runway zero seven.
Roger that altering course
to runway zero seven.
What's happening?
We're changing runways.
It happens.
It's turning.
Get the tower on the phone,
find out what the hell is going on.
Gear down.
Gear down.
Runway zero seven.
Well, where's that?
The other side of the airbase.
Refer to screen.
Ground spoilers deceleration.
Starting APU.
Engine shutdown.
Engine shutdown.
We're back.
Where is everybody?
Vehicle approaching, captain.
HANA: Just one.
I thought MI5 was meeting us.
That doesn't seem right.
What doesn't?
Who is it?
I don't know.
Stay here and lock the door.
Identify yourself!
It's me!
Open the bloody door!
Could you open the door, that's
my sister.
Why is the door already open?
They're gone.
You can all get up now,
we're clear of the airbase.
I'm glad you're both okay.
And Dr. Nolan,
I'm sorry I didn't protect you.
I had no idea you were
being used like this.
It's been a nightmare.
People shouldn't be allowed to play
with our lives like that.
I agree.
And believe me, it wasn't "my" people.
Where are we going?
No, things have changed
since you went silent.
I don't know who I can trust
there right now, so
we're going to the US Embassy.
Why there?
Well, you'll be safe there,
and I can have my friend
in the CIA, Mike Maxwell,
tell me what's on that SIM.
You can relax now.
Ruth, we got the images,
where are we on IDs?
Both ghosts so far, sir.
Well, widen the net.
Rope in Langley, if you need to.
What about Nolan and Li?
No facial hits on either of them
on the Dunsfold exit cams.
Well, unless they're still
hiding in the airbase,
somebody helped them escape.
Scan again.
But sir
This time for Delaney.
Got her.
Who's car is that?
Mine, sir.
Check ANPR cameras
countrywide for Ruth's VRN.
This way.
You made it.
Hana, this is Mike Maxwell,
Chief of Station.
You can call me Mike.
Thank you for helping us.
Of course.
And this is her sister, Jess.
You must be Dr. Nolan.
You've had quite an ordeal
over these last few days.
Maybe I should call you
the cat with nine lives.
If I am, I only have one left.
Let's get you all settled.
We have a comfortable lounge
for you to relax in,
and showers, if you want
to clean up and change.
Yes, ma'am.
We've tracked her car
to the US embassy,
I'm about to put a call in
to their Chief of Station.
I just wanted to keep you in the loop.
Thank you, John.
Of course, I'll call you
with any updates.
We've ID'd the assassins on the plane.
Good work
who are they?
Chinese secret service?
No, sir.
One of them's American.
Both are ex military special forces.
The one posing as Zhang is Jia Yung,
former Master Sergeant in
Oriental Sword,
a PLA Ground Force unit.
Born in Shanghai,
emigrated four years ago.
Has bounced around private
military firms since.
The second man, ex Delta Force Sergeant
Troy Hanks, been working the
private sector
since 2020.
So we have two dead freelancers
with no political affiliations.
The question is,
who's paying their tab?
Both men are currently
on the payroll of a company
called Alpha Tech Armory,
out of the Cayman Islands.
That's a shell company
for CIA black money.
Yeah, thank you, Ruth,
I know what it is.
Do we have any idea
who at the CIA contracted them?
Not yet.
Well, keep digging.
Before I go accusing our closest ally,
I need a name to give
to the Prime Minister.
This is the lounge.
Make yourself comfortable.
Thank you.
Maddie, can we talk?
Yeah, of course.
Come here.
I was so scared I lost you last night.
Are you okay?
I've had better nights.
has all gone insane.
Tennant taking over?
Li hijacking a plane?
Washington is pissed at
the PM's handling of this.
I think there's plenty
of blame to go around.
Thanks for helping me.
I know it's sticking your neck out.
Listen, what do you say
when all this craziness is over,
we go away for the weekend?
Paris Hotel,
you and me, good food?
Great wine.
I'd say
It's a date.
So, do you have the nano SIM?
The SIM?
I'll have Cohen set it up
in a secure room for you.
Uh, no.
Hana has it.
I thought it would make her
feel more comfortable
if she kept hold of it for now.
I got a couple of things
I need to take care of,
so why don't you relax,
fix a drink
I'll only be a few minutes.
Chief thought you might
need some coffee.
Oh, yes, thank you.
I'll take one.
Jess is obviously not a tea lady.
I don't mind.
Milk and sugar?
Well, she said she doesn't mind.
Have we met before?
I don't think so,
Dr. Nolan.
What would you like, Matt?
Gin and tonic.
Give your liver a break.
Do you need anything else?
Oh, when is Director General
Delaney coming back?
I'll check.
I do know that woman.
Do you know her?
From Beijing.
She was
posing as a waitress
at the conference party.
You sure?
What are you two whispering about?
I wouldn't drink that.
You think she did
something to the coffee.
You want to risk it?
Why would Delaney bring us here
if we can't trust them?
I don't know.
We still don't know what
the bloody hell this is.
Well, I don't feel safe here.
Not now.
Okay, you guys are freaking me out.
Will one of you tell me
what's going on?
Nolan recognizes that
officer from Beijing.
There's no way out
unless we break a window.
Those things could stop a missile.
Let's think about this,
logically, can we?
I mean, you guys have been
through a lot.
But they know we have the SIM,
why wouldn't they just take it?
And how would they explain that?
Look what they've already done
to throw blame on China, or me.
So why would they
poison us with coffee?
They wouldn't.
They would drug us.
Hey, guys, just wanted to let you know
that Director General
Delaney is ready to
Search them.
Get the gun!
Are you okay?
I was beginning to think you set us up.
I told you, you could trust me.
What is this?
It's a sedative.
Night-night, then.
Maddie, sorry to keep you waiting.
Okay, let me take that.
MAXWELL [on radio]:
Cohen, have you found it?
Delaney's AWOL and I can't raise Jones.
Okay, I'm going to go first
to draw attention
in case Mike's watching.
You follow, but get
out any way you can.
I've been looking for you.
What are you doing?
Uh, I'm leaving.
Well, I realized that I've
incriminated you enough
just by asking you to shelter us.
And I can't decode
the SIM here.
There's a chain
of evidence to consider,
and the last thing
I'd want is for the Chinese
to be able to say that the US
has tampered with what's on it, so
I'm confused.
You said you suspected
a cover-up by Tennant
because of his own
assignment, Blindside.
Now you think it's the Chinese?
What's really going on?
Who told you about Blindside?
And is he also how you
learned that Sir George
had something coming in from Shen Zhao?
Something that you needed to stop
reaching MI6 at all costs?
No, Maddie, why would I
You never told me it was
a SIM card they found.
No. Not even
Sir George knew that.
The only way you could is if
it came from your men
on the plane.
They're not moving.
We'll have to just go.
Stay close to me.
I'm sorry you had to find out.
That's what you're sorry for,
not what you've done?
It doesn't have to change
anything between us.
Are you fucking kidding me?
You've had innocent people executed
to save your own neck.
Our necks you don't
want Chinese power plants
in England any more than I do.
I just had the balls
to do something about it.
So that's what this is about.
You three stay right there.
Keep walking, Hana.
I said stop.
We're leaving,
keep walking.
I can't let you do that.
He's bluffing, Hana.
you have no authority here.
Yeah, and you have
no room to negotiate.
I'm pretty sure that what you've done
wasn't sanctioned by Washington.
I do what I have to do.
Me too.
Keep walking, Hana.
I will shoot them, Maddie.
In the lobby of your
billion dollar embassy?
I don't think so.
He draws
You stay behind me.
Maxwell The SIM?
I don't care what's on it, not anymore.
Jess, don't.
Give it to me.
I'm certainly not dying for it.
There, now nobody has it.
End of story.
Jess, what have you done?
She just saved your lives.
What the hell happened?
We got the SIM.
Check if it's been copied,
and destroy it.
"Uh," what?
I don't think the Chinese would've used
a Vodaphone SIM card.
It's been swapped.
Nice work, Jess.
Yeah, you deserve a BAFTA for that.
What are we doing?
We're getting the data
on that SIM somewhere safe.
Can I have it?
It feels weird just
handing it over
after everything that's happened.
You've done your country
a great service,
both of you.
I'm just sorry you had
to go through all that,
you shouldn't of had to.
Are we safe here?
For now.
It won't take Mike long to narrow down
which streets don't have CCTV.
Come on, people!
She can't have just vanished!
Sir, incoming data files.
From whom?
Director Delaney.
They appear the files Hana
was trying to send
from Flight 357.
She has the nano SIM.
Clear the op center!
You heard me
everybody out!
Everybody but you, and you.
I'm giving a STRAP-3-A
clearance for this.
Scan for viruses.
Data's clean.
Throw it up on the screens.
What is that?
It's Director Delaney, sir.
Trace the call.
Madeline, where are you?
CIA will already be
scanning the cell towers,
so let's not waste time, shall we?
What are we looking at?
It's hacker code, ma'am.
Remote access program.
The one called "original" was developed
by an MIT grad in 2022.
How do you know that?
Coders have egos.
They like to sign their work.
What does the code do?
It's designed to hide dormant
in an operating system,
and allow a third party
to take over complete control.
Yeah, so what about the other one?
The one labeled "C-A-E"?
Well, it looks identical.
Its instructions fundamentally are
the differences are twofold.
Firstly, it's been altered
to hide seamlessly
inside the control system
of a CAE nuclear reactor.
You're telling me,
with this hack, someone could
remotely take over
operations of a reactor
and cause a catastrophic meltdown?
Yes, ma'am.
From anywhere in the world.
Good God.
Okay, so what's the second change?
The digital signature.
It's been changed to make it appear
that the Chinese military wrote it.
Mike was setting the Chinese up.
You don't seriously believe
the CIA would melt down a reactor
on British soil just to blame China?
No, I have to believe
that his intention was for us
to find the code and end
our Anglo China partnership.
That's why Shen Zhao
gave us both files
so we could see what
the Americans were planning.
Talk to me, Cohen.
Where are they?
Sir, we pulled these
from a tower in Soho.
We've traced your location
Zed Park three, Old Burlington Street.
I'm sending Jenkins
to bring you in safely.
So what happens now?
To Maxwell, I mean?
Well, he'll be PNG'd.
What's that?
Declared Persona Non Grata.
He'll lose his diplomatic status,
he'll be sent home,
and then it will be up to Washington
and Downing Street to
Sent home?
It'll be the end of his career.
His career?
He killed Shen Zhao.
had Sir George shot,
and he ordered the
murder of my friends,
and all that's going to happen to him
is he'll lose his fucking job?
If he had his way, we'd all be dead.
I understand how you feel, but
No, clearly you don't.
You don't have the foggiest
idea of what I've been
what what we've
been through.
You only thought that I was guilty
and you had me sent back to China.
You know this guy is guilty.
You're right.
There might be a way.
So do it.
This is Director General Delaney.
Minister Tang will want
to take this call.
Talk to me, Cohen!
They're on the move,
heading east on Weymouth Street,
two minutes from you.
Sir, if things go south, what's plan B?
This is off the books, Cohen.
We have no Plan B.
There's still time to back out.
No, let's just do it.
They're splitting up.
Delaney's dropped Hana and
Nolan two streets from you.
Forget Delaney.
The car's bait.
We've lost CCTV on the others.
They've run into an alley.
You're close.
There's a passageway to your left.
NOLAN: Maybe this wasn't
such a good idea.
HANA [scoffs]:
Too late now.
Keep your hands where I can see them!
You still armed, DC Li?
Lose it!
Two fingers!
Now give me the real SIM.
Delaney has it.
I've run enough
decoy ops, Dr. Nolan.
Hand it over.
If we had it, why would
Delaney drop us here?
She knew you were tracking us.
This is a bloody dead end.
Oh, well played.
What happens now?
You kill us?
Like you killed Shen Zhao,
and my friends on the plane?
I take no pleasure in it.
Why didn't you just shoot me,
in Beijing?
Because you got away.
I wasn't kidding when I called
you a cat with nine lives.
Steven, Amber, Kate.
They didn't need to die.
I couldn't take the chance
of the SIM falling back into
the hands of the Chinese.
The fallout from that
would've been far worse
than those few lives on a plane.
Trust me.
Put the gun down, Mike.
Mike, no!
He needs an ambulance!
This is Delaney,
send an ambulance to my
location right away.
I said no ambulance!
It's over, Mike.
MI5 have the data,
we know what you did.
All I did was stop the Chinese
from building nuclear weapons
in your backyard!
Put the gun down.
You're under arrest.
DC will never let me be
arrested on British soil.
You're not on British soil.
You're in the gardens of
the Chinese embassy.
Minister Tang, you wanted
the person responsible
for Shen Zhao's death.
There he is.
You set me up.
Restrain him.
It's okay, it's okay.
I guess that's the game
we choose, Maddie.
I was never playing, Mike.
Is your government prepared
to share with us
what was on the SIM?
I'm afraid it was destroyed
back at the US embassy.
Most unfortunate.
For us, too.
Did you hear that, Matt?
Help's on its way.
I didn't run.
No, you didn't.
And you wouldn't have left Shen Zhao.
I wouldn't would I?
No, you wouldn't.
Stay with me!
Listen, I'll call you back.
What did he say?
Surgery went well, um,
he lost a lot of blood, but
the bullet missed his organs.
He's going to pull through.
That's a relief.
He said I could go see him
in recovery, so
Thank you, ma'am.
For everything.
I think you can call me Madeline.
Jess, can I
Can I talk to you about
what you saw and heard?
Classified information.
I mean, obviously you'll be signing
the official Secrets
You're going to silence me?
What about my sto
this is crazy I'm never
going to get a break.
I'm going to give you a story, just
not one that might lead to a war
between the US and China.
What was on that nano SIM
isn't what's important.
But an operation by MI6
with full knowledge
of the home office
using innocent civilians
as unwitting couriers
and getting them killed
that's a story.
That's the thing that
needs to be exposed,
because it can never, ever
be allowed to happen again.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
You're awake.
How are you feeling?
Like somebody shot me.
Somebody did.
You know, at Heathrow
I'd have put my money
on that person being be you.
A lot's happened since.
I was wondering,
when I get out of here
Do you think, maybe,
you would like to go fo
I let the PM know how well
you did under pressure.
Good job.
I wish I could say the same.
What do you think will happen to him?
Prick will probably get
a bloody promotion.
What's wrong?
Is it Mike?
He's not the man I thought he was.
Then he doesn't deserve you.
Stop the press.
I have copies for each of you.
Feel free to have them framed.
I read it online already.
It's great, Jess.
Thank you.
Page one.
There's your name.
Congratulations, honey,
we're proud of you.
What about you?
Have you given it to him yet?
Give who what?
Baba, this is a gift from
Director General Delaney.
Matthew told her that we never
knew what happened to mama.
Is that your mother's file?
I don't want to see that.
It's important, dad.
All the things they
probably did to her.
My mind has imagined it often enough.
I would rather remember
her the way she was.
isn't it better to stop
imagining and know the truth?
You remind me of her in so many ways.
She was strong, like you.
You never talk about her.
I have so many stories
I could tell you.
I'd really like that.
I want to know everything.
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