Redo of Healer (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

Kaifuku Jutsushi wa Yarinaosu!

Even I had come to the conclusion that
the only ability of a healer is to heal.
That's why I was continuously exploited.
Even if I had realized my mistake,
my life was already over.
I'm going to redo it all,
so I can have the future I desire.
That dream I had it again
Get stronger.
What was that?
The Healer Starts Over!
It's like there's always a voice I can hear
that comes from deep inside me
Keyaru, are you okay?
Stop it. I can do that myself.
Was it that dream again?
Yeah, the one where I become a hero
and I fight the demon lord
A hero, huh?
Hey, do you remember this?
When you were little, you said "I'm going to
become a hero and save the entire village!"
That was before I was aware of my limitations
Now that isn't true.
It's almost your birthday, right?
You're going to become an adult soon.
What class do you have your eye on?
Swordsman? A magician?
Or maybe, as a hero, it'll choose you!
I wouldn't mind being chosen for
a really great class.
If I am
I'll be able to repay you for raising me
as if I were really your child.
There's a good yield this year.
I'm glad we got so much.
Obtain the sight of the spirits
Obtain sight into all of creation
The sight of the spirits?
Where am I going?
I am the star spirit.
Child of man, what is your desire?
The sight
The sight of the spirits that sees all
In accordance with the covenant of old,
to repay the kindness given by
your ancestors to our dear friends,
I shall grant you the power of the spirits.
I see it
I can see the status of the spirit and
even her true name floating in mana of the air.
Do you intend to take it all from us,
from the land of our dead to the only place
those of us who are left can rest?!
Bullet! Open fire!
On it!
That's about level seven magic.
Finish this!
Leave the rest to me!
Don't underestimate me!
Humans, witness the power of the Demon Lord!
Hey, dimwit! Get over here and heal her!
We're all out of elixir!
Healing's all you're good for
so hurry up and get to it!
We only kept you alive so we could
use you for healing, you know!
Right. In my first go at life, I was a healer
Exactly as the name implies,
I revive and heal the injured.
However, there was a fatal drawback to healing.
I see all the experiences of the person I heal
stream in front of me in an instant.
There was unimaginable fear and suffering,
things that couldn't be endured with a sane mind.
Truthfully, I ran away countless times
because I didn't want to use my healing powers.
But no matter how many times I escaped,
I always ended up getting caught again.
I was made into a heavy addict,
and conditioned to happily
use my healing for those drugs.
They kept using me and treating me like livestock.
You really think I'd heal someone like you?
Die, you disgusting piece of trash.
Are you in your right mind?!
A year ago I happened to gain
the skill of "drug resistance."
I've been waiting for this chance.
Chance? For what?!
To defeat the demon lord myself!
Now is the time!
Y-you lunatic!
You're not strong enough to fight!
Come back here and heal me!
Too slow!
This power was brought about by my actions
as well as the side effects of healing.
I relived the experiences of countless others,
imitated their techniques,
and made them into my own.
Who are you?
I am a Hero of Recovery, Keyaru.
I'm a healer.
But I don't just cure people.
It's imitation healing, where I make
the other person's skills my own.
An improved healing, where I can
change flesh into any form I wish.
An insta-kill, deteriorating healing!
All of that is my healing power!
If I can just reach it
I got it!
I see, so this is the end for me too.
How upsetting That I couldn't protect it
Don't worry.
We're starting over.
Well done, Keyaru, Hero of Recovery.
Father I mean the king will be pleased.
You were hiding an elixir?
That jewel has been cursed by the demon
and is therefore dangerous.
As a hero with the appropriate skills,
I will take care of it.
The philosopher's stone
Oh, I see you know about it.
To think something with a name like that
was attached to the heart of the demon lord.
I know that you lot are going to use
an incantation on the philosopher's stone
and make the absurd delusion of
world domination into a reality
What are you talking about?
With this philosopher's stone,
I can invoke magic akin to a god
I'm going to use this power to heal.
There's something that I must cure,
no matter what.
Something you have to cure?
I'm going to heal this corrupt world
and go back to before I met you.
Y-you would lose all of your memories,
were you even able to do that!
You would have the same life over again!
Even if it all disappears
I will never forget this pain.
The despair of losing myself the anguish!
All of it carved away at my soul!
Even if time is rewound and I lose my memories
those will never disappear!
If we meet once again when I restart this life,
I'll be sure to take everything from you.
Stop this!
You filthy cur!!
I can't wait to hear how you'll address me
when I redo this world!
I see So that's what happened.
I got myself back. Thank you.
The "Halcyon Eye" which sees all of creation
This is when I start my revenge, huh?
I made a promise.
This time around,
I'm going to take it all from that woman
I'm going to take everything from Flare!
This is it
My birthday came, and just like my first
go at life, I was chosen as a hero.
Just as planned, my status was again a healer.
I kept eating narcotic plants and mushrooms
in order to build a resistance to them.
If Flare drugs me and I lose my sense of self,
my life will go the same way it did before.
What's this about?
Hello, people of Alban Village.
I am the eldest princess of the Gioral Kingdom,
Flare Earlgrande Gioral, a Hero of Magic.
A princess?!
Did she say "magic"?!
That really her?!
I have come here today to meet the new hero
who has come into this world.
Who's she talking about?
Do we have one of those?
Who's she talking about?
Do we have one of those?
You're one of us, aren't you?
I'm a hero?
That symbol carved into your left hand
is the very proof that you are the hero.
Congratulations, Keyaru!
Go on
We shall work together and save the world
from the menace of the demon lord.
How wonderful. I'm so glad!
Not surprising that everyone here
is directly involved with Flare.
The commander Leonard is enormously capable,
all the other members are the same.
Oh, well, i-it just hasn't hit me that I'm a hero yet.
There's no need to worry.
I, as a more experienced hero,
will teach you many different things.
Thank you, Your Highness.
From here on, there's no need for you
to address me so formally.
You and I are heroes, and we stand as equals.
Yes, Prin- Er, sure thing.
That will work.
There she is!
Welcome back!
Your Highness!
Isn't this a beautiful town?
I knew
I knew the imperial capital itself
was filthy in many ways.
The capital was created
when they burned the village of the indigenous
demi-humans that lived here to the ground,
stole their lands,
and made the survivors into slaves.
This city is just as beautiful as you are, Freya.
Wonderful. I'm very proud of this city.
We are fighting in order to protect the city,
and everyone's smiles.
This strength is something else
It's just like a monster's.
When I make something happen,
I have to do it when the king isn't around.
At this point in time, Norn is away,
studying in another country.
I'm glad there's no one around
that I need to worry about.
According to the analysis,
you are of the "Healer" class.
You are what our country has been seeking.
I am pleased with your awakening powers.
I hereby grant you the title of the Hero of Recovery.
I-I gratefully accept.
I, Keyaru, from this point forward,
will take the hero title of "Healer".
If you have the power of a hero, then you may
be able to heal our great swordsman as well.
A swordsman?
Yes, on her swordsmanship alone
she far exceeded the heroes of the blade,
but the other day when she was defeated
by a high-ranking class of demons,
her arm was taken from her.
I understand.
I will devote my power to this country.
Your devotion is appreciated.
You may leave.
Culture, etiquette, swordsmanship
heroes sure have it rough.
I knew that, though
I should get up
Wh-what is it?
Wh-what do you want?
Hero, please sleep with me.
S-stop! Stop it!
There's no need to be frightened.
Now, let me take care of you
How cute.
You say you don't want to, but it seems like
you're feeling pretty heroic down here
If you do it with a hero do you think you'll go past
your potential and get stronger?
I mean, I was happy about it at first though.
Now then
I stole your experience through predatory healing
From then on I slept with the maids
every night on a rotating basis,
and I took their experience too
I got as much as I wanted from them.
Let's do it again sometime, okay?
Until the great swordsman makes it to the castle,
I have to get all the experience that I need
Several days passed.
I gained a great deal of knowledge,
and I also enjoyed my nighttime visitors.
And then
The great swordsman Kureha Krylet
arrived at the castle.
You are the recovery healer, Keyaru, right?
Yes, it's a pleasure to meet you,
Great Swordsman Kureha Krylet.
Please do this for me.
I-I'll try my best.
I'll do this again, so I can have my revenge.
So at the end of my life, I will be the victor.
Here I go
A miracle
It's a miracle! Now I can fight once more!
Thank you, Keyaru!
Are you okay?!
This is unfortunate.
The hero of healing must be treated
Kureha, go show the king
and everyone else your arm.
Thank you for allowing me to wield the sword again.
I will never forget this act of kindness.
I, the great swordsman Kureha Krylet, will use
all of my ability to return this favor to you in due time.
He can't even use his healing well,
and that's the one thing he's good for.
This won't do.
No, Princess Flare this is most impressive!
What this man used is not simple healing!
Originally when healing, only the injuries that
the human body can cure on it's own are affected.
However, it is different with this man!
I want to investigate this
If I can find an explanation
Then that would be something we can use.
If he faints every time he uses his healing,
he's worthless to us.
Use whatever you must,
whether a drug or brainwashing.
Make it so he is useful to us,
so he can heal in battle.
Make it happen, even if it destroys him.
After healing just once,
Flare has already abandoned me
I completely get it.
It makes me ill to think that this worthless,
filthy cur is a hero just as I am.
Thank you so much, Flare.
I'm so grateful you are the same genuine trash
you were in my first life.
And now with no hesitation,
and not a shred of mercy,
I can have my revenge
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