Redo of Healer (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

The Healer Ruins Princess Flare!

Calm down, Hero of Recovery.
Don't come near me!
I won't do it! Using Heal is scary!
And it hurts!
I don't want to feel those awful things!
I don't want the experiences of the people I heal
All their pain and suffering so far,
and even the sadness and fear
I see and I feel it all!
I-if I keep using heal, it will destroy me!
I'll lose myself!
Kureha Krylet, the great swordsman that you healed,
may go on to save a great number of people.
Though it is painful, will you heal
the other injured heroes?
When those people have their power back,
then they can save thousands,
even tens of thousands of our subjects.
I think your ability to heal is wonderful.
To completely restore flesh
to its original state is astonishing.
I'm sorry.
I really can't do it!
I absolutely will not use heal again!
I can't!
If it's honestly that painful
then I understand.
I will not force you to do it.
Please rest well.
Everything up to this point
was exactly the same as in my first life.
I foolishly thought that Flare was a kind person.
I only thought that I wanted to become
someone who was useful to her.
I know this time.
I know what trash Flare is.
I won't be taken in by that smile again!
The Healer Ruins Princess Flare!
Excuse me.
What's that?
A gift from her highness.
She said this will help calm you.
That's kind of her.
Now, help yourself.
Thank you.
It takes courage to drink this tea.
It's delicious.
You are an idiot.
You should have just done as
Princess Flare told you.
Wh-what did I What did I do?
What did you do?
You didn't do a thing, you lousy freeloader!
Maybe this will help you feel one percent of the pain
you've put upon the heart of Princess Flare!
Twenty-eight lashes
Twenty-eight lashes I'll never forget that.
What? You are revolting.
Good grief, what am I to do if something happens
to my precious research subject?
Ha! Like I care!
This is how I was made to be dependent on drugs
I received "guests" from Flare,
night after night, one after another.
The heroes that wanted to raise the limits of
their abilities sought my bodily fluids,
and so many of them came to me.
And though there was nothing they needed inside of
a man's body, some of them took me too
Drugs Drugs Drugs
Give me drugs!
You truly are a nasty, filthy cur.
And to look after you like this is
such an awful thing to do to my father
Now, now, no need for all of that.
Look. I have your beloved drugs.
If you really want them,
then sit up and beg for them.
Go on, beg.
Arf, arf! Please! Please! Please!
Good! You are very smart for a dog!
Look, here are your drugs.
Okay, dog, it's time to do your job.
You will use your healing at the approprite time.
If you do not, no more drugs for you.
Arf, arf!
You are truly very disgusting.
Now, come along.
So by day, while I gave in to the influence of the drug,
I was used to heal over and over again.
Of course, every time I did so,
I used the imitation heal and made
an ability of the other person my own.
You could say that alchemy is
the most useful thing, above all.
And in this manner I was violated in the nighttime,
used to heal in the day,
violated, and used to heal, many times over.
However, unlike the first time,
I knew that I would need to build
a tolerance for narcotics.
I had already prepared for that.
And soon, when my drug tolerance level goes up
I will awaken!
Then, six months later
Drugs Drugs Drugs Drugs
Drugs! Drugs!
Ugh, how nauseating!
My name is Keyaru.
I am myself.
And that is
The woman who took everything from me
She's the reason I know what it's like in hell.
The target of my revenge!
Whatever is the matter?
It's nothing, let's go.
That dog's stench is everywhere
I must get rid of this dress as well.
Good grief
They basically just let her do
any and everything she wants.
I'm treading on dangerous ground, but
I've gotten a lot stronger.
Flare, I'm going to immerse you further in my stench.
I'll make sure it gets into your insides, too
Over several days, I gathered from
the soldiers' conversations
that King Prome had taken his bodyguards
and headed towards another country.
I'm done being patient now.
All right, it's time to start the party.
Wow, alchemy is very useful.
How about we have some gruesome, brutal,
merciless fun, until you're begging me for death?
Okay, Flare?
How did he escape in the state that he's in?
That filthy cur
Princess Flare!
He has been captured.
Well done, as always!
Goodness, that filthy dog is causing
so much trouble
Princess Flare, when capturing him, this scoundrel
said something that simply must not be ignored.
Something that must not be ignored?
Could it be related to the heroes?
I believe it requires the utmost confidentiality
All right. Leonard, please come to
my personal quarters.
Take that filthy cur to the dungeon.
Yes ma'am!
Is there no greater reward than
being able to enter my private quarters?
Yes, I am most grateful.
Now then, please tell me.
What did that filthy cur say?
This is quite the impressive technique I copied
from the great swordsman Kureha Krylett.
Amazing, right?
What are you-?!
M-my magic it's been taken!
L-Leonard! What in the world are you doing?!
Do you mean me?
Arf, arf!
Your intensely despised, smelly, dirty,
adorable doggie Keyaru is here to play!
I got lonely, so I broke out of my cell
to come and see you, Master!
Just kidding!
Then, the filthy c
person brought before me earlier was Leonard?!
Yeah. I got this body from that jerk, in return for
those twenty-eight lashes he gave me.
Twenty-eight lashes?!
Now it's time for you to get something in return.
I need to thank you for drugging me,
and for treating me like a dog.
Wait! Wait, please, Keyaru!
I used those drugs for your sake!
I gave them to you so the pain from when you
use healing would not cause you anguish!
Oh? So then, you hurled insults at me, made me beg,
kicked me in the crotch, stomped on my face,
and let me get violated by the knights
every single night due to your kindness.
Interesting way to express your love.
You remember everything?
I suffered through hell, thanks to you.
That's why I'm getting revenge.
Extremely simple, right?
Flare, wanna play a game?
Maybe if your body gets messed up, you'll feel
the guilt of the things you yourself have done.
I-if it's money you want, you may have it!
Power, even! You can become a noble!
Or women! However many you want! So please!
Even if I were to believe such nonsense
I'm going to break your other fingers one by one.
If you can keep quiet until
they're all broken, then you win.
My revenge is over.
But in the event that you scream
I-I understand.
I'll do it! And if I can endure all of it
I'll keep my promise.
Unlike you, you know.
I'm surprised.
You've been able to hold on until
there's just one left
You're trying quite hard, huh?
I guess I've lost, then
Well, let's start again from the first one.
N-no! That's unfair!
You said. This-
Too bad, you were so close!
I win.
Please, forgive me! Stop this
M-my legs
It's no use.
I used my corruption healing on you.
Well, time to violate you.
No! No!
I am a princess!
I am a member of nobility!
I would never allow that from a commoner like you!
Oh no
Hearing you say that makes me soft
I can't get hard for someone like you
who has always been a pig.
I'll let you choose the one you like:
Would you like my rod, or this rod?
Huh? Um, well
If you can't answer within ten seconds,
they're both going in.
Ten, nine, eight
Y-your rod!
Your rod would be better!
It would be better, I see.
So you mean you don't like my rod, huh?
In that case, I won't force it on you.
I'll use this one.
I-I want yours! Please!
I beg you, give me yours!
Please, show me mercy!
All right!
As you wish, Princess Flare!
Flare, you're a pervert, aren't you?
Y-yes! I'm perverted!
I'll give you want you wanted now.
Th-thank y
Ow! It hurts!
I'm going to die! I'm going to die!
What?! I can't possibly stop now!
It hurts! I'm sorry! Don't hit me, I'm sorry!
That's enough! Deal with it, pig!
Or maybe you want me to punish you more?
Well, I guess it's time to finish up now.
No, don't do it!
You were a pretty good toy, Flare.
I'm going to erase your memory
and change your face.
Princess Flare will not exist in this world.
No no no no
Nice, right?
Isn't it amazing that trash like you can
change your ways and make a fresh start?
Ah, glorious.
So this how it feels to get revenge, eh?
I took Flare and used the chaos of the castle
to my advantage to escape.
In the castle, I left a corpse that I had
used heal on to look like Flare,
and I set it up to look like Leonard,
the commander of the imperial guard, was the culprit.
This face is completely and utterly charming.
Now, what should I do?
I'll continue with my revenge for now.
Those jerks Bullet and Blade were so
very loving towards me, after all.
And then,
I want to see the demon lord.
I want to know what she was trying to protect.
Also, I want to get as strong as I possibly can,
to make sure I will never lose to anyone.
Where am I?
You're finally awake.
What a relief.
Who in the world are you?
You don't remember me?
No. Uh
Who are you? Who am I?
Your name is Freiya.
You're my attendant.
You mean to tell me you've forgotten everything?
Though we loved each other so much?
Me and you are
That's right.
You collapsed due to a high fever
and I can't believe you've lost your memory.
Poor Freiya.
I'm Freiya.
You may remember if we sleep together.
Beg me like you always do.
O-okay. like I always do?
Like this.
"Please give this sow a reward."
I-I said that?!
You always said it for me.
P-please give this sow a reward.
All right, I'll give it to you!
My memories are still gone,
but I feel it in my core.
I feel that you're a very beloved person to me.
Umwhat's your name?
I'm Keyarga
Don't forget it again.
Yes Keyarga!
Yes this warmth, this smell, I love it.
Right, the weak Keyaru no longer exists.
I have been reborn.
My name is Keyarga.
I will redo my life how I want it.
I am the strongest healer!
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