Redo of Healer (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

The Healer Buys Slaves!

Freiya and I made arrangements for our journey
using the jewels and gold pieces
that I had taken from Flare's quarters,
and decided to leave the imperial capital
for our own personal safety.
Lord Keyarga.
Hard to believe the commander of the imperial guard
murdered Princess Flare and ran away
My goodness gracious!
Ah, Princess Flare, the poor girl
It's so scary
Lord Keyarga?
Let's go.
Princess Norn
I hope she will return from her study abroad soon.
Yes, now that Princess Flare has passed away,
the only one who can console our king
is her younger sister.
The younger sister of Flare, Princess of
the Gioral Kingdom Princess Norn.
In my first life, she is the only one who
recognized that I had regained my senses
and that's why Norn is someone I don't want to
be involved with this time around.
Let's go.
Wait, Lord Keyarga!
The Healer Buys a Slave!
As expected of you, Princess Flare.
Your magic is amazing.
Blade, you were excellent with your sword as well!
Hey c'mon, no one's gonna praise me?
And that was brilliant gunfire from you too, Bullet!
Drugs, drugs
How about you try fighting a bit too?
Drugs, drugs
Goodness, what a useless, filthy cur you are!
No, I think Keyaru is doing very well for us!
His healing comes in handy too!
You are simply acting like a good person.
Are you not the one doing
the most despicable things to him?
Very true. If I were Keyaru
I would've offed myself ages ago.
Don't say such awful things!
I for one am spoiling Keyaru!
Drugs, drugs Drugs
Goodness, you are a disgraceful little cur.
Well, that's fine.
I'll give you your drug now.
Do it like always
Yes, that's good
There, right there!
Goodness, I guess even dogs have their uses
Oh? What's this?
You filthy cur!
Are you seriously hard right now?
In your station as a revolting commoner,
you got excited over nobility like me?
Utter insolence!
You need punishment, eh?
Yes, stay just like that
It is also the duty of the master
to castrate the pet, you know!
Maybe I will crush them right now!
Oh, I know!
My oh my, desperate, aren't we?
Well then, so that you can reach your drug
I'll help you out a bit!
You are repulsive! A true pervert!
Does it taste good?!
That filthy cur!
You must know your place, you vile man!
Filthy dog!
You think you'll get away with
touching and licking Princess Flare?!
Do not touch her again!
The tongue that licked Princess Flare
But, he's a man
But, even so, if it has licked Princess Flare
Princess Flare!
Princess Flare is so delicious!
I-I did that to become one with Princess Flare,
but I used the mouth of a man
I'll kill you!
Ah, Keyaru. You poor thing.
They did awful things to you again, huh?
You know that I'm the only one you have here, right?
That's because I'm also the only one who loves you.
Why? Why are you afraid?!
I'm the only one on your side!
And I treat you so kindly!
O-oh I'm sorry I hit you.
You are a naughty boy so I had to do it!
Forgive me
I'll give you so much love if you do!
I truly do love you! I'm sorry I hit you earlier!
I love you! I'm sorry!
I love you! I'm sorry! I love you! I'm sorry!
I love you! I'm sorry!
What an adorable face
But someday, you'll get older,
and this face will wither
I can't bear to see you with a face like that!
Let's stop time like this.
If you die now, that cute face will stay as it is forever.
Keyaru, please die for me.
I am a terrible person
Keyaru, forgive me.
Tomorrow I will love you and make up for
every disgusting thing I did today.
Lord Keyarga
Lord Keyarga!
You were screaming so loudly in your sleep.
Was I?
It's nothing to worry about.
I just had a bad dream.
Lord Keyarga?
It's good I had that dream just now.
It reminded me of what I must do!
I was continuously abused by
Flare, Blade, and Bullet, day after day.
But I used heal on the world,
and this is how I'm redoing my life.
Hero of the Sword, Blade
Hero of the Gun, Bullet
I will be sure to have my revenge on you too!
Several days after leaving the kingdom,
we arrived in Lanaritta.
Lanaritta is a free city
located east of the imperial capital.
Theif! Return that!
You scoundrel!
A free city sounds nice in theory,
but it's rife with crime and illegal business.
It's a chaotic city where anything goes.
Delicious. This food is very good.
It's yummy.
But I think the food you make from monsters
when we're travelling is even better.
Freiya, don't drink that water.
I think I told you, but my right eye is special.
This water is poisoned.
I suspect that the water source for this town
has been contaminated by monster carcasses.
If the water is contaminated, then does that mean
the food is dangerous too?
Well, since the poison is weak to heat,
if it's cooked then it's fine.
Once the carcasses have rotted away,
then the contamination may stop too,
so it may be fine to just leave things as they are.
Phew. That's a relief.
It isn't that serious.
It depends on the amount as well, but that poison is
the kind that will make one ill with a high fever,
while they suffer and writhe about as stabbing pain
courses through the entire body for about two months.
That is extremely serious, isn't it?
They are experiencing the onset of early symptoms.
About a week will pass
before it spreads completely.
Are you thinking about something
very, very bad, Lord Keyarga?
No, I'm not.
I'd be happy to save the people of this city.
Lord Keyarga, what are you doing?
Isn't that water poisoined?
Don't worry.
I'm going to make a potion for an antidote.
Medicine? You're always so helpful, Lord Keyarga.
I'll drink the poison, my body will make antibodies,
and then I'll use heal to multiply them.
Once I synthesize the refined antibodies
with this solution of medicinal herb components
and synthetic wrought gold,
it's all done.
That's amazing, Lord Keyarga!
You can become the hero of this city!
I have no intention of becoming a hero.
My, how humble of you!
Lord Keyarga, you are a
wonderful person of character!
You wanna fight then?!
You little punk!
Where you goin', hey!
Leave here, immediately!
That merchant seems good.
Very interesting.
A specific remedy for the disease
plaguing this city, you say?
Yes, and I'd very much like to
make a deal with you two.
Oh? Well, now
But though you call it a specific remedy,
I can't immediately take your word for it.
Any proof that this is legitimate?
Since the timing seems to be perfect,
how about trying it for yourself?
Eh? What do you mean by that?
I believe you know what I mean
Your body feels oddly sluggish.
Only the right half of your body is cold.
You have rashes, and a cough.
Please give it a try.
Your assistant may have some as well.
My body feels light!
The cough and the sluggishness that I had until now
have vanished, I can hardly believe it!
I see!
Well then, let us negotiate.
I do want the medicine,
but would you be willing to sell me the recipe?
I can't do that.
It's a secret remedy passed down through my family.
A secret remedy, eh? That's too bad
We have this, and one more box.
All together, there are 28 doses
ready for you this time.
How does one gold piece per dose sound?
Hm Very well.
If you prepare more for us,
we will also purchase all of those.
I'll make more for you.
Then I'll come here again
in two day's time, at dusk.
I look forward to that.
Well then, here are your 28 gold pieces.
By the way, I'll let you name the price
from next time on.
As such, I would like half of the profits you receive.
However, if you prove to be untrustworthy in business,
I won't sell you any more medicine.
I'll sell it to someone else.
Please grant me your continued favor!
Well then, I look forward to seeing you again.
Lord Keyarga, why are you trusting that man?
You would profit more if you sold it yourself.
It's faster and more reliable to trust
a professional merchant to sell it.
We don't have time for that in our journey.
And also for our safety.
The more people that know
that I can make medicine,
the higher the possibility that I'll be targeted
by those wanting to make money.
I want to avoid the trouble.
That makes sense.
Where are we going now, then?
There's something I want to buy.
Something you want to buy?
Where are we?
The slave dealer's.
A slave?
Yes, since when push comes to shove,
it can even be used as a living shield.
What? Is that bad?
Well, don't you pity them?
It's awful that they lose their freedom
and are forced to follow orders!
You're one to talk
Oh, it was nothing.
An explorer is more valuable
than a slave, you know.
Freiya, you are truly devoted to me, right?
But unlike you, explorers move according to
their own circumstances and will.
A slave that will do as I say
is more useful than people like that.
I get it! It's something we need
for you to save the world, right?
Come on, move your feet!
Oh my, do be gentle with him!
I want a slave.
Excuse me, sir, but the merchandise
here at this store is rather expensive.
Pardon me!
Now then, what sort of slave do we seek today?
Labor? Combat?
Or perhaps you'd like a sex slave?
One for combat. Are there any others?
Of course there are.
Here are the slaves used for combat.
What do you think?
Nothing catches my eye.
Is this all of them?
If you want any other ones,
there are quite a few injured
Please show me those as well.
As you wish.
Here they are.
As you can see, these are stricken with disease,
and before long this merchandise
will be disposed of.
From the poisoned water, maybe?
One of the Ice Wolf Clan?
I guess the poison has affected her too.
Pain that would cause even a large adult to thrash about,
is something she can withstand, huh?
Sir, that one is a reject.
She is most certainly strong, but there is no hope
of her getting any stronger in the future,
so I'm not sure about using her as a combat slave
Not bad But I understand.
She can't get any stronger than this, huh?
She was taken as a sex slave,
but she was so violently tempered
the tamer judged her to be beyond recovery
To make matters worse, she has a strange illness
Are you alright, sir?
Yes, completely fine. Thanks.
Blue eyes like a beautiful jewel,
and a dark grudge from the bowels of hell
It's like there's something that she loathes
so very much she can't stand it.
I'm going to buy you.
If you come with me, I'll let you get your revenge.
You hate them, right?
You hate them so much you want to kill them, right?
If so, then come with me.
I'll take this one.
Are you insane?
If you try to bring her back later
you will not receive a refund, you know!
No need to say that.
This girl is me.
She holds a deep resentment towards something.
It's deep, so deep, so thoroughly bottomless.
When she has killed that person
that she hates so profoundly,
I wonder what the look on her face will be like
I'm going to look forward to seeing that.
Wh-what is the meaning of this?!
This man is not the Hero of Recovery
he is the commander of the imperial guard, Leonard?!
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