Redo of Healer (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

The Healer Gets Setsuna!

This was a great purchase.
Sir, please visit again if you prefer girls
from that same Ice Wolf Clan.
We should receive a sizeable shipment
of merchandise before long
The Healer Acquires Setsuna!
Is it really smart to remove a slave's collar?
She would still do as I say,
even if she didn't have a collar.
Now then
First, I'll restore her health.
Why can't I become stronger,
even though I'm working so hard?
They'll find our village.
This is bad!
You look like you'll fetch a fairly high price.
I see
With their dying breaths, other members of the clan
told the mercenaries of the village,
and Setsuna was sold to a slave trader.
We should receive a sizeable shipment
of merchandise before long
Her village was attacked and the Ice Wolf Clan
was captured en masse.
I saw this in the imperial guard Leonard's memories.
Within the Gioral Imperial Army,
there were troops dressed as mercenaries
who attacked a village of demi-humans
and sold them all off as slaves.
She wants revenge on the humans
that killed her friends.
Those humans are the Gioral Imperial Army
Making the princess murder the soldiers of
her own beloved country sounds like fun, too
I will gladly make your desires come true.
Ten gold pieces for one potion, huh?
How does that sound?
Not a bad price.
Well then
Do your best to make me a lot of money
I will do just that.
I do hope you will continue doing business
with me, Ledra Goldman, in the future!
I'm shocked.
That Goldman guy didn't try to trick me or anything.
I thought he'd have me surrounded by a mob
and demand a recipe for the medicine from me.
It's nice that your deal went well, isn't it?
With this money we can make
a modest living for our entire lives!
We could if we were ordinary people.
But if we're going on a journey to save the world,
we're not done until we buy
a magic sword or a sorcerer's robe.
Let's make some more money!
It's wonderful that we can help people
while making money!
She's still hasn't woken up, has she?
She was quite weak when we got her
But she's regained her physical strength.
She should wake up soon.
You can tell?
What did you do to me?!
That was a very rude thing for you to do!
That man that attacked me!
He's the bad one!
You're wrong!
Lord Keyarga has been looking after you!
He was only making you drink a potion just now!
No you're lying.
Lord Keyarga took care of you
the whole time and everything!
It was worth it to make a big show
of fussing over her
And this is how you treat Lord Keyarga?!
I feel no pain at all.
My body feels light.
I misunderstood! I'm sorry for hitting you!
As long as you understand, it's okay.
I'm glad you're better now.
I'll introduce myself once again.
I'm Keyarga.
I am Setsuna.
A proud Ice Wolf Clan warrior.
Setsuna, huh? I like that name.
Sorry, but would you mind going out
to get dinner for us?
I want to eat in my room today.
Sure, we'll also celebrate Setsuna's recovery,
so I'll get something a bit extravagant for us.
Be back soon!
Thanks for saving me.
The Ice Wolf Clan is one who repays
the favors granted to them, without fail.
But I really have to leave!
I'm sorry!
Aren't you curious as to why your
slave collar has been removed?
Because I am infinitely stronger
than you are, Setsuna.
I don't need a collar to make you do as I say.
Keyarga what are you?
I'm a simple alchemist.
About your Ice Wolf Clan village
It's still safe.
However, soldiers may arrive there
as early as tomorrow.
It's pointless!
You're weak enough to get pinned down
by an alchemist like me!
What could you possibly do?
No matter how painstaking your efforts,
for some reason you cannot become stronger.
Am I right?
Right now, you're like this cup.
Since the vessel for your strength
that you were born with is small,
no matter how hard you work,
it can't hold all of it and quickly overflows.
That means this vessel cannot get any stronger.
However, I can make the vessel several times larger.
There would still be plenty of room for more
even if I poured all the contents of this pitcher into it
Much, much stronger.
I can become stronger?
Yes. I have the ability of the master swordsman.
Because I am an exceptional hero.
A hero
If that's true, and if I can really be stronger
if I can protect everyone, then I'll do anything!
There's one requirement for me
to give you my power.
You must reveal your true name
You understand what that entails, yes?
My true name is the name carved into my soul.
Once you know that, you may control
demi-humans like me as you see fit.
That's right.
I will truly be your slave for my entire life, Keyarga.
Are you okay with that?
It's fine.
But I'm telling you so I can save my village.
So if you don't, I can't trust you.
Now what?
To make your vessel larger
for you to become stronger,
I will use my abilities as a hero!
This is your future, Setsuna!
My future
Now choose.
Are you going to take hold of the future
with your own hands,
or just give it all up?
I want to change.
I want to get stronger and protect everyone
I want the strength to kill humans.
And so
I'm going to take hold of the future!
I see that you're ready.
What should I do?
Now I can become stronger yes.
I can feel it. I feel it stirring in my chest.
I'm becoming stronger.
Yes, you're stronger.
My eye can see that you are.
That's the first time you've smiled.
Okay, next is the direct method.
You mean, you and I will
Let's make love to efficiently strengthen you.
B-but I have never done that before.
Is that so.
If you're scared, you don't have to.
Please give it to me.
Lord Keyarga I've become even stronger.
I know now. I will never
let go of my future again!
I feel it. My power is rising!
At last At last, I can get even stronger.
Now, I can kill them.
I rather like girls that will do their best.
I'll help you get your revenge
with all I have.
The battle hasn't started yet.
We made it just in time.
It's awful that they will play with
people's lives for money.
Whether they're aligned with soldiers of
the Gioral Kingdom or not, it's inexcusable!
This is how they're trying to lure
the warriors of the Ice Wolf Clan out.
Like you right now, Setsuna.
I don't intend to make you just stand
and stare at something
that is more painful than death to witness.
I'm going to thin out the crowd
so you can get your revenge.
You can wait a little, right, Setsuna?
Okay, good girl.
She's very good at understanding
how to properly "wait"!
Do exactly as planned.
Okay. You can count on me.
Well let's head out.
I'll set the stage with all of my abilities
so you can get the revenge you want.
We are Heroes of the Sword!
Did he say "Heroes of the Sword?"
Lady Blade?!
Our sword is the sword of justice!
Justice against the cruel individuals that would
attack an innocent demi-human village!
We will cut you down in the name of justice!
Bloom, flowers of blood:
Vivid Blood Petals!
I can't tell what the hell is going on!
The Hero of the Sword is using
Krylet's sword techniques?!
N-no That's the hero of the swords-
Human life sure is fleeting
Hear me, warriors of the Ice Wolf Clan!
I am a Hero of the Sword.
I am here in response to the tears and desires
of Setsuna, a young girl of the Ice Wolf Clan.
She's alive?
I shall proclaim once again:
I enforce justice.
The brutality of those cretins is unjustifiable.
Their blood will rust my blade.
What is he doing?
Get him!
Level five magic: Falling Star!
Just as I'd expect from
Hero of Magic, Princess Flare!
Of course she would massacre
her former subordinates
with the highest level of magic a human can use!
Well, I did make her do it, though.
Now then
You were nice and patient.
From here on, you have the principal role!
My god, she's smiling
I'm very glad she's enjoying this.
There's an aesthetic to my revenge.
I will not kill anyone who has not harmed me.
However, this is revenge for Setsuna.
And so, I'll exert as much power as I like!
Is that Setsuna?
It's her!
Follow Setsuna's lead!
We're done.
Freiya, who came about
after her memory was erased,
has none of the wickedness
that Princess Flare did.
Did the environment of the Gioral Kingdom
make the waste of a person that Flare was?
When Flare disappeared, this nation may have
brought forth any number of replacements.
What I should really get my revenge on
is the nation itself.
This nation is shit.
I have to bring it to an end.
The battle ended in an overwhelming victory
for the Ice Wolf Clan.
Oh, Lord Keyarga
This is the source of the strange illness?
Yes. This is the doing of the Ice Wolf Clan.
They probably tried to get revenge
on the humans that kidnapped you and
your friends with the demon poison.
They truly thought hard about this.
Now then, Setsuna. I'll ask you
I can strengthen the poison, and you can kill
more of the humans that you despise.
Conversely, I could make the river flow
with medicine, and cure the humans.
I'll let you choose which one.
Lord Keyarga, cure everyone.
I want you to make this into medicine.
Are you sure about that?
Humans suffering is good.
But, the suffering of people that have nothing to do
with this like me and my friends is hard to bear.
Lord Keyarga I'm alive!
I'm alive now!
How is it? How do you feel about sullying
your hands to kill someone you hate?
It feels good I enjoyed it.
Did you?
I was in a daze, and I killed and killed
and before I knew it
I had become completely numb.
My mind was blank and tears fell.
Oh. Do you regret this?
I don't.
It's what I've always wanted.
I longed for this.
I made them feel at least one tiny bit
of the pain that my clan and I felt.
Then what do you fear?
What are you frightened of?
I I want to do it more.
It's still not enough.
I still want more.
It's still not enough
I won't kill humans with poison.
That method is boring
If I'm going to do it at all,
it will be directly with these claws.
That is an excellent answer!
Setsuna is corrupted.
Perhaps even more than I am.
You promised to let me get revenge
and save the members of the Ice Wolf Clan
So I will give you all of me.
Lord Keyarga, my real name
My true name is
Setsuna told me her real name.
She's mine now.
I'll spoil Setsuna from here on, until I die.
I expected her fight to be painful and solitary,
but she fully enjoyed it.
Now then, what will I do next?
I am absolutely going to give
Blade and Bullet hell
And there are a lot of other things I want to do.
This world is mine.
Right I've just started to get my revenge.
I wish to kill you.
Your incompetence killed my beautiful Flare!
However Flare put her trust in you.
Therefore, Leonard, Commander of
the Imperial Army and incompetent fellow,
I shall grant you a chance to
restore your reputation.
Capture the real Hero of Recovery, Keyaru.
I bestow you with all the
necessary authority to do so.
Yes, your majesty.
I will use everything in my power
to make certain I do!
I can have my revenge on that man.
With these hands With these hands!
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