Redo of Healer (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

The Healer Finds a New Toy!

Hey, did you hear?
Yeah. About the troop that got wiped out, right?
No, I hear there were a few that escaped,
and they got captured in Lanritter.
Idiots, they get charged with death
for desertion under enemy fire.
According to their testimony
a hero of the sword appeared and attacked them.
That's not possible, it's gotta be an imposter.
But they said he used it
Used what?
Krylet's sword technique.
The Hero Finds a New Toy!
Two beautiful women underneath a blue sky.
This is picture perfect.
Setsuna is just like a bear.
Well Guess I'll have some fun too.
Th-this is so sudden!
Do you hate surprises?
I don't hate them
We're in such a bright place
And also
Yeah, you're right.
Come here, Freia.
What do you think, Freia?
Can you see it?
Yes It's very interesting!
Well? This is good too, right?
It felt good, but
I like it better when it's just the two of us.
What a cute thing to say.
U-um, Lord Keyarga?
I, uh want you to take care of me too.
It's only fair
I really don't want to be in this area
Don't worry, we won't go near the slave traders.
And this is the last day we'll come here.
It's the last day?
The poison has been removed from the water source.
There will be less of the illnesses in a few days.
That means we're also done selling the potions.
Hey, mister
Is that Ice Wolf girl your slave?
Wanna sell her to me?
I wanna take real good care of her.
Here, this should be enough for her, yeah?
That isn't nearly enough.
If you want her,
bring me a thousand gold pieces.
What? Why you
Who the hell are you mouthing off to?
I'm gonna murder you!
You're gonna break it! It's gonna break!
Well done. You've gotten stronger.
You're gonna break it! It's gonna break!
Well done. You've gotten stronger.
All thanks to you taking care of me every day
Ow! It hurts!
Soon, you won't feel the pain anymore.
I see
You're one of the deserting soldiers who
survived the attack on the Ice Wolf Clan village.
What a shame.
For the crime of fleeing
in the face of the enemy, you get death.
The time it took you to get here concerned me.
I thought you may have
gone back on our agreement.
We ran into an acquaintance on the way here.
I see. Well then
Now, shall we start our dealings, Lord Keyarga?
I've never given you my name.
You're every bit the shrewd
businessman, Ledra Goldman.
Or, should I call you by your true name
I want you to tell me the recipe for the potion.
Business partners that would like the manufacture of
the product on a wider scale have come along
We need the supply.
Meaning you couldn't deny those business partners
because they have more status
and wealth than you, eh?
All those guys work for you too, don't they?
Then, including you and
those bodyguards of yours
how many corpses should I make?
It's a pain but it has to be done.
You're very powerful, Lord Keyarga,
but I wonder if you can do that
while protecting those two.
Lord Keyarga
We'll fight. too.
Yes. That's right.
What is it that you're misunderstanding?
These two are my weapons.
Even if I have to sacrifice them to do it,
I'm going to kill every one of you.
It's very simple.
Y-you are bluffing
Come try me.
However, though, I want to avoid breaking
my hard-won weapons in a matter as trivial as this.
For the price of five hundred gold pieces,
I'll sell you the recipe.
We've reached an agreement then.
I'm only saying this once, so listen closely.
It's truly unfortunate that you had to sell
the secrets to your potion.
I'm annoyed. I'm still not strong enough.
It's all right.
It really doesn't matter in the slightest.
He's the one losing out.
Even if he makes it according to the recipe,
he can't replicate the potion.
Antibodies that I've made internally
are necessary to complete the potion,
but they don't know that.
The illness will wind down on it's own soon,
and that merchant will be at a loss
of a whole 500 gold pieces.
To add to that, his partners
will meet a miserable fate.
You're always so clever, Lord Keyarga!
Yes, I feel better.
The great swordsman
Kureha Krylet.
Unsurprising that you were able to block that.
Your sword is unmistakably one of Krylet.
I couldn't believe there was a user
outside of my family.
Who in the world are you?
I had no idea I would suddenly get slashed,
but perhaps you've mistaken me for someone else.
You are the felon who killed
soldiers of the empire.
You must die.
A few days ago, a village of
the Ice Wolf Clan was attacked
by a user with the uncommon abilities
of the Krylet sword.
The army that tried to protect the village
was annihilated by that swordsman.
I cannot allow you to bring disgrace
upon the pride of our Krylet family sword!
Yes, it was you!
It's the opposite!
Lord Keyarga is the one who
protected the Ice Wolf Clan village
that was attacked by the imperial army!
That's true!
The soldiers were trying to sell
the members of the village off as slaves,
and Lord Keyarga saved them!
Oh. So this is what's happening.
A scoundrel has attacked a village
and brainwashed girls into telling lies
Seems I have to cut you down here
after all, Lord Keyarga.
This isn't going to work, then
All this, when you actually owe me your life.
What are you talking about?
Oh, it's nothing.
I will behead you, right here and now.
If I do that, those girls should
come back to their senses.
Great Swordsman Kureha Krylet,
you are strong and beautiful, and I respect you.
But will you really become my enemy?
Yes, I will.
You won't get away with treating
Lord Keyarga like a criminal!
Have a little rest.
You two are only being used by that man.
This woman she injured Freia
she injured my property.
Who are you?
Oh, Kureha Krylet.
How are you this foolish?
Darn I have no choice but to break you then!
Exactly what I'd expect of a monster.
Setsuna, keep out of this.
Stand back and learn.
You can do it, Lord Keyarga.
Can you see me?
Huh, I wonder
Why did you choose this path,
though you possess such remarkable skill?
She's strong.
She's a genuinely unconventional monster.
What a shame
It's truly unfortunate that she will be broken.
Lord Keyarga!
You used magic that eats away
at my sword while defending, eh?
It's alchemic magic through the sword.
That mastery of the sword,
the strengthening of physical ability,
the eating away of the sword,
and the magic to heal wounds
I'll ask once more: Who are you?
I'll tell you if you let me off the hook.
You're kidding. I keep finding fewer reasons
to let a nuisance like you get away.
That's too bad.
Is this what you're doing?
Are you trying to exhaust me
so I get sluggish with my blade?
I wouldn't dare.
You are struggling in vain.
Maybe I am.
What's wrong, great swordsman?
Not feeling too good?
What did you
You want me to reveal my strategy?
Now then, shall we continue?
Overcoming the aphrodisiac
with her own effort, huh?
I am going to chop up that dingy sword
I will bring this to an end.
I'll finish this, just as you wish!
Exactly as I expected!
But you couldn't exceed expectations, Kureha!
Stop it!
Th-this can't be
Lord Keyarga!
The blade that protects the kingdom
has been broken, right in two.
Lord Keyarga, your fight with her was amazing.
Beyond amazing.
Now I'm concerned about getting to that level
You have talent, Setsuna.
An exceptional talent good enough
to beat people like me and her.
You'll reach that level some day.
I'm very sorry. I was defeated so easily
It's alright, you are a magician after all.
But you could do with some close combat training.
Setsuna, give Freia some training in that.
Thank you.
Now, I have a favor to ask of you too, Freia.
Okay! What is it? I'll do anything you ask!
First, can you do some acting for me?
What did you do to me?
I'm just someone who saw
what the kingdom has done.
That's a lie!
The Gioral Kingdom is the sword and shield
that protects humanity from the demons!
They would never do something so dreadful!
The humanity that the Gioral Kingdom should be
protecting doesn't include the demi-humans.
You also routinely see
demi-human slaves in the kingdom.
Where do you think those slaves come from?
A village is attacked, they are abducted, and then sold.
You should return to the imperial capital
and see for yourself.
If you search the shadows the truth is plain to see.
Go back to the imperial capital
Do you intend to set me free?
If I wanted to kill you
I would have already done that.
But I respect you, Kureha, as a great swordsman.
And I hate that that Kureha
is being deceived by the kingdom.
The Hero of Recovery, Keyaru
You said you owed me your life
This is even harder to believe.
You're the felon that killed Princess Flare
You will not get away with that!
I understand why you think that,
but I didn't kill Flare.
Yet again, more lies!
It is not a lie.
It's been too long,
Great Swordsman Kureha Krylet.
P-Princess Flare!
I can't believe you are alive!
Keyaru saved my life.
We inquired into the darker sides
of the kingdom in an attempt to expose it.
But the commander of the
imperial guard Leonard realized this,
imprisoned Keyaru, and tried to silence me.
I faked my death and left the castle.
I would not be here if not for Keyaru.
We also protected the Ice Wolf village
from the imperial soldiers.
Now, we are on a journey to save the world,
in the true sense.
I had come to believe that fighting for
the kingdom was the just thing to do
You have done nothing wrong.
You were simply taking the proper actions
as a great swordsman of the kingdom.
I will give you time.
Please, give some thought to
your past and your future.
That was a wonderful performance, Freia
You were the perfect Princess Flare.
Well, I suppose it was natural,
considering you are the princess.
I tried to kill the one I am in indebted to.
I hurt the ones trying to rectify the world.
I'm going to consider what justice is once again.
I want to decide what it is
I should be wielding the blade for.
As promised, I will assist you.
Please allow me to make amends.
Is this really okay?
Yes. This will be my redemption.
I don't mind doing this with you.
I'm happy to hear that.
She's completely given in.
Now Kureha will do as I say.
Just you wait, Hero of Recovery.
I am eager to get my revenge on you!
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