Redo of Healer (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

The Healer Sheds Blood and Tears!

Kureha Isn't it hard to eat like this?
Y-yes. I'm sorry, Keyarga.
Here you go.
A message to the Hero of Recovery!
We know that you are lurking in this city!
Surrender peacefully!
Who are they?
Those aren't demi-human slaves. They're humans.
Why is the imperial army in Lanritter?
Those people are from my village.
The Healer Sheds Blood and Tears!
The Hero of Recovery Keyaru
is the miscreant who murdered Princess Flare
and set fire to the castle!
As decreed by Commander Leonard
of the Imperial Guard,
if anyone should have any information concerning
the whereabouts of the miscreant must report it!
Anyone with valuable information
will receive a reward!
They're being used as bait to lure me out.
The Gioral Kingdom is truly unforgivable!
Kureha, will you find out
what's happened to my home village?
You're the only one I can trust
to gather information on the kingdom.
I will take care of that.
I'm sure you will succeed.
I'll do my best.
Well? Did you find out anything?
Commander Leonard!
As of this moment, there has been
no useful information.
Incompetent fools!
Even I know this is true
That man is undoubtedly in this city!
The ache in this wound tells me so!
Hero of Recovery, you will not get away with this!
Just looking at this face disgusts me!
I will make sure I kill that bastard!
Keyarga. About your home village
Is it already too late?
The village was attacked on the pretext of
the Hero of Recovery being a heretic
and the village also holding heretical beliefs.
This is well done, for children's story.
That would be the sort of thing Leonard exceeds at.
Lord Keyarga, you look like you're enjoying this.
I'm not.
I'm sad.
And I'm angry.
Thanks. Keep gathering information.
Okay, I will.
I'm going out for a little while.
Lord Keyarga?
Where are you going?
If Leonard wants to see me
I'll go meet him.
Surrender, Hero of Recovery!
Useful information will earn a reward!
Darn! This is all his fault
Anna isn't there. I hope she's safe.
That guy will work.
Surrender, Hero of Recovery!
Who are you?
Morlett, it's me!
Murta! You're alive?
Did you hear about the Ice Wolf village?
There was a swordsman, strong as a monster,
and I ran away after he almost killed me.
Desertion warrants the death penalty,
but I want to come back to the army.
Will you help me out?
I will if I can
You don't have to do a lot.
Just taking this to Commander Leonard will be good.
I owe you.
We're friends, aren't we?
I'll be sure he gets this.
H-hey, who were all those people
being dragged around?
Hm? Oh
Those people are from the same village as the
Hero of Recovery who killed Princess Flare and fled.
It'd been awhile since I enjoyed a manhunt!
You've done a lot of those too, right?
Y-yeah, I have
It was especially good when
the commander violated the woman
said to be the one who raised the
Hero of Recovery in front of the whole village!
Wish I could've been there
I witnessed a masterpiece!
And she was a nice piece, too!
See you later.
That woman
was the last bit of good in my conscience
Thanks to her, I didn't lose all hope in humanity.
My one and only ally in this world.
The one who gave me unconditional love
and asked nothing in return
She was so precious to me
Are you Murta?
Commander Leonard, of the Imperial Guard
I am so grateful you would
take the trouble to come to such a place.
You know where that Hero of Recovery is, don't you?
Where? Where is he?!
F-first, if I give you this information you must
no, I would like you to promise
I can return to the army.
If the information proves correct,
I will have the charge of desertion
dropped by my own authority.
Th-thank you so much!
Tell me now.
Where is he?! Speak!
He is right in front of you!
Huh? In front of me?
You bastard!
Oh my. Has it finally taken effect?
The neurotoxin incense I'm burning.
Pretty stupid of you, huh?
And you even knew that I could
change appearances!
You may be a little overconfident.
I'll kill you! I'll kill you!
Thanks to you, I-
Stop it!
Stop Keyaru?
What is this?!
I'm going to let you experience fear,
hopelessness, and suffering.
Just like Anna did.
The person you violated!
Oh, that woman!
So that's what her name was.
I had no idea.
I see! You were in love that woman, eh?
I had a great time with her!
Both her looks and her body just did things to me!
I violated her in front of everyone in the village!
It was quite the big event
with all the villagers staring at us!
That's what you get!
Did you want to sleep with her too?!
You did, didn't you?!
Too bad for you, Hero of Recovery!
Are you listening, you bastard?!
Here's what I think.
You can do cruel things to other people
because you don't understand other people's pain.
You all are always at fault.
The grief of the weak
Their fear, their sadness,
you don't know any of it.
Y-you can't be serious.
Experience the pain and fear of the weak!
H-help me!
I was wrong! Please help me!
I'm sorry! Forgive me!
How many people have you killed
who said just that?
Are you completely heartless?!
A heart
I had one. And so did those people.
Due to all the blood and tears
you made us shed, we are empty.
Stop it!
Anna! Anna!
Anna Come on! Heal!
Heal! Heal! Heal!
Heal! Heal!
When you're down, the warmth of
someone's body will make you feel better.
Please let us know if we start to bother you.
We'll leave you alone.
I won't be gentle with you today.
That's fine I belong to you.
Me too. Do what you want with me.
Lord Keyarga
You're crying.
I'm crying?
That's right.
I'm feeling sadness.
I thought I had completely shed
all my blood and tears,
but I still had some tears left.
This is the last time I will cry.
I will let all of them out here.
I'll wash away my emotions
and I will make sure
I get my revenge on this country!
Leonard has gone missing?
Goodness, if my sister Flare is garbage,
of course the people under her would be that way.
Ugh, jeez, even after giving him the plan to
paint the Hero of Recovery as a heretic
and taking the people of his village as hostages
How irritating.
Isn't that right
Oh, well!
Guess I'll just have to execute his entire village!
I do hope that Keyaru shows his face soon!
For now, just for assurance,
I suppose I'll call on the Hero of the Sword
Oh, but Blade does truly sicken me.
Ugh, I don't want to.
I don't have much of a choice, though.
They've decided on a date for the execution.
It will be in five days at the colosseum.
Of course, this is all to lure you out.
In the colosseum, huh?
That place is dangerous.
They make a show of combat
between demi-humans and demons,
and there are mechanisms in place
to ensure the safety of the spectators.
Also, there are only two entryways,
and those have heavy metal doors.
What's more, they can set up
two kinds of magical barriers.
Barriers that can shut the colosseum in,
or even worse, barriers that can
absorb any powers or abilities.
Keyarga, do you really intend to go save
the people of your village?
That is suicidal behavior.
Aren't you afraid of dying?
I am afraid.
Of course I'm afraid.
Then why?
Because this is what must be done
to fix this country.
That's why Flare and I became Freia and Keyarga.
If no one takes action, there will be a second
and third Ice Wolf Clan or village incident.
If I'm preventing that,
then risking my life is worth it.
If you've thought that much about it
Then I will stop protesting.
I will help you!
Thank you.
By the way, I hear Princess Norn
has returned from her studies abroad.
What's wrong?
N-nothing is wrong.
It just got chilly, all of a sudden.
Is it a cold? Are you okay?
Princess Norn is a cheerful and cute person.
I'd like to liberate her from a country
in which an incorrect justice flourishes.
Yes I would, too.
Well, I'll be off then.
She must be joking about wanting to liberate her!
She's a devil who relentlessly deals out abuse
without a change in expression.
She's an abnormal deviant.
In my first life, after being used
by Flare and everyone,
I still kept up the performance
though I had come back to my senses.
It was all so I could obtain
the Philosopher's Stone and redo my life.
But on the way to subdue the demon lord
When she had dropped in at the base
that was set inside on demon territory
So this is the Hero of Recovery, Keyaru.
You're my big sister Flare's pet.
What's this? I heard you were broken
and drug dependent but
you're all better now.
Flare truly is a foolish one, right?
It's ridiculous she hasn't realized
that you've recovered.
Why are you still acting like that?
Well, it doesn't matter.
Huh? What do you mean?
You know what I mean.
You don't want my sister
and the others to know, right?
Okay, here's what we'll do.
I will keep quiet about you being lucid.
You're grateful for that, right?
Provided that you
watch my sister.
After all, that sister of mine
has a lot of things to hide.
Got that?
Good! I do like smart dogs.
This is great!
You're one of that woman's favorites,
so I can make use of you too.
And one more thing:
One more?
You will do the same thing to me
that you're doing to my sister.
Did you just beg?
Did you just beg?!
Oh goodness, my sister!
What else? Is there anything else?
Well I
You what?
Good grief, that's just like my sister.
Do the same thing to me.
You want me to stay quiet, right?
I went completely numb.
She had seen through everything.
What do I do?
Should I do away with her?
No. As of right now, Norn hasn't done
anything to me in this life.
She isn't the target of my revenge
Going after her goes against my aesthetics.
If she does become my target,
I'll treat her like a priority.
In this world, even if she can kill me,
she'd probably be the only one.
But, if Norn suggested the whole
heretic thing to Leonard
I've grown nervous.
If I were only going to kill everyone it'd be simple.
But where saving the villagers is concerned,
it instantly gets much more difficult.
Roughly fourty people.
Does that mean everyone else has been killed?
Hurry and get started!
Kill them!
Execute them!
This is all because humans
are such hideously cruel creatures.
These people who live in a heretical village
disobey the teachings of God
and believe the murmurs of the devil.
Furthermore, Hero of Recovery Keyaru
has been corrupted by the wickedness
of those warped teachings,
and he has brought about the death of
the merciful saint, Princess Flare.
Oh, Princess Flare!
He must not live!
Here and now, we will begin the execution
of the entire root cause at its source.
However, the heretical devil currently resides in
the body of Hero of Recovery, Keyaru.
All evil intent is concentrated in just one person.
Hero Keyaru!
If you, who has swallowed all evil intent die,
the devil will return to Hell
and the villagers will be released.
If there is still a human heart in you, come forward!
This is to save everyone!
And also, to have your own soul
saved upon your death!
You won't come forward, then?
Well then, let the execution begin!
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