Redo of Healer (2021) s01e07 Episode Script

The Healer Executes Justice!

The Healer Executes Justice!
He is here!
The miscreant that murdered Princess Flare!
The Hero of Recovery, possessed by a devil, Keyaru!
Kill him!
Kill him!
This is quite the welcome.
I'm getting excited.
Now, Keyaru! Lay down your life!
If you die, you will save the villagers!
We are merciful.
Your burial will be one worthy of a human
and not a demon. Do not worry!
You don't take me seriously, do you?
Why do you think you can kill me
at your current level?
Gibberish! Capture him!
Yes, sir!
You damn devil
Adding yet more crimes, are you?
I'm only here to save my fellow villagers
from meeting such a cruel fate.
This is justice.
You call this justice?!
D-don't move, Hero of Recovery, Keyaru!
You understand what will happen
if you move any closer?!
Tell me, what will happen if I move?
K-kill them!
Well now! Four villagers have died
due to your actions!
Due to my actions?
What are you talking about?
People died because you were defiant!
That isn't true.
It was your fault.
You all killed them, right?
You killed four people, because I saved one.
Blaming crimes on others is the epitome of filth.
And I am the victim who had people
I loved from my village killed.
So they may rest peacefully
and as a memorial for the dead
I seek revenge.
Wait! Wait!
The more you resist the more villagers will die!
It's alright.
Even if they are killed,
I'll be sure get the revenge I want.
Do it! Kill them!
Do none of you have any human conscience?
I must kill all of you now and save the villagers.
When that's done, I'll have avenged the dead.
That's two birds with one stone.
He's lost it
He's gone mad.
You damn devil!
That was rude.
You're acting just like a lunatic.
The only thing you can do now is die, right?
The barrier!
Activate the barrier!
Oh no, guess I'm in for it now.
This barrier traps the person inside
and drains their stamina and magic.
Wearing a particular jewel will prevent
those things from happening.
Did they think I wouldn't do anything
when I knew this was a trap?
I made it so that the barrier would affect
anything that the jewel is attached to.
And it's strong at that.
Yes, dye me in red!
Do an unsightly dance!
That is a suitable end for you bastards!
The necklaces!
Take off the necklaces!
What? I thought this would be a total massacre.
Wh-what did you do?!
The barrier has been broken, right?
There is no way
That was a fairly entertaining show.
You heretical hero
But unfortuntely for you
The barrier itself is functioning!
No matter the abnormal skill you use,
you won't be able to escape!
I will show you no more lenience!
You will meet your death through torture!
It's shocking there are some who enjoy
being caged with a wild beast.
You lot are actually the ones who can't escape, right?
Well? What are you pleased about?
S-stay away! I'll kill every one of them!
Then I have no choice but to do my best
so even one less person will die.
I'll go ahead and say it:
I'll kill the ones with their backs facing me first.
Those of you that want to die,
turn your back on me to kill the villagers.
Hey, what's wrong?
No one's going to move?
Were you just bluffing about killing the villagers?
It's poison?
I see, you planned on killing everyone
from the beginning.
Now I can freely kill you all.
There is no need to hold back anymore.
This is a massacre.
W-we know nothing about this!
We did not do this!
What is it?
What's going on?
They are heretics, yes?
Of course they will die.
I am the firstborn princess of the Gioral Empire,
Hero of Magic, Flare Earlgrande Gioral.
Princess Flare!
It can't be!
She's alive?!
There is something I want to tell you all.
It is the truth that I learned
about the Gioral Kingdom.
The kingdom repeatedly performs the evil deed
of attacking demi-human villages
and selling them off as slaves.
In addition, the war with the magical beings
is all an arrangement to gain profit.
Just like now, if there is a village or city
that the kingdom considers inconvenient,
it will be branded heretical and then destroyed.
I touched upon the darkness of the empire,
and was targeted by an assassin.
The Hero of Recovery Keyaru pretended to murder me,
and got me out of the castle.
Do not be deceived!
Princess Flare was murdered by this man!
This princess is an imposter!
She cannot possibly still be alive!
He's right.
That may be an imposter.
Who should we believe?
Level 6 Magic:
Fixed Star!
It has to be her!
Princess Flare is the only one who can do that!
Princess Flare! Princess Flare! Princess Flare!
Do not believe her! She's an imposter!
I'm sure of it!
Everyone, please listen.
Up until now, the Hero of Recovery Keyaru
has taken care of me and helped me escape.
Keyaru told me I could be happy as a normal girl.
I accepted his offer,
turned a blind eye on the darkness of the kingdom,
and I was prepared to live as an ordinary girl.
But my naivete
led to tragedy, much like this one.
I can no longer run away.
I will fight against the darkness of the kingdom.
Impressive, Princess.
Your self-obsession makes the audience
obsessed as well.
An excellent speech.
But the two of us alone cannot win.
This country is abnormal.
If you do not take action, you all may be
the next to be destroyed for no reason.
Please rise up, to protect the people precious to you,
and the true meaning of peace.
I believe in the courage of all of you,
and in justice.
The fuse has been lit.
Now it will burn even if left alone.
It's time.
K-Keyaru Where did he go?!
For Princess Flare!
A-all of you sto-
Even if I couldn't save everyone,
I thought I could get at least
ten of them on my own.
You mean they were made to drink
slow-acting poison beforehand?
Yes. It was arranged so that even if
I could rescued them,
all of the villagers would end up dying.
But what was the point of that?
It was to convince me I could save them
and give me joy in that,
then knock me down into the depths of despair.
She's the only one who would consider doing that.
Yes, Lord Keyarga.
Please take care of him.
It seems the poison was slow to spread.
I was able to treat him in time somehow.
You are a mysterious one.
You look to be ruthless but you're soft.
I betrayed you and you saved me.
You go so far as to pay me in gold pieces
to save a boy like this.
You think I'm soft?
I'm not.
It's my fault my home village was destroyed,
and I'm trying do all that I can to help.
That's all it is.
I saved you because I thought
I could make use of you.
You're just a pawn.
Yes, yes, let's just leave it at that, then.
Also will you do one more thing for me?
Anything you ask.
He believes it's my fault the village was attacked.
And he'll probably speak ill of me and say
I'm incompetent for only saving one person.
I should correct him, then?
No. Just let him think that.
He needs something to recover from
the sadness of losing everything.
Spite and hatred is good for him.
He may try to kill you someday, you know.
That is also a respectable goal in life.
Vengefulness makes people stronger.
It blows away sadness, loneliness,
and the desire to die.
It's the same for me.
Well then, I will take my leave.
I will take care of this child.
Freia, Setsuna, we're leaving the city now.
Are you ready?
Be careful out there.
I've heard that a wide scale expedition
is being planned in the imperial capital.
An expedition? Where to?
The city of Branica.
Where is that?
It's a city far south of here.
It's dangerous, so you should
avoid going near there.
Princess Norn is the commander.
Well, maybe it's best to head in that direction.
Why? It's dangerous!
I have an idea.
Kureha, continue gathering
information on the kingdom.
Thanks. I'm counting on you.
I'll see you again.
There was no Branica expedition
for Norn in my first life
I suppose history is changing.
Up ahead is a future I don't know.
Lord Keyarga, what kind of city is Branica?
It's the only city where magical beings
and humans coexist.
Magical beings
Isn't it dangerous there?
They're often misunderstood, but magical beings
themselves aren't very dangerous.
Oh, really?
Demons are, simply put,
creatures with strong magical powers, right?
So the type of people that have the special ability of
controlling demons are just called magical beings.
In that case, humans are also magical beings.
The humans that control demi-humans
with a magical pact and treat them
like animals are magical beings.
I never considered that!
What in interesting thought!
Humans label magical beings
as barbaric and cruel devils,
but that's exactly what humans are!
It makes sense!
Lord Keyarga, I don't understand
your sense of humor.
Then why are we going to Branica?
The army will be there
There's someone I want to see.
Do you know someone who is a magical being?
Yeah, something like that.
And, if Norn shows up, then I'll deal with her.
Goodness, every single one of them is incompetent.
And I can't believe that Hero of Recovery
who shamelessly showed up managed to escape.
On top of that
That piece of trash!
My piece of trash sister is alive,
and moreover, she's a traitor!
Was she seduced by the Hero of Recovery?
Or perhaps brainwashed?
Either way, this brings shame on the royal family!
But, I came up with an excuse to capture my sister
and punish her with my own hands!
There are signs that the uprisings
in Lanritter have spilled over
into the surrounding cities and villages.
We can let those cities and villages
get attacked by magical beings.
Then they won't be able to start a conflict
with the kingdom anymore.
Right. Then, Princess
The situation is serious, so will you suspend
the planned expedition to Branica?
I won't change my plans.
It's finally the perfect time to do this.
Do you think I will allow any interruption
of such a fun hunting game?
I deeply apologize for my meddling.
It's alright.
I don't ever expect you to do anything
but be sturdy enough to step on.
I am grateful for this blessing!
At any rate, that recovery hero
may not be simple trash.
I thought I'd be able to catch him so easily
This time, I know what kind of trash he is,
so I won't fail again.
Ah, Lord Keyarga
I love you, I love you so much!
Freia, are you happy?
I-I'm happy.
You're killing people on my command, Freia.
What do you think about that?
I don't think anything of it.
It is more important that I make you happy.
I see.
Even though her memory has been erased,
that doesn't mean her personality has changed.
Princess Flare only loved herself,
but now she has come to love me as well,
and nothing has changed about the way
she treats all other humans.
Thank you.
You always do your best for my sake,
and I love you for that, Freia.
I love you, too!
I have my favorite girl Setsuna,
and Flare to toy with and use.
There is nothing more enjoyable than this.
Now then, I wonder what enjoyment
is waiting for us in the next city?
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