Redo of Healer (2021) s01e08 Episode Script

The Healer Meets the Demon Lord!

I'm sorry
The Healer Meets the Demon Lord!
This should hold it.
We have to get a staff that can
withstand Freia's magic.
Divine Armaments
The strongest of weapons only heroes can master.
Just like the name holy implies,
it was not created by man,
but something inherited from time immemorial.
It starts as a gemstone, but the moment
a hero obtains it a pact is formed,
and it takes the form of a weapon
suitable for that hero.
There were only three gemstones
in the Gioral Kingdom,
so in the first world I was not
granted the "god armor."
But if I get ahold of the gemstone,
I wonder what weapon it will become
I'd like to find out.
Bullet and Blade
I'm looking forward to the revenge
I'll get against you more and more.
I'm going to kill you, and take it all away.
There it is. Branica.
It looks like a normal city from out here.
Amazing. There really are humans
and demonic beings here.
And it seems very prosperous.
Thanks for coming! See you again next time!
Yes, I will be back.
What is all of this about, Lord Keyarga?
Branica is a border town.
Twenty years ago, Gioral Kingdom was at a
disadvantage due to an invasion by demonic beings
and they quickly fell into a defensive battle.
They deserted Branica, which was on
a natinonal border at the time.
You mean the kingdom never intended
to defend the town in the first place?
That's right.
They were abandoned.
Both the city and the people.
However, the city was not destroyed,
and surprisingly it became a place
where people and demonic beings coexisted.
How did that happen?
No idea.
But it's a city beyond imagination.
It's interesting.
Come on in! Do you mind sharing a table?
No, that will be fine.
Right this way.
Thanks for sharing your table.
Please excuse us.
Sorry for the disturbance!
Not at all a problem!
Business is always wild like this. Right?
Yeah, yeah!
And we're always gonna welcome
having drinks with beautiful girls!
Here you go!
I can't be more grateful this little lady's here!
The drinks are gettin' tastier by the minute!
Can't believe you're treating us to food too!
You're a great guy, mister!
Setsuna, Freia, have something to eat too.
I'll have a bite.
It's so good.
We just arrived in this city,
so it'd be a huge help if you
could tell us all about it.
Sure, ask us anything.
That'll be a piece of cake.
I'd heard that humans, demonic beings,
and demi-humans all coexist here,
but I never thought they'd all be
drinking together like this at the same pub.
Right? The drinks in this city are top-notch!
Demonic beings and humans
are all equal in front of these drinks!
Goes without saying that our relations
haven't always been this way.
Matter of fact, twenty years ago,
no one thought that this could happen
when we were abandoned by the kingdom.
But the feudal lord here made some
risky negotiations with the demonic beings.
The demonic beings agreed to coexist?
Yeah, we were so shocked at the time!
We started out wary of one another
and that was rough.
But sooner or later we got the sense
that we were all the same.
That's how we started helping
each other out little by little,
became able to compromise, and made
the goal of building a nice city together.
What do you mean by "helping each other out?"
With the powers of demonic beings and demons
and the like we had a more plentiful harvest,
and we were also discovered all sorts of
new techniques that used magic.
It's the human entertainment and culture
for us demonic beings.
Made me feel like I'd been living
just about the most dull life 'til then!
Also, we got demon bait from the humans.
Also, we got demon bait from the humans.
Don't misunderstand!
People aren't getting eaten!
I mean this.
What's that?
There's magic in the blood
so that makes it bait for demons.
You can even pay part of your taxes in blood.
People that can't stand blood pay with money.
That works out pretty well for us.
It's all with consent, though.
I see. It's simply a mutually beneficial thing, eh?
This city is amazing.
Yeah, I'm shocked.
Sorry for the wait!
Wow, this looks delicious.
And it smells wonderful.
I'm sorry, but is it alright if I seat
one more person with you?
I don't mind.
Yeah, no problem.
Bring 'em in!
I appreciate it!
Your seat is this way!
Hello. Thank you for sharing your table with me.
No way, it can't be
th-the Demon Lord?!
She's younger than in the previous world,
and her hair color is different
but that's her.
A candidate for Demon Lord?
I guess she wasn't the Demon Lord
at this point in time.
However, she already has unfathomable
magical potential lying within her.
In her case, it wouldn't be out of the ordinary
for her to be Demon Lord in four years.
What will it be today?
Same thing I had yesterday, please.
Sure, I'll have that right out for you.
Well, let's eat up while it's still warm.
This is delicious!
What is this?! It's yummy!
I've never tasted anything like this before!
The meat and vegetables used in this
were improved with our new techniques!
The lifestyles of the people that live in this city
are different from the Gioral Kingdom,
which tries to control the territory of demonic beings.
If the kingdom were to know about this
They would attempt an implicitly evil destruction of
both the demonc beings and the humans here.
Well, there are no doubt those
that hate humans amongst us.
And there are many different types
of demonic beings.
But there is a Demon Lord that rules over
all demonic beings as a whole.
Yes, I know.
A lowly demonic being like me
hasn't ever laid eyes on 'em, though.
I've got no idea what they're like,
or what they're thinking or anything.
It's gotta be a some musclebound guy with
huge fangs and dozens of horns sticking out, yeah?
No, it was a surprisingly cute girl.
Yes. This girl is the Demon Lord.
C'mon! If a girl like that is the Demon Lord,
even I could probably take her!
I could become the Demon Lord, too!
You're thoroughly drunk, aren't you, Mister?
I'm not drunk.
You really do look like the Demon Lord that I know.
Here's your order!
You have the wrong person.
I'm just an insignficant demonic being.
So much so it's hard to get a bite to eat today.
Maybe you should let up on the joke, mister.
You're right.
Since you're here, how about sharing?
I don't think we can finish all of this,
so will you help us out?
I don't need your charity.
You can think of it as a way to apologize for
my silly joke that ruined your mood.
You should graciously accept
kindness from other people.
Yes, I think it's fate that you're here
at the same table as us.
But why would you say that I'm the Demon Lord?
A long time ago, I saw the Demon Lord.
It was a girl with silver hair.
Her eyes were a deep crimson.
Her sparkling black wings were incredibly beautiful.
Hey now, mister, you can't go around
saying unbelievable things like that.
Aside from the hair color, deep crimson eyes and
black wings are a trait of the Black Wing Tribe.
Would it be bad if the Demon Lord
were one of the Black Wing Tribe?
Course it would be bad,
that's why the current demon lord gave
an order to completely get rid of 'em.
Get rid of them?
Yeah, there's a reward for bringing in
any of the entire species, living or dead.
Enough that even your grandchildren
will be set for life.
This is still quite the unsettling conversation.
Well then, what if one of the Black Wing Tribe
were to show up here?
There'd be a scramble to get 'em.
If the demonic beings put up a real fight,
we'd at least be able to blow
an entire business away, easy.
Man, that was great.
What a delicioius meal!
I'm so full.
Thanks for the meal. I'm going now.
You're leaving already?
Can I ask your name, if you don't mind?
I will thank you for sharing your meal with me,
but it's best if you don't get
any further involved with me.
If you don't want to die, I mean.
I appreciate the advice, but I'll go ahead
and start meddling right now.
Defend against the incoming
frontal attack with all of your power.
If you don't, you'll die.
Are you okay, Lord Keyarga?
Freia and Setsuna were barely able to
defend against that attack together.
She easily held her own against it
They should have changed their
normal patterns of movement.
At the very least it takes at least an hour
to assemble the formation for this attack.
Basically, this seems like it was planned.
That is none of your concern!
And one more thing:
When there's a flashy attack like this one,
it's commonly just a diversion.
Really this is none of your concern.
A paralyzing poison, huh
Look, the guys aiming for you
have been in this place from the beginning.
Well? Will you hire me?
I'll save you.
I'll have my remuneration
when you've come up in the world.
What will you do?
They've already come this far.
Help m..e
And so, you demonic beings,
I'm going to protect her.
Would you mind quietly going home?
Are you stupid?
You're no more than a puny human!
How unfortunate.
We're getting out of here.
Setsuna, get the raptor.
I'm on it!
It's no use. He's dead!
Did they get away?
I see
Just as I thought, this girl
will turn out to be fun!
Freia, Setsuna, go check outside just in case.
I need to talk to my new employer.
What is your goal in all of this?
I've met a red-eyed demon lord
with black wings and silver hair.
I wanted to make sure
that I met and spoke with her.
Even if that wasn't a joke,
the Demon Lord from the Black Wing Tribe
was from more than thirty years ago,
and you're clearly younger than that.
I can not possibly believe you.
True, that wasn't in the past. I speak of the future.
Huh? What do you mean?
We will meet in the future.
In four years, I will encounter the Demon Lord.
Yes. It will be you.
What are you saying?
I'm the future Demon Lord?
That joke is not funny.
It isn't a joke, though.
I actually saw it with this eye.
Demonic beings can't do things like that,
so there's no way that you as a human
can possess a power like that
I'll introduce myself once again.
I am the Hero of Recovery, Keyaru.
So you're a hero
Yes, Eve Ries, of the Black Wing Tribe.
Light and dark magic,
as well as summoning magic.
Moreover, you even use the art of the Black Wing.
Just what I would expect
from a potential Demon Lord.
I don't mind fighting,
but will you listen to what I have to say first?
It's true that heroes are an instruments used by
humans meant to kill demonic beings.
But I wish to coexist with demonic beings.
I think your power will be necessary
to get to that end.
What is it that you know about me?
The previous demon lord was Black Wing,
but the current one is of a separate tribe.
That demon lord fears the power of the Black Wings,
and has decided to eradicate them.
And that means you, as a candidate for Demon Lord,
will fetch an especially high prize.
In my opinion, you becoming the next demon lord
would be more convenient for me than anyone else.
And so, I will protect you until then.
I don't believe you.
I really can't depend on a hero.
I'm grateful that you saved me.
However, this is where we say our goodbyes.
Are you okay with that?
What can a young girl
as strong as you are do on her own?
If I weren't here you'd be dead right now.
I'll tell you what you're lacking in:
Knowledge for escaping; precaution;
escape expenses; allies.
Shut up.
Knowledge for escaping; precaution;
escape expenses; allies.
Shut up! Shut up!
In those circumstances,
the wings on your back will get even heavier.
The souls of the Black Wing tribe who have
been killed all reside in those wings, right?
I want you to have your vengeance.
Just what do you want me to do?
My allies and my guards have all been killed!
All I can do is run away!
Stay with me.
I will protect you.
Everything that you are lacking,
I will compensate for.
If you want, there is an even more
promising option available.
And what is that?
Kill the current Demon Lord now
and you will become the new one.
If you do that, the survivors can be saved too.
The souls residing in those wings
may also avenge themselves.
I yearn for it, and now I want to grab hold of it
But Tell me your real intentions.
No matter how I look at it,
you're just not the type of guy who uses
seeking justice as the reason to do something.
What is your true goal?
What are you after?
In that case, I'll tell you.
I want the heart of the Demon Lord.
What? I don't mean your heart.
I'll get it when we slaughter the current one.
That's the compensation that I want.
Let me think about it overnight.
Wha Wh-wha-wha-wha?!
Lord Keyarga, I want it too
Wh-wh-what are you doing?!
Hm? Oh, just our daily routine. Don't mind us.
Oh my B-but why is it happening in front of me?
A-a-a-are you trying to do
that sort of thing with me too?!
Relax. I won't force you.
That goes against my beliefs.
Well, if you're wanting a partner
I don't mind having fun with you.
What'll it be?
Th-that doesn't concern you!
This is the most pleasurable part of all our travels.
If you choose to come with us, Eve,
then get used to it.
Get used to it?
I knew you just wanted my body!
You're extremely self-conscious.
Is that all the worth you find in yourself?
Just what I'd expect from
a candidate for Demon Lord.
That's an amazing level of self-evaluation.
What a thing for a young girl to say.
Shut up! Shut up!
Why would you say something so mean?!
I'm not a little girl!
I-I am a full grown adult!
Oh? So you're an adult, huh?
I'm an adult!
I can do things like that i-if I feel like it.
Yes I can!
Can you, now?
Lord Keyarga
You can't stop now
You're a full-grown adult
and can do things like this, huh?
Then you should prove it to me.
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