Redo of Healer (2021) s01e09 Episode Script

The Healer Takes Revenge for a Meal!

Then you should prove it to me.
The Healer Takes Revenge for a Meal!
Lord Keyarga, your soup is so delicious.
Yes, it's exquisite!
You've been working out hard
since morning so you must be starving.
Eat all that you can.
I'm sure your mother is quite disappointed.
Think it over carefully when you tempt a man.
Lord Keyarga is correct.
It was very rude to turn Lord Keyarga down
in the midst of it and make him take care of you!
B-but, I didn't think you'd come at me
so suddenly like that!
Because you're awkward.
I don't know what you mean by that!
So are you actually a good person or a bad person?
He's a good person.
A good one.
You won't find a better person
than me in this world.
I'm gentle, well-mannered,
and filled to the brim with the sense of justice.
Those who say that about themselves
cannot possibly be good people.
Words have power.
If you keep saying you are a good person,
then you will become a good person.
Words become thoughts,
and thoughts lead to actions.
That may be true
But I feel like I'm being fooled
Are you actually just argumentative?
I do have those tendencies.
Aren't you going to eat? It's getting cold.
You made this, right?
You're good at cooking.
Delicious food is the second best pleasure on a trip.
What's the best?
Relations between a man and a woman.
H-how can you be so crude?
Holding things back breeds discomfort, right?
I decided that I wouldn't hide
who I am from my friends.
Was it gross enough to make you cry?
H-huh? No, it's delicious!
It's like I've been targeted
for so long, that's why.
I see There's plenty more so eat your fill.
Now then
As the sole candidate for and
grandchild of a former Demon Lord,
what I am proposing to you,
Eve Ries of the Black Wing Tribe,
is a joint action with us.
If you do, then we will protect you
from your pursuers.
Freia, Setsuna, and I are all strong.
I promise you, you can have a safe journey
until you become the Demon Lord.
We can even kill the current
Demon Lord, if you desire.
That way, you can save the surviving
members of the Black Wing Tribe.
The compensation for that will be
the heart of the Demon Lord
The Philosopher's Stone.
That's right.
Also, when you become the Demon Lord,
set the stage for negotiations with the humans.
Why do you want to end the fighting?
Because it's a nuisance.
The war with the demonic beings began
as a way for the Gioral Kingdom to make profit.
The blood of humans and demonic beings
has kept flowing for their sake and that sickens me.
Putting the logic of what you're saying aside,
my body isn't your end goal, right?
You think that I would go so far as to expose
my precious Freia and Setsuna to danger
to protect you because I fell for you?
He said we're precious!
You truly have an amazingly high
opinion of yourself.
Okay, fine. I'll go along with you.
As long as I'm with you, I can help out.
I may not look it, but I'm incredibly strong!
If they had come at me head on, those pursuers
from yesterday wouldn't know what hit 'em!
So you could best a professional assassin
making a frontal attack
You proudly saying that at this point in time
concerns me beyond reason.
I told you, stop being mean to me!
In any case, I'm looking forward to this.
Also, I'm a full-grown adult!
An adult, got that?!
Okay, I got it. C'mon, eat.
The Black Wing Tribe are
outstanding demonic beings as well.
If that's the case, then you should easily
be able to control demons.
What kind of demon can you use generally?
You have one, right?
I have one.
But, well, um
maybe it's hard to take care of,
or maybe because there are necessary trials
to go through for obedience
If there are trials to go through, I can help.
Even a little more fighting power would be good.
What kind of demon is it?
It's not so much a demon
It's a god.
A god?
Wow, what's it's name?
The divine bird of fatal disease, Caladrius.
The divine bird from the legends?!
At one point, when an aggressively infectious disease
had spread throughout the country,
it was the divine bird of salvation that thoroughly
eliminated that sickness and flew away.
On the other hand, there is also
a legend of an extinct demon bird
With a flap of Caladrius' wings,
an entire country would perish.
In short, it has the ability to both
end and spread disease.
I want that.
Let's go see it now.
A-are you mad?! You'd die.
It's so dangerous there's no telling
how many countries it's decimated!
Eve If you want to confront the current Demon Lord
and save even one more of your people,
we'll need more combat power.
If the ultimate fighting ability is out there we should
make it ours even if that means, facing danger.
I suppose you're right, but
I can't endure those trials.
We'll be facing the worst of diseases, you know.
Have you forgotten? I am the Hero of Recovery.
They may be god-made illnesses,
but I will be sure to heal them.
It's risky, but it's better to do it
while the odds are still in my favor.
But there are many conditions
that must be fulfilled before the trial.
One of them is a trip around the planet.
That's why it will take some time
before we can undergo the trials.
I see.
Freia, Setsuna, you stay here.
I'm going to gather information.
If anything happens, protect Eve.
You can count on us.
Wait a minute.
They already know what you look like!
This will work, right?
So is the face I've been seeing
up until now also a fake one?
Yes, my true face is a different one.
I'd like to see it someday.
I'm sure it's as warped and
screwed up as your mind, though.
That was a mean thing to say
Lord Keyarga's real face is handsome.
It looks very kind and I love that.
I feel the same.
It just makes me want to hug him so tight!
I'm really happy to hear that.
Look forward to the souvenirs I'm getting you two.
What a shame.
This pub had such delicious food and drinks.
Such a waste.
Back for more, eh?!
I'm gonna make you tell me where that girl is!
I think you have the wrong person.
I don't!
You can change your face all you like,
but that scent of yours is a dead giveaway!
That thing's your weak point, huh?
I have to get my revenge on those fools.
A grudge over food will be avenged by food.
Seems like this will become a fun scene for revenge.
Lord Keyarga, thank you so much for all of this!
Yeah, this blanket is warm.
I found a member of the group
that attacked us yesterday.
Setsuna, you'd be able to follow his scent, right?
Yes, probably.
We'll find where they are hiding
and attack them at night.
All right.
We'll have them redeem themselves
for picking a fight with you with their lives!
Setsuna, Eve, change into some new clothes.
The clothes you're wearing now
are fairly dirty so I'm going to wash them.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
How can you just strip with no hesitation
like that in front of a man?
I am the property of Lord Keyarga.
It's a little bit embarrassing
but if Lord Keyarga gets into the mood
it makes me happy.
I just got into the mood.
I support doing this before a night attack.
Spoil me rotten
Me too!
You can go change in the next room.
Wh-why are you saying that right now?!
You're going to complain, aren't you?
were you expecting an invitation?
Lord Keyarga Right there!
It doesn't seem like it'll be long
before Eve will want to join in.
I guess she needs an opportunity
What do you think?
We can follow them from here.
Okay Let's get this show started.
First, let's do something fun.
What's that?
The liquid concentrate of an aphrodisiac.
Now then, what kind of reaction will it have?!
Whoa?! What's that?!
I guess it works on demons as well!
It passed out?
Did it finish? Or perhaps, it was too effective?
Oh no, are you going to do away
with your beloved pet?
That's so horrible.
Are you lot truly that heartless?
Well, let's get going too.
Setsuna, you attack from the left.
Kill indiscriminately.
Got it. I'll have this handled right away.
Your skills have improved yet again.
That was brilliant.
Now then
I'll help too.
Good, now they can't possibly creep up on us.
Where am I?
M-my legs and arms are broken!
Good evening, members of the Mad Cow Tribe.
There's a reason you're doing this, isn't there?
My, how astute of you.
I want to ask you something.
Is your group the only ones in this city
that know about Eve?
If we answer will you leave this place?
I promise you. I don't tell lies.
We are the only ones in this city
that know of the candidate for Demon Lord.
If you leave us be, we swear
we will never attack again.
Okay. I believe you.
I'll leave.
In about two weeks.
All of you who attacked a pub
that served delicious fare
can use this place to learn the value of food.
No, we will starve to death!
But you have food down there.
That's some premium beef!
Well, good luck.
But before all that you may be eaten
by that ironhead cow.
Let's go.
Yes, I feel better. I've avenged the food.
We did a lot today.
Oh, I guess it woke up.
Lord Keyarga, you're really having fun.
I am!
Revenge is absolutely sublime!
It's so comfy!
I'm glad we found a nice inn.
Yes! These sheets smell like sunshine!
The cleaning is meticulous and they made sure
to dry the sheets in the sunlight.
And, um
Uh, Keyarga?
What is it, Eve?
You only got one room, right?
There are two beds though, and we can be
comfortable in a room this spacious.
You don't plan on getting another room?
Um, you and the others are going to
carry on as usual even if I'm here
and that's uncomfortable for me.
I don't. More attackers will show up.
It's easier to protect you
if we stay in the same room.
Okay, I'll deal with sharing a room.
But, uh
can I ask you to show a little consideration for me?
At least the se
at the height of your activities,
let me leave the room.
You want to die, then?
A girl with her life in danger
going out all on her own?
You should be with us at all times,
don't you think?
Well then Maybe you can hold back a bit?
Why do I have to hold back for you, Eve?
He's actually holding back a bit right now
I want you to spoil me some more, Lord Keyarga.
I'm happiest when I'm being
embraced by you, Lord Keyarga!
And so, the majority rules.
Well, you'll get used to it soon enough.
Their voices will start sounding like
a soothing lullaby to you.
N-no it won't!
Lord Keyarga, this one feels good in my hand.
The price and quality are also good.
This is great deal. Let's buy it.
Thank you!
Mister, you've got a good eye for this.
Thanks for coming in.
I treasure the gifts you give me.
Can you fill it with a bit of magic?
Wow, that's some amazing power.
Seems there's a blockage in this.
Let me see it.
Since there's resistance in the staff,
I'm going to get rid of it.
Now, try it one more time.
Wow! The magic flows much smoother than before!
I can master any magic ability now!
Whoa, mister, can I see that too?!
Go ahead, I don't mind.
Here you go.
This is impressive.
It's truly become a special grade item!
Mister, that's a remarkable skill
to possess at such a young age.
I have two more staffs just like that one.
If you can fix those just like you did this one,
I'll give you back a third of what you just paid me.
And we can negotiate that.
Make it half.
If you give me back half,
I'll take care of the other two as well.
Isn't that being greedy?
Come on, now.
Even if it's a full refund,
I'd barely get my money's worth.
Even half of it is a big profit, so only getting
a third of it back is a huge rip off.
You understand all that, eh?
Alright, I'll give you back half.
We have a deal then.
That is a truly interesting skill.
Who are you, mister?
Just an insignficant traveler.
That can't be true.
Here's your half.
And also I'll throw this in, too.
A Mythril sword?
Are you sure?
I made out with a slightly bigger profit.
If I send you home like that
I don't deserve to be called a merchant.
Though I thought you'd overcharge by
much more at first, nicely said.
I don't mind ripping off an idiotic novice,
but I can't let someone who gets it be cheated.
Shut up and take it.
I appreciate it.
You seem like you'd do well in business, mister.
I suppose so.
What is it?
It's the army!
The Gioral Imperial Army?!
Let's go see!
Head back to the inn without me.
Alright. Be careful.
She's finally made it, huh
The most ruthless and cunning temptress
in the Gioral Kingdom.
Norn Clatalissa Gioral.
That's the venerated Order of the Holy Lance!
I suppose it means that Princess Norn is serious
if she's bringing the elites with her.
As magnificent as I am,
this isn't a force I can easily defeat.
Hero of the Sword
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