Redo of Healer (2021) s01e10 Episode Script

The Healer Becomes a Single, Lovely Flower!

It's the army!
The Gioral Imperial Army?!
Let's go see!
Head back to the inn without me.
Alright. Be careful.
She's finally made it, huh
The most ruthless and cunning temptress
in the Gioral Kingdom.
Norn Clatalissa Gioral.
As magnificent as I am,
this isn't a force I can easily defeat.
Hero of the Sword
The Healer Becomes a Single, Lovely Flower!
Blade I'm going to make sure-
Who is that?!
What the hell is wrong with me?
I was so caught up in my determination to kill her
I didn't notice the presence of Hawkeye,
one of the three heroes
I couldn't completely hold myself back!
And I was right in front of him
Regardless of Hawkeye, I will send her to Hell!
The Gioral Imperial Army
Why are they here?
They need to take a break with the war thing.
The city's just going to end up
abandoned again, anyways.
Right, they need to leave us alone.
Hey, don't you think that one looks dashing?
Yes, kind of dreamy, I suppose.
Oh no, she saw us!
She is dreamy, huh? So dashing!
Looks like the drug worked well on you.
Now then
I'll take you to the radiant world of pleasure!
You may not even want to return
To making each other's acquaintance.
There's no lack of
good establishments in Branica.
And this is one if the finest, even among them all.
When entertaining guests, this place is a must.
Well then Let's settle our negotiations
before we get drunk.
Mister, did you say you needed money?
Yes, I'd like to procure a sizable fund
for travel while we're in this city.
And to that end
I'm an alchemist, so naturally,
I can make things like this too.
Healing power booster and
stamina reviving potions
Both of these are first-rate products.
You can tell just by looking at it?
I can't be a merchant if I can't do that.
So, are you going to let me purchase some in bulk?
You'd be great at selling them.
I can prepare a good number of them.
The residents are uneasy
because the Gioral Army is here.
I can sell at a high price at times like this.
So it's settled then.
I'll be sure to add something extra
to the buying price.
That's quite generous.
"Cherish those that will let you make a profit."
That's my motto.
You know, I want to save up money and
open up shop in a town much larger than this one.
I guess that would be my dream.
That's a good goal.
But, Karman, it's best not to let your desires known.
This city may become a battlefield.
You should prepare youself to flee
if you feel you're in danger.
Making profit is also important,
but there is only hope while there is life.
What the hell do you take me as?
I'm not gonna mess this up.
That's good, then.
Matter of fact, you should be careful, Mister.
Did something happen?
I heard one of my female customers was
treated cruelly by that Hero of the Blade.
It was rape. She was completely broken.
But given who her attacker was, even her father is
crying himself to sleep is what they say.
That "hero" will go after any nice woman
indiscriminately or so they say.
You especially want to avoid
going near the feudal lord's estate.
I hear the Hero of the Blade
frequents a bar near the estate.
Is that so
Maybe I should make use of this opportunity.
Should I use Freia as bait?
She's a supreme beauty,
and Blade will no doubt prey on her.
No, she had an obsessive love of Princess Flare
She may recognize Freia's true identity.
Should I use Setsuna and Eve?
Though they are toys, it would aggravate me
to have my things broken by someone like her.
I'll prepare some other bait for her.
Yes, Lord Keyarga?
What is it?
I need you to do something.
Put some makeup on me.
You want makeup?
S-sure thing!
I didn't think you'd be into
that sort of thing, but
Into what?
You like crossdressing, don't you?
No, I don't.
There's just something I need to take care of.
Th-there's an important goal to all of this, right?
You should have said something, if that's the case
I'm sure if both your body and mind
become that of a woman,
then I don't think I'll be able to
please you properly anymore.
I am conflicted.
You're overthinking this.
Well, let's get to it
Oh, wait a moment.
Is this okay?
How cute!
Wh-what's with you two?!
Let me go, c'mon!
Lord Keyarga, you're so cute!
You really are I'm going to squeeze you.
This is so unfair! You're so much cuter than I am!
This is so unfair! You're so much cuter than I am!
Of course. The extreme malice in his being
has completely vanished.
Of course. The extreme malice in his being
has completely vanished.
I-it's not like I'm praising you or anything!
Now, let's get to the makeup!
You're already very pretty,
so I think I want to keep it as light as possible
to enchance your charm!
Why is she so eager to do this?
H-how does it look?
Wow, it's cute!
You all can't calm down, can you?
What are you doing?!
I just wanted to do that for some reason
I get that feeling!
You do?!
You start wanting to attack Lord Keyarga
when he looks so cute, right?
Let's do it.
Yes, let's!
H-hey, wait! Stop it!
Ugh, those girls
That took too much time.
I'm being tailed.
Am I going to get caught?
Well, what a fine jewel we've got here.
This girl's in luck!
Sure is!
You got a real sharp eye, Boss!
I know!
We did good followin' her here!
They're just gangsters.
Hey that ain't fair, Boss.
You tryin' to keep her to yourself?
Yeah, yeah, share her with the rest of us!
I am stronger than all of you.
I am stronger than all of you.
I am stronger than all of you.
If you keep this up, you will regret it.
Get away before it's too late.
You're funny, lady!
Come up with a threat smarter than that!
I'm so scared!
C'mon, since you're so scary,
do your best and attack!
Trampling all over my rare act of generosity, eh?
This calls for revenge.
Men are so simple.
Or am I just too attractive?
She'll no doubt be drawn to me like this.
I am a young lady of nobility.
I must not stray from that idea.
This man
No, this woman
is the single, lovely flower blooming the night
Good evening.
Thank you.
Here you go, Miss.
Oh, thank you.
It's sweet and delicious.
Enjoy your drink.
Calm down
It's okay. I can do this.
Hey, Barkeep, same as yesterday.
Right away.
Miss, is this your first time here?
Are you speaking to me?
Of course I am.
Here you go.
It's my first time. Are you a regular?
I'm not here often enough
to call myself a regular.
If you don't mind, will you join me in a toast?
Drinking by myself is lonesome.
I don't mind doing that much.
Now then
A toast, to your beauty.
My! You're kidding!
It's the truth.
Honestly, I almost gave up right then!
Oh Another drink for the lady.
Oh no, I've had enough.
It seems I've had so much fun
I ended up drinking too much.
I must get home.
Is that so? What a shame.
Here you go.
However, since the barkeep went to
the trouble of making this drink
Can't let it go to waste.
Come now, just one more.
Spikes it with a sleeping drug
and aphrodisiac, huh?
I've drunk so much today I'm already struggling.
Would you mind drinking it for me?
Why would you so suddenly
This is something I want you to drink for me.
I had to be a bit forceful with it.
Whoops! Are you okay?
Did you have too much to drink?
Oh well, I'll take you home then.
You degenerate.
What's this? A random attacker?
You assaulted my daughter!
How dare you
How dare you!
Um, Relyshe?
Or was it Elise?
It was Myrrh!
Ah, that disappointing one, huh?
I-I'll kill you!
Ah, shouldn't have done that.
Huh, what a surprise.
My special drink had no effect on you, huh?
The way you move
Who in the world are you?
Leave the revenge to me.
Just sleep there for awhile.
You're not going to give me an answer, Kitten?
Well then, let's ask your body.
I truly didn't anticipate fighting here, but
My face
You hit my beautiful face!
You sow!
The sacred sword Ragnarok.
It heightens the physical ability and
strengthens the healing ability of the bearer.
Did I get her?!
What speed and intense strength
A true Hero.
Did you use a poisoned needle on me, Kitten?
But you know,
as long as this sword is imbued with light,
something like that won't work on me.
I am stronger than everyone!
Are you an assassin, Kitten?
Or a spy?
I do have a preference for strong girls.
I'll interrogate you plenty on the bed.
And I'll do it while punishing you
for hitting my beautiful face.
She's more of a monster than I imagined
with that Ragnarok.
Do you give up?
You know, I'm very kind.
That's why I won't strike you in the face.
It would be a shame if your exquisitely
beautiful face were ruined
Is this what it's like to play a helpless maiden?
You woke up sooner than expected.
L-let me go Let me out of here!
I'm going to call for someone!
Go right ahead.
No one will come to help, though.
Goodness, you're in a bind, Kitten.
But if you're a good girl,
I'll take proper care of you
I have to be a little nasty to a naughty girl
that would hit my beautiful face.
You brute!
You are the scummiest of men!
You are mistaken.
Yes. I will teach you about a new world.
A world of radiant pleasure
where men are made unnecessary.
I'll take good care of you,
you troubled little kitten.
Tell me everything about your body,
every single inch.
St-stop it
Now, let's open the door to the new world
What's this? What am I feeling
Why is there a man's thing?!
I put my bare hand directly on?!
It's revolting!
Oh dear
You bastard!
My body is this poison??
I just need Ragnarok
and this poison will immediately
Well that was unfortunate!
I am a man.
You seduced a man,
kissed a man,
and touched a man's dick.
I did that with a man?
This is all a lie!
It's not a lie.
Take a look.
My My eyes!
They've been defiled!
It's filthy!
You had the gall to decieve me!
A man! A mere man!
You are very much not one to talk.
I-I'll kill you
Kill you
Oh my, did you fall asleep,
dear Hero of the Sword?
Well then.
I'll begin my revenge.
Episode 11
The Healer is Troubled by Norn's Brutality!
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