Redo of Healer (2021) s01e11 Episode Script

The Healer is Troubled by Norn's Brutality!

Oh. Norn plans to launch a full-scale
search-and-destroy operation in three days, huh?
The Healer is Troubled by Norn's Brutality!
Are you awake?
I'll kill you! I'll make sure of it!
Go right ahead if you can!
I welcome your attempt!
My legs
My sword
All I need is Ragnarok and
Well, we're running short on time
so let's get started.
Get started?
D-don't tell me those guys are going to
Those barbarians absolutely cannot touch me!
I'm begging you!
You were on the other side
just a short time ago, weren't you?
If I had begged you back then,
would you have let me go?
O-of course I would have!
My uh method of seducing you
may have been aggressive,
but if you truly didn't want to,
I wouldn't force you to go any further.
I see.
If I didn't want to I could go, huh?
In that case
Th-then you'll stop this?
I will not.
But, if you can win the game we're starting,
I won't kill you and you'll be set free.
The theme is: The space between hunger and lust.
Those men are feeling an intense hunger
from a specially made potion.
That will help determine how they perceive you.
A potent aphrodisiac will also be in play.
You can escape being eaten only as long as
their lust prevails over their hunger.
If you can satisfy them until morning
and without being eaten, I will let you free.
Simple, right?
Y-you can't be
These men are going to
L-look! You can grab onto these!
C'mon now, you have to try harder than that
or you're gonna get eaten in no time.
Please, pamper me!
Yes, this rich aroma,
this full-bodied taste, it's irresistable.
Don't eat me!
I-I can still keep going!
You're really putting in work!
Keep this up and you'll be able to
greet the morning!
I suppose I'll give you a little support,
in the form of the woman you love and worship.
D-don't look at me I'm a disgrace
Princess Flare
Oh my, I was just trying to do
my best to cheer you on.
Did your heart snap in two?
How sad.
I drank it all.
I never thought you'd make it this far.
She died, huh?
That was quite an enjoyable show.
All that's left is the Hero of the Gun, Bullet.
I'll subject that psychotic bastard to the most
degrading form of humiliation and kill him too
Come on over and take a look!
I've got fresh beef right here for you.
Mister, your potion is flying off the shelves.
I've been looking forward to getting more in stock.
Glad to hear it.
Here's your portion of the sales.
Thank you.
I should be the one thanking you,
I've made a load of profit.
I'd appreciate more tomorrow too.
Of course.
This is also for your dream of
opening a huge shop.
Well now!
I didn't expect to find a
first-rate potion in a city like this.
I hadn't noticed one of the Three Heroes,
the Hawkeye Trist, approaching me.
He was more monstrous than I imagined.
That's quite an eye you've got there, sir.
This shop is the only one in this city
where you can such a quality potion.
Are you the one who made this potion?
Very surprising at such a young age.
You're a rather skilled alchemist.
I'd like to invite you to join us.
Not only do you exceed in alchemy,
but also at peeping.
You look to be a competent fighter as well
Whoa! Why'd you do that?
He did see me. Even at that distance.
That's a good response.
You instantly assume a battle stance
after percieving a slight sense of malice
I'm liking you more and more.
I am the knight, Trist Olgan.
I have also been given the name "Hawkeye."
What do you think? The salary is generous.
No, thanks.
I like traveling wherever I please.
Hm, what a shame.
Putting that aside
Why you were looking at us from a distance
when we came to Branica?
Would you mind telling me?
I am a traveling alchemist.
If an army that large ever comes to a city in droves,
that's something to be cautious about.
Hm I can't argue with that.
However, a word of warning.
You shouldn't make any moves
that may be misunderstood.
I must make sure to do the same.
Young, talented people are a national treasure.
It would pain me to cull one of them.
I'll be careful. I appreciate the advice.
Can I get one box of this potion?
Sure thing.
He stayed on guard the whole time.
Even taking him by surprise seems difficult
Come again!
Good bye.
That guy is super powerful.
The sight of him makes me tremble.
Yeah. You could tell too, Setsuna?
That's my girl.
Who do you think is stronger, me or him?
If you mean pure strength,
then you, Lord Keyarga.
I agree with you.
I'm stronger when it comes to physical ability,
but I don't think I could beat him.
There's something else to his strength.
Lord Keyarga!
Freia. Are you done shopping?
You too, Eve. Know what you wanna buy?
Oh, yes.
Are you sure?
That was a pretty tempting offer.
You heard me. I prefer to do as I like.
Besides, working for the kingdom
can't possibly measure up to doing business
with someone I get on well with.
The biggest obstacle to finally reaching Norn
Defeating him will be an arduous task.
Truth is, I wanted to think it over a little more.
Hawkeye, Trist Olgan
That man is dangerous.
His strength is in those eyes.
Sharp eyes that anticipate
even the slightest twitch of muscle,
and the godlike reflexes
to make the most of that vision.
I will need Divine Arms in order to beat him.
When a pact is made with a hero,
the gem will take the shape of
the hero's desired weapon
Like Freia's sacred staff Vanargand,
Blade's sacred sword Ragnarok,
and Bullet's sacred gun Tathlum.
What I desire
At one point, it was to get revenge
against those who scorned me
I desire to obtain a power all my own
through strengthening my healing.
The power to survive and never die.
I desire a suitable power for someone like me,
who has transcended the status of Healer!
You called for me, Hero of Recovery?
Yes, I will receive all you have.
Give your all to me.
I shall ask of you, Hero
Are you prepared to save the world?
Of course.
I am in love with this world.
I love this world where I can live a happy life
doing as I wish with women.
How could I not protect my world?
Then I shall lend you power
so you may serve in my stead.
What is it you ask of me?
I wish for devastation and immortality.
Now, change into something fit for me!
I am the sacred armor, Georgius.
Never forget that.
As if I could.
You now belong to me.
You are a weapon meant only for me.
Yes. This is what I've always wanted.
With this, I am now a genuine Hero.
Sounds like Lord Keyarga's having fun.
Does it?
Freia, Setsuna!
I'm so intensely fired up it's driving me mad!
I look forward to using Georgius' power.
I'll have it dripping in blood.
Did you find the Hero of the Sword?
My apologies
The last sign of her was from three days ago
All of these "Heroes" are nothing but trash.
Well, whatever.
There will be no change in our operations.
Proceed as planned.
Yes, ma'am!
What are they starting?
It's Princess Norn.
This doesn't look good.
They're acting so high and mighty
Citizens of Branica.
I am Norn Clatalissa Gioral,
second-born princess of the Gioral Kingdom.
We have come to liberate this city
controlled by demonic beings.
What, now?
What, now?
Demonic beings are treating humans like livestock,
What is she talking about?
Demonic beings are treating humans like livestock,
Demonic beings are treating humans like livestock,
and as they are dissatisfied
with just slurping up blood,
they are developing their powers here
in order to spread their
sinister ways to other cities.
She's just saying what will benefit her.
It was precisely because the Gioral Kingdom
abandoned this city in the first place
that they chose to live alongside
the demonic beings and achieved peace.
And so, we are-
Shut your trap!
We're living perfectly good lives here!
How dare you show up here at this point in time!
Th-that's right! It was the Kingdom who
abandoned us twenty years ago!
This city is ours!
Get outta here!
This is bad
Is this what Norn wanted?
Stop bothering us!
Yeah, get outta here!
Get out! Get out!
We don't want the army here!
Get out! Get out! Get out!
Damn you, evil woman of the kingdom!
Not only are they controlling humans by fear,
but also brainwashing them into attacking?
How could they do something so awful?!
But please, do not worry.
We will kill all of the demonic beings,
and save this city.
And then
I will bring salvation by killing all of
the brainwashed humans as well.
I proclaim that we, the Gioral Army, will eradicate
the demonic beings that prevail over this land,
and this land of Branica will once again
become human territory.
Those who take vengeance
will be viewed as enemies of the people.
This is the execution of justice!
Is this the justice of the kingdom
and of Princess Norn?
Honestly, justice that only upholds
one's own ideals is completely worthless.
Karman! Karman!
He was the first friend I was
able to make in this town
And he was a good person
Why did he have to die?
They'll pay for this.
I'll make them pay.
They have to pay.
After all, they killed my friend.
This means revenge.
You! What are you doing?!
A human brainwashed by the demonic beings?
Purge the enemies!
Too bad! You gotta kill me if I'm gonna die!
Karman, your death will not have been in vain.
Norn You're ready for this, right?
Just as I suspected, when you were the mastermind
behind the attack on my home village.
Things are going to get very serious for you.
You took away my village and my friend.
Only death will appease me.
I will have you atone for this with your entire life.
Well then, time to go.
The heroic tale of Keyarga, Hero of Recovery,
who saved the city of Branica
that was saturated in despair begins now!
It's that guy from back then
Did he save us?
What was the feudal lord's response
to our advice to surrender?
Right. There is still no response.
Didn't expect him to hold out so long.
I even offered to leave the city
beyond the national boundaries
over there to him
since he seemed so exceptional
You think he really likes those filthy
demonic beings that much?
Well, no matter.
That feudal lord seemed like a man
I could make use of,
but there are plenty of other replacements.
Once those rowdy demonic beings are silenced,
that feudal lord protecting the the demonic beings
of Branica will be purged together with his kin.
Goodness I can't believe
it's taking up this much time
I wish I had brought John along
if this is how it's going to go.
I have news.
Though the demonic beings and monsters
are putting up a strong resistance,
the attacks are continuing on as planned.
What? Spit it out.
A mysterious swordsman appeared
and the troops have been decimated.
Mysterious swordsman?
Throw the backup personnel
into battle if you need to.
Find that swordsman and capture him.
Yes, ma'am!
Can everyone hear my voice?
I am the first-born princess of the Gioral Kingdom,
Hero of Magic, Flare Earlgrande Gioral.
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