Redo of Healer (2021) s01e12 Episode Script

The Healer Embarks on a New Journey!

The Healer Starts a New Journey!
Can everyone hear my voice?
Princess Flare
The princess!
I have spent a short time in this city
for a certain purpose.
In those days, I saw people and demonic beings
living and laughing together.
There was no coercion, nor was there brainwashing.
They simply lived their lives together.
The demonic beings of this city are not our enemies.
I do not mean to say that
all of the demonic beings are good.
However, the same holds true for humans.
I beg you, do not pointlessly spill any more blood.
This is not a holy war.
It is nothing more than a massacre.
This city is like a miracle.
It has taught me how to talk to
and spend time with demonic beings.
What is she saying?
It has taught me how to talk to
and spend time with demonic beings.
We must not lose a treasure like this
due to the prejudice of the kingdom.
Please, stop fighting!
Not only in this city,
but all the different races will sit at one table
and talk, laugh, and enjoy meals together.
My wish is for the world to become like that.
Princess Norn, your strategy was brilliant.
However, you can't overlook the fact that I am here!
A deadly mistake.
What is going on?
Why is my big sister Flare interfering in that form?
How the hell are we equals?!
You never thought demonic beings
and demi-humans were any better than insects!
That person was not Princess Flare.
Compared to her, I am so much cuter!
I'm using discrimination for
the benefit of the kingdom,
but that woman blindly spread her love of bigotry.
That's why she's vile.
But this is concerning.
That speech she just made
Those aren't her words.
And what do you mean by that?
We had the same view on this.
If this is a speech she come up with by herself
it definitely would have been condescending.
Just as expected, Princess Norn.
That woman is being manipulated.
And, the one that thought this up is that
mysterious swordsman from the news we just got.
I see. And that swordsman is
Hero of Recovery, Keyaru.
Yes, indeed!
But there's not a single logical reason for that man
who disappeared from Lanritter to protect Branica.
Very good. I can use this woman.
John! John!
I knew she was smart.
Ugh, jeez! I should have brought him with me!
I see, so you can dodge.
What were you playing at when you said you were
an alchemist, Hero of Recovery, Sir Keyaru?
So you're Keyaru
How did you get in here?
How anyone would
through the front door.
Accept your fate.
Though you are a hero, do you think your
"recovery" will be any match for Hawkeye?
The poison applied to this blade robs even
the large-scale monsters of consciousness.
With this
How unfortunate!
My constitution is one that's very resistant to poison!
Georgius' Autoheal.
As long as I am not dealt an insta-kill, I will not die!
Alas, I also use hidden weapons.
I see. It's no wonder you can read my moves.
So he won't let me make contact, huh?
I can't be touched by that hand.
My apologies.
Even if you don't touch it,
I can use the deteriotating heal on you.
That was a waste, huh?
I wanted to touch him and
copy his skills and knowledge.
Well, I didn't have the chance
He was strong.
As exptected of one of the three great heroes.
Who in the world are you?!
I'm a prince.
I've come to kidnap the princess
I knew it. She's the reason Anna was
Are you awake, Princess Norn?
It's no use.
No one can hear you outside the walls
of this underground cellar.
The imperial army has retreated.
No one is coming to save you.
For me, this is revenge.
The flame of revenge that dwells in my chest
can no longer be extinguished by anyone.
I-I don't know what you mean!
What revenge do you mean?
Why am I the one
I had a friend in Branica.
His name was Karman,
and he was a demonic being merchant.
He was a good guy.
He He laughed and said he dreamed of
opening a shop in a bigger city one day!
But his life ended without his dream coming true.
He was killed.
And for what?
That's right, Norn! It's your fault!
You would seriously do something this crazy
for the sake of a trivial demonic being?
A "trivial" demonic being?!
Are you kidding me?!
What do you think a life is?!
Every single life has dreams
and hopes and a future.
You call that "trivial"?!
You killed my best friend,
and then you go on to belittle that life?
You will pay.
I will make you pay.
I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
Forgive me I apologize
So please, don't kill me!
Is it scary?
Is irrational violence scary?
Both the demonic beings and the humans
that you and your army have killed
probably felt the same way that you do now.
But you ruthlessly killed them!
And that isn't all
You also destroyed my home village.
Alban Village!
I really can't let you get away with this.
There is absolutely no way
you can get away with this!
I'll start my revenge
I'm a kind person.
If you can win this game, I'll let you go.
If you don't like it, I'll toss you to
all of the demonic beings, naked.
With a sign marking you as
the mastermind of this debacle.
I-I'll do it!
Okay, come in.
You look good in that too.
My big sister Flare?!
The rules of the game are simple.
If you can last until morning
without reaching your peak
from the fondling of
the horny dog Flare, then you win.
The moment you lose,
you will forget everything and become my pet,
just like this doggy Flare.
This will be fun.
Come tomorrow, you'll be begging me like a fool.
You pervert! Psychopath!
Flare, keep tormenting her.
And give her plenty of pampering.
C'mon now, you won't last til morning like that.
Be quiet! Shut up!
What's this? Feeling motivated?
Talk about perverted
What a cute dog.
You did so well.
I owe you a reward, huh?
You've lost and now you need to be punished, eh?
I'm going to show you just how much of
a horny bitch your sister is.
Keep your eyes on her.
I told you to keep watching!
Look at the unsightly face of
your beloved older sister.
You look so sad.
Shut up! Shut up, shut up!
Flare, face this way.
You love her, don't you?
You love your sister Flare.
Of course I don't! She's incompetent!
Flare, beg.
No lying, now. I know the truth.
You worked hard so your sister
would look back at you, right?
You loved her so you wanted her attention.
You couldn't do magic so you learned
strategy and political influence,
and you wanted your sister to acknowledge you.
I will make that wish come true, since I'm so kind.
If I please you like I pleased your sister,
then you two are one.
With that, the hearts of two sisters
that didn't see eye to eye became one.
Yes, I've done such a good thing.
Now then.
Wh-what are you
I told you at the very beginning.
If you lose, I erase your memories,
and you become my obedient livestock.
Any last words you're like to share?
G-go fuck yourself.
Nice one! Yes, that front you put up, I love it!
Making you submit to me is worth it!
When you wake up, you will be Ellen.
You're my long lost younger sister.
We happened to reunite in this city.
You have an immeasurable amount of love
for me, your older brother.
Princess Norn, goodnight for eternity.
She's your long lost younger sister?
That's right.
I'm glad I'm finally able to see her again.
Both Setsuna and Freia took to her right away.
Is that so
That girl is Eve Ries, of the Black Wing Tribe.
We ended up traveling together for some reason.
So, Kureha, why are you here?
Because I was worried about you,
but I see my worries were unfounded.
After Princess Flare,
Princess Norn was also abducted,
and the reputation of
the Gioral Kingdom was tarnished.
They'll probably call for Hero of the Gun
Bullet to capture me.
I'll turn the tables on him, completely torment him,
and trample on his dignity.
If I can't make him suffer through hell,
then my revenge will not stop.
First up is the Philosopher's Stone.
We'll subdue the divine bird Caladrius
and take on the demon lord.
We're heading east.
I bought another raptor.
Setsuna will be in charge of this one.
But I'm sad, I'd rather be with you Lord Keyarga.
Sorry, but everyone head out now
and wait for me outside of the city.
I want to make a stop somewhere before we leave.
Sure thing.
Don't make us wait too long, okay?
What, does it make you sad to be
away from me for even a little while?
O-of course not!
I want to be with you for even
a second longer, Big Brother!
We've been apart for so long up until now!
I do too!
So do I!
Well, it won't take that much time.
I'll be back soon.
I'll see enough of the world for the both of us.
Anna, your revenge has been executed.
Please rest peacefully.
It's you guys.
Glad we caught you in time.
When we went to the inn
they said you'd already left.
This here's to thank you! You all saved us.
I didn't really mean save you
That doesn't matter. Take this.
It's nothing special though.
It's about the least we can do
I'll use it with care.
Stay safe out there!
We'll never forget you!
I didn't save them with the intent of doing so, but
I could get used to this.
Could I have gone soft?
Freia and the others were also nothing more
than tools to me at the beginning,
but now I even feel affection for them.
Am I afraid of losing them?
No No, I'm not!
What scares me most is this
desire for revenge disappearing.
I despise him. I want to kill him.
I want to crush the bastard who tormented me.
It's okay. The flame in my chest is still burning.
Hero of the Gun, Bullet.
I'll make sure you feel it too!
I want to see you soon, cute little Keyaru!
You are the young boy of my dreams!
I love you, I love you, I love you with all I have!
I will make sure to add you to my collection
while you're still beautiful!
At first, it was the Hero of Magic, Flare
no, Freia, at the start of this journey.
But now, I have the Ice Wolf Clan prodigy, Setsuna,
and the great swordsman Kureha,
with the power and skill to rival even a Hero.
I have the second-born princess of
the Gioral Kingdom, the strategist Norn
or rather, my little sister Ellen,
and the candidate for demon lord,
Eve of the Black Wing Tribe.
They are all first-rate women.
As I continue doing what is right,
God is surely telling me to do my best.
The world exists for me.
My happiness is this world's happiness.
Living my second life as a healer,
exacting all of my revenge,
I'm wondering what bright future lies ahead for me.
I am very, very much looking forward to it.
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