Reef Break (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Lost and Found

1 I'm Cat Chambers.
It's been five years since I left the Reef.
CAT: And you're the hot local detective, and I'm supposed to figure you're safe for a one-night stand.
In my old life, I was a professional-surfer-turned-thief with a soon-to-be ex-husband who is FBI.
I need your help.
The last time you said that, killed my career.
Uh, no, marrying me while you were undercover killed your career.
But now I'm back There's a boathouse.
If you ever need a place to stay, it's yours.
and it looks like I may stay awhile.
Would like to put you on a retainer.
Some problems, you need a A fixer? Works for me.
DAX: Now, you listen to me.
After today, there is no deal.
A 90-year-old woman with Coke-bottle cataracts could ID your boss in this video.
The price is $3 million, my Cayman account, end of business today.
Do I sound like I'm negotiating? [CELLPHONE BEEPS, THUDS.]
Reef Break 1x02 Lost and Found [RYAN MONTBLEAU'S "I WAS JUST LEAVING" PLAYS.]
The sun came up And the sun went down I'm looking for reasons in my head again Where are you now? Where you've always been Can't believe you conned Carter Eastland out of his daughter's beach house.
I'm a very good con woman.
Far from where I am Maybe we should stop doing this.
And why would we do that? I'm a cop.
You're a What, a thief? Criminal? Was it what I didn't do Well, last I recall, when we hooked up, you ditched me to go surfing.
Uh, well, lucky for you, today is spring tides.
Wind swells less than 10 seconds apart.
- Mm.
- Mm.
I don't know what that means.
That means no surfing.
- Mm.
- Turns out I was wrong - I was just leaving - Give me 15 minutes.
- Well, if it isn't FBI Agent Jake Elliot.
- No, we are not serving any liquor in this establishment on a Sunday morning.
You think I'm wearing a wire? Would be fun to see you making cases again.
Not today.
No beer on Sunday? I'm busy today, Red.
You sell dog treats? Aisle 4.
You bought a puppy or finally realized your cooking is that bad? Ha! My milkshakes are legendary on this island.
Only because you can't burn ice cream.
Uh, strong ones makes you drowsy.
Next aisle to your right.
Who's having trouble sleeping? [CHUCKLES.]
Just following a lead.
On a Sunday morning? Will you stick it on my house tab, will you? [DOOR CHIMES.]
- We're gonna settle this now! - I don't want to talk about it! Hey, hey, don't don't you walk away from Get off! Get off me! Hey! You leave her alone! Come on, man! Leave her alone.
- You okay? - I will be [GUN COCKS.]
as soon as you give me what I came here for.
Whoever sent you, I can pay you double.
The diamonds.
How'd you know about those? They're in the briefcase.
Have it your way.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! No! Aah! Ow.
Get the briefcase.
Single up the lines.
Ready to go.
I see you found the key.
I'm glad you're here, and I meant what I said.
You are welcome here as often and for as long as you like.
Oh, calm down.
It's just a place to sleep.
It's not like we're related or anything.
- There's nothing in here.
- Oh, well, you got wheels.
Why don't you go shopping, like a big girl? No, not anymore.
The cops took my minibike.
Guess they don't like it when you park on the sidewalk.
- Your boyfriend's a cop, right? - Okay, whoa.
Hold up right there.
Wyatt is not my boyfriend.
We are friends with benefits.
Well, if he's a friends-with-benefits, then he can get my bike back.
Mm, it doesn't really work that way.
What, you think I can just, you know, ask him for the RPD impound lot key and waltz out of there with your minibike because I happen to be sleeping with him? - You owe me.
- What do you think all this is? If I don't get my bike back, I'll have to hitchhike everywhere.
Guess you'll just have to take the bus, then.
Mao, mao, mao, mao-mao-mao, mao-mao Mao, mao, mao, mao-mao-mao, mao-mao Mao, mao, mao, mao-mao-mao, mao-mao [DOGS BARKING.]
Mao, mao, mao, mao-mao-mao, mao-mao - [WATCH BEEPS.]
- Mao, mao, mao, mao-mao-mao, mao-mao [BEEPS.]
Mao, mao, mao, mao-mao-mao, mao-mao Mao, mao, mao, mao-mao-mao, mao-mao Mao, mao, mao, mao-mao-mao, mao-mao Mao, mao, mao, mao-mao [POOL BALL CLACKS.]
- 9 ball, corner pocket.
- [GASPS.]
I could've shot you.
Not the way you aim.
How did you know? Oh, well, it was your random grocery shopping.
Red called me.
Antihistamines and a truckload of dog treats? You don't have a dog.
How did you know it was Doc's house? He's the only drug kingpin on the island - with killer guard dogs.
You always were the better criminal.
I did put in my 10,000 hours.
- What are we looking for? - Uh, no.
We are not looking for anything.
Maybe I can help.
It's not even here.
So, how do you know Doc's not in town? Oh, he landed an hour ago.
I had him arrested just before the seat belt sign went off.
Ah, so it's not that you didn't have time to find a judge to give you a search warrant.
You just didn't want anyone to know you were here.
I could never fool you.
Well, except for that time you pretended to be a criminal, married me, and then forgot to tell me that you were an undercover FBI agent until our honeymoon.
Wanna play 20 questions? Oh, absolutely not.
You loved that game.
Yeah, well, that was because we were both very drunk and it always ended up with something inventive.
I'm just saying - What? - Whoa.
Wyatt? - Hey.
- How How did you Neighbor reported a middle-aged man lurking by the gate.
I was not lurking.
I What about Cat? Oh, Cat.
Cat's a ghost.
No one ever sees her coming.
So, brief me on your casework here, Special Agent, because nothing you find is gonna be admissible in a court of law.
Thanks for the legal advice, Skippy.
This This is why you rushed me? - To help him with a B&E? - For the record, he was doing the breaking and entering.
- I was just shooting the breeze.
- Cole, here.
- Hey, it's Cat.
You got aviation up? Oh, yeah.
No, I'm not busy.
I'm on en route.
Okay, I'm on my way.
Don't worry.
I'm sure yours will ring soon, too.
ANA: Dax Melvoy.
Lawyer, mouthpiece, high-end lowlife.
He was grabbed and his yacht was hijacked two hours ago from the marina.
So, my mission, should I choose to accept it, is to find Dax Melvoy? Why do you need me for that? Dax is not what's important here.
The laptop that was taken along with him is.
What's on it? A video file that he tried to sell the Governor this morning - for $3 million.
- Hmm.
Then Carter Eastland offered to pay $3.
5 million.
Let's just say that did not sit well with the Governor.
You want to know what your mission is? Yeah.
Retrieve the laptop.
Destroy the file and all the copies.
Put a smile on the Governor's face.
And above all, do not let that file anywhere near Carter Eastland.
So, you guys think, what, Eastland's behind this? First Law of the Reef whenever smoke blows in the Governor's face, there's a good chance Eastland set the fire.
So, are you in? A kidnapping, a stolen yacht, and secret video file that Eastland and the Governor are in a race to find? Oh, yeah.
I'm in.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What is she doing here? Cat's gonna be joining the search and rescue operation in a consulting capacity for the Governor's Office.
Like a work release program? - You're joking, right? - Do I look like I'm joking? I love being in the middle of all this brother/sister sibling-rivalry stuff.
- Half-siblings.
- Half-siblings.
I could've given her a ride save the taxpayers some money.
Ride from where? Hello? I have to take this.
Still wondering what you and your former lover were doing at Doc Yulo's house.
He's not my lover.
You are.
He's my ex-husband.
Listen, do I have to pull rank on you? You heard your sister.
I want to see the surveillance footage.
This is the Reef.
People pay big money to make sure no one's filming when they dock in the marina.
Who is that? That is Richard Stuyler Carter Eastland's Head of Security.
You know, multi-billionaire whose daughter's beach house you're currently residing in.
He certainly doesn't look like your average rent-a-cop.
He's not.
Left a lot of dead bodies in exotic locations.
And now he does the same for Carter Eastland? Not that anyone can prove yet.
Detective Cole.
Stuyler, as I've already informed you, this is an active investigation for police personnel only.
Which one is she police or personnel? She's here at the express request of the Governor's Office She is standing right here and has a name and everything.
Cat Chambers.
You're the so-called surfer who ratted out her pals to avoid jail time.
And you're the so-called mercenary who does a bunch of shady stuff for Carter Eastland.
I think I'm gonna enjoy getting to know you.
Well, most people do.
What is this, anyway? WYATT: Pinging off Dax's briefcase.
We're gonna send a search party out.
Well, that's Hercules rock.
So? So this is the place us surfers refer to as the Reef's own Bermuda Triangle.
It's one of the few places on Earth that a compass points true north.
As opposed to? Magnetic north.
Oh, right your search party is off by about 10 degrees.
Sarge! Sarge.
You're welcome.
Hey! Ready out, guys.
Ready out.
Alright, let's go.
Hey! Hey! I'm over here! I'm here! Hey! [BIRDS CALLING.]
Don't you have hell to raise somewhere? Not today.
Cops took my minibike.
I'm sorry, kid.
Don't be sorry.
Help me get it back.
Yeah, I would, but I-I have a strict "don't help people if it's gonna land you in jail" policy.
Yeah, but you don't have to come to the station.
I just need someone to help me pay the fine, and you have 500 bucks, right? What life lesson would you be learning if I just handed out 500 bucks with no strings attached? Oh, I see.
So, I'm supposed to learn about life from a career criminal with fast food running through his veins.
Just because I don't play by the rules doesn't mean I don't know what they are.
Besides, you need sweet-talking? I'm not your guy.
Ask Cat.
I did.
She said no.
- She'll do it.
- Didn't seem that way.
Yeah, well, there will be a price.
But she'll get your bike.
Look, man, they may not have been wearing eye patches and, uh, sporting parrots on their shoulders, but they were pirates.
They dumped me and took off across the high sea.
I'm lucky I didn't die.
- It was a salt spray gun? - They broke the skin.
You ever heard of staph infection? What'd they take? Uh, a bag of diamonds.
Not the kind you take out of Grandma's safety deposit box, either.
Someone tipped them off.
Says here you were an attorney.
It also says that you filed for Chapter 11 three years ago and you've been on the run from the IRS ever since.
Listen to me.
The kind of enemies I have, they don't leave you alive in the middle of the ocean.
There is something else going on here.
ANA: If this is the same crew, it's the seventh attack in the past two years.
But always at sea, before this.
Maybe they knew what was on that laptop and that's why they changed their M.
Well, in the past, they robbed cash and high-end goods spoils of wealth.
Okay, so Dax mentioned - diamonds.
- Mm-hmm.
Maybe they didn't know what was on the laptop and they just took it by mistake.
You know what's on that laptop, don't you? I have an idea.
Do you want to share it with me? Guess that's a "no".
Trust issue.
- That was Doc Yulo.
- Who? He walked right past you.
- I didn't notice.
- You didn't notice? You throw him in jail, break into his house, ransacked his house, and you don't notice him 2 feet away from you? What are you doing here, anyway? - Oh, hey, I could ask you the same thing.
- Mm.
I mean, I thought you were trying to stay out of police stations.
Well, this is the only place I can find myself a vintage minibike.
Last known location was 4th Street.
You pick up any prints? Unfortunately, not.
But we did get this.
Take a look.
CCTV picked him up 3rd - Hey.
You got a minute? - Not really.
Oh, well, I need to talk to you.
I'm kind of in the middle of something here.
Oh, you don't mind, right? I was just getting a cup of coffee.
- You want one? - I want one.
Now you got a minute.
You think talking to Tolan's all I have to do today? Probably not, but I have no plans, so I can stand here and talk to you all day.
- What do you want? - You remember Petra, - that that girl I bailed out? - Yeah.
Well, her minibike was impounded, okay? You let me wheel it outta here, I'll leave you alone in peace and quiet.
You know, as great as that sounds, I can't really do that.
Wyatt, I told you.
I have a complicated history with Petra.
I just I want to get this bike back for her.
Please help me.
You're serious, aren't you? [BRAKES SQUEAL.]
To what do I owe the honor? Well, as a matter of fact, I did you a solid, and I got Petra's minibike out of the impound and back for her.
But before I give it to her, I need a favor from you.
Ha! Yeah, well, uh, whatever you want, - that's Petra's bill to pay, not mine.
- Fine.
I'll just take it right back to the police station, have them put it back in the impound lot, then I'll tell Petra that the reason she doesn't have her beloved minibike is because of her good friend Otter.
- You wouldn't.
- Oh, I would.
See, Petra already hates me, so I've got nothing to lose.
But you she thinks of you as as a father figure and a friend.
But don't worry.
She can always find another one of those on the street.
What do you want? Talk to me about the pirates.
They're stealing high-end goods.
Some of it must've moved through you.
I want to know everything you know.
- Robin Hood stuff.
- Mm.
Okay, stealing from rich folk to survive.
- Living off the grid.
- How far off the grid? [SIGHS HEAVILY.]
OTTER: The last honest-to-goodness map of the Reef before Eastland started, uh, rewriting geography to hide his oil.
Where the hell did you get this? Well, remember when the Eastland mansion was burgled a few years back? You're telling me you moved stolen loot from Carter Eastland's mansion through this dump? Otter, I'm impressed.
You got guts.
- My guts are all fast food.
- Ew.
But whoever did left some very nice rugs back there.
I guess they thought this roughed-up piece of paper wasn't worth anything.
Yeah, well I guess this roughed-up piece of paper is worth one minibike.
Nice work, Otter.
Just make sure she gets it! I will.
Lipstick stuck on High heels sharpened Eyes lined, it's on Think it's time to get my walk on Here I come, look at me Smell like a flower but sting like a bee Listen up, have you heard Women are gonna rule the world I said ladies We get what we want Boys You better take the day off Hey, here I am - J-Jumpin' to my jam - [ENGINE STARTS.]
Hey, here I am Jumpin' to my jam Hello, here I am See ya! Jumpin' to my jam [GRUNTS.]
Really, Cat? Stealing a boat? What, are you following me? - You're under arrest.
- Really? Absolutely.
It's interesting what you didn't say.
Wait, what? - Stop.
Wh Bit of burglary yesterday, some grand theft today.
What am I meant to do with you? Well, I thought I made that pretty clear but we can go over our safeword again, if you'd like.
Any chance that you just tell me - what the plan is? - Nope.
Look, I get it.
You walk between the raindrops, but you are going to need me maybe sooner than you think.
Now, is that your attempt to scare me? - Because you are standing on my boat - That you stole.
not arresting, and I wonder why that is.
Well, I don't know.
You seem to have all the answers.
CAT: Maybe it's because you're seven acts of piracy in, RPD doesn't have any leads, I do, and you want to ride my coattails.
You can come.
But you gotta throw your radio and your phone overboard.
I don't want RPD following us.
- [GASPS.]
Wow, you're more desperate than I thought.
- A little.
- She got attacked by a pack of dogs - [ENGINE REVS.]
She said "It's okay I got some wilderness skills beneath my belt" [DOOR CHIMES.]
What's up, Doc? - Is that why you threw me in jail? - [CHUCKLES.]
To give you time to come up with such a clever line? Never was much of a wordsmith.
More a man of action.
"Was" being the operative word here.
Now it seems we have some new business.
Really? DEA wasn't notified that you were in custody.
We both know that they've held an open warrant on you for years.
I'm looking for a watch, and you got the biggest collection on the Reef.
You're shaking me down for a watch? [BOTH LAUGH.]
You and I both know that you risked your warrant to see your daughter.
It'd be a real shame if she got caught up in some kind of illegal harboring-a-fugitive situation.
Remind me again.
Which watch in particular were you looking for? We'll finally get to spend the morning together.
Well was it everything you imagined it would be? Check it out.
If I'm being honest, there were less nautical charts involved.
I've marked where all the previous attacks took place.
You know, my experience comes from actual police work, not binge-watching "Law & Order".
Yeah, well, mine comes from Nancy Drew.
That girl was a badass.
Based on a description of their boat and their fuel consumption, there's not a single reef close enough for them to use as a base.
Maybe not on your map.
Way back in the day, Carter Eastland's father doctored all those maps to omit certain beneficial geographic locations so he could corner the Reef's oil market.
Ran across a few back when I was looking for new spots to surf.
That's your plan.
The two of us we storm an island? My plan was to fly solo.
I think your plan was to get me out here in the middle of nowhere and take advantage of me.
- Well, here we are, Romeo.
Yes, I understand the timely nature f Absolutely, Governor.
Talk soon.
You wanted to see me? Sober.
I can handle it.
I look forward to the day when you can handle more than a bottle of beer.
Like doing your job.
Oh, don't you worry about my job.
You worry about yours, handling Cat.
You don't think I can handle her.
No one can.
Not me.
Not you.
And certainly not that little brother of yours.
This assignment it's very important to the Governor, but I am having some trouble communicating with her.
Well, get used to it.
Welcome to the unruly world of Cat Chambers.
Here we are.
Where? Ground zero for the pirate attacks.
So, what, we decoy them into attacking us? Sounds promising.
Take it easy, John Wick.
None of the attacks happen before noon.
They're pirates.
They like their sleep.
Ah, so what you're saying is make hay while the sun shines.
No one has said that for like 50 years.
Well, it looks like we've got a shadow.
Come here.
Check it out for yourself.
They're not doing anything, though.
Oh, no.
See? That's just our backup.
I ditched my phone and my radio but not the tracking device on my belt.
Well, that's a good thing.
You're gonna need a ride home.
- Hey! - Sorry! Wait! You need backup.
Well, you know, I also need to get to that stolen briefcase before anyone else, including you.
- No.
Hey! Cat! Whew.
Oh, uh, hey.
Uh, c-can I help Oh, okay.
Yeah, um Where is she? Where is Cat Chambers? [CHUCKLES.]
Whoa, thought it was a nightmare Low, it's all so true They told me, don't go walking slow The devil's on the loose Better run through the jungle Better run through the jungle Better run through the jungle Whoa, don't look back to see - Did she follow us here? - Didn't follow us.
We've never seen her before.
How did you find us? Well, I used to be kind of a pirate myself.
WYATT: Thanks for the change of clothes.
Aero got anything? TOLAN: No, but the trees are so dense on these islands, they could be 10 feet over and not know.
Get another patrol on the search grid.
Hire locals if you have to.
Roger that.
Wait, wait.
There's nothing there.
Trust me.
Let's go.
- Call the SWAT.
- Copy that.
Alright, let's get all units.
All units.
Cat Chambers.
The surfer, right? - From the Shorepound Syndicate? - Yeah.
I remember ditching school for weeks to watch that trial.
- You're a real badass.
- Wow.
Well, thank you.
Seems like you're doing pretty well yourself in that department.
Who are you? I'm Raven.
These are my people.
So you decided to start over? Like the First Reefers.
Except the First Reefers weren't committing armed robbery and stealing uncut diamonds.
We only take what we need to keep ourselves clothed, fed, and functioning off the grid.
Hey, I hear you.
There was a time not very long ago where I was a lot like you guys.
I wanted to leave it all behind, shun society, didn't trust anyone.
And now? Now I'm easing my way back in.
I'm, uh, freelancing.
Whole different skill set.
And who pays for that? Today, the Governor.
Your last score, you took something.
He wants it.
Must be special if he sent you to get it.
In a briefcase, next to those uncut diamonds you stole, is a laptop with a file on it.
What's on it? I don't know.
I'm gonna look at the last file he opened.
You know I think I should watch it first, just for your own safety, okay? [KEY CLICKS.]
Oh, the Governor.
You shouldn't see what's on this computer.
No one should.
For your own protection.
But the money I can get you for what's on here, it'll keep you guys afloat for a long time.
I know how to negotiate with these people.
I can get you a lot of money.
But you said you worked for the Governor.
You know, I-I work for my conscience.
And the Governor's price to rent, it just went way up.
I can help you.
But you have to trust me.
Everyone, on the ground now! On the ground! On the ground! - [GUNFIRE.]
- Get on the ground! On the ground now! Stuyler.
Cat Chambers! Get your ass out here now! And bring me that computer.
I'll start shooting in 10 seconds.
- Nine - I'm gonna give him the laptop.
No, no.
That's a bad idea.
- I'm not letting my people die - seven - You said it's worth millions.
- It is.
That's why Stuyler is not allowed to get his hands on it.
You said you would trust me, right? So what do we do? three two one! This one is on you, Cat! Hey! Why don't you and your thugs get out of here? There's nothing for you.
You have something that Mr.
Eastland wants.
How'd you find me, anyway? Your pal Otter.
He gave you up for a song.
A song or a sandwich? Otter's notorious for his cheap prices.
You want it now? He wants the laptop! It's worthless.
Copy of that file is already on its way to the Governor.
See, in this game, if you're not first, you're last.
This place hasn't got electricity.
- Let alone Internet.
Now! Flares! Let 'em have it! What the hell were you thinking? RPD! Put your guns down! RPD! Put your guns down! Guns down! MAN: Show me your hands.
Show me your hands.
- RPD.
Guns down.
- Stand down.
- Show me your hands.
- Stand down.
I can't believe you let Stuyler beat you here.
I did leave you a map.
Yeah, then you took it with you.
Oh, yeah.
- Evacuate these hostages.
- Secure! - Back it up, Mr.
- Backing up.
We're leaving.
- Nice job.
- Yeah.
Nice doing business with you.
- You're a real badass.
Well, likewise.
Take care.
- It's like it's Christmas over here.
- My bike! [LAUGHS.]
Well, I figured the bus system on the Reef kind of sucks.
And anyway I know it's more than just transportation to you.
Yeah, actually, my dad gave it to me for my 10th birthday.
As I recall, it's so you would stop bugging him for rides.
You know, you can't buy me off.
Oh, come on.
Just this once? I mean, I got your bike back.
Be careful! It's a beautiful day And I just wanna ride it Ride the wave Right there to your side It's a beautiful day Who am I to deny it? [EXHALES SHARPLY.]
How did you find me? Duty Sergeant said you'd be here.
He will answer for that.
I just wanted to let you know my Cat situation worked out.
Told ya.
It's nice here.
It's so quiet.
No phones, no e-mails.
You should try it sometime.
In my next life.
I'll be here.
That all you came here for? See you later, Jake.
- Just a sec.
- ANA: Hi.
- Hey.
Heard you kinda saved the day today.
Kinda, maybe.
- Sort of.
- A little bit.
- Are you looking for me? - No.
But it is a pleasure, as always, sis.
Don't tell me.
The Duty Sergeant ratted me out to you, too.
No, it was actually the "Gone Fishing" sign that gave you away.
You, uh, catch anything? That's not really the point.
Take a seat.
Well So, what is it with this, uh, "Old Man and The Sea" routine, huh? Peace and quiet.
Just came by to make sure after Doc Yulo's you, me, and Cat we're cool, yeah? It's none of my business.
And hey.
I'd like to keep it that way.
Been asking around about you.
Why don't you tell somebody who gives a damn? You're quite a legend around these parts.
Well, legends are born of myths, and myths are born of fairy tales.
You believe in fairy tales, Detective? I think there's a little truth in everything.
Cases you solved, the ladies you romanced, the benders you went on afterwards.
Okay, so this is where you ask me, "Didn't I used to be Jake Elliot?" No.
No, I think he's still in there somewhere.
Boy, do you know how to spoil a perfectly good Hang on.
I know why you're here.
You're here because you're worried that you might turn into something like me.
No, I don't think so.
You're damn right.
You gotta earn your reputation first before you can lose it.
What are you using, live bait? - Octopus? - Yeah.
Should try a lure next time.
Might get a bite.
So you're not just a pretty face after all, huh? You find Jake Elliot in there, tell him we finally could use someone like him again.
So, my first official mission for the Governor's Office.
How did I do? I see a pattern forming here.
I ask you to do one thing, you do something completely different.
Well, you hire Cat Chambers, you get all of Cat Chambers.
I assume the Governor's happy with my result.
Stuyler wound up with egg on his face and a first-degree burn.
The Governor thinks you're Erin Brockovich.
He's agreed the pirates will be left alone, as long as they keep their Robin Hood act off the Reef.
And Dax is going stateside.
It's nice to know the Reef's still willing to observe the occasional U.
law, like blackmail.
Mission accomplished.
Did you see what was on the file before it was destroyed? No.
You're a good liar.
You know one time a long time ago, I stole a really nice watch off a really bad man, and I gave it to the man I loved.
But I knew he wouldn't take it if he knew where it came from, so I made up this whole story about where I got it.
It was really corny.
Something about my mom and my dad [CHUCKLING.]
and their wedding day.
Did he buy it? Let me guess.
Jake Elliot? I will see you around.
It's been seven minutes now since I lost my way It doesn't seem that long, but my whole world has changed It's in all the little things - When you smile, now it stings - Jake! It's been seven minutes since I lost the girl of my dreams Hi.
I didn't think you'd come.
It's been half an hour now since - I dropped you home - You call, I jump.
- Now I sink a little deeper Think a little clearer Looking at myself through these newfound eyes Is it too late to turn around? I'm already halfway out of town What are we celebrating? [CHUCKLES.]
Well the success of your - of your mission.
- Now I know how I let you down Well, you could've just sent me a congratulations emoji.
Oh, I finally figured it out I forgot to love you, love you, love you I forgot to love you, love you, love you [GASPS.]
- Oh, my gosh.
You got it back.
It turns out Doc's quite the romantic.
Well, I haven't seen this since that night.
Yeah, yeah.
I remember I I woke up.
I hear I heard something.
Went to check what time it was.
And that's when the shooter came in.
Yeah, and, uh the bullet was a couple of inches from my heart.
Reaching for this watch saved your life.
No, Cat.
You saved my life.
I-I-I remember the story, um, you told me when you surprised me with this.
Uh, how your your mom gave it to your father on their wedding day and how she sold her diamond earrings to get it.
Yeah, that's - Yeah.
- Mm.
You are a sucker for a good story.
- Um You know, I I know it might be too late for us, but you here on the Reef seeing you again it made me remember the man I was and and it gave me a hint to the man I might yet be.
Thank you.
I want you to keep this.
- No, no.
- No, you keep it.
You know, that way, um I'll have an excuse to come by whenever I want to wear it.
Well, alright, then.