Reef Break (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Buried Things

1 I'm Cat Chambers.
It's been five years since I left the Reef.
In my old life, I was a professional-surfer-turned-thief with a soon-to-be ex-husband who is FBI.
- I need your help.
- The last time you said that, - killed my career.
- Uh, no, marrying me while you were undercover killed your career.
But now I'm back Your boyfriend's a cop, right? Wyatt is not my boyfriend.
We are friends with benefits.
and it looks like I may stay awhile.
The Governor would like to put you on a retainer.
Some problems, you need A fixer? - Works for me.
Ay maldita abusadora Ma ma te ves bien bien, echate pa'aca pa' DENISA: [LAUGHS.]
- Whoo! - Finn: [LAUGHS.]
You got no chance, Denisa! Whoo! [BOTH LAUGHING.]
Ahi vamo' a darle Give me a break.
You're too fast.
Slowpoke! Le regalare a usted una noche llena de placer Como tú te llamas Yo no sé No sé De donde llegaste Ni pregunté Ni pregunté Yo, check this out.
What is it? It's from a wreck or something.
Looks like it was a pretty big plane.
Hang on.
I'm coming down.
Hey, come here.
Out of left field Hey, Petra.
We heard you were crashing here.
Not by choice.
Kind of got my arm twisted.
It's a long story.
Your dad was in Shorepound, right? - Yeah.
- Told you.
We thought you might know someone.
Yeah, I know a lot of people.
What for? Tell me what you're thinking Oh, no Don't go [LAUGHS.]
Is this real? That, or somebody buried fake gold in the jungle.
And you want me to help you sell it? Can you? Lipstick, heart-shaped What's my cut? Can you feel the earth shake? [WHISTLE BLOWS.]
The street's a liar I'm gonna lure you into the dark [DOOR SLAMS.]
My cold desire To hear the boom, boom, boom of your heart The danger is I'm dangerous Hello, Doug.
Freedom agrees with you.
Always has.
Why am I here? Just digging the moment you coming back to see me, face to face.
Let's cut to the chase.
What do you want? You used to like a little foreplay.
You used to not try to kill me.
Every relationship has its ups and downs.
I don't have to play your games anymore.
Bye, Doug.
Love and kisses to the boys in D block.
Jasper needs help.
Things aren't so rosy in Oregon.
He ain't doing good time in Greenbriar beefing and bitching and knocking heads, getting his skinny ass thrown in the hole.
Well, you should've thought about that before you dragged him into your gang and got him tried as an adult.
My nephew needs to learn how to survive inside.
And I'm the only family he's got.
Yeah, well, send him a letter.
Share your hard-earned wisdom.
Seems we got ourselves some seriously overcrowded conditions in an outmoded facility here.
Federal judge wants to ship a bunch of us stateside.
- Guess where.
- Greenbriar.
I hear you're some kind of fancy fixer for the Governor now.
Doing for him like you used to do for me.
But having a lot less fun.
You know what? I'm not gonna do this with you.
Come on, Cat.
You always had a soft spot for the kid.
Bought him ice cream, taught him how to surf.
I don't get on the list to Oregon, Jasper ain't gonna make it.
Get me on that list.
I got to get to Greenbriar.
CAT: I need your help to get Doug O'Casey transferred stateside.
ANA: Why would you even consider doing O'Casey a favor? It's not for Doug O'Casey.
It's for his nephew, Jasper.
You believe he's telling the truth about his nephew? I don't know.
But I do know Doug's not a man to be ignored.
And Jasper is a sweet kid who got pushed into the family business by Doug and Doug's brother something I'll never understand.
Is this Jasper kid clouding your judgment maybe? I'll talk to the Governor and the Warden, see if Doug is even eligible for transfer.
Great, thanks.
Don't thank me yet.
Let me deal with this guy, okay? He's a ripoff artist, but he knew my dad.
Hey, Frank! Open up! [ELECTRICITY HUMMING.]
You weren't lying.
- You thought I was? - Yeah.
Wouldn't you? So, where'd you teenage desperadoes steal this? We didn't steal it.
We found it.
Look, we just want to know two things - is it real and how much is it worth? - Uh-huh.
- Freeze! - Denisa: [SCREAMS.]
- Don't move! - [GUN COCKS.]
PETRA: Frank, no! Go, go, go! Go! Aah! - Drop it! - [SCREAMS.]
- PETRA: I need your help.
- Ah, well, that's a coincidence 'cause I need yours.
Do you remember Doug O'Casey's nephew, Jasper? What? Why? Well, I just remember you had a crush on him way back when.
For like two seconds when I was a kid.
I'm not, like, his prison groupie or something.
Okay, I was just wondering if you'd talked to him or seen him or been in contact with him.
Look, seriously, some people I know are in trouble.
I need your connections.
What connections? I don't know.
Big-shot connections.
Get-out-of-jail type connections.
Where did you get this? Okay, either you start talking or you can find another boathouse to crash in, and I'll go back to my real life.
- The jungle.
- The jungle? Around Tiger's Eye.
I took them to Frank Shih's, - to check it out.
- Frank Shih? These two guys come in shooting.
T-There was DENISA: We're lucky Pet knew about the back door.
You're doing business with Frank Shih? No, I knew him from my dad.
Did Did Frank get shot? FINN: No, there there was all this smoke, and we were running.
How much trouble are we in? Frank Shih's dead.
If they were armed or pulled any kind of bonehead move, there's really nothing I can do but recommend them a good lawyer.
Wait, do you know where they are? No, I do not know where they are.
Eh, I'm starting to figure out when you're lying.
Anyway, it's not my case.
Hines and Inoue caught it.
- Want to introduce me to them? - Not really.
They already give me the side-eye for being the brother of the Lieutenant Governor.
Oh, what? And you think that I, your trouble-making hookup would be another black mark against you? Oh, well, holding you against me sounds nice.
I got to go meet some police officers.
- Thank you.
- WOMAN: That's okay.
Why the hell does the Governor's office care about this anyway? Well, come on, you know "Couple Feral Youths Execute a Downtown Businessman" is definitely not a good headline - for our tourist-based economy.
- It's not our problem.
We work our cases the right way.
Let the chips fall where they may.
Well, I'm just saying, you know, I knew Frank Shih.
Not a bad guy for a criminal.
Maybe I can help you guys.
This is from across the street.
Solid IDs on two of the three Finn Webb and Denisa Taylor.
With a third unidentified person in a baseball cap.
- You want to help us with that? - Tell me something.
Do you really believe a couple of kids shot Frank Shih? They're both in the system shoplifting, DUI Yeah, that's how Bonnie and Clyde got their start.
You know Petra Torrance? Webb and Taylor are both South Shore surf punks.
So is she.
Could be Perp three.
You know, this was incredible.
You guys are everything I hoped for and more.
I think we should be Facebook friends.
I really do.
Check it out.
JAKE: Bring those divorce papers? CAT: Uh, no.
Remind me to talk to my lawyer about that.
Hey, talk to your lawyer about that.
You hungry? No.
No, I'm not hungry.
What What is that? This is my yearly eval from the Bureau.
Ah, screw 'em.
It's not like I care.
Yeah, I can see that.
You look like hell, Jake.
What's going on? You know, this job used to be for heroes and risk takers.
Now it's for fat-ass apple-polishers who would rat each other out for a corner office.
You think if they were around back in the day that the Shorepound Syndicate would be out of business? - No.
- No.
Oh, who gives a damn? - I'm just - [PAPERS THUD.]
playing out the string.
So, maybe I should pick your brain while I still can.
- You okay? You don't have to answer that.
Alright, so there's these two detectives, Inoue and Hines.
You know 'em? Our paths have crossed when I had a path.
If I killed someone, I wouldn't want them working the case.
What if you didn't? Um, I'd rather take my chances with a couple of eager beavers than some pretty boy who pulled some strings to get his shield.
Alright, thank you, thank you.
For that insightful and unbiased opinion.
You're welcome.
Can I borrow your car? No.
I'm here if you need me.
Send up a flare when you decide to rejoin the human race, okay? [IMITATES FLARE GUN SHOOTING.]
We haven't talked all morning Bang my head, bang my head against the wall I'm scared, I'm falling Losing all, losing all my control And I'm tired of talking Feel myself saying the same old things But this love's important Don't wanna lose, don't wanna lose you this way [INDISTINCT TALKING.]
I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I Maeve, Maeve.
You light up this dump like a chandelier in a dog kennel.
Thanks, doll.
Join me in a Mai Tai.
Who are we drinking to? Frank Shih? I did teach him the damn ropes.
Well, to Frank the second-greatest fence on the Reef.
- Frank.
- Frank.
You hear any word on the street about that? How maybe Frank brought it on himself? I'm retired, doll.
I don't hear anything like that anymore.
Well I got something that might pique your interest.
It's real.
Credit Luxe.
Can you help me track the batch and vintage number? I told you, I'm retired.
You know, you've told me that many times before, but you never really meant it.
Any reason you're not going through official channels? There's no use in giving away information before you know what you got.
There's the Cat I remember, with 24-karat larceny in her veins.
So, no, you can't trace it for me? Honey, I'm just sitting here having my Mai Tai.
See you around.
Come on.
Come on.
By the time I got your letter I had lost my mind, I was trippin' When you're gettin' better, it's a jagged line Nothing lasts forever when you travel time I've been sippin' that Kool-Aid of the cosmos [MOTORCYCLE ENGINE REVS.]
Nice try, clown! You can't shoot for crap! INOUE: What else can you tell us? Like I said, he was covered in leathers and wearing a helmet.
I didn't get a good look at him.
Get a look at his hand when he fired at you? - Gloves.
- Could it have been Finn Webb? No, it couldn't have been Finn Webb.
Finn Webb is a kid.
This was a guy.
Like, a guy.
Recognize this? No.
We pulled this picture from Frank Shih's phone.
Word on the street is that the kids found it out in the jungle.
Where some people think Sonny Turner went down.
Sonny who? You know stole a plane full of gold bars 11 years ago, crashed it somewhere in the South Pacific.
Our own D.
Never heard from again.
None of the gold recovered.
How have I never heard of this guy? I mean, I've never heard of him.
Is he still alive? You're gonna fall off the grid and stay off, the Reef is a good place to do it.
That's why you guys are so into this case.
This is like buried treasure, right? Like a treasure hunt.
There's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
The gold bar you still have it in your possession? Oh, I never did.
Can I keep this? HINES: No.
CAT: Oh, great.
Nice of you to take a break while your pals were giving me the third degree.
They are not my pals.
Yeah, and in case you were wondering, they seem to think a guy who disappeared 11 years ago rose up from the dead and tried to kill me Sonny Turner.
- Sonny Turner? - Yes.
You know, it seems to me they're more interested in hunting for buried treasure themselves.
- What are you saying? - I'm saying, that they were more interested in the actual gold the kids were trying to sell, than in who killed Frank.
CAT: It's only a matter of time before those cops come here looking for you.
Not if you don't rat us out.
I'm not gonna rat you out.
I'm gonna talk to Jake, get his help.
PETRA: Talk to a Fed is Step One.
Step Two is turn rat.
You know, you know an awful lot for someone who doesn't know an awful lot.
Oh, right, sorry.
In your case, Step Two was marry a Fed.
Step Three was turn rat.
You forget I was around back then.
I saw everything.
And you forget I'm the only help you've got.
Speaking of which, you're on Doug O'Casey's nephew's call list, right? Jasper? Get me on it, too.
Have him call me.
Why? Well, that's none of your business.
I see you got dressed today.
What's the occasion? No occasion.
Heard you went for a swim last night.
Anyway, glad to see that you're alright.
What do you know about Sonny Turner? [EXHALES SHARPLY.]
His case is as cold as this beer.
Let's see, he was a cargo pilot, he saw his big shot, and he took it 30 mil worth of gold bars.
Uh, last known contact was Honolulu ground control.
And then he vanished.
People have speculated he went down anywhere between, well, there and here.
What if someone could find Sonny Turner and prove it was really him? [CHUCKLES.]
It's a career maker.
Or a career rescuer.
See this dot right here? That is Maeve Devlin's Caddy.
You're tracking her car? If bars of gold moved through this island 11 years ago, good chance is they moved through Maeve.
I have a gold bar in my possession.
So, you've got one of Sonny's gold bars? I don't I don't know if it's Sonny's gold bar, but I took it.
I showed it to Maeve.
She went out of her way to act not interested.
But Maeve is an old-time hood.
She will never do business on the phone, so she's got to move sometime, and when she does, we should follow her.
Maeve's on the move.
Come with me.
Let's follow her.
Are you in? - Eh? - Yes.
Come on.
Where's my car? RPD impounded it as evidence.
Plus, all the work it needs.
You know, there's water damage, bullet holes, may need a new engine.
What?! Hey, I didn't order a hit on myself.
Where'd you get this go-cart? Uh, well, it was a seized asset, and Wyatt pulled some strings.
Oh, I bet he did.
There's my Kitty Cat, landing on her feet.
- Whoa! We go together Better than birds of a feather, you and me We change the weather, yeah I'm feelin' heat in December when you're 'round me I've been dancin' on top of cars And stumblin' out of bars I follow you through the dark, can't get enough You're the medicine and the pain The tattoo inside my brain And, baby, you know it's obvious I'm a sucker for you I'm a sucker for you JAKE: Nice try.
CAT: What? She's not here on business.
She's visiting her grandkid in rehab.
Where are you going? [SIGHS.]
Hey! Cheers.
Techie Jane! The Steve Jobs of the Reef.
I prefer Sheryl Sandberg.
Fair enough.
I need you to lean in on something for me.
Kinda on lunch.
Yeah, it's on me.
Big spender.
Detectives Hines and Inoue can you pull their vehicle dispatch logs for me? [KEYBOARD CLACKING.]
Easiest free burger I've ever had.
Yeah, those Those records what do they look like to you? Huh.
Looks like some of these have been edited.
The car's destination has been altered.
Can you plug their plates into the Vehicle Asset System? Let's see where they've really been.
- Okay.
Here's their most common routes for the last few months.
What are these locations? They're all national forests.
You think they're having secret jungle rendezvous? Mm, no.
I think I found my gold diggers.
Thanks, TJ.
I guess I made a wrong turn.
Can you help me get back to the highway? [CHUCKLES LIGHTLY.]
Well, that depends.
Mm? Tell me everything you know about Sonny Turner.
Those sound like questions for my lawyer.
Well, they can be if you want them to be.
CAT: Hey, Jake.
Are you picking on defenseless little ladies again? Well, if I find one, I'll have her call you.
I'll see you around, Maeve.
Well, I figure there's a good reason you wanted her gone.
You figured right.
I don't need her anymore.
A decade younger, beard, full head of hair.
Oh, meet Sonny Turner.
I am Bob Clark.
I can show you a driver's license, Social Security number I bet you can.
So, this church you've got going The Golden Road InterFaith Congregation.
An interesting name.
Is that what you did with the gold? The gold you stole, Sonny? [SIGHS.]
Don't make me drag your ass out of here in handcuffs, Sonny.
Not in front of all these impressionable young minds.
I had this friend growing up.
Walking home from school, he always used to like to take the long way home, just so we could walk by the armored car depot.
Watch 'em roll in empty and roll out loaded.
"Just one," he used to say.
"Knock off just one of those trucks, and you're set for life.
" So, what happened to this friend? Ah, he got into a few jams.
Kid stuff, mostly.
One day, the judge said, "Go to jail, or join the Marines.
" So, Semper Fi, Your Honor.
Bunch of years later, he's a civilian, divorced, waking up in another chain hotel, rolling out to a cargo hangar in Oakland.
That's where that plane from Geneva landed, full of Singapore-bound gold bars.
So easy, it felt like a joke.
And then a storm hit, didn't it? About an hour west of Kauai? Thing is, until you wake up someplace in a jungle, alive when you should be dead, you just don't know.
Would you backslide into your old ways? Or would something click inside, set you on a new path giving instead of taking? See, I-I've heard stories like this before.
They're called fairy tales.
Yeah, well, this one has a happy ending.
See, he salvages some of that gold, secures a piece of land, and starts building a place - like this one.
A home for people who have no home.
Doesn't add up to $30 million.
Where's the rest of the gold? Next time I hear from my friend, I'll ask.
A fence named Frank Shih was found murdered on Thursday night.
You want to know where I was? [CHUCKLES LIGHTLY.]
I think I do.
Here, on the grounds, walking the path to my cabin, which is right over there.
Let me guess you walk that path alone.
Well, I have a lot to reflect upon.
You were uncharacteristically quiet back there.
Well, that's because I don't think the church is a scam.
For one thing, there's no pay-off.
Oh, come on.
The guy's a thief and a liar.
So am I.
Didn't stop you from marrying me.
He's probably the guy that shot at you.
Okay, do you really believe that? Come on, really? Or do you just want to be the guy who catches the notorious Sonny Turner? Of course I like the idea.
All they remember is when I was wrong, not that I was good.
So, yeah.
Yeah, I'd be happy to shove Sonny Turner right in their smug, fat faces.
Okay, that's great, but I don't believe he tried to kill me, - and I don't think he killed Frank.
Based on? - My gut.
Okay, assuming that you may be right, he's still Sonny.
Dig into his Golden Road financials and his phony documents.
I'm back here with a warrant tomorrow.
Alright, tough guy.
Yo, Tolan.
You got a 20 on Hines and Inoue? Got a tip on those fugitive kids.
Went to scoop 'em up.
Where? Thanks.
HINES: Police! Freeze! PETRA: They found us! Run! [SHRIEKS.]
Come out with your hands up! [SHRIEKS.]
- Down on the ground! Get down! - [DENISA SHRIEKS.]
We're going downtown to book you all for the murder of Frank Shih.
Unless maybe you want to show us where you found that gold bar.
CAT: Where are we going? I'm going to dinner with potential investors in the new Harbor Complex.
Oh, exciting.
Not for the Governor.
Well, is the Governor more excited by my request to get Doug O'Casey transferred off the Reef? He did not say "no.
" So, is that a "yes"? Weir Street might be faster, Eddie.
What's your play here, Cat? There is no play.
I mean, if I can help Jasper survive Greenbriar and get Doug O'Casey shipped off the Reef, it's a win-win.
You're asking for help for Doug O'Casey.
Oh, yeah, that makes a whole ton of sense.
I've definitely been playing the long game all these years.
Married an undercover FBI agent, got into a shootout with half of Doug O'Casey's gang, and then turned state's evidence on Doug.
Seriously? Is this the Governor asking, or is it you? The Governor's considering a move back to the States.
Thinks there's a Cabinet position for him in the next election.
He moves up, there's a space for me to move up.
For that to work, neither one of us needs to be embarrassed right now.
Did you really need to take me on this long-ass car ride to tell me no? I needed to take you on a car ride just to say "Make sure you want a 'yes, '" because I can get you one.
Hey, Wyatt.
What's up? Hines and Inoue have been hunting that wreck for two years, on and off city time.
Frank Shih must've called them about the kids coming in with the gold bar, sent them a photo, things went south, and they took Frank out.
Now they need Petra and her friends to show them where the gold is.
I got to go.
Wait, do you know where they're going? I don't, but I know who does! Find Jake! I'll call you! Okay, just be careful.
Come on.
Moment of truth has arrived.
The moment of truth? Listen to me, a few kids found Sonny Turner's wreck, a couple of days ago, and now they are headed back out there with guns to their heads, and the only person who can help me find them and save them is Sonny Turner.
So let's quit the game.
Help me.
- You understand the deal, right? [ZIP TIES CLICK.]
She comes up with the gold, or none of you ever walk out of the jungle again.
INOUE: Ready to go? Come on.
Let's go.
- Up.
- INOUE: Come on.
- Up.
- That's it.
Move your dumb asses.
Follow me.
Are you sure this is the spot? - [TRUCK DOOR CLOSES.]
- Follow me.
JAKE: You know where we're headed? WYATT: Uh, 100 yards into the jungle from the south entrance of Tiger's Eye.
HINES: It's through here? Yes or no? Yes.
She give you coordinates? No, but I got a vague bearing.
Vague? [SIGHS.]
This is a fool's errand.
Up here.
- I think.
- You think? Hope we're not too late.
No more games.
We didn't come to this rathole for junk.
Where's the gold? I found it up there behind the big rock.
Keep an eye on them.
Stay here.
INOUE: What do you see? Anything? [BREATHING HEAVILY.]
There's nothing up there.
JAKE: Hey, genius! DENISA: Oh, my God! [EXHALES SHARPLY.]
Come on.
You're okay.
You're okay.
You're okay.
WYATT: So, it looks like we can tear up those murder warrants.
CAT: They're free to go? Yeah, they still have to testify.
Now, come on.
Get out of my desk.
- See you later.
- Oh, yeah.
Yeah, we'll run with that.
You really think he's telling the truth? I think whatever he did pull out of that crash he put to good use.
My turn to tell a story.
Well, I'm a good listener.
About a guy I worked with.
More of a grinder than a superstar.
Didn't always kiss the right asses.
So, later on, when this guy made a few mistakes, they hung him out to dry.
Career was hanging by a thread.
Maybe it was just time for him to move on.
Yeah, maybe.
Then one day, this case just drops in his lap.
One that would put him in the history books, never mind back in the game.
Thing is, though, in order to prove that he was bigger than his past mistakes, he would have to lock up a man who had already proven just that.
JAKE: Anyway, this guy realized that he didn't give a damn about the empty suits in D.
He knew who he was.
Uh, turns out that case was never closed.
That's the story the guy told me.
Heck of an ending.
Let's make sure it stays that way, huh? Your boyfriend says I testify, or I'll get locked up for obstruction or something.
Okay, that's not gonna happen, and he's not my boyfriend.
- No? - No.
I see him sneaking out of the house all the time.
Uh, what are you Are you spying on me or something? You're welcome, by the way.
- For what? - Well, I saved your life.
I took care of that thing you wanted, with Jasper.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, well, I wasn't gonna owe you.
You let him go.
That's the man I knew.
I'm still waiting on those divorce papers, Cat.
Ohh Ohh Ohh Now The wick is lit [CELLPHONE RINGS.]
It's what you asked - All you ever wanted - [CELLPHONE BEEPS.]
To not fall into the past Hello? Woman's voice: You have received a collect call from an inmate at Greenbriar Correctional Institution.
To accept charges for this call, press 1.
- To decline - [KEYPAD BEEPS.]
Hello? JASPER: Cat? You there? Hey, Jasper.
It's good to hear your voice.
I thought you forgot about me, Cat.
No, no, I wouldn't do that.
How are you? I'm doing okay.
Yeah? Your uncle said you were having a tough time.
You know, I spoke to Jasper.
He says what's up? Turns out he's never been in the hole, not even once.
Got his GED.
He's doing great time.
He's gonna be eligible for parole in two years.
Seems I was misinformed.
You're a lot of things, Doug.
But you're not stupid.
You knew I'd figure out your story didn't hold up, which leads me to believe you're lying to me, and you wanted to stay off the transfer list to Greenbriar and stay right here on the Reef.
See, this is what I miss.
Playing chess with you.
I miss it, too.
The problem is, both of us cheat.
I'm gonna find out whatever you're up to, and I'm gonna drive a stake through you with it - once and for all.
- Oh, I'm counting on it.
I will see you shine [TAPS GLASS.]
I'm counting on it, Cat.
Ohh Ohh, ohh