Reef Break (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

The Green Tide

1 Previously on "Reef Break" The Governor would like to put you on a retainer.
Our island has unique problems.
Some problems the police don't even need to know about.
Wyatt is not my boyfriend.
We are friends with benefits.
Maybe this is not as casual as we keep saying it is.
CAT: Carter Eastland you're the most powerful man on the Reef.
Eastland is an ally.
It's a mutually fruitful relationship.
We'll need you to sign where indicated.
What are you guys doing here? - Rescuing you.
CAT: That's not a word.
You made it up.
WYATT: It is one hundred percent a real word.
I feel change coming The winds are swinging around Wow.
A metamorphic mineral.
Named after the place it was discovered.
Cummington, Massachusetts.
You know, this is not a hobby I pictured you having, Detective Cole.
Well, it started in the academy.
First time a classmate of mine snickered at the word "penal" kind of became a weird obsession after that.
That is vaguely charming.
What? Do you think you can do better? I don't know.
Why don't you tell me? Apex.
Something dirtier.
That's not really a turn-on.
That's because I'm talking about Carter Eastland.
And what you had to do to get that helicopter he loaned you.
You mean the one that saved your ass? My ass has been in much trickier situations.
- No doubt.
Get on and move your body, the Vengabus is coming Wow.
What is that ringtone? What are you, a 16-year-old girl? She is a very talented artist.
- Cole here.
Copy that.
There's been an explosion at the Eastland Refinery.
I got to go.
Although, uh, I have a feeling I might be seeing you there.
Dumont! Ms.
Dumont, given Eastland Empire's terrible environmental record What record is that? Three straight failed EPA inspections This is the only story on the Reef.
Rollin' down Maple Street I'm here.
Is there any suspicion of foul play? At a time of crisis like this, it is crucial that we do not allow wild and unfounded speculation to inflame an already highly charged situation.
Thank you.
Dumont! Just one more question! What do you know so far? First red light in the system, 9:45.
Fire alarms, 11:26.
Explosion occurred in the East Gallery at 12:47.
That's where the EPA found Eastland was not in compliance.
Until I've done an actual investigation, I'd be careful where I point my finger.
A thousand barrels an hour are spilling into our bay and burning up into our air.
So do me a favor and point all the fingers you've got, because I need answers right now.
- Station 2, get around the back! - Direct it over there! Lieutenant Governor, I want to assure you we're doing everything we can to manage this unfortunate event.
"Unfortunate"? There's a squishy word.
With all due respect, at a time like this, we should be focusing on the real culprits.
"Real culprits"? What does that mean, Jakinda? An enterprise like Eastland's gets so many threats.
So many crazies coming out of the woodwork.
Any you would care to name? If there was sabotage or arson or anything like that, we'll know from Number One Blue the hard drive from the compressor station, where the system data is stored.
Like the black box on an airplane.
MAN: You need to go back.
CAT: Hey.
What are you doing here? Eastland Refinery explodes? I figured you might need my help.
I see Stuyler's here cozying up to Wyatt.
Which makes me think there's something to be found and Carter Eastland sent him to make sure it gets lost.
Jakinda did say something about a black box in the compressor station which might have some answers.
Jakinda? Jakinda Sala is Eastland's head of operations.
A black box.
In there.
Well, of course I would never ask you or anyone to walk into a blazing inferno like that.
Of course not.
But Stuyler might.
He'd send one of his guys in there.
And I would very much like to get to that black box before he does.
MAN: Alright, secure the perimeter! I need all men on deck! [ALARM BLARING.]
CAT: So much for the black box.
Oh, brother.
Oh, brother.
So if you like to party Get on and move your body The Vengabus is coming - And everybody's jumping - Ha! New York to San Francisco - An intercity disco - I need help! - Now! - Let's move! Let's move! And traffic lights are burning So if you like to party - Get on and move your body - MAN: Somebody's here! - [HORN HONKS.]
What the hell are you doing? Uh, currently being very grateful I downloaded that awful song from your phone so I could make fun of you later.
When I said I figured I'd see you here, this is not what I meant! I am in a "bad news, worse news" situation here.
The bad news is someone bombed the refinery to start the fire.
- What's the worse news? - The worse news is there's a second bomb, and based on that blinking red light, I'd say I'm in a really, really bad situation, so do a girl a solid and call the Bomb Squad? Let's go! [DEVICE BEEPING.]
REPORTER: And in breaking news RFD has confirmed that the explosion at Eastland Refinery earlier today was caused by an incendiary device.
RPD sources tell us that the bomb squad - has been called in to investigate.
Sources could not confirm whether other bombs - [CELLPHONE BEEPS.]
- have been found Yes, Jakinda.
I'm watching it now.
And given the high profile of the company and its founder and CEO, Carter Eastland, we could be looking at an act of international terrorism.
Could be terrorism? As if there's any other explanation.
for all the latest developments [SIRENS WAILING, INDISTINCT SHOUTING.]
The wreckage can't be moved without cutting it.
So cut it.
There's flammable oil all around.
Saws equal sparks.
Why the hell is she in there to begin with? Uh, images will be up on the monitor soon.
You sent her into a hot area.
No, I wanted her to go and look around but only after it was safe.
- Okay, but why? - To look for the black box.
But why is Cat playing detective to begin with for anyone? Can you angle the camera at the top of the structure? I need a good look at the wire formation.
We got a better-than-average bomb maker.
Timing mechanism is concealed against the wall.
- Oh.
- Okay.
That blinking light is not a timer.
It's a power source.
Which means we've got about three minutes.
Oh, great.
That's plenty of time.
Are you kidding me?! You want me to do this.
Uh okay.
So, uh any idea if I should cut the red or the yellow? It's 50-50.
Your call.
But I-I'd cut the yellow.
You know, if I were you, I would not be here right now.
I'm not you, ma'am.
Well Well, here goes nothing.
Yes! Thanks, bud.
Thanks, man.
I'll speak to her.
So, use up another life? Half of one, maybe.
Bomb squad got a hit on the device from Interpol.
Thermostat detonator, set into the hull of a tanker off New Orleans.
No arrests, but a group called The Green Tide were suspects.
Green Tide the environmentalists? - Yeah.
You know them? - They have a local office.
Some active lawsuits against Eastland.
If the refinery was sabotaged for ecological reasons, then Green Tide had to have caught whiff of the crappy maintenance record at Eastland.
Bombed the refinery to make it look like his negligence led to the disaster.
Good plan.
- And the second explosion? - JAKE: Classic.
Cover your tracks.
Something goes boom in an oil fire? And [CHUCKLES.]
all the bomb evidence burns.
So Eastland can scream sabotage as much as he wants, but there's no proof.
Of course, I would've planted the bomb further from the detonation site, but that's just me.
Hey, uh, is Cat okay? Cat doesn't trust Stuyler.
- Do you know why? - No.
Without him, Cat and Ana are still on that island.
Stuyler didn't do it for Cat or Ana.
He did it for something in return.
- Hey, I know the favor I asked.
- Oh, yeah? Well, believe me, you do not want to play that game.
You only think you won't get dirty.
But Cat gets to live in the beach house, no questions asked? Cat's radar is usually good on this stuff.
My advice give her a listen.
Carter Eastland hush money fund must be on full tilt, huh? [SIGHS.]
Eastland Empire is a good corporate actor.
We take care of our employees.
Well, you should keep some of those resources to the side you know, just in case.
We're always prepared for emergencies.
I'd say it's time to break the glass.
You know, unless you want me to tell the whole world that your boss bombed his own refinery.
You don't really think I'd bomb my own refinery, do you? Well, the accusation got me in the door pretty fast, considering it was a shot in the dark.
You always have an agenda, and sometimes they're interesting.
After all, your current place of residence is the result of your last act - of extortion against me.
- Extortion? I did not extort that house from you.
I consider that a permanent loan - between two friends.
Or at least between two people who tolerate each other.
You got another angle, but you can't figure out how to come around to it.
Well, it definitely has not escaped my notice that you and the Governor are frenemies at best.
It also hasn't escaped my notice that the Governor would throw you under the bus for polluting his bay like [SNAPS FINGERS.]
So, I give you a direct line into their investigation.
In return, you give me the deed to the house that I did not extort from you.
Even if I trusted you which, on my part, would be a ludicrous idea I don't need your information.
The Green Tide bombed the refinery.
And you know that how? Maybe an inside line into the RPD? No, because it's obvious, and because the Reef police aren't incompetent.
Why don't you have the guts to ask me what you really came here for? Okay, you got me.
Tell me about your boy Richard Stuyler.
He's my head of security.
Just your head of security.
Because he seems to me like a man with his own agenda.
WYATT: Stuyler.
Now, this is interesting.
You know I'm the guy with the legal right to put people in cuffs, yeah? My men used extreme caution on their approach.
Green Tide have a reputation well-earned, as you can see.
ERICA: Those guns aren't ours.
They were planted, and they have no right to search our offices.
Looks like she knows her Fourth Amendment a little better than you do.
Yeah, but not her Federal law.
Posse Comitatus.
Kalama has an outstanding bail warrant.
We're authorized to arrest him.
It's time to go.
Leave everything where it is.
Let's go.
I think we're done here.
Let me tell you a story about the last person who underestimated me Doug O'Casey.
Doug was sure that Jake Elliott was on his team, back when we were in the Shorepound gang.
Turns out Jake was an FBI agent, and together, we put Doug in jail for a very, very long time.
That's quite a reach, comparing me to a criminal like O'Casey.
But if you're wrong about Stuyler, you're not just going to jail.
You're going to Hell probably.
On behalf of The Green Tide, I deny any involvement in the refinery bombing.
We're still searching the premises, though.
Detective Cole, take a look at these.
Tree spikes remarkably similar to the ones found on Eastland's resort property last month.
Anyone want to get in the drum circle, chat about felony vandalism? Smells like oil.
How do you know Eastland's goons - didn't plant those? - WYATT: I don't.
But it doesn't mean you don't owe me some answers.
Are you kidding me? - Come on.
- Two fish tacos, please.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, two fresh, bro.
- Ah, si.
You guys and your donuts.
Tacos, Ms.
Nothing changes around here.
And what would you want to change? The fact that the only people that give a damn about the Reef and are actually trying to do something about it are the ones being investigated.
- Ah, you mean Green Tide.
- Yeah.
While rich jerks like Carter Eastland rape the land and blow up their own refinery.
That's just a rumor.
Yeah, well, keep sitting around eating your tacos and protecting the status quo and you'll never know.
Hey, this is your home, too.
What do you want to do about it? Blow it up and start over.
That's bad for air quality.
- You were great out there today.
- Thanks.
That small arsenal of handguns we confiscated should make for good leverage in the interrogation.
Nice to see someone else isn't afraid to be a cop in 2019.
- Yeah, well, I like what I do.
- Hm.
Me too.
Anything else, Sergeant Ellis? Kristy.
And yes, there is.
The bombing at the Eastland Refinery this morning is being treated as an act of terrorism, which means it falls under the Intelligence Division.
- So I'm off the case? - Not at all.
It's my department, and given that it's Carter Eastland, the brass are giving me a lot of latitude on this one.
I want you to stay on.
- Thanks.
- Now let's go see what those two from The Green Tide really know.
We're not denying the tree spiking.
Erica and I led that mission.
And, no, I'm not telling you who else was there.
If we ever use an explosive device and I stress "if" it's to stop destruction.
When we heard about the explosion, we rushed down to help protect the bay.
But the fires we had to leave.
We knew what it would look like once we heard about the bombing.
The bay is what we live to protect.
We would never endanger it like that.
Meanwhile, you're giving Eastland exactly what he wants.
You know why? 'Cause we're about to finally beat him at his own game.
We took Eastland to court over his new development.
And we've got a case.
He's going to lose.
DUKE: Listen to me.
We are not that stupid.
And he's not that lucky.
So you got to look at the timing here and wonder what's really going on.
Hello, hello I've been waiting, watching you all night I don't know why In the morning JAKE: Hello, Kitty Cat.
What you got there? Best darn tacos on the Reef.
And this.
Eastland's new development project? Gonna go down in flames because Green Tide took him to court.
There are secret environmental reports, destruction of bird habitat.
You know, it turns out that Eastland's kind of a bad guy.
How much did you have to pay to get this? - Two tacos.
Oh, and an expedited visa for a janitor's refugee family.
You think your landlord's trying to frame Green Tide? Carter Eastland is not my landlord.
- I don't pay rent.
- Speaking of which, uh, what were you doing at Eastland Empire's office today? I figured.
Working an angle, huh? Want to share? No Do you? Don't like Eastland.
- Kind of like the kid, though.
- Wait a second.
You like Wyatt Cole? Yeah.
Yeah, I do.
I just don't want him making any further mistakes.
I want to kind of nudge him in the other direction.
I've been on the receiving end of your nudges, Jake.
They leave bruises.
So, uh shall we just follow each other around the island, or do you want to carpool? How about I let you use my computer and give you Carter Eastland's personal e-mail password? And I'll even watch over your shoulder while you hack into his account.
No, that is all I need.
See you.
Forensics got a match on one of the guns from The Green Tide office.
It was used in a shooting last year in Compton.
Compton? Those two bleeding hearts look like they're rubbing shoulders with the Bloods and the Crips to you? Negative.
Well, I just got off the phone with a buddy at the D.
's office.
You know that lawsuit Green Tide have against Eastland? They have every reason to be confident.
Apparently, Eastland's lawyers just quietly reached out to make a settlement.
Did we just exonerate our number-one suspects? Sure looks that way.
Well, someone set those bombs, and if it wasn't the two Greenies, who could it have been? Tell Duncan if he can't be on the ground to run my P.
Division, - I'll find someone who can.
- Yes, sir.
Oh, and call the lawyers.
I want to know they're aggressively working that motion to dismiss.
The EPA want to sit down tomorrow morning at 10:00.
Stuyler needs to, uh, work up dossiers on every single member of that team.
Left it on the charger, sir.
Thank you.
Our share price is down three [EXPLOSION.]
My driver, he died right in front of me.
ANA: Carter, I assure you the Governor is deeply troubled about what's happened.
He wanted Detective Cole and I to personally tell you - that every effort - Every effort? We know who did this.
The Green Tide.
They want me dead.
And now they've killed an innocent man.
All of the Green Tide suspects were in custody I doubt you managed to round up every crazy person who backed their agenda.
And I doubt they're the only people with an axe to grind.
Curious that the Governor's wherever he is and you're here to handle me.
I saw the damage at the refinery firsthand watched oil burn over the bay that our citizens love.
I'm determined to see the guilty punished.
What an impressive sound bite.
I wonder is that the Governor's agenda - or your own? - Hey, you Carter.
What a relief to see you in one piece.
Eastland has suffered a traumatic attempt on his life.
As his personal physician, I need to examine him before I can allow any more questioning.
EASTLAND: Doctor's orders.
Thank you.
What was that? You're supposed to be the politician.
Keep me in the loop.
Ahead of your new friends, okay? [SOFT GUITAR MUSIC PLAYS.]
Okay, I'm asking.
How did you get Eastland's personal login details? I knew you wanted to know.
You were trying to act all cool, like you didn't want to, like it didn't matter.
Most business types use visual cues from around their offices for their passwords.
His boat is called Only Child.
Racing car number 9 on his desk, and a star doodad.
Okay, so OnlyChild9Star Carter Eastland's password.
We find something, - and it's gonna - You find something.
I'm drinking wine.
Well, the magic will be coming up with legit reasons to run FBI backgrounders since you often equal inadmissible evidence.
Why? Because I'm an unconvicted criminal? [LAUGHS.]
Look at us, though.
Huh? Fun, right? A little like the old days.
Minus the part where you were pretending to be a crook and me actually being one.
Now you're pretending to be police and me being one.
Look at you.
Getting back into it, Mr.
Getting a compliment from you was my entire motivation.
Seems a little angry.
Can't I just say something nice? - Geez.
Yeah, sorr sorry.
It's, um Yeah, I-it's [INHALES DEEPLY.]
I'm just not used used to, um [INHALES DEEPLY.]
Wait a second.
Go back one.
Ah, look at that.
Long sleeves in 80 degrees.
You remember the Billabong Tahiti Pro? Uh, you came fifth.
Yes, because I broke into a safe the night before to steal some jewelry and I cut my arm wide open.
I had to wear a long-sleeve rash guard in 90 percent humidity to cover the wound on my arm.
Jakinda Sala did a maintenance inspection of the refinery three days ago.
Well, how about that? We're gonna need more.
There's not enough evidence to haul her in.
- [GASPS.]
- Aah! - [THUD.]
Heard you were a good thief.
CAT: Burns on your arm? Bombs will do that to you, huh? [BOTH GRUNT.]
I never make the same mistake twice.
Just amazing.
- And you waited till now to tell me? - Okay, I survived a cage fight with a trained killer.
I needed a night to myself.
A little ice pack, a little nursing-my-wounds kind of thing.
- You know what I'm saying? - Why did you even go in in the first place, alone? Because I knew that you and Jake would mess around with all that cop stuff warrants, evidence.
- We didn't have time.
- Due process such a drag.
I wanted to see if I was right about her.
Well, that's as good a reason as any to break into an apartment and almost get killed.
Would you just take a look at this? Please? I think she might have something to do with the bombs at the refinery.
Elidi Carras.
Three years ago, she was arrested by San Diego P.
on two charges of arson and willful destruction of property.
Judgment vacated.
The property she torched was purchased by Eastland Empire and is now the site of the second-biggest casino in California.
She was a bomb thrower for Carter Eastland back then, whether he knew it or not.
And now, suddenly, three years later, she shows up on his corporate team vetted by Richard Stuyler, your new buddy.
I think you're trusting the wrong people.
People have been doubting me since I took this job.
They think I'm only here because of my sister.
But if you're one of those people, then that's a problem.
If you think I'm one of those people, that's a problem.
Um I need to ask a favor.
Burning out the competition to gain a casino.
That's such old mobster stuff, huh? And besides, you've got way more money than they ever did.
- What's the point? - Hey, hey, I'm here voluntarily, without the benefit of an attorney present because you said you had important new information.
As Jakinda Sala, she managed to infiltrate your entire security apparatus and get close enough to you that you ought to be dead.
Does that not make you wonder about your Mr.
Stuyler? What's that supposed to mean? Well, you hired a mercenary to head your security team.
He kills people for money.
Imagine the price for a guy like you.
Okay, that's preposterous.
Why am I still talking to you? As opposed to Detective Cole? It is still his case, is it not? Not anymore.
Carras is a Federal target.
Which means the FBI is also interested in the refinery now.
GARRETTO: Excuse me, gentlemen.
Eastland will no longer make himself available for questioning.
You lawyering up now? This your idea? Or is it his? Well, you hire good people, you take their guidance.
Uh, just a minute.
Come here.
Yeah? - What are you doing? - You saw the file.
His life is in danger.
I'm ordering the protection detail.
Or are you just playing into Stuyler's game? Great.
I will just add your name to the list of people who don't think I know what I'm doing.
You know, I liked you better when you were the town drunk.
Me too.
Lucky for both of us, probably just a phase.
Hey, Ana.
- What's this? - Something I shouldn't have.
Something I never did have, as a matter of fact.
Why are you giving it to me? Because you got it illegally and you can't give it to Wyatt or Jake yourself.
Let's just say that's why we have you.
We both know you're a very curious person.
I wonder what's inside.
Answer your damn phone, Jake.
Take a damn hint, Cat.
Nico Carras Elidi's brother.
Shot and killed by San Diego SWA executing a search warrant.
It says here that police were working off an anonymous tip from the 692 area code.
That's the Reef.
Elidi goes off the grid for a couple of years, turns up as Jakinda Sala, who nobody on the Reef, including Eastland, has ever laid eyes on.
As her revenge, she bombs Eastland's refinery and makes it look like it was someone else.
That's why the bomb was so smart put the focus on The Green Tide while she went after Carter Eastland.
Stuyler must've made the connection.
That's why he dragged him out the door.
To protect Eastland from Elidi.
Jake, Wyatt is with them.
That means he's right in Elidi's cross hairs.
- JAKE: RPD can track him.
- I'm coming with you.
You sure this location wasn't published? Yeah.
Plus, I made another reservation at another hotel as cover - that I did release.
- Good.
I got four men on the inside, two on the outside.
She comes, she won't make it past the front door.
See, I'm here to make an arrest, not give you an alibi for a hit.
Everybody down now! Nobody shoot! Are you really ready to die today? How about you, Detective? Prepared to meet your maker? Not really.
But I'm not putting my gun down, either, Jakinda.
It's Elidi, by the way.
Elidi, you don't have to do this.
Neither do you, Detective.
Don't have a choice.
ELIDI: Hello, Carter.
Don't look so surprised.
I suppose if there was anything I had you wanted, you would have asked for it by now.
People always say they want revenge.
But it's not want.
It's need deep, unquenchable need to see your life forfeited for my brother's.
You have one minute to leave.
Looks like she's already here.
We'll deal with him later.
MAN: This is not a drill.
Hey! [GRUNTS.]
I'm so sorry.
I have no idea what it is I'm supposed to have done.
Cut the head of the snake.
All your problems go away with it.
That bomb takes you with me.
That's the general idea.
I should've died that night instead of my brother.
You and your friends should leave.
Last chance to leave.
This hasn't anything to do with any of you.
Leave now.
Wish I could.
Why? 'Cause his life is worth more than all of yours? Is his life worth more than yours? I don't think so.
See, I don't think that bomb is real.
That vest got you in here, but you have another way out, don't you? Counting down.
- 15 - Bomb and a knife.
14 Come on.
I know a bluff when I see one.
13 A bomb was okay when you thought - you could walk away from it - 12 and then you killed the driver.
- 11 - Right? 10, 9 - You didn't want him to die - 8 He was collateral damage.
- That's why the knife.
- 7 The knife, you can control.
6 5 - It's up close.
- 4 - It's personal.
- 3 - Look at me.
- 2 Killing him won't bring your brother back.
- Shut up! - [BEEP.]
I told you she was bluffing.
I You don't know that.
She came here to kill Eastland.
You're trusting the wrong people.
You don't get to judge me.
Well, it's not my judgment you have to worry about now.
This is a crime scene.
You should leave.
Those tacos you like so much.
And you don't.
Ah! Have you heard from Wyatt? Uh, not since the post-shooting interview.
- Why? - They said he asked for a few days off.
He isn't answering his phone.
It's not like him.
Should I be worried? Uh, the last thing Wyatt wants right now is for somebody to ask him if he's okay.
He'll be there when he's ready.
Do you think that What, that he jumped the trigger to prove something to himself, to us? I don't know.
Jakinda was armed.
It was justified.
But dead bombers don't tell no tales.
This is not why you're here, is it? You got a Band-Aid you want to rip off.
Cat and I.
We were it.
When she thought I was a crook, when she, found out I was a cop.
It was real.
But we got each other out alive.
And there's still something there.
Something's still there.
But that something isn't what you think it is.
The sky's turned black And it looks like rain I'm feelin' I'm exactly where I want to be.
Mm, I'm feelin' Too far gone Days like these never seem to end I was bound to get lost again Now, I don't know who it is that I've become I'm feeling too far gone I'm feeling too far gone Hey, before you sit down, I should let you know that by the time the sun comes up, I'll just be a memory.
Not looking for any commitments? [CELLPHONE BUZZES.]
I'm definitely a - [BUZZING STOPS.]
- "for now" kind of girl.
For now works.
- Can I buy you another drink? - Sure.
Vodka, straight.