Reef Break (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

The Two O'Clock Flight

1 Previously on "Reef Break" The Governor would like to put you on a retainer.
DOUG: I hear you're some kind of fancy fixer for the Governor now.
Doing for him like you used to do for me.
Maybe this is not as casual as we keep saying it is? I nearly told Cat.
Still waiting on those divorce papers.
And you're the mercenary who does a bunch of shady stuff for Carter Eastland.
Eastland has suffered a traumatic attempt on his life.
Are you ready to die today? CAT: Bomb and a knife.
I know a bluff when I see one.
She was bluffing.
PINK: Enjoy your new passports, fellas.
So where are we headed? Reef Island.
To think that I would hurt you, baby I only need you near, now, don't be crazy There'll be no otherwise and no more other guys Warm your hands with mine, I'll take you home There'll be no otherwise and no more other guys Warm your hands with mine, I'll take you home I'll take you I'll take you home I'll take you I'll take you home Baby Thirsty work out there.
Even for Cat Chambers.
What are you? A good Samaritan? Compliments of Doug O'Casey.
He needs a word with you.
No, thanks.
There'll be no otherwise and no more other guys Warm your hands with mine, I'll take you home DOUG: I see you got my message.
Twice in one month.
What game are you playing this time? So, you're not interested in what I know about Jakinda, "the mad bomber"? [LAUGHS.]
You know nothing.
I know she wanted to make Carter Eastland go boom and that your boy Wyatt Cole shot her before she got the chance.
Yeah, well, that was all over the news.
You could have read it on Twitter.
I'm not impressed.
I like it when you make me try harder.
What are you doing getting yourself all twisted up in this? What I always do.
Make things happen for money.
I'll play.
What things? I was asked to get Jakinda clean entry into the Reef.
I handled it, but I had no idea what she was doing here.
Who asked? Stuyler but you already knew that.
Alright, then.
Talk to me.
What don't I know? There are more coming to finish the job on Eastland.
- How many? - Four.
Land this afternoon on the 2:00 flight from Honolulu and they are stone cold killers.
You would rather die than take immunity, so why are you telling me this? So you can let Eastland know that Stuyler set him up, but I'm the one saving his ass.
Why do you care what Carter Eastland thinks? You own this dump.
He can't touch you in here.
He touches everything on the Reef, Cat.
You and I both know I'll never get out of here through normal channels, thanks to you.
You know you're dreaming, right? What else do I have to live for, Cat? Except these little chats.
It's me.
You've been burned.
- WOMAN: He's got a gun.
Sir, you can't go in there.
- Hey! Change of plans head North.
I can't! You land this plane on Reef Island, you die.
Do you understand? We've got less than a hundred gallons of fuel left.
I don't land and we all die.
You beat me here.
- Eh, you call, I jump.
Though I must admit, this is kind of a weird place to sign divorce papers, even by your standards.
Unless, of course, you're heading off - for a shotgun wedding - [LAUGHS.]
but you have no luggage.
And no ticket and no divorce papers.
I just saw Doug O'Casey.
- Really? - And he knew all about Jakinda.
- So what? - So he told me that Richard Stuyler had him arrange clean entry for Jakinda onto the Reef.
Oh, what? You don't believe me? I do believe you.
I also care about your safety, which Doug definitely does not and we've both got the scars to prove it.
You have to start trusting my judgement.
Doug O'Casey told me that Richard Stuyler asked him to organize clean entry for a group of hit men to get on this island and whack Carter Eastland, and they are about to land here any moment.
You got names? No, but I do have a motive as to why Doug would tip me off.
He realizes he backed the wrong horse with Richard Stuyler, and now he wants to get on Carter Eastland's good side before he ends up in the prison morgue.
You've still got a thing for him, - don't you? - [SCOFFS.]
I can't believe you're gonna let Doug do this and play you all over again.
Doug O'Casey is sitting in prison because I put him there.
Meanwhile, I'm arguing with the most pig-headed man on the Reef.
Look, you have to believe me, okay? Something bad is about to go down.
Please? - [CAR DOOR CLOSES.]
- 10 minutes.
Just to prove you wrong.
Is it true what they're saying about me? And that you're starting to doubt me And the things that I do? KRISTY: See you've got your gun back.
Seven days, not bad to be cleared - by an OIS board.
- Yeah, well, - I know you want to surround me - they knew it was a good shooting.
- Didn't say it wasn't.
- But you're gonna drown me Just that you're being put back in the lineup kind of fast.
- With people like you - Well, you fall off the bike, you get back on.
Right? Are you sure that you're okay? I'm good.
She's with me.
I'm with him.
I'll check it out.
Be right back.
- Run! - [SCREAMING.]
Go! Run! This is Special Agent Jake Elliot, FBI.
I want all incoming flights rerouted all outgoing flights grounded.
If you want to live, listen very carefully.
My associate, Mr.
Whitney, will be coming down the aisle.
Place all cell phones in the bag! I'm establishing a mobile command center East side of the airfield.
We have a hijacking, flight 0215 out of Honolulu, currently on the tarmac, activate SWAT.
And for those of you who have visions of valor, this Glock is a rapid fire weapon.
There's a bullet for each one of you.
You'll never make it out of your seat.
- [BEEP.]
- ATC.
Get me radio contact with that pilot now.
ATC: Tower to flight 0215, tower to flight 0215, come in, please This is flight 0215.
Who am I speaking with? Special Agent Jake Elliot, FBI.
A fed? [LAUGHS.]
Just my luck.
From the people who brought you Waco, Ruby Ridge.
Is that why you guys shot at me? Don't flatter yourself.
I got a smorgasbord of alphabet soup agencies chasing me.
FBI just happens to be my least favorite.
Well, if you were to surrender right now, I'd be happy to give whomever you want the credit, Mister Just call me Mr.
Now, in the interest of time, let's dispense of all the BS.
Tell me something how many hijackings have you successfully negotiated? I'll tell you at your arraignment.
Let me help you out, the lives of all these passengers depends on how quickly you can handle one simple demand And what's that? How quickly you can fill up this plane with gasoline.
You have 30 minutes.
Tick tock.
Jake Elliot, lone FBI agent, meet Kristy Ellis, Reef PD's one-woman intel department.
Hijackers' intent was not to take the plane.
They were walking off, spotted me, and opened fire.
What were you doing here in the first place? I was meeting Cat.
Doug O'Casey tipped her off.
- [BEEP.]
- KRISTY: I've got the manifest.
Geyer family of four.
Honolulu PD put something out on the wire half an hour ago about them being killed.
Well, that confirms we're dealing with four hijackers.
And they're prepared to kill to get what they want.
This guy make any demands? Yeah, 800 gallons of fuel, in the next 25 minutes.
Well, they didn't come here just to gas up.
No, according to Doug, they came here to finish what Jakinda started kill Carter Eastland.
Well, you got any proof besides the word of a hardcore felon? No, but Stuyler may be our best chance to get those passengers off alive.
We have to find him.
He's been MIA since last week If he's behind this, there's no way he stays hidden today.
I'm on it.
I need you to get me that fuel truck right now.
And get me a second one.
An empty one.
- An empty one? - Just do it.
: Attention, please.
The airport runway will be closed until further notice.
Please contact your airline for further assistance.
Where's my tanker? JAKE: Take it easy I still got, uh, 24 minutes.
It's a small island.
We only have a limited fuel allotment.
Well, maybe when I shoot my first passenger, you'll know I'm not bluffing.
- No! - [GRUNTS.]
- Pink? - That was a stupid thing to do! Pink, what the hell's going on? It seems the co-pilot has suffered a terrible accident.
- WOMAN: Wait! Please! - [GUNSHOT.]
What the hell did you do?! - The Captain broke the rules - [GASPING.]
and the co-pilot paid the price.
You killed her?! You sick bastard.
No I didn't kill her.
- Not yet.
Now, you know I'm a man of my word, but I'm done speaking to you.
Get me the Governor.
You bring the Governor in now, and I'll give you the injured co-pilot.
That's not possible.
The Governor isn't on the island right now.
Then you bring me the next best thing.
I need time.
Time is something you don't have.
Okay! Let me make a call.
- [BEEP.]
- Hey.
- It's me.
I need you, now.
I have an idea.
This is as good as it gets.
You told me I was the one [BEEP.]
The only one who got your head undone I just spoke with the Governor.
His second in command is on her way.
- And for a while I believed - She's the ranking authority on the Reef.
- PINK: What's her name? the line that you spun - How, how, howzat? You messed about, I caught you out Howzat? Now that I've found where you're at It's goodbye Well, howzat? It's goodbye I'm Lieutenant Governor Ana Dumont.
Now are you ready to get down to business? Pleasure to meet you, Miss Dumont.
Cher, see what you can find out about the Lieutenant Governor, hmm? CHER: Sure thing, boss.
He's on the government website! If Cat's cover's blown, they'll kill her.
Don't worry, I got this.
Greater than, I-M-G equals, quote, CatChambers.
jpg, end quote - Hurry up! - [BEEP.]
- Boom! Oh, crap.
Nice photo.
Well, I'm in charge of the tourism bureau.
Last year was a little slow.
I'm sure they don't have that problem anymore.
Check the lady's handbag.
By all means.
There's, uh, scotch and cigars.
I always find negotiations work better when both parties are relaxed.
But that Damned if I can get on a plane and not be seated next to a screaming baby.
Not even a hijacker wants that as a hostage.
Why don't you let the baby go so I can think? Mr.
Cher, remove the baby and and its mother.
Oh, and, uh, the co-pilot, too.
She's bleeding.
- Thank you.
- Let's go.
Please, take a seat.
Look, I need you to find a way to get me a live video feed from inside that plane.
Sergeant, can you contact Wyatt and see if he's found Stuyler yet? [RADIO CHATTER.]
Go! Come on.
Eastland Detective.
I'm sorry, I never got a chance to thank you for your heroics at the hotel.
You saved my life.
Eh, just doing my job.
- Boy! I can't believe how badly I misjudged Jakinda.
She was with me for over three years.
You think you know someone Oh, well, I got some new business to talk to you about now.
- What would that be? - Your man, Richard Stuyler, I need to find him.
Well, Richard Stuyler is no longer at Eastland Empire.
- He quit? - No.
Unfortunately, I was forced to make a change when it became clear that we had different visions for the direction of the company.
The company that bears my name.
Well, do you have an address, contact information? No, I don't.
Perhaps somebody at my office could help.
Good boy.
What's this about, Detective? Richard Stuyler allowed Jakinda close enough to kill you.
And now I've got an airplane full of people on the tarmac at the airport, held hostage by four gunmen.
I'm afraid I don't follow.
Richard Stuyler.
He organized passage for them to come over here.
To finish the job.
Are you saying he's responsible for a second, failed attempt on my life? He really isn't much of an assassin, is he? Did you even hear anything I just said? You're here playing fetch with Fido - Jupiter.
- Whatever.
There are lives at stake.
I like you, Detective.
I do.
And I really do want to help you.
But I can't.
- Jupiter, come on.
CAT: There's your fuel truck.
And here is to negotiating in good faith.
You don't strike me as a politician.
Really? [CHUCKLES.]
Well, it was kind of a last-minute career choice.
- You know, when that tanker is finished fueling up this plane, I'm gone and I'm taking all these passengers with me.
So maybe, you don't know me as well as you think you do.
I think you're a man who understands risk.
That bullet wound it's in front.
That means you got it going into battle not running away.
And judging by your age, I'd say you were fighting in the Second Congo War.
That's also where you got that scar on your face because you were hunting the great five on foot.
Like I said, I think you understand risk, which tells me you also understand reward.
Cigars, scotch, and a deck of cards.
Want to play? [BEEPING.]
Are you in yet? DC-3 has a closed system.
I'm having trouble finding a way to bypass the encryption.
Wait Got it.
Good news Oh, tell me you've hacked somebody's phone? [CHUCKLES.]
They've been confiscated.
I could tell because the signal on the plane Uh, stay on topic.
I sent some malware to the DC-3's cabin monitor and voilà [SIGHS.]
Yes, Governor, I understand that we don't negotiate with hijackers, but given their demands, I don't believe these are fanatics They're requesting fuel, sir.
Rest assured, I'll do whatever it takes.
If I can get them to negotiate face to face, I will PINK: Well done, Miss Dumont.
Miss Dumont, that's funny.
ANA: I'm glad you think so.
So Cat who has zero experience negotiating with hijackers, is doing exactly that, in addition to impersonating me, a government official.
More or less.
And you allowed this to happen? Believe it or not, right, I've actually trained for situations like this.
Special Agent for the FBI is still my job.
That's really great, Jake, but my job's gonna be calling all the widows and orphans - of the people on that plane! - [SIGHS.]
What happens when they Google my name, by the way? All taken care of.
We replaced your photograph on the official Reef website.
I know you don't care about your career anymore, Jake, but I take the lives of my constituents very seriously.
I'm asking the Governor to authorize a tactical assault before your ex gets everyone killed.
The Governor trusts Cat and so do you.
That's why you hired her.
- Not for this.
- Precisely for this.
Trust your instincts.
Cat knows people.
She knows exactly how to get what she wants from them.
So what's, uh what's the risk? The risk is every time you lose, a hostage goes free.
And the reward? Well, since I am currently the reigning sovereign on the Reef, every time you win, I grant you clemency.
Not as exciting as I pictured.
But you know what? I'll take it.
Okay, every hand you win, another regional crime is pardoned.
If she was shooting dice, she'd have the whole plane cleared by now.
No one's that good, not even her.
Ah! Alright.
That's one for me.
Come here, ma'am.
She's literally gambling with these people's lives.
You've never really seen Cat play cards, have you? This isn't gambling, it's cheating.
You know, back in the ancient times, when a negotiator cheated, they'd cut out their tongue before beating them to death.
You think I'm cheating? I know you're cheating.
But the fun part is gonna be catching you.
- Any luck? Checked bars, informants, even his local whore house.
Eastland doesn't know anything either.
Let's track his vehicle through VAS.
Okay, what do we got? There's three Richard Stuylers in the database.
Let's start with these.
Black SUV.
That's him.
Follow that vehicle.
Let's see where he goes.
Once he's outside the city, we lose him.
Go back to his last stop.
That's the downtown Cyber Cafe.
Is the breach team ready? Airplane assaults are risky.
So is waiting too long.
4B, head on out.
Five minutes.
And we're good to go, Boss.
Bad news, we're gonna have to finish up some other time.
Hey, let's just keep playing.
If it wasn't for the fact that there were two dozen heavily armed officers willing to end my life with the pull of a trigger, I'd be thinking differently.
So please, don't take this personally.
Well, you know.
Did you think I was gonna let you cheat me out of 18 straight hands? I would have let you win a few.
ANA: Now what? Now I want an objective assessment.
We hit the plane, how many people are gonna get hurt? Jake! I asked you a question.
It's a steel tube with zero cover.
PINK: Your Boss should be very, very proud of you.
I wasn't willing to let any of them walk.
My Boss is not gonna be proud of me at all, okay? Okay, if I don't get all of these hostages off the plane, my boss is gonna fire me.
Help a girl out, alright? Alright.
Time to go.
Come on.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
You know, it must suck you know, having that feeling all the time.
And what feeling might that be? I don't know.
The feeling that maybe today's the day it all catches up with you.
I mean, is this really what you wanted for your life at 45, hmm? 50, and you can stop polishing my rocks.
Fine, 53 if I'm really being honest.
Well, there ain't really much opportunity for a 401[K.]
in this line of work.
But you could change that.
I can help you.
Let's double down.
Two hostages every time I win.
$50,000 in untraceable bearer bonds every time you win.
How's that for a 401[K.]
? You travel with bearer bonds? No, but I can make a phone call and have them here [SNAPS FINGERS.]
like that.
50 grand a hand.
ANA: What is she doing in there? You have to call Royal Bank Pacifica immediately.
You're kidding me, right? You have to trust me when I say "trust her.
" Anyway, your brother should be back with some answers soon.
I'm Detective Cole, Reef Island Police.
This is Richard Stuyler.
He was here three hours ago.
I need you to tell me anything you may know about him.
I'm not trying to be difficult, but, I do need to see a warrant.
It's not the first time you guys have been in here.
Two-striper came in a few weeks back looking for some evidence.
Two-striper, you know your lingo.
You got a family member on the job? No, but I was thinking of joining the force.
Really? Yeah.
Just got to finish my GED and get those felonies expunged from my record first Well, I'm sure that won't be much of a problem.
- Really? - Yeah.
- You'd do that? - Yeah.
Now, can you show me which computer he was on? - [BEEP.]
- Your dude spent all of his time on some kinda aviation website.
Lets you follow any airplane in the world, live.
What flight did he track? - Uh - [KEY CLACKS.]
0215, nonstop from Honolulu.
Yeah, what is that? Uh looks like he pinned another location in the North of the island.
I'm gonna need a copy of this.
Stuyler! Stuyler! Anything on Stuyler? He ate his gun.
But not before texting the hijackers you were onto them.
How'd Stuyler know? Doug O'Casey's playing both sides.
Should have seen that coming.
Is that Cat? She's impersonating your sister.
CAT: I'll sweeten the deal for you.
I'll throw in another fuel truck to fill up the auxiliary tank.
Let's move.
Got to go now.
Adele, a fresh deck of cards from the galley, please.
You've got it.
- Sit down, sit down, sit down.
- Ah, let's play.
- It's your lucky day, honey.
I know your kind too.
You're tough, a flippant exterior.
You know what your real weakness is? You're desperate to give a damn about something or someone.
Like maybe you once did.
Are you in network? Because we should do this once a week.
You know, a little therapy.
Or maybe you still do which is the real reason you're doing what you're doing.
Ah, thank you, Mr.
ADELE: No problem.
- You know, truth be known, all I need is one hostage, and I can go wherever the hell I want.
Shall we play? After you.
I win.
Oh, and and and and where is the other fuel tank? It's coming.
Let's play.
And I don't need to tell you what will happen if those bearer bonds don't arrive before we're ready to leave.
They'll show.
I win again.
We're not getting off this plane.
- Oh, oh, oh.
- We're all going to die.
- Hey, shut up.
- I can't.
- No.
- I can't.
It's not fair.
- She's a liar.
- Hey! Shut up! Please.
That woman is lying.
- There are no bearer bonds.
- What? She does not work for the government.
Her real name is Cat Chambers.
It's She's a liar.
Okay? She's a thief and a convicted criminal on three continents! Okay, you know what? That is absolutely untrue.
I paid that magistrate a lot of money in London to get those charges dropped.
Two continents.
And I cannot believe that is my Wikipedia picture.
Just saying.
Listen, Pink, Beyoncé, whatever your name is, you of all people, as a hunter and a warrior, understand - Shut up.
- You understand - the art of deception.
- Shut up.
No, listen.
Open the door and throw her out.
Cher, open the door.
Sure, Boss.
- Get off.
Open the door.
- Let's go.
Stay with the plan.
- Nope.
Plan B.
- Wyatt.
I know.
I know.
Are you gonna help me or not? - PINK: Go, go, go, go, go, go.
- You know, I'm just I'm just surprised is all.
Surprised at what? That you of all people didn't know.
Know? This DC-3 doesn't have an auxiliary tank.
I got one more demand! Everybody off this plane or she dies! I told you I only need one hostage.
Will somebody shoot this guy already? Nobody's getting shot today.
Thank you.
How the hell did you know? Oh, well, I looked at the manifest earlier, and there was a name I recognized Loren Diaz.
Jake needed the door open to let the SWAT team in, and it turns out she had a grudge against me.
Pretty confident she would rat you out.
It was a pretty big grudge.
The lives of all those passengers rested on one woman's vendetta against you? Yeah.
Well, what can I say I have a way of really pissing people off.
You want to play Russian Roulette with your own life in the service of benefiting the Governor, more power to you but pull a stunt like this again, Cat, and I swear I will cut you off at the knees.
I'll take that onboard and think about it while you're taking credit for what I did today as Ana Dumont.
- Mm.
- Where's the silver lining? - [GLASSES CLINK.]
- Mm.
I wake up to the sound, to the sound Of the whole world crying Thank you for saving my life today.
It was really very sexy.
Yeah, well, after what you did on that plane today, I figured I owe you the next couple of rounds.
What's the point in trying, trying? I'm trying anyway Case closed.
- I'm gonna be grateful - [GLASSES CLINK.]
Case closed.
Every day Make a little way - [SIGHS.]
- I'm sorry.
Is that your way of telling me that you actually believe that BS about Richard Stuyler killing himself? Because he didn't.
Doug tipped off Stuyler.
Stuyler tips off the killers.
That leads to the hijacking today, right? Right.
But then who killed Stuyler? I did some actual police work.
Self-inflicted gunshot wound.
One set of footprints in the sand.
And he left a suicide note.
A less-biased police department would be looking at Carter Eastland.
He has a motive to want Richard Stuyler dead.
And because Jakinda's gone, all the answers now lie in that prison with Doug O'Casey.
Well, how about I just go to prison right now and beat a confession out of him? You know, if you hadn't been so quick to shoot Jakinda, we wouldn't have to get Doug O'Casey to confess, now would we? I'm sorry.
Was I too quick today when I saved your ass on that plane? - Oh, wow.
- Hmm? I noticed Jake was looking a little slow on the trigger or maybe he was just scared.
You know what? I don't even know why I'm here.
You're welcome for the shots.
Keep on rising Never gonna stop ANA: You seemed like you were in your element today.
- Hmm? Despite having me whispering Yelling.
in your ear.
- Still, you don't get a pass.
- Hey.
Not yet, anyway.
You were just protecting your position.
I get it.
Those people were just as much my responsibility as they were yours.
Maybe even more.
More? Oh, oh, oh, you mean that if if some of them had died, then your career would be done like you think mine is? I don't think your career is done.
And as far as mine goes, it's not just a job that I go and do every day, Jake.
And it's not a position that I'm trying to protect.
It's a responsibility that I feel all the time.
Out of everyone, I thought you understood that.
I'm so I'm sorry.
I do.
I do.
I'm sorry.
It's just today, for the first time in forever, I remembered why the hell I joined the Bureau in the first place.
And I'm really happy for you.
Hey, don't go.
No, let's open another bottle.
- Huh? There's still a lot of unwinding to do.
We just did that.
Yeah, but how about an encore? Hmm? [SMOOCHES.]
Look, all the good guys got to go home alive, all the bad guys went down.
Doesn't get better than that.
It doesn't change what she did.
This is about Cat? She made me look like a fool today, Jake.
Well, take it up with her.
I can't so it seems I'm taking it out on you.
CAT: I should never have come back to this island.
No, you know what? I should never have started surfing, is what I should never have done.
Then I wouldn't even be on this stupid island.
I should never have fallen in love, especially not with a cop, and now maybe two cops, which is You know what? That's it.
No more men.
Except maybe tonight.
Except maybe, you know, I can just make one tiny exception.
Oh, my God.
- Shh.
- Shh.
Run away.
Run away.
Run away.