Reef Break (2019) s01e07 Episode Script


1 Previously on "Reef Break" The Governor would like to put you on a retainer.
Some problems, you need A fixer? FBI.
She's with me.
A little like the old days.
Minus the part where you were pretending to be a crook and me actually being one.
- Case closed.
- Case closed.
We are friends with benefits.
This is not as casual as we keep saying it is.
I nearly told Cat.
Oh, my God.
I could tell you why I killed your father and how I had to.
It won't make any difference.
They said big waves today, huh? Yeah.
Guess they lied.
It's probably just a lull, you know? Change of tide.
It'll turn back on.
You just got to wait and be patient.
It's like waiting for you to tell me the truth.
The truth about what? About why you killed my dad.
That came out of left field.
Well, uh it's complicated, and if I tell you about your dad, it's gonna change the way you see him.
You're gonna think about him differently, and I don't think you're ready for that.
So I'm done waiting for the tide to change.
Pe Hey, there.
I'm Leo.
General and Mrs.
Kivani send their warmest regards.
They're new here, just moved into the mansion out on the Point.
General, huh? That's a lot of guns.
What is he, declaring war on the Reef? It's a necessary precaution, though there's been no actual attempt on his life since we left Bukarina.
- I'm sorry, "Buka" what? - Bukarina.
Small nation, Eastern Europe.
Okay, well, that's, uh that's very reassuring.
Well, take it easy, Leon.
I'm gonna get back to my regularly scheduled programming now.
Hey, the General admires the hell out of the way you handle yourself on a board.
Was wondering if he could get some lessons.
- Really? - Yeah.
What, does he want to show me his shiny medals, too? That could be arranged.
What are you, his pimp? Aide De Camp, Chief of Staff, Director of Communications.
Why don't you communicate to him that I don't do "surf lessons," okay? Okay.
Well, that's weird.
What? A banner plane with no banner.
Get down! He's coming back! Get down! Get down! Stefania! Stefania! What is she doing?! What happened here? Oh, you know, just a plane strafing the beach with bullets, a dead guy, a woman trying to get herself killed.
Another day in paradise, you know? I'm fine, by the way.
Thank you for asking.
Hey, you're the one who's been avoiding me, - so I don't know why - Why are you at tha Hi, Leo Murphy.
Yeah, I'm representing General Kivani, who has returned to his residence for security reasons.
But, uh, I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have.
Skipping out on the police is not how we do business here.
With all due respect, having conferred with the General's attorneys, it's clear he cannot be questioned by local authorities.
I'm gonna leave these complicated matters to the two of you.
Alright? This may be a protectorate, but it's still America.
Exactly, and the General enjoys diplomatic status, which has been given to him by the American authorities.
Let me guess.
The General sent you.
His car is at your service.
I'm busy tonight.
Got to wash my hair, right? He insists on thanking you personally for your bravery.
And he's instructed me not to take no for an answer.
Then you are going to be sitting out here for quite some time.
Enjoy! Hey.
Is she in? Yes, but she has a meeting in two minutes.
Next week at the latest.
What's up? This, uh, tinhorn General from Transylvania.
Why is he in the Reef? That's a longer conversation than I have time for right now.
Well, he seems to think he's above the law.
Where'd he get that idea from, the Governor's office? - Walk with me.
- Hey.
General Kivani is here because the national security folks want to talk to him.
What do they want to talk to him about? I don't have that kind of clearance, - but look at a map.
- I did.
Bukarina sits between former Soviet states and the Balkans.
It's a center of arms smuggling and illegal trade.
- You get an "A.
" - Thank you.
But why here? Because they know the optics don't look good.
It's about as far away from D.
as they can get and still have him on American soil.
Yeah, well, I think it stinks.
It's a nasty world out there, full of nasty people.
We don't have the luxury of choosing our friends from Nobel Peace Prize winners.
Mm, is that what some Deputy Under Assistant Secretary told you? More or less.
Sometimes, you just have to fall in line and move on.
And if I don't? Then you're gonna get hurt, and I really don't want to see that happen.
How long you been watching me? Come on up.
So what brings you of your own volition to the FBI? Tell me the truth about my father, 'cause Cat won't.
Holy No way.
Wait a sec.
Knock, knock.
Gonna invite me in? Uh, come on in.
So I'm guessing you have something you want to talk to me about.
But I need a drink first.
You? Yeah, sure.
I'll have one.
We never had a view like this when we were together before.
Yeah, well, things were different back then.
- We were different.
- Hm.
I knew who we were.
Well, I knew who I was, at least.
Fair enough.
How about now? Well, now there are days I don't think I know who you are at all.
And I question why I came to the Reef, and I question why I said yes to being a fixer for the Governor.
I mean, what what is that? Petra paid me a visit.
Why? Asking questions about you and her dad.
Well, what did you say? Nothing.
I wanted to ask you first and see what you want me to do about it.
Tell the truth.
I-I-I mean, it's better coming from you, - than from me.
- Oh, no, no, no, no.
It's better coming from you, but if that's what you want I'm not ready for that, okay? You know, I know it's been five years.
It's still too raw for me.
Thank you.
How are you holding up? Well, it's been a really long freakin' day.
Are you okay, um, being here alone, after what happened at the beach? Are you okay being here alone with me instead of with Ana? Because I thought that's what you came here to talk about.
How did you find out? Does it really matter? No, not really.
I just wish you'd told me yourself, that's all.
Anyway, I hope that you and her will be really, really, really happy.
I actually do.
And like I said, it's been a long day.
Good night, Cat.
I think it's time to put on my party dress.
The General is delighted you accepted his invitation.
What about his wife? She retired early.
Uh, it seemed like she was trying to retire permanently out there on the beach today.
Kivani's nerves are a bit frayed perhaps the long journey.
So, what's your game, Leo? - Excuse me? - Oh, come on.
I know a hustler when I see one.
That doesn't sound like a compliment.
Coming from me, it is.
- It really is.
I like a good hustler.
- Uh-huh.
Here's my guess you're playing a long game with this General of yours, which is fine.
I won't say anything to him.
Just make sure you cut me in.
This way.
Here she is the woman of the hour.
- Wow.
- If only, Miss Cat, you had arrived earlier, when we visited the casino.
Perhaps you would saved the day once again.
How much did you lose? I think my only way to get even is to buy the casino.
You know what they say the house always wins.
Unless, of course, you're playing with my deck.
I think you're a winner at any game that interests you.
Okay, then.
Let's put our cards on the table, shall we? I hear you guys emptied out all the valuables from the National Museum of Bukarina on your way out of town.
See, I'm a girl who knows how to move hot items on the black market for top dollar.
The General is a legendary freedom fighter, and, uh, those baseless accusations were made by the forces of reaction.
Doesn't bother me either way.
Here's the thing.
You guys are new to town.
I know all the players.
So I'll be your partner, not your toy, and I want 20%.
She's one of us.
I wager, Miss Chambers, we will reach an accommodation before the next bottle is finished.
Well, I'll drink to that.
How long do you need, Tony? Give me 24 hours to reach my people in Hong Kong and Shanghai.
Same goes for me in the States.
Okay, that'll give me enough time to find out if this thing is real and in play.
If the General's collection is everything you say, we're talking seven-figure payday for each of us.
My happy place.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Breakfast's on me, guys.
Crazy hours you're keeping.
Meaning what? Meaning you were up all night with the General, but here you are, bright and early, trying to get lucky with a known fence and a shady jeweler.
Look at you being a cop, trying to figure out how I'm a criminal.
Let the games begin.
It's hardly a game.
So what? You're stalking me? - I'm a detective.
- Oh.
What, you think they don't have security cameras in nightclubs? You think I don't have sources? The real question here is why you're here, playing Cops and Robbers with me, when you should probably be investigating that homicide from the beach yesterday.
Now you sound like my lieutenant.
Listen, I don't care how sleazy - and loaded this General is.
- Mm.
If you think that your so-called "job" with the Governor gives you free license to steal on the Reef, you're gonna find out pretty quick how good I am at my job.
You want me to tell you where I'm going next, or is it more of a challenge for you to try and figure it out? This is the house where Cat and I lived after we were married where O'Casey sent your father that night.
Was a hell of a B&E man, your dad.
He hopped that wall, up that tree, and onto the roof of the porch and second-floor windows which we always used to leave open.
Cat liked to fall asleep to the sound of the ocean.
- Hi, there.
I'm Jan.
- Hi.
Jake Elliot.
Uh, this is Petra.
Thank you for coming to see the house.
It's, uh It's the third time it's been on the market in the last five years, isn't it? I don't know exactly.
Yeah, something to do with the shooting.
People think it's cursed.
I wouldn't say that.
I mean, great bones.
I can show you, if you like.
No, that's okay.
I-I know my way around.
Petra? I was on that side of the bed.
I heard a noise, reached for my watch to see what time it was.
I never saw your dad, not until after the first muzzle flash.
Felt like a hammer to my collarbone.
That should've been it for me, but, um, Cat threw a pillow at him, messed up his shot.
Under that pillow, she kept a SIG Sauer.
He was standing right here.
And then he wasn't.
It was a pretty complicated situation all around.
On one hand, Cat killed a Shorepound member and saved a Fed.
And, on the other hand, she saved You.
The man she loved.
The man she thought she loved.
Look, I've made my peace with it.
You have to decide for yourself.
But if you're gonna hate someone, maybe hate me.
I'm the reason he was here.
I'm the reason he got killed.
Thanks for calling.
What do we got? Maintenance crew found him first.
Found this in his jacket pocket.
Marku Petran.
- Still in one piece, yeah? - Mm-hmm.
No bullet holes, - signs of forced landing? - Nope.
Doesn't look like a struggle either.
No visible bullet or stab wounds, no blood.
Check out his face.
Think that looks like a heart attack? Negative.
Hang on.
Hang on.
I got something down here.
Maybe Marku can tell us who hired him after all.
Nice little fixer-upper you got here.
The General sends his regrets.
He is tied up in meetings, but he asked if I could, uh, give you the tour instead.
Works for me.
There's no collection like this inside the National Museum of Bukarina.
So all this is what the General wants me to sell to, uh, discerning collectors? Before his hosts here in the U.
of A make him give them all back.
- Wow.
- Mm-hmm.
How do I look? Magnificent.
And your taste is reassuringly expensive, which is sometimes a good thing.
And sometimes a bad thing.
My job is to find the one perfect buyer.
The General has left all the details in my hands and yours, of course.
20% for the pieces he knows about.
And 50% for all the stuff he doesn't know about, which we replace with high-quality fakes.
It's like I think it up here and you say it there.
Game recognizes game.
I think we should close the deal before we close the deal, you know? So transactional.
Yeah, well, I've mixed business and pleasure before.
It didn't work out so great.
There's the General's wife.
Does she usually garden at night, like a zombie Lady Macbeth? Stefania never has been the same since those "dead baby" allegations.
Yeah, I heard something about that.
What happened? There was a shipment, okay, of pediatric drugs.
Doctors found the cancer med had been swapped out for distilled water.
Some rumors of, uh, army convoys seen in the vicinity.
As if the General would stoop so low to replace the medication and sell them on the black market.
He'd have to be a monster.
And yet here you all are the General, his wife, here on the Reef, in the U.
, about to throw a big party tomorrow.
To show the world he is unbowed by the allegations and the dastardly attempt on his life.
And tomorrow's party would be the perfect opportunity to introduce the General to your contact Ah.
for the 20% he knows about, of course, not the 50% he doesn't.
Oh, right.
Of course.
That's between us.
I didn't know what to do.
Petra just stood there and stared at me like I made the whole thing up.
Maybe she just had so much going on inside, she was just terrified to let anything out.
It was all I could do to stop myself j It all came crashing back so hard.
It was a decent thing for you to do.
And typical of Cat to put it on you.
Fair enough.
What mess is Cat clearing up for you with this exiled general? It's not my mess.
I do what I'm told.
Since when? Do you have any idea how hated this Kivani is in his own country? I There are so many attempts on his life that he has to carry around some poison antidote uh, atropine on his person at all times.
That is our guest of honor.
You of all people ought to know about holding hands with the devil on the side of angels.
I should, shouldn't I? Mm-hmm.
Forget what I said.
Let's have another round.
Oh, not yet.
You're not the only one whose day took a toll on them.
You're right.
And for the record, whatever Cat's doing with the General is Cat business, not my business.
So get ready to duck.
Yes, ma'am.
Your pilot was poisoned exotic stuff, too.
Ever heard of Novichok? No.
Developed in the Soviet Union in the 1970s.
Name means "newcomer.
" Most powerful nerve agent in the world.
If an antidote is not administered immediately, the effects are invariably fatal.
Are you saying our pilot was killed by a Russian nerve agent? Mm.
That's right.
You ever see anything like this before? On the Reef? I've never even seen arsenic.
Any clue how it got here? Oh, yeah.
Protecting our national security.
You remember my dad.
What was it like to be around him? Scared.
Besides that.
He liked breakfast.
He loved breakfast.
We used to get up early, like 5:00 in the morning.
We'd go to coffee shops, diners, all-you-can-eat buffets.
That's how he remembered people.
"Matty G? We broke bread with him at the Brite Spot.
" Most of them were probably hoods, planning scores.
And I always got to have pie pie and ice cream.
For breakfast? No wonder you loved your dad.
He was born in Long Beach, California.
Did you know that? I don't think so.
He never really opened up much around me.
He said the traffic was louder than the waves, even at the beach.
And then he heard about the Reef.
What about it? That it was as far as you can go and still be in the United States.
That's what he did.
He went as far as you can go.
The pilot used Russian encryption software on his phone.
No match for the Reef's greatest tech.
Okay, so, these are his calls here - Right.
- and his texts on this screen.
Hang on.
Go back to the day before the beach attack.
All those texts, what language is that? - It looks kind of Romanian.
- Bukarian, which is basically the same as Romanian.
We've got the rough online translation here.
Plane rental info, latitude and longitude.
"Return plane to East Wind Airport.
" That's where we found him.
- Who sent all these texts? - No caller ID.
We were able to triangulate the originating location using cell towers.
The General's villa.
Could be a rando disgruntled servant or workman.
That last text message mentions the party that they're having today.
Okay, here's a tidbit.
So, the General and his wife are from a province on the border with Ukraine.
- Ukrainian, that's their native tongue.
- Right.
But Leo Murphy learned the language in the capital, where they speak Bukarian, like these texts.
"See you at the party"? "Bring the newcomer"? Novichok? Name means "newcomer.
" Most powerful nerve agent in the world.
I got a bad feeling about this party.
Jake, meet me at the General's villa.
Got to go.
Miss Cat Chambers! Leo has been keeping you all to himself.
Today, you are mine.
Sounds like fun.
Well, fancy meeting you here.
Nice dress.
I hear you've been getting to know our host.
Oh, yeah.
Go figure.
He asked me for surf lessons.
You already have a job working for the Governor.
I work for myself case-by-case basis, remember? - We pay your retainer - Ooh, okay.
- in case you've forgotten.
- Oh, I haven't forgotten.
Besides, the General is a guest of the Governor's.
The dude wants to learn to surf.
How could I say no? You sure that's all you're up to? I'm sensing fox/henhouse territory.
Do you really think I would do something to embarrass you or the Governor? Yeah.
What are the odds? You both knew what you were getting into when you hired me.
You hire Cat Chambers, you get all of Cat Chambers.
One moment, sir.
Detective Cole, RPD.
You are not on list.
Of course I'm not on the list.
I'm with the RPD.
I have urgent police business inside.
This is Bukarian residence, not Reef.
Got your message.
Stand down, soldier.
This is now also official federal business, okay? Now, we're not here for the General.
We're here for a certain Leo Murphy, and we're gonna go in there and do a quiet five-minute extraction.
Is that understood? Good.
And in the spirit of mutual friendship and détente, enjoy that later, soldier.
You're interested in more 16th century.
So sorry.
Is everything copacetic? Yes.
But we need Miss Cat.
Go and fetch her.
Leo was on the beach.
Why would he order an attack and put himself in danger? Yeah, well, you said it yourself he was away from the General, over by you.
I mean, what would be his motivation to kill the General, hmm? I don't know, but he's at this party, so you help me find him, we can figure that out.
Oh, my God.
Excuse me.
General, let me wipe it off.
Stop it.
Clear! FBI! Where is it? The atropine! He hasn't got it! We're losing him! Make sure there are no tracks down to the water.
Any luck finding Leo? We've been all over the grounds.
Uniforms are still out there, but he's definitely in the wind.
What about the General's wife? Uh, she's upstairs with Ana, sedated.
Alright, there's no sightings at the airport or the Harbor.
Hey, remember in the Shorepound days when someone was radioactive, like after a hit or something? Doug would smuggle them off the island on a boat, and he would bribe that family - who had a - Fishtown canneries! Other side of the island.
Let's go.
Go, go, go.
Go! Don't move! Stay where you are.
Leo, drop the bag.
Drop the bag, Leo.
It's over.
What's in there? The one big score that got away.
It was all sleight of hand, wasn't it, to keep me from seeing your real play.
When those babies died, the General had me write letters to every single family, pledging to bring the culprits to justice.
One of those fathers had my letter in his pocket when he hanged himself.
So I decided to honor the General's wishes.
You're a saint.
I'm glad you decided to keep the gold for yourself, though.
But what about the pilot? What's your sob story for him? You're no different from the General.
You're all about Number One.
Everyone else is expendable.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
You have the right to an attorney.
Great work.
These folks will take it from here.
Hey, that's my prisoner! Whoa, whoa, whoa.
This is where we ease off.
They're Special Ops.
They dance to a different tune.
They're taking him to Training Camp Danville for secure debriefing.
Getting his hands on the nerve gas proved to the Intel guys that Leo is even better connected than Kivani was.
He's in the major league now.
He's a murderer.
That doesn't bother them? I'm sure it does late at night.
They deal with it and move on because that's what grown-ups do.
I tried to tell you.
Would you have gone through with it, the whole caper thing, sold those jewels around the world and felt good about yourself? I don't know.
Guess I just wanted to feel like my old self again.
Do you? Well I still have one more card to play.
Okay, so, this can go straightaway.
Uh, the rest, we'll ship together.
We'll take it from here.
Excuse me? My associates are taking over the estate sale.
They've already been in contact with buyers from all over the world.
I don't understand.
How can they be in touch with buyers? Oh, drop it as fast as you dropped the whole "Lady Macbeth walking the halls" psycho routine.
You and Leo have been in cahoots all along, which is very broad-minded of you since he's been trying to get into my pants the whole time.
I don't understand what you're saying.
Do you understand this? Hmm? See, this is the atropine that could've saved your husband's life.
I found it in your rose garden the day of the murder.
My guess is my cop friends are gonna find your fingerprints all over it.
You cannot prove anything.
I don't need to prove anything.
You're done.
See, with Leo being untouchable and your diplomatic immunity gone with your dead husband, the cops are gonna come after you full force because you, my friend, are the only target that's left.
How much will you take? Oh, I'm taking all of it, every busted statue and shiny trinket.
And you know what we're gonna do? We're gonna open a children's cancer foundation, and all the proceeds of your ill-gotten gains are going to fund it.
So you are you are a saint, all of a sudden? Far from it.
I'm a thief and con woman, and I lie all the time.
But I have a conscience, which means I'm nothing like you and I never will be.
Go for it, guys.
I just thought I'd check in, you know, see how that all sat with you from the other day.
Why did Doug want you dead? Ooh.
I never really asked him.
Maybe I will.
All he's gonna tell you is that it was 'cause I was FBI, and that's not true.
He didn't know back then.
Then why? Cat was with him first.
A stupid lovers' quarrel? That's why my dad is dead? No.
Your dad is dead because he walked into our house in the middle of the night with a gun, when he should've been at home with you.