Reef Break (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

The Comeback

1 Previously on "Reef Break" I hear you're some kind of fancy fixer for the Governor now.
Doing for him like you used to do for me.
This is Special Agent Jake Elliot.
We have a hijacking.
Meet Kristy Ellis, Reef PD's one-woman Intel department.
CAT: Are you with Ana? How did you find out? Does it really matter? CAT: Tori Eastland.
Richest family on the island.
CAT: Why would she kidnap herself? I live on an island no one knows about.
You just wanted the fame.
Hey, wait a minute.
I'll pay you whatever you want.
You know the Eastland beach house? That's the rich girl's place.
It's mine now.
ANA: On behalf of the Governor, I'd like to welcome everyone to Reef Island's inaugural Empire Pro Surf Tournament.
Home to some of the most promising surfers and best breaks in the Pacific.
Eastland Empire is honored to be the official sponsor of this event.
- That way.
- Come on, dude.
You guys are looking to get in there, right? I think I can get you what you need.
I got you covered.
Oh, my gosh.
Is that Kelly Slater? - MAN: Thanks.
- Mm-hmm, enjoy.
It's a real good life EMMA: Emma Hahn, "KFZA Live.
" I'm here with event creator Tori Eastland.
Tori, what inspired Reef Island's first women's surf competition? Well, Emma, since my kidnapping ordeal, I've gained a sense of clarity and a renewed life purpose.
My father and I have agreed that it's time to showcase the island on an international scale with our own pro-surf tournament.
It's a real good life [AIR HORN BLOWS] [CROWD CHEERS] COMMENTATOR: Alrighty, and we are off.
And the first team for today in the Empire Pro is the under-18's division.
[CROWD CHEERING] You're not coming home Madison Kim has the right board and the right attitude.
There's Maria Santos, fresh from the Sunset Pro Junior.
[CROWD CHEERING] [CROWD GROANS] And up next is our wildcard entry and Reef Island local, Petra Torrance.
Come on, Petra.
[CROWD CHEERING] And I don't need this I don't need this She is putting in the good fight.
You got this.
Come on.
Oh, that's a beautiful backside tailslide.
Yes! Come on, Petra! [CROWD CHEERING] I don't want to go [AUDIENCE GROANS] Oh, that's got to hurt.
- Shoot.
- That really turned into a "wave of consequence" for young Petra.
once one of the top 50 female surfers on the world circuit.
How does it feel to be watching from the sidelines today? My knees are thankful.
Isn't Petra Torrance your protégé? She lives in your house.
Oh, that's my house, actually.
Not anymore.
Your daddy gave it to me.
You should see what I've done with the place.
If you're looking for a success story, Emma, let me introduce you to Olympic hopeful Marcy Brooks, making a comeback after a tragic injury.
She's a true inspiration.
Cat, weren't you and Marcy rivals back in the day? Competitors, actually.
I was exiting the circuit when Marcy was making her way in.
Oh, those were the days.
Cat really took me under her wing.
Which means I taught you all of my bad habits.
[LAUGHTER] And now Marcy's the veteran, back and better than ever.
Yeah, good luck out there, Marcy, and with her.
- MARCY: Um - [CAMERA SHUTTERS CLICKING] I Well, I wouldn't be here without the help of my amazing team my coach, my doctors, my sponsors, Tom and Beth from BB Shapers.
And up next is the Women's Open division.
- Now, this heat is stacked - Hey! What happened out there? You were nailing it.
I know.
I'm an idiot.
I got cocky.
Hey, Petra! Everybody has a snapped board, okay? Happens all the time.
You got some good points on the board before you wiped out.
You can make it up in the next heat.
Yeah? What am I gonna ride? A skateboard? - We - Oh, and Marcy Brooks is back! First tournament since her comeback from injury.
[CROWD CHEERING] That's a beautiful 360 there.
[CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] And there's a rail aerial grab.
Marcy is showing us what she's made of.
[JET SKI ENGINE RUNNING] To the Jet Ski in the lineup, no unauthorized vessels in the surf zone.
I repeat Can the Jet Ski please vacate the lineup? Jet Ski, vacate the area immediately.
This is your final warning.
[BOLT FIRES] [SCREAMS] Security, he has a weapon! Medics! Shots fired! Competitors down! Competitors down! [BOAT ENGINE STARTS] [BOLT FIRES] [GASPS] [BREATHING HEAVILY] [SIRENS BLARE] COMMENTATOR: Hey, folks, we regret to advise the remaining heats for the day have been postponed until further notice.
Emergency services will advise when the competition's gonna continue.
KRISTY: There must be 200 spectators on the beach, each with a phone, and this is the best we've got? Dude was 300 feet offshore going 35 miles an hour.
Hey, guys.
What took you so long? What were you thinking?! Oh, I don't know.
That I didn't have time for the cavalry to show up.
- You know what? - Hi, I'm Cat.
We haven't officially met.
- Sergeant Kristy Ellis.
- Hey.
Yeah, Kristy was with us at the airport - for the hostage situation.
- Ohh! When you impersonated the Lieutenant Governor.
I should've won an Oscar for that saved some lives, got to dress up.
Oh, hey.
I got this.
Sorry, I didn't have an evidence bag 'cause I'm not a cop.
Hey, Wyatt, if I were you, I'd stop looking at that video and start searching the outer beaches, because James Bond, he took off north.
- Great.
I'll get Tolan on it.
- Great.
Also, you're looking for a guy in his 20s, based on his physique.
- Okay, thank you.
- Anything else? He's left-handed.
- Yeah.
Let's do this.
- Shall we? I'm not saying cancel.
We need to shut things down while there's a would-be killer at large.
TORI: If Daddy's taught me anything, Eastland Empire does not bow down to threats.
If we shut down, we look scared, sponsors and tourists flee, the Reef loses millions.
Tori, public safety is my number-one priority, and there is no rational equivalence between potential casualties - and a business setback.
- [CELLPHONE RINGS] Hello, Governor.
I know, sir, but putting a pause on things would With all due respect, we already have competitors injured, and I do not agree with your call here.
[CELLPHONE BEEPS] We boost security threefold, uniform and plainclothes officers in the crowd, more Jet Ski patrols at the perimeter.
Excuse me.
I need to speak with my security team.
: Dr.
Reinhardt to O.
Marcy, Marcy.
I mean, I knew you were an adrenaline junkie, but, man, a guy with a spear coming after you? It's weird.
Did they get the guy on the Jet Ski? No, not yet.
And, believe me, I tried.
Yeah, they said you went out after him like the total [CHUCKLING] lunatic you are.
Hey, I'm an adrenaline junkie, too.
- Right? - [LAUGHS] I mean, do you have any idea who it could've been? No.
Did you make any enemies on the circuit, piss off any weirdos? Aside from you? [LAUGHS] I did have a stalker a few years back.
Really? He disappeared.
I thought he got bored, but maybe he's back.
Man your exit today may have actually topped the "Cape Town Pro.
" - You saw that? - Uh, who didn't? I mean, a feet-first reef-plant? You were like [INHALES SHARPLY] [LAUGHS] I remember you had to be - choppered out of there.
- Gah, don't remind me dislocated knee, snapped ligaments, torn artery.
Medic said an hour longer, I would've lost my leg.
And yet here you are less than a year later, competing again.
You're a damn miracle on a surfboard.
Well, just a lot of hard work, dedication to rehab.
And that's it? Athletes heal faster than the average Joe.
You know that.
Who's out there? An EMT.
So? So, they normally don't let EMTs out past Emergency.
- Hey, Marcy.
- Mm? Why don't you get up and get dressed.
Where are we going? Well, it might be more fun for you to recover at my beach house.
Our next heat sees Deirdre Walker Intense start to the day.
Jet Ski assassin's a new one.
- Even for the Reef.
- [CHUCKLES SOFTLY] Any of those girls out there get any serious injuries? Weren't too bad, considering.
How about Marcy Brooks? She didn't seem that bad just a cut on her arm, but she claimed she was in a lot of pain.
We sent her to the hospital as a precaution.
Nerve damage? Her injuries seemed superficial, but nothing we gave her made a difference.
Diagnosis was hyperalgesia? That's the indication had increased sensitivity to pain, was quite distressed, wouldn't let anyone treat her at first, insisted on her doctor, Benjamin.
We located the Jet Ski abandoned on the north shore owner reported it stolen this morning.
Forensics said no prints other than Cat's.
10-inch stainless-steel shaft from a pneumatic spear gun used by scuba divers.
Spearfishing with scuba gear is illegal on the Reef.
I know.
Looks like we're dealing with a serious hunter.
Who? Captain Ahab? I mean, shooting from a moving Jet Ski, - that's not exactly a beginner move.
- Right? So, let's start with local Jet Ski clubs.
Well, that's interesting.
Jimmy Kinsella, Reef Island Watercross Champ, three years running.
And see if there's any crossover with fishers and hunters on the Reef.
Also part of the local Spearfishing & Freediving group.
Caucasian, 20s.
- It's a start.
- Mm-hmm.
What is that? A single-fin board? What? You can't ride a single-fin for the rest of the competition.
Why not? It's in one piece.
Where'd you find this? The side of the road? It was my dad's board.
Well, have you ever ridden a single-fin board before? I've got time to practice.
No, you don't have time to practice.
Single-fin boards are hard to ride.
I need you to focus on keeping your cool out there.
Thanks for the advice, Obi-Wan.
You're welcome.
Hey, is Marcy gonna be okay? Um, she's here upstairs, resting.
[CHUCKLES] In your house? Don't get all fangirl crazy on her.
She thinks today was some obsessed fan, a stalker or something.
But you don't believe her? You know, I've known Marcy for longer than you've been following her on Instagram, and she is an awesome surfer, but she's no angel.
Sounds familiar.
Also, uh, Otter is coming by.
- Otter? - Mm-hmm.
I thought he wasn't allowed here "under any circumstances.
" Well, circumstances have changed.
Listen, I don't feel comfortable leaving you guys here alone.
- You call me if you need me.
I'm on my way.
That's Jimmy Kinsella's car.
Let's hope he's done with target practice for the day.
- Whoa.
- [GUN COCKS] Someone got here first? Looks like it.
- Clear.
- Clear.
So, you think Marcy's hiding something? How long's it been since you've seen her? I don't know.
Seven, eight years.
[EXHALES DEEPLY] Well, I heard that she had a rather high tolerance for painkillers.
Well, maybe she has a high pain sensitivity.
Yep, and that's usually opioid-induced - codeine, morphine, oxycodone.
- Okay, so, what? You think because she had a bad injury, now she's addicted to painkillers? Well, the nurses said that Marcy kept asking for her doctor, a Dr.
Okay, that's interesting.
What's more interesting is why you're telling me this.
I'm not a cop.
Tell Wyatt.
[CHUCKLES] Well, Benjamin turns out to be some hot-shot orthopedist with a-a fancy sports-medical clinic.
If he's handing out bad script, there's no way Wyatt's gonna get anywhere near him before he lawyers up.
You, on the other hand Oh, I am the other hand, right? - And that's why I called you.
- Yeah.
You call, I jump.
I will go see Dr.
BENJAMIN: So, Cat Chambers.
CAT: Hi.
I must admit to being something of a fan.
Ohh! Thank you.
Of my surfing or my criminal prowess? [CHUCKLES] So, what brings you in to see us today? I have this old surf injury - on my knee, you know? - Mm-hmm.
It's flared up, and it's hurting.
- May I? - Uh, yeah.
Aah! Ow, ow! - Oh, that hurts? - Ow.
That hurts.
Clearly, it's quite tender.
Like a Like, very.
I can order up some X-rays and an MRI to see what's going on there.
That would be great.
Thank you.
Also, do you think I could get, um, something for the pain? I can't sleep at all right now 'cause 'cause of this flare-up.
Maybe some Percocet or something? Percocet contains oxycodone, which is a Schedule II controlled substance.
Now, I-I can write you a prescription - for a couple for immediate use - I don't think a couple is gonna help, Dr.
Marcy said that you were the guy to see.
- Marcy? - Marcy.
- [CHUCKLES] - I just In circumstances like this, sometimes we can write a referral.
A referral would be so great.
Make your way down to this location, and my associates will help you out.
Nice to meet you, Dr.
You, too.
[INHALES DEEPLY, EXHALES SHARPLY] We had lunch an hour ago.
It's just a snack.
Where's Marcy? In Cat's house, upstairs in the guest room.
- Cat said not to disturb her.
- We're dealing with a homicide now.
Empire Pro is all anyone's talking about online.
In what context? Does it matter? We've had more online hits and ticket sales than we can handle.
COMMENTATOR: stays on top for our next heat.
It's okay.
You can admit that I was right.
You were right, or your father's money always makes things right for you.
People underestimate me, like I'm adopted or something, not my father's daughter.
So, you're a real chip off the old block.
It's just like they get you wrong, call you the Governor's tool.
You know how that feels.
Today wasn't about some silly surf tournament.
Come on.
Who cares? This is about agency.
[CHUCKLES] You mean megalomania.
Call it whatever, but I am ready to step out of the shadows, and I bet you are, too.
- PETRA: Cat! Cat, it's Marcy.
What What What about Marcy? - Marcy is gone.
- What do you mean she's gone? Like, disappeared.
Your boyfriend Wyatt and some other cop came looking for her, and she's gone.
- You got to come back here.
' - Okay.
I want you to calm down and listen to me.
If she shows up, call me.
And, Petra, be careful.
BETH: Missing? Yeah, she's not at Cat's house, not at the hotel, and she's not responding to calls and texts.
But you found the shooter.
He's no longer a threat.
He's not, but whoever he's working for isn't happy.
So, Marcy's still in danger? How long have you been sponsoring her for? BETH: Six months.
Yeah, she approached us after she started training to re-enter the circuit.
KRISTY: And why Marcy the veteran? Why not a young, flashy star? We wanted "The Comeback Kid" to show that our brand's got the same resilience that Marcy's shown in her career.
So, let me get this straight.
The symbol of your entire brand gets shot at, she's in the wind, and you guys are sitting here sipping IPAs like you haven't got a care in the world.
No one is more concerned about Marcy than we are, Detective.
Yeah, and this is kind of her thing.
It's what she does.
She goes off, finds a quiet place, clears her head - ready for the next part of competition.
- Mm-hmm, right.
Not so smart after she's been attacked.
Well, if the entire RPD can't find her, who can? The minute you hear anything from her, let us know.
- Uh, what are you doing here? - I can't find Marcy.
I've been looking for her all day.
She's just disappeared.
It It's weird.
We checked her place, we checked her hotel, we called her, we left a bunch of messages.
She hasn't responded to anything.
I'm sorry, shouldn't the police department be a little more concerned about this since a crazed lunatic on a Jet Ski tried to kill her with a spear gun? I am sure she will turn up.
I spoke to the promoters, and she has a tendency to do this.
Just give her some time.
That's a good idea.
Give her some time.
I'm late, so H-Hey, before you go, have you ever heard of a Dr.
Benjamin? He's kind of a hot-shot sports-injury therapist on the Reef.
Never heard of him.
Why? Oh, no, it's just that I have this old surf injury that flares up from time to time.
Just wanted to know if you knew anything about him.
- That's all.
- Uh, right.
Um Go home Cat.
There's nothing more we can do tonight, plus - Well, actually, there's - I have somewhere else I have to be.
What, do you have a hot date? [SIGHS] Do you have a hot date? I'll see you, Cat.
I should have the forensics report on Kinsella back by the time we're done here.
They match the bullet, pull a print, we're in business.
Old-school police work.
Not like working with your friend - from the Governor's office? - Cat? Oh, she's all "slash and burn, leave a pretty corpse.
" It's so not fair to you to do this job paired with some criminal/fixer, whatever's going on between you on your own time.
Honestly, right now? Less than ever.
Really? Really.
Glad to hear it.
[CELLPHONE VIBRATING] Talk of the devil and she will appear? I wouldn't call her the devil.
I just Y-You know what? I will call her back later, when I feel like it.
I'll drink to that.
The smiling sponsors.
You guys are a long way from the Empire Pro.
So, surf business is up and down, and you guys decide to illegally deal OxyContin, diversify your interests.
We've got a source, and we've got markets all over the Pacific and into Asia.
So, that's what your relationship with Marcy was all about had nothing to do with her big comeback.
You've been using her as a drug mule.
All she is now is an unreliable employee, stealing more product than she moves, - which brings us to you.
- Mm.
Once a crook, always a crook.
Your Shorepound skills, combined with your surfing connections on the circuit, the means to travel wherever and whenever you want Makes you the perfect candidate to replace Marcy.
Oh, you want me to replace Oh, wow.
I am I am flattered, you guys.
So what do you say? Well I think, together, the three of us could make an absolute freakin' fortune.
Okay, Petra, slow down.
What do you mean you know where Marcy is? - How? - Social media.
No, not just the official pages, but the fan pages.
Someone posted a photo of Marcy walking into some motel, The Montego Sands? Okay, I'm on my way.
[INDISTINCT TALKING] I'm amazed you're still working cases two shootings in a matter of weeks.
Both tough calls.
Of course.
Thank you for listening, unlike some people, who are never satisfied.
Some people? - Time to check in on the lab.
[RINGING CONTINUES] It's her again, isn't it? She can leave a message.
Are you sure about that? Yeah.
You have my, um You have my full attention.
I can tell.
You were calling the lab while I hit the ladies' room? Yes.
[CLEARS THROAT] - [INDISTINCT TALKING] - We're going up and down [CAR ALARM CHIRPS] Over and over Over and over It's the same old thing Up and down - Over and under - [ENGINE STARTS] Under the radar, over everything - That's yours.
- Awesome, thanks.
Well, we're up and down Over and over Hey, there.
Over and over - Hey.
- Buy you a drink? Oh, no, we're just heading back to the lab.
Got to wait for Kristy to get back.
Uh, she ain't coming back.
Excuse me? I just saw her get in the car and drive off.
That's our car.
Ah, you'll be needing a ride, then.
But drink first.
You've been ditched, amigo.
Oh, uh, dos tequilas, por favor.
[SIGNS BUZZING] I'm sorry, but there's no answer.
Look, I really need to get into her room.
Will you help me, please? I'm sorry.
I can't do anything.
[SIGHS] Yeah, the thing is, I'm I'm her doctor, and this is a medical emergency.
[SCOFFS] Well, that's not possible.
- Her doctor went in 10 minutes ago.
- What? You know, I'm gonna speak to upper management about your attitude.
[LOCK RATTLING] CAT: Marcy? Marcy, hey! Marcy.
I was waiting for you to wake up.
Are you okay? For right now, thanks to you.
Is the pain really that bad, that you just want to end it all? When I got hurt four months of rehab, three more before I could go back in the water.
I lost that rush of surfing the high of winning, the team of supportive faces there to carry you along.
I was face-to-face with being nobody, just me.
You are not nobody not by a long shot.
[SIGHS] At first, I needed the pills to train, then to sleep through the night, then just to get through the day.
That's when Tom and Beth approached me, my so-called friends with their hands out, stringing me along 'til they owned me.
Cat, I'm so deep in this one, I don't know how I'm gonna get out of it.
I'm gonna get you out of it.
Okay? You need to trust me.
[SIGHS] Hey.
How is she? You know, I'm gonna make sure she's alright.
Listen, she's not in any shape for you to give her the third degree, okay? I'm, uh, actually not here just to talk to Marcy.
Got results back on the slug we pulled out of Jimmy Kinsella.
Great? The gun was stolen six months ago from a private collector.
It was a Springfield 1911 [GUN COCKS] custom job, genuine white pearl grips.
Well, I didn't steal it.
I'm just saying that if someone did steal it, you might know where that is.
We find the gun, we figure out who hired Kinsella.
I'll ask around my den of thieves.
Did you have something else you wanted to talk to me about? I miss you.
And I feel like I haven't seen you in ages.
Well, you've been so busy with Sergeant Kristy.
[CHUCKLES] You are not making this easy, as usual.
Look, this might be all fun and games to you, but if you want to meet me at the Point Bar, tomorrow at 7:00 to talk, I'll be there.
- TOM: Your first shipment is tomorrow.
I'll call later with more details.
Twice in one day.
That's no coincidence.
Let me guess.
Doug O'Casey sent you, right? Well, even though you put him in jail, he's still watching you.
This is my score.
I found it.
You tell him that I'm stepping in now.
No one gets a pass until Doug gets his cut.
Yeah, I know how that goes, and he'll get his cut.
In the meantime, you stay out of my way.
And don't step on my play.
See ya.
- BETH: Cat Chambers.
- Great to see you.
- You, too.
Can I show you some of our products? Absolutely.
What do you recommend? - How 'bout a nice travel case? - Sounds good.
Think I've got the perfect thing for you.
It's the Reefer DX1 Travel Bag.
Waterproof shell, half-inch foam padding.
- You know your product.
- Yeah.
Comes with a custom board.
A custom board? Be an honor if you would take it.
Well, it would be an honor to take it.
COMMENTATOR: Here she goes.
This is incredible.
Can she make it? What's in the truck? Okay.
How about, "Where are you going?" Come on, Cat.
I know you.
You forget we were married? Apparently, you forget we still are.
- Hmm.
- Hmm.
You love this, don't you? Putting me on the spot? I have no idea what you're talking about.
[CHUCKLES] You're up to something, and if I look inside this van, I'll know what.
That's true.
And you can stop me, Jake.
You can.
But it won't make any difference, because you can't change who I am.
I hope you're not crossing a line you can't come back from.
Oh, I do that all the time.
I have nine lives, remember? [SCOFFS] Eight and a half, last I recall.
You know, I'm really sorry that I'm not - the Lieutenant Governor type.
- Ouch.
Just a petty criminal, really.
I'm never gonna change, you know? This is who I am.
That's why it didn't work.
Take care of yourself, Kitty Cat.
I always do.
[GATE CLATTERING] Hey! Tony, right? Ken.
Ken? Oh.
Fill this out, sign here, please.
Actually, I, uh I have all my paperwork prepared commercial invoice, packing slip.
It's all in order right there.
Step out of the vehicle and open up the back, please.
- You check out the surf competition, Ken? - Nope.
You should you know, great food, pretty people, surfers carving it up.
Step back, please, miss.
Not much one for, uh, small talk, huh? [DOG SNIFFING] It's just a bunch of surfboards.
You're not gonna find anything.
[DOG BARKING] This is not what it looks like at all at all.
- Uh - You're good to go.
- I'm sorry, what? - I was just messing with you.
I am Tony.
Ah, you're a funny guy.
[SIGHS] CAT: So, that customs guy at the harbor Ken, Tony, whatever What was that? Part of some newbie hazing ritual? You did well, held your nerve.
Bali shipment goes out Tuesday.
This might be a good time to discuss the fine print in my contract.
You want a bigger cut? No, I want you to leave Marcy the hell alone.
You got me now.
You don't need to mess with her.
Loose lips - [DOOR OPENS] - [GUN COCKS] sink ships.
Okay, you guys really need to rethink your employee retirement plan.
Murder is not an attractive option.
It's been working for us so far.
We don't think we can trust you.
Who are you working for? My conscience.
Come on.
This This is a great thing we got going here.
I would never leave this deal behind.
Well, now it's time to leave everything else behind.
Okay, you - [GUNSHOT] - [GRUNTS] Oh.
Dead or alive? De Alive.
Throw the cops a bone.
Guess I'm not such a bad guy after all.
You got Doug's cut? - I'll see you around.
- See you around.
[GRUNTS] Hey, you can't go in there.
I'll be with you in a minute.
I hope you've got a I'm only gonna ask once.
Stand up.
There's got to be at least 50 meth heads hanging around the Reef right now more deserving of being arrested than me.
Yeah, well, take it up with your partner, Tom.
He rolled on you like a chicken on a spit fake prescriptions, illegal referrals.
Come on.
Let's go.
That I'm somebody special That I'm somebody COMMENTATOR: Here we go.
Final day of competition at the Empire Pro Surf Tournament.
The tournament trophy is in the grasp of any of these competitors.
losing myself, but lately You got me thinking maybe - I got potential - [AUDIENCE GROANS] I think we can all agree that this is one competition we will never forget.
Let's get ready for some spectacular surfing.
To be somebody special Somebody, somebody Where the hell is my dad's board?! It's at Otter's, being refurbished.
- You took it? Why? - Because you don't have a shot out there on that board, but you do on this one.
It's a lucky board, Petra saved my life at the Wahini Pro.
There's no way.
I'd rather lose.
You'd rather lose? Really? That's a positive attitude.
You're a lot like your dad, you know that? He was a fighter, a hard-ass.
The only difference is, he would've done whatever it took to win.
You understand me? Take this board and give it your best shot.
I been losing myself, but lately You got me thinking maybe - Tear it up! - I got potential Pristine conditions here today for the final heats of the Empire Pro Surf Tournament.
To be somebody special Somebody, somebody - To be somebody special - [CROWD CHEERING] Somebody, somebody To be somebody special Somebody [CROWD GROANS] To be somebody special - Somebody, somebody - I been lonely way too long I been lonely way too long Somebody special - Somebody, somebody - I been falling in your arms [GRUNTS] To be somebody special GOVERNOR: And, finally, to our 2019 Empire Pro Comeback Performer of the Year, Marcy Brooks! [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] - Congratulations, Marcy.
- Thank you.
MARCY: Oh, wow Petra! Hey, Petra! She doesn't deserve that trophy.
It was fixed.
You're right.
It was fixed.
Tori Eastland needed her "Comeback Kid.
" The point is that what's in your hand, that medal, is real.
Fourth place? All of that training to be a better surfer? - It doesn't matter.
- It does matter.
It's not about first place or fourth place.
You're better than Marcy.
You've had it hard, but you never took the easy way out.
You are still a kid.
- You can make your life better.
- Like you? [VOICE BREAKING] Living in that cushy beach house while my dad is in the ground? You're full of crap, Cat.
Surfing, life it's all fake.
The whole world is rigged against people like me because of people like her and you.
[GLASSES CLINK] Cat knows about us.
Is that a problem for you? Yes.
Well, can I make it up to you? No.
[BOTH LAUGH] Like a river, sh Like a river - Like a river, sh - [POUNDS TABLE] Like a river - Like a river, sh - WAITRESS: Know what you want to eat? Sure.
I'll have an olive surrounded by lots of vodka.
Harder than a bullet could hit ya How do we fall apart? Faster than a hairpin trigger Don't you say, don't you say it Don't say, don't you say it One breath, it'll just break it So, shut your mouth and run me like a river Shut your mouth, baby, stand and deliver Holy hands, will they make me a sinner? Like a river, like a river Shut your mouth and run me like a river Choke this love 'til the veins start to shiver One last breath 'til the tears start to wither Like a river, like a river Shut your mouth and run me like a river It's been a minute.
Shut your mouth, baby You look strong, like your dad.
Shut your mouth and run me like a river