Regular Show (2010) s06e26 Episode Script

Death Kwon Do-livery

1 Lunch, lunch, lunch, lunch, lunch, lunch! Welcome back to death Kwon do pizza and subs! Can I start you off with a couple sodas? Sure, dude.
Jerry! Two sodas! Yes, sensei! W-a-a-a-a-a-ah! Ka-ch-a-a-a-a-a-a! Who's that? That's my death Kwon do apprentice, Jerry.
Oh, that's cool.
And to eat Everything's kind of heavy Ah.
I wish I could get something Light but that still tastes good.
I get it.
You want The death Kwon do sandwich of health.
Through years of trial and error, I perfected it.
W-a-a-a-ah! Using the finest organic ingredients And the secrets of death Kwon do, I've created a sandwich Hyah! That not only tastes great It's as healthy as a salad.
You'll be the first to try it.
That's just a meatball sub.
Yeah, and if I'm being honest, It looks even greasier than usual.
It is not! Its incredibly healthy! Every day, I have one for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
I've never felt better! Ugh! My stomach! Sensei! Yep, yep.
You definitely need a stomach transplant.
What?! You had an extreme reaction Wait.
Scratch that.
You had a completely normal reaction to an extremely Unhealthy sandwich.
Then your stomach flat-out exploded.
You see? Can you put him on the transplant list? Well, yes, normally you'd be able to, but a man of your Physical gifts Would burn through a normal stomach like it Was nothing.
Spell it out for me, doc.
You're too How do I put this delicately? Hey! Aw, come on! That's just wrong! Not cool, man! Well, you're too weak to be moved, And we need a suitable transplant or you'll die.
What about the death Kwon do hospital? Could you call them? Yes, sensei! Death Kwon do hospital.
Yep, mm-hmm.
You do have a stomach of great power? And we can pick it up today?! Excellent! Yes! Mordecai and rigby, Would you mind going with Jerry to pick up the stomach? Sure, dude.
Yeah, we're still on lunch, anyway, so But, sensei, I don't need their help! I'm ready for this! No, Jerry! Unh! Yes, sensei.
We don't have much time.
As always, you'll need these.
There it is.
You have come For the stomach.
But first, you must prove you are worthy for the stomach.
My interns have mastered all the most difficult death Kwon do Medical arts.
Tongue depressor The gurney And cpr.
Hwaaah! Attack! � Say "ahhh!" Hyah! In-your-face of d-e-e-e-eath! Raaa unh! Aah! Death block! Death block! Aah! Ohh! Huh? Hey! Hunh! Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! Nicely done.
You have proven yourselves Worthy.
Let me just top you off with some ice, there.
Now be careful.
This is my last one.
That's all right.
Betrayal of death! One is all I need.
Dude! What?! Did you really think I came All this way for that jerk sensei? He worked me day and night with menial tasks completely Unrelated to death Kwon do sandwich making.
"Wash the windows, Jerry-San.
" Marry the ketchup, Jerry-San.
Crush the ice, Jerry-San! "This job pays minimum wage, Jerry-San!" But worst of all, he'd never let me try his precious "Sandwich of health.
" "It's still experimental, Jerry-San.
" "All in good time, Jerry-San!" I couldn't take it anymore! So, one night Eagle-claw of death! I snuck in after hours, and I ate the forbidden sandwich.
It was delicious.
I couldn't get enough.

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