Regular Show (2010) s06e27 Episode Script

Lunch Break

1 Whoa! Careful there, Benson.
You don't want to break your other foot, too.
No, fives, I certainly don't.
Don't worry, bro.
Once we re-pave this basketball court, there won't be a crack in sight.
Thanks a lot, guys.
Since you're all working so hard out here, I wanted to treat you to sandwiches from sanwicci's.
I love that place! Their proportions are perfect! I'll get the number 12.
Yeah, for me too.
I'll get the 33.
Modecai? Rigby? So, we can get any sandwich? Of course.
Whatever we want? This menu is your playground.
We'll have the 46.
Two number 46s.
Just one.
We can share.
One number 46.
Lunch is served! Oh, awesome.
I'm starving! Hey, I don't see our sandwich.
Yeah, where's number 46? Let me get it.
This sandwich cost me $85! But you said we could order any sandwich we wanted.
I did.
I said that.
Now, listen to me as I say this.
If you two don't eat this entire sandwich by the end of the day, you're fired! We got this.
Yeah, we've been eating to extreme since before we could talk.
Or at least since we were 12.
Remember that time with the cereal? Here it comes! I hope you saved room for dessert! Whooooa! So good.
Don't go to sleep yet, kids! There's a new sugary cereal on the shelves to finish your day off right! With all the vitamins and minerals of a complete breakfast, rgb2io's are the perfect nighttime snack! We need these! And if you buy now, one in five boxes have rgb2 toys that say his catchphrase.
I hope you saved room for dessert! We need that.
I just hear cereal.
I think this one might be a touch Nah, they're exactly the same.
The commercial said one in five's a winner.
If we get five boxes, there's got to be a toy in one of them.
Nothing! Rigby, you boys better not be awake down there! We're not! Rigby, what is this? What? Nothing.
Nothing? This is nothing? You've been digging for prizes again, haven't you? You know the rules, son.
Don't you dare open a new box of cereal until you finish this one.
And since you're a guest in our home, mordecai, that rule applies to you, too.
Done! This is it.
This is gonna be it! Man! Unh! Don't look at me.
Look at your cereal.
Done! Ugh! Works every time.
Huh? What's going on? Why does my skin feel like sausage casing? Oh, that's just what happens when you overdose on rgb2io's.
A lot of people don't realize this, but our cereal is borderline poison.
I thought that commercial said one in five boxes has a toy.
Yes, you just picked the wrong five boxes.
Now, sign this waiver so we don't get in trouble.
Oh, and you can just have one of these.
They're basically garbage.
I hope you saved room for Yeah, that was a win.
Score one for us.
Oh, dude, remember that time with the huge ice cream sundae? Or how about that bathtub full of mayonnaise? The mega burrito filled with a full buffet? Less giggling, more gobbling! Whatever.
Dude, we're like halfway done.
Nice! Hey, remember that time when you were in college? I think it was around the same time you sat on a brownie in your white jeans.
Make way for the cram master.
Ow! Hey! Dude, I'm gonna order a pizza.
What do you want on it? Oh, yeah! Pizza! What's the occasion? Tradition, dude.
I've got an art history exam tomorrow.
The night before a big test, I always order a paparelli's pizza.
The grease lubricates the brain so you study better.
It's a scientific fact.
Oh, I know that place.
They give you your pizza for free if you order an extra-extra large and eat it in an hour while the delivery guy watches.
Good idea, dude.
Free pizza! Pre-exam-cram pepperoni and ham! That'll be $75.
50, please, plus tip, obviously.
We want to do the paparelli's challenge.
Yeah, yeah! Your funerals, boys.
I could use a break, anyway.
I'm dying.
I can't eat another bite.
No, dude, check it.
It's all in the technique.
This is how kobayashi does it.
You dip it in the water, then you just Shove it Pbht! Dude, no more.
I'm gonna barf! Don't say "barf"! Time's up, hollow legs.
I'm gonna take your TV as payment.
Why do we keep doing these? Hey, guys, sorry to interrupt, but you have five minutes to finish the sandwich and 10 minutes of sandwich to go.
I'll have your personal items shipped back to your parents, since you'll probably be living with them from now on.
Let's just give up.
Dude, you're just gonna go out like a punk? Look how close we are.
Better than exploding because I overate like a goldfish.
The stories, dude.
They were distracting us from the From the endless misery of eating this thing.
If we can keep this going, I bet we can get through it all and keep our jobs.
But we're out of eating-challenge stories.
Whatever, man.
Just make something up.
Remember that time we were In outer space, uh, on a spaceship? After the earth blew up.
General-purpose nutrition cubes are ready.
Have you noticed that ever since they blew up the earth, it's been really hard to find good food? Ugh! Aah! Blah! Warning! Warning! Collision detected.
Space junk entangled in landing gear.
Manual removal required.
Manual? That means one of us has to go Out there.
Play you punchies for it.
Aah, "play you punchies for it.
" Real food! Yeah, yeah, yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah! Cut it, cut it, cut it, cut it! Aah! What the heck? Quit stalling! I'm not! Aah! Where did it go?! Over here, losers.
Hey, get back here! We're supposed to eat you! Wait, how did we get to the park? I don't know.
Just keep running! Ohh! It's too steep.
We got it cornered.
Ah, come on! Ohhhh! Where'd the curtain come from?! Ohh! There it goes! End of the road, sandwich.
Huh? What? Finish that sandwich, or you're fired! Ohh! Rgb2? What are you doing here? You're running out of time.
You must defeat the sandwich! Yeah, def eat the sandwich.
We're trying! How about giving us a hand? Sorry.
I got to save room for so ohh! Fools! Oof! I told you I was too much sandwich for you! I'm not some lame cheese panini or veggie wrap.
I'm the number 46! You've failed your last eating challenge! No! What?! Let him go! No! My one weakness! Being edible! Aaaaaaaah! Gross! What's it doing? It's afraid! The sandwich! Hurry, before it changes again! Aaaaaaaah! We Did it.
Wow, you two.
You made it.
You deserve a reward.
Oh, I know! You can break in the new basketball court everyone else made today by running 50 laps on it right now, or you're fired.

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